Chapter Twenty-Four: Relations

A Collaboration of TrueFan, Zarek Dragon and Douglas DD


Purple Unicorn

Jace took a team down to explore the power source on the Southern Continent. Kyle gave Devin his commendation, solidifying their friendship even more. Hal spoke with those in the Norwegian camp, especially Lars' grandfather. He took Lars to the ship, where Lars would become his and Dave's son. Aiden and Connor took the twins to the holodeck, where Jason wanted to ride a purple unicorn and Jonas wanted a Pegasus. Lars joined them later.

With the issue concerning Walker, there were some personnel changes aboard the SS Endurance. Denver French transferred to be their Ass't Chief of Security while Łukasz Kuc transferred to the SS Sooloo.

Devin finally warned about the code. While he was talking to the two captains and Kyle, the code was used… by Walker. Thanks to Brad, Walker was caught, yet again.

While Dave and Hal adopted Lars, the adoption of the twins by Jace and Jordan became official, and Kyle received a promotion, courtesy of his dad.


8 September 2121

Bridge ~ 0900

Lars watched with sorrow, trepidation and excitement all rolled into one as the only home he had ever known grew smaller and smaller on the screen, until it was no longer visible.

Engineering ~ 0915

Connor requested that Jace come to Engineering as some of the systems seemed to be taxing themselves. It seemed odd, with Zorn's upgrades and the fact there were no issues during testing. It didn't take long before Jace and Connor figured out the problem. Jace called up to the bridge, "Captain, we need to drop out of FTL flight. When we did the upgrades, we neglected some of the smaller components. They need upgrading to withstand the pressure put on them by the improvements we made."

Dave wasn't happy; after all, they had tested the systems after the upgrades without any issues, still, he responded in a calm voice, "How long do you need?"

"I am thinking we can replace the necessary parts in three to four hours, Sir."

Dave ordered the ship to All Stop. Jace informed them that they could continue using impulse, but Dave thought it was best if they were not moving at all. He didn't want to take any unnecessary risks. Dave also warned the Endurance of the issue.

Randy Thompson's Quarters ~ 0920

After Randy Thompson's birthday party, Tom Kohl had spent the day helping the birthday boy celebrate. Neither of them had really planned it, they weren't even seeing each other. One thing led to another and before they knew it, they were two sixteen-year-old sex-craved boys having fun. They kissed and jacked-off. Tom asked Randy what he wanted to do, and Randy admitted that he had never fucked another boy before. Being the good guy that he was, Tom said, "Well, if you want to fuck for your birthday, I suppose I can sacrifice my ass for it." They had a wild night of unbridled passion.

The next morning, when Tom's comm went off, he was sore and felt like he had a hangover. He answered his comm, "Hello?"

"Ensign Kohl, this is Connor, I know you're supposed to be off duty right now, but I am calling all the engineering staff in. We missed some small components when we did the upgrade and they need replaced immediately."

"Yes Sir, I'll be right there."

Tom untangled himself from Randy, waking him up. "Where are you <hic> going, Lover Boy? I want more sex."

"Did we get drunk last night?" Tom asked as he dressed. "No offense, but I don't know if we would have had sex like we did if we weren't. And my asshole hurts, did you fuck me?"

"Now how would we get drunk? <hic>" Randy asked. "Do you think they <hic> would load alcohol onto a ship full of teenage boys? Besides, all we drank was that apple cider. As for your asshole, you offered."

"Any chance the apple cider turned hard?" Tom inquired. "Don't get me wrong, I liked it… a lot… more than usual and want more of it."

Randy tried to think, "It's doubtful with the preservatives, but I suppose it could be. I may have to check it out"

"When I get done in Engineering, you want me to come back, so we can talk? I like you a lot, but we barely even chatted before yesterday."

"We do need to chat, but I go on duty soon. I think I need to see Dr. Tom before I do."

"Okay, next time we are both off duty, we can meet," Tom Kohl suggested as he headed for Engineering.

Shuttle Bay ~ 1100

"That so kicked ass," Brad grinned as he lifted himself off the most beautiful boy on the Sooloo, if not the entire galaxy. The boy was his best friend, his boyfriend, his lover, his everything, and at that moment his ass was filled with that boy's spunk. "I never thought doing it in a crazy place like this would be so… well, so fucking sexy."

Steve Boyer felt another shiver of delight run through his naked body. His orgasm had been his best since before their adventure with the Endurance and New Earth. The fact was it had been the first time Steve and Brad had enjoyed full-bore-naked sex together since they had left the planet. Masturbation, even mutual masturbation, felt good and took care of necessary urges, but it didn't have near the intensity of all-out, naked sex. And the venue in which they had just finished their romp only helped make them hornier, which made the sex even more intense.

Steve was happy he had remembered to bring a cloth to wipe the mess Brad had made on his chest and belly. "Whose idea was this again?" Steve asked, his sexy smile all but begging for a kiss from Brad.

"Why, it was the idea of Mr. Logistics, Mr. Organized, Mr. I've Got Everything Under Control." Brad tapped Steve's bare chest. "Who would've ever thought that underneath the skin of that efficient nerd beat the heart of the horniest pervert on the Sooloo."

Steve slouched back in the pilot's chair, his sexy grin still planted on his face. He admired the brown skin of his lover, thinking how the shiny sheen of sweat made it look delicious enough to eat.  "Hey, except for the Terrific Trio, this ship is completely populated by horny adolescent boys, so who's to say who the biggest perv is. The Terrific Trio was Steve's nickname for Jason, Jonas, and Lars, because the cute little imps had a way of showing up seemingly everywhere, being hugely cute and making people smile. He sometimes called them the Titanic Trio because their presence had recently created a giant crush of administrative work for him, which wasn't their fault.

Brad planted a kiss on Steve's lips, which led to a bout of tongue wrestling, which led to both teens springing new erections. "You're welcome to sit on my rod now, if you want," Steve said as they broke their kiss. "I mean what's a second straight orgasm among friends."

"I think we've been here about as long as we dare," Brad sighed. "It's probably time for us to clean up our mess, get dressed, and give the poor Raphael time to air out."

