The Puget Posse

Chapter 48-Spring Break: Neville and Ellis

Welcome back, readers, for another chapter of The Puget Posse. This chapter is the last spring break chapter. During the break, two lonely boys start to look to each other for friendship.
All disclaimers apply. As always, be 18 to read.



<Friday, March 29>

Ellis was both happy and unhappy that school was out for a week. He was happy because his father was home. He was happy because he would be going with his father to the ocean on Saturday morning. He was unhappy because they would be returning on Tuesday and then his father would be leaving on Thursday. He was unhappy because he wouldn’t have a friend to go anywhere with. He also was unhappy because he didn’t have a friend with whom he could spend the night. He wanted his father to know he had friends he wanted to be with, which led to his other bit of unhappiness.
The previous weekend Barry had invited Ellis to spend the night; only they would be spending the night at Dax’s house, not at Barry’s. That was fine with Ellis, he’d done those sneaky things before. He had no problem telling his mother he’d be staying at Barry’s house, when he’d actually be at Dax’s house. Even though his mother and Barry’s mother were friends, his mother never got around to confirming where Ellis had actually stayed.
Not only was Barry at Dax’s house, but so was Frank. The people who weren’t there were Dax’s parents, who left for the weekend. They told Dax he could have up to two friends over and both Barry and Frank were on their approved list. Ellis was the boy they snuck in, knowing that Dax’s parents would want to know why a group of fourteen-year-olds wanted to have a ten-year-old hang out with them.
The reason they wanted him was his smooth white ass, and the tempting warm hole in the middle of his boy crack. The young boy loved being fucked. He knew it was wrong for him to love that, but he didn’t care. It felt too good to even think of abstaining. The young teens were only too happy to take care of his needs, because taking care of his sexual itch helped them take care of theirs.
But there was one thing Ellis didn’t like about the situation. He didn’t like the teens drinking alcohol and smoking pot. Frank was the one who procured the contraband. Ellis liked Dax, he adored Barry, but he didn’t care for Frank, who was the most mature boy in Barry’s group.
Ellis rode his bike to a corner near Barry’s house where he met Barry. They rode together to Dax’s house and arrived just after Frank.
“Are you going to get wasted?” Ellis asked Barry as they rolled their bikes into Dax’s backyard.
“If Frank came through, that’s the plan.”
“Why? Why can’t you have fun like you used to?”
“Because when you get older you like doing stuff that makes you feel really good.”
“Don’t you feel good doing sex with me?”
“Sure I do, Ellis. You’re the best. But when I get high, it’s like I don’t have any problems about anything. Being high makes my mind feel good and it makes me feel good and special.”
“I don’t get it.”
“You should try it, then you’d know.”
“I’m only ten.”
Barry laughed as they went through the back door. “You’re only ten but you get your butt fucked by us older guys, so what’s the difference?”
“I dunno. Maybe I’ll find out when I’m older.”
“Try it tonight,” Dax said, overhearing the last part of the conversation.
“Maybe another time,” Ellis said.
“But we still get your butt, right?”
Ellis nodded. He grabbed a coke out of the refrigerator while Frank mixed some rum and cokes for himself and the other two teens. “I’m not mixing them very strong,” Frank said, looking down at the little ten-year-old. “That way we don’t get wasted too fast. You want some rum in your coke?” Frank had hit some weed before he left his house and he was high.
Ellis shook his head no and went to the living room. He was beginning to wish he hadn’t come.  As much as he liked the sex, he didn’t like watching the teens get messed up, especially Barry, whom he thought of as a friend and big brother.
The three teens drank their rum and cokes and Frank got some marijuana and a bong out of his backpack. He started filling and packing the bong. When Ellis was first around the booze and the weed he found it exciting, even though he didn’t use any. On this night, he realized he wasn’t having any fun.
“Let’s get naked before we toke,” Frank said as he took charge of the group. “Then we can see how many times we can all fuck the kid.”
“I’m not the kid,” Ellis said indignantly, “I’m Ellis.”
“Well, whoever you are, you’ve got a nice ass and I want to stick my cock inside it a few times and fuck the shit out of you.” Frank took a big hit.
“Yeah, me too,” Dax said as he took the bong from Frank. “You’re our sex machine.”
“I don’t feel so good,” Ellis said with a calculated whine in his voice. “I think I need to go home.”
“You ain’t going nowhere until I fuck you.” Frank declared. He stood up and started opening his pants. Ellis felt his heart speed up and his face flush. He didn’t want to do this. He didn’t want to do sex with Frank. He liked Dax okay and he’d do anything with Barry except get wasted, but he didn’t want to do anything with Frank.
Frank stepped out of his pants and boxers; he was now wearing only a t-shirt and socks. His over six inch cock was rock hard. Ellis got off the couch and walked toward the kitchen, where he’d put his jacket and bicycle helmet.
“Where are you going kid?” Frank called out as he followed the young boy. “I’m ready to fuck your tight little ass. Take off your pants so I can see it, you little whore boy.”
He was about to grab Ellis when Barry stopped him. “Let him go, Frank, or we’ll get in trouble.”
