Ayden's Eyes Book Three

Chapter 92

Chapter 92


When we woke up the first thing I saw was Blue’s eyes, he was shaking me awake. He didn’t have any urgent news only that he was taking Andy with him out to the porch.

I felt around but my boy wasn’t in bed with me.


"He's out with dad having an in-depth conversation I think."

"Okay I'll be out in a minute."

Going to our bathroom I splashed my face and as I bent over trying not to wet the floor, a hard object was rubbing on my bum crack. I reached around and made it more comfortable then backed up to it again. I think Evan’s got a dirty mind today because the bathroom door was latched and his shorts were down.

 "What's this I hear about you doing some prints?"

"I was just thinking about it, I thought Tim might like to take that job on. It will give him loads of money for when he moves down here."

"I don't think he will Den; he's pretty well set up where he is. And from what Nuts tells me his family has plenty of money. He wouldn’t be fairy folk if he didn’t have any, I think his gran left him some."

"I didn't know that bub, maybe I'll shelve the idea then."

"Well it's a good idea but do you really need the cash?"

"No bub, I was only thinking about Tim that’s all, do you want to do them?"

"My other designs are ready to go to the makers as soon as I send them off baby, I don't need any more work, I'm happy with what I have." He grinned as I slipped him another awesome feeling.

 "What was decided with Ayden's paintings Den?" He asked later on.

"He needs to extend his bedroom bub; I'll get horse onto it." He chuckled into the pillow as I got out of bed and slipped my underwear on.

"You don't think it’s a good idea bub? I thought it was."

"Not really Den, where would you extend it to, it can't go out onto the back porch and I don't think you want to give up space in your storage room."

I thought about it while I went back to the bathroom to splash my face again. I guess Poseidon is in the best place he can be, on the floor leaning against the wall. Ayden's very talented with decorating, I mused.

 "Dah!" He greeted me with one of his big smiles. I kissed him and blew a fart bubble into his neck, he kind of likes that.

"Coffee Den?" Horse pushed the big plunger over to me.

I poured my coffee then had another thought, well an old one but one I hadn’t done yet. I grabbed a piece of sketch paper then applied lines of coloured green and blue paint. I wanted to do an experiment up at the cafe. All shades of blue and green from the dullest to the brightest. I rinsed my well worn brush then thought about it but tossed it in the bin, I think I've got my moneys worth out of that scrawny brush.

 "What's that for Den?" Evan asked.

"It's an experiment, I want the boys to look at each customer’s eyes and tick off what shade they are. I have an inkling that the two dozen or so caravans over at the foreshore are here because they need to be down here."

"Okay, and you can tell by their eye shades?"

"Yes bub, I just wanted to know, that's all."

"Okay then, are we included?"

"No bub, I already know we are all in there somewhere." I smiled at him, his eyes seemed brighter and that gold rim is bigger.

"Have you noticed the gold rim in your eyes, it wasn’t there six months ago?" He looked at me puzzled then went into the shop through to our bathroom to have a look.

When he returned he had a big grin on his face.

"They are like yours."

"What do you mean bub?"

"You have the gold rim around them too, hadn’t you noticed?"

"No, I must look later"

 "I suppose if I look closely at Rita's she would have it too." I wondered if he was right.

I looked over at Horse who was listening, then he went to have a look.

Sure enough he was on a high when he got back, he had seen the change in his eyes in our mirror.

 Tim arrived around four thirty and was carrying a box in his arms, Ayden hopped up and down wanting to see what was in it.

"I found these in the storeroom Den, I thought you might get your scientist to look at them." He passed it over to me and when I peered inside there were six statues of fairy folk all broken; I felt their pain.

 I took them into Ayden's room where he started placing the bits and pieces on his bed. I don’t want to know how he does it so I left him there.

"Are we still on for pizza tonight Nuts?"

"For sure Tim, do you want me to pick it up?"

"Yes please, I'll get the beer." He grinned. I think that family get together is going to turn into a party tonight. I wish I was a fly on the wall.


"Yes bub?"

"What do you want for dinner? I'm starting to get hungry."

"Well after your last workout you must be famished." I laughed.

