The Castaway Hotel: Book 3

Chapter 4: A New Friend

The next morning, I was awakened by my requested call from the front desk. As soon as that conversation ended, I dialed each of our other rooms and made certain the rest of the boys were up and getting ready too. Once that had been accomplished, I went around and woke the foursome who had spent the night with me. Although I was mildly surprised Ricky wasn’t already awake, since he always seemed to get up prior to the alarm going off at home, along with Cole and Graham, but it may have been that he was just extra tired last night.

Anyway, Jay and Ricky were now helping my grandsons get ready and it was obvious the older pair felt a bond with their nephews. Even when the boys had gone to bed the previous evening, that closeness was evident. My grandsons insisted on sleeping with one of their uncles, so Jay and Jordan slept together in one bed, while Ricky and Nicky shared the other bed with me. Now I watched as the older boys helped the little ones wash up, before assisting them in retrieving their things out of the suitcases and getting dressed. Needless to say, this was a big help to me and freed me up to go check and see how the others were doing.

By the time I went from room to room to make sure everyone was nearly ready to leave, I discovered Mark was already in Danny and Brandon’s room. If it hadn’t been for the fact he was wearing different clothing than when I had last seen him the previous evening, I would have guessed he had sneaked back into the room after he’d said good night to me and spent the night with the others. Not that it would have made any difference, as the boys are old enough to know what they were doing and I trusted their judgment, but it was just odd to see him here so early. I just expected he’d show just before we were ready to leave, but it was nice to see he was evidently looking forward to being with us. Once the rest of my boys were dressed, I chased them down to the van and drove to the restaurant I had made breakfast reservations at the night before.

I warned the boys to eat a good breakfast, since today’s itinerary indicated we would be eating our lunch later than usual. Everyone heeded my advice and stuffed himself accordingly, even Mark. However, he also spent much of the time talking to as many of the boys he could and showed a great deal of interest in everything they had to say. After Mark managed to grill an enormous amount of information from the others, which he did in a way that no one realized they were being interrogated, I began to try to find out more about him. We carried our conversation over to the van, in order to make sure we got to our destination on time. The boys let Mark sit in front with me, so we could finish our little talk, and I soon learned much more of Mark’s story.

It seems that Mark is an only child, which was mostly due to the fact that his parents were together only for a short time, because his father was devastated when he heard his girlfriend was with child. In fact, he desperately tried to convince her to have an abortion or give the baby up for adoption, but she wasn’t willing to do that to her child. Even though she knew it was going to be very hard for her (she was still in high school at the time and graduated when she was six-months pregnant) she wouldn’t change her mind. Even when her family shunned her because of her situation and forced her to leave their home, she did what she had to so the two of them would survive. That’s why, for as long as Mark could remember, it had just been his mother and him, living on their own.

Mark never got a chance to know his father when he was older either, because the man showed no interest in getting to know him. Mark felt he remained aloof so he wouldn’t be forced into giving them financial support. The guy stated very clearly that he wanted nothing more to do with Mark’s mother and left it up to her to raise the child as best she could, since she had previously rejected his proposals for getting them all out of this mess.

From what Mark told us about growing up in that situation, it sounded as if he’d had a pretty rough life and didn’t get to enjoy very much of it. He had worked for a big portion of his childhood and adolescence, taking any job he could get in order to earn extra money for the family or make it possible for him to get a few of the things he wanted or needed. From the time he was about ten-years old, he mowed yards, raked leaves, walked dogs, had his own paper route and performed other odd jobs for his neighbors. Surprisingly, he somehow even managed to save some of his hard earned dollars, so he’d be able to go to college, as that was a dream of his. He combined that money with some modest scholarships he had won so he could attend, but he still had to continue working his way through school too, as the other funds didn’t cover all of his expenses.

