Dylian: Book Two - A New Beginning

Chapter Nine

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It surprised me, Simon knew about Adian's past love life. The young man hadn't hinted to me he was gay, which completely fulfilled my dreams.

We headed down to the kitchen, stopping on the way to collect Dylian.

Dinner proved superb, as always!

After the meal, I made calls from my office. Bruce, being the first person, I called, "Hello, Miller residence, Holly speaking. How may I help you?"

"Hi, Sweetie, this is Drew, what's new with you?"

"Hey, Uncle, I'm good! Do you want Mom or Dad? I can't talk to you now, because of my homework."

"Please give me your father,"

"Sure, I'll get him."

I heard her knock, followed by his shouting,


I laughed, when she said, "Okay, but it's your BOSS!"

"Good Evening!"

"I assume you told everyone not to bother you?"

"Indeed! I almost found Even's sister. Is there something you need?"

"Speaking of the devil!... I'm calling about him, he wants to confront his incarcerated birth father, plus his jailer. Now, before you explode, permission hasn't been given. However, I think this visit might bring him closure. Please arrange this for the boy, as well as me. It should involve a grand entrance!"

Pausing several seconds, I added,

"Simon is returning to a regular school. Unfortunately, he dragged his feet without telling anyone why. I talked with him, after I arrived home, he told me he worried about other students bullying him. He'd rather not have a security detail, which trails after him, he wants to fit in. How can we cover him, while respecting his wishes?"

"Boss, I've a solution, however, before I say anything, I must make a couple of calls. I'll get back to you ASAP."

"Thanks, Buddy. Ring me the minute you find anything out about the girl, too!"

After hanging up, I spoke with Tom, which as usual, was a frustrating endeavor, since the governor's mansion switchboard always seems under siege. Therefore, this time, I used my head, I told the lady to put on her supervisor, or I would personally insure her dismissal, and, yes, I know her superintendent, as well as his! My threat worked. When I explained what happened, to my bro, he burst out laughing.

I updated my buddy. Of course, the information shocked him.

"Drew, I must tell you right now, the individual our nephew refers to as "The Owner", our boy won't be allowed to see, since he is the principle witness against the fiend. I intend making a 'special' request for the man to plead guilty, thus sparing the kids the anguish of a trial. So far, nothing else worked. Most of the other players agreed, by promising them a lighter sentence. I will fry his ass, should he refuses to comply. I shall make arrangements for Miles' son to see his birth father, the minute you request it. What security do you need in place?"

"My own guards, armed, either under the control of the state or DJ Enterprises, but independent of the prison system. The fact that some of the accused worked at that institution concerns us all!"

"Your request is a difficult one, hence I need to handle it myself, even if it means moving the bastard! When is this meeting scheduled to happen?"

"ASAP! Even, together with his parents, have an appointment to meet Dr. Maxwell tomorrow, during which they plan asking him to accompany us. Finally, he wishes to speak with you, prior to our trip."

"Alright, the minute arrangements are finalized, I shall inform you. From your comments, it's clear you plan on attending."

"Damn right! Otherwise, my eldest might kill me! Again, buzz me, plus Bruce, the instant you know!"

"You bet!"

I sat at my desk ruminating over the tumultuous events of this day. Most interesting of all, Adian kept popping into my mind! I began thinking, 'Yes, I admit it, the man cuts a very handsome figure. In fact, you may even call him cute, or, better yet, I'd say 'HOT'! He has a fantastic body, nevertheless, it's his personality, I'm drawn to above all else. He seems as level headed a person as anyone I ever met. Sadly, being at least ten years my junior, puts him off limits to me, What a bloody shame! SLOW DOWN! Where am I going with this? It's out of the question! Besides, I must adjust to my new family life, which precludes me from my seeing anybody, let alone him. In addition, if all the above weren't enough, not dating more years than I care to remember, gives me no chance with him!'

The aforementioned soliloquy caused me to lose count of the time. I continued to sit staring at the wall, until I heard a faint knock at my door. I turned in my chair to see a freshly scrubbed Dylian in his pajamas. Once I smiled at him, he pounced on me!

