Carriage Trade

Chapter Three

I dried off David, paying special attention to his nether region, much to his amusement as both his heads smiled at me as I did so, and then he dried me, first starting with the top half and then sitting down on the bench outside the shower stall and trying to give me another hardon as he sat and dried my middle and lower body.

With both of us cleaned and dried head to toe, we went to our own bedrooms to dress for dinner which we were going out for, but not before sharing a kiss at the door to my bedroom as David made his way to his, his prosthetic foot placed back on his leg stump.

We had a really nice dinner out at a seafood restaurant in Hadley and I guess the place was somewhat busy that night, but I couldn't state that as fact, because my attention was, for the most part, on David, and those dark green eyes that never wavered from mine. It was a rush for me to realize I was attractive to someone, especially someone I thought was a total hunk. We didn't just stare, we did talk, and It was good to hear David open up about how he wanted to teach, and why he wanted to teach students in the middle schools. He was so passionate about it, but I was finding out that David was quite passionate about a lot of things, and I was proud that I was becoming the number one item on his list.

 Another thing he liked a lot was canoeing. He had discovered the Quabbin Reservoir, just a town to our East and easily reached from Amherst. The body of water is the largest inland body of water in Massachusetts and was actually man made by the flooding of five small towns in the 1930's. It's a very beautiful area and there are restrictions on motor craft in the water there, but canoeing is allowed, and David loved to go out there and escape whenever he started to experience what he called "the weight of the world". I told him I'd like to start to go with him at times, but that I knew that this was his outlet from whatever stress he was feeling at the time and he was entitled to his relaxation time. He assured me he'd love to take me out and show me some of the spots he'd found out there.

On the ten-minute drive back home, we talked about why I had stayed in New York after Chuck's murder and why I didn't feel guilty about leaving it now, and how I felt like I had come home when I had moved into Tony's house and taken his challenge to shake up my life and try something totally new for me. He told me he felt the same way when his therapist convinced him, while he was still in the hospital getting fitted for a new foot, to enroll in college and find himself a vocation, and he surprised himself when it had happened. He was also interested in the vets he helped with their school funding and helping them when a bureaucratic screw-up happened, and he was able to fix it for them.

He just wished there was some sort of funding he could tap into to tide them over until the funds they needed came through. I coughed at that one and told him we'd talk some more about that one in a day or two, and to please remind me about that. I thought then that the legacy from Tony might not be wise to use, but there was still the money from Chuck's share of the royalties that I felt uncomfortable holding onto, although legally it was mine, it was like the insurance money, it just felt very weird to have benefited from Chuck's death, and funding the grants for students at Hunter had felt good, I bet that Chuck would have loved to be able to help deserving vets as well.

Back home, after parking in the garage we both sat there, and I wondered if David was thinking the same thing I was: Was it too early to ask him to sleep with me? Even if it was to just sleep and cuddle? No sex involved? Those questions were eventually answered after we stopped laughing at ourselves after we both started asking each other those questions almost simultaneously. We decided that it was part of "taking it slow" and we were both adults and we could do this, or anything else we wanted. Who said great minds didn't think alike?

I told him that since my bed was bigger, we should sleep in mine, just in case either one of us needed more space at some point in the night, he agreed. After making sure the house was secure, we proceeded to the second floor and we sat together at one corner of the couch in my living room, watching a cops and robber show and then the late news before hitting the bedroom. It wasn't our nakedness we were afraid of, not after that glorious shower earlier, it was maybe the fear that an intimate touch could lead to something one of us wasn't ready to pursue yet, so we agreed that underwear was the uniform of the evening, and since David had already done his twenty hours of work for the week and only had an afternoon class and lab that started at 2 PM and finished at 5 we didn't even set an alarm since each of the full-time employees had a key to the front door and everyone had been told to report, if they wanted, in the afternoon tomorrow.

It felt good snuggled up to the big man from behind, I guess that that was something new for me as mostly Chuck had held me, but David liked to be held, and when we were on our sides with me in back there was a less likelihood that I would hit his stump. He told me, as we snuggled in, that he was looking forward to us sleeping naked, and didn't the rascal wriggle that amazing butt into my crotch when he said that! I kissed the back of his neck and tried to get comfortable, but realized I already was.

