Never Give Up: Book Four ~ Codes You Awake?

Chapter 1

Codes you awake 1


On a stretch of sand in Queensland Australia there is a large family of beautiful people, each with their own troubles and history. This story is about love and learning. Time has moved on but it really doesn’t mean anything in this magical tale. This story is about Cody and Conner the twins who over the years have brought Dan and Cody so much joy and to anyone else that comes in contact with them. Thank you for reading it.

 Chapter 1

 My brother Conner never let me out of his sight while growing up, he was always beside me and I guess it was his instinct to protect me, but also maybe it’s a twin thing. While running out of the oval to pound the footpath I spotted uncle Jamie and dad Cody watching us train, I guess they are meeting us in the players bar. I waved as we passed then my eyes went back to Harper Jones's body. He was like a gazelle, no that’s not it, he was like a pride of lions all wrapped up in the one package of which I couldn't comment because I haven't seen it.... yet, his package I mean. I laughed to myself again.

"What the hell is wrong with you tonight Cody?"

It was my ever-present shadow Conner Lawrence; he must have been watching me, again.

 "Harper Jones, that’s what’s up," I replied.

"Fucking hell Cody, concentrate on what you're doing and not his ass, your fucking hopeless. You're gonna get us in trouble with dad if you don't pick up the pace."

I looked at my brother and smiled, this was an easy run for me and if I didn't know different, I would think Harper had deliberately slowed down so I could pass him. But maybe he wants to check my ass out? Picking up speed I tore away from Conner and Harper and was already leading the pack by the time we got to the second corner. Turning to the home stretch I burst into full on sprinting across the football field then out onto the streets again. I will catch the pack again on the third leg.

"Slow down Cody," I heard my dad Dan shout, so I slowed to a more manageable gait and felt wonderful.

 Uncle Rory had done my hair last night and he did a smashing job cutting my dirty blonde locks, it was short with a big rocker flip style. Conner wasn't going to go there, he preferred his curly locks untidy and almost bordering on dreadlocks, he also had a bit more muscle on him, I was the lazy twin.

I was very possessive of my dad Dan, I used most of my spare time just being with him because I guess I idolized him, my other dad Cody said it was like that right from the start. I was always snuggling into him and would get upset when he had to go on shoots or overseas, he said I wouldn't settle down until he came back. I don't know that much about my real dad and much less about my mum, they had died earlier on in my life, I don't remember either of them. Maybe my dad had the same smell as Dan, that’s why I took to him instantly, maybe?

 I caught the pack and was contemplating passing them again when Harper appeared by my side.

"I could watch you run all day Cody. I wish I had the stamina to keep up with you." He was puffing hard so I slowed to a trot, giving him a rest.

"Well I'm built like that Harper, I don't have your kind of body and I don't think I ever will. You and Conner hit the gym more than me but I prefer swimming and running, that’s just the way I am."

"You're probably right, it's too bloody hot in my home town Mount Isa to be running the streets. A good air conditioned gym was more welcoming."

"The word around our house is you are going to be played in the seniors next season, do you know anything?" I asked.

"Not really, only Donny told me to impress the coach tonight." I looked at him and laughed.

"I don't think you have to impress the coaches Harper, they're already in your corner and Donny was maybe giving you a big hint."

"Maybe, he's the captain so he should know."

"Maybe," I said and smiled to myself. Dad had mentioned they were going to give Harper more senior games next season but as always what we hear at home stays at home.

 I have taken a year off school to think about what I want to study at university. I am confused and really don't know what I want to be, I train with the Bombers but don’t actually play for them, it's good exercise and I get to see some amazing ass while I'm here. Conner and Mitchell have already played with the seniors. He is a great footballer just like my dad Dan and Mitchell is the powerhouse of the team, all muscle and force, he can intimidate the opposing players like no other.

 I could smell Harper's sweat, it wasn't rank like some of the other guys but sweet and I wanted to move closer and lick it all off his body, well I think I did. Not that I have had any experience in doing that but for some reason I was overly drawn to him, he reminded me so much of dad. His muscles were hard and he was at least six three, his body a perfect ten. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing him naked yet as he tends to keep to himself when we are in the change room, never showers with the curtain open and wears his underwear all the time. But that’s not unusual; many of the younger players do the same thing.

