Three Finger Cove: Charles ~ Book Three

Chapter Fifty~Two

After they'd eaten and the conversation had slowed down, the lads decided to change and ride their skateboards. Charles held back waiting for his friends to go change so he could talk to his 'dad'.

"'Dad', it's been awhile since I had anyone stay with me over night. I was wondering if I could ask Camm to stay over tonight. I also want to know if, while you're gone, if I can have at least one of my friends spend the night, as well. Mr. Dan will be here and with Robert gone I won't have anyone upstairs with me," reasoned Charles.

"You'll have Chief, won't you?" smiled back 'dad' Ken.

Charles saw the smile, so he knew his 'dad' was having some fun with him. Knowing that, the preteen pressed on and said, "So, I can take that as a yes?" now smiled Charles.

"You're getting too good in recognizing my style," teased Mr. Ken. "I'll talk with Mr. Dan about that and if he has no problem with it then I will be okay with it, too. Also, Camm can spend the night if his mom will allow it. Is there anything else we need to talk about before I leave tomorrow?

"I am sorry you can't go this time, Charles. The Foster Parent Rules won't allow me to take you away from the State until you've been with me for at least three months. That was the way it was for Collin and then Robert as it is now for you. There will be other trips you'll get to go on. Just hang in there, Charles," encouraged 'dad' Ken.

Charles smiled at his 'dad' and then gave him a big hug. The preteen told the man that he understood and hoped he and Robert and Eric would have a great time on their trip. The lad then hurried to catch up with his friends in the locker room.

"What took you so long?" asked Camm. He had stayed behind, while the others went out to ride their boards on the ramps, and waited for Charles to come to the changing room.

"Oh, I had to ask my' dad if you could spend the night. I hope you CAN spend the night tonight," beamed Charles, as he said that.

"Oh, that will be awesome if I can stay tonight. Let me call my mom right now so she has time to think about it. But, I think she'll say OK. I haven't spent the night since before your surgery and with school starting soon I think she'll say yes," explained Camm.

Charles and Camm caught up with Logan, Cody, Brad, Gordon, Asher and Mason out on the skateboard ramps. They waited until it was their turn on the ramps and then they began doing their tricks and just enjoying being able to ride the ramps.

It was while they were riding that Camm's mom, called and told him he could spend the night. She mentioned she wanted to talk to Mr. Ken but Camm told her that Mr. Ken was getting ready to go on a trip early the next morning and probably wouldn't be available to talk. She wanted to know who was going to watch Charles. It was then that her son told her that Mr. Dan was Mr. Ken's guest until Labor Day.

Camm then had to explain to his mom who Mr. Dan was. The lads couldn't hear what Ms. Cambelle then asked but they did here Camm say, "He didn't think so." Later, Charles asked Camm what his mom asked and when he heard she asked if the man was married Charles began to giggle. Then Camm realized what she'd asked and he began to laugh right along with his best friend.

As was the lad's usual end of day practice, they all headed up to the Main Gate about 6 PM to wait for their parents to pick them up. When the parents saw Charles they stopped to talk to him about his trip. Once again, the preteen had to tell more people about his fun trip, which he gladly did with a smile on his face.

It was going on 6:20 when Charles finished talking with his friend's parents and then he and Camm walked in through the Foyer Door. It was then 'dad' Ken asked the lads if they were ready to go out to dinner. They looked at one another and said, "Yes, right after we wash our hands up to our elbows." That last comment got Charles a tap on his head, as the two raced to the half-bath to get cleaned up.

Mr. Dan loaded Charles and Camm into his car explaining that Mr. Ken and Robert were picking up Eric and then they would all meet at the Four Corners restaurant. Mr. Dan, Charles and Camm arrived before Ken, Robert and Eric, so they waited outside for them. Mr. Dan did go inside to put their names on the Waiting List so they wouldn't have to wait long. Little did Dan Fischer know that Ken Thomas owned the Four Corner's Restaurant and Diner and would have no problem getting them a table for six.

The six hungry people were immediately seated as soon as Mr. Ken entered the door. The restaurant staff already knew the owner would be there with six, so they made sure there were two tables put together to accommodate them.

