The Puget Posse

Chapter 24-The Things

Welcome to another visit with the Posse. In this chapter, the events surrounding the big soccer match between the Lake Monsters and the Kickers is looked at from the twins’ point of view. As you can imagine, things get a bit off the wall.
And please do write. Douglas.


Mark and Matthew were tucked warmly under the covers of Mark’s bed. They were naked, but the flannel sheets, wool blankets, and their body heat warded off the cool air of the room. It was the night before their big soccer game against the Kickers. The two had just finished trading blow jobs and were discussing whether to sleep together or alone.
“If I left now, I’d have to warm up my own bed,” Matthew said.
“So? It’s not like we live in the freezer or something,” Mark shot back. Their parents kept the heat turned down at night and, while the twins’ bedroom was cool, nobody could label it as cold by any stretch of the imagination.
“But your bed is so warm and cozy, plus you’re in it.”
“You are a real dork head sometimes, you know.”
“I thought it was dick head, not dork head,” Matthew said.
“I sucked your dick head, dork head.”
“I guess I’d rather be a dick head or a dork head than a butt head like you.”
“I should just kick your butt out of my bed.”
“Try it.”
Mark started pushing on Matthew, trying to knock him off the side of the bed. Matthew pushed back just as hard. The bed started to jiggle and jump as the two naked brothers wrestled under the covers. The result was both of them falling off of the bed with a thud, the sheets and covers following them to the floor. The two naked boys were rolling around, getting tangled in the covers as they wrestled for supremacy. They hurled insults at each other as they tussled.
Their fun was stopped by a knock on the door followed by the voice of their mother. She cracked open the door and peered into the room, afraid of what she was going to see. Thankful that the room was dark, she decided not to turn on the lights. What she did see was Mark’s bedding strewn on the floor and the bodies of her two boys tangled underneath it.
“Boys, you have a game tomorrow. Now settle down, get into your beds, and go to sleep. I do not want to have to come up here again or there will be hell to pay.” Kristy had been awakened out of a sound sleep and was not in a pleasant mood.
“Did I just hear mom say hell?” Mark asked Matthew.
“Shit, I think you did,” Matthew replied.
“Bed!” Kristy yelled not caring that the bedding of one of the beds was strewn around the floor.
Mark jumped onto his bed which had only the fitted sheet left on the mattress. Matthew scrambled into his own bed. They yelled good-nights to their mother who shut the door, mumbling, “Why me?” She was determined to put both boys on a long restriction if she had to return to their room.
As soon as the door closed, Mark jumped out of his bed and joined Matthew. “Why don’t you stay in your own bed?” Matthew asked.
“Because I’d have to put the sheets and blankets and shit on it and it’s dark in here.”
“Oooh, do you think the boogie man is going to grab you while you make your bed?”
“Shut up, or I’ll tear your bed apart, too. And this time mom won’t stop me from kicking your ass,” Mark said.
“You’re gonna need the boogie man to help you, because no way you can do it by yourself.”
“I could if I wanted to,” Mark said, “but we got a big game tomorrow and we’d better do what mom said and go to sleep.”
“Yeah, good idea.” As happened so often between the two, their moods changed instantly as common sense took precedence over the other side of their volatile personalities. Even though they were ready to quit squabbling and wrestling, they were not yet ready to close their eyes and get to sleep.
“I got a boner wrestling you,” Matthew said.
“Me, too,” Mark admitted.
“I guess it’s because we don’t wrestle naked that much.”
“I think we should do it more; that was fun.”
“I liked rubbing my pecker on you. I think we should do it more, too.”
“We better not fight naked, though,” Mark said.
“Yeah, somebody might get their nuts crushed.”
“I can’t believe we made that bet,” Mark said as he initiated one of their typical quick changes of subject.
“You mean the showing our dicks on the bus bet? Cuz, if that’s what you mean, it was a smart bet. We’ve scored more than four goals in all our games so far.”
“Everybody says Patrick and the other kid are really good goalies.”
“Those two haven’t played against us yet,” Matthew said with confidence.
Mark surprised his brother by giving his balls a hard rub. “You got that right, bro.”
“Hey, what’s with the grabbing my ‘nads?”
“Just letting you know you got balls and I got balls and we’re gonna win the bet. I mean the Monsters should be able to score three goals playing with their eyes closed.”
“Yeah,” Matthew agreed. “Patrick gets to ride the whole bus trip with his dick out of his pants.”
“Covered by his jacket,” Mark said.
“Only because he doesn’t have the balls to show it off like we do,” Matthew said, grabbing Mark’s gonads to return his brother’s favor.
“We need to look up animal names for ourselves.” Mark said.
“Why can’t we just be the same name?”
“Yeah. Too bad we decided to have animal names…”
“…or we could be Thing 1 and Thing 2 just like mom calls us.” Matthew concluded. By now the twins had finally run out of gas and the conversation ended. The brothers snuggled, loving the feel of each other’s smooth, warm skin as they drifted off to sleep.
The soccer game was all everyone expected it to be. The twins were surprised that Patrick played the entire game as the goal keeper. They were perhaps even more surprised that the diminutive nine-year-old was as good as advertised. While Mark and Matthew each scored a goal, Patrick had stopped some of their best shots, but of their teammates as well.
What upset them was their own goalie allowing a fairly easy shot go by him for a Kickers score late in the game. He had played the kind of game they had grown used to from him. He often made a spectacular play only to have it negated by a lapse in concentration that allowed a relatively easy shot to go past him.
When the Lake Monsters and the Kickers shook hands after their game ended in a 2-2 tie, Matthew and Mark commented about the tie with Patrick. “Ties are like kissing the goalie,” Matthew told Patrick, causing Mark to stifle a giggle.
Before they left the field, they took a piss in the men’s room and ran across Misha after they finished. Their conversation was broken up by a squabble between Mark and Matthew regarding who, between the two of them, needed whose help to survive in the world. Misha had been afraid for a moment that the twins were going to come to blows. Mark finished the chat by telling Misha he should come out to their house for a visit some time. Matthew added that maybe the Posse needed to start visiting each other outside of school.
The twins had to skip the team pizza feed because the family was going to a music program their sisters were in. They hopped into the family SUV and rode home with their father; their mother had gone to their sisters’ game. The twins started shucking their uniforms as soon as the SUV left the field. By the time their father drove into the gravel driveway that ran through their property to the house and parked, the twins were stripped down to their hoodies and a pair of flip-flops.
“I am assuming you boys are ready to dash into the showers,” Scott, their father, said.
“Shower,” Mark told him.
“Yeah, shower, as in one shower,” Matthew concurred.
“That’s to save you money.”
“Because it saves water.”
“And it saves electricity.”
“Next time, please at least keep your underpants on when you strip down in the car,” Scott said.
“Dad, we were never naked back here,” Matthew told him.
“Yeah, that would be embarrassing if we were caught,” Mark said.
“We were down to just hoodies, so we had something on.”
“That was after we took our jocks off.”
“And our cups. We went shoes, socks, shorts, hoodie, shirt, hoodie back on, jocks off…see, we were really careful not to get naked,” Matthew told his father sincerely.
“Okay, okay,” Scott said as he stopped in front of the garage. “Grab your stuff and go save me some water.” He noticed that Kristy had already returned with the girls.
Scott watched the boys scamper to the house, thankful they lived on their own private acreage. He didn’t even want to begin contemplating what the neighbors would say watching a duo of ten-year-olds running across their front lawn without any pants on. After all, it wasn’t the first  time.
Kristy stepped out of the house as the two half-naked ten-year-olds tore past her like little whirlwinds. “Oh lord, why me?” she thought for at least the millionth time as they yelled a quick “Hi, mom” to her.
She looked at her husband and shook her head. “You should have just taken them into the backyard and washed them down with a hose. It would have saved us all a lot of time.”
Appearing seemingly from nowhere, Matthew said, “We were saving time, we’ll get our showers done even earlier.”
“Yeah, we’re not only saving you money…,” Mark started.
“…and electricity and water…,” Matthew continued.
“…but we’re saving you time, too.” Mark finished.
“Plus it’s too cold to be hosed down. That’s for summer.”
“Yeah, my butt’s freezing just from running to the house,” Mark said.
“You should have thought about that before stripping naked in the car,” Scott said.
“Dad, we told you we were never naked,” Mark protested.
“Yeah, we were just thinking of how much we could help you and mom.”
“I suppose you now want me to tell you how wonderful you are,” Scott said as he finally shut the front door.
“Well, we ARE wonderful,” Mark said as he peeled off his hoodie. He was now wearing only his flip-flops.
Scott laughed and gave his sons a simultaneous hug. “Now, grab your bags, and the hoodie, and get into the shower, or you’ll be losing all of the time you gained with your undeniable efficiency.” The two energetic boys were gone in an instant.
