Piano Forte

Chapter 25-Boyfriends



When Austin woke up, he was spooning William’s ass with his morning wood. At first he felt horrified, and then concluded that since he and William were becoming very intimate it shouldn’t bother him. Austin knew it wouldn’t bother William.
Austin was about to get up to pee when William pushed his ass against his cock and wiggled it. “Hey, be careful,” Austin admonished his roommate, “or you’ll get me all horny.”
“You mean you’re not horny already?” William chuckled.
“All I know is I gotta pee bad. I can go to the bathroom to do it or I can do it right now in bed.”
“Wow, you’re really getting a filthy mind.”
“I got it from teenagers like you and my brother.” Austin rose from the bed and padded out to the bathroom.
William followed him, ready to take the second piss. Instead, Austin left the stall door open and left room next to himself for his roommate. William didn’t hesitate to stand next to the younger boy and they both let go as they stood side-by-side.
“We could have done this in the shower,” William said.
“Which would be totally gross,” Austin responded as he shook the drops off his dick.
As the two left the stall, Carlos came out of Gary’s room, sporting morning wood of his own. It was the first time William had seen Carlos naked. “Damn, are you sure you’re only twelve?” he asked. With a cock pushing five inches and a thick bush of dark pubic hair, Carlos was more mature sexually than William.
“I am. Oh, and just so you know, I shoot a lot of cum, too. And what about you two? You mean you can’t piss without holding each other’s cocks?”
“We both had to piss bad and nobody wanted to wait,” Austin told him.
“Well, I don’t want to wait, so I’m heading for that toilet.”
When Austin and William heard Carlos’s stream hit the toilet they were impressed. “He got all that out with a hardon,” William whispered.
Gary came out of his room and said good morning to his two naked suitemates. Carlos came out of the toilet stall and the four boys stared at the shower. “Okay, who’s going first?” Gary asked.
“You mean which pair is going first, right?” William responded.
“What about all four of us?” Carlos asked.
“Not enough room for four to wash and everything,” Austin replied.
“Who said anything about washing? Well, after we get our spooge all over each other, then maybe we’ll need to wash.”
“I don’t mean to be a pussy, but I’m more hungry than horny.”
“In that case, Austin and I will go first,” William informed everyone.
Nobody objected, so the two went into their room, grabbed towels, and proceeded to shower. Their shower was a quick one. The roommates eagerly washed each other, but other than the cleansing of each other’s genitals and butt cracks, the shower wasn’t remotely sexual. The same couldn’t be said for Gary and Carlos.
James sat next to John sipping one of his energy drinks. “Fuck, you’re right dude, this is potent shit. It wakes a guy right up.”
“Try having some before sex. Woo Hoo,” John giggled.
“I sure didn’t need any before sex last night.”
“Are you sure you don’t have time for a little bit more?”
“That text from my mom says I better be ready to go in an hour. With the way she tells time that means more like two hours, but who’s keeping track? Hell, it will take her that long to say goodbye to Austin, who isn’t always Mr. Punctual.”
“Too bad,” John lamented. “You’ve got a great ass.”
“You’re not bad yourself. We gotta figure out a way to visit each other before the summer’s out. I really like you.”
“You live in Bellingham and I live in Eugene, which are like 400 miles apart and neither one of us is old enough to drive.”
“There’s a train connecting the two cities and we’re old enough to ride by ourselves,” James pointed out. “I’ll start working on my mom and as soon as you get home you gotta work on your parents.”
“I will. And I didn’t mention one more thing you’re really good at,” John grinned.
“This.” John inched closer to James and planted a long, wet, and soon very deep kiss on his new friend’s lips. That led to the two dropping down on the bed, with John on top and humping James’s belly and hard cock as the two kissed wildly. James grabbed John’s ass and both went at it until they spilled their teen seed on each other.
“Wow,” John gasped after they finished. “That was amazing.”
“Yep, it sure was. But I think I’m going to be late meeting my mom,” James grinned.
