Picture Perfect

Chapter Four

The rest of the visit by Sam and Joe went well, but the underlying truth was that this was probably the last time we would see them, and it was gut-wrenching for Jeff and me. We tried to put on a brave face for the sake of the boys, but it was difficult. Another envelope was handed over to us by them when Jeff and I dropped them back at the train station on Monday evening. They asked that it not be opened until after their deaths, whether they died days or weeks apart, or hours, this envelope was regarding their last wishes and with the exception of their doctors' phone numbers, we were their emergency contacts and they asked that when contacted, that was when we were to open that envelope.

After our tearful goodbyes, Jeff and I drove home to Granby and the envelope went in the top drawer of the desk in our study. On Tuesday our family had classes resuming for the final push before our holiday season started at the end of the next month, starting with Thanksgiving. Jeff and I also had our finals coming up to complete our accelerated program for our Master's Degrees. By the week before Thanksgiving, we were notified we had successfully completed all the requirements for this and we would be awarded our new degrees at a small ceremony on the 15th of December when midterm graduations occurred.

Our high school students were progressing nicely in their studies and so far no one student was floundering or showing any signs of being unable to cope with the work we were asking them to accomplish in our classes. That didn't mean that there wasn't a need for the peer tutoring program the school already had in place and Jeff and I were asked to host this program for the second half of the year, after the holiday break ended after the first week of January. We accepted the challenge and started doing our research into the program right after Thanksgiving, to assure we would be following the guidelines already in place for the program. The Friday after Thanksgiving, we received a call that devastated us, Sam and Joe had been found dead in their house by a neighbor who had stopped by to chat about the dinner they had all shared the day before.

The envelope in our desk was opened and we were asked to contact the doctor that was listed in the letter and so we called his office and the man was upset, but told us he would take care of everything we had stated was in the letter, he told us he also had a letter from Sam and Joe and he figured that after being together for so long that one couldn't live without the other and that was why they were both found that morning. They were to be cremated and their ashes mixed and scattered off the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, where they had met 60 years ago. They hadn't wanted any wake or funeral mass, no celebration of life, except what happened behind our own closed door. We told the doctor that we would take care of their urns before we had a chance to scatter their ashes the following weekend, he suggested that he take care of them until we could pick them up from his office the following Saturday and we agreed to that.

Jeff and I traveled to Brooklyn the following Friday night and we took the boys with us. We ended up staying at Sam and Joe's house and we took care to follow their wishes about their ashes on Saturday morning, leaving Billy to watch over Bobby while we did that. When we returned to the house the boys were watching TV and Jeff and I walked through the house to see if there were any pieces we wanted to keep. As Jeff was looking at a desk lamp we noticed a Post-it on the bottom that had our names on it. Looking at other pieces around the house there were Post-its on just about every piece or in drawers, designating who each piece was earmarked for by Sam and Joe. Most items were for neighbors, so we set about distributing these items and the furniture, paintings, lamps and rugs earmarked for us we either loaded into our car or set apart in a cleared-out room for the movers to deal with during the week. There were several boxes of porn that we decided to donate, but not before going through the boxes to make sure no other copies of our movie were in there, and to pick out a few we thought might make good viewing for us. There were several that had no professional covers, so those we took to view later, assuming that over the years they might have befriended other couples the way they had with us, giving us tons of money to make a one-time video for them.

We drove home that Sunday evening. That week at school a local photographer was taking all the team pictures, class groups by homerooms for the underclasses, and the individual senior portraits, all for the yearbook. This was a new photographer the school had hired, as the former one used for many years had gone out of business. When we heard about the photo sessions I asked Jeff if maybe we should have some professional family pictures taken. I mean we always had our cell phone pictures and we had printed several out of the four of us and guests and had them scattered about the house, but now that Billy and Bobby were getting older I thought now would be a good time, before they got any older. Jeff thought it would be a good idea also, so one of the five days the photographer and his assistants were to be there we signed up with a bunch of other teachers for family portraits to be taken.

