How The Lottery Gave Me A New Life

Chapter 5: Tommy's Dream

 Tommy's Dream

"Thank you so much for tickling my feet, Uncle Paul." He said softly as he rested his head on my shoulder.

"You are so much fun to tickle." I teased as I lightly ran my fingers over his back.

"My daddy uses to tickle me like you do…" He whispered.

"He did?"

"Ya…I think that is what I miss most about him. He would tickle my feet for a few minutes each night before I went to sleep."

"Sounds like a lot of fun," I said softly as I rubbed his back.

"Ya; sometimes he would fall asleep on the couch after supper. I would sometimes crawl up on him on the couch just like this. When he would wake up, he also rubbed my back just like you are to help me fall asleep."

"Sounds like a very special time."

"Sometimes I think I hear his voice right before I would fall asleep. Sometimes I would get a tickle feeling on my feet."

"Maybe that was his way of letting you know that he was still with you in his own way."

"Do you really think so?"

"I really do. People never really die."

"Grandpa says Daddy is in Heaven."

"He could very well be in Heaven. He also could come down sometimes when he thinks you need to him."



"After he died, I did have a dream about him."

"You did?"

"Uh huh… I was in bed. After Daddy tickled me silly, he was rubbing my back. Daddy told me that a man would come into my life that would enjoy tickling me as much as he did. Daddy said he would enjoy watching me laugh myself silly as the man tickled me."

"That sounds a very special dream."

"It felt more than a dream though."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean it felt like he was right in the bedroom with me. I was in the same bedroom. Billy was sleeping in his bed. It felt like Daddy was really rubbing my back. Everything felt so real."

"Maybe it was real?"

"Do you really think so?"

"I really do. The Bible talks about being visited by Angels and Spirits. I think your Daddy’s Spirit visited you and made it feel like a dream so as not to scare you."

"Uncle Paul…"


"Daddy said that the man would look after Mommy."

"He did?"

"Ya…Daddy also said that the man would love me and Billy as much as much as if we were is real sons; just like Daddy loved us."

"It sounds like your Daddy is going to send you a very special man."

"I think he already did."

"Oh, Ya…who do you think it is?"

"It’s you, Uncle Paul."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I somehow just knew it as soon as I met you. I spent a lot of time looking for that man Daddy told me about but I never felt anything from any men I would meet until I met you. You treated me like Daddy did. Daddy would always go down on one knee when he talked with us; just like you did that first time I met you. He would always poke us in the belly to get us to giggle too."

"You mean like this?" I teased as I playfully started poking his belly a few times and then went back to rubbing his belly.

"Yes…" He giggled.

"Well, that could just be me being silly." I chuckled.

"That’s another thing; Daddy used to say and do silly things just like you do. Mommy would swat him just like she did to you." He giggled.

"It is fun teasing your Mommy." I chuckled.

"Ya…Daddy would also hug us the same way you do. Some adults just give us a quick hug but you always held us and gave us a tight hug."

"Tight like this?" I squeezed him just a bit tighter than normal.

"Too tight…" He giggled.

"Oh, ok."

"Daddy would give us that same bear hug to get us to gasp and giggle." He said.

"I enjoy giving those sometimes."

"I miss Daddy so much, Uncle Paul." He began to really sob and cry on my shoulder.

"I know you miss him, Buddy." I wrapped my arms tightly around him and continued to rub his back.

"Uncle Paul…" He said after he had a good long cry.


"Do you think you are the man Daddy was talking about?"

"It sounds like it…"

"Do you…"

"Do I what?"

"Do you…do you love me like I was your real son?"

"Yes, I do…" I whispered with a lump in my throat.

"Then you are the man Daddy told me about." He sat up on my chest and looked me in the eyes.

"Maybe I am." I smile.

"You ARE! I know you are!" He whispered excitedly with a big smile on his face.

"I think so too."

"I Love You, Uncle Paul."

"I Love You too, Son."

"You called me ‘Son’ just like Daddy used too. Now I know it’s true."

"I think it’s time for us to get some sleep," I whispered after a few quiet minutes.

"Will you tickle my feet until I fall asleep?"

"I don’t think you can fall asleep if I did that." I chuckled.

"I used to when Daddy did it to me…PLEASE!"

"I will if you promise to try and fall asleep quickly."

"I promise."