"We can finish our business in our quarters since our lives seem to have become about as normal as lives can be on the Sooloo." Then Steve flashed one of his sinister grins. "Brad, think of this idea. If we're going to just take our clothes off anyway, why bother getting dressed. Why we could just prance naked through the corridors, setting a precedent for other crewmembers."

"Damn you can be silly sometimes, my love. The day a senior officer or anybody else prances naked though the corridors of the Sooloo is the same day that Dave has lost all control of his senses and finds his officers in a state of nude mutiny."

"Oh, what fun. Then I wouldn't have to fill orders for new uniforms since everybody is growing by leaps and bounds. I like how you think, so let's set the precedent."

"Putting in all those extra hours into your work has turned your brain to mush, Love," Brad grinned. 

Steve kissed Brad's smooth cheeks. "I know, but I wanted to get caught up. Now I'm caught up and here we are on the Raphael, naked and sweaty, cum covered messes after having crazy sex on the pilot's chair of a shuttle. Was that fun or what? And that hard thing sticking out in front of you tells me you want more."

"Yep, it was fun and yep, I do want more," Brad said as he pulled on a pair of bright dark blue boxer briefs.

"Those blue briefs almost disappear in your brown skin," Steve observed.

"Hmm, these are dark blue underpants and my skin is a milk chocolate color. I think you need to get your eyes checked."

"Nah, my eyes are fine. They love looking at your beauty so much I think I imagined the briefs being part of you, so you still look naked."

Brad yanked down the front of the underpants to reveal his still hard cock. "If you can't see this work of art, then there's not a hint of my being naked."

"And as I come down from my over the top sexual excitement, I can see you were correct, Commander Kanye. Senior officers should not be seen prancing naked in the corridors of the Sooloo at any time now or in the future."

"I'm glad sanity has returned to you."

"I assure you that it has. I can tolerate having clothes on briefly, knowing what the reward will be at the end."

Brad gave Steve another kiss. "So can I, my love, so can I."

After donning their uniforms, the boys looked around the area for any telltale signs of their sexual activity. "I think we kept everything off the floor." Brad said.

"Barely, thanks to your spontaneous combustion," Steve giggled.

"Hey, it's not my fault you gave me a no-touch whammo bammo."

"I wonder if anybody else on the Sooloo has had sex in one of the shuttles."

"I'd be willing to bet a week's desserts that Kyle and Danny have. I mean shuttles are to Danny like computers are to you," Brad speculated.

"I bet I'd end up with your desserts. Kyle might be a really sexy looking dude, and I know he and Danny get it on just like you and I do, but Kyle is not crazy like us. If they had sex in a shuttle, it would be in an interior space they created on one of the holodecks."

"You never know. I doubt anybody on this ship has a clue about what a total sex fiend their hard-working, straight-shooting computer geek is."

Brad and Steve left the Raphael and headed up the ramp to the shuttle bay control center. Crewman Gross, who was on duty, paused his chore when he saw them enter the control center.

"Did you… um… get your inspection complete, sir?" he asked Brad with more than a hint of sarcasm. 

"We did indeed, Crewman," Brad replied. "The Raphael is ready to do barrel rolls the next time we use her."

"Do you think he knows?" Brad asked Steve as they made their way to their quarters.

"So, what if he does?" Steve replied. "Horny is horny no matter where you do it, and like I said, everybody on the Sooloo except…"

"… the Terrific Trio," Brad grinned.

"… except them is a horny adolescent. So there."

After they entered their quarters, they stripped their uniforms off to their undershirts and underpants. "How old do we have to be before Dave lets us get married?" Brad asked.

"I have no idea," Steve replied.

"Say what? Mister I Know Everything doesn't know the answer to a regulation that could directly affect his life?"

"Well, technically it is eighteen, but there seems to be a Dave Bowman regulation as well. Jace and Jordan were younger when they were married. I know Aiden and Connor are talking about marriage. Aiden is fourteen and Connor is thirteen and we're the same age. Since I am not privy to everything, my official answer is, I don't know the age."

"Whatever, I'm thirteen and you're fourteen and I think we're as in love and as ready as anybody. Anybody who can have wild sex in the pilot’s chair of a space shuttle is more than ready to get married," Brad said.

Steve stripped naked and plopped down on the bed. "Shouldn't a married couple be sexually compatible?" 

"I would say we are. I mean we had wild sex almost from the moment we met, and it's only gotten wilder.

"Well, it never hurts to always make sure." Steve grinned as he patted the bed. "And if we have to wait five years to get married, it will only get wilder."

Brad stripped off his underwear and dropped down next to his lover. "I'm more than willing to test things out."

Warning: This scene does mention an offensive act between an adult and a minor. No details are given, but the act is placed in the story for character development. The Voyagers' authors and Fort Family Sites do NOT condone such acts.

Officers' Mess ~ 1215

Cherry CrispLt. Łukasz Kuc was sitting in the officers' mess enjoying roast beef with carrots, little red potatoes and a dish of cherry crisp. Lt. Scott Trevor walked over to his table, carrying a dish with sliced turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn and cherry crisp. "Mind if I join you, Lieutenant?" he asked.

"Please do, Lieutenant, but you can call me Luke when not on duty."

"Luke, I'm Scott. So, how are you adjusting to being on the Sooloo?"

"Well, it's only been thirty-six hours, so hard to really say. I can state that the officers I share quarters with are not the most organized when it comes to quarters."

"Tai and Ben? You would think with them being IS, they would be organized."

Luke shook his head, "Captain Bowman would have a fit if he walked in there. I keep telling them that their areas are death traps."

"I'll ask Commander Kanye to have a word with them. In the meantime, I'd like to get to know you better. You are one of my subordinates, after all. Did you leave anyone over on the Endurance?"

"No, I worked too hard over there for me to have had a boyfriend. Here, I feel more respected and comfortable, so maybe that can change."

Scott blushed a little, "A cute boy such as yourself shouldn't have any problems."