It had been about 4 or 5 years since our fashion modeling days and when the four of us showed up for the last appointment for the day the photographer just about had a heart attack. He said he recognized Jeff and me and our photos had been used in a class he had taken, not just because of us, but the photographer's style was a subject of the class and our photos had caught the student's attention. He was now out on his own and never in a million years thought he'd ever run into us, and as teachers in the high school and for family pictures to be taken, no less. I must say he was very conscious about the lighting and setups, and the proofs sure showed he had paid attention in his classes, there wasn't one set that didn't appeal to all of us and so we made a big purchase of some of them done as final prints and mounted and he offered to deliver them to us over the weekend.

His name was Todd and he was about 25 at that time, not that much younger than Jeff and me. He was a fit young man and he had a certain air about him, I couldn't quite put my finger on it and Jeff and I talked about it. Jeff felt he had the air of a man who was a survivor, a man who had had a really rough time of it at some point, and he had overcome that and had survived. He said he had seen an exhibit online of portraits of wounded warriors and that Todd had that same "I'm a survivor" look to him, which only added to his aura of success and competence.

I have to admit that we had missed our little bits of exhibition when Sam and Joe had passed, those were fond memories for both of us. It certainly didn't interfere with our lovemaking, in fact, there was hardly a night we didn't go down to the basement gym and get all worked up, in more ways than one, and continue our "work out" in either the shower or the bed.

Todd arrived about two PM on Saturday that week of April, a nice 65-degree day and we welcomed him in and he proudly showed us all the family pictures he had taken and processed. Billy had wanted to go swimming, as we did a lot under the protective cover of the pool and it was a toasty 78 degrees in there. It was he that asked Todd if he wanted to swim with us and Todd replied he didn't have a swimsuit with him. Billy told him that he might have one that would fit, but I asked Todd if he really wanted to join us in the pool and if he did we had several kinds of suits he could borrow.

He pulled up his jeans pant leg on the left leg and showed us his prosthetic leg and asked if we really wanted him with us. Billy was the first to react and said "Sure we do, or we wouldn't have asked, by the way, do you wear that when you swim? I would think you'd have some sort of fin to attach so you wouldn't risk messing up your high-tech leg in the chlorinated water?" Todd assured him he kept his fin foot in his car, as he often drove into Springfield and swam after his workouts at the "Y" there. I told him to go fetch it and then asked his waist size and since he was just shy of Jeff's we assured him we had a suit or two he could wear.

Billy went with him out to his car, and we saw the two of them in a conversation that appeared intense, but very friendly. Jeff scooted upstairs to grab a few suits for Todd to choose from, and returned with about five.

When Todd and Billy returned Todd showed Bobby and us the fin foot. It fitted on his leg just below the knee and it allowed him to walk on the prosthetic foot which ended in not toes, but a fin. The foot articulated at the ankle, so he could straighten the finned foot in the water. Bobby wanted to see it attached to his leg, but Todd ruffled his head and told him that he could see that after he had changed into a swimsuit. He used the roomy downstairs bath under the wide staircase and came out dressed only in the swimsuit and a white T shirt.

What Jeff and I saw was one hot guy, with possibly one of the biggest dicks we had ever seen packed into a swimsuit. He had some of the most amazing thighs and a bubble ass that was just made for the short tight tank suit he had chosen to wear.

While he had been changing, the rest of us had put on our swimsuits and were waiting at the kitchen door for him and when he walked out he had the fin foot already attached to his leg and we all walked the 30 or so feet to the pool enclosure where Jeff unlocked the door and we entered the nice warm space around the pool. We placed the load of towels on a bench in there and proclaimed the pool open.