 Conner and I mostly waited until we got home to shower but tonight I wanted to show off my new outfit Cody had brought home for me to celebrate our eighteenth birthday. Of course it was Conner’s party too but he was less vain than me, if he had a choice he would be happy going to a pizza cafe wearing grunge, but tonight we are going to the Italian restaurant that our dads like, they have been going there for years.

I noticed my dad had started to talk to Harper but my brain was elsewhere, we had started winding down and I was doing some stretches before we headed for the showers.

"He's telling him now, I can tell by the smile on his face, he's so transparent," Conner whispered.

 Harper had a grin on his face from ear to ear, he patted dad on the back then came over to us with two thumbs up. Mitchell smiled and congratulated him then headed for the change room. Mitchell really was a quiet sort of guy, six foot two with a light matt of hair on his chest and dark brown hair, military style that he says makes him look mean on the field. I guess if I had a choice between these two gods, Mitch would win hands down. As mean as he looks he’s got a heart of gold and I noticed he always signed posters and autograph books, much more than all of the other players. He had a kind of respect for my dad that no one else had but he’s straight, I know this because he always has someone hanging off him. Harper also loved the ladies and he was always talking about his latest conquests in the rooms to the point where I would get quite hot. Mitch and Harps shared a house not far away from the ground, most of the new recruits did that and if they were picked for the firsts they would get more money and some would go it on their own. From what I see they both get along just fine but I wonder?

 We headed into the clubrooms to shower. I threw off my tank top and started for the cubicals but Conner pushed me aside and ran ahead to secure the only shower where you didn't have to struggle with the taps to get the temperature right. I got in behind the curtain and dropped my shorts and underwear then turned the hot water on, I had to struggle with the cold water to get it right and it took ages. Finally getting under the stream of hot water and being careful not to wet my hair, I soaped up and my thoughts went back to Harper's big grin. It was so sweet, he was so excited and it's a shame he wasn't coming tonight, I could drown in his gorgeous blue eyes but it's family only. No big deal just my dads and my uncles, Luke and Jamie. My brother Tim and his partner Donny have already left for Europe, Tim has photographic work to do and they will be away for at least four months and I will miss them both. Tim is really good value, he always makes me laugh. Donny is the number one star of the Bombers, leading them to five grand final wins in his career so far, my dad Dan achieved seven and is a club legend. He has also been chief adviser to the head coach for the past few years, he would have been the head coach but the foundation and gym took up a lot of his time. Conner wanted to ask a couple of girls from school but Dan put the kibosh on it, reminding him his fan club can do without him for one night. I dressed in my new clothes and splashed some aftershave on, my hair just needed gel and it was back to looking sweet.

 A wolf whistle or ten made me feel special as my mates clapped. I bowed and as I did Conner came up behind me and slapped my ass. He looked just as good as me, it's amazing how dad's clothes always look good on Con, the fit was perfect and he's got the knack of making my body actually look bigger. Normally I preferred the baggy type of jeans but my dad thought I looked scruffy all the time, hence the hip hugging, ass showcasing, black jeans that were Cody Mitchell's signature. And as usual we both had the same color shirts on but different styles, something about being twins and being proud of it.

 "Come on bro I'm hungry," Conner said.

I took my bag and followed him upstairs to the bar, Harper was already there with some of his mates and I swear his eyes bugged out, well maybe I was imagining things again. I went over to my dad's table and hugged them both and uncle Jamie.

 As I sat down I saw Harper again but he really wasn't looking at me, his eyes had moved to the rather ample breasts of the young girl behind the bar. Of course us boys were not allowed to drink as we actually won't be eighteen for another couple of days yet, but I'm hoping to have a white wine with dinner. Uncle Jamie kept looking at his watch and looked a little worried that uncle Luke hadn't turned up as he was supposed to meet us an hour ago. Of course with his job he was always late, in his world his patients come first. Mitchell sat down with Harps and his crowd of potential players, he looked around the room and when his eyes met mine he smiled broadly, lifted his glass and nodded. I did the same with my coke. Dad Cody was sitting with me and as his arm draped around my shoulder he said,

"A penny for your thoughts beautiful boy."