That brought a blush to Luke, "Well, I do know a cute boy I might be interested in, but I don't think regulations would allow me to pursue it."

Scott's heart dropped when Luke said he was interested in someone, but he asked, "Why won't regulations allow it?"

"Well, we are the same rank, but he is my superior," Luke smiled.

Scott sat there thinking, either he was referring to Enzan or himself. The smile gave Scott the idea it might be him, then he started smiling. "You know, Commander Robinson is over all of navigation, including the pilots. He's dating one of the pilots. Dave said that while regulations prohibit such relationships, as long as they don't interfere with your duty, he won't say anything."

"That's good to know, but I don't know if this superior likes me. We've barely met and…"

"Does this officer seem like he wants to get to know you?"

Luke grinned really big, "Most definitely, and I would like to get to know him, like, I know he's sixteen, but I don't know if he likes anyone."

Scott looked into Luke's eyes, "I hope this doesn't come out cheesy, but in the short time we've know each other, I've felt a strange attraction. I think you are the most gorgeous guy on the ship and I want to know you to see if maybe we can have a relationship."

"I would like that, but I hope you're not in a rush for sex. I'm still a virgin and want my first time to be special. I won't be sixteen until the twenty-seventh of November"

"I wish I could say I was a virgin, but my Mom's brother raped me on my fourteenth birthday, the night before I left for the Academy. He came into my bedroom after everyone had gone to bed. He said 'Now that you are a man and joining a bunch of fags, I'm gonna make a real gay boy out of you.'" Scott started crying.

Luke looked shocked, "Oh man!!! THAT had to hurt in more ways than one. Did you tell anyone?"

"I didn't have to. When he forced his way into me, he didn't even use any lube. I screamed, and Dad came running in. Uncle Harry was arrested and found guilty at the trial. Besides a therapist, you are the first person I told about this. Dave may know because it IS in my file, but only ship captains and above may see it."

"I feel honored that you shared with me, but know that as far as I am concerned, you ARE still a virgin. I mean, you didn't ask for it, right?"

"He claimed that I did, but no," Scott started to cry. Luke put his hand on Scott's.

"I really feel special since YOU approached me. I hope we become a couple, but either way, I want to be your friend."

"I don't know why I approached you, other than feeling so attracted, and something inside of me said that I could trust you with this secret."

Luke sat staring, not sure what really to say, but not wanting to dwell on the subject, either. Finally, he said, "I don't know really what to say, I mean, I have some secrets which I wouldn't mind sharing with you, but nothing that even compares. I'm thankful for that. Anytime you want to talk, I will be a good listener. And no one will hear about this from me unless you say so."

"Thanks, Luke. I really do like you, and with this being such a short time since we met, I can't explain it. I know Kyle listens to the stars, and right now, I feel like they are pushing me towards you."

"Maybe they are. Do you believe in love at first sight? I never really did until I saw you."

Scott smiled, "Yeah I do, and I think I love you."

"We can go as slow as you want," Luke offered, "but I would like to explore these feelings."

Scott nodded, "I would like that as well."

End of warning scene!

Engineering ~ 1345

Almost five hours later with several stubborn parts replaced, Jace told a frustrated Dave that the FTL engines should be good to go. Dave gave the order to continue. His watch was almost over, and he couldn't wait to spend time with Hal and Lars.

Connor looked at Jace, "Everything is running more efficiently than it did when we first made the upgrades. I hope I won't need you again, at least for a while."

"Just goes to show, when we upgrade, we should upgrade every component, or at least check them all out. Jordan is going on watch soon, so I will be in my quarters with the twins."

"Speaking of which, Aiden and I enjoyed time with the twins, but we have some questions and concerns." Connor spoke with Jace about the boys swimming "nakey" to which Jace assured him that was not an issue. Provided no sex was involved, he saw nothing wrong with being naked in front of the twins. They were all boys.

Jace headed for his quarters while Connor turned over Engineering to Andrew Taylor, so he could spend time with Aiden.

Dave and Hal's Quarters ~ 1415

Dave and Hal were spending quality time alone in their bed as the ship travelled in FTL. Lars was sleeping, or so they thought. When they'd finished their little tryst, Hal got up to check on their son. He looked into the room they'd set up for Lars only to find him lying on his bed, crying.

Hal called his husband over and Dave took one look into Lars' room and, with Hal, entered and sat on the edge of Lars' bed.

"What's wrong, little one?" Dave asked quietly.

"I love you and Papa, but I miss my real dad, too. This is all I have of him." Lars handed Dave a figurine carved out of what looked like bone, the figure looked much like an older version of Lars with a rune carved into the chest plate of the figure.

Rune of ProtectionHal took one look at the rune and knew immediately what it signified. "I've seen this rune before, my grandfather gave me a necklace with it carved on it when I was accepted into Space Fleet. Hal went and got the necklace and they compared the rune. "He told me it was the Norse Rune of Protection. He said that whoever owned it would be protected from some form of evil." Hal then took the necklace and placed it around Lars' neck.

Dave held his son, allowing him to regain his composure. When Lars had calmed himself, Dave said, "We never want you to feel badly about missing your birth parents. We have been given a huge honor being entrusted with the responsibility of helping you grow into the man we both know you will become. Know now and forever that we love you as if you were our own flesh and blood."

This was the first time that Dave or Hal had seen Lars in a vulnerable frame of mind. Usually, he exuded a level of self-confidence that boys of his age rarely express. Hal made sure Lars knew that it was okay to feel that way, to express his vulnerabilities to them. As his new parents, they would help him work through any problems he encountered.

The new family spent the rest of the evening talking about little things, just being together as a family. Building a bond that would grow. Sharing tidbits of their lives with one another.

Officers' Mess ~ 1415

Randy Jenkins carefully ladled the long strand of spaghetti from the pot on the kitchen's range. It was important that it remain intact, since it was a special morsel of food. He placed it on a platter, slowly poured his special sauce over the snaking strand, and added six meatballs. The meal was requested by Aiden for the romantic dinner he and Connor had planned. The single strand of spaghetti was Randy's own touch—the two lovers could each start at one end and eat the strand until they met in the middle. The key to its preparation was to make it delectably tender while maintaining enough strength so it didn't fall apart as it was being slowly consumed by the lovers.