Todd seemed at home in the water and he explained that he had always liked to swim and had been on his high school's swim team and he had lost his left foot above the ankle during a mission in Afghanistan when he was in the Army. He was just out of boot camp and had been 19 ½ at the time, having enlisted when he had graduated from high school. He was honorably discharged a while after the accident, but the army had paid for all his medical needs before that and while in rehab a civilian group had counseled him and had gotten him enrolled in college which the G.I. Bill had paid for. He said his prosthesis were all covered by grants from the civilian group and were a much better fit than the ones supplied by the military.

We had a great time in the pool and Todd swam several laps against Billy and Bobby and won every one of them. He was a really fit young man and he was obviously fascinated by our bodies, telling Jeff and me that he had several magazines our ads had appeared in, and several catalogs our swimwear shots had appeared in. He shyly admitted that he had jerked off to those shots "millions" of times, and he said he found us even more attractive now that we were even more built and right here in front of him in the flesh. Jeff and I looked at each other and we decided that we could possibly do something special for Todd, but we had the boys to consider as well.

Todd agreed to stay for dinner with us and after dinner we all watched a movie with the boys, a "Mission Impossible" flick and after the boys had gone to bed, Jeff and I showed him the basement workout area and he went nuts when we handed him a small hand towel and told him to make himself comfortable on one of the chairs near the weight bench and Jeff and I stripped off and began our workout. As we lifted and stretched we worked up a good sweat and began to do more than spot for each other. It was quite evident that we were getting aroused and every opportunity we had to touch and caress each other we took, until instead of working out with weights we were working on our hard nipples and dicks, massaging, licking and swallowing. Until we lost all track of Todd, sitting with his pants open, jerking on his big 10 incher with some lube and tweaking his big nipples. We were as turned on as he was by watching us and knowing that the young stud was getting off watching us was a huge turn on for us. As we shared a hot 69 on the weight bench, Jeff indicated he was about to shoot and that brought me to the brink myself and as we shot into our mouths, Todd's moans filled our ears as he unloaded a huge amount of sperm on his washboard abs. Spent and panting we moved to each side of him, letting him see we were still dripping and he reached up with the cum rag and wiped off the tips of our dicks and asked if he could keep the rag as a souvenir.

We gave him the rag and we all cleaned up in the big bathroom down there and then returned to the kitchen for a glass of wine. While sitting in the family room we talked about what we all had just done, and Jeff and I admitted we had had a couple of much older friends that we had performed for in the past, and that we kind of got a kick from it. Todd admitted he had never had actual sex with anyone, but he had visited many bathhouses and sex clubs before moving here after graduating and using a portion of an inheritance from his late parents to open his photography business. He considered himself to be unappealing because of his injury, and uncomfortable meeting people for a sexual romp, but we knew different. He told us he was living in a crummy flat over in Holyoke, a former industrial city on the other side of the river about 20 miles away.

He left, thanking us for making one of his fantasies come alive for him, and we thanked him for being our audience. Jeff and I discussed all this as we cleaned up and got ready for bed. The fact that Todd was very attractive to us was more to do with his overall appearance and attitude. He represented something we both admired, and we agreed that if the opportunity arose again we would "perform" for him again.

The next day was a Sunday and we went for a family stroll around the grounds, now that there was no more threat of snow we wanted to see if there was any damage to the pond or the cabin from the winter storms we had experienced. We of course had occasions to be out there before, but today would be the first time it was warm enough to do a more than cursory examination. We explored the cabin and we were surprised that it had survived the winter unscathed. We were walking around, looking in both bedrooms and the large living room/kitchen areas and Billy said that the lighting in the cottage was really good and Jeff wondered aloud where we could find a compatible tenant for it. We both looked at each other and said "Todd" at the same time. We continued our way around the outlying buildings and realized that with what we had stored in the big barn we could just about furnish the cottage, and complete furnishing the rec room area down in the basement.