"Alright, let me put a few more logs in the fireplace. You scoot under your blankets."

He lay down on his belly and propped his feet on the edge of the couch again.

"You can’t be comfortable like that." I chuckled as knelt down beside him and tucked him in.

"I am…REALLY…can I sleep like this…PLEASE?"

"Alright but lets cover your feet with the blankets."

"But then you won’t be able to tickle my feet."

"I’ll put my hand under the blanket."

"I remember Daddy would sneak into our bedroom to try and tickle my feet when I was asleep. It made it easy for him since I slept on the top bunk. He would reach his hand under the blankets to tickle my feet. I always slept with my feet right at the end of the bed on purpose. I always pretended to be asleep because he would stop and leave if he thought he woke me up."

"Sounds like you were a little sneaky too." I teased.

"Ya…" He giggled.

"I may try that too when you sleep in the bunk beds."

"Oh, I would enjoy that so much."

"Maybe not because now that you admitted that you are a little sleep faker, I may not stop until you admit that you are awake." I teased.

"Oh man, I should not have told you that little secret." He giggled.

"Alright, it’s time REALLY to go to sleep."

"I will go to sleep. I promise Uncle Paul."

"Good Night, Buddy."

"Good night, Uncle Paul. I love you." He said with a yawn.

"I love you too Tommy."


I laid on the couch, put my hand under his blankets and softly tickled his feet. His toes twitch and he softly giggled. I continued for a few minutes until he stopped giggling and heard him breathing deeply. His toes still wiggled and twitched.

I fell into a deep sleep a few minutes later.


I was woken up by something touching my nose. When I moved, I heard faint muffled giggling. I opened my eyes and saw the boys still sleeping. Tommy’s feet were still up against the couch. I pretended to go back to sleep to see what would happen. I heard Tommy's feet move. I cracked my right eyelid open. I saw Tommy’s foot slowly move toward me and tickle my nose again. When I moved again, he quickly put his foot back down and giggled into his pillow. I pretended to go back to sleep two more times, and he repeated the same thing. The last time he touched my nose; I quickly grabbed his ankle and began tickling his foot.

"AHHHHHHH…!" He squealed and immediately went into silent laughter.

When he tried to use his other foot to push away from the couch, I grabbed it. I held both of his bare feet together. He rolled over on his back and desperately tried to pull his feet free.

Billy woke up with all the commotion. He sat up and giggled as he watched his big brother flop around on his mattress.

"I have to PEEEEEE!!!" Tommy said after a couple of minutes.

As soon as I let go of his feet, he scrambled up and ran to the bathroom.

"That was fun, Uncle Paul," Billy said as he climbed up on top of me on the couch.

"Did you sleep well you little monkey?" I chuckled as I playfully began to poke him.

"Yessssss…" He giggled as he wiggled around on top of me.

"Do you have to pee?" I teased.

"Yessssss…" He squealed when I wiggled all my fingers along his belly.

He jumped up and ran to the bathroom. He almost knocked Tommy over when he came out of the bathroom.

"There’s my little wake-up sneak." I chuckled.

"Were you awake the whole time?" He giggled as he jumped on top of me.

"I don’t know how long you were trying to tickle my nose with your toes but I was awake the last 3 times."

"You are a sleep faker too." He giggled.

"Ah gee; I wonder where I got that idea from." I teased and began to poke his sides.

"Meeeee…!" He giggled and wiggled around.

"What’s for breakfast, Uncle Paul?" Billy asked as he sat back down on his mattress.

"You mean that little belly is empty again?" I teased.

"Yes." He giggled and laughed into his pillow.

"I don’t believe you. Come here and let me feel it." I teased.

"It’s empty." He giggled.

"I’m not getting up until you come here." I chuckled.

"Oh Man." He got up and stood in front of me.

"Come closer."

"Seeeee…!!!" He giggled as he lifted his pyjama shirt up and started poking his own belly.

"I don’t know…I think I need to poke it just to be sure…"

"You already poked it this morning, remember?" He giggled.

"Ya but I’m old, I think I forgot if it felt empty."

"You’re not old; Grandpa is old." He laughed.

"Alright, let’s try to fill that empty belly. I guess yours is empty too." I said as I poke Tommy’s belly.

"Yes…" He giggled.

"Alright, what do you hungry monkeys want for breakfast?" I asked as we went into the kitchen.