 "I'm a bit disappointed Tim and Donny are away, this is the first birthday they have missed." I laughed then added,

"I bet Tim has Don's balls, dragging him all throughout Europe."

"He doesn't mind Bub, he would do anything for Tim as you know but what’s with the bug eyes tonight, is it his shape or his personality?"

"Who dad?"

"Harper, that’s who."

"Oh dad, he does it for me in a big way but I think Judy does it for him more unfortunately."

"Well stranger things have happened."

"I wish it would happen to me, Conner’s got heaps of girls on call who are falling over him; so he says, I've got no one." I guess I was feeling left out.

"You will honey and sooner than you think, just don't focus on one boy, live with your eyes wide open or you might miss him in the crowd."

"Miss who dad?"

"The him." Dad smiled at me with his beautiful green eyes sparkling.

"Oh that him?" I answered giggling. My dad Cody is a shining star in my world, very centered and very fucking funny.

 We made it to the restaurant in good time for uncle Luke to meet us there; Jamie was on edge and dad Dan was talking to him quietly. Since a patient stabbed uncle Luke with a syringe a few months ago he's been worried about him, it can be a dangerous job being a doctor. I had thought about it as a career option but the study alone would drive me batty.

"Are you ready to order Mr. Lawrence?" the manager inquired.

"Yes Franco, boys what do you want?"

We ordered our food and mine was the usual carbonara with extra cheese, Jamie ordered some food for Lukey and Dan told Franco to hold off with it for ten minutes as Luke should be here by then. There was a bit of a ruckus coming from behind us so I turned and looked, it was Harper and some girls and they were with Mitch. I was surprised to see him out and about as I said, he mostly kept to himself but he always found time to ask me how I was. I hardly ever see him in the player's bar and he sticks mainly to himself at training. I really don't know that much about him except he's got a gorgeous hairy chest but not overly, just a light smattering. I caught him looking at us, well I think he was looking at me, he nodded and smiled again and it wasn’t a mate friendly one either, it was a full-blown shit-eating grin. His grey eyes glistening in the candlelight, fuck me Cody, stop it. You just imagined that, didn’t you?

 I guess he's trying to rub it in that he has a date, the girls were lovely looking but I wasn't interested. I knew them from school and maybe they're the ones I hear so much of that put out for the guys; sometimes I wish I were a girl.

Dad Cody made a small speech about how proud of us he and Dan are and he hoped we continued to constantly amaze them as we grew into responsible young men, he then handed us both an envelope. I opened mine and it was a cheque made out to me, twenty five thousand dollars, shit where did this come from?

 "Dads, what’s this for?"

"It's your birthday presents from your father, he left you money to buy you both a car perhaps when you turn eighteen. Of course there’s more that dad and I have been putting aside for you both but you don't get that until you turn twenty five, this is part of your inheritance."

"What did you buy us dads, a doggy?" Conner asked laughing.

"No son, it’s a surprise and we hope you like them, but not tonight."

Just then uncle Luke came in looking a bit worn out but still beautiful, he squeezed Jamie's hand and sat down.

"Sorry everyone, I got held up." He smiled as Cody took his other hand.

 Jamie was talking to him and I knew he was holding his hand under the table. I got up and walked around the back of him and put my arms around his shoulders and his hand moved up to hold mine then ever so gently I kissed his neck. Uncle Luke and I got along really well, he was a gorgeous looking guy, calm and gentle and I have never heard him say a bad word against anyone. He's always been there for us. I just wanted to reassure him I was also on his team. Conner of course mimicked me, he was genuine but a little slower in his thinking, I usually lead and he follows. He's a great brother, we hardly ever fight or argue, sure, you don’t believe that do you?

 "Piss off Conner, I was here first," I said as I held uncle Luke.

"Hey dude, he's my uncle too." 

"Boys," dad Cody said.

"He started it."

"No, you did."

"Boys, now!" Dan said.

That was the final word; I let go and walked back to my seat. Conner gave Luke an extra hug and kiss then sat down, all the while dad's grey eyes were on him.

"Now are we ready to eat?" Dan asked.

“Yes dad,” we both said in unison.

Conner took my hand under the table and bent my fingers back.