"Guys, now don't be bashful about ordering what you want," began Mr. Ken. "We all could use a good meal since three of us will be away from Momma Maria's awesome cooking," now laughed The Cove's owner.

The man's five guests did indeed take Mr. Ken's invitation to heart. Charles ordered a boneless rib-eye steak with a loaded baked potato and a salad. Robert also ordered the same steak but with French fries. Camm ordered the meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn while Mr. Dan ordered a medium well porterhouse steak along with a loaded baked potato and a salad. Mr. Ken looked over the menu longer than he usually did because he usually got the same thing virtually each and every time he ate there. This time he decided to taste something different so he ordered the chicken-fried steak along with mashed potatoes with the corn and the gravy on the side. The lads all got sodas and the men got coffee.

They talked about the upcoming trip and Mr. Ken reminded Charles he needed to talk to Mr. Dan if he had any problems or questions. The man told his 'son' that Mr. Dan would have his contact numbers if there was a major problem and then Mr. Ken stressed the word major. He then told Dan that if Charles wanted to have a friend spend the night, every night, he could as long as he was okay with it. That put a big smile on Charles's face.

They continued dinner and Mr. Ken talked about how he saw his recent trip with Charles and the things they did. He added some highlights that Charles failed to mention. The five had a good laugh at Charles' expense.

When the six got home, Eric left his trip suitcase at the Foyer Entrance and just took his overnight bag up to Robert's room. Charles and Camm followed up the stairs. It was while Eric was getting settled for his overnight stay that the four lads talked about the possibility of going swimming. They all agreed to do that and then they stopped at the Study to ask Mr. Ken and Mr. Dan to join them. Mr. Ken raised his eyebrows at the request and asked if it was 'with or without'. Robert looked at his three co-conspirators and it was Charles who said, "Without" and then he said "No, on second thought … it will be WITH, this time." All four lads laughed and exited the room while saying they'd meet the men down in the water.

"What was that all about?" asked Dan.

"Well, as a guest, you really don't need to know, but … well, as Charles' guardian for the next week, or so, you should know that … well, the lads have taken a liking to NOT wearing their swimsuits when they can get away with it," laughed Mr. Ken.

"The lads know that I will NOT swim with them if they don't have their suits on and I will leave if any of them lose their suit while I am there. And that is not just Robert and Charles. Their friends have also found that skinny dipping is fun, so they will all swim sans suits when they can. So, if you happen to go by the pool and see they are without, well, just try to ignore it.

"By the way, I have installed a bell that I can, and now you can, ring if you intend to go check on the lads. That way they can quickly put those missing suits on before me, err you, arrive. They do know I will not allow them to swim with anyone considered an adult, like Ryan and Collin. I've told them that I did it when I was growing up and it was like a 'bonding' thing between friends. I probably messed up telling them that, but they do seem to all enjoy swimming without their suits on," fully explained Ken Thomas.

Dan just sat there laughing at the 'monster' his friend Ken had created. The Deputy Sheriff did tell Mr. Ken he was glad that his friend put an age limit on the nude swimming. The officer explained that many people would not take kindly to knowing adults and youngsters were doing that.

Mr. Ken explained he's told the lads they shouldn't discuss what they do to anyone not in their group, as many adults wouldn't understand the 'bonding' that was going on. He also told Dan that he's forbidden the lads to tease anyone into swimming nude or making them take their suits off. He said he told them that if he ever heard that was happening, the 'fun' would abruptly stop.

Dan continued to laugh at what he was just told. He told his sponsor that he wondered if skinny dipping ever happened there since the pool was an indoor pool with windows that went opaque with a flip of a switch. The two men talked about their own experiences while growing up and Dan also revealed he too swam sans suit when he could. The men then agreed they should catch up with the lads because Mr. Ken said he and Robert and Eric needed to get up close to 7AM so he didn't intend to swim for long.

The men arrived with their swim suits on. The boys were already in the pool chasing one another which they immediately stopped and told the men to get in the water. The six swimmers played a few games. They did the cannonball splash game off the rock platform. They raced across the width of the pool and then they played sharks and minnows and a few other swim games.