Upon our return to the house the boys went off to play in their rooms and I went to the study up there and called Todd, using his private number he had given us. I asked if he would like to join us for dinner again and he asked if everything else would be repeated, too and I chuckled and told him that Jeff had said only if he were a good boy. He laughed and asked what time we wanted him to come over and I told him there was no time like the present so why didn't he start over now, we had something else to show him before the sun went down. He said he'd start over now, and did we need him to stop and pick up anything. I told him we were all set, and we'd see him in just a few minutes. I returned downstairs and told Jeff our plan was in motion and Todd would be over shortly. He kissed me and said that Todd could be good for us, and we, in turn, would be good for him.

When Todd saw the pond, he was delighted. It seems he was raised in an area of New Hampshire famous for its lakes and he said that this was a perfect miniature of one he had grown up near, but the pond wasn't the only thing we wanted to show him. It was a Sunday night and the boys were at the riding center to watch a visiting group of riders who would be holding an hour or two of coaching for the students Terry had picked, and Billy and Bobby both had been invited to participate and she said that a ride home about 9 PM would be provided. It was only 5 PM now, about the time the boys would be enjoying a cookout with their friends at the riding center.

We led Todd to the cabin and he followed eagerly. He looked around the whole interior and asked how much we were going to rent it for. On our walk back to the main house we showed him the items we had accumulated in the barn from our inherited properties and told him there was enough furniture and accessories to furnish the cottage and we wanted to ask him if he would be interested in maybe living in the cottage, rent-free, in exchange for helping us just as he had done just yesterday down in our gym, maybe two or three times a week. He said he would love to, we didn't have to give him a place to live for that, he said he had never felt so sexually charged as he had watching us the other day, and would have driven here every day if we wanted him to.

We then went to the basement of the big house and Todd again took his chair as I poured us each a glass of wine as Jeff went and got a few new things for us to use this evening. One of the items we had moved here from Sam and Joe's was a big massage table and tonight we were going to break it in. Joe had collected a terry cloth sheet for it and some lube. As Todd sat we set up the table in the gym area and Jeff got the cover on it and I warmed up the massage oil and the lube. Todd sat and was groping himself, eagerly anticipating another round of sexual voyeurism.

Once everything was ready Jeff and I stripped off again and began to make out, kissing and fondling each other before Jeff was laid out on the massage table on his front, Once there, I proceeded to give him an all over massage, even thrusting my hard dick up into his mouth through the rounded head holder as he had his face down in the open ring while I massaged his shoulders. Todd was quite able to see this, and he started to disrobe as this was going on. I moved down Jeff's body, massaging and kneading his well-built body as I did, occasionally dripping warm oil on myself as well as him as I went. When I got to his glutes though I used my own personal lubricant in the valley between his impressive ass and proceeded to eat him out, thrusting as much spit up there as I could. On one of my little breaks from this to knead his magnificent butt I motioned for Todd to stand at the head of the table while I pulled out the two-step stool out from the end of the table where I was, and Todd nervously walked over to the end where Jeff had been giving me head.

As I went back to eating out Jeff's ass I lubed up my heavy cock and as I watched Jeff grab Todd's thighs, drawing him closer to where his head filled the round hole, I positioned myself at Jeff's opening and began to feed my dick into him, as he was drawing Todd's huge dick into his waiting mouth. During my sixth or seventh thrust I glanced up and saw a look of total ecstasy on Todd's face as Jeff was encouraging him to thrust into his throat, so I pulled on one of Todd's shoulders and pulled him into a kiss, thrusting my tongue along his until he started dueling with my tongue. By the twentieth or thirtieth thrusts, we both climaxed into Jeff, both of us laying on his back, trying to kiss Jeff and learning how to kiss three-way in the process. I asked Jeff if he was ready to mount me now and he told me we might have to wait, as he had ejaculated all over the table cover under him. We both sat up on the table, pulling Todd between our legs and asked if that was good for him.