The youngest two boys in the group were all business upon awakening. They showered, dressed, and headed to breakfast. Ned was supposed to go with his sister, Shannon, to the church service in the old auditorium. While he planned on going, he was NOT going with Shannon, although he would make sure she saw him there so she wouldn’t rat him out to their mother. Titus was going with him, which would make both happy.
William enjoyed breakfast with Austin, John, and James. Gary and Carlos were eating at a different table and were obviously enjoying each other’s company. John’s practiced eye told him that the two were heavily flirting. He wondered if something serious was brewing between the two of them or if their flirting was because the effects of their night together still hadn’t worn off. A couple of times the looks on their faces said they were ready to lean into each other and seriously kiss right there in the dining hall.
“Mom is mad because we’re late,” Austin told James.
“She’ll live. She could have asked to have breakfast with us, she didn’t, and she knows what weekends do to our sleeping habits in the morning.”
“Yeah, especially when you spend the night with a gay dude.”
“I bet you did more than sleep last night. I mean even a straight guy like me can see that your roomie is one sexy stud.”
“Who’s a sexy stud?” William asked. He had been busy talking to John and only caught the last few words.
“Um…somebody we know,” Austin muttered.
William assumed they had been talking about John, but that idea was nullified in a hurry when James grinned and said, “Yep, we were talking about you.”
“Me? You think I’m a sexy stud? I thought you were straight.”
“Liking girls doesn’t stop me from appreciating the sexy studs in the world,” he nodded to John, “or messing around with them.” 
“Is that an invitation?” William asked.
“Why not? You could run a comparison test between me and my little brother.”
William put his arm around Austin’s slender shoulder. “I think my sexy little roomie will win that because he’s pretty special.”
“Tell me again why you guys started out hating each other,” James chuckled.
“Who gives a shit.” Unlike Gary and Carlos, William followed through on what his hormones were telling him to do by leaning into Austin and giving him a kiss with a bit of tongue. Austin felt so warm and tingly he thought he was going to melt.
After breaking the kiss, William squeezed Austin even tighter and turned to James, “I want you to hear it direct from me,” William said to James, “I love your little bro.” William couldn’t believe he had just heard himself say that. It was tough enough expressing that sentiment to the boy he professed to love, and here he was saying it to the boy’s older brother, not to mention John, a boy he had been enjoying sexual relations with.
But that wasn’t the biggest surprise of the morning; that came from Austin. The little redhead, who was squeezed tight against his roommate’s body somehow managed to squeeze even tighter. “And I love you too William,” he said in a quiet, yet firm voice. William’s public confession had given him the courage to say what was in his heart and make a confession of his own. He had just enough freedom of movement to raise himself a notch and give William a kiss on his right cheek.
William could see tears building in Austin’s eyes at the same time he felt a tear dribble down his cheek. “Does this mean we’re more than roommates?” he asked tentatively.
“I think it means we’re boyfriends,” Austin responded. This time he was the one who couldn’t believe what he had just said, even though he knew it was true. 
John and James couldn’t believe what they were hearing. As well as John thought he knew William, he hadn’t seen this coming. James was shocked by his shy little brother’s behavior. Little redheaded Austin, twelve years old and just beginning to learn about himself, had just confessed to being in love with a fourteen-year-old who some saw as a rising keyboard star. Even though he had just witnessed the two confessions, it just didn’t seem true to him. And yet, it was.
William noticed the time and let go of Austin. “Damn, I’ve got a session with Cole. I’ve gotta go.” He was referring to Cole Davis, the Washington State University student who was his guitar tutor. He gave Austin a quick kiss on the lips and stood up. “I love you, Red.”
“I love you, too,” Austin replied with more force and confidence than the first time he had said it. He watched William rise and leave the dining hall.
“Are you really serious about this love stuff?” James asked his brother.
“I think so.”
“What do you mean you think so? You mean you said all that about loving him and you don’t even know if you do?” James was obviously annoyed by his little brother.
“I don’t know what loving somebody is supposed to feel like,” Austin replied defensively. “I’m only twelve, you know.”
“Well what do you feel like?”