“Ow!” I let out a small squeal.

“What’s the matter Cody?” Dan asked.

“Nothing dad.” I blushed.

“I won’t speak to you again Conner, stop it.” He leered at my equally red faced brother.

“He started it.”  Con just had to go and argue.

“Boys,” uncle Luke said.

We both shut up, it wasn’t because he intimidated us, it was because he was a doctor, something special and to be respected at all times, so we both shut up.

Dinner was eaten as usual around mostly footy talk. Uncle Jamie hadn't said much, he was a top player for the Bombers for five years but he retired early to become an architect and does pretty well out of it too. He was looking at dad Cody who was playing with that tiny heart he always has around his neck, it was something he did when he was thinking or nervous. I heard a lot of laughter coming from the other table and guess Harper was telling one of his jokes to the girls.

 "There’s someone for you out there Codes, just be patient he will arrive with a big bang," uncle Luke leaned over and whispered to me.

I gave him a smile and replied,

"I wish he would hurry up Luke, I'm getting older by the minute."

"Well he will turn up, do you think Harper is gay honey?"

 I blushed.

"I don't know but I would like to find out." 

"Well why don't you go over and sit with them for awhile baby and I'll let you know if he is."

"Oh yeah, and how are you going to do that?"

"Body language baby, go on."

I scooped my coke up and walked over to the table the guys sat at, I pulled out the chair and sat with them.

"What’s the joke fellas?"

"Oh just that old one I told you last week Cody, are you having a good night?" Harps asked.

 "Yep, same old story, all family but I'm looking forward to the party Friday night, it’s going to be a blast, you are all coming aren't you?"

They agreed that they were coming. Mitch was staring at me and all of a sudden he jumped, I think Harper kicked him under the table.

"Your staring Mitch, drink your beer." We all laughed at Mitch's red face.

"Sorry, I love your new hairstyle Cody, it suits you."

"Thanks Mitch, uncle Rory did it yesterday, he's not only a good designer, he's a great hairdresser too." 

"Well I don't have to worry about that at the moment, maybe I'll grow it out and come see your uncle Rory."

Mitch smiled that million-dollar smile.

Shit he's gorgeous.

"You do that Mitch, he's good and he won’t mind in the least."

"Well I had better get back to it, see you all Friday."

"Yeah, see ya Codes."

 I sat down and looked at Luke.


"Are you sure Mitchell isn't gay honey?"

"Yep he's straight, what about Harper?" I said a little too eagerly, dismissing Mitch because I know he’s straight.

"He's with the pretty girl, I don't detect anything but friendship from him Cody but Mitch well that’s another story. He was only seeing you at the table honey, maybe I'm wrong but he was watching you, maybe he's a fan."

"What are you two up to Luke?" dad Cody asked.

"Nuthin," Luke answered.

"Well when you figure out what nuthin is you can share it with me, personally I would go with Mitch, his eyes are gorgeous." Codes laughed and dad Dan gave him a stern look.

"Sorry Dan," Codes said.

"I'll give you eyes when we get home." 

"Okay Dan, eyes when we get home." Squirt smiled.

 Who the hell knew what they were talking about? They talk in riddles all the time; it can be annoying, like now.

"Okay lets go guys, hope mines a red one," Conner said as he jumped up.

"A red what Conner?" Jamie asked.

"Ferrari, uncle, Ferrari." He laughed.

"No presents until your birthday boys and that’s Friday so don’t pester everyone, please," dad Dan said.

"Aww," was all Con could say.

 Everyone at the table laughed.

Jamie helped Luke put his jacket on and they said they would see us at home.

We were all so worried about him; the initial speedy test showed nothing and it’s been an agonizing two months for him waiting for the final results. Dan drove us home and Squirt snuggled up to him as he always does, Conner and I sat in the back, he hit my hand so I hit him back, he hit harder, I hit hardest.

"Ow," he yelped.

"Dad, Cody hit me," he whined.

"Well he hit me first," I whined.

"It hurt dad," he whined again.

"Boys, will you please just shut up?" Dan asked rather quietly.

We knew then we had stepped over the boundary.