They decided to end their swim at 9 PM, because they were all tired. As the men were leaving the pool area, Mr. Ken told Robert and Eric they needed to be up no later than 7 AM if they wanted to eat before they left in the morning. The two teens moaned at the early wake-up call but they knew that it was what it was.

All four boys changed out of their swimsuits and only put on their briefs and t-shirts to walk up to their bedrooms. The lads were carrying the rest of their clothes up the stairs, with Chief close on their heels. They were halfway up the stairs to the bedroom floor when Mr. Dan stepped onto the stairs just below them. Looking up and seeing the scantily clad lads, Mr. Dan whistled at them which got him back a few funny faces and one fickle finger of fate. That one gesture from the teen and the smile on Eric's face made him laugh. He then returned the salute which garnered a laugh from all the boys as they all had seen it.

The four friends stopped at the urinals before heading to their respective bedrooms. As soon as Robert and Eric got into Robert's bedroom they stripped totally out of their clothes and climbed into the host's bed. Charles and Camm climbed into Charles' bed but they were still wearing their briefs.

Robert and Eric didn't waste any time in getting down to enjoying their 'togetherness'. They have been very close Best Friends right from the beginning and since they hadn't had many sleepovers the past few weeks and would be in the same room as Mr. Ken, over the next 7 or more days, they took advantage of their last night together.

In the other bedroom, it was Camm who started the conversation. He first apologized to Charles for doing stuff with James. He explained that with his Best Friend not being able to do anything before his surgery and then afterwards he wanted to continue to enjoy what he learned when they first met. He then explained what he and James did together and Charles listened intently and didn't say anything before Camm finished.

"Camm, thank you for telling me all that," began Charles, "but … well, we aren't attached at the hip so please … don't feel like you are cheating on me. Yes, I did enjoy doing stuff with you and from what you just told me you really enjoyed what we did and have enjoyed doing it whenever you can."

Camm smiled at what Charles just told him. Camm felt relieved that he hadn't messed up his friendship with the boy and he slowly moved his face to meet Charles' face and he lightly kissed the preteen.

Charles smiled at the gesture and he enjoyed the light kiss so he kissed back. The two separated and then smiled at one another. Charles explained he wasn't allowed to have anyone over until that day, today, and he did indeed miss doing things with his friend. The preteen did tell Camm he was initially disappointed that he and James had gotten together but he also told Camm that he realized they had just met and weren't 'boyfriends' and attached at the hip, as he said earlier. Charles told Camm he knew he shouldn't get mad or even be mad because they had no attachment or relationship … "yet" was how Charles ended his retort.

Camm had listened intently to what his friend had said and when Charles had finished, he asked, "Charles … did you … would you have … have liked to be my significant other'? That we were or could be more than friends?"

Charles smiled at the questions. He laid there, thinking how he wanted to respond and then he decided to tell Camm what he was feeling. "Camm … at first … yes … I wanted us to be more than best friends. It had been a long time since I had done what we did together and … and when we did it … I got the best feelings I haven't had in a long time. I loved that we clicked and that you weren't disgusted by what we did. … I want you to know that … well, I would really like to have a Best Friend like Robert has in Eric.

"I realized that when we had that big sleepover, that some things got out of hand and that maybe I needed to meet more kids our age. Camm … I … I don't want NOT to have you as that Best Friend, but I've never done anything like looking for a Best Friend before and I am so confused over it all. I don't know if I am making any sense here, Camm, but …"

Before Charles could finish, Camm told Charles he wanted to say something. "Charles … I'd never done anything sexual … other than jacking-off, with anyone before I met you. What we did that first day … it was a real eye opener for me that boys could enjoy each other and do what we did. I'd never had any real friends and when you asked me to come over here I was … I was like, why not. No one had ever invited me over to their house and since you were living here at Three Finger Cove, I couldn't help but hope we could get to be friends. You see …"

"Camm, I sort of know why the other kids… why they didn't invite you to their homes and why … most of them ignored you. I did talk to James, Asher and Mason, you know. But that doesn't matter to me! Camm … I was new to The Cove and I knew I needed to meet boys my age and get to know them. I never figured I'd find someone who would enjoy doing … you know, those things with me so soon."