Ayden ran out and asked Evan to get his stones. He obliged and my son showed Tim how he can get his folk to dance and sing. Six perfectly restored statues were sitting on his bedside table. When the stones were placed next to them they all started singing the same tune and danced along to their beautiful tones. The boys were all in his room watching with their mouths open.

 "I hunted around all morning because they were itemised on the the museum’s manifesto, I thought I had seen them on that list. Finding them was a chore because they were right at the back of a pile of old junk that was being readied to be thrown out."

 His little men and women all had smiles on their faces and I noticed six gold coins stacked up neatly beside them.

When he tired of them I asked him if his friends had gone home. He answered yes and added they were all playing together on the beach. Tim left with his repaired fairy and Nuts followed a half hour later. I didn’t ask him if they were going to have man sex tonight because I think they would be talking about family instead. But stranger things have happened, wink, wink.

 In the morning I heard banging coming from two doors up so I went to investigate where the noise was coming from.

Tony had workmen there and they were building a large room on the back of his big shed.

"Laundromat Den, thanks for that idea."

He grinned.

"Good, I hope it works for you Tony. The boys will thank you too, I don’t think they relish the idea of doing the washing at home."

"Well I'll give them tokens so they don’t have to pay for the use."

"Good, have you seen Birdy today?"

He groaned.

 "Yes Den, he's inside working."

"It's just I missed seeing him this morning."

"He insisted he help me with the table I'm working on Den. I talked to Jay about it and Birdy got really upset when he said no. It's only one table and he's taking his time with it,"

"What table is that Tony, the round one?"

"Yes, this will be a one off and I will put a hefty price on it too, I will share the profit with Birdy."

"I know you will Tony, let’s go and have a look."

 I found Jay and Birdy looking over his work, Jay’s arm was around his shoulders and he was grinning from ear to ear.

Stuff me drunk, he's done an enormous amount of work, the table was magnificent. When he saw me he moved to my side, so I hugged him and rubbed his back.

 "Are you tired yet son?"

"A little poppa Den, but I can't stop now, too much to do."

"Well how about you put your tools down and you come and have some lunch with me?"

"Okay poppa, I am a bit hungry." I wanted him to work slower, this break at least will give his hands a rest.

"I'll come with you," Jay said. So we all left the factory and walked up to the cafe. Cyn was waiting and having a sandwich and coffee, she looked at Tony and asked,

 "Where have you been hiding this morning?"

"Watching Birdy carve my new table, it’s awesome Cyn."

"Are you okay with this Jay?" she asked.

"Yes, as long as he doesn’t rush I will allow him to do it."

"You will get a big price for it Tony, don't forget to share it with me little mate here." She pointed to Birdy.

"He will get twenty five per cent Cyn, it will come to a large amount.
“Fifty," we heard from a small but very bright boy.

"What?" Tony screamed.

"I want fifty thanks uncle Tony."

He spluttered through his objections, half laughing, half serious.

"Who the hell have you been talking to?"

Birdy shyly looked Cyn's way, it was noticed by everyone and they all burst out laughing.

 "You bloody turncoat, just you wait until I have the chance to stuff up one of your sales Cyn, that's a terrible thing to do to me." Tony's mad now.

"He gets fifty per cent Tony, otherwise he won’t finish it." She grinned.

"What?" Again he was about to blow a gasket.

"Fifties," Ayden yelled.

"Okay, okay, he gets fifty, don't moan about it, and you, you shit, I will get you if it’s the last thing I do." He glared at Cyn. Her tummy must be hurting from all that laughing she's doing.

 My senses tell me that Cyn will sell the table on her site, she's the only one that has the customer base that can afford expensive one offs. I ordered some spaghetti for Birdy and made sure he had an art smock on so he doesn’t ruin his t shirt. Rita had made up quite a few in all different sizes for her customer’s kids to wear. When Nuts arrived he looked like he had a spring in his step, and after greeting everyone he sat next to Trip who was having the day off. They were talking quietly and I wondered if I had super hearing, but of course once again I wouldn’t know how to use it.

 The pounding of the surf got into their heads and the wind had picked up. Ayden was trying to get into his wet suit without any help, but his pa had it all organized.

"Too small baby you’ve grown; we have to get you a larger size." How disappointing, I wanted him to stay a baby a little longer.