“Sometimes I think you indulge those two way too much.” Kristy said.
“They’re boys, honey. You just have to go with the flow. I find it much easier to deal with a lot of their shenanigans than the sulky behavior of our tween daughters.”
“I can’t argue with you about the girls and their moods. But couldn’t we maybe rein the boys in just a bit?”
“If we did, then they wouldn’t be the free spirits they are becoming.”
“And that would be a bad thing?”
Scott shrugged. He wasn’t sure he had a good answer. While Scott and Kristy discussed their problem in an adult fashion, a not so adult disagreement broke out in the twins’ upstairs bedroom.
Matthew was naked as soon as he and Mark entered the bedroom. Mark had already stripped naked downstairs in the living room. The twins quickly headed for their bathroom, determined to show their parents how good their plan was by being fast and efficient. It was Mark’s turn to set the water temperature and the two stepped into the shower once it was satisfactory.
“What did you mean when you told Misha I needed your help for everything?” Matthew asked Mark as he washed his brother’s back.
“It means I’m your big brother and I have to help you.”
“Yeah, you’re my big brother by like two minutes.”
“Nobody said there was some kind of time limit. Older is older.”
“Well, if you’re gonna help me with everything, then how come I’m the one washing your back?” Matthew asked.
“When you’re done, I’ll be washing your back, so think about it.”
“I am thinking about it, and I think the same thing I thought when we talked to Misha; I won’t need any help kicking your ass if you think you’re so special.”
Matthew stopped washing Mark’s back and handed him the soap. Their arguments had become almost ritualized. The anger involved was a contained anger, even on those occasions when their disagreement deteriorated into an all out fight. Their arguments usually died out, or continued off and on until there was some kind of resolution. In this case their argument at the soccer field had never been resolved, at least as far as Matthew was concerned.
Mark started to work washing his brother’s back. As he started his task, he kept their squabble going. “I don’t think I’m special; I just think I’m your big brother and you need my help.”
“You never thought that before.”
“Yeah, I have and you know it.” Mark’s washing hand moved down to Matthew’s butt cheeks.
“You’re full of shit.”
Mark’s hand found its way into his brother’s crack. “No, this is full of shit,” he said as he poked his finger a smidgen into Matthew’s hole. Matthew loved the feeling when Mark did that and opened his legs a little to allow him freer access. “And you are totally full of shit if you think you can kick my ass,” Mark said. He finished his cleaning of Matthew’s butt, which ended the washing part. Matthew rinsed his back and Mark turned off the water. They dried themselves and each other and walked into their bedroom.
They were both aching for a fight, but understood that they would be in worse trouble than usual if they started one now. Their parents and their sisters were in a hurry. The boys also wanted to prove how competent they were at getting ready in a rush.
They dressed in good clothes, but not in their best. They wore polo shirts, Dockers, and polished loafers. After admiring themselves in their mirror, they each donned a clean Puget Academy hoodie and headed downstairs.
“Great job, boys,” Kristy said, relieved that they actually followed through on their promise to be quick. “And you both look very handsome.” Mark and Matthew both beamed, a look that would not stay on their faces for very long.
The program they were going to was a musical program. Their sisters played in the school orchestra. Michelle played the flute and Megan the violin. The boys played some acoustic guitar mostly because their father was a proficient guitarist. But they didn’t take up an instrument seriously even though Kristy had tried her best to get them interested.
As they walked out to the garage, Mark and Matthew took a shortcut across the lawn. “By the way,” Mark said, “I was just joking when I told Misha that you needed me to help you all of the time.”
“You fucktard!” Matthew yelled. He turned and tackled his brother to the ground. The two of them were instantly rolling around in the grass, pounding each other’s torsos and shoulders. While they had no problem giving out bloody lips and black eyes, they knew that wasn’t going to happen in this fight since they were supposed to be going to the concert. This fight was one strictly of body blows.
That didn’t stop Matthew from inadvertently bloodying his brother’s lower lip, but there would be no hard feelings for that. After all, accidents happened. Scott quickly stepped in to break up the mêlée, grabbing an arm and yanking it away from a body and then stepping between the two huffing ten-year-olds. “Stand up!” he ordered. The twins quickly obeyed.  Kristy looked at her two sons, shaking her head while wondering what she had done to earn this moment.
“Are you two finished?” Scott asked, his anger hanging on every word. Mark and Matthew nodded their heads, looking properly sheepish. Their father didn’t get angry often despite their frequent whacko behavior, and they knew better than to challenge him when he lost his temper. “Can I step away without you two pouncing on each other?”
