Booker Burns

Booker Burns 21

Booker Burns 21

 We drove home with two very happy cooled down kids giggling in the back seat, and Book didn't stop smiling all the way. I turned and said to him.

"Your turn tonight." He groaned then I looked at his crotch; he was growing again.

Mum and the men were waiting for us on the porch and the kids couldn’t wait to tell them what they did on the way home.

 "The boys have unloaded the car son, I think we got enough for everyone. We can make a start tomorrow it looks like these two need another good bath."

Book went inside to get us a coffee and I told mum we can do the baths after tea, we wanted to relax for a minute.

"I think Hildy will be here Saturday night boss's mummy, have you got enough food?"

"Yes, Sam plenty of food. I will get Jenny to pick up some bread rolls on her way out."

 "The cake's, have we got everything we need to make them mum?"

"Yes son, Jenny's also handling that too, they won't be done until a few days before the event and Ants on top of the food. She is bringing out a final list of his suggestions but it will mainly be pasta and a spit roast with veggies."

"We will need people to serve it up too." Book suggested when he placed the coffee in front of me.

"He's handling all that too Book, it will be your biggest expense apart from the drinks." She smiled.

"That's okay whatever it costs to make it a great night mum. Maybe I will go and see him and let him know not to scrimp on the food." His hand rubbed my leg through my jeans, I wanted to change into my shorts.

 "So what time is Hildy arriving Sam?"

"She said about lunchtime, you don't have to make a bed up she can doss in with me." He grinned, mum shot him a sour look.

Dinner was leftovers from the kitchen, I asked mum how much Maree had taken she said she offered but Maree refused to take any. She also had put her name on the roster to do more at the kitchen.

 "She's a kind-hearted woman Zack, she did say she had lost it for a while because she was so mad at the world and her family. But that's all she said, apart from that she likes you, and misses the friendly banter you both had going on." I smiled to myself, of course, she likes me she tried it on a few times.

 "Well she had a strange way of doing things there for a while, time will tell." I looked at Book he was almost ready to eat because he was rubbing his tummy.

We all sat at the table and mum opened the containers and put them on the tray, roast again but it was okay and delicious.

"How long is Hildy staying Sam?"

"Don't know wifey, she just said she will be here Saturday."

He gave me a sly grin.


My tummy jumped because it was thinking that Hildy might be coming permanently, seeing Matt is moving to the city and she can work from anywhere. It's the write-ups and checking that keep her busy. I can take some of her local clients off her to ease the load, or I can help her go through the write-ups. I know her job, I did it for a while when she went to rescue Ava.

 "She's staying with your aunty boss; I can't let her sleep in the stable." He laughed.

"That stable is okay, but yes your right she's not sleeping in it. Too many randy black fellas living in there." Book said sternly.

"Talking about randy black fella's boss, do you think young Douglas might have Emma over for a sleepover soon, he's looking quite hopeful nowadays?" Poor Doug had to spit his potato out he was laughing so much. I placed my hand on Books and replied.

 "That's if Emma wants a sleepover Sam, but he had better ask her father on Saturday night don’t you think?"

The table went quiet and Doug mumbled something we didn’t hear.

"What was that Douglas?" Mum said trying to put on a serious face.

"None of you are fun anymore." He said.

"Its okay Duggie you will lose your virginity soon, that filly is hot for you."

"Sam!" Mum shouted.


"Have some respect will you."

"Okay bosses mummy, just having a joke with you all." He laughed and Book smiled. The kids came in to see if they were missing anything then Book said.

"Troops fall in." They squealed and started for the back door. Book grabbed a roll for the nightly trip into the barnyard; the kids like to say goodnight to the stock.

 The next morning David turned up early he had a digger on the back in a trailer. The kids didn’t want TV today they sat on the porch and watched him unload it, then him and two other guys got out some paint cans and started measuring and marking where the footings were going to go. Book kept the dry biscuits coming because they were hypnotized as the digger moved back and forth. Holes were dug and by lunchtime, everything looked smashing as Book and I looked it over. It looked small but we were assured it wouldn't be when it's finished. He ordered the concrete for one, so there was enough time to eat some lunch with us.

 "Once the concrete is settled Book we can start on the walls. I have had them pre-made from the wood yard.

"So Daniels company is doing it, Dave?" I asked.

"Yes, we do a lot of business with him his works perfect."

"And him?" I smiled.

He only gave me a smug smile but he also gave it away and blushed. I don’t think David wanted to say much because his offsiders were there deep in conversation with Doug and Sam.