"Oh?" I guess that's why it’s been a struggle to get him into it lately. I must measure and weigh him sometime today.

 "Come on bub let’s go pick out a new one," Nuts spoke to him.

He jumped up and ran into the shop, times a wasting, he needs to get to that surf.

 He came out with a new black one with a hot pink stripe down each side, he looked adorable but Evan told him to go pick another colour. I told him he looked fantastic as his eyes scrunched up and his lips tightened, he was about to give his pa a good tongue lashing. After a long stare down with his pa, Evan told him the same thing, that he looked really good, he relaxed then.

 "Don’t do that to him bub, he knows what he's doing, he chose that colour so let him be."

"I was only thinking he might get some stick from the kids who see him in it."

"Evan, where have you been the past year, that colour is so popular with every one of the kids now, I see it on the beach and at the games parlour. It’s so popular, I bet you haven’t even got much of it left in stock."

He thought about it and was again pulled up by Nuts.

 "I keep telling him pink is the most popular colour with boys and girls Den, but he doesn’t listen to me."

"I do listen Nuts, it’s just I don't. Oh hell, I don't know what I'm thinking and I don't know what I'm talking about either. I'm sorry bub, I love that colour on you, it's so cool."

"That’s betters," Ayden let him off the hook.

 "Sorry Den I wasn’t thinking, I'm a bit old school when it comes to surfing."

"Well come with me mister old school." I took his hand and walked him into the shop.

"What size are you in a wet suit?"

"Large Den but I’ve got a couple."

"I know but they aren’t the right colour." I took the last hot pink one off the rack and passed it to him.

"Put that on bub and let’s have a look at the new modern Evan Spicer."

 He grinned then headed for the bedroom, he did look magnificent in pink, he even agreed with me after he posed in the mirror.

A few wolf whistles later, before he and his son walked hand in hand down to the beach in matching suits. I might just buy him a fairy dress in pink next time I'm in town.

 Birdy, Jay and Tony left to go do some work, they had customers standing at the door. I looked at the diners who didn’t look like they were shoppers, but I decided to open the shop too.

"I’ve got Shannon and Michelle coming by for lunch Den, do you want to join us?" Cyn asked.

"Of course, when are they coming?"

"Soon I think, he wants to see Ayden and have a dip while he's here."

"Great, Ayden and the boys will be pleased to see him."

 We had another coffee then Michelle turned up. Cyn asked her what she wanted but Shannon wasn’t interested, he walked up to Rita's and took an iced doughnut, that was after he was made a fuss over by the boys and Rita.

"Where’s Andy Cyn, I've heard a lot about him?"

"Probably at home being spoilt rotten, we can call in and see him on the way back home."

"Okay." She settled Shannon at the table and passed a saucer to him for his doughnut. He placed it on the dish and started picking off bits and pieces.

"He's actually eaten today Den; this is his treat." She smiled and she also smiled proudly at her son.

 When he had finished and our food arrived he started looking for Ayden. I told him several times we would go find him, he stared at me so I took my plate down to the kitchen and asked Rita to keep it warm. I then left the girls to do some gossiping while I took Shan down to the beach.

 "Shannons!" Ayden was the first to spot him, then the boys. As they finished their runs they all greeted him, then Ayden played with him in the shallows. I could hear them laughing as I propped myself up against my tree, then I watched the beach closely.

I saw Spud and Ali drop their skim boards and join them, they were a beautiful pair of specimens, Spud’s legs had gotten thicker and he had a beautiful shape nowadays. Ali was dark toned and his black hair was blowing in the wind, I also noticed he had some chest hair, he must shave it because this is the first time I've seen it.

Beautiful young men, beautiful day. Cyn and Michelle arrived with Rita's basket in hand, the boys spotted them and decided they were hungry again.

 Ayden walked Shan up and after a bit of rummaging around he found his burger and passed one to Shan. They both sat away from our crowd and I could just make out a faint, golden glow around the two of them.

"I wanted to ask you something Den?"

"Shoot Michelle."

"Well I don't know if it’s possible but do you think Ayden can maybe talk to Shan and ask him if he needs anything to make his life more comfortable, it would help so I can give him everything he needs?"

"Sounds like a good question Mich. Give me some time alone with Ayden and I will see if he can do it." I smiled.

"He's discovered masturbation Den, I nearly caught him the other day and I don’t want to embarrass him by trying to talk to him about it."

"But I thought?" No, I won’t say it, it’s tacky.

"You thought what Den, because he's like he is, he doesn’t feel like sex?" She giggled.

"Well yes, I read that mostly the guys don’t have a sex life."

"That’s true Den, but my Shannon’s an exception to the rule kinda guy, thanks to Ayden." She grinned.

 I waited until Michelle and Cyn took Shannon down to the water then I called my son over and asked him,

 "Is there anything Shannon's mum can do for him to make him more comfortable baby, she maybe thinks you might know?"

"Yes dah, wes been talking abouts it."

"Okay then tell me and I will inform his mum."

"He's needs more hugs dah, and hes needs a soft bed, hes too hard and he needs private time, door knocks then wait." That was all I got out of him, he wanted to show Shannon his latest move, and by the looks of that boy jumping up and down, he's waiting for him to show him.

 The girls came back and I told Michelle what Ayden had said, she giggled and nodded her head.

"I thought as much, he can have all the privacy he needs and I will go get him a new bed with a soft mattress, like all teenagers he needs his comfort and privacy. I’m quite happy he has some sort of sex life Den, he's a great kid and deserves some happiness."

"I don't think it’s about happiness Mich, he is already happy so I'm told."

Another giggle then they moved over into the sun. Cyn stripped off to a very nice white bikini and she looked awesome in the sunlight, she's got perfect skin and not a blemish in sight.

 Our afternoon laze on the beach was interrupted by Alex and Andy and my isolation from my tree was a given. I walked up to the house leaving the girls to gush over Andy and walked into the outside shower. After rinsing off I went to see Rita and picked up my leftovers from lunch. After eating it I stared at my easel then sorted through my brushes chucking the well worn ones into the tidy bin. I then went to get another blank canvas. I had thought of doing another Poseidon for Horse but my mood wasn’t in that head space.

 I didn’t want to paint something for it to be given away to friends, I needed to do something I could sell so I flipped through my sketch pad. Finding one I did a few months ago I started copying it onto the canvas. A story to be told about a quiet little bay in the state of Victoria was appearing in front of me. I drew the shack with Rita standing at the top of the stairs holding a coffee pot, the boys were sitting at our table and Andy and Ayden were playing on the floor in red shorts. It was a calming, family drawing. I took it off the easel and went to get a new one placing the house drawing in the spare room. I will come back to that.

 I started again, this time my subject was the tiny fairy that Tim's gran had given him. I drew him sitting on a golden beach with azure blue water. He was dressed in his woodland outfit, all   bright green and brown, his wings draping behind him. Then I painted the real him, a little older but it was still him, his wings were at half mast and he was standing up looking out at the waves. His bum had formed two dents to give him some muscle tone and his waist was so tiny to highlight the big vee that rose to his perfectly muscled back. He was naked and free of his woodland look.  In the third image he was fully grown and awesome, his wings fully opened and both his feet were off the ground, his right wing lifting in flight. He shone all over as his long hair flapped in the wind to give the illusion he was flying into the wind. His powerful legs gave him perfect shape, perfect perspective. He had a fine gossamer singlet on, it was made of the softest see through fabric like a silken web that glittered. I could feel the joy he was feeling, and he was in that perfect space, he was perfect.

 As my hand swept across the canvas I could feel the magic being transferred through it to my pencils, it actually warmed my body and I was very eager to get it completed today

I didn’t do any faces, just the back profiles and as I re-touched each image the drawing came to life in front of me.

 Shaking, I was shaking with pure energised happiness and   absolute pleasure, the pain from drawing it was nearly unbearable. I can’t explain those feelings, they were too awesome and nobody would believe me anyway. I remember the heady heights I was taken to and the absolute joy as I touched my canvas.

 I also remember climaxing, it was deeply intense and draining at the same time. I felt a hand on my shoulder, it squeezed as my dick exploded into my shorts. I fell forward, my head was touching the canvas and my gasps must have been heard in the neighbouring towns, they were so loud in my head.