I woke first in the morning, about eight which was late for me. After using the toilet and sink in the bathroom I slipped on my summer robe and went downstairs to the kitchen and whipped up a couple of omelets and some breakfast sausages and toast and by the time everything was plated and I was looking for a tray to carry it all upstairs David made his entrance, showered and dressed for class later, he said as he kissed me that it was to remind him that we were taking it slow, besides, he wanted me to take him on a tour of the inside of the carriage house after we ate. It all sounded good to me, except that the "taking it slow" part was beginning to niggle at me and now I wondered if I really was ready for a "fast forward, no holds barred" relationship with David. It was something we would have to talk about later.

There is almost nothing better than sharing a meal with someone you are developing deep feelings for. Like at dinner last night we sat across from each other and here at the kitchen table we were able to not only gaze at each other, we occasionally could hold each other's hand or bump legs under the table, taking turns capturing the other's leg between our own. Silly I know, but it is a part of the mating ritual. David offered to clean up while I grabbed a shower, so we could begin our exploration of the carriage house's interior.

A half hour later, flashlights in hand, we entered the building and began to assess the structure. It was dry in there and the morning sun helped in those spaces that had a window, but I was concerned about leakage from the roof and you couldn't see into a lot of the corners and enclosed areas without the flashlights. There was certainly a lot of open space on the first floor, where carriages and then later vehicles were stored.  I did like how the light filled the open spaces and off to the far left was the one enclosed space, probably where the workshop for the property was located, as it had benches and even vises installed on them. They appeared to us to have been there for a very long time, and I could remember them being there when Tony and I used the structure as a playhouse.

The walls of this room did not reach the ceiling above it, so we figured out that they were not load bearing, thus they could be removed, giving almost all the first floor an open space that would look huge once cleared. Different spaces with different uses could be created out of nothing and our imaginations ran wild down here and we got so wrapped up in pointing out our ideas to each other that we almost didn't have a whole lot of time for the second floor, but we put the first floor aside for a while and we went up the sturdy staircase smack dab in the middle of what was the center of the building. This staircase, as I remembered, led to a long narrow hall with several small rooms off it, each room having a very small closet in a corner. One door opened to a very small bathroom with just a toilet, sink, and clawfoot tub. These rooms were much newer than the original construction visible on the first floor and we could see easily that with the partitioning walls removed there would be a huge open space left to divide into much more spacious bedrooms and bathrooms up here. We guessed that there could be at least five roomy bedrooms and bathrooms up here.

We left the building and resolved to go back out there with a sketch pad and a tape measure and block out what we had envisioned there, but now it was nearing the time that David had to get to class and I was expecting at least some of the editors to appear for work or to at least download into the main office computer the work they had accomplished so far on their individual projects so their paychecks could be ready for the end of the week. Today should be the day we find out the time frame for Tony's memorial service and his internment in the family plot with his parents.

We shared a hug and kiss before David left for the University and as he left, Mary had arrived, and she wanted to know how everything worked out with us last night. I found that amusing and gave only general answers to her questions, but did confirm that we were working on a relationship and intended to be together for a very long time. She seemed delighted about that and we went about our business, plotting out the assignments that had come in over the last couple of days and refining the already posted finished assignments, so the payroll program had data to process in a few days to generate paychecks, new data to be submitted during the day. She explained some of the idiosyncrasies of some of the employees, so I had a better idea of who gets assigned what manuscripts and who was faster with what type of writing.

By 2:00 in the afternoon the other four employees had arrived and were busy at their tasks and I was getting another coffee when the phone call from the lawyer came in and he explained to me the time frame for Tony's memorial Mass and his internment. The reception after the Mass was to be held at the church hall instead of at the house here because he felt it would be more convenient for the mourners and we wouldn't have a bunch of cars all over the yard. This had always been an option, but one I hadn't really given much thought to, since the lawyer had said he'd handle all the arrangements, and, in a way, Tony would have agreed to the venue change.

I printed out the times and the where's and made enough copies for the staff and a few extras for those callers who didn't get to read it in the evening paper. I then finished the manuscript I had personally been working on and submitted the corrected documents to the publisher who had sent it to us and then entered the data from my computer to the main office computer for it to calculate the amount to be charged for the work and then electronically submit the bill. All the editors had been doing this same thing for their work since they came in and it had been explained to me that they each received a minimum salary, and if the computer showed they had done more work than originally estimated they also got a bonus (or overtime if you want) so it was critical to have this extra input to be able to pay them what they had actually earned.

