Ayden's Eyes Book Three

Chapter 85


Chapter 85


"What's the matter Den?"

"I don’t really know bub; I'm just feeling a bit off."

His arms went around me and I slumped into his body, he made me feel a lot better inside.

 "It's okay, I just felt all knotty in the stomach."

"How about you go and get something to eat, that might make you feel a little better," he whispered in my ear. The guys started congregating on the porch and it was like everyone was here today. I felt a little safer when they were all around me.

 "While I think of it Den, did you show Ayden the photo of the painting I saw in Portugal?" My stomach lurched and I bent over so Evan steered me back to my seat.

"Sit for awhile Den, is it going away?" I saw eyes staring at me as the guys watched in silence.

"No bub, but I keep forgetting to ask him about it. Something’s really up baby and I don’t know what it is, maybe I need to paint?"

"What do you mean?"

"I feel like I have to paint, urgently."

"Well better that you don’t paint then, it will go away."

"I don’t know bub; I just don’t know. If I don’t paint, it might happen anyway and I won’t know what I'm supposed to see."

 Blue was bringing Andy down for Horse to feed him his milk and Ayden was following with one of his special icy poles. After a lot of cuddling and questions for me, my stomach settled down. Andy sucked away at his milk and Ayden slurped on his icy treat.

"Den are you feeling okay, you’ve gone a bit pale mate?" Patrick asked.

"Yeah, just a moment and I'll come good, nothing to worry about." I smiled.

 Andy was burped and played with and Rita returned looking a little haggard. She said the chemist shop was crazy today but she has pies to bake so she had to get back, she apologised to Pat that they weren’t ready but he said it wasn’t a problem, that he will get Susan to pick them up tomorrow.

 "Is there much stock left my lovely?"

"Yes Den, she's got enough stock to last through winter I reckon. Aisha said she only has a cleanout every three years or so and it will settle down soon too, so Kate can concentrate on her potions and lotions." She laughed then took Andy up to the kitchen, I suppose he’s going to be shown how to make pastry. I had no idea how she ended up with the baby, but as I said before, if there’s a baby in the house Rita gets first dibs.

 "Sparkles nanny," Ayden yelled and jumped off my lap.

"Okay, it's on the bed waiting for you, wash your hands."

"Andy's too nanny."

"Yes as long as you look after him, and my dress." She giggled.

 Ayden followed, I suppose Rita’s dress is going to get a good talking to again, he must have loads of things to talk to it about and now he's got Andy involved too. Evan went back into the shop because he had customers, and Nuts followed. Arras and Aisha were still staring at me along with Trip and Pat however Horse was deep in thought as he slipped over closer to me.

"What’s up Den?"

"I don’t know Horse, whatever it was, it looks like it’s passed. I feel a little better now."

"Good." He gave me one of his smiles.

 I picked up my phone and started flicking through the photos and after a few seconds I got to the one Evan had sent to me from overseas. My stomach turned again when I looked at it. I couldn’t see Ayden in it now, all I saw were black eyes staring back at me. So strange, I thought it was Ayden in the painting but it’s not, and it’s somehow calling to me.

 We had pies for dinner tonight and my son was trying to feed some to Andy, I had to give him a talk again about baby food.

Trip was cuddling the bubs tonight and Ayden was back on Horse’s lap, laying back using his ample chest as a soft, downy pillow. Cynthia and Abs were on board and so was Arras and Aisha, they had been at the chemist shop all day. She was telling me she might send her agent on a mission to collect stuff for another container load. She said the man will probably go straight to the makers and get the factory seconds that seem to pile up in some obscure warehouses.

 I was still out of sorts and I asked Horse to pass Ayden over, which he did. My son snuggled into me and smiled, I thought of something we had been discussing earlier so I picked up my phone and found the photo again.

  I showed it to Ayden and he immediately looked away and snuggled under my arm pits to hide. This confused me to no end, he was kind of hiding from something.

 "Do you know who painted this baby?" Evan asked him. He gingerly nodded his head indicating yes he did.

"Tell Pa."

This time he shook his head no, then he pushed the phone away and yelled,

"Bad man! Don't dah, go way." He pushed my hand again and I dropped my phone while everyone looked at my upset boy. I started feeling terrible so I stood up and stretched but then bent over in pain.

"What’s up Den?" it was a concerned Evan.

"I still don’t feel right; I need to stretch a bit."

