Ask Me

Chapter 20

 Funny enough but the next day was free of media and at breakfast Davo was very quiet, maybe because Phil had made him wear his little plastic crown.

"So what are we doing today Dave?" Marty asked.

"Well three things actually," he said a little tentatively.

"And?" I waved my hands for him to continue.

"National museum of Singapore this morning, Raffles for sandwiches and a gin sling for lunch then an afternoon nap and by the looks of Adam this morning, he really needs one, doesn't he Rob?"

Rob bent his head and looked sideways at Adam, they blushed.

"And tonight?" Conner asked.

"That will be revealed later but bring plenty of mosquito repellant," Dave hinted.

We met in the foyer and then boarded our van; the driver took us for a tour of the city and then on to the museum. I think Conner read every sign and looked at every exhibit and an hour into our outing, he was only up to his fifth exhibition room.

"It's fascinating Brent, I could spend all day here, so interesting.

"Well we can skip the gin sling and just do this?" I suggested.

"It wouldn't be fair on the others Brent, I can always come back."

I went to find an attendant, he was very happy to show us through and we only stopped at the most important displays but that cost me fifty bucks.

We caught up with the boys in no time, Conner was happy to just see the things we were shown and he loved the musical instrument section.

We gathered out the front and then were taken to Raffles, what a great old hotel that has been here forever, Conner ordered two gin slings. Yep, another fifty bucks, we only had the one each cause it was too pricey and we decided we would do better by going to a nearby shopping center to eat, so off we went. The food was nice but standard. By this time I was feeling tired like the others, maybe we weren't used to the warm weather.

Once back at the hotel foyer, Dave said, "Everyone meet me here at seven thirty."

 Conner pulled out and I let go of my breath, he was a little exhausted after his orgasm and flopped next to me his face shiny and smile infectious.

"Brent, I love you so much."

"Me too you babe, that was wonderful, I think I kind of like being a catcher sometimes but I love pitching more."

"Well anytime babe, anytime you want it, just ask me."

"I will lover, do we really have to leave tomorrow?"

"Unfortunately yes Brent but I'm with you, I don't want to go."

"It's okay baby, I can show you London in a day or two, I believe you will love the museums."

"Yeah, if I ever get near one then someone will stuff my day up, it's a given."

"Well maybe not, let's Google a few places that are nearer to the stadium," I suggested.

"Can we do that on the plane, I think I'm ready to go again, have you got another load in ya?"

"Let's see, open your eyes."

He did and it was almost instant, a few tugs and I was ready.

Hanging onto the headboard he screamed,

"Fuck me."

He turned his head and kissed me while I made a small deposit.

 "Okay where are we off to Davo?"

"Night safari Brent."

"Wow," Conner and Di screamed but Rob didn't look that sure, I don’t think he's the kind of bloke that wants to see animals caged up.

"Don't worry Rob, they are all free range, we drive straight through their lairs and I believe there are tigers and elephants Rob, you will be able to compare dicks."

Laughing all the way to the park pick up bus, we had three hours of pure magic; it was incredible but a long way out of town.

 I had already packed and after a quick breakfast, the limo picked us up. Marty and Conner left first with Grant, who winked at me, then patted his bag.

Cameras were making their familiar clacking noises and flashes were blinding my man but he smiled all the way through it as he gave his final interview.

"I'll be back, I've had the best time here, it's a wonderful country and I want to see more."

"What was your favorite thing to do Rick?"

"Oh my God, stroking the tigers, it was just awesome, thank you Singapore."

We were already in the limo when Conner and Marty jumped in, of course Conner struggled to get to me, he looked at Di and said,

"You need to lose some weight my dear."

She looked at him blankly then opened her bag.

"If you take a diet pill Diana, I'm going to spew," I said.

"Fuck off Brent," she answered.

 Grant handed me a note when we boarded that read, 'The items are in the wardrobe,' so I thanked him. Moving onto the departure runway, I settled my guests in and grabbed my man for a big kiss then did my safety spiel.