 I saw that my next assignment was for a gay story writer, originally from our area, who had had the good fortune to be asked to post his stories on a well-known story website, The Story Lover's Home. This is a free site and the authors are not compensated for their work, except for the emails sent to them by the readers and the admiration for their work by the folks who run the site. Tony had marked this website as a pro bono site, (they are not charged), and he did it mostly for the work when he first started the business and to keep the editors sharp in their work when things were slow, plus it was good publicity as the website gave them credit for the work done and authors who had a story they wanted to try and get published often arranged to have their manuscript "cleaned up" by our business.

The story sent to us, as I said, was by an author known to come from the South Hadley, Amherst, Granby area and was one of the nicest guys Tony had ever worked with and the story I was editing was about a couple of gay guys who fostered and then adopted children that had been rescued from dire circumstances. By the time I had read the first three chapters I was laughing and crying at the developing relationships depicted in the story and I fell in love with this guy. His characters, and the way he related the love this couple shared with their families, and the antics they all got involved in were not only amusing at times, but so heartwarming. The author couldn't spell worth a damn, but the guy could write, and it wasn't very long until I stopped what I was doing and went to the website and saw they had stories from over 90 authors posted there and more on their mirror sites, everything from Sci-Fi and Fantasy, to real-life dramas and love stories. I looked up some of this author's stories and was fascinated by them and what a good job the web editors had done on the stories they had edited, and the ones Tony had done.

The stories all dealt with fostering and/or adoption in one way or another and it made me make note of this author, so I could show David, and maybe get his take on helping a kid out of a terrible situation, a sure-fire way for an instant family. Just thinking about David seemed to conjure him up in front of me as it was now after four o'clock and he was out of his class and lab and had come directly home, I guessed correctly to see me. As he bent down over me and gave me a "welcome me home kiss". I returned it very willingly and asked him if he wanted a snack before we went up to work out again. He chuckled and told me he'd rather have a snack after our workout.

It was a real workout, but conducted in just our jocks. Mary was staying over in her room tonight and she had offered to have the chops I had in the fridge cooked and ready with some baked potatoes and a salad by 6:30 so we had plenty of time for some workout time and some play time followed by a shower.

Playtime started when David was on the weight bench and I walked over to watch him lifting and then moved to the other end of the bench and lifted his legs onto my shoulders and tried to make a meal of that magnificent ass of his. One thing led to another and for propriety's sake let me just say that we found out we were both very versatile, and very appreciative of our partner's talents. Our dinner with Mary was funny as she tried to get all the juicy details out of us, but all she got was that we had decided to share my quarters, but David insisted upon paying his rent as usual, to help with the household expenses.

The next day was Tony's internment and Mary and her girlfriend Louise (Lou) along with David accompanied me to the grave site and we watched as his urn was placed in the space between his parent's, his name having been added to the headstone. An hour after that we went to the MCC church and attended the memorial service there and the reception in the community hall after. Mary kept me informed as to who was who when I didn't know who was approaching to pay their respects and I was quite pleased by the turnout, which included neighbors as well as the other employees and their significant others as well as all the part-timers. The neighbors were all nice as were the old dears from the nursing home whom I had seen at my Aunt's wake shortly before, and several shopkeepers in town.

After that, we went into a meeting room off the reception room to meet with the lawyer who had already informed Mary and David we would be meeting. He read the pertinent passages from the will and then actually handed out checks to the director of the nursing home, to Mary and then to David. To me, he handed an accounting sheet of the value of the rest of the estate as of today's date. After the lawyer left, David was speechless, and Mary and Lou were over the moon with Tony's generosity and kindness. They had seen a few places to rent together, but with Tony's generous gift they were now thinking about a house, or maybe a condo. I sat next to David and when I asked if he thought he could find enough needy vet students to use the funds to help, he nodded, saying that he often lent money to a deserving vet in a spot of trouble, but this gift from my cousin was going to help a lot of guys and gals that he could have never afforded to help. David knew he really had to think about the disbursement of these funds, and he thought that if he worked it right, he might be able to invest it so there was a monthly income from it he could use to help someone in a temporary jam.