 "He will be here for Saturday nights barbeque Dave, why don't you come along too?"

"I might just do that."

Lunch was one of mum's big meat pies but luckily she had made three of them, they disappeared very quickly.

 The concrete was poured and the little kids were fascinated; I think they might be builders when they grow up. The footings have to settle and it will be another week before he can start framing the add on. David was more than happy with its progress and he was also excited about the weekend's barbeque.

 Back inside I helped mum clean up the kitchen while Book played trucks with the kids. I could hear them making engine noises, I suppose the TV has been sacked for the night.

When mum and I went in, there was no sign of them. Book had draped a sheet over the big sofa so I bent down and looked under it. He had made them a cubby house and with both babies being held in his powerful arm all three were fast asleep.

  Mum turned the TV volume up a little as I took one kid and tucked him into his bed. It was a little early but not much, the other one stirred but was dead to the world by the time I kissed him goodnight. My other boy was lightly snoring so I snuggled into him and watched the news, I heard mum giggle.

 When I woke it was dark, Book was still behind me but the TV had been turned off. I turned myself around and kissed his lips, then he stirred. We crawled into bed around two am, it was too late to make love. I was surprised we even made it to bed because I was out for the night as soon as my head hit the pillow.

 I was getting excited to see Hildy and by the next morning, I was all but laying the red carpet down on the front stairs. Mum and I had started on the sweet gift bags, I found some containers and filled each one with different sweets. Book took a handful before he headed for the barn but I didn’t give the kids any because I have to preserve their teeth. We had done about a hundred by the time we heard a car come up the driveway. I almost ran out to see who it was and as I opened the front door I could see it was Hildy's car.

 My tummy was jumping with joy. Joe appeared out of nowhere and helped her get Ava out of the back seat as we two hugged. I checked over her shoulder to see if she had more luggage than usual, but she only had the traveling bag that is stuffed with Ava's baby stuff.

I hugged her more and she kissed my cheek.

"Its good to be back boyfriend, did you miss me?"

"You know I did my friend; did you drop your bags at aunties?"

"Yes kiddo, we will stay there tonight."

"Oh, I thought Ava was going to have a sleepover."

"Do you want her to?"

"Of course, Hildy I know what's been going on so I'm not going to play your silly game, so drop the act. Come and have a coffee and tell me your plans. I'm hanging out here." She started laughing and took my hand, she dumped me at the table on the porch while Ava caught up with all the news from the boys.

 "I will work with you until we can find someone to take over, but I stress boyfriend I will have to go back to the city at some stage."


"Why what?"

"Why do you have to go back to the city?"

"Because I must be there, as coordinator and state manager I need to be at the central point."

"Well news flash, this is the central point of Victoria and your staying right here."

"So you're going to tell your boss what to do now, are you. Well, let me tell you something young man. While you’re flashing your smile on Dexter's TV show, your tired old black assed friend here has been sorting out babies’ drunks and battered families. I am needed more in the city."

"And what do you think I do all day, sit in front of the cameras, some day’s I don’t get in until very late. I am missing my children's childhoods. No, you stay here permanently and if you trip over a baby or three I will take them off your hands. We need to populate this farm and two just isn't enough." What the hell am I talking about, I think I was just overexcited. I looked at Hildy who hadn't fired back and she started to grin.

 "Two or three?"

I gulped and held up three fingers.

"All brothers, a pair of twins and an older boy." She grinned.

 Book had been sitting close by and laughing at our banter, but he was more than interested when Hildy dropped the bomb.

"How old?" I got out.

"Two twenty-five-year olds and a twenty-seven-year-old." She burst out laughing at our expectant faces.

 "You know for a black woman you’re a real shit sometimes Hildy." It was Books comment because I was still in shock and that permanent smile was on my face.

"Oh, come on boys this old lady was just joking with you, you’re no fun anymore, liven up." she chuckled.

 "Kids fall in." Book wasn't in the mood and I think Hildy's joke backfired on her. She patted my knee and apologized.

I forgave her because I should have known what was coming.

 "Do you really want more kids Zack?"

"I don’t know Hildy, if they happen along the way, yes of course. I know Book wants more he is a bit overprotective of the kids."

"That's understandable, I shouldn't joke about it in front of him then. I do apologize Zack and I will talk to him later on."

 "No need Hildy, its the thought with Book, if he thinks there are kids out there being abused and he didn't do something about it then we have a problem. Apart from that, I think he's more than willing to take more kids on, its in his nature."