“The whore let me fuck him before and now he thinks ass is too good for me.” He glared at Ellis. “You’re a whore, a fucking little whore. You can’t even squirt, but you think you’re some kind of sexy thing—well, you ain’t nothing but a bitch and a whore.” Frank pulled himself away from Barry. “You’re a little girl who wears fucking lipstick and makeup and…”
“Shut the fuck up, Frank,” Barry said. “Just let him go. Come on, let’s go get wasted.”
“But who am I gonna fuck?” Frank asked, somewhat confused by booze and drugs.
“Fuck your right hand. Just let him go.”
Frank turned and headed back to the living room.
Ellis didn’t bother fighting his tears as he put on his coat, slipped on his backpack, and strapped on his helmet. He found his bike and wheeled it out of the backyard. He knew he wasn’t supposed to ride it after dark, but he didn’t care. He had to get away from what was happening in the house. The lure of sex was no longer enough for him to put up with the booze and weed in order to get it. He no longer felt like a young friend who was having some fun. What he felt like was—well, he didn’t know what it was, or maybe he did. Maybe, this was what a whore boy felt like.
When he got home his mother asked him why he was back so soon. She noticed his tear-streaked face and decided he’d had some kind of spat with Barry. She said nothing about his riding after dark.
Ellis went to his room and put away his helmet and coat. He washed his face in the bathroom and then stripped naked. He looked at his naked body and wondered what was wrong with him. He wondered why his friends were older boys who didn’t seem to care about him. He wondered why he didn’t have any real friends at school, ignoring what the Posse had done in rescuing him from the clutches of Jeremiah and Alden.
He reached into his backpack and pulled out his etui, taking out the makeup collection his mother had put together for him. He put lipstick, mascara, and rouge on his face. He was becoming adept at applying makeup when he was in the mood to wear it, like he was tonight. He took his panties out of the backpack and put them on, his little cock hard for the first time that night. He walked downstairs and sat on the couch next to his mother, letting her put her arm around him.
“You look very good tonight,” Reba said. She was never sure how to gauge her son’s moods. Lately he’d been rejecting his girly stuff, insisting he was a boy. But, whatever had happened with Barry had put him into one of his girly moods. “Are you mama’s little girl tonight?” she asked.
“Yes, mama,” he said, leaning his head against her shoulder. She rubbed her son’s bare shoulder and back; the only thing he had on was his panties. I’m your little whore girl, he thought, not entirely sure what that meant, but positive it wasn’t good.
Reba, thinking she would be alone for the evening, had made herself comfortable. She was wearing pajamas and a bathrobe. Ellis placed his hand inside of the robe and rubbed his mother’s right breast. He then unbuttoned the top buttons on her pajamas and bared the breast. He leaned in and put his mouth around her nipple and started to suckle. Reba rubbed his bare skin along the waistband of the panties. Ellis wanted her to put her hand inside the panties and fondle him, but he understood his mother well enough to know she wouldn’t do it because then he would no longer be a girl, he would be a boy.
“Do you want to sleep with me tonight?”
No, he thought as he continued suckling his mother, I want to sleep with Barry tonight. I want him to fuck me tonight. I want him to make me his girlfriend tonight. He buried his face between his mother’s breasts, smearing his makeup over her and started to sob. His mother put her arms around her boy and held him. Her erotic thoughts about her son left her and were replaced by her mothering instincts as she held her troubled son until he’d cried himself out.
Ellis didn’t sleep in his mother’s bed that night. He slept in his own after his mother had helped him clean his face. Once she left, he pulled off the panties, happy to be naked under his sheets. His father would be home on Wednesday—he couldn’t wait.
When Ellis went to school on Monday, he needed somebody to latch on to. He’d hoped all weekend that Barry would call him and apologize for what happened at Dax’s house, or maybe even ask him how he was, but that never happened. Ellis wanted a friend badly; no, it was more like Ellis needed a friend badly.
He ended up latching on to two boys, Patrick and Neville. Patrick, because Patrick had always been nice to him and never seemed to judge him. Neville, because Neville was a boy he’d hung around with for a lot of the school year, first because he used Neville to be his source of information for Alden, and second because he and Neville had somehow formed a bond of casual friendship, bizarre as it seemed at times.
Ellis’s mood changed dramatically when he saw his father had come to pick him up after school. His mouth shot into high gear as he told his father as much as he could on the drive home from school.
“So, you keep the books for the store as the treasurer?” his father asked after Ellis went into his duties as fifth grade treasurer.
“No, dad. I just work in the store on Mondays. I count the credits after we close, which means I get to be late for class on Monday morning.”
“It does sound like you’re having fun.”
“I love doing it,” Ellis said, which was true. Working in the store was a highlight of his week. He even found he enjoyed serving the kids who came into the store to buy things. It was a job that helped him overcome some of his innate shyness and self-image problems. He made sure he never had nail polish on his fingers on Mondays.
When they arrived home, Gordon gave him a huge hug. After being standoffish from his unconventional son for most of his life, Gordon had learned to accept Ellis for what he was, and love him for it. He did wonder, sometimes, whether he would feel the same way if he lived at home full time.
Thursday brought another positive into Ellis’s week. What happened was a surprise, and while it didn’t seem like much at the time, it made Ellis feel good, and would lead to an even bigger surprise during spring break. The source of the positive was Neville.
Ellis sat with some of his geeky friends during Monday lunch. He didn’t really care much for them, but he didn’t dislike them either. Randy was his favorite of the bunch, but he wasn’t the person he would want to have over to his house. He was more into classmates like Will or Chase who were on his team, or anybody on the Posse.
On Tuesday, Neville stopped him as they left their classroom for lunch. “Ellis, come eat with the Posse today.”
“Yes, I do believe you are Ellis.” Ellis blushed, feeling stupid. “And you are a Posse deputy. Deputy Will ate with us yesterday, so Deputy Ellis can eat with us today.” Ellis had noticed Will having lunch with the Posse and had felt some pangs of jealously.
Ellis ate with the Posse and had a good time. It amazed him how friendly and open they always were with him. Not only that, they had rescued him from Jeremiah and Alden. He knew he had a favor to return to the Posse, but paying them back was going to be very satisfying.
What surprised Ellis even more was Neville asking him to eat with him the next day. Not that he and Neville hadn’t done things together, but Neville also knew that Ellis had taken advantage of him by relaying his confidences to Alden, who, in turn, told Jeremiah.
Ellis told Neville about his father coming home. Neville took pleasure in seeing Ellis so happy. He was becoming quite fond of Ellis, quirks and all. Like Ellis, he often felt lonely and empty. Neville wished he had a boy to overnight with and have in his bed who was his own friend—who was not his step-brother or a friend of his step-brother.
“What are you doing during vacation?” Neville asked.
“My dad and I are going to the ocean.”
“Here? In Washington?”
“It’s cold there.”
“I know that. The trip is more for me to be with my dad more than go to the ocean.”
“Everybody in the Posse is going somewhere except for me. Misha and Patrick are going to California.”
Neville nodded.
“Sweet,” Ellis smiled. “Where are the twins going?”
“Prison!” Neville grinned wickedly, then, seeing Ellis' momentary confusion, he added, “I was only joking.”
“I thought so" said Ellis, “but with them, you never know!”
“Too true” Neville agreed “They're going skiing for most of the week. Will is going to Idaho with his family to visit relatives.”
“Idaho sounds sucky, and not in a good way.”
 “When are you coming back?” Neville asked.
“On Tuesday and then my dad leaves on Thursday.”
“Would you like to spend Friday at my house?” Neville wasn’t sure why he wanted to ask Ellis to come to his house. He knew his father would hate him and that Dylan would perv on him, but that Shelley would love him. What he didn’t know was how he would feel about it, and here he was making the invitation.
Ellis, however, was ecstatic. For the first time one of his Academy classmates was inviting him to come to his house without an ulterior motive like Alden had for his invitation. “I’ll ask my mom. I know she’ll say yes. I’ll tell you tomorrow.”
“I’ll have to ask, too. It should be okay with my mother, too.”

<Tuesday, April 3>



Ellis loved his time at the ocean. He loved the walks with his father along the cold windy beach, holding his large, warm hand. He loved sitting with his father in their hotel suite, looking out at the falling rain and the breaking waves, the fire snapping and crackling, keeping him warm and cozy. He loved playing games with his father, loved talking to him, loved reading with him. He loved eating out with his father. He loved every moment of their stay. He was proud of his father, whom he saw as big and handsome and strong and beautiful. He remembered the days his father frightened him with his coldness and aloofness. He didn’t know why his father changed and he didn’t really care; what he did know was that his time with his father was the best time of his life.
He loved the nights, too. Gordon had traveled enough with Ellis to know that his son would eschew his own bed and sleep with him. It had bothered him a great deal at first, but he started to realize that Ellis did it for security and comfort. Yes, a ten-year-old didn’t need to be sleeping with a parent, but he felt guilty about being away so much, and about not being present even when he was home. The result was he let Ellis sleep with him, and in so doing found that it gave him a feeling of love that he didn’t know he possessed.
Ellis would sleep as close to his father as he could, mentally pleading for the man to wrap his arm around him. On Saturday, he slept in a t-shirt and briefs, on Sunday in just his briefs, on Monday in just a t-shirt, wondering if his father would notice his state of undress and say anything—nothing was said, but whether it was because his father hadn’t noticed or because his father didn’t mind what little he wore, Ellis did not know.
What he did know was sleeping with his father wasn’t like sleeping with his mother. His mother wanted things from him, sexual things, things that scared him and yet drew him into her bed at the same time when his brain was feeling messed up. With his father he felt different. His father gave him something—he gave his love and all he wanted in return was the love of his son.
Ellis and his father returned home early Tuesday evening. They enjoyed dinner at an IHOP in Olympia as Ellis scarfed on a pancake breakfast. His mother would never let him have breakfast for dinner and he loved being able to do something different. Wednesday was a family day as Ellis went to downtown Seattle with his mother and father. The highlight of the trip for Ellis was riding the giant Ferris wheel located at the waterfront. Ellis didn’t fail to notice that his mother and father rarely communicated, and that their conversations seemed strained, which took a little of the glimmer off of the day.
After they got home, Ellis checked for phone messages. He wanted to see if Neville had called and left a message. He didn’t have any texts from Neville, either. The only text he had was from Randy. It was nothing but a goofy joke, but at least it was something.
