I Want a Friend

Chapter Thirteen: Sharing

Later, that night, Ryan's mom passed by and we ended up in his house.

As I woke up, Ryan was spooning me, still sleeping, as he warmed my back with his smooth chest. I held his hand, which was resting on my side as I noticed he probably kicked the covers away during the night but had his leg over mine.

The sun's rays were shining over Ryan's hair, reflecting on his bare shoulder and showing all those thin light hairs of his skin which grow thicker after his blue sleeping shorts towards his legs. I blinked as I saw the sunrays reaching from across the glass.

I felt Ryan stretching beside me, raising his arms high, making his ribs show and his waist narrow and the lines on his thigh noticeablele, with a lazy face, opening his eyes.

"Mm... good morning," he said with a small bright smile.

"Good morning," I replied with a huge smile, looking at him.

"Mm, what a big smile. What did I do to deserve it?"

"You're beautiful, inside and outside," I said, looking at his body and then at his face. "That's enough to make me smile." I continued to make him flattered, as I could see in his widening smile.

"Aaand I guess I'm thinking about my good morning kiss," I told him.

"But I didn't brush my teeth yet," he replied, still smiling at me, for me.

"I don't mind. Do you?"

He shook his head and looked directly into my eyes. Our lips met and our tongues got entwined as I could feel the warmth, the softness, the texture, the taste of it.

Then, I nuzzled on his neck and it smelled just like him waking up. It didn't smell like flowers or anything like that but it was like Ryan, then it was even better, for me. As the taste of the kiss, it was just like him, and I really appreciated it.

With that, I was lying beside him, watching the sun rising across the window. I rested one hand on the pillow close to my head as Ryan reached it with his and enlaced our fingers.

When I turned my head to look at him, he had his powerful gaze directed at me.

"Yesterday... it was awesome," he said, showing the amazement in his eyes. "I feel so relaxed, light... happy."

"Yeah," I replied, smiling.

"I guess we really needed that," he said, spreading a grin on his face.

That made me blush as I felt my cheeks getting warm.

"Yeah, I guess we should do that more often," I admitted.

I kept looking into his eyes as he stared at mine and I suppose that was the most sincere look I could get, that I so needed. It seems it brings the light I need to see as his smell brings me happiness and the wind that brushes his hair brings the air I breathe.

I rolled over him, still looking at him, and that made him giggle.

"I so like being with you, doing... things with you..." Ryan said and sighed, as we stared at each other.

"Sooo... I was thinking... you say you like being with me..." I was inquiring as he was nodding. "What about your friends? You haven't been with them since them." I asked.

"And... I don't want you to be far from your friends just because of me." I continued.

He just stared, not saying anything for a moment, but his look was so deep and meaningful.

"I don't have friends like you." he started.

I didn't quite understand as I noticed, before, that he used to hang around with cool guys, kind of quiet, but very okay. Besides, he was part of the soccer team at school and those were his friend too, however, I was sure he didn't have a friendship like the one we have.

"I mean, they're people who I used to be with at school, ya know, mostly as the guys who I play soccer, basketball with..." he continued as I rolled back on the bed beside him.

"It's not being friends... I guess that's just what society wants from us. They never invited me to their houses so I wouldn't do much on the weekends. And about this society thing... maybe to feel right, to ease the pressure, I even kissed girls. Have you ever tried?" he asked.

"Yes, I tried it once but... it felt so empty, ya know, like a duty," I told him and he nodded, understanding what I meant.

"I realize it was so boring before now that I get to be with you eeeeveryday."

I hadn't thought of that and was kind of surprised but also happier, knowing I made some good in his life as he did so much to mine. That got me to think about how many people seem to be okay, like Ryan used to, and are unhappy, truly unhappy, as I used to.

He was smiling at me with really teary eyes. That was making me sad, too, but with an effort, I spread a smile at him.

He smiled as well and gave me a big sigh.

"So, I remember you told me you used to be sad. Aaand you also said you'd tell me about it when we had time. Ya know, we have time now." he said.