"Well, I had better be looking out for some then." She grinned.

"You know it wasn’t just me that Book wanted in his life Hildy, he fell madly in love with Beetle too, and he wasn’t going to let me bring him up alone."

"I know honey he's one of the kind that man of yours."

 Mum thought she would bring the lunch out to the porch after all was a beautiful day, we had spent some of this morning making salad rolls for our guests. The big tray was placed in the middle of the table and when Joe and Doug arrived back from checking something out they grabbed two each before Book came back.

 My man eventually showed his gorgeous face with the kids in tow. He was grinning and took my hand as he sat next to me with Beetle on his lap. I know he had thought about it in his head and got it settled down and accepted the joke.

I leaned over to him and said.

 "They might have to bunk in our bed baby, we can cuddle them to sleep." He laughed.

"Not the way I see it Zachy, I would have put them to work."

"I can only imagine the sort of work you have in mind, Mr. Booker Burns." I grinned.

After a lovely lunch, he started placing some fairy lights we had bought for Christmas on the porch railing then checked they still worked. Book wanted tonight to be a bit magical for everyone. We cleared up and settled the kids in front of you know what. I wiped down the big table and Book gave the barbeque the once over. Hildy spent her afternoon either lazing on the sofa or in my office reading my write-ups and some essays she had found.

 Emma and Aunty were the first to arrive and they helped mum with getting the salads ready while Hildy had finally emerged and started buttering the bread rolls. Book and I entertained the kids by playing building blocks with them. Young Douglas was hopping up and down on one foot when they arrived and I had caught a glimpse of him and Emma kissing around the corner of the house.

 Daniel was next to arrive then Jill from the welfare office. I introduced them and Book got some drinks ready. Daniel, by the looks of it, has pulled out all stops tonight. His Levis fit him as they should, he was all curves and hardness. Paired with a pale blue wrangler denim shirt he looked so yummy. He had had his long hair trimmed back a bit and it suited him. Book slapped my thigh because I was staring too much.

 I went to find Emma in the kitchen and said.

"Are you ready to get to know your daddy?"

She stared at me and nodded her approval. After following me out to the porch Daniel instantly stood up and took her in his arms cuddling her.

"I had no idea how beautiful you had turned out. I never got any photos." He couldn’t stop staring at her and she was beautiful.

That was until her tears arrived and it made her makeup streak.

 He passed her a tissue then held her hand.

"You don't need all that makeup baby, your lovely in your natural state."

"She does it to impress the boys Daniel." aunty laughed.

"Well she doesn't have to, even I am impressed."

"Hello, I'm just standing here?" Emma laughed at their faces, I think she was getting a little embarrassed.

I sat with Jill and we watched the banter, and it got worse when Hildy and Sam arrived holding Ava. Douglas only had eyes for Emma and he sat next to her holding her other hand.

 "So why didn't you come and see me?" Was Emma's first question.

"They banned me from the town baby. I only saw you at school or in the street if I was driving by, I would sometimes pull over and look for you."

"I loved going to school, something I truly missed when mum made me stay at home."

"Well if you want to go back, I will see you straight with money and I will tell you now. I have instructed Larry Goods, my lawyer, to start proceedings to retrieve all that money I sent for you."

"You sent money?"

"Yes baby, every month for sixteen years I sent money for your mother and you."

"I don't think she ever got it, we were poor."

"Well, not anymore there will be a big fat check coming your way in the next few months, it's all yours. Larry said they will settle out of court because they don't like the white man's laws. The letter will scare them to do something about it." He laughed, Emma liked her dad I think.

 "So why did mum stop you from going to school Ems?" I asked out of curiosity.

"I can't discuss that with you Mr. Zack but it had something to do with women's things." I accepted that answer I have heard it all before, as soon as the female’s periods start they are kept at home, and considered adults.

 Janice the marriage celebrant arrived and David Andy and Luke were not far behind them.

We hugged Andy and Luke and I introduced Book to Janice and then I introduced her to Jill. I sat them together because although they hadn’t actually met before, they had heard about each other. When David and Daniel caught each other's eyes they both grinned and shook hands.

If I hadn’t seen it I would never have believed it, I actually thought I saw sparks flying around the table the air was electric. Oh no that was just Book staring at me again.

 Daniel and David sat opposite each other and every time I looked at them they were trying to sneak a look at each other. I felt good inside until I saw Daniel stare at my Book who was oblivious to all the matchmaking I was doing. Jill and Janice were deep in a conversation and I deemed it really wasn’t the time to talk about weddings.