Randy was proud of his creation. He placed the platter on the food cart along with salads and desserts and wheeled it out of the kitchen to Aiden and Connor's quarters.

Jordan and Jace's Quarters ~ 1420

Jordan was on duty, replacing Dave on the Bridge and Jace had just left Engineering. He had been having a bad day and was looking forward to some time with the twins. When he got to their quarters, Jason was playing with a blue dragon figurine. A lot gruffer than he, or Jason, expected, Jace snapped, "What the heck are you doing playing with that?"

Jason got startled and dropped the figurine. As it smashed, he started to cry. A little calmer, Jace asked, "Why are you always playing with my stuff?"

"B... be... because it's yours, Daddy, and I... I... I want to be like you," Jason cried.

Jace sat down and started to cry. He called the boy over, but Jason was scared. Jace patted his knee and said, "Come here, I want to apologize to you."

Jason still felt uneasy but did as Jace requested. Before Jace could apologize, Jason whispered, "I'm sorry that I broke your blue dragon."

Jace wrapped his arms around Jason and quietly responded, "That can be replaced, I'm glad you aren't hurt. And your response to why you were playing with it was the best response you could have given. I'm sorry that I snapped at you like I did. Can you forgive me?"

Jason just reached up and gave Jace a peck on the cheek. Looking into Jace's wet blue eyes, Jason asked, "Can I get you a new statue?"

"I have a better idea. Why don't we replicate a toy blue dragon that you can play with? It can look just like that figurine… if you want."

Jason pouted a little, "It won't be the same; it won't be yours."

"Fine then, I'll make one for me and you can play with it whenever you like… or, I can make one of each and you can play with the toy."

That got a smile out of Jason as he threw his arms around Jace as best he could. Jace returned the hug and the peck on the cheek. Jonas came over and asked if he could play with the toy, too. Jace hugged and kissed him.

Whit Olsen rang the chime. As Jace answered, he responded, "You wanted to see me, Sir?"

"Can you take the twins to the Officers' Mess for dinner for me? I'll be down after a bit, but they want to go now."

Aiden and Connor's Quarters ~ 1430

Ice BucketWhen Connor arrived in his quarters, the lights were off; there was a glow coming from a pair of candles sitting on a table. Aiden was setting the table with a covered platter in the middle, and two smaller dishes with salads. Off to the side, on its own little stand was a bucket of ice with a bottle of sparkling grape juice. Connor walked up to him, asking, "What's this?"

"I just thought we haven't done anything special in a while and I wanted to make you happy."

Taking Aiden's hand, Connor looked lovingly into his eyes, then replied, "I am happy, happy just being with you. This is like icing on a delicious cake. I love it, but more importantly, I love you." Connor gave Aiden a passionate kiss.

As they sat to eat, Connor shared with Aiden about his talk with Jace. Aiden smiled, "I can't wait until we get married and we adopt a son of our own, but until then, we do have the twins and Lars that we can help with."

Connor chuckled, "When we get married, I will have a choice of taking your last name, keeping mine, or hyphenating."

"Hmmm, keep your own and you are C-U-M. Take mine and you are C-U-D… I'm not sure I would want to put cud in my mouth… Of course, you would be an exception. If you hyphenate, you will be C-U-M-D."

"Connor Ulysses Marlin-Douglas. I like the sound of that."

"And I would be Aiden Nathaniel Marlin-Douglas."

"Wouldn't you go by Douglas-Marlin?"

"No, Silly. I want our last names the same."

Connor blushed, "Call me silly… for that, you are stuck with me."

"I wouldn't want it any other way, Silly." Aiden fluttered his eyes at Connor like a school girl trying to get the Football Captain's attention.

Once the salads were done, Aiden filled a champagne glass for each of them with the grape juice. Then he lifted the cover off the platter in the middle. There on the platter was spaghetti with six meatballs. "Just so you know, that is ONE spaghetti noodle. Randy Jenkins made it that way, so we could each start at an end and work toward the middle, ending with our lips together."

"Like in that dog movie. I love it."

They each put an end in their mouth and started chewing. Occasionally, they would stop to take a sip of their juice, but then started right back up. It took nearly half an hour before their lips touched. Once they did, they each reached across the table to hold the other. Not letting their lips separate, they stood up and moved away from the table.

They moved toward the bed and finally broke their kiss. "Wow, that was intense!" Aiden stated. "Shall we eat our meatballs, or…"

"Yeah, maybe we should have eaten them before the spaghetti, but after they are gone, you are dessert."

"Mmmm, and here, I was planning to cover YOU with chocolate syrup and whip cream for dessert."

"We can do that, too. I don't care how we do it, I just love making love with you. It feels so natural."

"Then, later tonight, we can enjoy the pie Randy sent. He thought I was being weird asking for whip cream and chocolate syrup with a lemon meringue pie."

"Perhaps we can watch Lady and the Tramp while we eat our pie," Connor suggested.

Officers' Mess ~ 1445

After Randy Jenkins returned to the kitchen, he dished out two plates of spaghetti and meatballs for two other special spaghetti connoisseurs. These plates had standard length spaghetti strands, long enough to be enticing but short enough to wrap around a fork and eat—not that these two diners were picky about how they ate their "sketti". Wolfing it down was their primary goal.

Jonas and Jason jumped out of their chairs when they saw Randy carrying their two plates. "You brung us 'sketti'," Jason shouted as he jumped up and down. The twins had been sitting in the alcove just off the officer's mess where they usually sat on those rare instances they had to eat on their own.

The twins loved Randy, not only because he was extra-nice to them, but because he always had treats to hand out, like freshly baked cookies hot out of the oven, or donuts, or their favorite lunch or dinner—"sketti." While the replicators could create chocolate chip cookies or spaghetti or most things on the menu, the result was generally bland. The kind of food needed to feed a hungry crew of growing adolescents could only be created by cooks like Randy, who was the Executive Chef, or Chief Executive Chef Logan Kristoff, with the help of their assistant cooks and baker. The replicator was not capable of making the delicious food made with the proper combinations of herb, spices, sweets, sours, and love that a well-cooked meal had.

