The Mark and the Mole

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Houses For Sale

Ray stood, "Chad, why don't you Doug, Peter, Frank and Tim accompany me to the office? I have some papers that need to be signed."

Tim spoke up, "Sir, why do you need me to go? Chad is the person who is in charge of finances for the rest of us. I'll just go back to Grandmother's and make sure that Dirk and Kendra are properly taking care of Jonny and Markey."

I could tell that Chad wanted to make a smart comment back; instead, he merely said, "Don't worry; I won't spend any of the money until you approve the checks."

Judge Yeager handed Chad some documents, "Here you go, Chad; you will probably need these." He also handed Jason and Jeremy a piece of paper, "Here you go, Boys. You be good for your new Dads. You don't even have to get new Grandparents. You guys got off easy."

Jeremy looked at Judge Yeager, "Sir, do you mean that Granddad and Grandmother Walker can't be our grandparents too?"

Judge Yeager knelt down and hugged Jeremy, "I owe you one, Son. They are going to be your grandparents too. You had better make sure that you listen to them and do what they ask you to do."

Judge Yeager stood and announced, "Mr. Stone and Mrs. Young, I would like to visit with you in my chambers as soon as everyone has departed. Doctor Long, you probably should stay too if you can, since everyone else is going to be busy."

We all left except for Mike. Mike had driven his van so Chad gave him the keys to his car and Dirk was going to drive the van to Grandmothers where we were all to meet. Ray took those of us who were going to his office in his van. As we were traveling to Ray's office, Chad asked, "Are all cases this easy to take care of? It was like we really didn't need to come for this."

The three lawyers laughed, but Ray answered, "Chad, it helps when you live with the Judge. It's surprising how much we were able to accomplish at home especially with your Granddad Long and Uncle Frank's help. This is one of the very few times that Dad and I have been involved in the same case. You lucked out on this one. I think it must have to do with your star that guided you to Mrs. Walker's house. It also didn't hurt that Dad fell in love you when he met you."

Frank added, "Chad it was necessary that all of you be here today for the record. There was a court stenographer taking notes for an official record of the proceedings. Without everyone being present, the proceedings could have been challenged later."

Chad seemed satisfied with the answers. When we got to Ray's office, he had everything organized. Chad and I had signed all the papers that needed to be signed and Ray took us to two banks and we collected cashier checks for some rather large sums of money.

Ray decided that we had done enough for today, "Guys, I'll drop you off. I need to go help get ready for the hoard of people that is going to be invading our house shortly. Tell everyone to dress casual. We'll be eating off paper plates."

When we got to Grandmother's house, Dirk and Kendra were taking care of the twins. Kevin and Tim had gone someplace and the three girls had gone to visit some of their old friends. Dad had gone to resign from the City Council. Everyone had been told to be back by 5:45.

The four young boys were watching a video. Chad, of course, had to check on the Mark and Jon. Everyone reassembled at 5:45 and Dad led us to where Judge Yeager and his family lived.

We were met by someone we hadn't met, "You must be Chad and his family, welcome to our humble abode. "I'm Jimmy John Yeager. The rest of the family is still sleeping. Please identify yourselves as you enter so I can announce you when we have our chicken hot dogs for dinner."

Chad had been standing at the front of the line with his sons in their bassinettes, "He set the boys down and no one, and I do mean no one was prepared for his response, "Good evening Dr. Yeager." He shook the gentleman's hand. "Julius Caesar here and these are my sons Romulus and Remus. We were told that we might find the big bad wolf, Judge Yeager, here."

Judge Yeager was standing there laughing, "Get your butt in here Chad and let me hold the boys."

We had all entered and Ben came in and announced, "Dinner is ready. Will anyone under the age of 21, please go through the line so we can see how much more we need to order?"

I was pleased to see that the older children helped the four boys through the line and got them settled in the kitchen. Chad and Kendra had been feeding Mark and Jon. The adults had a before dinner drink and then we went through the line. Everyone had gone through the line except Chad, Kendra and Dirk. Mark and John had gone to sleep so they went to get their food. The adults were all sitting around eating.

Our attention was diverted to the serving table. Chad looked like he was hyperventilating, "Help, I'm allergic to feathers and can't eat hot dogs or hamburgers because they cause me to go to the bathroom immediately. I guess I'll just have a glass of water and tooth pick."

Jim Yeager threw the hot dog he was eating at Chad, "This is for you hotdog. Now get over and sit down and eat like good boys and girls. Chad, what kind of message are you sending to your sons."

Chad wasn't finished, "Dr. Yeager, I had my toes and fingers crossed so they know I was giving you people a difficult time. I want to thank you all for having us here."

