Chapter Ten: Futures


“Pregnant?” Don blurted out loud. “Geezus wept. I’m calling Mom.”

“No … please.” Miriam turned to her brother. “Please don’t. I’m not keeping it.”

Don studied her. “Seriously? Why … no, never mind. I’m still calling her. She’s better at this stuff than I … we are.”

He pulled his phone from the pocket on the side of his chair, pressed a button and held the phone to his ear. “Mom … got an issue here; can you come over? Great … Louis will unlock it. Thanks, bye.”

“I’ll get the backdoor.” As I moved through the kitchen, I could hear Miriam and Don talking. I peered through the window; saw Rena’s door open and close. She walked briskly along the small path, a cardigan pulled tightly around her.

That should still be covered … what if it was pouring?

I opened up when Rena got close. “Come in.”

“What is going on?”

I shook my head and shrugged, but she’d heard the voices from the other room. “Is that Miriam? Why is she here?” Rena started toward the living room as I closed the backdoor.

Moonlight was the only illumination in the kitchen, and I just stood in there for a minute or two, not wanting to return to the drama. Grandma’s words popped into my head then, so I turned on the light and put the kettle on.

There were raised voices in the living room. So, I just stayed where I was while the kettle started to boil. The teapot was ready, so was the tray.

Finally, the water boiled. I made the tea and decided I’d better put in an appearance with it, so I returned to the living room.

I smiled as it put the tray down and busied myself pouring the tea.

Don sounded frustrated. “How can you decide things, when you haven’t even told the poor bastard?”

“It’s not his business.”

Rena said, “Oh, my God,” and threw up her hands. Don however, was angry.

“You know, I am tired of women and their it’s not his business. He’s the father; how is it not his business? I’m presuming he didn’t force you into his bed.”

Miriam looked down at her fingers and whispered, “No.”

“Then he’s part of the question and deserves a chance to say his piece.”

“Who is he, Miriam?” Rena stared at her daughter. “Why haven’t you mentioned him to me before now?”

“I’ve known him for a while.” Miriam’s tears started again.

Don was grinding his teeth. “Oh, for Gawd’s sake! Do you care about him, Mir?”

“Yes, very much.”

“Then you have to tell him. Give him a chance to be part of it.” Don was nearly yelling. “I’m sick to death of people thinking men are all monsters. That they don’t care about anything but themselves. Men are raised to be tough and unemotional, and then you expect them to be different as adults!”

I could feel a tirade coming on, and as right as I thought he was, this wasn’t the time. “Donny—”

He turned to me, the anger in his eyes evident, but he smiled, nodded and looked back to his sister. “Look, Mir. Has this guy said how he feels about you?”

She nodded. “Yes, he says he loves me.”

“Then you guys need to talk. You cannot take away his right to hear the news and talk about it.” Don gazed at his sister. “Ultimately the choice is yours, but don’t be too hasty, sis.”

Miriam sat quietly for a few minutes. Then she dug into her pocket and pulled out her phone. She fiddled with it, pressed a button and put the little device to her ear. “Dougie? I’m okay. Listen, can I come over? I need … Oh, I’m at my brother’s … Yes, my Gay brother’s … well I’ve done a lot of things wrong … so I’d like to talk … is it okay? Thanks, I’ll be there soon. Yes, me too … I love you too … bye.”

She placed the phone on the coffee table. “What I said … I have done and said a lot of horrible things.” Miriam turned to us. “I’m sorry for all of it. I’ve hated you since you told us you were Gay, Don. I don’t know why, or what I’m really afraid of, maybe that you’d be hurt or leave us. Afraid of the unknown? I don’t know but I am sorry.”

Miriam stood up, hugged her brother and then turned to me. “And you, Louis. I’m very sorry. It’s not enough, I hope one day you can forgive me for being so, so, so awful to you.”

She looked so sincere and sad; I couldn’t let her stay in that place. “It’s enough. Your apology is enough.”

Then her arms were around me again and she whispered, “Thank you.” I hugged her as tight as I thought you could hug a pregnant woman.

After a moment, she stepped back and picked up her phone. “Well, I guess I better go to Doug’s.”

Rena got up and hugged her daughter. “I’ll walk you to your car.”

“Okay, Mom.”

We saw them out the front door. I closed it and left it unlocked for Rena. I followed Don back to the living room.

“You okay, Donny?”