“Yes, sir,” they answered in unison.
“Get in the SUV,” Kristy said. “But brush the grass off of your pants first.” She was happy they had elected to wear their dark blue pants rather than a lighter color. If they’d picked up any grass stains, they would be hard to see and there was no time to send them back into the house to change.
Kristy had the girls sit in the back seat and twins in the middle seat. As the SUV headed down the gravel road to the main highway, Kristy used a handkerchief to wipe the blood from Mark’s lip. “So much for you two being efficient. Do you mind telling me what that was all about?”
“It was about them being stupid,” Michelle said.
“Girls, you stay out of this.”
“They’re the stupid ones,” Mark said. “Just being girls makes them stupid.”
“Not nearly as stupid as being a little brother makes you,” Megan responded. “They were trying to ruin everything and make us late. I hate them.”
“Stop! Now!” Scott said. “End the arguing and let me drive in peace.” His outburst was followed by silence from all four children.
“I think I asked a question just now.” But for Kristy in seemed like it was a couple of decades since she’d asked her question.
“Mark dissed me at the soccer field in front of Misha,” Matthew said.
“And you waited until now to fight it out?”
“We were going to do it earlier, but we wanted to be ready really fast,” Matthew said.
“Yeah,” Mark agreed. “We wanted to show you how…how…efficient we were.”
“And we did a good job, too,” Matthew said.
“So if you were being so good why the sudden outburst?” Scott asked.
“Because,” Matthew said, “Mark said he was only joking with Misha. I’ve been doing all this arguing for nothing and that made me mad. So, I hit him.”
“Sorry about getting our good clothes dirty, mom,” Mark said. “We would have done our fight in our room, but we didn’t have time.”
“Maybe you could have found a way not to fight at all,” Kristy said.
“Usually we do, but this was different.”
Kristy didn’t even bother to ask how it was different. She got the boys’ assurance that the issue was closed and she believed them. When they said an issue was closed, it was closed and that was how things stood until they found a new issue to argue or fight over.
The twins were as bored throughout the entire concert, as they expected to be. A cynic might say they got into their fight on the front lawn hoping they would be punished by having to stay home. Even if that was their motivation, it wasn’t going to happen; neither one of their parents wanted to miss the school program, and they would never leave the boys home alone.
Even though they were bored, they also knew how to behave, and performed up to expectations more often than not. Mark and Matthew knew that the school concert was not the place to be disruptive, at least not if they wanted to live to see the sun rise the next day. While their parents were tolerant of and tried to understand the independent streak of their sons, there were certain lines that were not to be crossed. The boys had learned that early in life.
But their parents had the insight to know that if every action of their sons was quashed and punished, they would be stuck with two very rebellious boys. They learned early on that they were blessed with two highly intelligent boys who needed room to grow and learn and become themselves—at least up to a point.
On the way home Mark and Matthew took the time to compliment their sisters on the program.
“It wasn’t bad,” Mark said, “I only had to yawn once.”
Matthew completed Mark’s thought. “But it was a quiet yawn.”
The fact that they were bored didn’t mean they didn’t appreciate the performance; it simply meant they wished they were someplace else. Michelle and Megan weren’t sure what to make of their brothers’ compliments. They were always looking for ulterior motives when Mark and Matthew were being nice to them.
That night the brothers cuddled up in Matthew’s bed. “If we tear the bed apart again, at least you’ll be the one who has to fix it this time,” Mark said.
They were naked, of course. They were slowly jerking themselves off as they chatted about the long day and other topics. Sex wasn’t always at the top of their list of things to do when they cuddled up in bed. That attitude would slowly change as their bodies changed, but on this night the sex was casual as their banter took precedence.
“There were some cute girls there,” Mark said.
“I don’t like girls,” Matthew said.
“That doesn’t stop them from being cute to look at.”
“True.” They rubbed themselves for a bit, and then Matthew continued. “Which were cuter, the ones in the chorus or the ones in the orchestra?”
“Both,” Mark said giggling.
“You mean it’s a tie.”
“Yeah. I wish we had girls at school. They should put both schools together. Then we could take girls down to the basement and kiss them and shit.”
“You’re crazy. Girls are lame.”
“Oh, I don’t want any for friends, I just want to look at them and kiss them. Besides, you didn’t think they were lame when we played with Cindy and Stacey.”