 Picking Ayden up I kissed him and rubbed his back, he was still not right and was hiding his face as I walked down towards the cafe. I jiggled him in my arms then sat us both down on the steps. I looked across at the table and everyone had gone silent and were watching us, Evan was standing and looked like he was getting ready for something to happen.

"Who is that man baby, you’re safe here with dah, tell me?"

He took his time to answer, I think he was trying to think up some lies, but he finally slumped in my arms and said,

 "Bad man dah, forevers king paint him to trap him, forevers, me no look at him cause he scape, but now too late," he whispered.

"So he's bad then, I will delete him forever and then he won’t come back." I did just that and smiled at my son's angelic face.

"He come anyways because now he seed me, seed where I am, where I live," he said. I felt dreadful like I was coming down with the flu. My body was aching with pain, but I needed to know more.

 "Do you think he's coming here baby?" I kissed his face.

"Yes dah, he come, he makes big war here at my house. He evil dah, peese don't let him come, mys forever king not like it."

"Who is your forever king baby? Is he your grandfather?" He was thinking about it but then he started to cry.

In between sobs I got in,

 "No, he's forever king, he’s sees everything, he’s, he's dah of forever prince." I wiped his tears and thought about it for a minute then it dawned on me. Ayden was the prince, is he the forever prince, what the hell does that mean?

"So you’re the forever Prince," I asked him.

"Yes Dah, but don’t tells, just you and me dah." What the fuck do I do now, who is the forever king and mores the main question, is my son really the forever Prince? I don't think so, that's like saying he's the son of God and that's not possible, and I know he's not. I would know if he was, I'm his father, I would know these things.

He held onto me with a death grip, he was more than terrified. I don’t know if he was terrified of the painting or telling me his secret. But I had to find out, I have to for his sake, I have to help him.

 Evan suddenly joined us and Ayden flopped over in his arms, he was full on weepy, while my head was spinning.

"He comes pa, he comes." I looked at him again, his eyes were black. I haven’t seen those eyes for ages and now they are back. My stomach filled with butterflies and I screamed and screamed, silently because I couldn’t upset my son more than he was already, my voice came out and was all squeals and deep groans. Evan’s face went ashen and he put his arm around me. I managed to say,

"His eyes have turned black Evan, they’re black again, oh my god what do I do?" I heard someone scream again, just before I apparently shot up and ran to my easel to get the blank canvas and my pencil box. I had to paint, I had to know, I had to do it.

 I was aware I was on the back porch sitting in front of a new drawing. It was pitch black out there, the single eerie light lit up my small space. I looked over at Evan who was sleeping on the old sofa then I looked at the drawing. I had drawn the image of the man in the Portugal painting, he was pure evil. I could feel it dripping off his body, even in the sketch. I leant over the railing vomiting what was left of Rita's pie, and Evan was by my side in an instant.

 "Den, Den are you okay?" I heard Ali, Spud with Rita come out the back porch, they were talking in hushed tones. I stood upright and squealed from my sore throat, it was like I was being strangled.

 "Ayden!!" I panicked looking around at them all, then I ran into the house and burst into his bedroom. I nearly vomited again from the stench in his room, it filled my nostrils full of what smelled like pungent, rotting corpse. Ayden sat up and looked terrified, his tears ran down his face and he screamed,

"Help us pa, help baby, help king pa!!" His eyes were still black, his face so pale.

 Just then I heard a spine chilling scream coming from the beach and I knew the foul stench was somehow starting to make its way up to the shack. I had brought it here, it was my fault my son is so upset and in terrible danger. I held him in my arms and he started screaming again, he was shaking all over.

 I looked over at Evan who had moved in front of the Ayden's Eyes painting, he was in shock because he saw and smelt it all. Suddenly the back door banged against the door frame and a dark figure suddenly appeared in the doorway, it was made up of liquid oil, black, dark, stinking, rotting oil, and it smelt foul.

 "Pa, help forever king, help baby," Ayden screamed again, he was looking at Evan. I was focussed on the black evil swaying in the doorway.

The more he looked me in the eye, the sicker I felt. When he saw Ayden he grinned. His teeth were rotten and he stunk of foul shit.

"Who the fucking hell are you?" I screamed.

"I'm here for the forever prince, I need to be released." My jaw dropped when it spoke, in a deep guttural tone, and when I quickly gathered my wits I replied,

"Which one, we have many princes living here?"

 He growled under his breath,

"That small one with the blue eyes." His hand pointed to Ayden. I hoped to God I could figure out what was going on, but I hoped more that someone or something would get rid of this monster.