Todd still seemed to be a little in shock, but he had the most satisfied look on his face. He kept nodding, and finally spoke, an arm around each of our shoulders, "I've had several firsts in this basement, and tonight was one that I'll never forget. I finally kissed a man, two men, and I loved it each time. That was my first oral sex, and I hope there will be other times, but nothing will ever top that first time. My mind is still replaying the images in my mind, but I hope you will allow me to keep on learning from you both for a long, long time." We told him as we all showered in the big shower in the basement that we wouldn't ever do anything to or with him he didn't want to participate in, he could always go back to his chair if he wanted, but we would try to include him whenever he wanted. He was going to be our closest friend, a lover for the two of us, but to never expect there to be a one on one occasion, we would only "play" with him when we were together, it would be the three of us or nothing but watching, for him. He totally agreed, and we had fun drying each other off, a new set of hardons growing as we did, but we were all hungry by then and it was now just after 7.

After a hearty meal of grilled steaks and steamed potatoes from the microwave and a tasty salad, we bid Todd goodnight with hugs all around and he left, to begin his packing of the personal items in his furnished efficiency, preparing to be ready to move in two days. After school that Tuesday Todd arrived in his van and he had all his personal possessions with him. Billy was happy to help him bring things into the cabin and soon Bobby was lugging small things inside also.

Jeff and I went to the barn after snagging the riding mower with a cart attached and we started loading a mattress set onto the cart and a bureau Todd had liked on top to hold the mattress and box spring down as we rode the path back to the cabin. Once there Todd and Billy helped with these bigger items and we were soon back picking up the other items Todd had indicated he would like to use. Three more trips and Todd's place looked like it had always been this nice. Rugs on the floor, living room furnished, a kitchen table by the kitchen end, and a bedroom furnished with Sam and Joe's nice bedroom suite. Todd was going to use the second, smaller bedroom for a home studio/office. We gave him a key for the cabin and one for the fourth bay in the garage by the house. We told him that that key also worked for the back door that was in the hall that led to the basement gym where we usually worked out between 9 and 11 each night.

He told us he would be there often, and we arranged for him to eat dinners with us most nights and especially on the weekends. He thanked us for everything we were doing for him and we all pitched in to help him get settled and the little house set up just the way he wanted it. We called for a pizza delivery and we all shared it, breaking in the kitchen table.

The next night Jeff and I were working out when Todd appeared in the basement, saying he was ready for another lesson, which we were only too happy to teach him. He proved to be a willing and apt student and it was a lot of fun playing with his big ten incher too. He also began to work out with us on those rare nights we didn't "play" in the home gym, but we three often did play in the big shower after. It was in the shower that by accident my teasing finger slipped further up his ass and he immediately got even harder making Jeff gag a little more before handing that impressive cock over to me so I could work it over for him too, as Jeff began fingering his hole where I had let off. Both Jeff and I were paying his nipples a lot of attention and when he finally blew his load down my throat Jeff said he felt like his finger was being torn off up his ass. Todd became very adept at pleasing us too and he proved a real asset to our little group when we all found out what a talented cock sucker he had become.

Our little group began to spend a lot of time together, taking the boys out for dinner, or to the movies, or shopping at the mall. One of our favorite pastimes was attending the school functions like the ball games. Those we would attend as a family, Todd often photographing the events and sitting with all of us in between his photographing shots for the yearbook.

By the end of May, the yearbook was out, and everyone was talking about how much better the photographs in it were this year and Todd was actually getting several inquiries from other local schools to do their yearbooks for the next school year. His appointments for sittings in his small studio were increasing, as were his wedding photography bookings. He talked this all over with Jeff and me and we all agreed that should he take on another two or three additional photographers he could provide them enough work for at least the next two years on just the bookings that were coming in now.

