The Castaway Hotel: Book 3

Chapter 3: The Grand Canyon

The following morning, I let the boys sleep late, even though some of them still got up early. I guessed the others were tired out from the trip and the time change, while those in the ‘sex room’ might also be exhausted from their late night workout. Since it was a Sunday and I didn’t have a lot planned for the day, I decided to give them a break.

When the last of my troops rose from the dead, I took them out for brunch. We made another disruptive entrance into a diner, merely due to the size of our family, and we went through the usual questions from the curious staff and other patrons. We answered all of their questions politely, before excusing ourselves to eat. After downing a substantial meal, we went back to our rooms and repacked, because it was time to load up the van and hit the road again. Once everything and everyone was on board, I navigated some of the back roads toward our next destination.

Danny immediately guessed where I was heading and I confirmed his prognostication. Hey, what else do you go to see when you’re in Arizona? As he expected, our next destination was the south rim of the Canyon and we would be staying in Grand Canyon Village. Although it took us longer to make our way there than I’d calculated, since we got stuck behind some ‘real Sunday drivers’ along the way, eventually we were gazing upon one of the greatest natural wonders in North America.

The look on each boy’s face was priceless, when they saw the Canyon for the first time, and I immediately started snapping pictures of them looking at it, instead of taking pictures of the amazing natural wonder itself. Finally, I remembered to also take a few shots of what we actually came to see, to make sure none of us would ever lose these memories, even though the years may play havoc with our minds. After that, we took a walking tour along the rim of the Canyon, but not until I was certain everyone had been reminded to stay away from the edge and someone older had a hold of the hand of each of our four youngest members.

After we finished our little hike, I snapped more pictures of the boys, but this time in either small or large groups, with each snapshot having the Grand Canyon as an awesome backdrop. I also allowed the boys to take a few pictures too, as they wanted me in some of the photos with them, which I was happy to agree to, since I wanted some reminders of being there with them as well.

As the hour began to grow late, I loaded everyone back into the van and drove to the lodge where we would spend the evening. We checked in and were given the keys to our four rooms, so we lugged our baggage there and got the room assignments established. Tonight, Dustin, Kevin, Pat and Carlos had the honor of being in the ‘sex room’, so we just had to figure out who would be in the various other rooms.

Cole and Graham informed me they wanted Sammy and Andrew in with them for the night, and then Ricky and Jay let me know they wanted to come in with me, so they could spend time with Jordan and Nicky. That left Danny, Brandon, Trey and Dion in the fourth room, so I asked them if that was all right, and they agreed it was fine.

Now that the room assignments had been settled, we all took our things into our assigned rooms, washed up and changed for dinner. I finished quite quickly; since the older boys had offered to help the younger ones get ready, which took the responsibility away from me. This also allowed me time to call around and look for a place where our small army could dine. After some hesitation from the employee I was speaking with at one particular location, and after being put on hold for many minutes, he finally confirmed our reservation. The only problem was, it would be slightly more than an hour before our tables would be ready.

In the interim, the boys entertained themselves, playing one of the hand-held games, listening to their own CD’s or watching something on one of the televisions located in the various rooms. About twenty minutes before we would need to be at the restaurant, I rounded up the troops and we headed out to eat, much to the boys’ delight.

We were quickly led to a large dining room where several smaller tables had been pushed together to make room for us, and the boys eagerly walked in and took their places. Most of the seating arrangements had been decided upon before we arrived at the restaurant, thus eliminating all the discussion over who would be sitting next to whom. I was allowed, or more like commanded, to sit at the head of the table.

Of course we had our share of stares as we entered and there were more than a few whispers as they watched us take our places, but the boys were getting accustomed to this, so it wasn’t a big deal. We looked at the menus and ordered our drinks from the hostess, before a good-looking young man came by to deliver those drinks and take our order. He definitely caught the attention of some of the older boys, as he was probably only eighteen or nineteen himself, but I don’t think he realized why some of the boys were being so attentive, talkative and cooperative.