Whispers, I could hear whispers, someone was talking to me and I didn’t want to answer them, I wanted to stay in the moment and that’s what I did until the whispers turned to silence.

 I had seen him in all his unhuman glory and had been on that beach with him watching him transform into a stunning beauty. I can only dream to make love to a spirit like that, so pure, so soft, so  perfect, I ached all over for him. The woodland fairy was Tim and it was Tim I had in my head while I made mental love to him. I was sweating when I finally released my head back from the drawing. I didn’t want to leave him, I wanted to stay there with him forever and it hurt to let go. My son was staring at me as I got up from my seat. I knew Evan was behind me, it was his hand on my shoulder. I turned around to look at him, hundreds of tears were dripping down his face and they matched mine as my eyes filled with more tears. I knew at that instant I had lost my Evan's trust.

 I walked in a trance to the bedroom and fell on the bed sobbing my eyes out, not for Evan’s loss but for my loss, I wanted to go back into that moment. I felt heavy footsteps coming through the lounge room, they stopped at the bedroom door then the back door slammed and he was gone. I cried myself to sleep, I was exhausted, my dreams were vivid and Tim the woodland fairy was in my head. I felt his softness, his perfect lips and his bud opening as I slipped into his tightness. His eyes shone into mine making me as one with him, we danced in the air as I made love to him, he was making me feel complete again.

 "Dah, dah, wakes up," Ayden pulled me back to our reality by hitting my face.

"Wata dah, has sum wata," he said. I opened my eyes and stared through the puffiness at him. I had no energy and I felt a new damp spot in my shorts. I wanted to touch it and smell Tim's body on it, but for now that's just a human fantasy, because I suddenly knew the truth of the painting and I fell in love all over again.

 I drank the water and pulled my son into me, he started calming me instantly.

"Where is pa?"

"In the beach."


 He placed his hand on my heart and patted it better. I kissed his head and smelt his little boy smells until I was almost back to normal again.

 "What happened here Den?"

"I don’t want to talk about it Horse."

"Then what’s wrong with Evan?"

"I don’t know but it’s my guess he's hurting."

"Why is he hurting?"

"I did something bad, something wrong, he's suffering."

Horse’s face dropped and he patted my knees then went out the back door.

 I showered then moved back to the porch, I had eyes on me at every turn until I finally couldn’t take the self inflicted humiliation. I stormed through the shop and went to the beach. Evan was surfing and screaming at the top of his lungs as Horse was trying to get him to settle down and trying to get him to come into shore to talk.

 I stood and watched him glow so much I thought he was going to explode. He saw me standing there and moved his board so he could maybe run over me. He jumped off his board as his body was gathering momentum, ordering his golden armour up, Horse gasped as he walked by him and up to me, his armour crashed violently into his body.

 He shouted so loud; no, he roared at me and I could feel the force of his breath saying the words as they hit my ears, it was enough to straighten my hair.

 "You have destroyed me; you have turned my heart to stone. I have followed you and loved you deeply all throughout our lives and you reward me like this? How my king could do such a thing to his knight is way beyond the golden text. It's over, and I won’t follow you again, not in this lifetime nor the next."

 I shuddered as I stared at him, his armour had started falling away in millions of shattered pieces, and his under shirt had turned into a shimmering, fine gossamer singlet. He was naked underneath and his magnificent wings were at the ready to fly. I knew I had to tell him, I had to make him feel whole again. I had to repair him so I lifted off the sand and caught him before he could fly away into eternal madness.

 I pulled him into my arms and enclosed his lips with mine then we spun in circles upwards, higher and higher, both our wings were flapping effortlessly in the wind. He turned his back to me as I smelt his feathers, his right leg lifted up and I found his bud then made love to him in mid air. With my arms around his waist, I pulled him in tightly so we were as one. It wasn’t Tim in my drawing, it was Evan I had been making love to; my Evan.

My body shuddered as we orgasmed together, we moaned so loudly it had enough power in it to shatter the universe.  I have no idea how long we were flying but when my feet finally touched the warm sand Evan looked me in the eyes and said,

"It was me; it was me you were making love to. My king, forgive me." I touched his beautiful face and kissed him again.