"We need champions dah," Ayden again screamed.

I held him tight but the evil stench stood and held his hands out.

"Come with me," it demanded.

 With all my might I flew across the room to tackle this creep to the floor, it screamed in agony at my touch. I noticed the boys and Rita were standing in the doorway, she darted over to Ayden’s bed and took him in her arms as the door slammed on Ali and Spud, who then quickly ran to the bedroom window to try and get in. They immediately were shoved away again by an unknown force. I could hear them banging on it from the other side.

 "Why do you want my son?" I screamed at the man who was beneath me.

"He's the forever prince, I must destroy him, to finally destroy the forever king so I can live again."


"The king will entomb me again for all of eternity if he regains his memories, I have to destroy his son to drive him insane again."

"You won’t destroy my son, but I will make sure I destroy you." I saw raw fear in its eyes and it howled like a crazy banshee.

 Evan was being very quiet and when I looked up at him, I could see him staring straight at Ayden's painting, his lips were moving like he was in a trance, liquid gold was rising through the floorboards encasing his body. It wrapped quickly around his chest and face making an impenetrable golden shield that covered him. He was holding in both hands a very large, gilded sword that glittered with magic, his long hair had turned snow white and it shone like a spider’s web in the morning sun. I focussed all my energy on Evan’s strength, there was suddenly a burst of sunlight and he was complete, and waiting for orders.

I looked at the terrified faces of my baby and friend. Ayden was surrounded by an azure blue glow and his eyes had returned and shone tenfold as they beamed their blue light towards me. Rita was actually shining, she sparkled like her dress and a starburst shot from her outstretched hand. It hit the stench which made it writhe in agony. She screamed,

"Over my dead body, no one touches the forever prince."

 "Do it now pa, do it outside and destroy the evil paintings," Ayden was urging Evan on. I screamed at Evan,

"Knight, help us destroy this evil thing, do it now, I demand it." It sounded more like an order than a plea for help, then my whole body lit up, butterflies invaded the room covering my body as it shone, and when the stench saw them he started screeching,

"Nooo, nooo." They settled over me, Rita and Ayden, protecting us with their own magic.

 Evan coolly looked at him and the butterflies, then me and strode slowly to the door, his gold was dripping onto the floorboards behind him as his hair flowed in the non-existent wind, it enveloped his golden body and together they started humming in unison. He opened the door then I heard footsteps, then an almighty crash. The howling from the stench was so evil, I nearly threw up again, my arms were aching from holding it down. He started melting into the floorboards as I roared into its face,

 "You don’t get the forever baby today or any day, go back into the past and never come into our worlds again." My words echoed in my ears and reverberated throughout the bay as the stench slowly started disappearing, the glow in my hands started fading and they ached like crazy.

 Evan returned and stood by the bed, his sword now placed in front of him. He had one arm over Ayden's body and watched as the evil fully disappeared from beneath me. I wept into the wood flooring, it had scared me half to death, then Evan picked me up with one swoop of his powerful arm. He then kissed me and held me to his golden body, I felt safe and at peace with him. Then he whispered in a deep tone,

 "I don't have long my king but I need to tell you, I will always be here with you. I will always love you, I will always protect you and the prince." I looked into his blue eyes and wept from the sheer joy I felt for this man. I looked over to Ayden, his eyes were back to normal and I saw him grin slightly as Rita's glittery body slowly faded to become more human.

 Somewhere from the beach I heard a terrifying screeching sound, I’m sure it was heard all throughout the land, it was horrible, and then I heard what sounded like a massive cannon had been fired, it echoed through the bay.

 Then I heard whispering.

 "Don't paint him again, destroy any photos of him. The forever king has reset our paradise, the fairy world and the bay are safe once more," it was Evan speaking but with the golden knight's thoughts. His shimmer started to collapse, Ayden was now clapping and cheering him. The boys had seen the whole thing through the bedroom window and as they came back into the room they immediately picked Ayden up to check he was okay, then hugged Rita, all the time their eyes were on me and Evan.

 Spud was especially wide eyed as he watched Evan’s liquid gold seep through the floorboards and his hair return to its natural blond colour.

"He's bloody awesome; my God you’re beautiful too Den." Poor Spud.

"What the hell is happening Den, what was that thing?" Ali was trying to get some answers.