Having some experience with these types of accounts, I knew it would take a bit more invested to make a workable income for David to be able to be helpful to a vet, so I gently told him that Chuck had some funds left in my care and I had been trying to think what I could do with it that would be a benefit to others, so if he found an investment house or a trust department, like at the lawyer's office, I'd pitch in the funds I was holding from some of the royalties from the textbook Chuck and I had written. He turned to me and asked if I'd really do that and I told him I didn't joke about money, it was there, sitting in an account earning interest when it could be put to a good use. He hugged me tight and I heard Mary and Lou giving little cheers as we kissed.

The reception was just about over when the four of us left the meeting room and when we finally left about three-quarters of an hour later it was to go out to dinner, the two couples, David and I and Mary and Lou.

It was a pleasant dinner out and the ladies were very entertaining. They wished us a good night as they departed first and David leaned into me and asked me if I thought they were going home to have sex, like we wanted to do, and I told him that I bet they were going to Lou's to search on the internet for a home they could afford, now that they had a substantial down payment.

We arrived home and I helped David move his clothing and belongings into my rooms, our rooms now. The funny thing was that as David transferred armloads of stuff, every time I passed him in the hall he had less on. Each load represented an article of clothing he left in our new, to be a shared bedroom. It finally dawned on me what he was doing when he left his trousers behind and I saw him coming toward me, my arms full of the last of his hanging clothing. There were three or four boxes left and here he is striding toward me in tight, short, fitted, black, boxer briefs, you know the kind, the ones with the designer's name in white script on the waistband and a very full fitted pouch in front. He kind of smirked at me as we passed, and I couldn't resist watching his backside as he sauntered back to his room., The cheeks alternatively raising and lowering as he strode away from me, knowing full well I was staring at him.

I quickly shuffled into our bedroom and the walk-in closet where I hastily hung up his clothing on the rod on the right side, his side. I then stripped off to nothing as quickly as I could and returned to take up either the last two or the last one box from his former room, fully expecting to pass him on my way, but the hall was empty when I walked to his former room and when I walked in, there the stud was, on his back, his legs up and spread wide, and the black underwear hanging on the inside doorknob.

I looked this hot throbbing he-man over, and my dick, which was hard as a rock as soon as I saw him like that on the bed, guided me to the edge of the bed and It was then I noticed the shine and shimmer of his pre-greased hole, puckering and pooching at me as I neared. I sucked on him as I made sure he was dilated enough to take my hardon safely, his moans and urging causing a lot of dripping from my swollen cock head, not being that fond of spit for lube I was glad I was a heavy leaker. I dribbled onto his hole. My right hand now added to the stroking of his dick, followed by my now puffy lips, and my dick head kissed his anal lips. It liked it there and spurted a bit more natural lube on to whatever manufactured one he had slicked himself up with. With the head of my dick leading the way I slowly began to enter him, savoring the taste of his own precum oozing onto my tongue.

Our lovemaking was tender and masculine at the same time, nothing off-putting and totally satisfying for both of us as we gave each other our essences, mine buried as deep in him as I could manage, and his thankfully gathered on my tongue letting me savor the taste of him in my mouth, as opposed to my throat. 

We were in bed as soon as the evening news was over and both of us were raring to go in the early morning. The first thing on David's list of things to do, just before our shower, was to return to bed for a bit of wake up sex, this time I was the lucky one as he made love to me and I was able to achieve a morning eruption as he planted his in my butt which he said he would like to move into permanently also.

We showered and dressed and had started our breakfast when the staff began to appear. Everyone stopped in the kitchen for a cup of coffee and when they were settled in at their workstations and breakfast cleaned up David and I went to the carriage house with a big pad and a tape measure and we laid out a floor plan for the first floor that gave us a workout room, a shower bath, a kitchen big enough for us two to work together in, a very spacious family room and a small home office. With the harsh winters in our area, we also drew out an enclosed entry at the front door where winter coats could be hung before entering the house proper. We left the second floor for another day, as David had his last Summer classes of the week starting at 2 and I had some more work on that story for that author from the Story Lover's Home to work on. David had downloaded the site on his iPad and was going to start on this guy's stories between classes. He also had an appointment with his boss at the Veteran's Services Department at the University to discuss the best way to implement his ideas for temporary assistance to vets there.

I was well into the chapters to be edited from the website author when I remembered the contractor's name Tony had used to revamp the downstairs here to build out the workstations and I had always admired them. They really did look original to the house and the separating partitions were just a foot higher than the desks we all sat on while working. They were constructed to match the Victorian woodwork, a look I appreciated.

