The Castaway Hotel: Book 3

Chapter 12: More Than a Rookie

Once they were in the ‘sex room’, Nick became the immediate aggressor. The boys had just finished taking their showers, when Nick made his first offer. “I’d be willing to suck all of you off, if you want.”

Danny, Cole and Graham were somewhat surprised by his magnanimous suggestion and thought he must have felt he had to do it to all of them, just because he was the new kid. Danny decided to try to set him straight.

“Nick, when I told you that we fooled around with each other, I didn’t mean you had to do all of us,” he explained. “We can just partner up and we’ll even let you choose who you want to be with.”

“But you don’t understand, Danny. I want to do all of you,” Nick countered, surprising them yet again. “I like sucking cock and I’d be happy to do it for each of you.”

“But I didn’t think you had ever done this before,” Graham added.

“Oh, I’ve done it a lot,” Nick quickly clarified. “I hung around with a group of older guys, starting when I was about nine, and after about six months of trying to get rid of me, they decided to try to scare me off. We started playing truth-or-dare and it began with simple things, like me getting naked and running around the yard. Then they started daring me to touch their dicks. Next, they dared me to jack them off. Finally, they dared me to suck on their pricks. When I started doing it, I found out I liked to do it a whole lot. So I’d really like it if you let me do it to each of you. Okay?”

The three boys looked at each other and immediately could tell they were all in agreement. Cole took the initiative to answer for the group. “If you don’t mind, the rest of us aren’t going to argue about it. You can decide how and what order you want to do us in and we’ll go along with whatever you say.”

“But can we watch while you do the other ones?” Graham asked, all excited.

“Sure, I don’t mind, if the others don’t,” he responded. “I doubt they’re shy, though, considering how you guys run around naked all the time and knowing you do the same things to each other.”

“It’s okay if you want to watch, Graham,” Danny answered his little brother. “I guess I’d wouldn’t mind watching either.”

“Thanks, Danny, because I really want to watch him suck that big wiener of yours,” Graham said with a sly grin on his face.

“Great,” Nick almost shouted out. “I’ll do Danny first, then, so you can watch me swallow his big monster, if that’s what you want, Graham.”

“Oh, yeah,” Graham responded, eagerly. “I really want to see that.”

Without wasting any time, Nick led Danny over to the first bed and had him lie down, before he got on the far side of him, so Graham and Cole would have an unobstructed view of the action. The two younger boys sat on the edge of the other bed, leaning forward, transfixed by the scene that was unfolding before them.

Nick started rubbing and licking Danny’s flaccid schlong, trying to get it to awaken and ready to play, and Danny made a mental note that he would have to teach Nick about foreplay and the other types of fun they could also have with each other. As soon as Danny’s totem pole was sticking out from his body, Nick slipped his lips over the purplish helmet and slid down his mast, until he had most of it in his throat. They heard a small gasp escape from Graham’s throat, and then he gave a little giggle of delight, as he watched the two older boys getting it on. Now, their younger brother was bouncing up and down on the bed, next to his biological brother, as Nick bounced up and down on Danny’s rigid member.

Danny could tell right away that Nick had not exaggerated about his experience of giving blowjobs, since he was quite good and knew exactly what to do to make it feel good for his partner. Nick’s lips and tongue knew all the places to touch and stimulate, and he added enough suction to draw Danny’s eyes out of their sockets, figuratively speaking. Danny was really enjoying Nick’s experienced attention and began to get into the action as well, bucking his hips up and down to match Nick’s efforts.

Cole and Graham were totally in awe of the scene before them and their pricks were as stiff as boards from just watching the other two go at it. The older boys had no idea how much effect they were having on the younger pair, as they were absorbed in their own actions, but this union was rapidly approaching its natural conclusion. Danny’s body was beginning to tingle all over and a knot was beginning to form in his gut, letting him know his juices were about to erupt and spew forth.