Mike leaned over and whispered, "I think our son has just gained another follower."

I think the Yeager connection was very impressed with Chad and his brothers and sisters and friends.

When the young people had eaten, they started to clean up and I don't think any of the Yeagers were ready for that. Chad, Kendra and Dirk got up. Chad looked at Dr. Yeager, "Okay Dr. Jimmy John, you're in charge of the boys. Officer Ben will assist you."

As the young people were doing the clean up, the conversation somehow had gotten around to the fact that Frank had lined up a Realtor to handle the Harmon house. When he mentioned the name of Elliot Priest. The people who were from Iowa City got strangely quiet. Frank continued, "We are to meet with him at 9:00 in the morning to sign the contract if Chad agrees."

Our discussions were interrupted by Chad, "I need to go home. This has been a long stressful day. I'm exhausted."

Chad hugged the four Yeager people and thanked them and he left with Dirk and Kendra. Ray looked at Frank, "Where are you to meet with Elliot, I would like to be present?"

Frank had no idea why Ray asked the question, but answered, "I asked that he meet us at Chad's house at 9:00 because I had no idea where else to meet him and that way he can give us an appraisal of the Harmon house."

As we were leaving, Dr. Jim Yeager asked, "Doug, would you have any problems if I talked privately to Mr. Chad. He intrigues me as does his friend Dirk. I would like to also eventually visit with the rest of the young people I met tonight. While I don't know all that has happened to these young people, I have the feeling that they are all going to come out of this dilemma as very strong people, especially Chad."

I looked at Jim, "Sir, it is up to Chad to decide if he would like to talk to you. I am sure that most of the others will do whatever Chad suggests."

Mike and I arrived back at the Harmon house where we would be sleeping with Chad, Dirk, Tim, Kevin and my two grandsons. Everything was quiet and so Mike and I got ready for bed. But everything was not what it seemed to be.

In the bedroom where Tim and Kevin were sleeping, they were exploring each others bodies with their mouths. They simultaneously relieved the pressures that had been building in the pubic region.

In the room where Chad was sleeping with Dirk, Dirk asked, "Chad would you please just hold me? I think I'm in love with you and your sons. Please listen to what I am about to tell you and you will realize that I have no sexual interest in you or your sons. I'm not sure that I can ever be involved with anyone in a sexual way again. I feel so dirty."

Chad pulled Dirk close and hugged him as hard as he knew how. Dirk started to openly cry but Chad just let him cry. Dirk finally stopped crying and pushed Chad away, "Damn you, men never cry. This is all your fault."

Chad sat up, "Dirk, I don't know what you want from me. I am not gay and my main focus in life needs to be taking care of my two sons and my six brothers and sister and Dad Mike's two sons. I will gladly listen when and if you decide to tell me what is bothering you, but I'm a sixteen year old nothing."

Dirk sat up and pushed Chad down, "Would you please stop putting yourself down? You are not a 16 year old nothing. In fact, it's like when Chad speaks everyone listens. Chad, please trust me. I will tell you why am like I am but I'm not ready yet. Please be patient with me."

When Mike and I crawled into bed after our shower, our minds were both on overload. Mike started, "Doug, you should have seen how Judge Yeager lit into Mr. Stone and Mrs. Young today. They were told that they should never bother Chad or any of the rest of us again."

I told Mike everything else that had happened when we were with Ray. He started to laugh. "I don't think some of the people are extremely happy with Frank's choice of Realtors. It will be interesting to see what happens when

Chad meets him. Now let's go to sleep, I'm sure the fireworks aren't over yet."

We were awakened the next morning by a soft tapping at the door, "Granddaddies, it is me, Little Red Dirkie, the Wicked Wizard sent me to wake you up." The door opened and Dirkie was standing there with an apron on holding a tray. "The Wizard said to tell you to get your naked butts out of bed and now. He says that there isn't anytime for any extra curricular activities this morning." Dirk turned to walk out the door and Mike threw his pillow at him.

"Tell the Wicked Wizard of Chad that we'll get up when we are good and ready. Now get out of here before you faint."

Dirk turned, "Granddaddies, it ain't me who is going to be fainting. If I dropped my pants you would probably be frozen in space from lust. Now get up or Chad will beat me up."

When we got downstairs Chad had fixed food that could have been served in a gourmet restaurant. Mike queried him, "Chad, where did this come from?"

Chad looked at us, "Haven't you ever heard of a grocery store. The four of us guys put our money together to buy the things we needed for the next two days. Do you have a problem with that?"

I stood, "Chad, and the rest of you, I have a very big problem with that. You guys are all 16 and should not be spending your money on us. It is us who should be providing for you."

