Carriage Trade

Chapter Two

There it was, an old, very old, carriage house, that matched perfectly the style of the big old Victorian it stood behind. Tony's father had a new oversized two car garage built at the end of the paved driveway to the right of the old carriage house and had at one time converted the second floor of the carriage house into bedrooms and a bathroom, intending to use them as rooms for household staff to live in, but Aunt Hazel had handled the household chores very well, thank you, and had operated her home with only occasional day help hired from town. It made the perfect playhouse for us boys and we spent years pretending it was a fort, or a ship at sea, or even the jail in a frontier town. I was pleased to see it hadn't been torn down or had collapsed. From where I stood on the patio facing it, it looked to be as straight and true as the day it must have been built.

David joined Mary and me on the patio and when she placed the steaks on the grill, he went to set the kitchen table for us and I went to get Tony. Tony took a little time to wake up, but awake he did, and I helped him to the bathroom, so he could wash up before going downstairs. He asked to see the suite of rooms I had just moved into and he seemed very pleased with the final results. I explained about the help from both Mary and David and we then went down to join those two for dinner.

I noticed Tony was not eating very much, and I knew that these steaks were one of his favorite meals, but he said it was OK, he just didn't have much of an appetite lately. I told Mary and David some stories about the old carriage house and Tony chuckled right along with the others, sometimes embellishing on the stories or reminding me of others. He remembered his father telling him that the work done creating the "help" quarters was extensive at the time and the results of the construction done was a much sturdier building than what the original builder had constructed. Tony said that occasionally the upstairs rooms were rented out to college students in years past, but only on an emergency housing situation basis, like if a student was being hassled in their dorm or when a young couple got married and housing in the married student dorm was not available until the next semester, or an employee of the college needed housing near the school and there was not an opening in the employee housing for them yet. He did say that no one ever stayed long, because it always made his parents feel awkward with strangers living in their backyard.

Mary piped up and said she knew why no one wanted to stay longer in the upstairs rooms in the carriage house, it was because the rooms were small and there were five of them up there and the bathroom, the only one there, was tiny with only a toilet, a wall mounted tiny sink, and a claw foot tub, no shower, all in a five by seven space. There was no kitchen, no sitting room, and only the one narrow staircase leading up to the rooms.

We talked as we each pitched in and did the clean-up, but letting Tony sit this one out entirely. Thank goodness there was a good dishwasher in the renovated and big kitchen. After a while Tony was flagging so with David's help, I took him upstairs and he didn't want to sit and watch TV, he wanted to sleep more so he might be able to spend more time with me in the morning "showing me the ropes" with the new manuscript he was working on.

 This was something I was actually looking forward to doing as it brought back some really good memories of English composition classes during high school and college. I had dreams back then of becoming a writer, but social changes in the world drew me to the Humanities and trying to find changes in different countries to bring about social changes and give all kinds of people a better life.

After he was back in his room and sleeping, I sat with Mary and David and Mary asked if it seemed Tony was failing fast. I told her that it seemed he used a lot of his reserve strength to get through his mother's death and burial, and with him asking me to move here and take over the running of his business and having just moved in, maybe he was finally relaxing and following what his body told him, either awake or asleep he was going to have good days and bad, but he wanted to see things settled before he went, so I was hoping that until I had a good grasp of the business end of the business he would be alert and help me get my bearings. I assured them that we'd muddle through somehow, and that there were sufficient funds to continue on for quite some time, and I wasn't planning on making any changes to either the business or the living arrangements in the house, but all the talk about the carriage house earlier had me wondering if it could use some more "improvements" to make it a real money earner for the property, just in case we lost some business for a while, if and when Tony passed. I'd broach the subject with him sometime the next day. That night, my first in my new quarters, I dreamt about the renovated carriage house, and there was a man next to me as we walked through the spacious rooms, both the first floor and the second. It looked more like a home now, and occasionally he had his hand on my shoulder, and sometimes on the small of my back. I remember feeling very comfortable with that. That feeling lasted until we were standing on the new patio on the front side which was made to look like three separate parking pads out in front, the color scheme matched the main house perfectly, the trim nice and crisp in while and the body a creamy yellow.

What didn't even phase me was that the storage rack for David's canoes was on the right side of the carriage house now, instead of on the back of the three-car garage to the right of us as we stood in front on the faux parking pads. What really got me was that all the work was done, and Tony was on the patio of the main house standing with another man I recognized, and they were standing there waving at us. It was Chuck standing with his arm around Tony's shoulders, and as I waved back to them, they just kind of disappeared, both giving me the thumbs up signal.Carriage House

I woke, probably right away, and by the time showing on my bedside alarm clock it was just 7 AM so I stayed in bed trying to remember as much of the dream as I could. If Chuck and Tony were together, watching me, and possibly David, walk around the completed renovations to the big old carriage house, then that would indicate Tony dies before the completion of the work. That filled me with a great deal of sadness, but I knew it was going to happen. Nonetheless, I consoled myself that I didn't even know what time of year my dream occurred in, and there wasn't a known cure or even a treatment that would help Tony.

Our morning working together was extremely productive from my standpoint, I, of course, knew about punctuation and grammar. However, making sure the thought thread in a writer's sentences followed his original thoughts was something I never thought of much, if a bunch of sentences at the beginning of a story, or text for that matter, didn't make sense to me, I used to just drop it, go on to another book or article. Now I would be responsible for it all to make sense to everyone reading it. I had to admit to Tony that I was the world's worst speller, but he explained that that was what spell check was for on the computer, and that there was a part-timer who was a spelling wiz and he could clean up any manuscript I had been able to otherwise correct or shape into a cohesive read.

He spent about two hours on basic corrections, and another two hours or so on the way he charged for his work, depending on how many corrections had to be made, how many hours the principle editor spent on the work provided to be edited, and if another editor had to be brought in to look the script over and how many corrections the second editor had to make, all this enumerated by the computer program Tony had developed, which would also be part of what he passed on to me.

I hadn't been hidden away in a cave for the last fifteen years, but this software was all new to me and it took me about two more hours working on an old file Tony had set up for me to practice on. He had gone to the former dining room which had an old chaise in a far corner of it where he had settled in for a nap until I had done my practice billing file, and when I was finished with what I thought was a pretty comprehensive billing figure for the file I went to hunt Tony down. He wasn't sleeping, he was just "resting" and he sat up as I approached and asked what figure I had come up with for the work depicted in the file. I told him, and he told me that it was exactly what he had come up with, he thought I was going to get along here very well.

Tony was feeling pretty good after his rest, so we decided to go out to the cafe at the town common and get ourselves fresh lobster rolls for dinner. They are not our usual dinner fare, but for a special occasion we seemed to indulge in them, and always had. I was really concerned about Tony and his diminished appetite so knowing he was hankering for a lobster roll I would have gotten him one for every meal if it meant he would eat it. We'd have to see if he could make a sizable dent in the one tonight. We asked Mary and David to join us and Mary already had plans, but David said he'd love to join us.

Tony needed a little help getting out of the front passenger seat, but even before I had completely turned the car off David was right there to lend a hand in helping Tony out. We three made our way into the cafe and they went to snag us a table as I went to the counter to place our order, since there was no table service in this cafe. I received our number for our order and went to join my dinner companions while I waited for our number to be called. Tony was telling David about some of our family vacations when we were younger. David was laughing along with Tony and it was good to see Tony so animated and relaxed.

Tony was able to finish more than three-quarters of the nine-inch bun filled with chunks of lobster meat in a light Mayonnaise Sauce. He hadn't bothered with the Cole Slaw or the Salted Potato Chips, but he was happy and eating, I'd have to remember this if his appetite didn't return soon. Our talk that night was light and carefree and very convivial, we all three had a pleasant time. Tony was good until he had eaten his fill, and then he became a bit lethargic and slow moving so David and I finished quickly and we took Tony home and saw him to his bedroom where he thanked us for our pleasant company and slowly made his way to his en-suite and prepared for bed.

Over the next couple of days, I did more examples of pricing out the work the editors did, and seemed, with the help of Tony's custom program, to have gotten the hang of being able to charge for the work done here at Tony's business. My attempts at editing I found, came somewhat natural to me, I guess because Chuck had always asked me to proofread his papers, even when we were in college, and Tony was right, the spellcheck program was a godsend.

It was a few days later when I couldn't rouse Tony in the morning. When I couldn't wake him, I called the doctor that he had gotten the prescription from, for the pain pills and I assured him that Tony was breathing, I just couldn't wake him. He asked how many pills were left in the pain medication bottle and I told him that the count corresponded with the date issued, and I knew for a fact that Tony had been only taking a half tablet at a time, not even a full one, so the count of the pills would be greater than the doctor thought. When I imparted this information, he told me to be on the lookout for the town ambulance, he thought that Tony might have slipped into a coma. I reminded the good doctor of Tony's wish to die at home, and not in the hospital, and he relented on the ambulance, and said he'd be over shortly, and he would arrange for hospice care for him to start today.

He arrived twenty minutes later from the Medical Center at the University. He wanted to examine Tony, so I took him right up and waited while he made sure his earlier diagnosis was correct. Even as he examined him even I could tell that Tony's respiration rate was dropping. The doctor told me out in the hall that it appeared that it was Tony's time to leave us, he didn't hold out much hope that he would last much longer than the end of the day, the early hours of the next morning at the latest. I asked him if moving him to the hospital would prolong his life an appreciable amount of time, and the doctor told me that he thought that a confinement in the hospital would be a detriment to Tony should a miracle occur, and he awakens and recognizes his surroundings. He didn't hold out any hope for that and said that the hospice caregiver was trained to see he had a peaceful transition to the other side.

Once he had spoken to the middle-aged RN that appeared about 30 minutes after his examination, he left. After telling me that he was sorry there wasn't anything to be done to remove or repair the damage the cancer continued to do to my cousin. He told me that even if Tony had experienced symptoms years ago, his cancer was aggressive and very invasive, and he doubted that even two or three years ago anyone could have done anything to help Tony. He told me that the nurse had instructions to call him at the proper time and no matter what time of the day or night that was, he would come and help with the final arrangements.

With a beginning to the day like that I didn't hold out for improvement and indeed when Mary and the other full-timers showed up I had to tell them what might happen while they were still in the house, so I suggested that should they want, they could take their laptops home and work from there if they wanted and somehow I'd notify them when the inevitable happened. To a person, they assured me they would stick around and be here for as long as needed. I thanked them for their support and Mary told me that she thought I had endured too much alone and that they were all going to help me get through this and she thought it might be wise for her to call David, but I thought I should do that so I went to the work area Tony and I had used and I called the cell number for David that Tony had on his blotter, right along with Mary's and the other employees' numbers.

He answered on the first ring, greeting me cheerfully, but he sensed my somber mood as soon as I started talking and he stopped me and said he was on his way home, he had only stopped into work this morning to fill in while someone else had a doctor's appointment. He was actually at his car in the parking lot and was getting in it.

Ten minutes later he was walking in the kitchen door and he came over to me and engulfed me in a big hug and told me he'd stick around the house today, or be available for any errands I needed to be done. It was strange being hugged by this well put together man, it was a familiar feeling, my body instinctively relaxed as I felt his arms around me, and since this was the first time we had had any bodily contact, I pondered that and realized that his hands on me were familiar, it was the touches the man in my dreams had been giving me. These weren't gropes or touches made in an aggressive manner, they were gestures to convey a connection, a welcomed familiarity, a sense of connection with another person, an expression of caring.

This brief exchange was done in front of most of the staff, as we were all gathered in the kitchen for coffee, as someone, probably Mary, had started the big coffee urn minutes ago and we were chatting and waiting for our coffee fix to be ready. David settled in with us and once the brewing was complete, I went to Tony's room to see if our hospice worker wanted any of the fresh brew. She told me she'd come downstairs with me to fix her own cup and she told me on the way downstairs that there was no change as yet in Tony's condition. I introduced her to everyone as she prepared her cup of coffee and she returned to be with Tony while I tried to sit and read through Tony's final wishes from the papers he had entrusted to me just the other day. His wish,  as I had reminded his doctor, was to go peacefully at home with no intervention by medications other than for pain and no machinery attached to prolong his life for any reason. Once he was declared lifeless, he wanted the funeral parlor to be called, he had a prepaid agreement with them for his remains to be cremated and interred with his parents. All decisions would rest with me and I was to notify his lawyer either after his death, or as he was dying, whichever was practical for the time of day he expired.

I admit I was starting to feel like Daddy to all the folks now at the house as I seemed to be the one calling the shots, but that was my role as defined by Tony, this is what he wanted and had set in motion when he made me the executor of his will. Being the responsible one, I called his lawyer and explained to him what was transpiring here this morning and he firstly verified he was talking to Tony's cousin, Matthew Blackmer. I told him that he was and he asked me if I was going to be at the house today, and I assured him I wasn't going anywhere, the staff was here with me and the roommates were as well, we were holding in place, praying his passing was gentle. He assured me he would come by at some point in the afternoon, he just had to rearrange his schedule a bit.

By lunchtime Mary and I were trying to think about what we could put together to feed all 8 in the house able to eat when David suggested he run out to pick up an assortment of pizzas and that made sense, it was easy to eat, and there wouldn't be much to clean up after. I gave him a bunch of cash and then called in our order.  He was back in about a half hour and by then everyone had their beverage and I had checked with the nurse and brought her a coffee refill, after noting how she took it this morning. She reported Tony's respiration rate was slightly slower and she thought it wasn't going to be many more hours.

It was only about three hours later, around 3 PM that she called for me and I went up and she told me it was about Tony's time, so I sat on the side of his bed, held his hand and sobbed when the last gurgle came out of him. I kissed his forehead and continued to sit beside him until the nurse gently led me to the door, saying how sorry she was but there were things she had to do, as well as having to call the doctor back in.

I went to my quarters to try and get myself pulled together and within two minutes this big bulky he- man was with me on my sofa, cradling me in his strong arms, sobbing along with me. This lasted until someone knocked on the door jam and cleared his throat. Doctor Phillips was here, and David and I pulled ourselves together and bade him enter. Dr. Phillips explained that the funeral parlor had been called and should be arriving soon, the Death certificate was filled out and signed, the proper copies had been made and already distributed to where they had to be, since Tony's lawyer had just arrived and had the original copy to file with the town clerk, and the good doctor told me that the lawyer was waiting to speak to me downstairs in the  room Tony had called the office.

David gave me a hand up from the sofa and I went and cleaned myself up at my bathroom sink. Once presentable again, I went down to listen to what the lawyer had to say. He was a nice man, very solicitous, and he got right to the point. With the exception of three bequests of ten thousand dollars each (one to Mary and her girlfriend to help them find a place they could live together in, one to the nursing home his mother had been in for seven years, and one to David for the purpose of helping him assist deserving vets he came across in his work) Tony had left everything to me, as Tony had told me a few weeks ago. He needed some paperwork signed by me, the changes in ownership to be handled by his staff and all the financial accounts will be transferred into my name and passbooks and quarterly reports and accounting statements to be sent on to me. Some of the papers were the current statements as of today and it really was amazing to see all those big figures at the bottom total on each of the different accounting sheets. Tony had truly amassed a fortune, from the account that showed the profits from his own computer program, to the account for his business where for the first seven years he had plowed back into investments every penny of profit. The accounts that showed what he had done with the funds from his father's legacy were impressive as were the accounts he had inherited from his mother, all of which now were passed on to me.

I told the lawyer that there wasn't much I knew about the financial details, but that I had my retirement from Hunter College, and the proceeds from Chuck's life insurance and was fairly well off myself. So, if his financial side of his practice wanted more accounts to handle, I would put those funds into the mix and we'd see what his investment people could do with the added funds. He asked for and I was able to give him my own current statements and he took copies of those and I signed another assignment form for his trust department and he said he'd get the ball rolling. The rest of our time together we went over the arrangements for Tony's service to be held at the MCC church in town, the same as his mother's had been at, and he'd let me know when everything was set up, including the committal of his ashes in the family plot in the cemetery. He told me the arrangements would all be finalized the next day, I thanked him for all this and we parted with a handshake at the front door.

While we had been in conference the employees of the funeral home had arrived and took Tony to the crematorium, there would not be a wake, but his instructions were for a reception to be held after his internment, here at the house for those wishing to attend, that would happen after the memorial mass at the MCC church, which would happen in two days' time if all went according to his wishes. When I returned to the big kitchen Mary and David were at the table, Mary had her hand around David's shoulder as they sat next to each other, and David seemed to be hurting, his head down and an occasional shudder went through his torso, as if he was crying. I slipped into a chair across from him and when he looked up at me, I saw what I must have looked like after Chuck's death. Despair and all hope lost, alone and hurting, I knew what that was like.

When Mary caught my eye, she motioned out to the hall and she herself got up from her chair and poured another cup of coffee for David and patted his shoulder as she placed it in front of him and then joined me in the hall where she guided me to her desk and we sat there facing each other. I expected some big revelation about Tony and David, but what I got was a weeping young gay woman telling me that David had fallen in love with me at his first sight of me, at Aunt Hazel's wake, of all places, and for a formerly straight guy that can be really eye-opening. I was stunned, but the questioning look on my face was enough for her to go on, and she said that David mistakenly took my lack of interest in him for rejection, that I wasn't interested in him at all. She had always gotten along with David and he felt safe talking to her because of her lesbianism and he couldn't understand why a fine-looking man of my age wasn't interested in him, was it his missing foot? Did I not like him at all? Wasn't I looking for love after my husband left me? I looked up sharply at that one and Mary explained that to everyone but her, Tony had simply told people, to explain about my moving into the house, that my husband had left me.

Not that that wasn't true to an extent, but still, I guess it made it easier without going into a lot of detail. But Mary had known the truth and she and Tony had talked openly about the loss and devastation I had gone through, and that was why David was so upset, he was angry with himself after Mary told him what I had been through. She had told him that she didn't think I was ready yet for a relationship, that there was just so much recently that might have dredged up some bad memories for me. I knew then that there was something I had to do, after all, Chuck had been showing me what my future held, and David was definitely in it.

I thanked Mary and left for the kitchen where David was still slumped over his coffee cup. This time I took the chair next to him, where Mary had been sitting, and when he realized it was my arm around his shoulder, he just kind of melted into me. I used my other hand and turned his handsome face to me and told him I thought we were going to be together for a very long time. It took him a second or two, but his arms reached around me, and we hugged.

I led him to my quarters and told him we had to talk, that there shouldn't be anything we couldn't talk about, that not talking to each other had almost cost us the chance to be together, to get to know each other, to grow together, even if I was seven years older than him. He smiled at me and said he thought we were eight years apart, and I said I wasn't counting leap years and I thought it was time I sent the staff home, would he wait here for me? And he nodded, then spoke up and said yes, he would.

I went downstairs and told Mary that I thought all was on a much better footing, but we needed some time alone and I was letting anyone who wanted to go home to do so, but I thought David and I would be spending some time talking up in my rooms and we might be there for some time. She asked me if there was a chance there, and I told her that there were signs that I was ready to let someone into my life, and the signs had all indicated that David was the someone I would be spending the rest of my life with. She gave me a big hug and told me she thought I was doing the right thing and she'd take care of getting everyone out of the house and she'd be staying with her girlfriend tonight so even she wouldn't be around in a half hour or so. I asked if she was ready to be my office manager with a raise, and that earned me another hug and her assurance that together we'd make a go of the company. I was under orders not to divulge any of Tony's bequests until the lawyer had a chance to talk to the beneficiaries after the memorial Mass.