“I feel so special when he’s around. When he put his arm around me and kissed me just now, I felt so warm it was like I was melting. When I see him, I want to touch him and I want him to touch me. When he says he loves me, I want to play the piano right at that moment just for him.”
“It’s probably just sexual feelings. Your hormones are starting to do their thing in your body.”
“No, it’s different than what I feel with you or with Oliver, or even with the Master Quartet guys, even Ned who is a really special friend. I feel the sex stuff and I’m feeling more. I never told this to him yet, but I think about him even when he’s not around. Next time I see him I want him, to squeeze me like he just did this morning. It’s just different.”
James knew that he didn’t have time to talk sense into his brother. His phone was once again jingling with the arrival of a text from his mother. All he could do is hope that his brother isn’t hurt during the last two weeks of camp. He wished he had an opportunity to tell William his feelings, but that chance was gone. John had listened to the entire exchange with deep interest, not knowing what to think about the entire affair.
“I hope this works for you,” James told Austin as they rose from the table. “Let’s go meet mom.” As John watched the brothers leave, he couldn’t help but wonder if William’s feelings for Austin would lead him into a pool of deep shit.
After leaving the dining hall, William headed back to his room to grab his guitar and his sheet music. When he entered the dormitory courtyard, he saw his grandfather entering from the campus entrance carrying a guitar case.
William ran to his grandfather and gave him half a hug. The presence of the guitar prevented him from giving the old man a full hug.
“Gramps, thanks for bringing my guitar!” William gushed.
“I told you I would, but it wasn’t easy,” Eugene Delacroix smiled. “Your father was doing a good job of being your father.”
“But my grandpa did an even better job of being my grandpa.”
“Oh, I don’t know about that, but your father is a good man, and with some proper persuasion he saw the light and handed over the instrument. It helped that he had to get to the airport to catch a plane and little time to argue. That, and the fact that he loves you very much, broke down his defenses.”
“Dad loves me?”
Eugene gave William his best glare. “Did you ever doubt that?”
“Well, he never listens to me and always wants me to do things his way and…”
“He is a driven man and isn’t always sure how to show his love, but he truly wants what’s best for you.”
“He wants what HE thinks is best for me.”
“Did he get talked into letting you come to camp here instead of California or out east somewhere?”
“Yeah, but…”
“No buts. Yes or no?”
One thing William understood was that when pushed his grandfather was much tougher to argue with than his father. “Yes,” he finally conceded. He also knew when it was in his best interests to change the subject. “Thanks for bringing it, Gramps. You’re the best.”
“Sorry I couldn’t get it to you earlier, but I wanted to be sure you were able to practice on it before your recital tomorrow.”
“You did great, Gramps. Now, I gotta get my music and go meet with Cole for some last-minute tutoring. You’re going to be there tomorrow, right?”
“I wouldn’t miss it, son, I wouldn’t miss it.”
They entered the elevator and went up to the fourth floor of the dorm. When they entered William’s room, William realized he needed to make a confession to his Grandfather. “Gramps, I need to tell you something,” he said as he looked down at Austin’s bed.
Eugene could sense the tension in his grandson’s voice. “Talk away.”
Instead of a comment, William opened with a question. “How do you know if you’re in love?”
“Wow, that is not what I expected,” Gene grinned. “I was expecting something about music. So, you think you’ve fallen in love with somebody?”
“I think so, but I don’t know how it’s supposed to feel.”
“Welcome to the world of love. For me with your grandma, it was simply I couldn’t get my mind off her and when I saw her my whole being seemed to warm up. Is what you feel something like that?” Eugene Delacroix was a widower, but still very much in love with his late wife.
William nodded.
“Who’s the lucky girl?”
William said nothing as he took his sheet music out of the guitar case of the school guitar that had been loaned to him. This was the moment of truth. He turned to his grandfather and took a deep breath. “It’s not a she, it’s a he.”
Gene raised his eyebrows and fought a grin. “It’s like that is it?”
“Are you mad at me?” William asked in a shaky voice.