After he left the table, some of the boys began chiding their partners about their ‘drooling’ over him, or were telling the others to ‘put their eyes back in their head’ or ‘their tongue back into their mouth.’ Not only that, but I noticed some of the boys ‘adjusting’ themselves under the table. I guess he had quite an effect on a few of them. Before long, the young man returned, bringing rolls, soup and salads for those who had ordered them, and the whole process of innocent flirting started all over again.

The boys would try to engage our waiter in conversation, as he placed the different dishes in front of them, and eventually he started to warm up and answer their queries. Not only that, but as time went by, he even began asking questions of his own. Eventually he got to the question about what we were doing there and if we were some kind of a group. He informed us that he judged us to be a church group, because the boys were so well behaved, and then went through the typical reaction of looking at each one of the boys when we told him we were a family.

It was obvious he wasn’t turned off by that news, though, and he started asking each of the boy’s questions about their lives and how they happened to come to live with me. He became so engrossed in their stories that occasionally I would have to remind him about checking on his other tables, to be fair to the other patrons. He would hurry and do that, but would return shortly thereafter, which led me to believe he didn’t want to leave us for any length of time. This development caused the boys to begin to look at him more as a possible friend now, rather than just as a potential sex partner, even if that idea had only been a fantasy they’d created in their minds.

By the time we ordered our deserts, Mark’s other tables were nearly all empty, but not because he had neglected them. It was just that the crowd in the restaurant had thinned out considerably, as most of the locals and vacationers dining there were turning in early or going to do other things. That allowed him even more time to spend with us and he seemed genuinely pleased by this new opportunity.

By the time we finished our meal, the older boys had invited Mark over to visit them at the Lodge. He immediately turned toward me and asked if it would be all right, before accepting their invitation. I saw this as a sign of a good upbringing and having been taught manners, which impressed me immensely. After I nodded my response, a huge grin spread across his face, before he told the boys he’d love to join them and would be over as soon as he finished work. I think that made everyone’s day, at least in the teen hormone crowd.

As we were preparing to leave, I left him a rather large tip, even bigger than my usual generous gratuity. After all, he did give us special attention and fantastic service. As we passed him on our way out, we told him we’d see him later, which brought another one of those sexy grins to his face, which caused some of the boys to experience one final swoon.

As everyone went back to his rooms, I reminded each of them they would have to keep some sort of clothing on for the evening and the ‘sex room’ door should be double locked, since Mark would be joining us and there was no indication which room he would stop at first. Danny quickly insisted Mark would be going directly to his room, since he had given him his room number, which took some of the pressure off of the others. However, Brandon didn’t look quite as pleased about it as Danny did.

Once that was settled, I gave the boys a brief rundown of the next day’s activities, so they’d be able to determine for themselves how late they could stay up and still be able to function in the morning. I advised them we’d have to get up around 7:00, as we had a fairly rigid appointment set for 10:30. They all moaned a little, but knew I probably had something exciting planned, so they didn’t argue too much over that point.

About an hour later, there was a knock on my door. I wonder which of the boys it might be and what they wanted. When I opened it, I discovered Danny standing there and he had a funny look on his face. I had a feeling something was up.

“Dad, do you think Mark could go with us when we do our sightseeing tomorrow? He says he doesn’t have to be to work until 5:00 tomorrow night and he hasn’t really spent that much time seeing the things around here either. He said he got this job through one of his professors at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, where he just finished his freshman year. He’s a finance major there, working his way through school, and he only got here a couple of weeks before we did, but has been working most of the time.”

“Wow, you sure learned a lot about him in a short time,” I remarked, while eyeing him to get his reaction, but I think my comment flew over his head.

