Three Finger Cove: Collin ~ Book One

Chapter One Hundred and Forty-One

The morning of the 4th of July couldn't have been any better as far as Collin was concerned. He was going to meet up with his girlfriend Shelley, after having been away from her for almost three weeks. Sure they spoke on the phone, as often as they could, but today, they would be able to share their time together.

Ryan was also going to meet up with his girlfriend, Meagan, too, but they hadn't been separated as Collin and Shelley were.

Both boys woke up refreshed and as hard as a rock. The two teens laughed at one another as they both stood and adjusted themselves before finding a clean pair of briefs and heading to the showers.

"Col, I bet that flag pole of yours this morning, isn't because it's the 4th of July," laughed Ryan. "My bet is it is because you are going to be with Shelley today. I'm right, ain't I?" teased Ryan.

"What do you think?" was Collin's quick come back.

"Sheesh, Col, if you were to use that on Shelley right now, she'd feel that thing all the way up in her naval. I've never seen it that hard and it straining so tall," added Ryan.

Collin just laughed and then looked over to his best friend. He then grabbed his love muscle and shook it at Ryan, "Don't you know it, Ry! I am so horny right now! I bet if I were to shoot this thing off right now, I could blast off to the moon."

Both boys laughed at what Collin just said. Then Ryan turned to face his best friend and proceeded to point to his own launch tower in Collins direction and said, "You interested in trying to see how far you can blast that thing? I'll be glad to help you prime the motor. You know, Col … we both know you can't leave the shower without releasing the pressure in that thing; if you don't you'll have a hell of a time all day, keeping that trouser snake from sneaking out the bottom of your swim suit."

All Collin could do right then was laugh at what his best friend had just said and then with a quick flick of a finger, motioned for him to come over and 'prime' his motor.

Seven minutes later, the boys hugged one another as they both basked in the afterglow of their mutually satisfying sexual tryst. After a few minutes of hugging, the boys looked down at their deflated members and began to laugh.

"How could such a small appendage give so much pleasure," commented Ryan.

"Well, maybe to you Ry, yours is small, but to me, mine is just right. But you know what … I wish we had measured them before we blasted off into space," laughed Collin.

Ryan knew exactly what Collin meant and he just laughed along with his Bro.

"We better get a move on and finish our showers before our Big Bro sends Chief up here to get us," mentioned Collin.

Ryan nodded his understanding and then went over to his shower and began to wash all over again. It took the teens twelve minutes to get squeaky clean and toweled dry. They then quickly dressed for the day and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast.

"Morning Bro, morning, Momma," offered Collin as he and Ryan entered the Breakfast nook and sat down.

"Morning boys," replied their Big Bro, "I bet you guys are hungry!"

"Bro, I am so pumped about today, and real hungry, that I'm gonna keep Momma Maria real busy making breakfast this morning," offered Collin, in response to his Big Bro's greeting.

"And what about you, Ryan, are you as famished as Collin there?" asked his Big Bro.

"Yep, and knowing it is Momma's cooking this morning, and NOT yours…" was all Ryan got out before Mr. Ken got up and began to tickle him.

"You're always making fun of my cooking … but I never see you refuse to eat it … nor have you ever gotten sick from it, young man," counted Mr. Ken, as he kept tickling the sixteen year old, while Momma Maria was bringing her famous breakfast tacos to the table.

"Okays, it's times for yous to eat; no times to play riicht nows," admonished the cook, as she smiled at the three 'men' who now settled down at the table and were already grabbing at her freshly made bacon and egg and cheese tacos.

"Hmmmm," was heard out of Collin, as he thoroughly enjoyed his breakfast taco.

The three ate for some time before Ryan asked, "When are the rest getting here, Bro?"

"The rest as in…?" inquired Mr. Ken.

"You know, mom, and Eric and Miss Judy," replied Ryan, as the doorbell rang.

"I think that answers your question," grinned the man, as the two teens got up to greet their morning guests.

"Hey, you're late," called out Ryan. "We already started breakfast without you."

"Nuh uhh," spat out Eric, as he stuck his tongue out at the teen.

"Eric, that's not polite," admonished his mother, Judy.

"Moommm, he was teasing me, and he's too big for me to beat up…"

"That'll be enough, young man, now apologize and let's go see Mr. Ken," admonished Judy Turner, the lad's mom.

"Did you guys save me any?" loudly asked Eric, as he entered the kitchen, seeing there were already half eaten tacos on their plates on the table.

"I told you we began without you," teased Ryan.

"Morning Judy, I see the older boys are picking on their younger brother … as always," offered Ken Thomas.

Just then Ryan began to defend himself, but his Big Bro told him to 'can it'.

The five began to eat breakfast in earnest as the doorbell rang again.

"I'll get it," spoke up Collin as he pushed back his chair, "it's probably 'mom'"

Sure enough, when Collin came back to the kitchen he had Mary following quickly behind.

"Did I miss out on breakfast?" asked Mary.

"Naw, we saved you some," teased Ryan, which earned him a 'bop' in the back of his head from his Big Bro.

"Ouwwww" was all the Ryan said in response, as he rubbed that spot on his head.

"You sure have been a 'mood 'this morning Little Bro, how about giving it a break!" admonished Ryan's Big Brother.

"Yeah, I know Bro … I guess it's from all the excitement and everything that's supposed to happen today. I kinda feel like a little kid, for some reason," replied Ryan.

The adults just looked at one another and smiled.

Everything for the 4th of July celebration began being setup by eight o'clock that morning. As the assembled group looked out the kitchen windows, as they ate they could see a number of vehicles had already arrived with many of the day's scheduled entertainment.

"Well, I guess I need to get out there and supervise and make sure everything is where it is supposed go, otherwise, there won't be time to reset things. Boys," said Mr. Ken to the teenagers, "hurry up and finish your breakfast and let's get things situated out there."

With that said, Ken Thomas grabbed the Picnic master plans, that Mary drew up, as she was the one who organized the day's festivities, picked up a hat, and then proceeded to go outside. Four minutes later, three boys followed with their mouths stuffed full and glasses of orange juice, spilling out of their cups.


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