Chad caught me off guard, "Don't worry Daddy, we were going to give you an itemized bill when and if we ever get home."

Mike and I just looked at each other, and then we realized we had been had as the other three teenagers were laughing so hard they were practically falling on the floor. Kevin spoke for the group, "Uncles, just chill, Granddad Long gave me a $100.00 last night as we were leaving the Yeager house. He said we should buy stuff for breakfast and Tim and I did and Chad and Dirk transformed it into this gourmet meal. Now please stop complaining or you will wake Jonny and Markey."

We had just finished eating when the boys started to stir. Chad and Dirk changed them and then handed the boys to us so we could feed them while they helped with the dishes. Chad and Dirk came to get the boys. They took them and gave them a bath and they brought them back. They were sound asleep.

It was about five until nine when a Lincoln Continental pulled up in front of the house. The doorbell rang and Chad answered, "How may I help you sir?"

A brusque voice answered, "I was to meet with a Mr. Frank Wilkins here to discuss the selling of this trashy house."

Chad's voice was so cold it would have frozen the Great Salt Lake. "Oh, you must be the infamous Mr. Priest. I'm sure that Uncle Frank, who is one of my lawyers, will be here shortly. For your information, this is my house to sell, so I guess we'll wait until Uncle Frank gets here. By the way, these are my Dads, Doctor Michael Long and Mr. Douglas Walker."

Mr. Priest wasn't sure what to think. Frank pulled up with his Dad, my Dad, Ray Crouch and Judge Yeager. Chad ceremoniously introduced everyone and started. "Mr. Priest, how would the sale of this property be handled? Since you think this house is trashy, what would you think it might bring to me and my six brothers and sisters?"

Mr. Priest looked around, "I'll put it on the market at $72,500.00. It would be an exclusive listing for the first week and if I would be able to sell it, which very unlikely, I would get 20% of the closing price. After that I would suggest that you lower the price to $60,000.00 and I would recommend that you bring it into the twenty-first century."

I don't think anyone was prepared for the next exchange. Chad stood, "Thank you for coming Mr. Priest, but we won't be using your agency. In fact I intend to file a complaint with the State Realtor Board charging you with malpractice. I may only be a dumb sixteen year old, but I am not stupid enough to believe a Realtor should get 20% of a sale. You must have a client who is in the market for a house like this. Who knows how much you would charge them. Now get your ugly face out of here."

The man stormed out the door and Chad turned to us, "I want that man charged with whatever you can charge him."

Tim, Kevin and Dirk were standing there applauding. Dirk spoke, "And the Academy Award goes to Chad Walker."

Tim looked at Chad, "I guess you didn't like Mr. Priest very much?"

Chad looked at the three guys, "How about, not at all."

Ray Crouch asked, "Frank, how did you happen to call that man? He has been under investigation for some time. I think that with what we heard today we can finally cause the asshole to lose his realtor's license."

Chad looked at Ray, "Uncle Ray, could you please watch your language in the presence of my sons."

Judge Yeager stopped anymore frivolity, Tim and Kevin, call and see if the others would like to go with us to Old Chicago restaurant for lunch. The two guys came back and Kevin announced, "The women have deferred, they are going to buzz out to the outlet mall. They said we should go ahead and eat and they would see us when they got back. Tim and I will go pick up the four boys."

While the two guys were gone, Ray suggested, "Why don't we list the three properties For Sale by owner with my phone number as the contact? I will only charge 50% of the sale price."

Chad answered quickly, "Mr. Crouch, we accept your offer. Now how much do I owe you for all of the work you have done? You must have spent a great deal of time working on this with your Father-in-law."

Ray looked at Chad, "Chad, Tad, my son, appeared in a dream last night and told me that he would kick me where it hurt most if I charged you for my services. He threatened to make sure that I would never see him or my wife again. He made it very clear that you and Dirk needed to become the best of friends but he also indicated that you would marry Kendra when the time was right."

Ray looked at Dirk, "Dirk, I don't know your story, but Tad said that you should get it out in the open by sharing it with Chad. He said it would free you from some of the guilt that you have been carrying around for eight years."

Everyone was looking at Ray in disbelief. But he wasn't about to be put down, "Look everyone, I'm just telling what I dreamt about. That sounds like Kevin and Tim with the other guys. Let's go eat."

Editor's Notes:

Why am I not surprised to see something like that happen? I mean, after all, Chad was sent to the right place at the right time by following a star on Christmas Eve. Why would I question this? In fact, it sounds like very good advice to me. I can hardly wait to see what happens next. As it turns out, I don't have to wait, (Evil laughter) I have the next chapter right here in front of me.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher