The Long Road Book: Book Two ~ Continuing Down The Long Road

Chapter Three

Monday morning Jay was sitting at his desk when Eric walked in. 'Mornin', Jay. How was your weekend shopping for your kids? Have to sell your ass on the street to make enough money to buy everything? He joked.

Hey there big boy he teased, talking in a sexy Mae West-type of voice. No, my favorite john wasn't available.

No? That's too bad.

It's all good. He's here now. So what would you like, blow job, rim job, fucking me in the ass?

Hmmm, so many choices, it's hard to decide. I think I'll start out with the blow job, finish off with fucking you in the ass. He replied tongue-in-cheek. How much for both

I'm running a special today. It will just cost you getting your dick hard. He replied, trying to keep a straight face, but failed.

Cindy would have both our asses in a sling. She'd bankrupt us both with alimony payments. Erik replied, laughing. So, what's on the agenda for today?

Same shit, different diaper. You know the girl that we're going to foster? Erik nodded. We found out over the weekend that her father physically and mentally abused her. She's really messed up and might need some professional help.

Holy fuck! Did you tell the social worker? What about the cops?

No, not yet, we're waiting until she's safely under our roof before pressing charges, but believe me, we're going to make sure that miserable bastard never sees the outside of a prison again. Along with the physical and mental abuse, and I'm sure there was some emotional abuse as well. He looked at his watch. The social worker should be in by now. He picked up the phone and dialed. Jayson Matthews-Williams for Ms. Adkins, please. She isn't? Okay, could you have her call me as soon as she returns? It's very important. My number is 555-8594. Thank you. He hung up. She's out delivering some paperwork. He told his partner as they settled into their work for the day. A couple of hours later, his phone rang. Hate crimes, Special Agent Matthews-Williams.

Good morning, Mr. Matthews-Williams, this is Ms. Adkins returning your call. My secretary said it was important.

Good morning. Thanks for calling me back. Have you got a minute?

Yes. What can I do for you?

Where are we at with the paperwork?

It's almost finished. It shouldn't be more than a week.

Good. We need to get her out of that shelter and into our protection ASAP. We found out that, in addition to the obvious mental abuse she's suffered, she has also suffered physical abuse and I wouldn't be surprised if there was also emotional abuse.

WHAT? Are you sure? How do you know?

She confided in Adam's girlfriend. When we were shopping for her and Adam's furniture and stuff, Kyle and I started play-fighting and she freaked out. Apparently, her parents blamed all of their arguments on her. We also found out that she was required to do all of the cooking and cleaning, and her parents went out of their way to make messes for her to clean up.

The social worker was so enraged that she could hardly speak. I'm going to have that bastard arrested on charges of child abuse....

Please, wait, Ms. Adkins. Don't do anything yet?

But he deserves to go to prison...

We agree with you one-hundred percent. But if we move against him now, he'll go after her in the shelter. If we wait until she's living with us, we can protect her. Believe me when I say we have no intention of letting her parents get away with any of this, but we need to make sure we can keep Janita safe. Would you believe most of it was her mother's idea, including putting her in a sexual re-orientation program?

I'm filing for an immediate order of protection against both her parents, and I'm going to do what I can to push the paperwork through. How are the renovations coming?

We went and picked out paint, carpeting and furniture for both kids. It was difficult for Janita. She couldn't believe we wanted to buy a whole bunch of furniture, drapes and carpeting for her. She gave Adam and Kelly a hard time when they went clothes shopping for her. She saw a number of outfits she liked, but wouldn't take them. Adam had to step in and force her to take them.

How did he do that?

He gave Kelly his charge card and told her to use it for all of the outfits. Kelly gave her a gift card to buy personal items. When she got back to the house to drop her stuff off, we gave her some packages to open. We told her they were overdue Christmas and Birthday presents. It wouldn't surprise me to know that she never got any from her parents.

What did you give her?

An iPod, iPhone, digital camera, boom box, a laptop and a TV that has a built-in DVD player and VCR.

Wow. Your family is going all out to make her feel welcome.

She's had such a hard life we can do no less for her. We're also knocking out the wall between her room and the attic so we can build her a private bathroom and walk-in closet. All of the renovations will be completed by the end of next week. Adam's apartment will be ready the end of this week. Janita's room is going to take longer because they have to rip up the floor to lay the new plumbing. Adam's girlfriend's parents have offered to let Adam stay in their guest room so that Janita can have his apartment until her room is ready. That way we can get her out of the shelter sooner, if that meets with your approval.

Under the circumstances, I think it's the best course of action. If we can get a statement from Janita, I'll be able to get the orders of protection. Once they're granted, I'll be able to push the custody paperwork through. Can the two of you meet me here on Friday morning to sign the paperwork and meet with the judge? It should take only a half-hour at the most.

What if the judge rules against us being foster parents?

That won't happen. All that's required is that the two of you, and I sign the paperwork in front of a judge as a witness to the signatures. She won't ask any questions, other than if the two of you are signing the documents of your own free will and that you promise to provide a proper home and proper care for Janita.

I think we've shown you how far we're willing to go in order to give her the life she should have.

Of that, I have absolutely no doubt. If you will excuse me, I need to go file for the protection orders. I will have them served this afternoon and copies brought to you and the shelter manager. Good day, Mr. Matthews-Williams.

Have a great one, Ms. Adkins, and thank you for everything.

Late that afternoon there was a knock on the door. Kyle answered it. Mr. Matthews-Williams?

Yes, can I help you?

I'm from the District Attorney's office. I was instructed to deliver a copy of these orders of protection forbidding Franklin and Josephine Conklin from having any contact whatsoever with Janita Conklin who will be under your care soon. Sign here, please. Kyle signed the form and accepted the envelope from the courier. Have a nice evening.

Thanks, you too he closed the door, opened the envelope and started reading the papers it contained. JAYSON he yelled up the stairs.

What's up? He said, coming down the stairs.

Copies of the orders of protection against Janita's parents have just been delivered along with an emergency custody order, effective immediately. Let's go get her.

Awesome! ADAM! Jay yelled down the stairs.



What's up? Adam asked as he appeared at the top of the basement stairs.

Good news. We got the order of protection against Janita's parents, not that I believe for one minute they'll abide by it. We also have a court order granting us temporary custody of her, effective immediately. We're going to go get her. Want to come along?

Does a bear shit in the woods? Adam responded, already heading for the door. We'll take my car. It's much more comfortable than the jeep.

Actually, a bear shits wherever it wants to was Kyle's smart-ass remark as he actually beat everyone to the door in his excitement.

They arrived at the shelter just as a commotion was in full swing. She's my daughter and you have no right to keep me from seeing her. A large man was saying to the shelter manager.

Sir, this is a legal order of protection barring you and your wife from being within five hundred feet of Janita, which you are presently in violation of. You need to leave now before I call the police.

No need to call the police, ma'am. Special Agent Jayson Matthews-Williams, FBI. He held up his ID so everyone could see it. Mr. Conklin, I presume?

Yes. Are you going to order them to let me take my daughter home?

No. Actually, she is no longer your daughter as you and your wife have legally disowned her. As a matter of fact, my husband and I have been awarded custody of Janita and we're here to take her home with us to her new home where she will be loved and cared for as she should have been. Now, as Ms. Timmons explained, an order of protection has been issued against you and your wife, which you are now violating. I'm giving you ten seconds to leave these premises before I arrest you for violating the restraining order.

You can't arrest me. You don't have the authority. To the shelter manager, he said I'm not leaving here without my daughter.

Ah, but I can, I do, and you are. Jay addressed each of his statements. He nodded to Kyle who got out his cell phone, dialed nine-one-one and explained the situation. He showed the belligerent man his badge and ID once again. Franklin Conklin, you are under arrest for violating a lawful restraining order. You have the right to remain silent and I suggest you exercise that right as anything you say can and most definitely will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be assigned to you. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?

Yeah, right? The man turned and started walking away.

Stop right where you are. Don't make me add resisting arrest to those charges.

Conklin stopped, turned and gave Jay an arrogant look. And what do you propose to do to stop me from leaving?

Jay thanked his lucky stars he hadn't changed from work as he drew his weapon and pointed it at Conklin. This for starters.

So the big, bad FBI agent wants to play cops and robbers? Go play somewhere else faggot. He turned and started walking towards his car.

Jay fired a warning shot at the man's feet. That was just a warning. The next one won't be.

Jay, don't do it. This piece of trash isn't worth losing your badge and going to jail over. Kyle cried out just as the police arrived.

Jay holstered his weapon and approached the cops, showing them his identification. Jayson Matthews-Williams, FBI. Mr. Conklin here is under arrest for violation of a restraining order and resisting arrest. He's been given his Miranda rights. These three people are witnesses, so if you'll give us the paperwork, we'll write out our statements and let you officers be on your way. The statements were written out quickly and soon the cops were on their way to their precinct with their prisoner.