"Oh, are you sure?" I asked as I didn't want to complain at him, didn't want to be annoying.

"I remember you said that too." he quickly replied with a giggle and then continued. "But what puzzles me is that you always seemed happy. Every time you were in the halls you were laughing or talking to someone..." he said. "I guess people even commented about that, but this I can't know `cause sometimes the guys talked about things like movies, bands I don't know... so I didn't get to know much... nor to talk much." he continued.

"Oh, they shouldn't have done that. They don't know what they lost... and I gained." I said and kissed his cheek, but I guess he hadn't forgotten what he asked.

"So?" he said with those pink cheeks and green eyes, waiting for my reply.

"Alright," I said. "It really wasn't easy pretending I was happy all the time as people teased me about my grades and just... didn't care."

"I can imagine. Sometimes even I have this problem with the teasing." Ryan added. "But... what do you mean by pretending?"

"Well, you didn't talk much, but did your share and everything, right?" I asked. He nodded, paying attention.

"Looking happy when you feel awful is much, much more difficult." I was saying, as he gave me an understanding look. I started tearing myself up.

"I didn't wanna wake up and forced myself to school and then smiled widely for that... forced myself to the gym... then I bought things to feel better... but just cried myself to sleep after that, not wanting to wake up anymore, to face that all again..." I was telling him and, actually crying as he took me into a tight hug and lightly rolled with me on the bed.

"...as I was waiting for you," I said with my face buried in his shoulder, containing my tears.

"Were you?" he asked, as he looked at me, with a huge smile.

"Yeah." I even dreamed of you er... I guess twice." I told him as our watering eyes met.

"And what was that about?"

"I don't remember... but I can tell you about something else I've been er... dreaming of." I giggled in his neck, brushing my lips over it.

"Mmm... tell me... it's making me hard."

I kissed his chest, making my way to his waistband, letting it a little down to rub my lips on his navel.

"Mmm... seems already good," he said as I took his shorts off.

Then, I knelt and turned some. As I lay beside him, it was funny seeing his crotch `upside down' as I lightly ran my fingers over his balls. That was making him really hard as his balls were kind of moving and he moaned.

As I kissed his navel, I felt my shorts being pulled down, as Ryan was also lying beside me.

I licked his balls and the whole base of his shaft to take it into my mouth. I took a little out, letting my tongue wander over the base.

As I was going to do it again, I suddenly got it out of my mouth with a big gasp as Ryan lay a little more to his side and engulfed my shaft.

After he did it twice more I got back to my senses and what I was doing.

I started sucking faster as I rested my hand on his tummy and went on increasing the pace as I couldn't concentrate on slowing down because Ryan was making me feel so much pleasure with my shaft in his wet warm mouth, with his tongue.

That was among the most pleasant things I'd ever done, as I could taste him, feel his body, his warm pulsing shaft, his smell, as he made me feel so good while my cock's head was getting too sensitive in his mouth.

I had to take his cock out of my mouth, to take my breath and gasp, and it seems he tried doing his best as he ran his tongue over my cock and his hand on my chest as I felt myself exploding in his mouth.

After three more spasms, I took a breath and went towards my reward as Ryan's shaft was leaking precum right in front of my eyes, and I got it in my mouth again.

I just sucked it a few more times as I felt cum in my throat, then all over my tongue.

As he took his breath, I was lying beside him, caressing his smooth tummy. He just smiled as he looked at me.

I knelt on the mattress once more and started kissing him on his bellybutton making my way up to his lips for a feverish kiss.

We shared our tastes on the kiss as he pressed us together with his both hands on my back. Then, I kept kissing his neck to taste more of his flesh.

"Wow, that was intense!" Ryan commented with his flushed cheeks and wide green eyes.

"Yeah," I said, still breathing hard as I bent my head to the side and the hair fell over my warm face, as warm as my reddened chest.

We stayed like that talking absentmindedly as the sun got higher in the sky.

So, we got up to have lunch, actually. And with that, start a nice day, to rest our minds and enjoy our friendship which was just growing closer.

After lunch, Ryan was teaching me a lot of things about the piano.