 "How are things going Andy?"

"Good Zack, I'm back into school and that cottage is perfect for me. I wish someday I could afford to live there, full time." He smiled, aunty piped up and said.

"Its all yours Andy you can have it until school is finished."

 He grinned, then he looked at a shocked but handsome looking Luke. He wasn't very pleased with the conversation.

"Don’t you like living with me?" He said quietly. Andy blushed and replied.

"Of course I do, but you have done so much for me already. In fact, you all have. Zack gave me his old car, Book bought my land and you feed and house me for four nights out of seven. I just think its time to stand on my own two feet that's all." He was genuine when he said that. If Luke doesn’t make a move soon he will lose Andy to the University's gay crowd, that I'm sure will be hounding him for dates.

 Luke went very quiet as Book and Andy caught up with old school stuff, I watched Luke go from very happy to moody in a flash. I needed to get this thing going with them, otherwise Luke will go back into the closet.

 The barbecue was fired up and surprisingly Jill and Janice were the first to offer their services. I had taken Ava off Hildy and she had Lucky, he was talking his head off at her. Ava's eyes didn't move from Hildy's face, it was like she was pleading silently for gran to take her back in her arms again. Beetle was with aunty, they had a special kind of bond they had forged when he was a little bubba. He quietly laid back and played with her long strand of pearls she had around her neck. Book was looking at me, I caught a slight smile on his perfect lips then I blushed because I knew what he was thinking, and I squirmed in my seat a little.

 Emma and Daniel hit it off, and Daniel was telling her about her family, well his family. He said he has a lot of photos and he would love to go through them with her one day. She charmed him with her beautiful smile and was encouraging him to tell her more. David was looking at Daniels face, and he caught me looking too. I winked at him and smiled, he blushed. I handed Ava over and got up to go help the girls, they were chatting away like they were old friends so I don't think I need to push them together, its the boys that are shy.

 I was looking through my filing cabinet when Books arms went around my chest, he lifted me and swayed two and fro as I found the write up I did, 'That leap of faith, and what is love really.' I sort of giggled as he humped me when I bent over to place the pages in the photo copier. I thought I might just slip it to Luke before he leaves, that might get him going again. Book started kissing my neck just where that big vein is and it throbbed with excitement. My hand slipped around the back and I felt something long and hard nestled in my crack.

 "We have guests Book, no time."

"I don’t care, I want it now and I want it nice and slow."

"Go to the bathroom, I wont be a minute." He did as he was told and I gathered up my papers and put them in my back pocket then went out to see our guests.

 When a confused Book came out I burst out laughing. I couldn’t help myself his face was so conflicted. He pointed a finger at me and mouthed.

"Later, you’re gonna get it Tierney." I laughed more as the crowd all looked at me. They had no idea what I was laughing about, but I guess they knew Book had something to do with it.

 "Emma have you come up with a nice frock for the wedding?" Mum asked.

"Not yet Mrs. Tierney, we thought we might go into the city one day."

"Well come with me, I think I have just the thing for you." She took Emma's hand and her and Jen went to mum's room. I deemed Emma and mum were the same size so I guess she's going to try on one of the two frocks mums not wearing.

 "So when is the wedding Zack?" Jill asked.

"Well, in five weeks but there will be an announcement in the local paper for the after party in a few days. The wedding will be held here in the hills out the back. Your all invited to the actual wedding, we only want family and like minded people at it, it would be chaos otherwise." I looked at the boys and girls they didn't get my double meaning.

 "That's ace Zack, what are we suppose to be wearing?' Andy said.

"Suits Andy, you and Luke go into the Cody Mitchell store and get them, we are paying." Book offered.

"Wow, I can't wait to witness it, I never been to a gay wedding before." David was excited.

"Me neither it should be a blast." Daniel looked at him.

 Emma came out in a stunning lemon cocktail dress it fit like a glove and I think young Douglas has lost his wad, he suddenly had bent over and groaned. I looked at Daniel, who started smiling. Emma was beautiful and mum told her she could have the dress as a gift. That left aunty, and we told her the same as we told Luke and Andy to go to the shop and get something. Book will ring his new mate Rory on Monday with his credit card details.