Nick was now moving at a frantic pace on Danny’s shaft, greedily trying to draw his reward from Danny’s sexual spring, and it wasn’t long before he pulled Danny over the edge, as the older boy’s penis exploded into Nick’s waiting mouth. Rope after rope of thick teen semen shot from Danny’s dickhead into Nick’s throat, before the thick cream slid into Nick’s stomach. Danny was totally spent from the effort and his mind was totally fogged from the experience, as Nick sucked the final drops from his cock, which was rapidly becoming limp.

Graham was almost totally beside himself in delight, having witnessed this spectacle, and quickly squealed out his approval. “That was awesome. Let me see you do it to Cole now too,” he continued.

“Give him a chance,” Cole chided his brother. “Let him have a minute or two to rest first. He worked awfully hard to get Danny to shoot his load and probably needs a short break before he continues.”

Nick looked up from the other bed and grinned at the pair. “I just need a minute,” he said, looking directly at Graham. “And I’ll try not to take too long,” he added, giving Graham a wink.

The other two boys watched Danny while they were waiting, noting the serene look on his face and realizing Danny had enjoyed this as much, if not more, than they had enjoyed watching the show. Soon the older pair had recovered and Nick was having Danny and Cole switch places. It was a good thing there had been a brief intermission, as it gave Cole a chance to calm down from the frenzied state he had been worked into, just watching the other pair. It had been almost the same as the feeding frenzy sharks get caught up in, when the scent of blood is in the water, and Cole knew he would have unloaded into Nick’s mouth in no time at all because of how excited he had been. Now he was closer to a normal state of arousal and would last longer than he would have just a few minutes earlier.

Nick was soon suctioning on Cole’s cut dick, after he licked around the entire exterior, and Cole was enjoying Nick’s experienced technique. Danny was trying to make some mental notes of Nick’s efforts, as he realized he could improve his own skills for the next night with Brandon, if he was observant. Therefore, Danny’s attention was now focused on Nick and Cole, and Cole was bucking frantically, in an effort to match Nick’s movements. The two working together reminded Danny of a well-timed machine, like the pistons racing in a car’s engine block, which caused Danny to suspect it would probably only take another minute or so, until Cole released his seed and soared with the eagles.

Graham was bouncing up and down on the other bed again, totally enjoying the sex show that was taking place in front of him, so Danny wrapped his arms around his younger brother’s shoulders, trying to calm him down a bit. Danny almost expected to see Graham shooting his own load any second, without anyone ever touching his still maturing meat and he didn’t want that to happen. As he attempted to calm his brother, Danny’s attention was drawn back to the other bed, when he heard Cole moan. Fortunately, he moved his head quickly enough to see Cole’s body stiffen and arch upward, before it shuddered and released its milky contents into Nicky’s greedy orifice. After his offering had been accepted and his juices stopped flowing, Cole crashed back onto the bed and lay in a stupor, totally exhausted from his sexual romp.

Graham was clapping his hands together in excitement, as he sat on the other bed, and then squealed out his next request to their newest addition. “Do me now, Nick. Pleeeeeeeeze.”

“Give him a few minutes to rest up, little bro,” Danny advised him, hugging the smaller boy into his own chest. “He’ll do you, but give him some time to get over that one first.”

Danny continued to hug the excited youngster, while trying to get him to relax and unwind from this sexual stimulation, as he wanted Graham’s time to last when he, too, got his turn with Nick. Graham did start to come down from his aroused state and he and Danny watched as the other pair recovered from their sexual workout. Finally, Nick was ready to go again and summoned Graham to the other bed.

“Come here, little guy, and I’ll try to make you as excited as you were from just watching the others.” Graham blushed slightly, but scooted over quickly to the other bed for his turn.

“You know, I’ve never played with an uncut dick before,” Nick said, as he smiled at the boy below him. “I’m looking forward to this almost as much as you are.”

He began by fingering the foreskin dangling from the end of Graham’s now soft cock and Graham began to ‘coo’ from the stimulation. Nick pulled the loose skin forward, stretched it apart, and then slid it back and forth to see how it operated. As Graham became hard from this attention, it soon became difficult for Nick to investigate further. Therefore, Nick drew the extra skin back, exposing the little pink helmet, and bent forward and started licking all around Graham’s shiny glans.

Graham’s eyes rolled back into his head, his mouth dropped open and his breathing came in short, rapid pants as Nick explored the area with his tongue. Nick was having fun with this smaller version of boyhood and reached down and pushed up Graham’s scrotum and tiny nuggets, while opening his mouth wide, so he could take all of Graham’s boy parts into his mouth at the same time. Graham’s whole body shivered as all of his external sex organs were now in that warm, moist cave, being stimulated by a tongue that never seemed to stop or slow down. Graham was squirming around on the bed now, totally excited by what was being done to him, and Nick continued like that for a while longer, before he let the nut sac fall out of his mouth. Now, he decided it was time to bring Graham off.

Nick’s head began to bob up and down on Graham’s smaller shaft, as he tried to give his young friend the best blowjob he’d ever had. He had been appreciative of the younger boy’s excitement and eagerness throughout the whole evening and wanted this to be as good or better than Graham expected. Now, the little fellow was moaning constantly, almost purring, as Nick began to finish him off, by increasing his pace and adding a little more suction. Graham was soon ready to release his immature, watery seed into Nick’s waiting throat, so with just a few more nods of his head, Nick felt Graham’s penis swell and shoot its small liquid bullets into his mouth. He eagerly tasted and swallowed the ambrosia of youth and hungrily sucked as much as he could get from that tiny hose. Once there was no more to be had, Nick released Graham’s prick, but lay beside the boy as they both recovered from the workout.

Danny watched, as the two boys slowly came back to the world around them, and then he made his offer of assistance. “It’s my turn to do you now, Nick. You need to get off too. Just move over and I’ll help you out, the same way you helped the rest of us.”

Nick didn’t protest and moved over to allow Danny to get on the bed beside him. Cole helped Graham move from one bed to the other, as Danny started his informal instruction for Nick. He didn’t just go to work on Nick’s muscle, as Nick had done to them. Instead, he moved beside the prone figure and bent forward and began to kiss Nick on the lips. This startled Nick at first, but he soon gave in to the wonderful feelings and began to kiss Danny back. Danny had soon pried Nick’s lips apart with his tongue and now he was forcing his oral muscle into Nick’s mouth. It took Nick a short time to catch on, but soon he was doing the same and their tongues were jousting for position. Danny let Nick’s tongue enter his own mouth and he began to suck on it when it did. Nick was whimpering from this action, finding out for the first time what a true male-to-male kiss could be like. They continued this passionate oral embrace for a little while longer, before Danny broke their lip-lock and began to kiss Nick’s face and neck.

Danny continued to apply these sweet, gentle kisses all around Nick’s head and shoulders, before moving down to his chest, so he could work his way down to Nick’s tan nipple. He flicked his tongue out at the nub, causing it to become instantly erect, and then he began to suckle on that long neglected piece of flesh. Nick began to moan from this attention and was beginning to understand there were other receptive parts of the body too, besides the crotch.

Danny moved across and did the same thing to his other nipple, before he began to slide down Nick’s chest, until he reached his navel. He let his tongue dart in and out of that small depression, causing a new wave of sounds to escape from Nick’s throat. Danny had intended to work his way all the way down to Nick’s toes, but now recognized Nick was highly aroused already and probably wouldn’t be able to hold out that long. Danny decided to save that lesson for another time and moved down and started to work on Nick’s ball bag and well proportioned circumcised cock.

Soon, Danny had the entire thing in his mouth and was working energetically on his new partner’s organ. He tried to provide Nick with the same amount of pleasure that Nick had given him, and within minutes, Nick was ready to let his load burst forth. With one final groan, Nick’s geyser erupted, sending waves of hot liquid across the lining of Danny’s mouth and filling him completely with the rich, creamy liquid produced by his loins. Danny swallowed the nectar, after savoring its sweet taste, and was soon drawing the final drops from Nick’s fountain of youth. Crawling back up beside the boy, Danny kissed him once again, sharing with him the sweet flavor of his own juices.