“He told me even more than that,” he continued. “He also said his family is in Oregon and that’s where he grew up. He only started college here last August and with classes and work, he hasn’t had a lot of free time. Besides, he didn’t have a bunch of money to do other stuff with, so he really hasn’t seen much of Arizona since he came here. Can he go with us tomorrow, please? Please?” he begged again, while giving me a look he thought would make me give in.

“I don’t see any major problems, if Mark wants to join us,” I replied. I was going to say ‘yes’ anyway, so his look hadn’t affected me at all. “It’s just that some of you might have to hold the little ones on your laps in the van, in order to make room for him. Let him know he can also eat breakfast with us, if he can make it here by 7:30.”

“Will you come and tell him, Dad? I’m not sure if he’ll believe me,” Danny replied. “He didn’t want me to ask in the first place, because he said he doesn’t want to impose.”

“No problem. I’ll be happy to do that,” I answered, thinking this only reinforced my earlier impression that this young man had come from a good home. “Come on and I’ll tell him for you.”

We walked over to Danny’s room, so I could tell Mark we’d be happy to have him join us. He seemed thrilled that I had agreed to this and thanked me several times for allowing him to join us. He then informed me he would be back early, so he could go with us for breakfast too. After that, he said good-bye, because he felt he’d need his sleep if he were going to spend the day with us. After he left, I urged the others to also get some sleep.

While all of this had been going on, the ‘sex room’ was still being used for its intended purpose. It was on one side of my room, while the other two rooms were on the other side, so I knew Mark couldn’t hear what was going on in there, especially if he was in Danny’s room at the time.

Speaking of the ‘sex room,’ at first I was a little hesitant about allowing Carlos to be included in the groups using that room, but the boys quickly assured me he had eagerly participated in a few sessions while he had been staying with us before. I tried to broach this subject directly with Carlos, when I was bringing him back to our place, just before the trip started. He hesitantly verified the stories and seemed a bit embarrassed that I knew about it. After thinking about it, he finally agreed it wasn’t such a bad thing that I knew, as long as I didn’t tell his mother about it. I laughed and assured him I wouldn’t, before I relented on letting him become involved in the fun on the trip too.

The biggest difference about what was taking place tonight, was that the partners wanted to stay together and weren’t up for mixing with the others. Dustin and Kevin were on their bed and had been making out for a while, before Pat finally turned off the lamp on the nightstand beside them. That pair had been fairly inseparable since Dustin’s little hospital stay and Kevin’s operation, which pleased me and delighted Kevin. It had also been a few days since they had spent any quality time together, so they were both more than a little horny. As soon as the lights were off, Kevin grabbed the lubricant and handed it to Dustin.

“I need you to make love to me tonight, babe,” Kevin told him. “I don’t care if the other two know what we’re doing. I need you now.”

“Hey, no problem,” Dustin answered. “As far as I’m concerned, they could both watch us, if they wanted to learn something.” Both boys chuckled and Dustin began to prepare Kevin for a little fun.

It didn’t take long before Dustin was on top of his lover, sliding his thick slab of meat inside of him. Kevin groaned a little as that monster stretched him to his limit, but welcomed Dustin’s intrusion fully. Kevin lovingly threw his arms around Dustin’s neck and kissed him passionately, letting his partner know how much he was looking forward to this ride. As soon as Dustin was fully seated inside of him, he began his slow, steady rocking motion and the two boys gradually became as one. Their motions complimented each other perfectly, as each of their thrusts met the other part way, and they were really into their love making, totally oblivious to the other pair.

Dustin was telling Kevin how much he loved him and how desperately he needed this release, while Kevin kept reminding Dustin he would love him always and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of Dusty’s rod sliding back and forth, massaging his prostate. The two boys were stroking each other’s ego, to go along with the physical stroking that was taking place, and they were totally into what they were doing. Dustin was going faster now, realizing he was getting closer to his reward, and both boys were panting quite heavily, as he continued to pummel Kevin’s butt. When the climactic moment finally came, he buried himself deeply inside of Kevin, arched his back, let out a little moan and flooded Kevin’s bowels with his love juice. Kevin felt the warm liquid coat the lining of his excretory tract and enjoyed the fullness he felt, as Dustin remained firmly implanted inside him. That’s the way they stayed until they both came down from their sexual highs.