Thank you so much, Agent Matthews-Williams. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't shown up when you did.

You're welcome, Ms. Timmons. I have here a court order granting us temporary custody of Janita. He showed her the court order. We've come to pick her up and take her home with us.

One moment, please. She went inside, closing the door behind her.

After a minute or two, Janita came to the door with the shelter manager. Grab your things, Janita, you're coming home with us. Ms. Adkins was able to get us emergency custody until the permanent custody paperwork is finalized the end of next week. She turned a look of confusion first on Kyle, then Jay, then the shelter manager.

It's okay, dear. You have a home to go to now, and that's wonderful. I'm so very happy for you.

I don't understand. Janita said.

We'll explain it on the way home. You have to get your things together so we can go. It's almost dinnertime and you have to decide what the meal is going to be. Remember, we said that on the day you move in with us; you get to pick what the dinner is?

A slow smile began to form on her lips. I remember. I'll just be a minute. She went back inside to gather up her meager belongings. In less than five minutes she was back. Thank you so much for everything. She told Ms. Timmons.

You're a sweet child and it's been my pleasure. I wish you the very best in your new home and please keep in touch. I've come to think of you as the daughter I never had. The two women hugged then everyone piled into Adam's car and headed home.

A short time later they arrived home. Jay handed a set of keys to Janita. Go ahead, Janita, unlock and open the door to your new home. He told her, nearly bursting with happiness. She looked at him in confusion. Her parents never trusted her with keys. She fumbled with the keys to find the right one, unlocked and opened the door, then stood aside to allow everyone to enter the house ahead of her, as was proper. Her parents always made her wait until they entered the house and dropped their coats on the floor for her to pick up and put away, along with any groceries or packages they may have been carrying.

You first, Janita. Jay insisted. Reluctantly, she entered the house and looked around. Despite Kyle's assurances on her previous visit, she started contemplating a cleaning schedule that would allow her to divide up her time between cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and cleaning up any messes that anyone made. She sighed in resignation. This is a much bigger house. It's going to take me a lot longer to clean it and keep it clean. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep it up to their standards of cleanliness. She thought to herself, dismayed.

Adam took her downstairs to his apartment and showed her where to put her things. When she protested Adam told her that her room would be ready by the end of the following week and she'd be staying in his apartment until her room was ready.

But what about you? You can't spend the week sleeping on the couch. It's not right.

Not to worry. I'll be staying in the guest room at Kelly's house. Ms. Adkins already okayed it. It's a done deal. Now get yourself settled in and come upstairs. You have to decide what we're having for dinner.

Janita misunderstood Adam's statement. She set her stuff on the couch then said I'll be right up to start dinner, if someone would be so kind as to show me where everything is.

Wrong answer! Adam replied vehemently. In case you have forgotten, K-dad said that the night you move in with us, you would be the one to decide what the meal was going to be, and if I'm not mistaken, you were also informed that you would not be required to do any cooking or cleaning other than your room and whatever mess you make, plus help with the dinner cleanup. They weren't joking. J-dad loves to cook, that is whenever K-dad will let him, and they both do the housecleaning. I take care of the lawn, so all you basically have to do is relax and let us spoil you rotten.

But... she started.

No buts. You aren't living under Adolf and Eva's roof any longer. Things are totally different here. You're going to be treated as an equal here, not a slave to be used and abused. You'd best start getting used to that. I'm sure by now you realize that we meant everything we said to you.

I don't know it's just...

Adam jumped in when she faltered. Just what?

It''s...I can't explain it. My parents never trusted me with keys, and they always entered the house first to drop their coats on the floor and whatever else they had with them that they didn't make me carry in, for me to pick up and put away. This house is so big that there's no way I can possibly keep it clean to your fathers' standards and cook dinner and do the laundry. It's just too much. I'm scared I'm going to fail and your fathers' are going to send me back to the shelter. She buried her face in her hands and started sobbing.

DADS! I NEED YOU GUYS DOWN HERE PRONTO! Adam yelled up the stairs at the top of his lungs.

Both men came running down the stairs moments later and looked at Adam with bewildered expressions on their faces. What's going on? Jay asked.

You guys need to talk to Janita. She was a little freaked out when you gave her keys to the house and had her come in first. Apparently, her parents never trusted her with keys and always walked in first and dropped everything on the floor for her to pick up. Also, she's afraid you'll send her back to the shelter if she can't keep the house clean to your standards and do all the cooking and laundry.

