Based on the story Booker Burns ©Maxieplus 2018 

What is hurt? It is a dull ache in your gut and heart that gnaws its way out from the inside. It is an insidious ache that no pill in the world can stop.

What causes hurt? It is caused by many things, a family that doesn't care or love you. It is caused by a lover that dumps you and takes everything you have. It is caused by the abuse heaped on you by a family member. It is caused by the bullies at school. It is caused by the townsfolk that cross the street to the other side, just so they don't have to acknowledge you. It is caused by the folks that won't look you in the eye, when they talk to you. It is caused by the ones that have sex with you, and then dump you by the roadside. The shunning by an unrequited love, is a major cause of hurt. There are as many causes of hurt, as there are stars in the sky.

There is nothing that doctors can do for hurt, it has to be healed from the inside out, or from the outside in with the love and care of a loved one.

The cure for hurt is to change your view of yourself and what caused the hurt. Another cure for hurt is to drop the walls and let the outside and the light in. The unconditional love, and care of a loved one, can also cure hurt, however, only if you drop your walls and let the love in.

Drop the walls, let the light, and love in to banish your hurt. Walls not only keep thee hurt in the keep thee light, and love out.

Let the light, and love wash your hurt away.

Author's Note:

This piece was inspired by the words written a very insightful Zack in the story Booker Burns by Maxieplus. I have tried to convey how Zack felt when he wrote his essay, and how he feels before... Sorry, I can't say anything more.

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 Please thank Maxieplus for my inspiration.