A Tragic Love

First Contact

Just as I started heading for the bus Wednesday afternoon, I heard David call to me from behind.

“Hey, Billy.  There’s no school on Friday, because of a teachers’ meeting,” he mentioned.  “So why don’t you see if you can stay over Thursday night and then spend all day Friday with me?”

“I’ll ask my mom as soon as she gets home,” I answered.  “Can I call and let you know later?”

“Sure.  You have my number,” he agreed. 

“Right.  Talk to you then,” I added, before I hopped on the bus. 

The ride home flew by, because my mind was busy thinking about the possibility of spending Thursday night and all day Friday with David.  I hoped my mother would let me do this and Gramps would agree to cover my chores while I was gone. 

‘Oh, please, God.  Oh, please make this happen,’ I silently prayed.  ‘Don’t let anything go wrong now.’

Mom seemed to get home later than usual that night, although it might have just been my imagination, but then it took me about an hour to convince her this was really important to me.  Gramps was a lot easier to convince and quickly volunteered to cover my chores, so this was going to be great.  I ran to the phone and called David.

“Hello,” the voice on the other end answered. 

“Hi, is this David?” I asked, temporarily forgetting my manners

“Yeah, it is,” he confirmed. 

“It’s me, Billy,” I replied, although I think he already knew that.  “Mom said it’s ok for me to come over, so I’ll ride my bike to school tomorrow and bring everything I’ll need in my backpack.  That way we can head straight to your house after the last bell.”

“Great and I’ll ride my bike tomorrow too.  I’ve got some ideas for things we can do when we get here,” he suggested, which made me all giddy inside when I considered what he might be hinting at.  “My dad generally isn’t around very much during the week, because he usually comes home late and then goes to work early the next day.  Once the cook leaves after dinner, we’ll basically be on our own.” 

“You have a cook?” I blurted out, without thinking. 

“Yes, we do, otherwise I’d probably starve to death,” David answered, but I knew he was only joking when he started to laugh right after he said it.  “I was thinking maybe we could go the football game Friday night before you go home too.”

“I don’t know about that,” I answered.  “I mean, it will be too dark for me to ride my bike home then and I don’t think my Grandpa will be able to pick me up, because he has trouble seeing while driving at night.  That’s why I wish Mom had her license.”

“In that case, why don’t you plan on staying Friday night too?” he suggested.  “Then you can leave early Saturday morning and ride home in the daylight.”

“I’ll ask mom, but I’m not sure she’ll go for it,” I warned.  “Hang on and I’ll check though.” 

I rushed into the other room so I could ask my mother and then I raced back to the phone. 

“David?  Mom said it would be fine,” I told him, while floating on cloud nine.  “Oh, this is going to be great.”

“Get a good night’s sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow,” David agreed.  “I love you.”

“What?” I countered, since his comment surprised me. 

“You heard me.  I love you,” David repeated. 

“I heard you, but aren’t you even a little afraid that someone else might hear you?” I asked, obviously more concerned than he was about this. 

“There’s nobody here, so don’t be so paranoid,” he shot back.  “See you tomorrow.  Bye.”

My head was still spinning after I’d hung up and why shouldn’t it.  David had told me he loved me, not once, but twice.  How could I be so lucky?  God, he’s so sweet.  I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without him.

Even an hour later I couldn’t fall asleep, due to all of the thoughts of David that were bouncing around in my brain.  I was going to have two nights and one day basically alone with him at his house and images of the things we might do were flashing in my mind.  I guess it must have taken two or three hours before my body finally gave out from total exhaustion and then the next thing I remember was my mom calling for me to get up and get ready for school.

When I realized what she’d said, I hurriedly jumped out of bed, scrounged up a bunch of clothes and stuffed everything into my backpack, before I headed to the bathroom to clean up.  Then, I raced downstairs, ate a quick breakfast, gave my mom a big kiss good-bye and grabbed my bike, as I took off for school.  I don’t remember anything about the trip there, but I soon found myself at the bike rack, locking up my bike.  I was glad David had given me the chain and lock too, because I certainly didn’t have time to go out and buy those things. 

“Billy, great.  You’re early,” I heard someone say and when I turned around it was David.  “I was hoping you wouldn’t show up at the last minute.  Let me lock my bike up too and then we’ll head somewhere to make our plans.”

As soon as he finished, we walked away from everyone else and made our way along the building until we found a quiet spot where we could sit down to talk.  We didn’t really end up making any plans, but I sure enjoyed just sitting there talking to David and looking at his gorgeous face.  When the first bell rang, we headed toward our homeroom, while praying this day would fly by quickly.