I loved this plane, it was huge compared to the other one but the hold was packed solid with our luggage as well as parcels and letters, all destined for the U.K. I fed my friends a delicious meal and then coffee while some had drinks. Grant sat in the cockpit with Phil and Dave and they were reminiscing about the Air Force when I arrived with my coffee pot, I sat for a moment and thanked him for being my eyes in Singapore. He replied that it was his pleasure, the items weren't expensive but he thought Conner would love them.

"Happy Anniversary Conner, it's present time,"

I said as he lay down for a bit of a nap.

"What are you on Brent, too much coffee, you better slow down on it?"

I went to the wardrobe and picked up a rather large shopping bag before sitting on the bed then I started pulling out souvenirs from our stay. Conner was laughing at the assortment I had laid on the bed, there were three happy cats waving at him, a stuffed tiger reposing, a cap from Santosa Island, a Kombi van radio which he immediately tried to turn on, a framed photo of us in our fancy dress costumes and another of us all at the Indian restaurant and finally, a shadow box with an antique Singaporean flute behind glass.

"This is just the best present Brent, I love it, these are things I wouldn't have bought for myself, they are so gorgeous," he kissed me and said thank you.

He knew I didn't buy them but I don't think he cared; he finally got the radio working, but duh, not thirty thousand feet above the earth.

Our bed was turned into a playpen, the cats waved, the photos were placed next to our bed and the tiger was cuddled and if he had a hammer and a nail, I'm sure the shadow box would be on the wall.

 We finally did nap for a few hours then showered, I had to get lunch ready and pass out water and juice and maybe an ice cream or two. When we got back to the cabin, a movie was playing so I asked everyone if they would like something but Rob said they had helped themselves and by the looks of it, they had cleaned up after themselves too. I got us some water and Conner snuggled into me on the sofa and started kissing my neck.

"Thank you, thank you," he kept repeating.

Small things, they were just small things but they meant something to him.

I prayed that London would be kind to us but I knew it wasn't going to be.

Rick Conners will re-appear overnight and I should prepare myself for a bumpy ride.

 The flight was long so we amused ourselves by playing board games and Di and Marty made a good team, then we slept and Dave and Phil took it in turns to nap in the cockpit. Finally we were starting to descend into Heathrow.

What a bloody mess, there were fans everywhere and Conner and our friends were ushered into a VIP area where the media were waiting. The crowd in arrivals was swelling by the minute, we had passed through customs without any problems but Conner still had to get to the waiting car and he didn't relish the thought of being mobbed.

"Come with me," I said as I caught his arm and pulled him into the nearest toilet.

"Brent not now, not here," he giggled.

"Get undressed babe," I ordered.

"Kinky," he answered.

I opened my spare uniform bag and told him to put it on, then I borrowed Dave's cap and packed Conners silky hair under it, he looked so fucking sexy that I wanted to make out with him there and then.

We four flight crew walked out to the car with no problems and the other four followed in the car behind, laughing. We were booked into the Soho.

There were no fans outside the hotel and Marty had interviews lined up so poor Conner will be at it till ten this evening. A small convention room had been booked and after a bit of a cuddle, Grant and two other bodyguards escorted Conner down to the media room.

Later on I thought I would look in on him, just to see if everything's on the up and up but mainly I missed him.

There must have been a hundred reporters in the room and cameras flashed constantly, Conner was under bright spotlights and looked jet lagged and exhausted. I stood at the back while Conner talked about his unplugged concert and his eyes drooped. Fuck this I thought, now how to end this facade?

I didn't have to do anything as someone recognized me and started taking photos, the crowd of mainly men was talking and a few asked me some questions. I could see Conner leaving the podium while I held their attention, yes I was well and yes I am here as Conner's mate. Yes I am looking forward to his concerts; especially his unplugged one and I think his CD is amazing. It went on and on. Adam stood in front of the microphone and called the meet and greet to an end and he looked pissed off. Conner had disappeared.

"It should have finished an hour ago Brent but Marty kept it going, he’s schmoozing again," Adam whispered in my ear.