I see. Kyle sat down next to her. Janita, honey, look at me. I promise you that we are never going to send you back to the shelter. You're here to stay until you decide otherwise, which we all hope will be a very long time. As far as housecleaning is concerned, you are only required to clean your room and bathroom, help with the dinner cleanup and pick up after yourself. You will not be washing dishes. We have a dishwasher for that. J-dad and I take care of all of the cooking. If, and only if you want to cook on occasion you can, but only when you want to. If you don't feel comfortable with J-dad or I doing your laundry, you can do it yourself. You are not responsible for doing anyone else's laundry. You are sixteen years old and it's time you started living like a sixteen-year-old, which means spending time with your girlfriend, going shopping at the mall, going to the movies and most of all, having fun, which reminds me. He reached into his wallet and pulled out twenty-five dollars. Here's your weekly allowance, which you will earn by keeping your room clean, picking up after yourself and keeping your grades up.

Wow! Twenty-five dollars! I only got twenty.

Girls have more expenses than boys, you know, feminine hygiene products and all that.

Janita started crying even harder than she was before.

Honey, what's wrong? Jay asked. You can tell us.

She struggled, and finally regained her composure. I can't believe this is happening to me. All I've ever wanted was to have a normal life like what my friends, what few there are, have.

Well, now you are going to have that life. The three of us are going to do everything in our power to make you comfortable and happy here. Now, what would you like for dinner?

She was silent for a few moments. I'd really love some tacos, but that's too much trouble, not to mention expensive. I don't know. I hadn't really thought about it.

Her favorite meal is tacos. Adam offered.

Tacos it is then. Kyle said, getting up. Why don't you try out your new cell phone by calling your girlfriend and inviting her over for dinner and a movie? I'm sure we can find something the two of you would like to see.

Can I? Really?

If you don't, I will. Jay got out his cell phone. What's her number?

I'll call her. She got out her cell phone and dialed. Hi, Janine. It's 'Nita. What are you doing this evening? My foster parents are making tacos and want you to come and have dinner with us. Awesome. She put her hand over the mouthpiece. What time can she come over?

That depends. Do you love her?

Yes, with all my heart.

Does she love you and does she treat you well?

Yes, she does.

Then she is welcome here anytime she wants to come over. Dinner will be in about an hour. I have to run to the store real quick.

Removing her hand from the phone she told her girlfriend that she could come over any time, gave her the address and hung up. She turned adoring eyes on Kyle and Jay. I don't know what to say. I thought once I dropped out of school I'd never see her again.

Jay looked at her sternly. First thing Monday morning I'm taking your butt to school and get you back into your classes. Then I want to meet with each of your teachers and the principal to explain you're now living with us and find out what we have to do to get you caught up in all of your classes. We'll all help you with your schoolwork and any of your classmates are welcome to come over and help as well. Actually, they're welcome to come over anytime. Now I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this question, but do you have a driver's license or learner's permit?

No to both.

Okay, we'll take you to the DMV and get you started on your learner's permit. Adam, do you still have your driver's manual?

Yeah, somewhere. I'll have to dig it out.

You don't have to do that. My girlfriend got me one. I studied it when my parents weren't around and kept it hidden under my mattress.

Great. Then you can take the written test and get your permit tomorrow.

And I'll teach you how to drive. Adam offered. It will be easier to learn on an automatic than on a stick.

Their kindness undid her completely. She leaned against Jay and sobbed. The three men exchanged confused looks. I can't believe how kind you are all being to me. I don't deserve it.

Jay took her chin in his hand and turned her face up to him. He gently kissed her forehead. Yes, you do. That's your parents talking. We're going to help you overcome their brainwashing. You're part of our family now. We're going to give you the life you have long been denied. Now, why don't you get yourself prettied up for your girlfriend? We're anxious to meet her.

Okay, Mr. Matthews-Williams.

From here on out, it's J-dad, and K-dad. We won't respond to anything else. Understood?

Yes, Mis-er-J-dad.

That's better. Jay replied with a smile. We'll leave you alone to get settled in. Come upstairs when you're ready.

Okay. After the three men left, Janita fell to her knees and looked upward. God, I don't know what I did to deserve this family, but thank you. She busied herself with putting her belongings away, took a quick shower, got dressed in some new clothes and started putting on some make-up.

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