That was really nice the way we'd sit with our legs touching and the way he'd place his hands over mine all the time and bend his head closer to explain me things, and, of course, the way we'd stop all the time to get some juice or grab a bite.

Laughing and enjoying each other's company the sunlight that illuminated the room was winding down, as it reached Ryan's face and made his smile shine.

As I managed to play a piece of the song I wanted – I was trying `Angel' – his smile, I guess a satisfaction one, was priceless.

"So, what can we do now?" Ryan asked.

"What if we go to your room and check if there's something for us to do there?" I asked. He just grinned in reply.

As he closed the door, I gently placed my hands on his waist and as I faced him my grey gaze was shining full force towards his green eyes.

"I'd like to tell you that I'm sorry for being selfish with my own happiness and feelings," I said as he looked into my eyes. "And tell you again that I love you." I continued as I smile spread on my face.

He pulled me hard with his hands on my back as he kissed me on the lips and the kiss was deep. It was like he wanted to inhale some of my soul and somehow he had already done it with my love towards him. And it surely let me know it got him happy.

As we kissed, I placed one hand on his lower back and gently caressed the back of his neck with the other.

We started taking our t-shirts off but he didn't want to break the kiss, not even for that.

As I broke the kiss to take my shorts off, he decided he still didn't want to stop kissing me, so he started kissing my ab and navel as he pulled my shorts (and briefs) down.

With that, he looked upwards at my face and his eyes shone with a goofy grin as I watched amazed, maybe amazed because I deserved so much.

Then, he took my shaft in his mouth running his tongue all over the head. I just bent my head backward and moaned.

I could feel the wetness in his mouth all over my shaft and when it was starting feeling very good, he took it off of his mouth and it was very wet.

He stood in front of me with a smile and the vivid happiness in his eyes as he took the rest of his clothes off. He put the pillow under his tummy as he lay on the bed and smiled at me.

I lay over him, embracing him from behind as I kissed his neck and rested my hard cock on his very lower back.

"Mmm... Phil." Ryan was smiling and moaning.

I knelt to find the right position and as the wet head of my cock slipped into Ryan I lay once more over his back until his moans subsided.

After that, a little more slipped in.

I started moving in and out as I embraced him. I ran one hand over his chest and checked his cock with the other, and made sure it was very hard.

"Mm... faster, Phil."

It was so good and I felt a tension building inside of me, so I started moving faster, but not much because I didn't want to hurt Ryan and wanted him to feel utterly great.

With a loud gasp, cum erupted all inside Ryan and I took my shaft out of him as I reached for a kiss, as he was lying on his back.

With the kiss, I went on making my way down and noticed the precum all over the head of Ryan's cock.

I couldn't resist, so I put it in my mouth to taste, but only for a moment. Then, I licked all around his shaft.

With that, I adopted his previous position as he knelt and rubbed all over my back in circles, taking a few moans from me, and when I realized, I felt the head of his cock inside of me. He stopped like that for a moment.

"Do you love me, Phil?" he tenderly asked and giggled.

"Mm... yeah," I replied as I felt his cock slipping in.

"Mmmm... more." I continued moaning as I felt him getting a sync.

I felt him getting faster and moaning a lot. After that, I was filled with his warm load.

He, then, was just lying over me and breathing hard as with his warm chest against my back and his arms around me.

"Love ya Phil, very, very, very much." he was saying and smooching my neck, embracing me, lying on my back.

"Love ya, Ry."


My Note:

I sincerely hope people remember the true meaning of Christmas, during this Christmas time, and well, that you all have people who love you around you to enjoy it.
Maybe we live in the sensitive world in which the hints of happiness that are available for us are just reflection of our sentimental memory, which tells us about the ideal world, that can be reached only through love. And maybe, what you read above is just a description of how making a connection.

I'm also especially thankful because it always feels great getting new e-mails. I sincerely hope a breeze... or a wave, brings me, friends, as a wave of information, to make me feel a little of the available happiness at Luiz

In the meanwhile, take a look at my other series, Through the Rain and My Angel if you feel like.