That night, Ellis stayed up as late as he could with his father. He wished he could sleep with his father, but his father and his mother were going to sleep together. For reasons he didn’t understand, that made him feel relieved.
His father was picked up at five-thirty in the morning by an airport shuttle service. Ellis was awake to see him off. He gave his father a long, tearful hug as the shuttle pulled into the driveway. Gordon rubbed the bare back of his underwear-clad son, telling him he loved him, reminding him to be good and to obey his mother.
“I’ll be back in a month,” Ellis’s father said, “and will be working here at home for a couple of months. So, no more tears, okay?”
“Okay dad, I love you dad,” Ellis said as he let go of his father’s waist. Gordon hugged his bathrobe-clad wife and went out the front door to his ride. Ellis and Reba went back upstairs. Ellis returned to his bedroom and was surprised when his mother followed him. He went to his bed, and his mother removed her robe and followed him into his queen bed, which didn’t surprise him. Why else would she have come into the room?
Ellis said nothing and turned towards the wall. His mother draped her arm around Ellis’s bare shoulder and chest, and they both soon fell asleep. When Ellis woke up again, it was nine and his mother was gone. He wondered if she’d really been in his bed or if it had been a dream.
He went downstairs for breakfast without bothering to dress. His mother was watching television, still in her nightgown and bathrobe. She had taken Thursday and Friday off work to be home for her son. Ellis didn’t mind having her at home; she was a different person during the day than she was at night.
A couple of hours later he rode his bicycle to Barry’s house. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for, although he told himself he was looking for an apology, but was also hoping for some sex. Although he didn’t get an apology or sex, Barry was nice to him. The only thing said about the evening at Dax’s house was Barry telling Ellis how wasted he got.
“I’ve never been that fucked up before. It was so much fun, but I was sick for the next two days.” He didn’t say whether or not Ellis had been missed. “I got stoned and drunk Monday and Tuesday with Frank and some other guys. Frank was getting messed up every day of vacation, but I had to come back home. I wish I had his parents—they let him do anything.”
An hour after arriving, Ellis could see that he no longer had anything in common with Barry. He left Barry’s house and rode around the neighborhood for a while, stopping when he felt his phone vibrating. He pulled the phone out of his pants pocket and saw he had a text message. It was from Neville.

<Thursday, April 5>



Vacation had crawled for Neville. His father was working every day, and Shelley was only able to get Monday, Wednesday, and Friday off of work. Mrs. Pettigrew was able to stay with him and Dylan on Tuesday, but today the two step-brothers were on their own. They had strict instructions about what was permissible, and being good kids they strived to do what was expected, both as far as behavior and chores were concerned.
Dylan’s reward for being good would be his being able to spend Friday and Saturday at Evan’s house. Neville was told he could have a friend spend one of the two nights if he wanted.
Neville knew he’d told Ellis he wanted him to come to visit him during the day on Friday, but he hadn’t followed up on it with his mother. Nobody on the Posse had ever spent the night at his house, nor had he been asked to stay with one of them. Now that he had learned to like them, he didn’t seem to be able to do anything with them outside of school. Misha, Patrick, and the twins were all busy elsewhere most of the week.
Sure he’d asked Deputy Ellis to maybe spend a day at his house, but Ellis was weird. But weird or not, Neville liked him. Even though Ellis had won election as class treasurer, Neville saw him as a kindred soul, part of the fringes of the fifth grade. He wondered if Ellis even remembered that he’d asked him about coming to his house. If he didn’t remember, then it would be okay if he didn’t do anything, but if he did remember, then he’d look really stupid. Neville did not like looking stupid.
He finally hit on a solution. He’d text Ellis to call him. Then he’d let his mother make the decision for him. If she said it was okay for Ellis to come over on Friday, he’d invite Ellis over when he called. And if she said it wasn’t okay, then he’d apologize to Ellis and tell him that was the only day he had time and that his mother said his coming over wasn’t okay. The real reason he wanted Ellis to come on Friday was that he could find an excuse for Ellis to leave before his father came home. The best solution, as Neville saw it, was for Ellis to say that he had other plans on Friday and couldn’t come, or even better yet, that he didn’t even respond to his text.
As the day went by, Ellis didn’t reply to the text. Neville wondered if Ellis hadn’t seen it. Or maybe he wasn’t allowed to receive texts. Or maybe Ellis didn’t like him and didn’t really want to come to his house, but had just agreed to it at school to be friendly.
Just as Neville decided that Ellis didn’t really like him, his phone rang. The caller was identified as Ellis, causing his heart rate to speed up. On the one hand, Neville hoped Ellis couldn’t come and on the other hand he hoped he could. Neville wanted Ellis to like him while at the same time he didn’t want to like Ellis.
“Hi, Ellis,” Neville answered.
“Hi,” Ellis said. “You said to call you.”
Since Shelley wasn’t home yet, Neville decided to go with his original plan and ask Ellis over for the next day and then let Shelley make the decision if he could come or not. In a way it was a win-win situation, because either way he’d tendered the invitation.
“I was wondering if you wanted to come to my house tomorrow for the day. We could play games and kind of mess around.”
“For real?” Ellis asked, not bothering to mask his enthusiasm. “You want me to come to your house tomorrow for real?” Up until then, Ellis thought that Neville’s original invitation had been nothing but empty words.