The two lay there, looking at one another, waiting for the other to say something. Charles figured since they were in his bedroom he should be the one to start again. "Camm …I want us to be friends and if we are destined to be BEST Friends then it will happen. I also want to meet more boys and get to know them, too."

Camm got scared at what he just heard, so he quickly asked, "Does that mean you're going to do the things we did with all the other boys in our class?"

"No, Camm, I'm not going to bed all the 7th grade boys. Think back to when we first did some stuff together. Remember how it all started? It was something we both wanted to do, so we did it. We started slow and worked our way up as you spent the night that first time," explained Charles.

"You're not?" asked a relieved Camm.

"Camm … I didn't do anything with Asher or Mason that night of the big sleepover. I think they are very good friends and I bet they've probably done some stuff together. The thing is Camm, if I meet someone who is interested I want to, well, maybe see if we can enjoy the same things we've done together. Camm, what I am saying is that … is that I need to find ..,. I need to … I can't just stop looking after I meet the first boy who wants to do those sexual things. And … I think you should do the same if doing what we did is what you really want to do.

"You see, Camm … many boys do the things we did at our age because we can't get a girl to do them with us … that is unless we are … gay. If we are gay then … it doesn't matter, and it shouldn't matter as long as we find the best person to enjoy doing those things with. At twelve, I don't think we can make that big of a decision. All we should do until we find that 'Mr. Right' is find some boys who like what we like and then do it … together. Do you understand what I am saying Camm?" finished Charles, hoping he hadn't ruined his friendship with the first boy he met.

Camm just lay there. He began to rationalize what Charles just told him and he thought about what his friend said and probably meant. Camm then asked, "Does that mean … that we … that we aren't friends anymore?" Charles then could hear his friend was crying.

Charles pulled Camm to him and kissed him and he said, "That is not what I said. What I said was … was that I'm going to, I need to search for that one person who completes me. Camm … for what we did together, you meet what I am looking for. Dang, Camm, I also want to be with other boys. I want to make friends with them and maybe we can do things together, too. Camm, I am new at this so I am starting out blind here, but one thing I do know, Camm … is … I still want us to be friends. Friends with benefits … if that is what you want, too."

Camm jumped into Charles arms and cried some more. He stayed that way for a few minutes until he thought it through and figured out what Charles said and meant. Camm realized that what he did with James was what Charles was basically saying he wanted to do, too. Camm really liked Charles and now he knew he needed to show him that he was the boy for him but he didn't know how he could do that as he was just starting out as Charles was.

"Charles," began Camm, as he pushed a little bit away from Charles so he could look him into his eyes, "I've never felt anything like I do when I am with you. Yes, I know now, I fucked up messing around with James. And yes I've never done anything with anyone before you and I really, really enjoyed what we did and I wanted to do it more and … well, James was a willing partner. I'm sorry I did that to you but I promise … I promise I'll be the best friend you ever had," sniffled Camm.

"Camm, I don't want you to hold yourself back, just for or because of me. I want you to enjoy doing things with other boys our age and maybe learn other ways to enjoy boy sex," softly replied Charles. "Camm … I do like you a lot but, I think I need to explore for my own satisfaction and that is what I want you to do. If you and James enjoy having sex together then you two should go for it. Who knows, maybe James and I will get together, too. You never know. … I want us to stay friends and if it is meant for us to be Best Friends, then it will happen," concluded Charles.

Charles then leaned in and kissed his friend. Camm felt his friend's lips on his and he melted into the kiss. He returned the kiss and then he pulled his friend into him. The two preteens then began the dance that caused their bodies to respond to the sensations they were experiencing with one another and before long, the lads removed their last piece of clothing and then enjoyed what they both wanted and needed from one another.

In Robert's room, the boys had already explored one another and were now just enjoying the love and warmth they felt as they held and hugged one another. They talked about their friendship and how they felt for one another. They also talked about their upcoming trip starting tomorrow and what they hoped or expected to see. Before long they were fast asleep.