Our prayers were answered, because it seemed that hardly any time at all had passed before we were heading to his house.  I don’t remember anything about school that day, because all I could do was focus on David and think about being alone with him.  When we reached his place, he dragged me upstairs to his bedroom and shut the door behind us.

“Let’s get on the Internet and see what we can find,” David suggested, shortly after the door had closed. 

“Yeah, ok,” I agreed.   I don’t get to do this very often, because we don’t have a computer at home and I haven’t had much of a chance to use any of the school’s computers so far this year.”

“Come here then, because you’re going to love this,” he told me. 

David immediately started to type in something and then clicked on a bunch of different links with the mouse.  After a short time, the screen was filled with pictures of naked young men.

“How the hell did you do that?” I asked, since I didn’t know someone our age could do something like this. 

“Pretty neat, huh?” he asked, with a big, shitty grin on his face.  “My dad lets me use his credit card whenever I want, so I signed up for a few sites that show nude boys that are 18 and 19.  This one’s from Russia.”

“What’s the matter with their cocks?” I asked, once I’d had a good look at a few of them. 

“Nothing, dude.  They’re just not circumcised like we are,” David explained.  “The people in Europe don’t circumcise boys as often as over here and generally only do it if there’s a medical reason or it’s part of their religion.  What’s the matter?  Haven’t you ever seen an uncircumcised dick before?”

“I guess not,” I mumbled, since this was the first time I’d seen anything like this.  “So why do they look like that?”

“All of our cocks looked like that when we were born, but then our parents had the doctor cut off our foreskin and sew the rest of the skin back against the shaft.  Most people do it because of cleanliness issues or they like how it looks better, but others do it because of their religious beliefs.  See, here’s where the doctor sewed my extra skin back.” 

Before he’d said that, David had unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down, along with his bikini briefs, so he could show me his magnificent cock.  Wham!  Mine jumped to full attention again.

“See.  Right here.  That’s where the doctor stitched the extra skin to the shaft.”

“How do you know all of this stuff?” I wondered, since I didn’t know any of this information. 

“My dad explained it to me,” David answered.  “One of my cousins isn’t circumcised and when we were little we took a bath together.  When we noticed the difference, we both started asking questions, so my dad took us aside and answered them for us.  Pretty neat, huh?”

“Yeah.  I guess it’s just another reason I miss having a dad,” I sighed. 

“Don’t sweat it, dude.  I’ll fill you in on all you need to know,” David offered.  “Come on.  Let’s look at yours.”

“Uh.  Nah. I understand now,” I declined. 

“Are you afraid to show me your boner?” David asked, with a grin.  “You didn’t think I noticed it, did ya?  Come on.  I’ve seen it in the shower before, so pull it out and we’ll take a close look at yours too.”

A little embarrassed, but even more excited, I finally gave in.  I dropped my pants and David grabbed my cock, almost ripping it from my body in his eagerness.

“Sorry, dude.  I didn’t mean to be so rough,” he apologized.  “See, right here is your scar.  Damn you’ve got a cute little dick.”  He must have noticed the expression on my face after he said ‘little’ and tried to correct himself.  “I didn’t mean little, but it sure is damn cute.  Why don’t you let me help you calm your little friend down?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, puzzled by his meaning. 

“Well, let me jack you off and give your little buddy a workout,” he clarified.  “Then you can do the same thing for me.”

“I don’t know.  I’ve never done that before,” I answered, since I’d never touch anyone else’s penis before and wanted to avoid doing anything wrong or acting foolish. 

“Hey, it feels just like touching your own cock,” David reasoned, “except the one getting jacked off gets a whole lot better feeling from it than when he does it to himself.  You’ll love it.  Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do…” I quickly agreed.  “Ok, go ahead then.”

David grabbed my hand and dragged me over to his bed, before he pushed me down on it.  He then took a bottle out of his nightstand and squirted some of the liquid, I think it was baby oil, into one of his hands.  Then, he started rubbing it around with his fingers. 

“What’s that for?” I wondered, since I never did anything like that. 

“It makes your hand slippery and lets it slide up and down easier on your dick.  It also makes it feel a lot better than if you do it dry,” he explained, and it seemed to make sense. 

After saying that, he wrapped his fingers around my penis and started to slide them up and down my slender shaft.  At the same time, he let his other hand play with my balls.  Immediately, I felt incredible sensations beginning to ripple throughout my body and the feeling made me twitch and jerk in response.  David kept up his steady rhythm, although he asked me if I was alright, and then I started to feel even more tingling sensations, which were coming from deep in my scrotum.  I guess David must have sensed it too, because he suddenly started to pump my dick even faster. 