We all discussed this at length and what it came down to was that his current studio space was a former storefront on a side street in Holyoke, not in the best of neighborhoods, but a place he could afford after purchasing all his equipment after his graduation. Jeff and I discussed this in private and we realized that we had a space that was much bigger, in fact, bigger than most of the studios we had been in when we modeled in New York so we called in a contractor and got an estimate for turning the big barn into a working photography studio, totally finished off on the inside, keeping the rustic exterior to blend in with the rest of our property and our neighbors. About the same time, one of our neighbors approached us about leasing him our unused fields for hay and corn production. All access would be from the rear farm road, and the profit from the field rental would more than cover the barn's renovation in a few years' time.

We presented our proposal to Todd the day after we signed the contract to lease out our unused fields to the neighbor, Mr. Carstairs. Todd was speechless as he sat in our kitchen, just having eaten dinner with our family, the boys were watching something on TV as we had told them we had business to discuss with Todd after we ate. He sat there across from us and tears started to course down his cheeks, but we knew they were tears of happiness because the smile he had on his face just about split it in two. He just sat there, looking over the professional plans the contractor had drawn up, depicting the proposed studio, office space, a waiting room, two dressing rooms, and restrooms. The drawings depicted 4 separate staging areas for different photographers to be working at the same time.

We asked if he was happy with the plans and he sat there nodding his head., still grinning, still unable to speak, but very happy nonetheless. When Jeff told him the work could start on the conversion right away Todd finally spoke, saying, "You'll really do this all for me? I knew how great you were before all this, I mean you've completely taken me and made me see what I've been missing by hiding myself away, by not believing that I was still a viable sexual being, that others would even want to be with me, but this is way too much, but I love you for trying to do this for me". We had to assure him that this wasn't tied into anything sexual, that this was something we saw as a business investment, something we knew would pay off someday for all of us. We knew of the work he was about to turn down, only because he either didn't have the needed staff, the proper location, or the processing abilities, but by doing this he had the opportunity to hire who he needed right now to do the work coming to him, and by the end of the summer he would have a facility ready to do the other things, like studio shots and modeling work for some of the local advertising companies.

We assured him that we considered that we were investing in his company, as well as in him, because we believed in him and his work. He accepted this and rose from the table and came over to us and just about hugged the stuffing out of us. Billy and Bobby came to us and asked what all the fuss was about. We all showed them the plans for the barn which would transform the interior into a high-tech photography studio. Both boys thought that was so cool and then Jeff and I each took a boy and asked him what he would think about Jeff and I adopting them.

Bobby looked up at me and said he thought we were his dads already. I explained we were, but by adopting them we could all have the same last names and they would be our sons forever and ever, even when they were old men with their own families. He hugged me and said he thought that would be neat. I looked over at Jeff and Billy and they too were hugging so I knew Billy was on board with our plan. We explained that we would start the process right away, but we really didn't know how long it would take.

The adoptions took less time than the renovation of the barn did. Our lawyer called to let us know that we had a hearing in front of a family court judge and by the end of July we had sons, legally our sons, who now bore our combined last names, Morris-Porter, and who now wanted to be called Bob and Bill, they both thought it sounded better and less "baby" like. We had several copies of the judge's decrees printed so we could file one at each of the boy's schools and have a copy of each in our home safe, along with their new birth certificates.

We held a party for the boy's adoptions, to be held out at the pool, for the afternoon hours of the Saturday after the decrees were signed. We invited the boy's friends from the riding and swimming center, since that's where all their friends were to be found most days and of course their parents, who were for the most part residents of the houses on the lane the centers were on and the connecting group of homes at the end of the lane. We had a big cookout about midafternoon and by then Todd was home from a wedding he had been photographing.

