Prophecies Foretold

Prologue: Hul Telni

It is without question, the restlessness of this world. It's turmoil and strife. This is why, as a god, I have decided not to partake. No, I have created my own paradise. It is in this paradise that I have created my own breed of what they call “humans.” In a parallel universe, far detached from earth, I have nurtured them. I have shown them my ways. Taught them how to be loved and give love in return. All was perfect in my own utopia.

Until they showed up. Other gods…

They invaded my realm and without my permission made it there own. I resisted as best I could, but I couldn’t fight off them all. I was able to keep away the most awful, the ones with the intent to destroy and infest. I choose to allow two through when I felt their thoughts and knew no harm would come from them and sharing my world. And one made it through without my knowledge.

He is called Faeyet-gra, and he has no intention of sharing my world. Not even with me. His creations are heinous and blood-thirsty. They destroy without remorse or prejudice. It is with great regret that I was unable to protect my world from him, and all was destroyed. I was too late to save them.

But, I was able to save one, and through this one, all are saved.

I communed with the others, the two that I allowed to share my world, and we combined our powers to create anew the world that was lost. We made it better, bigger, and all the more wonderful. We called our world Hul Telni.

I recreated my people and modified them to combat this new presence. For the malignant evil followed us yet again. We placed a countermeasure to warn us of his presence and while he was creating his evil races yet again, we ambushed him.

For years, we fought, with our precious world as a battleground. The battle never ended, for his might was the equal of ours. He resisted us, and as much as we tried to outsmart him, we could not prevail. He was too strong, too cunning. We only just managed to escape with our own essences intact.

With this horrible revelation, it became clear that as God’s we could not prevail, could not prevent him from entering our realm. He is the reason our precious utopia has war, hunger, and terror.

With his presence came the need for me to teach my children how to fight, how to survive. I reformed their bodies; making it possible for them to hold their own against their mortal enemy physically. On top of this, I gave them a gift. I gave them power.

Each power that each of my children holds is unique. While some share common powers each person has his own that no other has. I wanted to be sure that each person; each child was treasured by his peers. It is without remorse that I taught them how to defend themselves.

In this world I have jointly created there are three races that live in a form of harmony. There are the Leoppine, a humanoid catlike race. They are nomadic and peaceful, but fierce when provoked to fight. There is also the Elfynic race, a race of humans that is built on a rigorous caste system, where your prowess with magic is the deciding factor of your status. And then you have my creation.

When I looked upon the human race for the first time, I fell in love with their children. More specifically their boys. These specimens of innocence and vulnerability appealed to me. I took this form, this… perfection. I built on it. My children do not age beyond sixteen, and that age in human/earth society that is considered an adult. I made them reach this physical age slowly, detaching the earth societies perception of age from my own. They age by time, but only when they want, and at a rate considered slow by some, and forever by others. They can appeal to me to reduce their age, something I am all too willing to do. They reincarnate on death as well, for I could not bear to lose even one of my children. They cannot reproduce, a decision I felt was necessary. Only by ritual appeal to me will I grant offspring, a process I do not do often.

It is with regret that I must regulate the population so. I do so wish I could give them the ability to reproduce at their own inclination. However, with evil threatening, I must instead focus on readying my children for war.

In a reflection of the three benevolent people’s, there are the Evil races. There is the Gralginoids, an insectoid race that feeds on the recently dead and lays eggs in the living. There is also the Canids, a race of humanoid wolf like creatures that are bloodthirsty and barbaric. And finally ,the Sorcali, a magical race that uses there powers for destruction and control. They look human, yet are decidedly not so.

In retaliation for the ambush on him, Faeyet-gra pooled his power and unleashed a wave of evil on our world. Through the warning provided me by the other gods I created this world with, I was able to shield my children from the worst of it. This wave, this malevolence, turned their creations against each other.

 For years, wars waged between races and even amongst themselves. My children were forced to defend themselves from the attacks of what used to be friendly nations. When the dust settled we found that our races had been altered from there original make-up. They felt things we did not intend for them. Emotions like hate, sadness, and jealousy. Try as we might, we could not fix this. This is why our world has crime.

My children were shielded from the worst of this, something I am grateful for. They do not feel these emotions as strongly as the others do, yet they are still there. I was not able to fully protect them and this failure I deeply regret. My creation was marred and no longer perfect. This angered me to no end. In a fit of rage, I lashed out at Faeyet-gra.

I fought him with all of my being, and even though the three of us just proved even with him, I held my own. We could not beat him, yet I would prevail. He was significantly weakened by his outpouring of power. As I was bolstered by my rage, I was able to subdue him, but only for a limited time. I was also weakened from this fight, and to seal him away I would need to use myself as the seal. I did so, and with the last of my power, I left in my place a proxy.

This being, split from my essence until I could return, would stand in my stead and take care of the rituals of my race. He would grant them their powers and rights when asked, and keep them from total annihilation. He would, upon my return, be incarnated into the world as one of my children. He would be the most powerful of them all, and he would bring about the end of all wars. He would bring peace to Hul Telni and help to vanquish Faeyet-gra for all eternity.