I excused myself and headed for the penthouse where Conner was sitting on the bed stunned. I undressed him and got him under the covers then crawled in behind him and kissing his neck, I told him how much I loved him and he said,

"Thank you."

I know that underneath that rock star exterior, that fuckable body and that outgoing persona that there was a scared little boy who needed peace and quiet just as much as I did. I can't save him all the time from the wolves at the door but at least I can be there for him.

 True to Marty’s word, there were no television, radio or media commitments in the morning and Conner slept well on our first night. We had a beautiful breakfast in our room, nude of course, because he was far too hot to go downstairs with the others, the hotel was crawling with media.

When he went with Marty to Wembley Stadium to start rehearsals and do sound checks, I took Di out for lunch.

We had a great time in one of the back alleys and no one knew us but Di did get a lot of looks because she was so gorgeous. After talking about a small problem I had, we got a London taxi to her friend's apartment nearby and we spent a lovely two hours catching up with her and she loved her bridesmaid's dress.

Back at the hotel, Conner arrived around four, it was going to be a big night for him but he was confident that all would go to plan. It was sold out or very close to it and Marty was happy.

"Don't forget you owe me a double decker bus ride tomorrow, so don’t overdo it tonight," I reminded him.

"I won't, are you coming with me?"

"Yes, I'll help you relax before the concert," I replied, smiling quite cheekily.

"Well we better start getting ready, I have to be there at six."

"Why so early babe?"

"Interviews in my dressing room, meet and greet, same old, same old," he smiled.

"Want to make out now, maybe have parent sex?"


So we made out for an hour, now there’s no need to relax him before the show.

 Grant and his guys got us to the underground parking, he gave me the thumbs up and I returned the gesture. We were followed but it was mainly fans trying to get a glimpse through the black glass. Into the underground car park at Wembley, the security was massive so no one got near us and we headed for Conner's dressing room. The TV station that was doing the interview was already set up, so after his hired help applied his make-up, Conner sat through another meet the press interview.

 We would be escorted out the front where there were seventy thousand fans waiting for Rick Conners, the stadium wasn't filled to capacity, that would come the day after tomorrow with the other four rock concerts, or so I thought.

The bells were ringing and people were running everywhere.

Grant got us into our seats in lightning time and the lights went down, then an orchestra started up. My excitement was over the top when Conner strode on stage to a standing ovation and I thought if the crowd was going to be like this all night then we won't hear him sing, but after a while they settled down a little. He sang virtually all the songs he was doing in the rock concert, and more. I cried, and laughed at his antics; at one stage he adjusted his cock to the pleasure of the audience. When he sang, 'Us,' there wasn't a dry eye in the place, it was more than beautiful, it was pure magic.

 Grant got us back stage after two and a half hours of being lulled into Conner's beautiful music, I hugged him and almost wept, Marty's eyes were red and Rob just couldn't quite put into words how he felt. It was a roaring success and the meet and greet afterwards was full on, he had his photo taken with some seriously famous people, I didn't recognize half of their faces but Conner seemed to know them. Two hours later, Grant and his men got him out of the green room and down to the car park; he showed us to an old rusty car and told Conner to put a blonde wig on.

"What’s going on babe?"

"Happy Anniversary beautiful," I said.

We rattled our way past the paparazzi who didn't even bother to look at us.

He drove us to an apartment only a mile from the stadium. I took Conner's hand and thanked Grant, he said someone would keep their eye on the flat, twenty four seven.

We opened the door to the small London flat and Conner looked around and said,

"Who lives here Brent?"

"We do for the next few weeks babe, it belongs to a friend of Di's who has moved into the penthouse, she is very happy to help us out."

"Wow, you did all this, it's impossible, not even Adam or Jill could pull this off."

"Well, you have media in the afternoon but the bus stops right out the front door so we've got all morning to tour."

"Let's get some sleep babe, I'm so tired," he said.

"Sure Con," I agreed.

We snuggled into our bed in a little flat in London and it was all I ever dreamed it would be, and dream I did. Conner had a good dream too, around five o clock in the morning and he enjoyed his orgasm.