“Yes,” Neville said, somewhat irritated by Ellis’s fervor.
“I’m gonna have to ask my mom, and if she says yes, then, yeah, I want to come.”
“I thought my mother would be home by now,” Neville lied. “I still haven’t asked her.”
“You haven’t? Then why did you text me?”
“I thought she’d be home from work already.”
“Okay. Well, my mom’s at a neighbor’s (she was visiting Barry’s mother). I’ll ask her after you tell me if it’s okay.” Neville found himself even more irritated by the disappointment in Ellis’s voice than he had been by his earlier zeal.
“I’ll call you as soon as I know,” Neville said.
“Yeah, okay. See ya.” Ellis hung up, upset with Neville, who he thought was stringing him along. Neville hung up, upset with Ellis, for running the emotional gamut.
When Shelley came home a half-hour later, Neville debated whether to ask her about Ellis, or to just call Ellis and lie to him by saying his mother wouldn’t give him permission to have a friend over. Remembering his father’s preaching about honesty, and feeling a little guilty about having already told Ellis a white lie, he decided to go the honest route.
As soon as Shelley had changed into her casual clothes, Neville asked her if he could have Ellis over the next day. She paused, giving the matter some thought, which made Neville nervous.
“This is kind of short notice, isn’t it?” she asked.
“Ellis was away with his father almost all week,” Neville said.
“Still, there could have been better planning.”
“I am sorry. I assume I cannot have him over then.”
“You assume incorrectly. I just needed to remind you that you have to learn to plan things better. It’s part of growing up.”
Neville felt properly chastised. He took pride at being more mature than his peers, and it hurt to find out he could be as careless at they were. “I will be more careful in the future.”
“Is this the boy who paints his nails?” Shelley asked.
“You know your father can be a bit harsh about such things.”
“That is why I will have Ellis come during the day. He will not have to meet father.”
Shelley felt a bit sad that Neville felt he had to hide his friends from Reginald. “If they should happen to cross paths, I will talk to your father before they meet.”
“I do not think Ellis will paint his nails tomorrow. He only does it sometimes. I can ask him not to.”
“No need for that. Trust your friend to do his best.”
“And I will not let father give Ellis a hard time. My friends should be welcome here.” Neville surprised himself with his stand, but he was sincere about his feelings. Now that it was a done deal for Ellis to come over, he would see to it that his friend enjoyed his stay.
“An excellent attitude. Ellis should be proud to have a friend like you.” Neville nodded, but he turned away quickly, embarrassed by his duplicity as far as Ellis was concerned.
Neville went back to his room and called Ellis. When he told Ellis that his mother was okay with his coming the next day, Ellis almost squealed with delight, but then came down to Earth and got serious.
“My mom says it’s okay, except for one thing. She can drive me to your house, but she can’t pick me up unless it’s like after dinner sometime.”
“Let me talk to my mom,” Neville said. He headed back downstairs, taking his phone with him.
After talking to Shelley about the problem, she asked to talk to Ellis’s mother. It took a few rounds of negotiations between Shelley, Reba, Ellis, and Neville, but the end result was Ellis spending the night and being picked up around noon on Saturday.
Neville didn’t know if he liked the final decision or not—he wasn’t entirely sure how it came about and how much input he had in it. He had wanted a friend from the Academy to spend a night, but Ellis wasn’t high on his rather short list. As he returned to his room, he remembered Ellis getting naked back in the fall when they had the penis measurement challenge. He wondered how Ellis was going to behave while overnighting. He was hoping Ellis would want to sleep in the guest room, and not in his bed.
Ellis, however, was ecstatic. He, too, wasn’t sure how the final decision came about, but he had nothing against it at all. He wondered if he’d be sleeping with Neville or in a guest bed in a different room. While he preferred sleeping with his classmate, he would be happy either way. No matter what, Neville had to be a better friend than Barry had become.
The next day, Ellis was chomping at the bit to get to Neville’s house. Neville found himself more excited about having company than he thought he would be. The day was sunny and promising to be a beautiful early spring day. It had rained almost the entire week, and both Neville and Ellis thought that having the sun appear just before school was ready to resume was typical of how the weather seemed to play itself out.
It was just past eleven when Ellis arrived. The energy and enthusiasm that Patrick and Misha displayed when they had spent the first night together was missing between Neville and Ellis. Still, their greeting was friendly. Neville introduced Ellis to his mother. Ellis shook hands politely and Shelley told him how happy she was to have him as a guest.
Neville took Ellis to the den where the big screen computer was. Following some initial awkwardness, the boys were surfing, playing games, and finding things to talk about. After lunch they watched some soccer on TV. While Neville didn’t particularly enjoy playing soccer, he liked the game and was quite knowledgeable about the sport. Ellis had picked up an affinity for it when he played soccer for the Penguins and watched the Sounders with his father. He was very attentive as Neville pointed out some of the finer points of the game.
The afternoon was sunny. The outdoor thermometer read sixty-two degrees, which was quite warm for an early spring day. Neville suggested they play badminton or croquet. Ellis picked badminton. He’d never played, but he liked the idea of a game that would have him running around some.