I ran up our driveway Friday morning. I try to go a different way every day just to break the boredom, turning left at the road that leads to the bluff I thought I might just take in some morning sea air, it’s always pretty breezy up there. I was puffing a bit because it’s up hill. When I made it to the overgrown car park, I leant over and put my hands on my knees to catch my breath. After a few minutes and after I straightened up I noticed a car in the lower car park, it surprised me because no one ever comes up here, there are warning signs everywhere about the cliff face which is unsafe. 

On further inspection I recognized the car as Mitch's and by the look of it he was asleep in the drivers seat but he was alone so I thought I would let him be. I went over to the grassed area and did some meditation I had learnt at the gym, I didn't do it all the time only when I need to center myself. This career thing was driving me nuts. I really didn't know what I wanted to do, maybe personal trainer or something. My dads will go ape shit if I don't do something at uni though. 

"You're early," I heard Mitch say.

"Yeah, couldn't sleep so thought I would come up here to meditate a bit."

"Can you show me Cody?"

"Sure, sit down mate, why are you here?"

"I came up last night to think about something and must have fallen asleep." He blushed.

 Sounds logical

"All right cross your legs and put your hands like this."

I showed him how to meditate, he did get the hang of it but I couldn’t help feeling he was just having some fun with me because he kept looking out of one eye. After one hour I jumped up and he offered to drive me home but I said I would run, thanked him and started to leave.

"Cody, wait up."

"What’s up Mitch?"

"Cody, do you like me?"

"Sure Mitch, of course I like you, what brought that on?"

"Oh nuthin just… I'll see you at the party."

"Sure, see you Mitch," I slowly said, that should have been my first hint but oh not me, not mister slowpoke Cody Lawrence.

By the time I arrived home uncle Rory and Trent were there helping my dads set up for our party. They had erected the trestle tables along the porch for glasses and food, there was a present table inside in front of Bobby’s paintings, which brought a big splash of color into the room. I knew all about them and when I was smaller I would stare at them for hours. Conner walked by several times looking at the table but no gifts had arrived as yet, I chuckled to myself at his eagerness to start unwrapping them. Bobby came in and as he walked by he said,

"A new painting will arrive tonight." Conner looked at him like he had spoilt one surprise, he’s really just a big kid my brother but a champion on the field and apart from Donny I reckon Con is the best player around today. Harper is going to be a star and Mitch is already a champion. I grabbed water from the fridge and walked out to the verandah to help but dad Cody shooed me away saying it was my day and I didn’t have to do anything but just relax.

I walked down to the beach and sat on a log that had somehow drifted there over the past ten years. Dan had got the boys to roll it out of the sea, it became a handy seat just for days like this. Conner came and sat with me and we talked about his lack of a date for tonight. I had no idea why he didn’t have a girlfriend, he was popular at school and had a lot of friends but I guess his standards are high. Me on the other hand never came in contact with any boys willing to do the gay rumba with me, not that I didn’t try, its just there’s a line and I didn’t cross it because I was too scared to come out. There were a few bullies and some roughnecks that were quite backward so I never got involved with any of them.

In about eight grade a kid that I didn’t know was beaten by one of the guys from the class up and the rumor was he was gay and deserved it. This shocked me because it was my first contact with violence against the gay population. I didn’t know whether the kid was gay or not and I suspect neither did the other student who knuckled him, but I do remember my dads going to endless meetings with parents and teachers around that time, they weren’t the only same sex couples that had kids at the school. They also had made some generous donations to the school over the years so had a bit of clout. I didn’t hear what the result of the attack was but both kids were back in school the following week. Anyway I didn’t go there at school because it had scared me, what if it had been Conner or me that was bashed? I did have nightmares about that and had crept into bed with my dads on a few occasions around that time. Of course I had loads of questions and dad answered all of them truthfully which made me feel a little better; of course at that time I didn’t really know about gay things but this incident had got me thinking.

"Codes are you okay?" Con asked.

"Yeah, just thinking about the kid that was bashed at school back when we were about thirteen or fourteen."

"What brought that on, that was years ago?"

"Oh I was thinking about not finding a boyfriend at school and such, then my mind drifted to that attack."

"Well Steve has got a beautiful girlfriend now and I think they will get engaged in a couple of years. He was okay you know Cody, after the attack we all got together and decided to try and protect the little kids from it happening again, it was Dan’s idea."