Randy, in turn, loved the twins. Their sweetness, their enthusiasm, their hugs, their love, and their innocence all worked on his heart. The newest addition to the ship was not in the alcove. Lars was different from the twins. He too, was sweet and enthused, flashing a smile that lit up his face and brightened his eyes. His hair was a brilliant gold that sometimes seemed to sparkle in the light. He had an aura of self-confidence about him that was growing almost by the minute in the brief time he had become a member of the Sooloo family.

Sitting in the alcove with the twins was Crewman Whit Olson, who was given boy-sitting duty. Even though Whit wasn't an officer, he could sit in the alcove thanks to this special duty. Usually, an officer who knew the twins and Lars, like Brad or Steve, would watch over the boys and enjoy a good time with the urchins, usually in their own quarters. This was a rare time when nobody seemed to be available for dinner, so Whit was recruited to sit with them, with dinner being served to the twins in the alcove instead of their quarters.

Whit was fourteen and had a brother who was ten, so he thought he had an inkling of how boys that age behaved, which meant like little brats, which is how his brother acted. The two positives to the duty was that it would only last for an hour and he had the privilege of eating in the officers' mess, even if it was in the private alcove off the main dining area.

The twins crowded around Randy asking what seemed like a million questions at once. "Hey, guys, go back to your table before I end up tripping over one of you." Whit couldn't help but be amused by Randy's discomfort, although he misunderstood the reason for it.

Jonas and Jason quickly stepped away. But Randy was so intent on avoiding the twins that his right foot caught the leg of Whit's chair and the plate in his right hand fell, landing upside down on the crewman's head, covering his hair, face, and lap in spaghetti, tomato sauce, and meatballs.

"Oh, fuck, I am so sorry," Randy screeched. The twins broke out into gales of laughter, both at the state Whit found himself in and at Randy's use of an expletive.

Randy set the other plate on the twins' table and then grabbed a napkin off Whit's table. He tried wiping Whit's head and face knowing his effort was futile. "Jonas, go get Ben and tell him we need towels and the cleaning kit," Randy ordered.

Ben Maxey was the assistant cook working the buffet table in the main dining area. Jonas leaped from the table, eager to help take care of fixing the damage from the accident.

The dining support group knew what to do when food service accidents happened. Within fifteen minutes, Ben, Randy, and Ernie Marquez had the situation under control. The floor was clean, Whit's table was clean, Whit's hair and face had been wiped with treated cleaning cloths, and Whit had a clean uniform on. Even more importantly, hot plates of spaghetti were in front of Jonas, Jason, and Whit, along with glasses of milk. Randy sat at Whit's table to make sure the crewman was okay with everything.

"You guys were good. I mean when Jace asked if I could help watch his twins while they ate, I thought I might get spaghetti in my hair from them throwing it at me, but I never dreamed the cook would dump it on my head," Whit laughed.

"Shit happens is what my old man taught me," Randy said. "As for the twins, they wouldn't dream of having a food fight. They could have been left here to eat alone and they would have been just fine."

"I keep trying to figure out how kids like you and your staff became cooks. I'd have trouble boiling water… let alone cooking meals for a ship full of starving kids."

"My parents own a restaurant and I fell into it naturally. They didn't force me to do anything, but when I turned ten, one of their chefs asked me if I wanted to help make my birthday dinner. Right then I was hooked. When I read about this Exploration fleet and how they were looking for teens with cooking experience, I thought, this is the thing for me. I could cook and go on an adventure—that's as good as it gets for me."

"My brother is ten, and he would have had a food fight if he was left alone in a room like this. Every time I see those twins and that new kid Lars the Captain and Hal adopted, I really am impressed by how good they are. That's not the way Darren is. You said you started cooking at ten, how old are you by the way?"

"Fourteen. And you?"


Randy and Whit talked about how Whit ended up in training for the Exploratory Fleet. "I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I was good enough to get in on this gig. Just getting away from my wacko family makes it good but being on the best ship in the fleet makes it even better."

As they talked, Randy couldn't help but stare at the dark-haired cutie sitting in front of him. This wasn't the first time Whit had caught his eye; after all, in his job he saw almost everybody a few times a week. But this was the first time he's looked at him closely. Randy saw a boy with a smooth face, deep blue eyes, a sweet smile, and a nice-looking body, especially in an emergency uniform that was a bit small on him. On top of admiring Whit's looks, he liked his demeanor. He had handled the spaghetti dumping like it was routine and helped the dining room crew with the cleanup even as he was cleaning himself up.

Whit was equally enamored. Unlike Randy, who was looking at many crewmen at once in the dining rooms, Whit had been able to concentrate on Randy. More than once, he felt a stirring in his loins as he went through the buffet while Randy was tending it, which wasn't often. He learned that Randy normally worked as a server in the officers' and senior officers' messes.

"Are you on duty this evening?" Randy asked.

"Nope. Those two are my duty watch for the evening," Whit smiled as he looked over the twins who were stuffing themselves with "sketti" while pretending not to be eavesdropping. "I have a lot of different duties around the ship, but this was my first one as a boy-sitter. I'd do it again, too. Those two are kinda special."

"I've got to get back to work, but I'd love to talk to you some more. Maybe we can meet in the library, say at 2000."

"I'll be there. See you then."

When Jace arrived to pick up the twins, they were just finishing their banana cream pie. Spaghetti sauce was covering their faces, and he noticed that Whit was wearing an ill-fitting work coverall instead of the crisp uniform he'd worn when he met the twins.

"How did it go?" Jace asked Whit.

"Fine. They were great."

Jason pointed to Whit and said, "He's a sketti head."

Jace saw Whit blush a bright red. Between the coverall, Jason's comment, and the blush, Jace knew there was a story. And as he heard the story from Whit and the twins all at the same time, he laughed so hard his belly was cramping up as the tears streamed down his face. He ate a plate of spaghetti and grabbed one to take back for Jordan, before going on duty for a few hours.