He helped Neville set up the game on a section of the backyard that was set aside for outdoor games. “Won’t your dad get mad if we mess up the grass?” Ellis asked.
“This part of the yard is for playing sports,” Neville explained. “We can play badminton, croquet, and all kinds of stuff back here.”
“Plus, you have a swimming pool. Your house is really cool. Do you and your dad play back here a lot?”
“Yes, and Dylan does, too.”
“You’re lucky your dad is home all of the time. Mine is always traveling. He used to not like me, but then one day he came home from a trip and said he needed to act like a real dad when he’s home. He’s been really great since then and now I miss him a lot when he goes away.”
Neville nodded, surprised at how Ellis trusted him enough to bare his soul like that.
The boys started to play, not bothering to keep score. Not keeping score didn’t stop them from playing hard, however. Neville discovered that even though Ellis appeared to be a real geek, he was a coordinated kid. He’d heard about how fast Ellis could run, and now he could see Ellis picking up the game of badminton very quickly. Neville wasn’t keeping score because he didn’t want to embarrass Ellis by skunking him. But after they knocked the shuttlecock around, Neville could see that Ellis would not be a pushover.
Maybe next time we can keep score, he thought? Next time? Did I think next time? I guess I did—having Ellis over again might be really cool. Neville’s head was full of such thoughts when the shuttlecock bonked him on the head after an Ellis slam.
“Who’s the little geek?” came a voice from across the fence; it was Max.
“I do not see a geek anywhere?” Neville said. “You must be hallucinating.”
“Well, whoever he is, he’s fucking cute. I bet you can’t wait to get into his pants.”
“I really do not see how your keeper let you out of your cage,” Neville barked.
Max ignored him. “What’s your name, kid?”
“Don’t tell him, Ellis,” Neville said, instantly realizing his error.
“It’s dumb and dumber. You guys have fun. Maybe you can get a three-way going with your brother.” Max looked over at Ellis. “Watch out, Ellis,” he said, “Neville and Dylan are sex fiends.”
“I think it is time for us to go back inside,” Neville said as he started taking down the badminton net.
Max laughed. “I know exactly why you’re taking that down and going inside.”
“It is because you are highly annoying,” Neville said.
“You better watch your ass, Ellis. He’s crazier than he acts.”
Ellis was helping Neville put the net, rackets, and shuttlecock into the equipment bag.
“Please do me a favor, Max,” Ellis said as he and Neville started for the house.
“Anything for you. My blow jobs are free.”
“Go fuck yourself.”
Neville managed to hold himself together until they walked through the back door of the garage, then he completely lost it as he dropped the equipment bag on the floor and doubled up with laughter. Ellis joined him and the boys laughed until it hurt.
“That was wonderful,” Neville said between giggles, “simply wonderful.”
“I hate it when big kids think they know everything and act stupid,” Ellis told Neville, thinking of Barry, Frank, Dex, and their friends as he said it. “Is that Max guy always like that?”
“I have seen him act like a human being on occasion, but usually he is…well…he is an…”
“…asshole,” Ellis finished. Neville was liking Ellis more and more.
The boys went up to Neville’s room and talked about Max, Dylan, Jeremiah, the members of the Posse, soccer, and even a little bit of baseball, a sport Ellis enjoyed a great deal. Before they knew it, Shelley was calling for them to wash up for dinner. Neville panicked for a moment and took a look at Ellis’s fingers. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw they hadn’t been painted. At least his father wouldn’t freak over that.
Ellis met Reginald, who had just arrived home, after the boys finished washing. His quiet demeanor and overall politeness impressed Reginald. Neville kept waiting for his father to bring up fingernail polish, or some of the other things he’d told about Ellis. Instead, Reginald was the gracious host, in part because Shelley had read him the riot act before the boys came down the stairs and in part because, as arrogant as he was, Reginald realized he had been treating Dylan’s friends with much more fairness then he had treated Neville’s friends. The dinner ended up being a pleasant affair, much to Neville’s relief.
After an enjoyable evening of movie watching, the boys said their good-nights and went to Neville’s room. Neville was glad Dylan was staying at Evan’s house; he didn’t want his brother to turn the visit into some kind of sex orgy. Never for a moment did he imagine what would end up happening that night.
“Where am I going to sleep?” Ellis asked as he sat on one of the chairs in Neville’s room. It wasn’t until then that Neville realized he never made up his mind about whether Ellis would sleep with him or sleep in the guest room.
“You can sleep with me, if you want,” Neville told him. “My bed is plenty big enough for two.” Neville surprised himself with his decision.
“Have you slept with somebody in your bed before?”
Neville blushed as he nodded yes. He felt relieved when Ellis didn’t ask him who his bedmates had been.
“Sleeping with you will be fun,” Ellis said.  
“Have you ever slept with anybody?”
This time it was Ellis’s turn to nod yes. Unlike Neville, he didn’t blush.
“What are we going to wear? I brought PJs if that’s what you wear.”
“I don’t wear pajamas,” Neville said. “I usually sleep nu…I mean in my…my underpants.”
Ellis caught Neville’s slip of the tongue. Slips of the tongue seemed to be plaguing Neville. “I like to sleep naked.” Neville noted that Ellis was open about himself and his body. But, I shouldn’t be surprised, he thought. Ellis was the boy who had been completely naked in front of a group of boys he hardly knew when they had the penis measuring challenge.