Gene stepped over to his grandson and wrapped his arms around the frightened boy. “I love you, Willie. I love you more than I can say. It’s a different kind of love than what I have for your grandmother, but it’s just as strong. No, I’m not mad at you. I’m right here to support you in any way I can.” Gene was the only person on the planet who could call William, Willie.
“If I tell Dad, will he get mad?”
“I think it will all be okay. Let’s make that a subject for a later time when we can sit and talk.” William nodded. His grandfather had responded the way William expected him to, making him wonder what he had been afraid of. “I rephrase my question; who is the lucky boy?”
William pointed to Austin’s bed.
“Young Austin? Oh my. I would not have expected him.”
“He’s not so young, he just looks a lot younger,” William said defensively. “We’re exactly two years different.”
“Exactly. May 11 is OUR birthday. And gramps, I feel just the way you described—all warm when I see him, and I shiver when I talk to him and touching him is like heaven.”
“How does he feel about you? Two years doesn’t sound like much when you’re my age, but it’s a lifetime at your age.”
“He told me he loves me and wants to be my boyfriend.”
Now it was Eugene’s turn to be quiet. There was a lot at work here and the last thing he wanted to do was make his grandson feel bad for being in love with another boy. He wondered if William was gay or if this was a young teen’s infatuation, something he would grow out of. He looked at Austin’s well-made bed and wondered where the boy had slept last night. Even though it should be none of his business, he was worried about the sweet, talented little redhead being hurt.
“Promise me one thing, Willie.”
“Promise what?”
“Promise that you won’t hurt that boy. You may not mean to, but just because you’re older it could happen even if you don’t intend to. Promise you’ll be kind to him and quick to apologize if you slip up.”
“I love him gramps. I know I did hurt him on purpose when we met. I was an asshole to him. But somehow, he got to me. Somehow, he made me feel stuff I’ve never ever felt before. I know I could hurt him by accident and if I do, I promise a million times over that I will apologize to him.”
“I trust you.”
“And if you want to know if I’m gay, I don’t fucking know.” William froze for a moment. “Oops, sorry Gramps. Anyway, I’ve always gone after girls, well, almost always, but nothing has made me feel like Austin does.”
“Don’t you have a practice session coming up?”
“Yeah, and I’m gonna be late. But this is important.”
Gene nodded. “So is your music. Look, you can call me any time to talk, you know that. I am here to help you through this. I know your first love can be pretty confusing, so ask me whatever you need to, anytime. Or, just talk your feelings out. Now, let’s go before you’re dreadfully late.”
William texted Cole that he was on his way and he and his grandfather left the room. Grandfather and grandson walked side-by-side until they reached the turnout for the parking lot. Eugene gave his grandson a quick hug. It still amazed him that the boy was now as tall as he was; it was like that had happened within the space of a few days.
“Gramps?” William called out as his Grandfather walked away. Eugene stopped, turned, and smiled. “Do you want to join me and Austin and maybe a few friends for dinner tomorrow?”
“Are you sure you want me in the middle of your pre-recital meal?”
“Totally and absolutely positive. Be at my room by five.”
“I will be there.”
When William reached the central entrance, one of the three doors opened. James and his mother stepped out.
“Hi Mrs. Richards, hi James,” William said quickly.
“Well, hello, William,” Mrs. Richards responded politely.
“Hey,” James grunted without enthusiasm.
“Where’s Austin?” William asked.
“We dropped him off at a practice room,” Austin’s mother beamed proudly. “He is working so hard, don’t you think?”
“Yes he is, plus he’s a really good pianist.”
“But not as good as you are right?” James asked with disdain.
“No, he’s not. He’s better than me.”
“But haven’t you played with a couple of symphonies?” Mrs. Richards asked.
“I have. I can do things he can’t because I’m older, my hands are bigger, and I come from a family of pianists. But, he’s better and is going to play circles around me.” William directed his next comment to James. “And that is not easy for me to say.”
“Mom, can I talk to William in private for a minute?” James asked.
“Okay, but make it quick.”
James glared at William and said, “You’d better not hurt my little brother. He’s a sweet, innocent kid who would never hurt or do anything bad to anybody.”