Spud looked at me and started crying then Evan said just as the last few drops of magic started to disappear,

 "You brought him here Den, he's been trapped in that painting in Portugal for hundreds of years, you freed him with your drawing, before that he didn’t know where you or the prince were. Ayden could have sent him packing, but he is incapable of killing anyone or anything and neither are you. I am so sorry it had to be me Den, but it’s my job forever, to protect you all." His head dropped.

 "How do you feel?" I whispered back.

"Amazingly awesome." He groaned then grinned, his eyes lighting up.

"Are there any more?"

"Ask our son, the forever prince."

I looked over at Ayden, Rita now had him on her knee. I opened my hands and asked,

"Any more?"

"No dah, mys forever king’s wills be very happy when he wakes from his big sleeps."

"Tell him no more gold, we have enough."

 "What was that thing Den?" Rita finally asked.

"A demon of some sort, from hundreds of years ago I believe." I patted her shoulder then kissed my son who was now looking very wrung out and sleepy. I looked at his painting and heard giggles.

 "What was that sound?" Ali looked at me.

"The fairy folk Ali, they were laughing at my jokes."

"Oh, was D....?" he cut it short.

"I know he was baby his giggle was the loudest." Ali slumped then he couldn’t help himself and his tears arrived shortly after, Spud hugged him close. I thought of David and if he is now amongst his fairy folk, then I was pleased, and I did see a slight loving smile on Ali's face as he kissed Spud’s cheek. My admiration went out to Spud, he had taken on a big ask. I know Ali loves him to bits and I firmly believe you can love more than one person at the same time.

 Evan steered me out to the front porch and I had Ayden in my arms but then Rita wanted him, I think she was feeling quite wonderful. My man wanted me to have a drink and get something to eat, I think he was feeling a bit drained but special himself. Ali and Spud followed close behind and were smiling.

 The porch was full of bodies sleeping in bean bags and Horse was even resting on top of the table, that’s right guys, when we needed you the most you went to sleep on us. I had to hold off giving Horse a good feel as his lower body was close to my face when I sat down.

"Den, stop it," Evan chided me once again. Horse woke up and grinned at me.

"Go on, I don't mind one little bit." He laughed and tried to grab my hand to guide it to his big bump, but then he remembered something, he stepped down off the table and he and the boys went through the shop to the back porch.

 I looked at Evan again and by now his gold shimmer was all gone and he was back to normal, but I still saw a glow around him. When I sat down our butterflies left and we were all back to being human again. Rita asked the boys to make us all a coffee and held my now nearly asleep son in her arms.

 "Where the hell did all that come from Den?" I looked over at bubs as he gave me one of his baby grins. He is awesome and he's called the forever prince, I wondered if that was true. I know; how much convincing do I need after tonight’s fiasco?

 Horse, Nuts and Arras came back and looked at me and asked,

"That drawing is in millions of pieces Den, what happened to it?" I pointed my thumb at Evan.
"He destroyed it."

 They then stared at Evan hoping for an explanation.

The boys brought down fresh coffee and some sandwiches but were still confused as Rita was trying to explain what they saw to the confused men.

 "Your father was right Den; you do bring people to the bay. It’s a shame you brought that stench here, he was filled with hatred and even I could feel it," Spud said. Ali was still in shock I think because at last he had seen it, and he had seen Evan in all his glory, as well as Rita. My paintings don't do him justice, he is my and Ayden's champion forever and a day, maybe Evan is the forever king but Ayden had said his father was the king, and if that’s true, omg, that would be me!

 "When Ayden looked at the photo he awakened the stench, I drew the image onto the canvas and brought the evil stench into our lives, it had been entombed for hundreds maybe thousands of years. I think the painting Evan saw in Portugal was the evil one’s prison, he had been trapped in it for eternity by someone called the forever king."

"That makes sense Den," Rita sighed.

"It makes no sense Den, now from the start, you were talking to Ayden on the steps, then what?" Nuts asked.

 I took up the story from there, all eyes were on me and I didn’t stop, I got up to the part where I was even going to have a good feel of Horse’s cock.

"Believe it or not, it did happen, Ayden's forever king helped Evan rid us of the stench, if I was to go a bit further, Evan is Ayden's forever king." I heard Evan groan and I heard Ayden whisper,

"Not dah, pa champions."

"We need to get him to bed and you need rest," I leant in and whispered to Evan. He replied in his silky tones,

"I need you more than ever, and tonight you get the works."

 He shivered in anticipation. He then took Ayden off Rita and I looked at the guys who were still trying to get their heads around it.