When Neville didn’t comment, Ellis told him he’s slept naked with a couple of other boys, but it was no big deal. He’d sleep in whatever Neville wanted them to wear—or not wear.
“Underpants,” Neville said. He’d figured inviting Ellis to sleep with him was as daring as he would get.
Ellis quickly stripped down to his white briefs. Neville followed suit, only he was wearing green briefs with blue trim. He looked over at the little blond boy. He decided he liked the looks of his half-naked friend. Then he looked at Ellis’s toes.
“You painted your toenails,” Neville said, stating the obvious.
“Yeah, I did that before I found out I was going to be spending the night.”
“Why do you do paint them?”
“Because sometimes I like it.”
“And sometimes you don’t like it?”
“Yep, sometimes it sucks.”
“Don’t you feel like you’re a girl when you paint your nails?”
Ellis thought for a moment and said, “No, I feel like I’m a boy wearing nail polish. Sometimes I like wearing lipstick and even makeup.” Ellis wasn’t revealing any new information; the Posse knew what was in the picture Mark had stolen from Jeremiah’s locker.
Neville climbed into his bed, not knowing what to say. He kept the covers open for Ellis to follow him. Ellis wasn’t surprised that he had a boner. Neville was surprised that he had one. He got even harder when he noticed the tent in Ellis’s briefs.
The boys could feel the warmth of each other’s half naked bodies as they made themselves comfortable under the covers. Ellis was more experienced at sleeping erotically than Neville was. Neville and Dylan had yet to sleep together after one of their wanking or cock sucking sessions. Neville had slept with Cody, but as much fun as he’d had, Cody was really Dylan’s friend, not his own friend. Plus, when Neville woke up in the morning with Cody in his bed, the guilt he felt all but wiped out the pleasures of the night before. Neville felt a sense of relief when Dylan hooked up with Evan and Cody’s presence became rare.
“Have you ever done anything with another boy?” Ellis asked. That was precisely the question Neville didn’t want to hear.
“What do you mean by anything?” Neville asked, hoping to evade the topic.
“You know, sex things.” Ellis could feel his heart race a zillion miles an hour as he broke out into a cold sweat. He knew Neville was considered to be a prude, even by the often prudish fifth graders. But, he desperately wanted a friend he could be close to, like Misha and Patrick were. He’d caught them kissing in the basement after a student council meeting. After their initial embarrassment, the two admitted to Ellis that they were bed buddies. Ellis thought that Barry had been his bed buddy, but over the last couple of weeks it became apparent that Barry had been using him, just like his own mother used him. He didn’t want to be used, he wanted to have a real friend.
Neville didn’t know whether to lie or to be honest. His hard little cock plus the presence of Ellis’s almost naked body in his bed told him to tell the truth. “Yes.”
By now both boys were sweating with nervousness. If the boys had been a year or so older, lust would have overwhelmed them. As it was, even at ten, lust was playing a role in governing their feelings.
Ellis scooted closer to Neville, their naked torsos touching and their underwear clad hips touching. They could hear each other’s heavy breathing, which added to their lustful feelings. Ellis stroked the smooth skin of Neville’s belly, his hand rubbing between Neville’s bellybutton and the waistband of his briefs.
Neville wanted Ellis’s hand to go away while at the same time wanting it to slide down lower. Ellis wanted to go lower, but was intimidated by Neville. It didn’t occur to him that if Neville didn’t like what was happening, he’d be pushing Ellis away. Ellis thought that was exactly what was going to happen when Neville grabbed his hand. Instead of pushing that hand away, however, Neville set it down on the hard piece of steel under his briefs. Ellis groaned with pleasure as he felt up Neville’s cocklet, rubbing it lightly, which finally had Neville letting out a soprano moan that seemed to be unending.
“Do me,” Ellis rasped, and Neville moved his right hand to Ellis’s waistband and then slid it underneath into Ellis’s nether regions. Ellis emitted a long “Ohhhhhhhhhh,” as Neville rubbed Ellis’s glans with his thumb and index finger. Ellis took the hint, removed his hand from Neville’s cock, and yanked down the front of Neville’s briefs, freeing his boner.
As Neville felt the front of his briefs being pulled down, he lifted his hips and Ellis awkwardly pulled down on the underpants until they were below Neville’s balls and butt. Ellis then raised up and pulled his briefs all the way off and Neville did the same, leaving the two boys completely naked.
The level of lust Ellis now felt was as strong as any prepubescent boy could feel. He whimpered with delight as he rolled on top of Neville, the light sheen of sweat on their torsos making them slip against each other.
Neville had never kissed a boy, but he’d seen Evan and Dylan kiss more than once. Ellis had kissed almost all of the boys in Barry’s group of friends. He wanted to kiss Neville more than he’d wanted to kiss anybody in his life. As Ellis’s head hovered over his own, Neville knew exactly what he wanted. He grabbed his friend’s head and pulled it down until their lips touched. Ellis had been taught what to do by horny teenagers, and he’d learned his lessons well. He pushed down on Neville’s lips and kissed him hard, forcing his tongue into Neville’s mouth.