Waiting for the bus after having a breakfast of bacon and eggs, he still had his blond wig on with a cool cap on top. We jumped in the double decker bus and straight up to the top seating. Riding around London we cuddled up as much as we could, the weather was cool but okay and for three hours we jumped buses and took different routes, then we grabbed a light lunch at a shopping center food court. Bangers and mash, bathed in the most delicious gravy I have ever tasted.

Conner of course was on edge but I assured him that the guys were following us and he was safe.

 The same rusty old car arrived outside the flat and we were whisked off to the media conference at the hotel. Conner's press conference was absolutely positive and many accolades were given, the one night concert was a masterpiece. (Of course it was, I had already told the press that.)

I spent the next four hours looking at tour brochures, talking to Rob and perving on my man who seemed very relaxed; he even winked at me once.

Later I thanked god it was over and we ended up at the bar having a few drinks, Conner's big concerts start tomorrow so I let him do his own thing then we went to dinner.

"What have we got on tomorrow Brent?" he asked.

"Madam Tussauds," I winked.

"Cool babe, so fucking cool," he said and slapped my hand.

 As it turned out, after a night of making love the dreaded early morning phone call arrived. He was needed at the stadium all day so I did the wax museum with Adam, Di and Rob and we had a ball, we lunched at a bistro in town and arrived at the venue early. Conner was knackered, he had to rehearse his dance routine with his London dancers and then the lighting was stuffed up and it took hours to remedy but in the meantime Marty organized another television interview, followed by a meet and greet in the green room.

When I got him, he was so bloody tired so I looked at Marty and said,

"He needs rest Marty, no more meet and greets please."

Marty just huffed.

 I made everyone leave us and held him on the couch while he slept for a couple of hours.

The knock on the door eventually came so I quietly woke him up and got him in the shower.

"Can you stay here while the show is on Brent, you can watch it from the wings, I just need to know you're somewhere close, it gets pretty lonely out there?"

"For sure babe, I'll be here for you, I saw my show the other night."

I kissed him then helped him dress, (we had given the maid the night off and two front row tickets) he sang some notes, he was warming up his voice and it truly was beautiful.

I could hear the music ramp up so Marty and I walked him to the wings and the stage manager was there to give him his cue while the sound man was testing his mike. Lights out, hand squeezed and he ran on stage, it was hard hitting and powerful, the rush that rocked Wembley was massive, it’s a wonder the roof stayed on. Rick's energy rocketed through the stadium.

 He rocked through the first five numbers then the dancers came on, gorgeous guys and girls with bodies to die for and the tightest shorts. Conner danced and sang with them, in perfect unison. His butt was begging to be fucked and his eyes searched me out at every opportunity, he was dancing for me.

Then a very large spotlight fell from the roof and hit the stage, smashing into a thousand of pieces, Conner was startled but didn't miss a beat even though it landed twenty feet from where he was, it's still worrying as he or any of the dancers could have been harmed.

The number finished and thank god there was a small break while he exited the stage and prepared to sing one of his slow numbers, there will be two more anthems then 'Bring it on,' would finish the set.

"What the fuck happened Marty?"

"I'm trying to find out Conner, go get ready for the next number, the guys are up there checking everything now."

"Well find out," he ranted.

"Come on baby, let’s get you changed," I said.

"I am not going on until it's safe Marty, so get it done," he yelled.

 I got him to the dressing room where he was throwing clothes everywhere; I found the gear he was to wear and helped him into it.

"You okay babe?" I said in his ear and hugged him.

"Yeah but it frightened the shit out of me Brent, I don't want to be out there alone, anything could happen," he said shaking.

I thought quickly then looked around the room and I saw what I needed by the door.

"I'll come with you," I said.

"You what?"

"I'll come with you, I will keep you company, trust me."

"You can't, it's too dangerous and what are you going to do, sit in front of me?"

"No, stand behind you and put my hand on your shoulder."

"You will be sitting down and the next few numbers you can do nearer the audience, the lighting will be behind you so stay across the front of the stage but for this one number, I will be with you."

"You're fucking nuts Brent, but I love you."

 The break took a little longer than planned; thank god the guitarist prolonged his spot.