Holodeck ~ 1600

Dave and Hal took their turn while both Jace and Jordan were on watch to take the twins and their son, Lars to the Holodeck. The twins asked, and after getting permission from Jace and Jordan, took Shadow with them.

Dave and Hal had Randy prepare a picnic lunch for them and after entering the holodeck the 'Triple Terrors' as they had been named by several of the crew took off running, clothes flying behind them as they ran for the lake, with Shadow running after them barking as he went. Dave and Hal laughed at this sight, but decided it was all good fun. They sat under a tree and set out the picnic lunch enjoying some time to themselves.

The twins and Lars were playing a game of tag in the water, at one juncture, Lars 'tagged' Jason by grabbing his member under the water. Jason was shocked at this but had to admit it felt good. Since he had been 'tagged' he then was 'it' and started after the other two. Not to be outdone, he 'tagged' Jonas in the same fashion.

After a time, Hal went looking for the boys, finding them on the shore of the lake 'tagging' each other. Hal wasn't quite sure how he should react to this… after all, they weren't yet 9-years-old, but decided that he should not make a big deal about it… at least not until he'd had an opportunity to discuss it with Dave, Jace and Jordan.

"Guys, grab your clothes and get dressed, then we'll eat the great lunch Uncle Randy prepared for us."

The boys got dressed, and the five of them… six, including Shadow, enjoyed the repast Randy had prepared. When they'd finished eating, their time on the holodeck was over, so they all went back to the Captain's quarters where the trio, and Shadow hopped into Lars' bed and fell quickly asleep.

Dave and Hal discussed what Hal had witnessed and decided that at their first opportunity to discuss it with Jace and Jordan. Neither felt that the other set of parents would have an issue with what transpired but agreed that they should probably arrange a time for the four of them to talk to the boys about it.

Kyle and Danny's Quarters ~ 1945

Danny was lying on his bed going over an astrogation technical manual. It wasn't the most exciting thing he could do, but as long as he was being assigned an occasional bridge watch at the astrogation table, he felt he should improve his knowledge of what went on there. When the ship was in FTL mode, there really wasn't much to be done at the bridge. Danny usually kept himself amused while working by bringing up a random star chart and working out a course from Earth to a distant star on the chart. He was told he'd probably be standing two or three astrogation watches a week filling in for Kyle, John Luke, or Tyler Lynch.

Kyle had been a great astrogation teacher, but there was only so much he could do. Danny knew it was his responsibility to improve his knowledge and skills.

Kyle was busy with a task of his own. He was sitting by the cabin window doing maintenance work on his telescope. At the moment, he was polishing the lenses.

"How much longer are you going to be polishing those lenses?" Danny asked.

"Until they're close to perfect," Kyle replied.

"That means you'll be doing it until sometime into the next century."

"This LensMagic stuff makes the work go pretty fast."

"Okay, so it will only take into the next decade."

"Did I ever tell you how sexy you look without any clothes on?"

"Don't change the subject. At least I'm not hiding my body behind a bleeping telescope."

Kyle rose from his chair and walked to the other side of the scope. "Satisfied?"

"It looks okay," Danny grinned mischievously. "At least polishing those fucking pieces of glass doesn't give you a hard-on."

"I save that for you."

"Along with a dozen or so other guys who turn you on every time you see them."

"They only turn me on when I'm not on duty. And I dare you to name one of those guys."

"I can name two," Danny grinned.

"They wouldn't happen to be named Brad and Steve, would they?" Kyle sat back in his chair and went pack to polishing.

"I knew you knew that I knew, but I wanted to make sure you knew that I knew that they turned you on."

"That wasn't that tough to figure out, Sherlock, considering how often we talk about figuring out a way to get a four-way going with them. Fuck, sometimes they turn me on even when I am ON duty."

"This talk is getting me horny."

Kyle held the lens in front of him and eyed his handiwork. "I think this looks close to perfect." He laid the lens in its lined container.

"Why do you even need that telescope?" Danny asked. "I mean I know when we were first rooming and stuff you were testing things out. But now you have our computer connected to the ship's astrogation program and you can see what any of the ship's telescopes are seeing. And all you see when we're FTL is gray, anyway, so why?"

"Damn, you're full of questions today. It's like you bottled them all up and the cork popped out today. But, whatever the answer is, you just never know. It's like when we were in orbit around New Earth, I could use my telescope to look out of our window and move it to see anything I wanted since we were facing away from the planet. I thought I told you that."

"You did. I'm just trying to put everything together in my mind all at one time.

"What are you going to do when you run out of that LensMagic crap? I understand that the replicator can't match your magic stuff, which is why it isn't used on the best lenses. I mean, aren't you taking stuff the ship is going to need for a long time?"

"That won't happen. First, the lenses on our main telescopes are in an almost totally dust-free environment and are so well protected they only need to be cleaned quarterly. But more important, even before Steve and I really knew each other, he saw me bring my telescope on board and ordered two extra boxes of the stuff. And, I don't know how he did it, but somehow he managed to con Dae-Ho Park into giving him a half-case from the Endurance's stores."

"Who is Dae-Ho Park?"

"Their administrator. He has the job that Steve has for us."

"And I bet he's not as good at it."

Kyle walked over to his dresser and picked Megrez off the top. "Okay buddy, back to your perch on top of the scope."  He then set Megrez on the CPU of the digital telescope. He walked over to Danny's bed and sat next to his best friend. He was about to ask Danny if he wanted to move the beds together when Danny steered them onto another subject.

"Does Megrez really help you when the stars talk to you?"

Kyle was surprised by Danny's question.  He had come to the bed to talk about having sex and instead he gets asked a serious question about the stars.

"I thought you said you were horny," Kyle replied.

"I am, but seeing you setting Megrez on his telescope perch made me want to ask you that question. I've wanted to do it for a long time, even going back to when we were both ten and were getting interested in sex things together."

"Okay, I'll answer your question, as long as you promise to stay horny."