Everyone invited seemed to be related somehow and we soon learned from Phil and Ken that they were mostly their brothers and their families. Two older, but quite striking men were among the group and they were introduced to us by Ken as his fathers, Noah Major and Dr. Chris Sargent, legends in our small town. They asked us what we were doing with our big barn, as there was construction material all around it, all fenced off and protected from our smallest guests. We introduced Todd and told them what the renovation was all about, and it turned out that Todd had done a series of family portraits for many groups in this huge family and also had created a photo layout of the chapel they had on their property. It turned out to be a good party as far as Todd's business went as he received a warm welcome from all the attendees, even the children who recognized him as their school photographer, and the parents who made inquiries about family pictures they wanted taken. Bob ran up to Todd, asking if he was going to swim with them, and although he seemed hesitant at first, no one could refuse Bobby when he turned those puppy dog eyes on them.

When he appeared out of the house in his swimsuit(the one we had loaned him the first time he had swum with us) there was a collective gasp from the entire group, 99% male. The magnificent body, even more toned since he had been working out with us, and the well-packed suit, both front and back, coupled with the lime green swimming leg, just took our breaths away, he was a fantastic looking guy. He gestured to Jeff and me and we approached, thinking he needed a bit of encouragement, that he had lost his nerve, but what he told us had us chuckling. Todd told us that if he had to do this that he thought we both ought to join in too.

It was a challenge we were up for, as it was hot, and it was intended as a pool party, so we quickly stripped down to our own swimsuits and joined him in the water, which came alive with the 12 children and the 15 adults all joining in. I was glad we had invested in the biggest pool they had in stock.

We had a fun time tossing children here and there and then the kids wanted to race. Todd was in his element in the water and no one had beaten him by the time we began the burgers later. It was a great party for our boys and they had a lot of fun with their friends, who turned out to all be adopted themselves. They all swapped their own stories as the afternoon wore on and it strengthened the bonds of friendship that were forming. Bill was thrilled that these "popular" kids liked him and were so willing to accept him as their friend. He was beside himself when the boys decided to share his bathroom when it was time to change back into clothes and they even drew him in to shower with them to get the chlorine off. The adults were scattered in other bathrooms, split up by couples, but the three single men were soon helping Todd get all the crevices clean and he told Jeff and me later he had wished we were with them, until it was just him and one of the single fathers and they fooled around a little he said, but there weren't any sparks started, just a few caresses. He didn't feel right about that encounter, so they stopped what they were doing and joined the rest of the group in dressing and getting back to the cookout.

He told us later that he almost felt like he was cheating on us. We assured him that we might have felt the same way too at first, but we knew he was an independent man and the choice to explore other relations was totally up to him. We were happy to have him with us, but we knew that eventually, he would find his own love, someone he could start his own family with, but he was certainly welcome to explore his sexual being with us, as we did care about him, and even considered him like a brother to the two of us, plus we found him sexy as hell.

That night the boys went right to bed at 9 since they were both tuckered out from their big party. That was the night we introduced our cocks to Todd's big ass. We had been playing in his hole since that night months ago when my finger slid all the way up and he shot off so quickly after. He said he enjoyed the feelings of fullness and the rigidity his big dick achieved. We had tried a few stretching toys and inserting more than two fingers at a time, loosening him up and getting him used to having his prostate stroked in the process. Jeff won the coin toss and entered his ass as I sucked on his huge dick and as Jeff pumped into him Todd was going nuts and insisted we form a train, with him inside me and Jeff inside him. We tried it and man the feelings! It was glorious and we all moaned like crazy when Jeff began to warn us he was close to cumming.

It wasn't many strokes later when I felt Todd's big dick explode inside me and at that time, with his ass contracting around Jeff's dick, Jeff emptied into him. We lay there all tuckered and Todd still milking my now spent cock and milking Jeff's spent but not deflated one still up his ass. We dozed on the rug under the weight bench and upon awakening, we were fully restored, and Jeff and I exchanged places.

Jeff and I discussed this after Todd had gone to his cottage and we decided that yes, it was exciting being in someone else, but what we were doing was preparing Todd for the time he would find his true love, not being a part of a trio, as much as we liked him, we were definitely in love with only each other.

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