"Conner, it's been checked out, a faulty brace caused it but the rest are firmly in place, there will be no problems," Marty tried to assure Conner.

"Oh yes there is Marty, Brent's coming on stage with me."

"What the fuck Brent, you can't."

"I can and I will, let’s go sunshine."

 He walked out on stage and sat on the chair then looking up he shook his head and pointed to the ceiling and the applause was thunderous when I walked on with my umbrella held high. I stood behind Conner and stared into the massive sea of fans that were going crazy and when it died down he started singing a beautiful slow ballad.

I stood dead straight with my hand holding the umbrella over Conner' s head and my other hand on his shoulder. He bowed and I escorted him off stage but we didn't have time to talk, he had to run under the stage and take his place on the floor lift.

 He did what we discussed and stayed at the front, swiveling his body, doing the poses and singing his rock songs that nobody heard because they were too busy screaming.

The break was for a half hour so we changed his clothes and I put them in the laundry basket for the cleaners to get them shipshape for tomorrow night’s performance.

In his bathroom, we pashed heavily, Conner was all tongue and he managed a moan or two.

"Thank you," he got out.

"Sokay," I said.

Marty even kissed me.

"Brilliant Brent, just fucking brilliant," he beamed.

The remainder of the show went on without a hitch and it was just electric.

A very loud audience rocked the stadium as he sang the last number, 'Rock On Loud.'

I hugged him when he finally left the stage and another after party started that seemed to go on forever, I could see the jet lag catching up with my boy, but finally a little rusty car left the car park with a blond haired man in the back, sucking on a bottle of water.

Grant made sure no one was within sight when he let us out and we ran up to our apartment and made love.

 Marty was on the phone next morning, television stations were crying out for interviews and unfortunately it was a full day for my man again, it wasn't in the contract but he said yes he would do them. He talked about the show and the accident, then me. He gave a great speech about abuse and how we all can help by getting to know our neighbors better and making sure our kids are safe.

One reporter asked how his children were, Conner laughed and said,

"Kids? Well you are obviously reading the wrong papers, there are no kids but one day I would love to be a father, but not at the moment," he grinned.

I was asked for an interview but politely declined. There were hundreds of photos taken and then we moved to a television station for a live interview, I was waiting for a few hours to ourselves so I could get him to sleep a bit.

The TV show went off without a hitch except they gave me an umbrella, so I walked on set and Conner broke down laughing.

"He's a comedian," he said pointing at me.

I smiled then walked off.

 We had a three-hour window to ourselves, I collected Conner and Grant and instead of resting, we headed for the London Museum. After paying a guide to show us the important exhibits we were both like kids in a lolly shop, so excited to be there and the souvenir shop was happy when we left. Grant took us there in his Range Rover and he assured us we were perfectly safe security wise, his guys were everywhere.

 At the concert tonight I would have to watch the show from the front row, Marty had insisted, the maid was back. I rocked my ass off, so did Rick, that show was for me only, I knew this because bright blue eyes were on me all throughout it.

Another meet and greet lasted into the night then our little rusty car dropped us off at the flat but little did I know, our little world was about to be rocked.

 Adam called the next morning and he was in a panic, Marty had directed him to release four more concerts, he had decided to arrange them without consulting Conner and he could easily fill seats. Adam was mighty pissed off and said he had tried to talk Marty out of it but he wouldn’t listen, he was also directed to reserve nights for extra concerts in Edinburgh and Dublin before Paris, the Edinburgh ones would run for a full week with no rest days.

 "Marty, what’s going on, what’s with all the added concerts, TV performances, meet and greets, there’s no Conner time?" I asked at one media interview.

"Conner has to concentrate on his career, fans are screaming for him, oh and by the way, some of the rumor rags have tied you both together as being more than friends. I have got Grant's men packing up your things and moving you both back here, where you should be."

"You're fucking joking aren’t you?" I said, looking at him in shock.

"No Brent, it's time to really get this show on the road, he has to focus," Marty said.

"He’s already fucked Marty and we are only four days into the tour, you're going to kill him."