In Charles' room, the two lads shared some intimate moments between themselves and what had been said before it was long forgotten, for the time. Charles hadn't had any sexual contact, except what he and Robert did in the shower the other day, and Camm hadn't done anything other than pleasure himself. They both wanted and they felt they needed the close contact of someone who understood and was willing to do the same things with each other. When they finished their first romp, they soon fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chief then opened the door and headed downstairs to go outside and do her business. When she returned, she closed the door only to find her new master fast asleep in Camm's arms. Chief then found her soft spot at the end of Charles' bed and went to sleep herself.

It is never fun to get up at o'dark-thirty when it is summer time and especially when you know you should be able to sleep in. Today, though, was not a regular summer day. Today was the day that 'dad' Ken was taking him, and his Best Friend, on a very special trip. That was what went through Robert's mind when he heard the alarm clock got off.

"Eric … it is time to get up. Come on Eric, if we want to eat before we leave we need to get up, get cleaned up and dressed and down to the Kitchen Nook. Come on Eric, get up!" called out Robert, as he shook his Best Friend.

"Okay, okay, I'll get up … NOT," replied Eric, as he pulled the covers over his head.

"Come on Eric, get up!" said an exasperated Robert, as he pulled the covers off Eric and then grabbed the lad's most private parts.

"I'll give you five minutes to stop doing that," smiled Eric, as he sat up while Robert playing with his morning woody.

The two kissed and then Eric did get out of bed, his morning boner leading the way and then he and Robert, with his own morning woody leading his way, left the bedroom for the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Chief heard the ruckus in the bedroom next door, so she got up and opened Charles's bedroom door and walked out to see Robert's bare butt entering the bathroom. The dog then padded down the hall towards the stairs and headed outside. Upon her return, she went to Mr. Ken's bedroom to find the man was in his shower. She knew that something was going on but she didn't know what. She went back up to Charles' room only to find the boy was still fast asleep and Camm was holding onto him. She closed the door and went back to sleep herself.

It was almost 8 AM when the teen boys entered the Kitchen Nook. Mr. Ken was already there, reading his morning newspaper, and so was Mr. Dan. The lads went to the freezer and they each took out two of Momma Maria's breakfast tacos. They unwrapped them, placed them in the microwave and waited the four and a half minutes it took for them to heat up. Both lads each got a glass of orange juice while they waited for their tacos. As soon as the microwave dinged the boys took their tacos over to the table and joined Mr. Ken and Mr. Dan who were each drinking their cup of coffee.

"Robert, is your suitcase packed and downstairs?" asked Mr. Ken, without looking up from his newspaper.

"Ahh, no, sir, it isn't downstairs, yet," replied Robert.

"When you finish, please get it and bring it down. Derrick will be here at 8:45 so make sure you are ready to go. Eric … you ready to go?" Mr. Ken let that last question hang.

Eric looked at his friend Robert with a face that said, 'What do I say?'

"Yes, 'dad', Eric is ready. His suitcase is out in the Foyer since last night," replied Robert, for his best friend.

Mr. Dan just sat there watching and waiting to see what would come next. It didn't take long for Mr. Ken to tell the boys that he'd meet them in the Foyer and he got up and went back to his own en suite. Robert then motioned to Eric they should go upstairs. As the boys were going up the stairs, Mr. Dan heard Robert tell Eric he needed to make sure he had everything in his suitcase and then they both needed to use the bathroom and meet their 'dad' in the Foyer in twenty minutes.

The lad calling Mr. Ken 'their 'dad" caught Mr. Dan by surprise. He never knew his friend was also Eric's 'dad' so he knew there had to be a story there. He wondered if he had time enough to get that story before Ken left with the boys for a week trip.

Derrick knew he needed to arrive a few minutes early so he could get the suitcases into the trunk and have the limo ready and raring to go at the appointed time. The limo driver arrived at 8:35 AM giving him adequate time to load the luggage and have the car cooled down for his passengers.

At 8:40, Derrick rang the doorbell. Mr. Dan opened the door knowing it would be the limo driver. The house guest pointed to the one suitcase on the Foyer floor and Derrick took it. As soon as he left the Foyer, Robert brought his suitcase down and placed it outside for the man. Mr. Ken was close behind and he added his suitcase to Robert's.

"Boys, are you ready for the best trip of your lives?" teased 'dad' Ken.

"'Dad', we already had that trip on the Disney Cruise. Don't you remember?" Robert teased back.