“Look, I know I was a mean asshole to him when we met, but you know what?”
“He wouldn’t put out for you, so you decided to be nice to him?”
William wanted badly to punch Austin’s big brother right in his big fat mouth, but was afraid he’d only end up hurting his hand. “No, your sweet, innocent little brother, is one tough little dude. He would not put up with my bullshit. He could feed it right back to me. And I started to respect him for that.”
“He’s like that with me sometimes, too,” James mused. “And now you not only respect but you love him. How did that happen?”
“Fuck if I know, James. It just happened.”
“And you’ve had sex together, right?”
“We’ve messed around.”
“Even though you’re two years older than him?”
“And you’re fifteen and you mess around with him.”
“But he’s my brother,” James said, as if it that made all the difference.
“Are you jealous of me James?”
That question stunned the older boy. Was that what this anger in him was about? Was he jealous of William having sex with Austin? I didn’t feel that way about Oliver, he thought, so why should I be jealous of William? Maybe it’s because he’s almost my age, James thought. “I…I…I…, you might be kind of right.”
“James, hurry up!” came his mother’s voice.
“Have you two fucked?” James asked tentatively.
William wanted to tell James it was none of his fucking business. Instead he answered the question, mostly because he realized that having Austin’s brother on his side was important. “Nope, and we haven’t even talked about it.”
“Do you think you might do it?”
“If we do, it will be up to him. I can promise you this, I’m not going to bring it up. I’m leaving that up to him, but if he asks…I don’t know, it depends on if I think he’s ready. I really don’t know, James.” 
“I think I better get going. Look, I wanted to be his first and maybe that’s why you pissed me off so much. But, you’re right it’s totally up to him. He may never want to do it. Just promise me you’ll tell me if you take his cherry. See ya and be good to my little bro.” James took off ready to get a minor butt chewing from his mom. He’d had plenty of them and knew how to handle it.
 William thought about that chat on the way to practice. He wasn’t sure what to make of James, which in a lot of ways was how he felt about Austin. The big thing he knew about Austin was that he loved him.
William reached Practice Room A, where Cole was waiting for him. He apologized for being late and they got ready to work. The practice room was one of the smaller rooms that didn’t have a piano. He showed Cole his guitar and grinned as his mentor all but drooled over the beautiful instrument.
“This is the one I’ll play tomorrow night. I’ll get yours back as soon as I can.” William sat on one of the chairs and tuned his guitar. And then, for the first time, he played “Danny Boy” on his own instrument.
The first thing Austin did after James and his mom dropped him off was strip naked. He then sat at the piano and performed his warmup exercises. His mind wandered some as he thought about what had been bugging James. He was certain his problem was William and wondered if maybe James was jealous over William being his boyfriend. Maybe James was worried about William taking his virginity first.
Austin decided not to worry about it. He knew James wanted to take it and William probably did too. He was determined not to give it up easily, if at all. Everybody in the Master Quartet was a virgin, and as far as he was concerned, one of them might be the one to take his. He was going to have to ask William if he could mess around with his friends in the MQ even though he and William were now boyfriends.
“Damn, I gotta get my mind on my work,” Austin thought out loud. The only way he knew how to do that was to run through his warmups again and put all his thoughts into his fingers and to the keyboard. His ear would tell him when he was ready. Mr. Fielding had told him that his music should come from his ear, not from his fingers. His ear would tell him if his fingers were hitting the right notes and more importantly, were giving him the right sounds.
He opened his score to the Granados “Oriental” and went to work. He would be performing it on Tuesday. His mom and James would not be there, but his mom had prepurchased the video. He spent most of his time on Granados and saved the third movement to Beethoven’s “Moonlight” for his last twenty minutes.
The two works were so different that he was going to concentrate just on the Granados on Monday. Ms Zimmer would be sitting in with him, which meant he wouldn’t be practicing in the nude. But, having a teacher like her helping him was one of the big reasons for going to the music camp.
