Chapter 5 Comfort Zone

The world said it was wrong. Religious zealots said we would burn in hell. But now, with my lover in my arms on top of me, I could say with certainty it’s they who are wrong. There’s too much death and suffering in this world. Any form of love between two people must be encouraged. Eventually, after almost an hour of laying there, his stomach growled.

"Heehee, yeah I’m hungry too." I chuckled in his ear. "It looks like we need another shower though first."

"We ate dinner almost 16 hours ago. Let’s get cleaned up and head over to the chow hall for some lunch. I’m starved!" He exclaimed lifting himself up off me, stealing another kiss on the way and offering his hand to help me up from the floor.

We showered, dressed and headed over to "the house of evil slop". Obviously all our love making activities had left us famished because we just kept on eating and eating. After my fourth cheeseburger I sat back and gathered the sights of the other folks in the chow hall. I noticed this one young lady eating an ice cream cone. Nudging Mark I got him to target the site. He almost coughed his Jello out of his nose when he noticed how she was tonguing and licking her ice cream cone. The two guys at the table with her were squirming in their chairs, quite obviously enjoying this show too. Mark passed a comment about how he was getting ideas of new things to try. Looking in his eyes I shivered at the thought and the rest of the room might just as well not have existed at all.

On the way back to the dorm we noticed that at twelve-thirty "Cat People" would be playing at the base theatre and agreed to go check it out. We sat in the back row watching this bizarre tale of magical transformations and incest. The movie was going nowhere really and we found ourselves playing our hand stoking game for the last hour. Stepping outside after being in the air-conditioned theatre we were blasted with the early afternoon heat of the desert.

"I'm gonna have to go to bed in about two hours. I've got to work tonight." Mark reminded me as we walked down the Palm tree lined streets back to the dorm.

"What do you want to do with those two hours, as if I didn't know?"

"Hahaa, well I was thinking maybe a short dip at the pool, maybe we could do a few laps and then we could go back to my room and relax."

"Sounds good, bud. I'm starting to feel the effects of being awake for thirty plus hours, but a few laps would ensure I got to sleep quickly."

We walked back to the dorm, stopping at my room first. Turning away from him I changed into my trunks, grabbed my pool towel and stepped back towards him. He took hold of my waist and pulled me towards him, giving me a tight hug.

I hugged him back and asked, "What was that for?"

He whispered in my ear, "For making me feel the best I've ever felt about myself. I'm really tired of holding back all the things I've wanted to say."

"Things like you’re the best friend I've ever had? Or like I don't know how I'm gonna get past the next few days until we can get together again?"

"Yeah those, and that to me, you're just about the sexiest guy I've ever seen. And that I've been watching you. I admire the way you hold your self, always looking so confident. Even when I know you're not sure of something you always look like your right on top of the situation. I was drawn to you when I first got here. The first time I saw you walk past me in the hall was my second day here. You smiled, nodded your head and continued on your way."

"Yeah I sort of recall that. I was just getting back from work that morning." I looked up into his eyes and said, "If I'm sexy then there's no word left to describe you."

"What you don't know is that I spent the rest of the day purposefully trying to meet you. I didn't see you again all day until later that night when you walked in to the TV room before you went to work. You said 'Hey, guys" and went to the microwave to heat your dinner. You sat two chairs away from me to eat your dinner and said "Hi" to me. Even your voice sounds great to me."

"I think I know what you mean. I feel the same things for you. It wasn't an accident that I sat by you. There were plenty of other chairs. We've been holding a lot back. The thing is though that as long as we're here on this base we're going to have to continue to hold stuff back. And that won't be easy for me."

"Me either. You're right though." He said with a sigh, breaking our embrace.

"Don't worry bud. Whatever it takes, this is gonna work out."

We walked down to his room and he started to change into a pair of trunks. Have you ever had the urge to feel someone's tan lines? I did at that moment. Since we had just been talking about holding back I decided not to, stepped towards him and ran my fingers from the front of his waist around the sides while he tried to pull up his trunks.

He giggled, "We're not gonna make it to the pool, are we?"

"Mmm… I think not. We don't have to hide anything when we're alone." I said noticing his dick was starting to grow.

"Then I guess I don't need the trunks." He said letting them fall to the floor.

Reaching for my trunks, he untied the drawstring, pushed them off me, stepped forward and held me close. For a few long minutes we stood there silently. Our hands weren't roaming, our dicks never got hard. I looked up at him and he kissed me. The softest, sweetest, unhurried, loving kiss I had ever experienced. We broke our embrace; never letting loose of each other and Mark turned on the TV. We settled on watching an Abbot and Costello movie and settled back on the bed, leaning back against the wall. A comfort level had been reached. We could sit there naked, holding one another and not get excited.

"Ya wanna do anything Tuesday night?" He asked

"How about a movie? Is there anything new you'd like to see?"

"The new Star Wars flick, 'Empire Strikes Back'." He recommended.

"I never saw the first one. I heard it was really good."

"The first one was great, man. We'll check out the second one."

"How about next weekend? I asked.

"Oh yeah, Washington's birthday. I get to take next Saturday night off!"

"Great! We gotta do something then. Let's get off base for a few days."

"If this weather holds up we could make a trip to the beach."

"Even if the weather isn't so great, let's do that anyway. I've got some cash and can afford it."

"Cool. I've got plenty of cash. Maybe we can find a decent hotel or motel really close to the beach."

"I'm psyched! There's lots of stuff around to do and places to go."

"Some other weekends we could go other places. Like up to the mountains."

"Yeah, up to Yosemite or Big Bear. Maybe we could make it to Reno sometime."

"Have you done any camping or hiking? There's some great areas just a few hours drive north of here." He asked

"Yep I have. But I don't have any gear with me. "

"We could get the stuff we need over time. "

"Have you been to any of the theme parks around LA and Orange county?" I asked

"Nope. I'd like to though. I've been to Disney World but never to Disneyland."

"There's another place called 'Knott's Berry Farm' that we could go to. I've been there with my cousins. They serve a great breakfast in one of the restaurants there. There's another place, 'Magic Mountain' in north LA County that has some cool looking rides."

"I've seen the commercials on TV, it looks like fun!"

For two hours we talked about where we wanted to go and the things we'd like to see and do together. Mark started to get sleepy and I was beyond exhausted. I started to get up to leave so he could sleep before his shift started but he held me tighter and pulled me back on to the bed. We pulled up the sheets and blankets we had thrown on the floor the night before, I turned off the TV and snuggled up to my love and we soon fell asleep.