I tried to maintain that feeling for as long as I could, but before long I wasn’t able to resist the inevitable any longer.  It was then that the force of twelve years of never feeling anyone else’s hand bringing me so much pleasure catapulted the cum from my cock and sent it flying through the air.  The force of the first spurt must have shocked David, because his eyes nearly popped out of his head when it happened.  The first wave of semen shot out of my cock, flew over my head and hit the wall above the bed.  After that, the remaining squirts landed on my body and coated my body from my chin to pubic patch. 

“Man!  I’ve never seen anybody shoot that far before,” David announced, looking impressed.  “You’ve got a real cannon there.  How did it feel?”

I couldn’t speak at first, because I was still lightheaded from that powerful release, so I remained lying quietly on his bed while I continued to enjoy the warm sensations that were washing over my body.  After many seconds of inactivity, I was still barely able to open my mouth wide enough to say a single word. 

“Wonderful,” I hissed, before I fell back onto the bed and waited for my body to come down from the biggest high that I’ve ever experienced.

David was very patient and wiped up all of the strands of my cum from the various places where they landed and then milked my cock and balls to drain them of any lingering droplets.  When I finally seemed coherent again, David started asking me a series of rapid-fire questions.

“Did you like it?  Have you ever felt anything better?  Are you ready to do me now?” he rattled off. 

“Slow down, dude,” I shot back.  “I may have a cannon for a dick, but you have a machine gun for a mouth.  Now, to answer your questions, yes, I loved it, no, I’ve never felt anything better and yes, I’m ready to do you now.”

After getting my confirmation, David positioned himself on the bed and I repeated every step on him that he had done to me.  I had never felt another boy’s penis before and was surprised at how soft, yet how hard it actually felt.  I was totally engrossed by the thrill of having my hand rubbing up and down his stiff pole and couldn’t believe how much I was actually enjoying doing this to him.  When I was finally able to force myself to think of something other than his penis, I looked at David’s face to see if I could tell if he was enjoying this as much as I was. 

The first thing I noticed was that his eyes were closed, his mouth hung open and he was breathing in quick, shallow breaths.  His head was also swaying gently from side to side and I could tell he was totally caught up in the pleasure he was receiving from my manipulations.  About a minute later, his body tensed up and his penis grew even harder in my hand, before his semen spurted from his dickhead and coated his chest and stomach in several bursts. 

Once he finished depositing his load, although not nearly as forcefully as I had done, I cleaned him up, milked him dry and then curled up against his body on the bed.  We remained like that while enjoying each other’s warmth and happiness, until we heard the cook call over the intercom to tell us dinner was ready.  We dressed quickly and then went down to eat, but I don’t think either of us really tasted a thing or took our eyes off each other during the entire time.

Eventually, the cook came in and asked David if he needed anything else, and when he said no, she bid him goodnight.  I wasn’t really sure if it registered with either one of us that we were now totally alone, until David suddenly flashed one of his devilish grins in my direction and spoke. 

“Come on.  Let’s go skinny-dipping,” he suggested.

I didn’t even question the appropriateness of his idea and merely ran outside with him, as we headed toward the pool.  After we were standing beside it, we tore off all of our clothes, dove into the deep end and slowly started swimming around in the water.  It was considerably warmer than the evening air, so I was really enjoying it. 

“David,” I stated timidly, in an effort to get his attention, “it’s been great so far and I never dreamed I would enjoy being around someone as much as I have with you.  I love you, David, and I want you to promise that we’ll always be together.”

“You’ve got it, Billy,” he replied, without hesitation.  “I probably should tell you that I’ve messed around with a few other boys where I used to live, but I’ve never wanted to be with any of them all of the time, like I do with you.  I mean… well even if we hadn’t done anything earlier, I would still feel the same way.  I love you too, Billy, and I never want to be without you.”

I swam closer to David, pressed my lips against his and pushed my tongue into his mouth.  He willingly did the same and our tongues sparred with each other for a while, before they finally settled down to let our lips enjoy the sweet contact between two young souls.

David suggested we sleep in the tree house that night, so we ran inside, gathered the few things we thought we might need and climbed up the rope ladder to our little hideaway.  David left a note for his dad before we did that, just to let him know where we were.

“David?”  You know I still haven’t met your dad,” I reminded him. 

“I know,” he replied.  “Like I said before, he isn’t around very much during the week, because he’s so busy with his job, but he always spends the weekends with me.  Maybe you’ll see him Saturday morning before you leave.  He usually gets up really early, so he’ll have more time to do other things.”

“Good.  I’m sure he’s as nice as you,” I offered. 

We then took two of the cots and pulled them as closely together as we could, so we could cuddle and touch each other all night long.  After we said goodnight, we kissed and stroked each other for a long time after that, even though there was nothing overtly sexual involved, until we fell asleep.  The last thing I remember saying to David before I dozed off was this. 

“Goodnight, my prince.  I can’t wait until tomorrow.”