I mulled it over for a bit and then called them. I explained the work needed to be done and that we had a rough idea of how the first, or ground level was to be laid out, and I had a rough idea about the second floor. But of course, I had no idea what was feasible, what with running pipes for drains and water. I asked for someone who could not only answer questions about what indeed was doable, but to also give us an estimate of the cost and timeframe involved to come out and give us a bid on the work, and I was told that Saturday late in the morning they would be able to have just the right person available for the job, and he'd come and meet me and David at the carriage house. We set a time for 11 AM Saturday, the next day, and I wrote the name and time down on the pad by the computer I had been working at. When David arrived home, he told me he was glad that I had called the contractor, this way we'd not go wishing for a layout that just wasn't doable.

My sleep that night was peppered with scenes of construction work being done inside the carriage house. The man showing David and me how the plumbing was run through the soon to be foam insulated outside wall cavities between the studs looked and sounded a lot like Chuck had and he showed us more as we walked through the upstairs. He showed us how new skylights in the roof brightened the bathroom and hall spaces and how the spray insulation had already been applied in wall spaces not having the pipes in them, even the roof cavities had insulation in them, as well as all the outside walls downstairs. He showed us the triple-paned windows on both floors that had replaced the original glass and the fold back reproduction phony garage doors that replaced the original swing out garage doors. It truly was a great job done in the whole building, and having Chuck show us everything made it special to me.

In the morning David encouraged me to write down what we had been shown in the dream after I told him about it, he thought it would be easier to have it all written down when we met with the contractor than trying to remember it all. When I told him about my thinking it was Chuck who showed us around, he held me and said he'd have loved to have met Chuck and to please tell him he said thank you to him the next time I saw him. He wasn't fazed at all about Chuck appearing in my dreams. He told me for the first time that after he had first met me, that someone in his own dreams encouraged him to pursue me, maybe that was Chuck, too.


The contractor who arrived at 11 that morning looked nothing like Chuck had, but he was very personable, and he told us his uncle was one of his partners in the Granby firm. After our tour of the carriage house and after showing him the first "floor plan" we had drawn up and then walking through the upstairs and ticking off all the items on the "dream" list, he gave us a rough figure that was about the equivalent of buying a modest sized house here in town. He said he could have real plans drawn up and even have his aunt draw up some depictions of what the spaces might look like when completed, he said he'd let her look at the hundreds of pictures he had taken both inside and out to get an idea of the scale and the architectural style.

Both David and I thanked him for coming out to see the building and we showed him the work that had been done by his uncle inside the house and he too was impressed with the craftsmanship. He said it might take a week to get the plans and the drawings ready, and we told him that was fine, we were kind of a new couple and although we wanted the space redone to raise a family in, we were just enjoying being together for now. He then told us he came from a huge family that was filled with adopted kids and he himself had been adopted into the family as a young boy. He told us the name of an author who had written two books and a bunch of stories about his family, and we (David and I) laughed and told him we had just been reading some of those stories on The Story Lover's Home! The young man laughed and told us his family loved reading about themselves in those stories, it made them feel like celebrities or something and the author always let them read them before they were posted, just to make sure he had all the escapades correct in his story.

We had a really good feeling about the work we wanted to be done and Paul, the young contractor, was very sure it all could be done just the way we wanted it to be. David and I discussed the construction that afternoon and we agreed that with the money he had received from the sale of his parent's farm and with the money I had received from my share of the royalties from the textbook sales, we could each contribute half of the expected costs and still have some left over for unexpected costs and furnishing the place when it was done. It was as he was going to speak with the financial adviser at the lawyer's office that afternoon that I gave him a check for eighty-five thousand from Chuck's royalties account to add to the startup trust for the Vet's funding he was starting. I explained how Chuck would have wanted to help in this endeavor and that it wasn't taking anything away from my funds at all. It was Chuck's that had come to him after he had died, and I had been waiting for a worthy cause to donate it to in his name. David hugged me and gave me plenty of tongue when we kissed before he left for his meeting with the trust department at the lawyer's office and with his boss.