"Cereal…!" Billy said.

"Alright, which two were the ones you picked out?"

"These ones…"

"Do you think it would taste good if we mixed half of the fun cereal and a half of the good cereal?"


"I think so too. Would you like some of the berries you picked out on top of the cereal?"


"Ok. You show me how you can pour half and half into your bowl."

"I can do that."

"Remember, whatever you pour, you have to be sure you can eat."

"I will."

"Now what about this empty belly?" I said as I poked Tommy’s belly.

"Do you think we could make French toast?"

"Sure we can. Do you know how?"

"Ya…Daddy showed me how. We used to get up early and make it for Mommy and Billy too."

"I remember that," Billy said as he shovelled a big spoonful of cereal into his mouth.


Tommy went to the fridge and took out the eggs and bread. He then got a mixing bowl. He carefully cracked the eggs into the bowl and stirred them around. He went to the spice racks and grabbed some cinnamon. While he did that, I started to warm up the frying pan and put on the coffee pot.

"How many do you want, Uncle Paul?"

"I’ll start with two. How many can you eat?"

"4 maybe 5."

"5!" I teased.

"Yes, I’m a growing boy." He giggled.

"Yes, you are." I smiled.

He put would put a bread slice in the bowl and then flip it over. He then instructed me to put it in the frying pan. He would shake some cinnamon on top of the bread in the pan. He would check to make sure the bottom was cooked and then told me to flip it over. The pan was big enough that we were able to make 3 slices at a time.

"Can I try one?" Billy asked as he put his empty bowl and spoon in the sink.

"That belly is not full yet?" I teased.

"Almost…" He giggled as he looked in the frying pan.

Tommy and Billy set out the plates and cutlery on the table while I watched the last 4 slices cook. Billy went to the fridge to get the maple syrup. Tommy got the juices and glasses out along with a coffee cup for me.

I noticed Tommy watch me very carefully on how I made my coffee and how much cream and sugar I put in the cup. When I finished the first cup he asked if he could get me a second cup.

"Are you boys finally stuffed?" I chuckled.

"I am." Billy giggled as he sat back in his chair and rubbed his belly.

"Me too…" Tommy chuckled as he looked over at Billy.

"Are we going to go out and get the decorations now, Uncle Paul?" Billy asked.

"Are you going to go out in your bare feet and pyjamas?" I teased.

"No!" He giggled.

"Well, then…you boys go wash up and brush your teeth while I put the dishes in the dishwasher."

"I can help with the dishes." Tommy piped up.

"It’s ok; you did most of the work with the French toast. You have the big job of cleaning that sticky face on Billy." I teased.

"Hay…" Billy whined.


I went into my bedroom to get dressed after I started the dishwasher.


"I’m all clean, Uncle Paul." Tommy giggled as he snuck up behind me and wrapped his arms tightly around my waist.

"You are such a little sneak." I chuckled as I tried to unhook his hands from my waist.

He had a tight grip on his wrists. I had to reach around and give him a quick poke under his arms to get him to release. I grabbed both his wrists and back him toward the bed. Once he fell backwards on the bed, I held both his arms over his head with both my hands.

"What’s this? I see a cute belly button snack." I teased.


He giggled and immediately went into silent laughter when I pretended to nibble on his belly. He squealed when I blew on his belly button.

"I’ll save you, Tommy." Billy giggled as he jumped on my back.

"Oh, it’s two against one is it?" I chuckled.

I released Tommy and flipped Billy on the bed and pinned him like I did to his older brother. I started blowing and nibbling on his belly. He was laughing so hard he could not yell for Tommy to help. Tommy was still curled up and panting from his own ordeal. I stopped and let go of Billy after the 3rd blow on his belly button. He giggled and curled up like his big brother.

"Now hurry up and get dressed or I’ll carry you monkey out to the camper in your pyjamas." I teased as I left the bedroom.


I went out to the living room to fold up the blankets I used on the couch. Tommy made up his and Billy’s mattresses after he got dressed.


"Thank you so much for last night, Uncle Paul." He said as he sat down beside me on the couch and put my arm around his shoulders

"…For which part?"

"…for everything but mainly for the talk we had about my dream and my Daddy."

"Do you feel better?"

"Much better now that I know you are the man Daddy was talking about in my dream."

"It made me feel great when you told me about your dream too."

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