He shrugged his shoulders and the pompous asshole walked off.

For the next two weeks Conner did the shows then came home, cried in pain, did interviews and television non-stop and cried more. I begged him to fire Marty but he wouldn’t hear of it. He couldn’t sleep and when he did it was only an hour or two, Marty also had him drinking again so Conner’s meet and greets mostly turned into parties full of freeloaders. The boys and I were so worried about him but he wouldn’t even speak to them about it, saying he was okay and that Marty had it all under control. Well I thought he didn’t have any control at all, it was as if Marty was trying to be the big star and Conner was his lackey and I had nightly arguments with Marty over his treatment of Conner. He was absolutely drained of any energy and in pain. Marty couldn’t keep me away from him but for some reason he seemed to try his hardest to book everything that came his way.

 The thing that upset Conner the most was that we didn't have our two weeks off, we hardly saw each other and Di had to cancel the wedding. Conner was so upset he confronted a very indignant Marty but he didn't want to discuss it, or anything else and dismissed Conner's objections like he was a piece of shit so I got into Marty’s ear and said,

"How fucking dare you."

 "Sack or suspend him Conner, he's so out of control and he will destroy your voice and your career in the process," I said, I was as mad as hell.

"I can't Brent, he's family," was all the response I got. In Edinburgh I saw Conner in the morning, at the venue and then just before he collapsed into my arms each night.

Adam was furious, he was trying non-stop to ease Conner’s workload but Marty undid his work.

It wasn’t just the shows, it was the television appearances, he sang on most of them so he was doing an extra show a week, for free. He did benefits some days and was rushed to private parties to sing one song to rich guests during his breaks when he should have been resting his voice.

 I had lunch with Di on the day of the opening of the two Dublin shows, with options for six more. She was very upset and seemed resolved that she and Marty would never be together, he was too money hungry, she was going to dissolve her contract with his agency and she planned on moving to her friend's manager in London. She had moved out of Marty’s hotel room halfway through the Edinburgh concerts and only hung around to try to prop me up. I was at my wits end, I had tried everything I possibly could and was never alone with my Con for more than an hour at a time, I begged, cried and blackmailed him but all Conner would say was,

"He’s family."

 "He’s obsessed with money Brent, he can't see past his bank account and when he's like this, he's absolutely impossible to control. He will push Conner to the limit so I hope you both have the strength to get it done, mind you Conner’s inability to say no doesn’t help."

"I'm going to have to talk to him Di, it can’t go on, I can’t let it, I just hope Conner forgives me for what I'm about to do. I will either stop it or go home, either one, I won't sit around watching the man I love being destroyed. Enough is enough, at first I thought that this was what it's all about but the more I see, the more I don’t like and it's all giving me a really bad feeling."

 I rang Adam and he was a little hesitant but agreed to meet me at ten am in Marty's hotel room.

 I knocked on the door and Marty answered it in his dressing gown.

"Brent, Conner what do you want? I need to get dressed, I'm busy."

"Yeah, busy living the life of Riley Marty, it stops now, it's time for you to go to work and stop being a absolute bastard," I said sternly.

Pushing him out of the doorway, I walked Conner over to the sofa and sat him down.

"Just hold that door another minute Marty, Adam is about to appear."

"What the fuck are you doing Brent, I've got things to do and so has Conner, why aren’t you ready?"

"What things Marty? Destroying all your friend's lives, just hold the door because I think you will need the practice and hopefully the tips will be generous. Conner hasn’t sacked you yet but everyday I beg him to, he hasn't done it up to now because he thinks of you as family but I will do everything in my power to get him to tear up your contract, you prick."

"What the fuck, you can't do that?"

"I can and I will, if it kills me this is going to stop Marty, one way or the other," I sneered at him.

 Adam arrived just as I was going to give him another blast.

The air was icy, they didn't look at each other or say hello.

"Adam, good to see you and now that we are all here, answer me this one question Marty."

"What’s this about?"

"Who pays you?"

"Well Rick Conners does, who else? You know that."

"Who pays you Adam?"