While Neville was inexperienced, he knew what was supposed to happen. He pushed back with his tongue and the boys were quickly trading tongues and spit. Ellis started humping Neville, his butt moving as he rubbed his cock along Neville’s torso and along Neville’s cock.
The boys rolled together and were now side-by-side, kissing, whimpering, humping, moaning—their sweaty bodies sticky, their faces wet with saliva, their hands rubbing whatever they could find to rub, their cocks pushing each other to the edge. It all changed when Ellis wailed as his cock jerked, his body shook, and he had a dry cum more intense than any he’d ever experienced, even after taking a teen cock up his ass.
For his part, Neville was eaten up by feelings he’d never experience before. Jerking off and having oral sex with Dylan or Cody hadn’t brought him to this kind of a high. Having sex with Kathy as a nine-year-old hadn’t given him this kind of high. Kissing and humping Ellis had him operating in a different orbit. Within seconds after Ellis’s climax Neville had one of his own. Like Ellis he had the most intense orgasm of his young life. He was holding Ellis tightly to him, his tongue buried in his partner’s eager mouth, as his body quaked from the waves of pleasure flowing through it.  
They couldn’t let each other go. Their arms stayed wrapped around each other and their damp bodies stayed in contact. Their hard breathing washed over each other and as the breathing abated, they felt the tickle of each other’s soft breath.
“That was intense,” Ellis finally said, their first words in what seemed like hours. “I thought we were going to jerk each other off.”
Neville had expected the guilt feeling to well up in him as so often happened. Instead, he felt strong feelings of fondness and friendship for the boy clinging to him. “I liked it,” Neville said, meaning every word of it.
“Me, too.”
They were quiet again, still holding each other. Ellis kissed Neville lightly. Neville moaned and closed his eyes, thinking about with all that had just happened they still hadn’t seen each other naked. He giggled at the thought as he felt another kiss and felt Ellis’s left hand rub his butt cheeks. “Ellis…,” he whispered, but he never completed the thought as he fell asleep in the arms of his friend, his friend who was really, truly a friend.
Ellis heard Neville whisper his name, then felt him relax. He was about to answer, then realized his friend, his true friend, was asleep. He cuddled up closer to him and closed his eyes, feeling tears welling. He let them fall on Neville’s bare shoulder; he knew those tears were tears of happiness.
When Neville woke up in the morning he felt Ellis spooned into his back, one arm draped over his shoulder. Once again he waited for guilt feelings; the guilt feelings he felt every morning after being sexual. They weren’t there. Instead he felt like he had last night—happy to have a friend sharing his bed. Dylan had a friend like that and now he did, too. He wanted Ellis to come back. He wanted to do more with him. He felt like they had just barely started getting to know each other.
Ellis woke up soon after. They agreed that the night before had been special. They agreed they wanted to do more. They wanted it soon, like that night, but Neville knew the family had plans and that wasn’t going to be possible. The smell of bacon beckoned and they dressed in sweats and t-shirts and padded downstairs.
If Reginald noticed Ellis’s painted toes that morning, he didn’t say anything. What he did notice was the giggling and chatter that passed between the two boys. He’d never seen his son that happy with a friend since they’d left England. His usual reserve was hidden away by the loose companionship only a pair of young boys were capable of. If he’d known what had happened in Neville’s bed the night before he would have been shocked, but what he saw at the breakfast table pleased him. It didn’t hurt that Ellis’s father was an upper level manager in a large company, giving his son a good pedigree.
Shelley noticed something else between the two boys. She noticed some of the same clandestine looks and smiles and giggles that she’d seen between Dylan and Evan. When Ellis had arrived yesterday, she was surprised at the coolness between two boys who were supposed to be friends. Now, she was amazed at how quickly their friendship had warmed up.
Ellis and Neville showered after breakfast. They showered together. Neville knew that Dylan and Evan showered together without anybody objecting, so he and Ellis should be able to do the same. For the first time they saw each other naked in full light. As intense as the sex had been the night before, Ellis had barely touched Neville’s bare cock except with his body, and had never seen it before.
“You still have your skin,” he said.
“Yes. Couldn’t you tell last night?”
“I only felt you with my body.”
Neville had seen Ellis naked during the penis measurement challenge, but seeing him naked now as they stepped into the shower was something entirely different. That had been an uncomfortable situation—this was being with a friend. The boys both had boners, and they didn’t hesitate to wash each other, making sure to get every nook, giving special attention to each other’s hard little boy cocks.
After drying off they continued what they’d started in the shower and masturbated each other. They did it while sitting on Neville’s bed. They stopped a couple of times to kiss, then resumed giving pleasure. Their orgasms were close together. It wasn’t the lustful pleasure of the night before when they went beyond boys messing around to becoming boys having close to actual hard core sex. But, it was satisfying to both of them and they closed with a kiss. The Posse had two more boys who were in love with each other.


Sunday was a quiet day for the Posse. They did exchange texts with each other during the day. Neville said nothing about Ellis other than he had spent the night. They all wanted to see each other at school so they could share their travel adventures.
It had been an interesting nine days of vacation. The Posse was ready for school to resume. The next two months would involve their projects for the science fair, baseball for most of the boys, working to get the amendment passed, and the preparations for the final phase of Operation Bullfrog.
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