 Food was arriving at the table and everyone settled in to eat. It was a beautiful night with great friends, and when Book finished he called his army to attention and they all waddled off to go say goodnight to the animals, he had a couple of chops in his hand to munch on while he walked. Jill and Janice were again deep in conversation and I leaned over and told Janice I will catch up with her during the week to talk about the wedding. David and Daniel went off to look at the footings he had started for our extension yesterday. I followed to maybe chaperone.

 During the walk around Daniel said he had better go and have another haircut before the wedding. David stopped and looked at him and said.

"I like your hair long, don't get it cut, its so in at the moment." Then he blushed probably thinking he had said something gay.

I helped out by saying.

 "If my Booker gets his cut there certainly wont be any wedding." I laughed then went to catch up with him and the kids. I loved Books hair a bit longer it was so untamed, a bit like him in a way.

 Luke and Andy were with them and Andy was feeding an apple to Boy the new foal who was happy to eat anything. I stood next to Luke and whispered.

"You don’t have to pretend around us Luke, just be yourself."

There was a long pause then he said.

"I have loved Andy since we were at school, he doesn’t see me and Zack don't forget, he's a lot younger than me."

"No he's not Luke, six years isn't a big gap, and may I say that Andy is so into you, its written all over his face. Read this and then come back and tell me he doesn't see you." I passed my essay to him and he placed it in his pocket.

 "Just a slight hint too. Why don’t you two go by the lake and have a long talk on the way home, I'm sure he doesn’t want to move to the city permanently. I think he's just running away from you. You can do something about that Luke with just a few words, like I love you." His eyes were fixated on Andy and I could see what he saw. Andy was perfect in every way, his country boy look was on display as he eagerly caressed the foals neck, and his perfect butt was sicking out in his Levis for someone to grab it.

 "I love him. I have for a long long time now." I heard Luke whisper.

"Don't tell me, tell him." It was like a fire had been ignited under Luke's tight jeans and he moved forward and placed his arm around Andy's shoulder, and when Andy lifted his face and looked up at him Luke kissed him on the lips.

 I didn't see what happened after that my good tears had arrived and I felt that my job was done. Book was over by the barn doors and when I caught up with him he said.

"About bloody time." Then he kissed me and we both started walking back to the table.

"Now to get the other two together and all will be well." He smiled.

 Of course Book had noticed the games these guys were playing with each other, he's become a wise old man since we have all moved to the farm. The kids had gone on ahead and were now moaning because bed was mentioned. Ava was the loudest because she thought she might have to go home, but that wasn’t the case she will sleep with the boys tonight. I suspect Sam and Hildy have made other plans.

 After the cleaning up was done everyone started drifting off home, it was getting late. Andy had come back all red eyed he wasn’t saying much but he continually stared at Luke who was staring back.

 "Well we must be away, I got to get my boy home to bed." Luke said.

"Not until we visit the lake, I believe its a hub of debauchery nowadays." Andy said laughing, his dark brown curly hair was showcasing his gorgeous features. We all hugged and Daniel and David held each other a little bit longer. Jill and Janice made a coffee date for tomorrow and Emma and aunty said their goodnights and left Douglas to clean up his underwear.

 We were more than bushed when we checked the kids and went to get into bed. Book stretched his arm out and I laid my head on his hard muscles. There was no rampant sex because we were both tired, but I did get a good humping frotting thing going during the night and Book was very accommodating.

 The shaking of the bed woke me early. Book was getting up to go feed the cattle.

"Not so fast farmer boy you owe me." I grabbed his jocks tightly and pulled him back to bed. He started on my neck and when he got to my nipples he had me shooting for the stars.

 He moved me onto my side and said.

"Wait a minute I got to pee." I greased up in anticipation.

He didn't come back, that shithead had got me back for last night. I got the feeling he wouldn’t last long out there he will be back sooner rather than later. His will power must be getting better because the next time I saw him was at breakfast.

 I wasn’t in the mood for any games today and I grunted through my breakfast then I took my coffee out the front to sit in peace. It wasn't long before Book found me and asked me to meet him in the barn that I had any hope of getting off this morning. I followed him up onto the loft like a lap dog, where he threw me onto the hay and finally had his wicked way with me; lube and all. Book was so horned up he had to do me twice.

Sunday was a lazy day for everyone, Hildy watched all my videos and read some more essays I seemed to have amassed.

 "Boyfriend, you have to have all these essays published. I can get the ball rolling for you if you like."

"They aren’t that good my darling, maybe when I rewrite some of them I may think about it."

She huffed and puffed as she gave me a good dressing down. They are good enough as they are, and she will look into getting them published. I agreed in the end, she's one scary lady when she gets going.