"Your back and so beautiful my king, you look magnificent in your glory, I can see you again for real. I have missed you so much."

 I knew I had morphed into something or someone when we lifted off the ground but I am yet to see myself in all my glory.

"I will always be with you my king, always with you and our son."

I looked over at a very upset looking Horse, he had changed too, and looked more than ever like a gorgeous warlord.  I held my hand out to him and he came to us, we enclosed him with our wings as his outer armour fell to the sand, he also had a fine gossamer undershirt on, and was magnificently naked under it. We lifted him up, he writhed in ecstasy as Evan and I held his body next to ours while he violently and loudly orgasmed. His large iron rod burst at the seams and spewed his seed everywhere.

 "Welcome back my general, it's been too long since we three have danced," I said.

"My king, I have missed you, and you too my knight." Then we slowly started our descent back to the sand. We held each  other then kissed as the golden under shirts flowed like silky liquid into the sand. I thought about telling Horse we had just had a threesome and I loved the feel of his body under that flimsy singlet he was wearing. I think for the minute he remembers, but in time he might forget.

 I took Evan again and kissed him deeply and all my emotions went into that one, if I hadn’t felt so thoroughly spent I would go for the fourth time today he was so hot. Horse was jumping up and down yelling expletives as he grabbed both of us again and held us in his big arms, then he actually kissed us on the lips.

 "Wow, what a ride, thank you my king and my knight, thank you. Fuck me that was awesome, I have never experienced anything like it. Thank you, this is what I'm missing." His grin was perfect and his body became more human, I will paint him in all his glory very soon.

 "What happened Den, Evan?"

"I think the stresses of the day brought on some sort of change Horse. Evan, how did you know what I was thinking when I did that painting?"

"I have been seeing things ever since the golden knight appeared, just small pictures but today I saw a lot more and it made me feel really angry, and so sad."

"You should have told me; you were in my thoughts; I promise I won’t put you through that again. I love you, not Tim, that's just a human fantasy, not a forever love." He grinned at me and replied,

"And the general?"

"He's always shared our love bub, but after today I kind of think his human side is a bit too dull." I laughed at Horse’s face but he took it all in his stride and slapped us both on the back then said,

 "Anytime you two want to do that dance again it's fine with me, I've never felt so alive, every vein in my body was throbbing, thank you."

"Well you felt something special then Horse, and so did we big boy." Now it was Evan’s time to laugh; his human colour had come back and his golden glow had gone.

"Den you looked awesome, you had a light, filmy tank top type of thing on and your wings were made of dripping, pure gold. They were so gorgeous and so were you Horse. Will you paint that for me?" Evan pleaded.

"Yes, can I finish the, 'Tim,' one first?" I did the motion with my fingers.

"Of course Den, it’s going to be a magic painting I think. Will you sell it?"

"Yes bub, I don’t want it hanging around and it’s really not Tim so I won’t give it to him, are you sure you don't want it?"

"No, I want you in all your glory. I wish I could explain how you looked." I suddenly got an image in my head and I gasped as Ayden sent me a picture of how I really looked in my fairy realm, I was pretty awesome, even if I have to say so for myself, but what's with the long black hair?

I looked around the beach and sure enough there was our boy sitting under the tree. I hope he's just arrived and didn’t sit in on the full show, I had to have a small giggle to myself.

 Horse was on a high, he wanted to know everything and I couldn’t tell him all of what I knew because I don’t think his brain would cope. There are things I won’t tell Evan either because somehow I knew he had to find out for himself, even though I think he knows more than I do at times.

 "You should have those gossamer shirts made for real bub, they will sell, I'm sure of it." He groaned under his breath.

"Did I just hear you groan?"

"Yes Den, I have a lot on my plate at he moment and I don't need more." He grinned as he picked our smiling boy up to give him a dad cuddle.

 I felt a lot calmer and in reality I was embracing my human side because as fantastic as the other was, it was hard to control. It actually scared me to think a small gesture of flying over the beach was a simple task, and I shudder to think what would have happened if I had really let go with Horse and Evan, and I was also wondering if Tush and Bubble would like to join us next time?

"What are you laughing at Den?"

"Oh nothing bub, thank god you didn’t get that last image in your head, otherwise today would have been a total disaster."