“That’s different. We were all naked and so they weren’t being lame. At least not as much.”
Mark shrugged. “Do you want to kiss them again?”
“So they can’t be lame if we kiss them.”
“Yeah, but now we have to kiss Patrick. That sounds kind of lame.”
“Why did you say a tie is like kissing the goalie?” Mark asked.
“So it’s all my fault again?”
“Not really. It sounded good when you said it. Now we just have to do it.”
“Just like we have to have our dicks out riding the bus,” Matthew said.
“So, let’s just give Patrick a light kiss on the lips. Nobody says it has to be a sexy kiss.”
“That works for me. So, we’re both going to kiss him?”
“I can’t let you do it alone.”
Matthew grinned. The bad feelings of the afternoon were now officially gone. “Thanks, bro.”
“What about our animals?” Mark asked. “We need those, too.”
“Hey, mom says we’re Thing 1 and Thing 2. Maybe we can just be things.”
“I’ve been thinking about it and I got an animal, so I won’t need to be a thing. I’d like to be a bobcat,” Mark said.
“How come a bobcat?”
“Well, it’s a cat, so it’s smart.” The Kirkwoods had a cat, McKenzie. The twins never tired of calling him the most intelligent cat in their house.
“And we’re smart,” Matthew said. “Plus, it’s a wild cat so I bet it’s strong.”
“And we’re strong. So that’s two reasons.” The two ten-year-olds kept playing with their little boners as they tried coming up with some other reasons to be a bobcat. “I know,” Mark continues, “it’s small. We’re not real big, so we’re small…”
“…and strong and smart.”
Matthew’s comment was followed by more silence broken only by the rustling of little hands on little cocks under the covers. While the boys’ attention went increasingly to their genitals, the wheels were still spinning.
“So, that gives us three reasons,” Mark said,” and they all start with an S.”
“That means your reason for being a bobcat is ‘S to the third.’”
“I like it. I like it a lot.”
“Want me to blow you?” Matthew asked his brother.
“Let’s just finish jerking ourselves off tonight.”
“Sounds good.” Matthew pulled the covers back, and even in the dark the boys would be able to watch each other at work.
Their minds were now completely on their groin area. They each had three fingers around their hairless, cut cocks as they increased the speed and the pressure. They’d done this enough times that they knew what to do and how to do it. The bed squeaked some, the mattress bounced a little, their breathing sped up, and small moans and peeps flowed from their mouths.
“I’m close,” Matthew said.
“Me, too.”
Mark came first. Matthew stopped for a moment to watch his brother’s body flop some as he raised his ass and let out a high-pitched, “Ohhhhhh, fuck,” as his cocklet quivered in his fingers from the intense dry cum. Matthew quickly resumed his own masturbation and two minutes later he had an orgasm of his own.
“Awesome,” Mark said.
“But nothing came out.”
“It will. From me first, I hope.” The twins had a bet on who would have a witnessed wet orgasm first. The loser would have to run down the gravel drive to the main road, cross the road, do a thirty-second dance, and run back—all in the nude.
“Are you going to sleep here tonight?” Matthew asked.
“Yeah.” Matthew pulled his covers over their nude bodies. They squeezed together, savoring the feel of the familiar body. “Swift,” Matthew said suddenly.
“Bobcats are swift.”
“That makes it ‘S to the fourth’”.
“Now I need a name,” Matthew said.
“You got one if you want it. You can be Bobcat 2.”
Even in the dark, Mark could see his twin’s smile. Matthew scooted up against Mark and kissed him on the lips. It was a kiss of love and innocence. Then Mark pushed his tongue into Matthew’s mouth. Matthew let his tongue play with it, and then pushed it back until his tongue was now in his brother’s mouth.
“Kissing your brother is pretty good,” Mark said a minute or so later as they broke the kiss, gasping for air.
“Only if you’re twins, I think.”
“But you don’t know.”
“I know we just kissed for the thousandth time. I know we gotta kiss Patrick on Monday. I know we had a tie game, which some people say is like kissing your sister, so…,”
“…so, we have to kiss our sisters again just to be sure.”
“Yeah, like this week,” Matthew said.
“Yeah, to find out which is best.”
“Or worst.”
“And we gotta take our dicks out of our pants on the bus.”
“Not if Jeremiah and Tony are there.”
“Not them,” Mark said sleepily.
The boys cuddled up tighter. Mark wondered why they didn’t use a fifth ‘S’, sexy, and then quickly crashed into a deep sleep.
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