“Yeah, baby. Not how I’d planned to spend our evening.” He grinned at me.

I had to laugh. “No, not really.”

The front door opened and closed, and then the lock snicked into place.

Rena sat on the sofa and glanced at us both. “I really don’t know what to say.”

“Mom, I don’t know. I can’t believe any of this. Pregnant?”

“I think it’s all so sad. She’s kept herself away from her family and the support she could have had earlier.”

Rena and Don turned to look at me, and my husband said, “You’re right and you’re kind baby. She’s been horrible to us.”

“Yes, she has been, but she’s apologized. I think we need to just go forward and not worry about the past.”

“It’s all up to her now,” Rena said. “She has some decisions to make. And she does need to talk to the father. I hope they do it seriously; there is a baby’s life in the balance.”

Don sipped his now-warm wine. “You think she’d have an abortion?”

“Honey, I don’t think she wants to. I think that’s why she came here.” Rena stood. “Boys, I’m going to go back home. It’s getting late. We all have work tomorrow.”

“Okay, Mom. Thanks for coming over.”

Rena kissed Don’s cheek. “Not a problem. I’ll see you both soon.”

I walked Rena to the back door, where she hugged me and said, “Thanks, Louis. It was kind of you to just accept her and let things go. I’m not sure she deserves it, but I appreciate it.”

“She seemed sincere to me, and it seems like the best way forward.”

“Good night.”

“Night, Rena.”

She slipped out, and I watched her until she opened her door and went inside.

I returned to Don in the living room. I was going to sit, but he leered at me.

“Don’t get comfy down here … get upstairs, get naked and turn on the shower! No wait. Let me get in first, then turn on the shower.”

“Aye, aye, Sir!”

Don laughed as he rolled to the elevator. “I should spank you for that, boy!”

“Ha, you’d need to catch me first!”


The next morning I left early for work. I wanted to put in some extra time to make up for the meetings I’d had for personal reasons. My intentions were good, but the drama from the previous night kept running through my head. I wasn’t getting a lot done.

About 10am, my phone rang.

“Louis, Pierre here. Listen, can you join us in my office for a few minutes now?”

I sat up straighter. “Yes, sir. I’ll be right there.”

“Thank you. See you soon.”

“Yes, sir.” I put the receiver down. My heart thudded in my chest and I drew in a deep breath and released it slowly trying to control my nerves.

After a quick look in my mirror, I put on my suit jacket, tugged it down, and walked to Pierre’s office. I tapped on the door.


I opened it and both Frank and Pierre smiled at me. Pierre said, “Come on in, Louis.”

Once I was seated, Frank started to speak. “You know, Louis, you do fine work and we very happy you’re here. I know that on a personal level this last year has been quite difficult for you. I know we’ve given you time off to be with Don while he recovered.” Frank held up his hand as I opened my mouth. “It’s fine; we were happy to do it. We also appreciate what is it you’re asking for now.”



Don poured me a glass of wine while we sat in the kitchen, I told him the rest of what Pierre and Frank had relayed.

“So they said I could work four days a week and three if necessary as we get nearer to event time. They said they would talk to Harry about what his offer is. Frank and Pierre said they’ll sponsor us if we wear the company name on our shirts.

“That sounds pretty fair,” Don said.

“Do you think we can afford it?”

“Yes, I think we can. I’ll talk to Harry and I’ll I get my work to Harry on a more timely basis.” Don reached for my hand across the kitchen table. “We have to start training, Lous.”

I rolled my eyes and nodded.

“We have an appointment this weekend to try on shoes and other equipment. You need a good pair of shoes, a bunch of pairs. But these guys will fit you properly.”


Don held my hand a bit tighter. “Lous, I know you don’t want to do this.”

I squeezed back. “I don’t really. Running is not my thing, but I’ll do it baby. Of course, I’ll do it to help you.”

I started to get up to prepare dinner. “Do we need have a special diet?”

“No, just enough calories and good food like we eat now.” Don put his other hand over mine. “This means a lot to me; you doing this with me.”

I dropped back into my seat, I started to open my mouth, but he pressed his fingers to my lips. His golden-amber eyes darkened to deep gold. He leaned to me and I met his lips with mine. His hand was now on my cheek, sliding behind my head, pulling me near. My hands slid up his thighs, supporting me as I bent closer. His tongue searched for and found mine, and I know I groaned from deep within myself. I knew there were things I should be doing, but nothing seemed as important as this. Donny’s kisses were hungry and grew more passionate. Then he pulled back, his eyes never leaving mine, then rubbed my hand along his erection.