"Conner of course, he hires our agency, what’s up Brent?"

"You mean this man sitting here, the one that can't even move his ass on stage anymore, the one that forgets his words, the one that does an extra show or two on television each week because Marty is star struck and money hungry, and the man that you treat like a piece of shit from morning to night?"

"Listen here Brent, Conner has got a mouth, I don’t hear him complaining," Marty said, then added,

"Fucking get on with it Brent, we've got media to do," he snapped.

I got in his face and said,

"I fucking am you bastard and you and the media can go to fucking hell, there’s no more media today, so relax idiot, Adam, that’s the first thing you cancel, there’s no more media, especially today."

Marty stepped back, this was a side of me that he has never seen but I was absolutely livid.

 I bent down to Conner's level; he held my shoulders and started crying.

"It's time baby, this can't go on, friends or not, he has to go. Adam is more than capable, please Conner, I can't sit back and watch it any longer," my tears began.

He looked at Adam, Marty and me then whispered,

"Your off the tour Marty."

"What was that Conner, I didn’t quite hear you?" Marty asked.

Conner looked at him and said,

"No more Marty, you’re off the tour until you come to your senses, Adam is taking over," he said, totally fucked.

"You are doing this to me, after all I have done for you?"

"Have a closer look Marty, he’s suspending you because you're only looking out for yourself, not your product. He’s fucked Marty and you did this to him, you have abused him mentally and physically and in the worst possible way, so he’s got no option but to send you home. He’s miserable, you can see that in his concerts, no more," I insisted.

 Marty became very quiet, he walked over to the bar and poured a scotch and was slowly shaking his head.

I turned to Adam and said,

"Adam, start cancelling everything on the list that was not on the original itinerary, you are now Conner's tour manager. Get it done and get it done quickly, cancel anything on that list that isn’t necessary."

"Thank god Conner, thank god, it will be my greatest fucking pleasure," Adam said looking daggers at Marty.

"Now Adam, can you please take Conner back to our room and sit with him until I get there, Marty and I have to have words?"

Adam did what I had asked him, Conner hugged me and I said,

"It will be alright baby, just get some sleep."

They left and I could hear Marty sobbing.

"Too late Marty, too little and too late. Now, I want you to watch this and I want you to really think about family and friends, I don’t really want to show it to you but I think you should see it."

I took a DVD out of my jacket pocket and put it in the player. It was an interview that Conner recorded with Molly, just after my abuse in Sydney, he said it was insurance and had signed the copyrights over to me.

 Conner told of his abuse as a child by his parents and his rescue, his aunty and his friends Ray and John and his manager Marty, who had given him a second chance after his record company abused him, he was his best friend. He told of his struggle to survive at school, his x factor win and his appalling treatment by the press. Everything that has happened to him in the past was on that DVD. Marty was crying by this time. He told Molly his real name, his parent's names and about his aunty Beth and his struggle to find decent people in his life that wouldn't continually abuse him. Molly, who by this time was in tears, asked about relationships and Conner simply said,

"I'm gay, there are no kids, no women and I am in a wonderful relationship with Brenton Walsh, I love him, end of story."

Marty was in shock, he knew a little but only a little of Conner's story.

When it finished I put it back in the casing and

while looking at Marty I pointed at it and said,

"This material is to remind people around Conner, whom I might add, he counts as family, that he is being abused relentlessly every day. He is in the news, on the television and on stage and you Marty are the worst abuser of all.

You should have been looking after him and not your fucking bank balance," I said angrily.

"You abused him Marty, I begged him to sack you in Edinburgh but he said he loved you, that you were family. He cried when you cancelled the wedding, he cries every night and you know why, he loves you and you are still abusing him," I screamed at him, he cringed.

"He hasn’t sacked you, just taken you off the tour, you can either go home or start being a true friend, your choice."

  "Now I am going to our room that you so kindly shoved us into, and I'm going to try to ask for Conner's forgiveness, one for showing his most private life to you and two for not standing up to you sooner."

Tears were streaming down my face. Marty slumped and started weeping.

I closed the door behind me and caught the lift up to our room.