"Daddy, why didn't you answer?!... You scared me!"

"Oh, My Little Prince, please forgive me! I was lost in such deep thought, I never heard you!... Mmmm... You smell so good! Who told you to take your bath?"

"Si, he said you're busy working on Ev's case. You requested he ask me to prepare myself for bed. I listened without giving him any

problems for you. But, I insisted I couldn't go to sleep, unless I kissed you goodnight!"

"Aww, thank you, Sweetie! It would have hurt me if you didn't, you must always come! Now, shall we go tuck you in tightly?!"

"Although I am too old for that, it sounds too good to pass up, let's do it!" he laughed.

Jumping up, the little rascal grabbed my hand to help pull me onto my feet. We then walked, with arms intertwined, up to his room, where Simon awaited. Together, we said a prayer, one the boys started using every night,


"Dear God:

Please keep our family safe.

Please keep our friends safe.

Please keep our family healthy.

Please keep our friends healthy.

Lord, please listen for the children of the world, who pray. Lord please

listen for the children, who are too scared to pray. Lord please listen

for the children, who don't know they can pray.

Please help those who need help. Please help those who want help. Please

help find justice for those who have been hurt. Please help bring to

justice those who hurt others.

With all our love and thanks,

Your Little Ones."

Each evening, I fought back tears, while my youngsters communed with their lord. I'm not religious, in fact, I never asked them to say it. They created this entreaty. It surprised me, when they asked if their action bothered me. I said no, they could attend any house of worship which pleased them. In fact, I would help them find the right place. My kids assured their little psalm sufficed for now.

With my boys retired, I returned to complete my household accounts. I refused to hire someone, because I enjoyed the work. My main concern was insuring payment reached the Devon Sky's dealership in time to cover my new Ferrari, scheduled to arrive by week's end.

In addition, I carefully selected Simon's presents. I intendedgiving my son the best party ever, since not only shall he turn sixteen, but this will be his first birthday celebration.

However, first came Even's big day. I already ordered, plus arranged, the delivery of the Rangers, prior to our discovering his true natal day, I needed to change the date. I knew the shop wouldn't mind, since they received all my business.

Going through the bills surprised me, because Patty barely used the credit card, dedicated to all household purchases.

It wasn't too late for me to buzz her, so she could meet me in the kitchen over a cup of coffee or tea. She agreed.

I awaited with the brew, until she arrived. We greeted each other warmly. Yet, what I placed on the table in front of me, caused her concern.

"My friend, I see you're worried. No need! On the contrary, let me tell you how pleased I am with everything in the books, nothing needs improvement! May I ask one question?"

"Please do!"

"Before I rang you, I paid all the expenses. I noticed you hardly used your VISA, I assumed, this, being the first month, you would need triple the amount you outlaid. It amazes me, you haven't, why not?"

"You mean you think I must spend more money?"

"Should you need to, I simply want your assurance you aren't cutting corners, because you worry I shall be upset, if you bought too much."

"Actually, I stocked all my necessities, using the card you gave Donnie. I picked up a few items from various locations. It's easy for me to shop at the local discount warehouse for the three of you. I buy in bulk, then freeze it. This method makes my life much simpler, at the same time it decreases monthly outlays. I spread expenditures by the quarter, which is a habit I brought over from my former life!"

We chatted several minutes longer, while we enjoyed our coffee.

After we said our goodnights, I headed up to my bedroom. However, before I arrived, my cell beeped. I answered,


"Boss, I have some information. First concerns Even's sister. I found her, she lives with an elderly couple a few towns away. From what I gathered, they're her twelfth foster family. She's stayed with them for four months. The other item relates to Simon's security, specifically his bullying by students. I talked to Jim Jackson from the FBI earlier, mentioning the situation. It turns out, the man's son, Hunter, attends the same school, as your boy did. His girlfriend is my daughter, Holly. The teen also captains the football team. The jock agreed, he, and his mates, will keep an eye out for your kid, to insure his safety. Sir, you must see this youngster: six feet three inches, two hundred thirty pounds! He holds the respect of his fellow players. With him in your child's corner, no one should hassle him!"


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