I felt better that she was going to be helping me run the business and I left her to talk to the other four editors as I made my way back up to my rooms and a "getting to know you" talk with David. He was still sitting where he had been before I had gone down to talk to Mary, but when I walked in the room, he stood, and I smiled at the good-looking stud and he came with me to the settee in the bow window where we sat together. I started the ball rolling and told David my history, not leaving anything out, and when I got to the mugging that took Chuck away from me, he was leaking tears from his dark green eyes. By the time I reached the passing of Tony today, David had taken both my hands and we sat like that, comfortably, until David began his own oral history.

David had been raised on the family farm out in Dalton, north of Pittsfield  in the Berkshire Hills. It had just been he and his parents. He only had friends at school, most of his free time was spent doing chores around the farm. During high school he found himself attracted to his male classmates, but never acted on his crushes, but he did have a computer at home and his older parents, (he was a surprise pregnancy when he was born to them in their late thirties), loved him and never discouraged his explorations on his computer, but then they didn't know he had been questioning his own sexuality. When he graduated high school, he had been accepted at the University in Amherst, but the Summer before class started for his freshman year his parents both died in a car crash leaving him alone, without any close living relatives and to his way of thinking, he could only join a branch of the armed forces to be able to put himself through college. While in basic training the insurance companies finally settled for almost three quarters of a million dollars, and with the sale of the family farm he was assured of a good future, but he was determined to make it on his own so he stuck with the Air Force and finally, just before his first deployment he had lost his virginity with another enlistee and they were pleased to be deployed with the same flight crews they had been training with. All David's funds had been placed in trust for him and he had originally thought he'd be spending only one tour of duty, but his friend and lover, Chet, was not ready for civilian life so they re-upped and signed on for another tour of duty and then another and on this tour, while the helicopter they were a crew on was evacuating wounded they came under attack from rebel troops and Chet was shot dead, and while David was carrying his body back to the chopper he miss stepped and set off a landmine, losing his foot in the aftermath.

Both their bodies were brought back to the medevac unit and David was placed in a field hospital where everything was done to try and save his foot, but he was soon sent to another hospital in the States and there it was determined that what was saved would be of no use to him so the foot was amputated and eventually he was fitted out with an artificial one and he had months of rehab to learn how to cope with the loss of his foot, and his closest friend ever. He was mustered out with an honorable discharge due to medical reasons. He hadn't had another relationship since and when he had met me, he had fallen like a ton of bricks at our first introduction.

I told him there had been a spark at our introduction, but obviously the funeral parlor was not the place to explore that and that since then I had had dreams which showed us together and since neither of us had had someone close to us in years, I thought we ought to take things slow and let things develop on their own schedule. I told him we ought to try a kiss to see if that worked for both of us, and he scooted even closer to me and we hugged, that we knew worked for both of us, and then our lips met, and it was like the fourth of July had exploded in our brains. All the bells and whistles went off like fireworks exploding in our brains. There was a definite connection there.

The kiss went on for a while and we both felt the desire growing, but somewhere in my brain was a voice saying that we had agreed to not just jump into anything too quickly, we needed to let this simmer for a while and let it grow, so I pulled away, gasping and told him that that was a kiss I'd not soon forget, he blushed and said he wouldn't either. I suggested that we find something to eat and he agreed, so we went through my small kitchen and not finding anything substantial there we went downstairs to the big kitchen and put together a pretty good meal from what we found in the fridge.

We took our meals out to the back patio to eat and we sat side by side and continued to talk, this time about the arrangements that were being set into motion by the lawyer for Tony's memorial Mass and his internment in the family plot. As we each finished eating we both took in the expanse of the yard which went far enough back to reach the street on the opposite side of the block, my uncle had bought the property just behind him to enable him to have a double lot, the house once there was long gone, so long ago neither Tony or I had ever remembered seeing it, it had always to us seemed like a big open space, a huge field to explore in our childhood adventures.