On the other bed, Pat and Carlos had discussed what they were going to do and Carlos was only up for a hand job. He was still new to all of this, but he didn’t mind if they jacked each other’s meat. Pat told Carlos he’d do him first and Carlos was eager to agree with that suggestion. Pat reached over and started playing with Carlos’ uncut sausage, toying with the foreskin and pulling it back and forth, while he used his other hand to stimulate Carlos’ balls, bringing him to arousal. It worked like a charm and soon Carlos was as hard as a rock.

Now that Carlos was ready, Pat began to stroke his fist up and down on his partner’s pole and Carlos started to gurgle and then purr like a contented kitten. Pat knew his inexperienced partner wouldn’t last long, so he kept his strokes steady, to make it as good for Carlos as he could. Soon strings of cum were shooting from Carlo’s dick, as his body became as stiff as a board. After he was milked dry, Pat released his cock and let Carlos lie on the bed and enjoy the warm glow that this release had given him.

While he waited, Pat tried to figure out why he was so attracted to Carlos and why he felt the need to please him so strongly. Carlos wasn’t as handsome as some of his other brothers and Carlos was even a little stocky, but Pat just felt this attraction to him that he couldn’t break. Even worse, he didn’t understand why he was attracted to him at all. While he was thinking about this, Carlos spoke to him and offered to return the favor.

Immediately, Pat lay back, thus allowing Carlos to grab his somewhat short, but thick, circumcised dick and have access to his testicles. Carlos was just as fascinated with the difference in their penises as Pat had been. Playfully, Carlos tugged and stroked Pat’s boyhood until it stood like the mainmast of an old Frigate. Carlos hadn’t yet learned how to enjoy what he was doing and pumped Pat’s prick as quickly as a thirsty man would work an old hand-operated water pump. That’s why it only took a few minutes before Pat’s geyser erupted, sending streams of jism into the air, only to have gravity pull them back down and land on Pat’s chest. As the puddles formed and ‘Old Faithful’ emptied the last of its contents, Carlos’ hand slowed, until he released Pat’s limp sausage. After the boys cleaned up the evidence of their mutual masturbation session, they thanked each other, said good night and went to sleep.

On the other bed, Dustin and Kevin had switched places and Kevin was ready to fill Dustin with his love. Somewhat amazingly, at least to me, Dustin was still willing to do this for Kevin, after he had been so resistant to the idea for such a long time. I suspected this meant Dustin finally realized the depth of Kevin’s love for him and acknowledged his own love for Kevin. I think he felt that by showing he was willing to give himself completely, it would show Kevin he was willing to make a long-term commitment.

Slowly, Kevin placed his dickhead against the entrance to Dustin’s love tunnel and then pushed his way in. He barely hesitated as he hit bottom and immediately began his withdrawal, so he could thrust forward once more. Kevin was still worried that his operation would affect his functioning sexually, but there had been no change in his ability since one of his testicles had been removed. He hadn’t even really noticed any change in the amount of semen he produced, which astounded him. If he was shooting any less of a load, it was such a miniscule difference that it couldn’t even be detected.

Now, Kevin was ramming his penis in and out of Dustin’s chute, looking forward to the total-body tingling that would accompany his orgasm. Soon, he started to feel the familiar sensation of pressure building in his groin and knew the end was near. He was humping faster now, looking forward to the fireworks that would go off in his head, as his penis unloaded its contents. When that moment arrived, Kevin was not disappointed, as he fired his wad into Dustin’s body cavity. He then collapsed on Dustin’s chest, at which point the older boy hugged and kissed him affectionately. When Kevin had recovered fully from this encounter, he cuddled against Dustin’s chest and lingered in his warm embrace, before falling asleep in that position.