Danny was satisfied he had also been able to teach Nick a little about the additional nuances of a sexual encounter and was eager to see what things Nick might do the next time they got together. While he waited for Nick to recover, Danny threw his arm across Nick’s chest and pulled him tight. They remained like that until Nick came out of his post-orgasmic daze.

When he did, Nick thanked Danny for the new and fascinating experience and then surprised Danny once more. “Danny, would you fuck me now? I’ve really only done that once and the guy’s dick was so small that it was like there was nothing in there. I’d really be grateful if you’d do that for me.”

“Sure,” was all that Danny could come up with, since he was stunned by this unexpected request. “Yeah, I’d be happy to do it for you,” he added a second or two later.

“Can we watch?” came the high-pitched request from the other bed.

“Of course,” Nick responded quickly. “I don’t mind, if Danny doesn’t.”

“No, that will be fine,” Danny added, knowing how important this obviously was to Graham.

Danny went and got his tube of lubricant and Nick was already positioned on the bed, his chest and head down and his ass sticking up into the air, when Danny got back. Danny smiled when he saw that cute pink rosebud staring at him and quickly dabbed some gel on his fingers and began working Nick’s chute. He slid the first finger in and Nick hardly flinched. He worked it in and out for a few seconds and then withdrew it, before inserting two the next time.

Nick moaned a little this time, but did not protest at all and remained very still, as Danny worked his fingers around in all directions. When Danny withdrew that pair of digits, Nick whined briefly, signifying he was disappointed to have them leave, but was soon purring with delight again, as Danny worked a trio of digits into his hungry hole. Danny worked them all around, twisting, turning and pumping them back and forth, until Danny felt Nick was loose enough to accept his prize sausage. Danny reached down and greased up his own pole and then moved into position behind Nick for entry.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” Danny inquired.

“Oh, yeah. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” Nick informed him. “Go ahead, I want that log of yours in me now.”

Encouraged, Danny pressed his hips forward, until the head of his dick pressed tightly against Nick’s pucker, and then added even more pressure, until it ‘popped’ past the resilient ring and began to enter his satiny chute. He checked with Nick, to make sure he was still all right, and then pushed farther in, at Nick’s insistence. Soon, he was totally within Nick’s bowels, letting the teen adapt to being filled like that, before he began to pump his life juices into him.

It wasn’t long before Nick requested him to continue and Danny didn’t waste any time before he began pounding his turgid rod into the nearly virginal opening. He moved in slow, medium length thrusts, letting Nick know what a good boy coupling was all about. He continued to assault Nick’s love tunnel in this fashion, trying to get the correct angle, so he could hit Nick’s prostate with each forward thrust, until he was finally at that point of no return. Danny made his final, forceful lunge, sending seemingly gallons of his thick boy cream into Nick’s intestines, and then the pair collapsed on the bed, spent from the effort.

Cole and Graham had been mesmerized by the spectacle. It was the first time they had witnessed any type of intercourse, so they were still trying to imagine how Nick’s butt had accepted Danny’s massive penis. It was certainly the biggest they had ever seen, well almost. Dion’s rod might have been longer, but it also wasn’t as thick, so they felt Danny’s had to be harder to take. They certainly had expected it to hurt Nick, but instead, he seemed to enjoy the activity as much as Danny had.

Cole and Graham let the other two boys recover for a few minutes, before they went over and lay down beside them, giving them enthusiastic hugs in appreciation of the wonderful evening they had shared. That’s the way the four of them fell asleep and how I discovered them the next morning, when I went in to wake them. That was because someone had accidentally jarred the telephone receiver from the cradle during the night and I couldn’t call through to their room, so I had to go down to the main desk and get a spare key card, to make sure they were all right.