Mark told me he’d always missed not having a father and always dreamed about having a brother or two, so he would have someone he could be close to and confide in. He then admitted he envied my boys a little, because they’d lucked out and got exactly what he’d always longed for. He was adamant that he wasn’t jealous of them, because he would never have wanted to leave his mother, but he had often wondered how his life might have changed, if he had been able to benefit from a similar situation. He was just finishing his story when I pulled into the parking lot of our next stop and I felt I had gained a great deal of insight into this fascinating young man during the course of our trip.

Now that we had reached our destination, I finally explained to the boys that I had arranged for us to take a jeep tour of the Grand Canyon. Actually, this outing would combine two separate tours and allow the boys to see the Canyon from a different perspective. The first part of our outing would be the Canyon Pines Tour, during which time we’d follow an 1880’s stagecoach trail. Although the boys wouldn’t actually be riding in a bone-jarring, old west vehicle, they would basically see what those passengers would have observed during a similar ride. The second part of our time there would be spent on the Indian Cave Paintings Tour, where we’d follow our guide into a collection of caves, so we could see the petroglyphs, which are carvings or inscriptions in rock, as well as several examples of cave paintings left by early Native Americans.

Seeing my whole brood wouldn’t fit into just one vehicle, I had arranged for multiple vehicles to go together in sort of a caravan, so we could remain as a group and see everything together. The littlest ones rode with me, so I could keep an eye on them and explain about what they were seeing, while Mark and the older boys split up amongst the other vehicles. As I watched him joking around with the four boys he was riding with, I was already beginning to feel bad we would be deserting him after this tour, once we made our way back to the motel. However, I had to refocus on the present and make sure everyone enjoyed this outing.

The trip went well and the boys not only enjoyed what they saw, but also learned a great deal about the people who first lived in this area. They were also exposed to different kinds of information about the Canyon itself, such as how it was formed and the changes it had been part of. The total tour lasted about three and a half hours, and once it was over, we quickly loaded back into the van, so we could go and eat. The boys had not been shy about letting me know they were pretty hungry now and teased me into stopping at a fast-food establishment we discovered along the way.

Just as we were finishing up our meal, I explained we would be leaving the area as soon as we cleaned up and retrieved our things from the motel, because our next stop was going to be on the north rim of the Canyon. Mark looked more than a little depressed when he heard we would be leaving so soon, since he’d enjoyed his short time together with us, so he and the boys spent much of their remaining time exchanging postal and email addresses and promising to keep in touch. Seeing everyone was a little down over this parting, I came up with an idea, just as we reached the motel.

“Mark, I’m sorry we can’t take you with us to our next stop, but the reservations have been made in advance,” I explained. “Unfortunately, this isn’t something I’d just be able to add another guest to, or I would, but it couldn’t be done without causing enormous problems for the group I booked with.”

“Oh, that’s okay, Mr. Currie,” he quickly replied, although I could still read the disappointment on his face. “I understand. It’s just that I was having so much fun being with you and your sons. You don’t have to worry about me though. I’ll be fine.”

“I’m sure you will be, Mark, but I still feel bad I can’t include you on this,” I admitted, “but I’ll make you a promise. We’ll come back through here when we head south again and stop at the restaurant to eat. I’ll even make sure to request you as our waiter, so we can be sure of seeing you again. In fact, I’ll call and make the reservations before we leave, so everything will be set for our return trip.”

“Won’t that make you go way out of your way and mess up your schedule?” he wondered, feeling as if his reaction had caused me to adversely effect our trip.

“Not really,” I t old him. “Luckily, I was wise enough to plan some buffer time into our trip too, so we’d have some leeway if some unexpected opportunities arose. I’m sure the boys won’t mind us altering our plans slightly,” I suggested, before glancing up to seeing the older ones shaking their heads in agreement with my last statement.

“Besides, it will also make me feel better to be able to have us all spend one final evening together, if that’s agreeable with you?” I added. He nodded it would be, so I continued. “I’ll go make a couple of quick phone calls, while you guys chat, so I can set this up.”

“Thanks, Mr. Currie. It’s awfully nice of you to do all of this just for me,” he confided. “I want you to know I really appreciate this and look forward to seeing you all again in a day or two.”

I left the boys to talk things over, while I went to make my calls. The first was to make reservations at Mark’s restaurant for two evenings from now and the second was to book rooms at this same Lodge, for our return trip. I could make any other calls this evening, if necessary, once I made adjustments to our schedule to accommodate this brief detour. By the time I got back to the boys, I could see some of them had tears welling up in their eyes and were fighting hard to maintain their composure. It was touching to see how they had become so close to Mark in such a short period of time.

After we said our farewells, we dropped Mark off at his car, before making our way back to Route 89. This road would take us on a winding, out of the way course to our next stop, but there weren’t any alternatives to using it. This was because the only spot we could cross over the Colorado River was many miles north of where we were now, and then we’d have to turn south again, to get to our destination. Even though it sounds like a long trip, and it was, but it was also the best, if not the only way to get where we were going.

It did prove to be a long ride and most of it had to be driven slowly, as these were country roads and it wasn’t like traveling on a major interstate highway. There wasn’t much to look at to keep us occupied, so the boys entertained themselves, as usual. It was early evening when we pulled up to our next motel and checked in. After making room assignments, everyone went to clean up and get presentable for dinner. The desk clerk was very helpful and called to make a reservation for us at a restaurant he’d suggested. He also then told me the best way to get there, explaining it wasn’t very far. I thanked him and gave him a tip for his effort, before I went to clean up. Once the boys and I were ready, we made our way there.

During the meal, I told the boys we’d have to get up at 5:00 tomorrow, because we had an 8:00 starting time for our next little tour. They begged me to tell them what we would be doing, but I kept it a secret. I wanted to be able to see the looks on their faces when they discovered what we were going to be doing, especially when they saw their accommodations. I knew they’d probably get a kick out of trying this, but I still wanted it to be a surprise. I figured they’d understand my reasons for doing this more fully once we got there.

After we finished eating, we went back to the motel. Before everyone went to their rooms, I warned them, once again, about getting to bed early, so they’d be well rested for tomorrow. I emphasized they shouldn’t stay up for more than another hour, two at the most, but I would leave it up to them to make the final decision for themselves. The only caveat was, I wasn’t going to be sympathetic if they were too tired to enjoy themselves the following day.

The room assignments for tonight went like this. Trey, Dion, Cole and Graham had their turn in the ‘sex room’ tonight, while Danny, Brandon, Dustin and Kevin had agreed to share one of the other rooms together. That meant Ricky, Jay, Pat and Carlos were going to be in the final room, but they also wanted Jordan and Nicky in with them. Each pair was planning on having one of the younger ones sleep with them, so I agreed. That would leave Sammy and Andrew to spend the night in with me, which I don’t think bothered either of them.

We all went to our rooms, showered or bathed, and got our things ready for the next day. Once everything was done, Sammy and Andrew cuddled with me for a while, as we talked about our trip thus far, and then I tucked them into bed and kissed them good night. After that, I climbed into my own bed for a few well-needed ZZZs. It didn’t take long before everyone in my room was out like a light.

The boys in the ‘sex room’ took advantage of having the room for the evening, although there was more than a little discussion about what they would do. Trey and Dion were more than a little concerned about the size difference between them and Cole and Graham. Even thought they were all within a couple of years of age with each other, Cole and Graham’s growth had been stunted by malnutrition during their formative years, so they were considerably smaller and more underdeveloped, physically. Believe it or not, Dion was actually the youngest of the group, but was physically much larger than either Cole or Graham, especially when it came to his boyhood. After much discussion, they all agreed that oral sex would probably be their best choice and paired up accordingly. Trey and Cole went to one bed, while Dion and Graham moved to the other.

Trey looked like a giant lying beside Cole, considering Cole was actually nearly five months older, yet almost half a foot shorter. However, Trey remained conscious of this fact and was very gentle with his brother, while taking charge. He decided he would do Cole first and immediately bent forward to kiss his partner. Trey parted his lips and let his tongue slip out, sliding it gently over Cole’s sealed mouth. Slowly Cole responded to Trey’s probing muscle and parted his lips, so Trey’s tongue could enter. Soon the boys were carrying on like two swordsmen in a duel, with their tongues clashing like two rapiers in a heated battle. Their hands were not idle either, as their paws roamed freely over each other’s naked flesh, so they could become familiar with as much of it as possible.

With the preliminaries out of the way, Trey slid down Cole’s body, letting his tongue and mouth explore the area between Cole’s lips and crotch. After sucking on both of Cole’s little pink nubs, he teased the fleshy areas in between with his oral muscle, before he began to let his tongue dart in and out of Cole’s navel for a little while. Now, Trey was at Cole’s groin, so he reached for Cole’s cut piece of meat and began to orally explore it, as well. Trey let his tongue roam all around Cole’s boyhood, teasing him as he let the tip of his tongue dart in and out of Cole’s tiny slit, and then he moved down to play with his scrotum. Trey was able to take both of those tiny marbles into his mouth at the same time and worked them over with his tongue, while sucking on them at almost the same time. Cole was bouncing around on the bed, totally enjoying the attention and being more than a little aroused by his brother’s effort. Soon, Trey realized he would have to move on and devour Cole’s penis, so he wouldn’t shoot his wad before Trey was ready.

Carefully, Trey released Cole’s ball bag and moved up to engulf his stubby branch in one move. Trey’s lips were rubbing over his pubic patch and Cole’s penis was as far into Trey’s mouth as it would go. Trey used his lips and tongue to stimulate the sides of the smaller boy’s dick, while he added suction with his cheeks and lungs. Cole was flailing around on the bed, in reaction to this sensory overload in his brain, when suddenly he grasped a fistful of sheet in both of his hands and arched his body upward. Within seconds, he was spewing his load into Trey’s mouth and down his throat, totally enjoying his sought after release. As his penis wilted, after yielding its final drops of semen, Trey released it from his mouth and let Cole enjoy his special moment in peace.

On the other bed, Dion and Graham had done some kissing and petting too, but they were younger and more impatient to get to the ‘good stuff.’ No one outside of the family would have believed that Graham was more than eight months older than Dion, as he was several inches shorter in height and Dion’s love muscle was almost twice as long as Graham’s. It was kind of a comical sight to see the two of them together, but neither of them felt that way. They just wanted to please each other and enjoy those wonderful feelings their orgasm would give them. Dion bent down and took Graham’s pecker and nut sac into his mouth, all at one time, and sucked on them together like that for a minute or two. Once he was satisfied with what he’d done, he let Graham’s gonads fall free, so he could suck on Graham’s immature organ. This only reminded Dion about how lucky he was to be so well endowed.

Graham did have a sparse scattering of hairs at the base of his dick, but they were hardly noticeable to Dion, even when his lips touched that area. Eager to proceed, Dion let his lips seal around the outside of Graham’s shaft, making sure he allowed his soft, fleshy lips to grasp the skin tightly enough to push Graham’s foreskin back behind his glans, like he did with Trey. Then Dion let his tongue swish around the sensitive cock-head, while letting his oral muscle touch every part of it, including the slit. Dion’s head was bobbing up and down now, although it didn’t have to travel very far, and Graham was benefiting from Dion’s careful ministrations.

Graham’s mouth hung open, as soft whimpering sounds came from his throat and his eyes rolled back in his head, while he enjoyed the electrical feelings that were shooting through his tiny frame. Finally Graham reached the point of no return and his little dick erupted, spilling its immature watery droplets onto Dion’s tongue and over the lining of his mouth. Dion made sure he got everything that Graham had to offer, not wanting to waste any of those few, precious, honey-coated droplets, and then he released the tiny piece of meat and let it fall back on Graham’s abdomen. Dion snuggled up next to his little brother, while he waited for him to come down from his high, kissing the boy gently and letting his hands roam freely over and around his partner’s soft, silky flesh.

Back on the first bed, Cole had recovered and was ready to take on Trey. Cole started by playing with Trey’s semi-erect prick, pinching and stretching the foreskin, before sliding it back and forth, exposing and then covering his dickhead back up. This simple activity brought Trey to full erection and his granite pole stood out at a slight angle from his body. Trey’s cock was not only longer, but also thicker than Cole’s, so Cole knew it would take a little effort on his part to get that rod completely into his mouth. However, he was determined to do it and give Trey the same amount of pleasure that Trey had just given him. After licking the sides of the shaft and munching on Trey’s testicles, Cole stretched his mouth as wide as it would go and eased his head down and over that mighty oak. Eagerly, he rocked up and down on Trey’s pride and joy, stimulating it with his lips and tongue, while he sucked on it like he was slurping a thick milkshake up a straw.

Trey was really enjoying Cole’s attentiveness and effort, even though Cole was definitely not as experienced, but he was thrilled to notice that Cole was so eager to please him. Cole never balked, hesitated or complained about what he was doing and gave his best effort to satisfy Trey. The tight fit of Trey’s thick meat in Cole’s small mouth and the sweet caress of the warm, moist lining of Cole’s oral passage around his sausage gave Trey an experience unlike any other. Therefore, it didn’t take very long for Trey’s juices to start to boil over, deep within him.

With just a few more nods of Cole’s head on his wand, Trey released a powerful load of cum down Cole’s throat, nearly gagging the smaller boy with the large volume of cream he had produced. Cole was able to control his reflexes and managed to swallow most of his treat, only allowing a few drops to escape from his lips before he regained control. Trey’s head (the one on his shoulders) was swaying back and forth as he let all of those wonderful feelings wash over his entire body. As he was coming down from the clouds, he felt Cole crawl up beside him and press his lips against Trey’s, so they could share a warm, tender and loving kiss. In response, Trey threw his arms around Cole’s torso and they spent the next few minutes just hugging, kissing and sharing a special moment alone.

On the other bed, the mismatch was even more pronounced than the difference in size between Cole and Trey. Although Dion’s meat wasn’t nearly as thick as Trey’s, it was longer and Graham’s oral opening was much smaller. Dion had already thought about this in advance, and was prepared to give Graham some advice. He instructed the smaller boy to just take what he could in his mouth and then wrap his hand around the rest of it, so he could stimulate that part with his fingers.

Graham’s eyes nearly popped out of his head, as Dion’s wand came to life and kept growing. Graham had only seen it in its flaccid state before this and had thought that was big. Dion couldn’t help but giggle at Graham’s startled reaction.

“I guess you’ve never seen one like that before, huh, little bro?” he teased.

“How big does it get?” Graham asked, amazed.

“It won’t get any bigger for now, but I’m hoping it keeps growing, as the rest of my body does,” Dion explained

“It’s a monster already and you want it to get bigger?” Graham challenged, somewhat in shock.

“Yeah, why not? I hope it gets to be as long as a ruler,” Dion boasted, although Graham couldn’t comprehend a penis that long.

“Well, I don’t know who’d be able to do anything with you if it gets that big,” Graham suggested, although Dion was unfazed by his remark.

“Oh, somebody will. Big dicks are really neat and there will always be someone who will want to play with it,” Dion informed him. “Guys are fascinated by big snakes, so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about finding somebody to help me out.”

“Well, I’ll take my turn now, while it’s still small,” Graham told him, before clarifying that point, “well, at least smaller than it will be when you get older.” Dion chuckled at Graham’s last comment, as he watched his little brother struggle to slip his mouth over the head of his cock.

“Don’t try to take too much. Just take what you can and then use your hand on the rest of it,” Dion reminded him, as it looked as if Graham was going to try to take as much as he could.

Telling him a second time got Graham to do precisely that, so now he began to treat Dion’s schlong like a big Tootsie Pop. He licked, sucked and pulled the bulbous helmet in and out of his mouth, only worrying about the top third of Dion’s pole. Graham was having so much fun playing with Dion’s toy that he almost failed to notice when Dion began to approach his orgasm. Finally, he heard Dion panting and understood what that meant, so he wrapped his mouth as tightly around Dion’s knob as he could.

As Graham continued to slide to and fro around the upper part of Dion’s boner, his two hands worked up and down the sides of Dion’s root. Dion had now reached the edge of his sexual cliff and ribbons of spunk sped up his shaft and flew from the slit, coating Graham’s tonsils with his milky treat. Graham slurped it all down and continued to suck on Dion’s prick until Dion pushed him off. That was because his cock was getting a little tender, since Graham’s efforts had been directed at a very limited area of his rod, so he pried Graham off before it began to hurt worse.

In an effort to keep Graham from feeling his efforts weren’t appreciated, Dion pulled Graham up to him, so he could kiss and hug him to show him he enjoyed the fine job he had done. After they cuddled together for a few more minutes, the boys kissed each other one final time, since they’d decided they wanted to spend the night with their normal partners. Dion and Cole quickly switched places and soon they were wrapping their arms around their usual bunkmate.

Trey and Dion waited about twenty minutes, letting the other pair fall asleep first, before they began to discuss the evening. “Well, how was it?” Trey wanted to know.

“It was okay,” Dion responded. “Graham tried hard, but he just doesn’t know how to handle such a big cock.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Cole had all he could do to handle my thick meat and I kind of felt bad for him. He did his best to please me, though.”

“Are you still horny?” Dion asked Trey. “I know I am.”

“Me too. What do you want to do?” Trey wondered.

“Let’s make love to each other. Okay?” Dion suggested.

“Sure. You can go first,” Trey agreed. “Can you get the lube?”

“Yeah, I’ve got some in my suitcase. Hold on while I get it,” Dion told him.

Dion’s bare butt bounced as he raced across the room, while his dick swayed to and fro in time with his steps. He quickly retrieved his tube of lube and raced back to the bed. Trey rolled over on his stomach and spread his legs, so Dion could deposit a big dab of jelly against his pucker. Dion used his fingers to rub it around and into Trey’s hole, stretching him out at the same time. When Trey indicated he was ready, Dion scooted in between his legs, greased his own pole and placed his mushroom head against the opening.

As gently as he could, Dion pushed his dick against Trey’s rosebud, until his helmet penetrated the muscular ring and gradually slid all the way into Trey’s love tunnel. He paused momentarily before he began to piston in and out of Trey, taking full advantage of having his usual sex partner. Dion was riding Trey’s ass as if he were a Brahma bull rider in the rodeo and was going for the trophy. Trey bucked his rear-end up and down as Dion rode him, matching his lover’s every movement. They seemed to be going for the world’s record ride, when Dion slammed his meat home and let loose his second load of boy juice of the evening, before falling, exhausted, across Trey’s back. Trey was huffing and puffing too, having enjoyed Dion’s growing expertise in love making, but then patiently waited for Dion to recover, so they could switch positions.

Dion had nearly worn himself out with his effort, so Trey positioned his partner on his back, placed Dion’s legs over his shoulders and began to grease Dion up and stretch out his rectal muscles. Trey worked him over until he could get three of his fingers inside Dion’s chute, without causing him discomfort, and then he put a coating of lube on his erection and moved into position. He was careful to go slowly with his lover, not wishing to hurt him as he entered, and eventually he was fully inside Dion and ready to go.

Trey hesitated for a few seconds first, to make sure Dion had adjusted to his girth, and then began to slide in and out of Dion’s hole, brushing Dion’s prostate on nearly every thrust. As Trey continued to rock back and forth, he bent down and kissed Dion, slipping his tongue into Dion’s eager mouth. The two sparred with their tongues, while Trey pounded Dion’s butt like a rutting deer. This continued for several more minutes, before Trey began to feel those tingling sensations spread throughout his body, which caused him to make his final thrust, before whitewashing Dion’s intestinal tract with his love juices.

That pair continued to hug and kiss for a while longer, before they gave in to their tired bodies and cuddled together for sleep. Dion lay with his head resting on Trey’s chest, while his arm was wrapped around his lover’s waist, and that’s the way they were positioned when they eventually dozed off.