"Go home to bed, Nuts take one of the stays or better still move into the caravan. Good night my friends, and thank you, we can talk more in the morning." I gave my best friend Rita a big squeeze and we left them to it.

 When we placed Ayden in his bed we both kissed him goodnight, he had a slight smile on his face then we heard a little kid snoring.

Evan and I showered then made out, I had already started to make my champion feel good because he was as hard as a rock.

I took him every which way and some. I used every crevice, every hole and he moaned for more. If I was to go one further, he was more randy than I was. Maybe his golden suit brought that on? After the third time, we thought we had better get some sleep. I pulled him in and kissed his head while whispering a thank you in his ear. There were no dreams and I had half expected my father to visit me, but I suppose he’s too busy celebrating. But before I drifted off I heard Evan say sleepily,

"Goodnight my king."

Then the earth shook around the shack, settling our bay in for the night, a much bigger settling that ever before.

I kissed my man goodbye as Horse and Arras picked him up to go surfing, then I checked on our son who was sitting on the potty smiling. When he had finished I took it to our toilet and flushed it then we both went out to the porch to start another day.

Rita had coffee going and some oats for bubs, but he stared at her for a long time.

"Sorry my prince, I'll be back." She laughed then huffed and took it back returning three minutes later with one of her pre-packed cheese burgers, at least she got a thank you out of him.

 Jay and Birdie arrived and he looked so dapper in his freshly ironed school uniform as I gave him a big hug. Jay asked me what the noise was coming from the beach last night, I told him to ask Spud, he had all the answers.

 "So what time does the game start Saturday son?"

"About one I think papa; papa could you do something special for me?"

"Of course I can son, what is it?" He looked around to check no one was listening.

"Can you barrack for me when I'm playing, I like hearing your voice when I'm on the field, it makes me run faster?" He went bright red.

"Of course I will, you didn’t even have to ask me, because I would barrack anyway." I heard a great intake of air.

"Thank you very much papa."

"My pleasure son, have you done your homework?"

"Yes papa Den, all done, it was easy this time, Jay says I'm very good."

"Yes you are son, we are all very, very proud of you."

"Thank you papa, well I must go, my teacher is going to show us her bug collection before class and I can’t wait." He then got excited.

"Well you enjoy it baby and I'll see you after school, maybe we can go bug catching." I kissed his head as he smelt me and smiled.

 "Don’t encourage him Den, I don’t want a house full of bugs." Jay giggled.

I looked at him, he was still a teen but a fully grown man at the same time, and my heart fluttered as he walked Birdy down to the bus stop hand in hand.

 "What was that howling last night Den, it woke me up." Cyn arrived wanting answers.

"Oh that was Ayden's monster, the king’s champion sent it on its way and it wasn’t very happy either." I giggled at my very short answer.

"I'll ask Evan then shall I?"

"If you like Cyn, how’s business?"

"Excellent Den, Michelle is doing some night shifts this week so I can get some sleep."

"I thought Abs would have that covered by now, you know he has extra men situated down here."

"Yes Den I know, Michelle doesn’t mind though because she can keep an eye on Shannon, but as you already know he doesn’t need babysitting nowadays, not since the magic baby came into his life."

"She's just being cautious Cyn."

"Well it's the best I have ever seen him."

"Cyn, can I ask you something?"

"Yes Den, anything."

"Do you ever see your parents?"

"No Den, I did send them photos of the wedding just to get up their noses, and I made sure I sent photos of the tiara too." She giggled.

"Oh, just wondering that’s all."

"Wonder all you like Den, that’s all Michelle and I do, they are not interested Den, especially in Shannon."

"That’s so sad Cyn, he's a lovely, kind boy."

"Yes he is, and so is Michelle, but it is what it is."

I thought about it for a minute and then lost the thought, I don't want to bring assholes to the bay. I had better not dwell on her parents much, otherwise they may turn up.

 A red faced man came running up the street and with one long stride he skipped the stairs completely and landed on the porch. Coming up toward us, he looked at Cyn.

"Oh, you’re here, are you finished?" He asked as she nearly choked on her drink.

"I think so. Tony was there something I can help you with?"

"No, but Den can." He stared until Cyn started to get uncomfortable.

"I'm not leaving yet Tony, so say what you have to say."

"No fucking way, it's none of your business."

"Tony! Watch it, there are two babies in the house now," Rita sang out.

"Sorry Mrs. cook." He took a double look at the cafe, maybe he's torn between talking to me or seeing his new grandson, Andy?