David asked what my plans were for the carriage house and I told him about my dreams about the building, and that I thought about following through on those dreams and turning it into a big single-family residence, someplace I and a partner could share and maybe raise our own family. He held me close and, just before his tongue found mine again, he whispered that we ought to start those renovations soon as neither one of us was getting any younger. I know I mumbled something, but the way his tongue was stroking mine, my thoughts were somehow diverted to something else. We cleaned up our dinner mess then and returned to my quarters and David suggested I show him how to use the Bowflex® machine, so after we had both changed into our workout togs, and he came back from his room, I got him positioned on the bench and gave him some pointers on the use of the contraption.

While he went through the routines he had expressed an interest in, I worked out with the barbells and did an upper body workout and then left the bedroom to use the weight bench in the smaller room with the weights and the incline bench in it. I did my leg lifts and some reverse leg lifts to strengthen my calves and then it was squats for the end of my workout with the weights. I went to check on David and he was just about finished on the Bowflex®. He lifted his tank top up to use the hem to wipe off the sweat on his brow and it was then for the first time I saw his torso exposed. It was magnificent, with severely defined abdominal muscles and a treasure trail that further defined the abs on each side of it. The exposed chest was a pec lovers delight, and I knew that someday my mouth was going to have fun with the erect nipples that sprouted from those hard plates of muscle they sat on.

He did have some scarring on his right side, but nothing major, most likely shrapnel from the landmine that had taken his foot. It certainly did not take anything away from his masculinity, in fact, it only added to his aura of the tough warrior.

We swapped rooms and David went to the weights and I took the warm seat on the machine he had been just sitting on.Kiss It kind of gave me a bit of a thrill to know that my asshole was where his had just been, and watching him walk away from me in those skimpy gym shorts really had me enthralled as I watched the mounds of his butt roll as he walked but I went through my routine on the machine without embarrassing myself, but the thought that one day we could work out in just jocks was there in the back of my mind, keeping me half hard the whole half hour I was on the machine.

He walked back in just as I was wiping down the seat of the Bowflex® and I marveled at the swinging of the pouch of his jock inside his shorts. He had found the pile of small towels in the weight room and was wiping his neck and brow off, so I don't think he saw me perving on him, but then he was licking his lips as I bent over to wipe the bench off. As I stood upright, I asked if he would like to share my new shower with me and that's where we both saw each other naked for the first time, stripped and waiting for the water to get to an acceptable temperature as we shared a naked kiss and got under the cascading water from the ceiling mounted shower head.  

I know for a fact our hair got washed and rinsed, and I remember putting a generous amount of body wash on him, as he was soaping up me, but then things got a bit hazy there and I do remember holding our two cocks together and thinking they were pretty well matched, and then we were kissing again and I eased him on the built-in seat as I had just realized he had taken off his prosthetic foot and I didn't want him to slip on the tile floor of the shower. He had rinsed off my soap and as soon as he was seated he engulfed my hardon and just went to town on it, swallowing it from head to base and then back again, swirling his tongue as it just became the head in his mouth and then returning to the base and then back up to the head and swirling his tongue again, and during all this his soap-slicked middle finger was playing with my rosebud and sliding in and out sensuously and eventually coming in contact with my prostate and believe me my eyes were rolled back and I don't believe I was even breathing at that point, but the huge load I had shot down his throat was keeping him occupied as I staggered and had to sit down next to him, it was either that or I would have fallen on my ass. Before I had even caught my breath my desire for him made me lower my head in his lap where I found my cock's twin standing to attention and I made it disappear down my throat, lickety-split, to coin a phrase, the licks as it passed over my tongue and the spit as I repeatedly tried to swallow it past the uvula on the roof of my mouth and take the big dick down my throbbing throat, milking that dick with my throat and mouth as my fingers tried to remove his nipples from his solid pecs. I was rewarded for my efforts at stimulating him with enough cum to float the Queen Mary back out to sea. We shared our tastes under the spray as we washed each other down again, David balanced upright again, his stump resting on top of my left foot and my hands holding him in place by grasping his butt and my fingertips playing with his own rosebud, just teasing for now, but that implied I could be very through later on, as I knew then, he could too.     

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