"I didn’t know Con, I could have helped." It saddened me that I wasn’t trusted enough to be involved.

"Cody you were one of those kids we protected, don’t you remember us all being in your space for a long time?"

"I had forgotten that I didn’t have a moment to myself for a long time afterwards, your friends were always around me. I thought that it was because they liked me."

"No, it was because they were protecting you and your mates, they didn’t mind, actually they kinda did like you anyway but you were a bit of a skinny little runt then." He laughed so I poked his ample chest with my finger.

"I could have protected myself Con but thank you."

"Thank dad, it was his idea and anyway we had a lot of fun doing it, no brainer for us at all, changing the subject what are you wearing tonight?"

"My wetsuit." I leered at him just as dad Codes called us for lunch. I could see a spunk sitting with Dan at the table and he had come over to set up his tent. Harper’s eyes were staring at me intently while he tucked into a hamburger that somehow decided to end up falling onto his plate so he went about picking at it with his knife and fork. I watched as he chewed it with his white teeth and wondered if he had them whitened or were they natural? I sure would love to find out.

"Harper, do you want another?" Cody asked.

"Yes please Mr. Mitchell, that would be awesome." He smiled broadly at my dad, I heard Dan groan.

"Is Mitch on his way?"

"Yes I think so, he was showering when I left and singing to himself so I really didn’t get an answer but if he knew there were hamburgers on offer he would be here."

Of course just then Mitch arrived and dad Codes dumped a burger in front of him. He smelt and looked gorgeous and in a way Mitchell was better looking than Harper, he was more buffed and rugged looking but with a boy like smile that gave away his on field roughness, anyone could see it was all bluff; well I could anyway.

"You’re not staying the night Mitch?" Dan asked.

"No coach I just checked my tent, it’s buggered and I don’t have time to get a new one but it's okay, I don’t drink much anyway."

"Well the trans portables are full but maybe if you do drink too much you can crash in Cody’s room for the night," Squirt said then winked at me. At that very moment we both decided to have another bread roll and reached for the bowl in the centre of the table, our fingers touched and yes there was electricity, my man part decided to stand to attention.

I thought I saw Mitch blush but he went on to say he had things to do in the morning but thanked dad for the offer. I think I read somewhere an age ago that embarrassing your kids was illegal, what was dad thinking? But I had better check I’ve got fresh sheets on the bed just in case. Dad Dan took my hand under the table and smiled at me then Cody got the stern look. Cody ignored him but started looking nervous, he pretended to spy someone coming up the beach and played with his napkin, oh, that, 'what have I done wrong look?’ was all over his face.

“Squirt, can I speak to you in the kitchen for a minute?” Dan asked.

“No time Dan, got to rake the beach, later guys.” He jumped up and headed for the beach shed that was down the side of the house so Dan took off after him. I heard a lot of giggling coming from them but I don’t think Mitch or Harper knew what was going on. Conner was by this time trying to start a conversation about girls and dates so I started cleaning up the table before heading for the kitchen bench, I guess I’m washing up again. I placed my cock back into its normal position as it had deflated somewhat. Mitch came in and said he would see me tonight cause he had to go home and do some work but would be back early. I smiled and nodded at him, watching his perfect ass as he walked down the hallway.

By five o clock the crowd started to arrive there seemed to be more guys than girls but I did notice Mitch arrive with a gorgeous girl I had seen at training quite often. Her name is Belinda and she was quite friendly to me, of course Harper had two girls hanging off him so I guess he couldn’t decide which one to fuck tonight. Conner and me; well we arrived alone as usual. I felt like I was dating my brother as we headed for the verandah, his arm around my shoulder.

“This is so gay Conner, can you stop that?” I hissed at him. He knew I didn’t think it was the right thing to do but he stopped me in the family room turned me around and kissed me full on the lips and said,

“You’re my brother and I love you so don’t expect me to change that in the near future, happy birthday brother.”

He winked.

I hugged him and said the same, I really didn’t get pissed off with him, I kind of liked our closeness. I just thought he might just cheese some potential girlfriend off by doing gay stuff that’s all.

“Oh here comes the happy couple,” Harper yelled. See what I mean, he's so gay.