 He slumped into a chair smiling and poured himself some coffee. After taking a sip he yelled at no one in particular,

"The coffees cold out here." He actually chuckled, I think Tony got some loving this morning.

"Coming up your majesty," Rita called back, then she waltzed out with a pink baby in her arms and passed him over to Tony.

"Warm enough now Tony?"

"Yes thank you cook, what took you so long?"

"I had to find my magic ladle." She smirked at him then added,

"Keep it clean," and waltzed off to do some more cooking.

 He played with Andy for a minute then he remembered why he was here.

"Den, I need ten paintings, not your new ones, I want beach scenes like before when you didn’t really know how to paint properly." I'll let that dig go for now.

"What for Tony?"

"The hotel owner in New York, he needs to fill a wall. He has given me a container load of orders and needs ten of your paintings to adorn the walls. It's the same guy that bought the others for his hotel in Miami."

"I don't know Tony, I will have to look at what’s left, how soon does he need them?"

"In two months Den, and he also wants ten of Spud’s."

I smiled inside, I know Spud’s works were still selling quite well in London and Paris, he’s had some awesome sales and this will just add to his popularity.

 "Okay, just beach scenes like the others?"

"Yes please Den. Cyn did you hear about the fire in Lisbon last night, it wiped out a collection of old paintings?"

"No, I haven’t watched the news yet Tony, what happened?"

"It's sketchy, I will get onto the Net later to see if I can get some more information, but seven paintings were burnt. The fire brigade is stumped as to how it happened. It looks like one painting self ignited and it spread to the others. It all sounds a little spooky."

"Sure does Tony, and I bet I know which painting it was too," I offhandedly said.

"Oh do tell us Den." Cyn leaned over and smiled.

"Ask Evan or Spud Cyn."

 I then got up and grabbed Tony’s hand and led him into my storage room, he passed Andy to Cyn, which made her very happy.

"Let’s have a look through this stack, there might be something here."

We spent an hour going through the paintings, my father had taken a lot into his world but I know there’s some old ones left. We put aside eight that were good, so all I have to do is practice my old style and do two more.

 Spud and Ali were there with Cyn and Abs when we got back. Tony asked him for ten of his best and his smile was gorgeous, but I think he’s getting used to people wanting his works, he told Tony he had heaps this time to send to Spencer and Marcel in Paris.

"I don’t know where you find the time Spud, Ali is always taking up your spare moments." I grinned at the two young lovers, poor Spud looked like he hadn’t slept for a week.

"Oh Den, don’t you know? Ali has hired a painter that can do my works for me so I don’t have to lift a finger now."

"Bullshit, pull the other leg Spud," I moaned, he's not like that, is he?

 I grabbed my baby and the basket from the cafe and with Andy and Tony in tow we walked down to the beach. Cyn and Abs won’t be a moment, she wanted to talk to Rita about something. I guess she's getting the whole story out of her. The guys came in as soon as they saw us and Evan kissed me as he sat down next to me while his son rummaged through the basket to find his cheese burger and biscuits, passing one to Blue. Cyn and Abs arrived and she took little Andy off Tony who wasn’t going to give him to anyone, the only reason Cyn got him was because Blue was too busy eating and talking to Horse about the new house.

 One thing I will say about Rita, her hamburgers are the best in Australia and they have improved so much over the past two years, maybe she's putting some magic in them?

 "When do you open Tiny?" I asked.

"Next week but just for three days Den, I need to get a receptionist soon because the lady that's there wants to retire too."

"Okay, I will look around for you." I laughed.

 "Does the job have to be done by a woman Tiny?" Evan asked.

"Well, I never thought of that mate but I suppose a man could do it too, it’s something to think upon, do you have anyone in mind?"

"Not really Tines, just thinking outside the square that’s all."

"Well when you find someone let me know."

"I will get Den onto it." Evan laughed.

"Oh yes, he’s the storyteller so he can write someone in for me, maybe I had better let him know what kind of women I like."

"Michelle," I mused out loud.

"Who?" Tiny asked.

"Oh sorry, just thinking out loud Tiny, but Cyn's sister Michelle would be perfect for that job, and for the girlfriend part too."

"What about Shannon?"

"He could come here with her, there’s plenty of people that can look after him, me for instance."

"You can’t Den; you paint, that’s your business so your eyes will be on your subject, not Shannon," Cyn said.

"Oh." I had to have another think about it.