"Okay, you got me there, for now. This trip could very well compete. Guess we won't know until we return, huh?" teased Mr. Ken.

"'Daaad'", whined both Robert and Eric at the same time. The two teenagers then laughed that they said 'dad' at the same time.

Dan still wanted to know the story behind Eric calling Mr. Ken 'dad'. He knew right then wasn't the right time especially as the three were getting ready to leave for 7 wonderful days traveling to three of Mr. Ken's amusement parks.

"Dan, you have the emergency numbers, so call me if anything comes up that I really, really need to know about. Our flight leaves about 10 AM from the Business Aviation Side at the San Antonio airport. We are supposed to get back Saturday late afternoon at about 5 PM, depending on air traffic, and we should get here between 6 and 6:30, depending on vehicle traffic. I'll call if it looks like we really won't get back on time."

"'Dad'" yelled out Charles, as he ran down the stairs to hug 'dad' Ken.

"Thank you 'son' for that Good-Bye hug," said Mr. Ken. "And shouldn't you be wearing more than just your underwear when you are downstairs, young man?"

"'Dad', we're all guys here and so what if Mr. Dan sees me in my briefs. He saw all four of us last night as we walked up to our rooms. But, I just woke up and I thought I had missed saying 'Good-bye' and I didn't want to miss saying that to you," said a teary eyed Charles.

Mr. Ken hugged his youngest 'son' tight and told the boy he'd call him later that night. Charles then kissed Mr. Ken on his cheek with his tears streaming down his face. The lad then said for Robert and Eric to have a good time and to remember everything they did so they could tell him all about it when they got back home.

Mr. Ken told the boys to get into the limo and that he'd be right there. To Charles he said, "Charles, you know I'd take you with me if I could, but we both know I can't do that right now. Mr. Dan will take good care of you and I bet he does a better job of it than I would if I were here. You take care and we'll talk tonight. Take care 'son'", finished Mr. Ken, as he hugged his 'son' one last time before getting into the limo and heading off to the airport.

Charles stood in the doorway, still in his briefs, and watched the limo take his 'dad' and his 'brothers' away for their seven-day trip. His tears still streaked down his face and he waved one last time as the vehicle exited through the Main gate.

"Charles … I'm sure it won't be all that bad while they are gone. You'll see. We'll make this a full week too, and a fun one as well," offered Mr. Dan.

Charles melted into the man who just held the boy tight as he let the lad cry his eyes out. It was about three minutes later that Charles pulled away and thanked Mr. Dan for doing that and the lad walked dejectedly up the stairs passing Chief along the way.

When Charles entered his bedroom, Camm was waiting for him. The lad's guest thought they could have a bit more fun before they got up but when the visitor saw the tear stained face of his friend he knew the lad had been crying as his 'dad' and 'brother's left him there. Camm got out of bed and pulled the preteen into his arms and hugged him close. Charles felt his friend's arms and began to cry some more. Camm pulled Charles over to the bed and the two lay down. Camm covered them both up with the covers and they lay there hugging one another. They soon fell fast asleep.

It was after 10 when the two boys woke up. They looked into one another's eyes and Charles thanked Camm for doing what he did for him. They decided to get a shower together so they got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. They both peed and then stripped off their briefs and walked into the shower area. They each took a shower head to stand under and they turned the water on. Camm hoped they could do something there in the shower, but he could tell Charles was still focused on his 'dad' and 'brothers' leaving him. Camm decided to let it go. He did enjoy what they did last night and was happy he was able to treat and be treated.

When the boys went downstairs to the Kitchen Nook, they helped themselves to Momma Maria's breakfast tacos. As the two lads ate, Camm could tell Charles was returning to being the boy he knew and felt an attraction to. It was while they ate that Mr. Dan came into the room looking for them.

"Guys, you ready for the day to begin?" smiled Mr. Dan.

"Sure," said Camm.

"Yeah, I'm ready to do something. What do you have in mind," a slightly enthused Charles said.

"What say we head over to Four Corners and ride some go-karts and play some golf?" replied Mr. Dan. "You guys showered and just about ready to go?"

Charles smiled at Camm and they both smiled at Mr. Dan and together they said, "What are we waiting for?" 

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