“This is what you do to me, Lous. I love you, let’s go upstairs.”

His cock was hard and stroking him through the soft sweats made me want him more. I nodded mutely and followed him to the elevator. We kissed as we rode upward; he was tugging at my shirt buttons. Both of us were impatient as we awaited the door’s opening.

Don gazed at me. “Let’s calm down, okay Lous? We’ll be there soon.”

I pulled the door open and let Don roll out; I followed him into our room.

“Come here, Louis. Help me out of my clothes.”

His eyes said obey, so I did. I pulled his t-shirt over his head, and he lifted his ass off the chair so I could remove his sweatpants.

“Now you, babe,” he said, as he reached for me. I moved close and he unbuttoned my shirt, and we let it slide to the floor. His hands were on the waistband of my jeans, and he held me as his lips pressed against my belly. His kisses were electric as he unzipped my trousers, kissing my tender flesh as he did. After pushing them down as far as possible, I stepped out them. He did the same with my underwear freeing my hard cock. After kicking those away, I stood there.

I’d done this so many times over the years, but now felt exposed before him. Don leaned back and just let his eyes wander over me. I wanted to cover myself, so intense was his gaze. Then sitting forward, his own erection evident, he reached for me and I moved closer. His right hand ran over my abs, around my cock and down to my thighs, back up my inner thighs, where he gently ran his finger over my balls.

He leaned to watch carefully as the skin there contracted. Then his hands were on my ass as he pulled me still closer, the cold metal of the wheelchair surprising me as my leg touched it. His warm, wet mouth engulfed my aching balls, and I could not hold in the groan as he caressed me with his tongue. There is nothing like this feeling and I put a hand on Donny’s head as he sucked each in turn.

His voice was husky with want. “Get on the bed Louis.”

Trembling knees carried me there. My dick was hot and leaky. I climbed on as Don moved himself from the chair to the bed. He shuffled himself into place and drew me closer. Our lips met and our hunger for each other was as it always was.

Don tugged me on top of him, and as we kissed, I could feel him grope for the lube. I drew back for a minute. “Straight to it, eh?”

He grinned and pulled me back to his lips, while sliding a digit into me. I groaned. Teasing me with a finger, he held my ass cheeks in a steely grip. His lips were on my neck, as a second finger joined the first. “I want you. I wanna fuck you so bad.”

Don pushed me where he wanted me. “Come on, babe.”

I moved back; I could feel his hard cock waiting there, and I willed myself to give him entrance, slowly sinking back onto him. I closed my eyes and let him fill me up. Don began to move beneath me, and soon fell into his rhythm. He pushed himself up slightly, and I bent to kiss him. Then he stopped.

“Fix the pillows behind me so I can sit up straighter.”

Once he was comfortable, we started again, with his lips on mine, and I could feel him harden within me. Again, I matched the rhythm he set, his hands on my hips holding and moving me. I felt him wrap his hand around my hard dick and he mumbled into my neck, “Come on, fuck my hand.”

I closed my eyes and let myself go: felt Don stroking my cock, felt him inside of me, felt my orgasm build.

Everything felt taut, my cock, and deep inside my pelvis and chest. A surge rose inside me. My balls contracted, clenching in rising waves of pressure and noise, and the sensation gathered and rose as I came after that final muscle spasm that pushes out through the hips. I looked down and watched my cum land on Donny’s chest. He looked up at me, and then smiled.

The pressure I’d felt spread through me and lost intensity. As I relaxed I could hear the blood rushing and my rasping breath.

I felt like collapsing, but realized that Donny hadn’t cum yet.

“Oh, baby.” I started, tears filled my eyes, but he shook his head.

“Not to worry, Lous.” He kissed me. “Hope you didn’t feel like eating because I am nowhere close to being done with you.”

He drew me forward again and kissed me.



Later, when he held me close and we enjoyed those peaceful moments after good sex, when you are sated and satisfied, he told me he loved me.

“Mmm, me too baby.”


“Yeah, really.”

“Good, then go downstairs and make me sandwich. I’m hungry. You never made dinner!”

I sat up and hit him with my pillow. “Fucker!”

He laughed and drew me close. “I do love you.”

“I know.”

“But I still want that sandwich!”



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