 With almost one hundred thousand to start off with David was hoping to have enough to start a trust fund that would allow some of the income from that trust to be used to help a vet in need. What he wasn't prepared for was what his boss had done. He showed up for the meeting with seven checks donated to their cause that totaled another seventy thousand, donated from local businesses, and he said these were only the ones that had arrived so far in the mail, he expected more, but was hoping they might total at least what he had received in the mail already. The trust department lawyer they met with was impressed that they were able to turn the ten thousand dollars of seed money into about a hundred and a half thousand in only a few days and he made a call and soon had the managing partner of the law firm on the phone and a commitment for another fifty thousand, so the trust was drawn up, the checks deposited into it and some temporary user checks on the trust were issued to David and his boss as the two signatories on the account, ready to be used in a month's time once the income from the account began to accrue.

David was a bear in bed that night and I was his willing prey, the first time, the second time was my turn to show off and David loved every inch of it.

When the corrected manuscript was finished, I enclosed a note to the webmaster that his arrangements with our company remained intact, even with the death of my cousin who had made the original arrangements. The only change was we were prepared to edit for free anything written by the homegrown author this corrected story belonged to. The reply email was full of gratitude, as this was one of their favorite authors and they did spend a lot of time on his manuscripts.

The weekend proved to be a good one for Mary and Lou also. Midafternoon on Saturday they looked at a foreclosed farm near the Granby town line and they were both taken with the place. It was going to mean both their incomes would have to be counted in the mortgage application, but they did have the down payment and Lou knew of a few farmers who would rent out fields from them so that would go a long way toward the monthly mortgage payment. They could afford it and still have plenty to live off of and start their own family.

True to his word, by the following Saturday, Paul, the contractor's nephew, called and asked if we were ready to see the floor plans and drawings of some of the finished spaces. We told him we sure were and he agreed to come out here after lunch. What he had to show us was just fantastic, it actually took my breath away. He had stuck pretty close to our sketched floor plan, at least as far as room placement, but he was smarter about these things and closets and a pantry and a laundry room were added to the detailed floor plan he showed us. The upstairs was changed a lot as he showed us how a beautifully large master bedroom and en-suite was shown with two walk-in closets. There were four other bedrooms, no two alike and each had a shower bath and a full-sized window, one with two of them. He had incorporated all the ideas we had asked for from the Chuck dream and the total time frame was four months, we could possibly be living in it before Thanksgiving. The final estimate was only ten thousand over his initial estimate and when his presentation was completed, we asked when they could start. He said that with a down payment they could have a demo crew in Tuesday to start to clear the upstairs partitions that made the space so dark as the room configurations would be quite different. I went and wrote him a check for eighty thousand dollars and he produced a contract with all the particular items spelled out and referring to the floor plan we had loved.

The work crew did start on the upstairs Tuesday morning and a second crew joined them and began on the first floor after all the pertinent measurements for the new barn looking doors were taken so their workshop could begin on the four of them and a new single door could be made for the front door to the air locked entry, to conserve energy.

Mary and Lou placed an offer on the foreclosed property and on Tuesday, that same day work began on our carriage house conversion, they received a call from their Realtor that their offer had been accepted. As with a lot of foreclosure sales, sometimes the closings are swift and clear, and sometimes they are fraught with problems. In Mary and Lou's case, it was a little of both. The final walk through, just hours before the closing, revealed that there was some roof damage and that the drain pipes for the whole house had been clogged by someone pouring a bag of cement mix down the main drain from the outside access pipe.

As their Realtor frantically tried to convince the owner bank to make an adjustment to the selling price to make it easier for Lou and Mary to have these repaired, I called the president of the bank himself and told him in no uncertain terms that not only would I pull all my own personal accounts, but I would also pull all the accounts for the business and go to the local paper and tell them what had transpired. How this damage had escaped their notice, or how it was covered up until the last minute, was just unacceptable and to expect a couple that was stretching to their limit to be able to purchase that property to be able to come up with enough money to replace the roof and to pay plumbers to re-lay a new drain pipe to make the plumbing usable was unconscionable. It only took him 20 minutes to call me back and tell me that a plumbing crew and a roofer were now on their way to correct both serious problems, at no charge to the purchasers.

Their closing was delayed only two days until the needed work was completed and boy, were they happy to know that their investment was now a safe and usable home. They spent two weeks cleaning and painting the whole interior, and David and I spent the weekend in between helping a bunch of their friends and new neighbors painting the outside of the home and the barn on the property. It was a lot of fun, gay, straight, lesbian crews all working together to help friends achieve their dream of home ownership and starting their own family, what a great feeling it was to be a part of it all.

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