Just before his time was up, he finished playing and dressed. He saw that Cindy Becker had reserved the room next and wondered what she would have said if he had stayed naked and told her he was William’s boyfriend. He left the practice room giggling, which netted him a dirty look from the girl who had worked to make William’s life miserable.
Titus and Gary couldn’t rehearse naked because Dr. Boardman said he would check in on them sometime during their session. They would be playing their Dvorak that evening and were both nervous.
“I’d rather be playing your skin flute than my violin right now,” Gary told Titus about fifteen minutes into their playing.
“You wish,” Titus smirked. “You can play it before bed if you want.”
“Before bed? Like in my room?”
“You’re the one without a roommate.”
“I’m supposed to be the sex fiend in the Master Quartet,” Gary pointed out.
“Well, you started the sex talk.”
The conversation was ended by a knock on the door. Mr. Boardman had arrived to offer last minute suggestions.
Austin sat to the right of William in the auditorium. Ned joined them, sitting on the right of Austin. “I hope Titus and Gary play really good,” Ned said to Austin.
“They will,” Austin assured him. “We’re the Master Quartet and we also work hard and play good.” William all but rolled his eyes listening to Austin. He wondered if his new boyfriend knew how sexy he had just sounded.
Titus and Gary had drawn the third spot. They played their Dvorak very well but showed their youth. Like all the young performers they hit some wrong notes. Hitting wrong notes wasn’t the issue in any of the recitals. Very few performances were perfect, although some came close.  Not making smooth recoveries is what cost performers the most points from the faculty judges and with the voters in the audience as well.
The two friends did not make it to the finals, but that didn’t stop Austin, Ned, William, and John from telling them how great they played. William consoled them. “The competition was tough,” which was true.
William was careful not to be critical. He knew the teachers and counselors would critique their performance the next day, as they did with everybody. Even his guitar performance would be critiqued, even though it wasn’t part of the competition. Anyone who played their “expanding horizons” instrument in a regular recital would not be in the competition that day.
Austin was not surprised to see Titus in his suite, wearing his birthday suit. Gary’s room was going to be the scene of a lot of Master Quartet sex the last two weeks of camp. Austin was pleased that even though Gary and Titus hadn’t placed, they were still going to mess around in Gary’s bed.
After he and William finished getting ready for bed, Austin automatically crawled under the covers in William’s bed. He looked up at the teen and smiled.
“You might not need to change your sheets the rest of camp,” William grinned as he snuggled next to the redhead.
“I hope not.” He kissed William on the lips and after they ended the long kiss Austin told William he had a question.
“Fire away.”
“I’ve never been boyfriends with anybody,” Austin began. “Tonight, Titus is sleeping with Gary. Does me being your boyfriend mean I can’t mess around with the Master Quartet the rest of camp?” 
“What it means is you and I love each other and are boyfriends. But this is camp. We’re supposed to have lots of fun when we aren’t working on our music. Sex is fun. Have fun with your Quartet friends, but understand two things.”
“First, if you’re in bed with Ned, I might be in bed with John. Second, you and I have only two weeks together, so let’s get in as much time together as we can.
“I understand,” Austin nodded. “What are we going to do tonight?”
“Well, you did a pretty good job of sucking me off last night. I would like to return the favor tonight and suck your beauty.”
“How are you going to get off?”
“You’ve got hands, a mouth, and a beautiful smooth body. I think we’ll find a way to get me to shoot.”
“Maybe all three at once.”
William’s mouth brought Austin off to a bed shaking orgasm, after which the two lay facing each other as William took advantage of the smooth body. Austin didn’t mind at all having to head to the bathroom when William was finished to wipe the mess off his chest and belly.
“I love you, William,” Austin said as he returned to the bed.
“I love you, Austin, my sweet redhead love.”
Austin slept with William’s right arm wrapped around him. He thought about how when he slept with James, his brother made him feel loved and safe. It was different with William. Yes, his new boyfriend made him feel loved and safe, but he also made him feel an intense warmness in every part of his body. He was so happy he had told William he loved him this morning, which seemed to open new doors. He was even happier that they had become boyfriends.
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