"I'm twelve, silly. It's hard for me to turn it off. Hell, it was hard for me to ask the question now, but for some reason it seemed like the right time. It was like I had to ask it right now."

"The answer is, yes he does help. It took me a long time to learn he could make what the stars say clearer, but once I figured it out, it's like I understand so much more when they talk to me."

"I don't get how he helps. I mean, how do the stars use a stuffed animal to help communicate?"

From the time they were little kids growing up together, Danny never doubted Kyle's claim that the stars talked to him. While he listened to whatever Kyle said to him about the stars communicating with him, he was usually uncomfortable about bringing up the topic himself. But at that moment he felt that he had to know.

Kyle picked up his lens box. "What I think is, Megrez does what the thing in this box does. He enlarges the signal or whatever it is from the star and focuses it to me so what I get in my mind is kind of like louder and clearer."

"Can anything be a lens?"

Kyle was slowly stroking Danny's bare chest as he thought through his answer. "I don't know, Danny. The stars don't tell me how they do things, so all I have is guesses and theories."

"Do you think a person can be a lens for another person?"

"Like I said, I don't know. I doubt it." Kyle paused a moment, and then backtracked. "Maybe they could. I don't know how the stars, who send out light over the universe at, well, light speed, can communicate in FTL mode. But their light is all most of us know about them. I don't understand why they can send communications out FTL, but I hardly ever hear them when we're in FTL and they never use Megrez."

"So, you don't think a person can be a lens, or you think you can, or you just don't want to guess."

"I don't know, but I'll learn to know. When I try to say what the stars told me, sometimes just thinking about it tires me out. I think that's why they use something inanimate like Megrez. A person would get worn out trying to take the stars' communication and enhance it for another person.

"So, I'm going to take a stand. The more I think about it, the more I don't think a person can be a lens for communication with the stars. How would the human lens be able to send what the star communicates without sending some of his own thoughts? So, my theory is it won't happen." It would not be very long before Kyle would learn that his theory was completely off base.

"You're pretty smart to come up with theories like Megrez being a lens and humans as lenses. Sometimes I wish I was as smart as you." Kyle pinched Danny's left nipple. "Hey, what was that for?"

"Quit putting yourself down."

"Hey, you put yourself down a lot."

"But, I'm getting better, partly because you use those exact words with me. 'Quit putting yourself down.' The pinch was to wake you up."

"I can't create a course through space to get the Sooloo to the exact right place, like you can. That's why I always have an astrogation watch when we're FTL or in orbit around a planet like New Earth. I can't screw anything up."

"Listen to me, dude. Nobody gets duty at that table if they can't handle more than just basic astrogation. I know this because I make the duty schedule. And didn't we just come out of FTL to make some repairs? When we were ready to return to FTL, John Luke had to make the calculations needed to get us exactly back to the place we belonged to keep us on course. That could have been you on duty when that happened. Do you think I want a dummy on watch? You've been studying your ass off to be ready if you were in that position."

Danny all but ignored Kyle's comments. "The only thing I know I can do really well is pilot a shuttle, and a lot of the crew can do that."

"I'm gonna pinch your right nipple in a minute if you don't quit whining."

"I'm not whining."

"Listen. There are only three expert shuttle pilots, and you are the best of the three. I was with you when you landed the Bubba on New Earth, remember. I saw how you helped the Endurance shuttle land near us. Sure there are a few more of us, me included, who can handle a shuttle. But, that doesn't make us shuttle pilots. Thinking about flying a shuttle into the shuttle bay scares the hoopty-doop out of me, but I know I can do it, just like you could have put us back on course after we fixed our problem. It would scare you, but you could do it."

"I think I get it. All of us on the crew have different skills, almost all of us can do different jobs well, and each of us has a special skill that we can do as good as or better than anybody on the ship. Or, with you and astrogation, maybe better than anybody in the Exploration Fleet."

"Like how you fly a shuttle. When you bring a shuttle to dock in the shuttle bay, it's like your mind is connected to the controls of that shuttle. Sometimes I think you can fly a shuttle right though the eye of a needle, and I've never thought that about any pilot, either of a shuttle or of the Sooloo itself.

"Are you over your sulking?" Kyle asked. He planted a kiss on Danny's lips.

"Yeah. Sorry about that. I just got into a funky space and couldn't get my thoughts right."

"Yeah, just like the rest of us tweens and teens on this ship. Sometimes things just don't click. I know you've had to listen to my whining too, and I've always appreciated you being a good listener." Kyle looked down at Danny with a loving smile.

"Enough talk, let's put the beds together and make love to each other," Danny said as he rubbed Kyle's smooth back. The boys moved Kyle's bed next to Danny's.

"Are we sleeping together after we're done?" Danny asked as they replaced the single sheets and blankets with doubles. 

"Nobody is going to be coming on or off watch during a sleep time for a few days thanks to some expert schedule making at the astrogation table," Kyle grinned. Kyle and Danny split up their beds when their schedules were such that one of them could wake the other either after going to bed after duty or getting up for duty.

"Who's gonna bottom?"

"Let's say nobody and not fuck."


"Remember when we were nine and ten and learning about each other bodies? We'd go naked into bed and feel each other and touch each other. We'd touch our chests and butts, and our smooth balls and boners. I remember how we learned to rub our hairless little boners together and kept feeling better and better until we learned about getting orgasms and then we couldn't get enough of touching each other everywhere.  Remember all of that before we got split up?"

"I remember. Those were good times and they helped us when one or both of us felt bad about something. And our cocks still don't have any hair, but they are not as little, and they squirt."

"I don't think either one of us feels bad about something tonight, but you were so full of questions about me and about you and about the stars," Kyle looked over at the telescope, "and about Megrez," he grinned. "Let's go back to being ten and just love touching each other everywhere we can for a long as we can, with kissing thrown in, and go until we shoot cum over each other."

"And do it more than once?" Danny asked.

"Oh, another question. Of course, do it more than once. Like you said, we're both twelve."

"One more question. Why don't we just leave the beds together. You wake me up half the time when you come in while I'm asleep."

