Three Finger Cove: Collin ~ Book One

Chapter Fifty-One

The four made there way to the kitchen, but along the way, Maria diverted them towards the Dining Room with Mr. Ken in the front. As soon as he opened the door, all the people hidden in the room yelled, "SURPRISE!" And then they began to sing,

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Mr. Ken

Happy Birthday to you

We hope you'll live 'till you die

We hope you'll live 'til you die

Happy Birthday Mr. Ken

Happy Birthday to you

Ken was totally taken by surprise by the impromptu Birthday Party. Even the boys behind him were shocked by the Surprise Birthday Party, especially, since they knew nothing about it, either. Ken walked in and he was warmly greeted by everyone as he made his way around the dining room table to the birthday cake and all the lit candles.

"I am flabbergasted by this; I really am," said Mr. Ken. "Everything was happening so fast and furious lately that I totally forgot about this week being my birthday. Who do I owe this honor to making this wonderful cake and surprise for me?"

"Questions later; we need you to make a wish and blow out the candles before they all burn down and put wax all over your cake," spoke up Mary.

Ken went and stood in front of the cake and then took in a big deep breath. He looked around some and then, without any more fanfare, he began to blow out the candles. The candles went out quickly at first, but it appeared he wouldn't have enough breath left to blow them all out. First eight, then ten, twelve, sixteen, then twenty and finally all 24 candles were blown out. Ken had been toying with the gathered people as he still had enough air left to blow out a dozen more.

"I want to thank you all for this surprise … and it truly is a surprise. And looking around I can see who the guilty parties are. Come on over here, Momma Maria and Judy and Mary, so I can give you a big hug for doing this for me."

As the ladies went over to him and got their hugs, Judy whispered in his ear that Kathleen was also a part of the committee. He didn't let on he heard that and, as he began going around the room to shake people's hands, when he got to Kathleen he took her into a great big hug and announced she too was a part of the conspiracy. Everyone clapped that she, too, was a part of the conspiracy and was recognized by Ken who then continued to greet everyone else.

The boys had big grins on their faces as they were still young enough to enjoy birthday parties and they couldn't wait to tease their Big Bro about being the BIG "2" "4".

After things settled down, the ladies cut the cake and began serving it with ice cream. There were about thirty people in attendance and some had brought along gag gifts. Eric had a gift for Mr. Ken and when he gave it to him he wanted him to open it so everyone could see it. Inside the wrapped box, Ken found a coffee cup with his name on it and the number "24" on the opposite side. Alex then had a gift for his friend Mr. Ken and when Ken opened it there was a plastic police badge and hand cuffs for him referring back to his helping with the FBI. Then a few other friends brought out some more gag gifts for him to open. Before long the party was in full swing and everyone got to relax and talk with everyone else.

Since it was a Sunday, and the kids had school the next day, the birthday party broke up about 6 PM. Ken saw everyone to the front door and thanked them again for the surprise party. Then, before he knew it, there was just he, Collin, Chief and Momma Maria left who was out in the kitchen by herself putting away the leftovers and straightening up the Kitchen. When she finished, Ken gave her another big hug and told her not to come to work the next day until noon. He wanted her to have some time to do what she would have done if she hadn't been there that day. She agreed and then she got her coat and then she, too, was gone.

Ken and Collin, with Chief close behind, began to go to the Study but before they got there Ken suggested they go and relax with a movie. Collin smiled when he heard that and put his arm around his Big Bro and gave him a little hug and smiled at him.

The two went downstairs to the Theater and Collin picked out a movie and before long the two of them were fast asleep in Ken's special lounger. The dance the night before and the surprise party that day could well be blamed for them being so tired, but to tell the truth, they both enjoyed each other's company.

For Collin, though, he still needed the feeling of safety and love from his Big Bro and he relished every opportunity he could get to spend time alone with him. It was almost nine thirty when they both woke up but they didn't budge as they just lay there with Collin's head on Ken's chest and Ken's arm around Collin's shoulder. This is what they often did when they watched a movie together.

"Bro," began Collin, "are you mad at me for the way I acted earlier today? You know when I began to cry about the way I felt about my inheritance."

"No, Collin, I am not mad at you. Why should I be? You've gone through hell these last few months and all of a sudden you hear something that could drastically affect your future and you just … well, you can't bear to hear anymore bad news. I totally understand and you need to know it is going to take you a long time before you truly deal with everything. You know I think it is time you went back to your doctor, Mr. Jennings, and see what he can do for you. What do you say to that?"

"Yea, I was thinking about that myself. I really just got to know him and then things began to get busy again. Now that the Holidays are over I should take advantage of him. I was getting to know him and I think he can help me with some stuff. You remember what I asked you out in Los Angles, I think I am going to talk to him about that, too. Bro, I really like Shelly, and she turns me on, but I also like what Ryan and I do together and … well, I am still confused some. Don't get me wrong, what you told me made sense, but I want to hear what someone else has to say. You don't mind, do you, Bro?" asked Collin.

"No, 'little bro' I don't mind. Matter of fact, that is what he went to school for and is trained to know about those things. I am glad you want to get that straight in your mind. Hey, there is something I need to get for you yet, too. I told you I'd get you some condoms and I haven't. It is important that I do that and then we need to have the "talk".

"Oh, no, the 'talk', I don't know if I can handle that," kidded Collin as he tried to tickle Ken but without luck.

"Collin, I know you know how babies are made, but I think it is something we should talk together about a little bit more. You know I mentioned to you about being careful and making sure you are safe and all, but when I get these condoms for you I want us to make an understanding between us, so … well, so we aren't surprised one day with you being a daddy. Especially now that you have more money than any kid in the world has right now. Once the word gets out, the girls are going to want you to …"

"Fuck them," a laughing Collin added.

"Yes, fuck them, and probably with their mothers' consent. So, let's not get into that discussion tonight, but let's at least talk about it and how you can handle these girls and whatever else may come up. Ok?"

"Yeah, well I already know how to take care of 'whatever else comes up'," laughed Collin at his Big Bro, then he said, "Sorry" and then laughed some more along with his Big Bro. Collin continued, "I think that will be good to talk about sex and how the girls may act. And since you've had such good success, maybe I can get a few pointers."

And with that, Ken reached over and began to tickle Collin and the boy began to laugh and squirm around in the lounger. This is what Collin really loved. He enjoyed the closeness but most importantly the feeling of 'love' he got from Mr. Ken. His dad stopped doing anything like this when he turned thirteen, but he was still a boy who needed that and the feeling of acceptance of trusted adults. Secretly, Collin wished he could relive his last three years all over again, with Mr. Ken as his 'dad' this time.

The two were enjoying their little tickling match when Chief jumped up onto the lounger and began to lick Collin. Collin was laughing so much he cried for it to stop because he said he was going to pee his pants if they didn't stop. It was funny that as soon as he said that, Chief stopped and so did Ken and Collin then caught his breath. Chief lay down with them and they petted her and stroked her coat and she just licked them occasionally showing her appreciation for the attention.

Before long, Chief let out a big yawn and that was when they decided to call it a day, so they both headed off to bed. Chief went outside to do her thing and then went upstairs to Collin's bedroom and waited for him to finish in the bathroom and get into bed. Ken checked the security system and set it for the night and went to bed himself.

A new week of challenges awaited them and a good night's sleep would do them all wonders. The night passed swiftly and before they knew it, their alarms went off and Monday had arrived.


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