Kyle pinched Danny's left nipple. "That's for asking your last question. My answer is yes, and now let's cum until we're dry."

They ended up doing it three times apiece before falling asleep with their naked bodies tangled together, and one more time when they awoke before breakfast the next morning.

Library ~ 2000

Whit and Randy arrived at the library at the same time. While the library had some actual bound books, they were mostly technical manuals, school texts, and classics. Crewmembers could download books to read in the library itself, or on one of the computers in the six "reading" rooms.

The two fourteen-year-olds spent a half hour learning about each other. Whit learned that Randy was gay, but not really experienced sexually. Mutual masturbation was as far as he had gone, along with a limited amount of kissing and humping cocks. "I kissed Ernie's cockhead a couple of times, but while he'll jerk off with you, he won't go further. Ben likes to get jerked off by me and jerk me off, but it's hard to do stuff in our rooms. There wasn't much privacy. Still, I could hear Ernie going hard to lay pecker tracks on his sheets just about every night, when I shared quarters with him."

"Same with us Crewmen," Whit said. "I think that's why we all like these so-called reading rooms. The reading couches can just fit two guys and when you get all your clothes off, well, I guess you become an expert at reading bodies."

"I've jerked off with Ben on those couches. I'd love to do more. Are you gay?"

"I had a girlfriend before we left, and yeah, I actually went all the way with her, as young as we are. But I don't think it matters here on the ship—you get what you can get. Like you, I've jerked off with and rubbed off on other guys, but I've never kissed a cock. Georgene did suck me a few times, though."

"So, I guess you don't have anything like a boyfriend."

"Nope. And it sounds like you don't either."

Randy stared at Whit. "I hope you don't get pissed at me when I say this, but I think you're really cute."

"Even with a plate of spaghetti on my head?"

"Especially with a plate of spaghetti on your head," Randy grinned. "Maybe over your whole body so I could eat if off you."

"Damn, you're a sexy sounding dude. And, well, instead of being pissed at what you said, I can tell you that I think you're pretty cute, too. I'd consider giving up girls for you, not like I have any here, anyway."

"Cuter than Georgene?"

"You might be if you dumped spaghetti over your head," Whit laughed.

"Do you want to see where this may go?"

The door to one of the "reading" rooms opened. Crewmen Noah Marquis and Gordy Mason walked out, straitening their casual uniforms. "Next," Gordy called out without embarrassment. Everyone knew that a lot more than reading went on in the "reading" rooms. They were much more convenient to use than a holodeck which has to be reserved in advance which made them difficult to use for a quick tryst.

"I think I'd like to learn some new things," Whit grinned. "Isn't that what libraries are for?"

"So, I've heard."

Whit was already removing his uniform top as Randy closed the door to their "reading" room. There was no need to turn on the computer, all the electricity was going to be on the couch.

Jordan and Jace's Quarters ~ 2015

Jace got off duty before Jordan and picked up the twins before heading to their quarters. Jordan walked in the door and was tackled by the twins, "Daddy, you're home."

"And what did you do while I was on watch?"

"Played a little with Daddy and then Lars," Jonas replied.

"You didn't play with me, I was on the bridge," Jordan teased.

Jason shook his head, "Not you Daddy, Daddy Jace."

Jordan smiled, "Oooooo, well when you just say 'Daddy,' how do I know you're not talking about me?"

"You're silly, Daddy," Jonas declared.

Jace was watching Jordan have fun, but he thought Jordan had a point. He inquired, "Do you remember watching that video about the World War II pilots, Baa Baa Black Sheep?"

Jonas nodded his head, "Yeah, I liked it. Can we watch more?"

"Not now, it's almost your bed time, so play with Daddy some, then off to bed, but what I was getting at, do you remember what they called the leader?"

Jason spoke up, "Pappy Boyington."

"Well," Jace suggested, "what if you called one of us Daddy and the other Pappy?"

"Pappy Jace," Jason blurted out.

Then Jonas looked at Jordan and said, "We played with Pappy."

"Okay," Jordan smiled, "that makes it clearer. Have you guys eaten?"

Jason nodded frantically as Jonas replied, "We had sketti and meatballs. Whit got covered with a plate by Randy, and Jason got it all over his face."

"So did you," Jace chimed.

"Then Pappy warshed our faces."

"Washed, there's no 'r' in it," Jordan corrected with a chuckle.

"Washed," Jonas repeated.

"I brought a plate back for you," Jace announced.

Jordan grinned, "Thanks, let me spend some time with the munchkins, then I'll eat."

"I'll heat it up for you," Jace offered.

"If you don't want your meatballs…" Jason snuggled close to Jordan.

"You and Jonas ate SIX meatballs each. I had three and Daddy will have three."

"SIX meatballs?" Jordan questioned, looking at Jason.

"They were good, I liked putting the balls in my mouth." Jace and Jordan could barely contain themselves. If Jason could only have seen their thoughts over what he had said.

The twins were in bed, Jordan had finished his meal and Jace whispered, "Now, I wanna put YOUR balls in MY mouth."

Jordan shook his head, "I almost died when Jason said that about the meatballs. Do you think they are as innocent as they seem?"

"Remember, they were going to split those two up because they caught Jonas sucking on Jason's private. I've checked on them a few times and caught them. I don't think they saw me, but both boys enjoy sucking."

Jordan stated, "As long as it's just them, that's fine, but now that Lars is on the ship, we may need to talk with them."

Jace agreed, "We can do that first thing in the morning, before I go on duty. Now, I am taking you to our bedroom, stripping you and planning to enjoy your meatballs and sausage."

Dave and Hal's Quarters ~ 0300

Hal was awakened by Dave thrashing in his sleep. Dave was sweating profusely and speaking in his sleep, saying things like, "Don't do it, Mom!" and "I didn't have a choice!"

Hal knew the situation that happened back when Dave's mother died and it worried him that after more than two years, Dave was starting to have a recurrence of the memories they had worked so hard to get him past.

Hal knew he had to wake his husband and knew that it would not be a 'pretty sight' when he did.

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