Ayden's Eyes: Book Two

Chapter 75

Chapter 75

 Something woke me during the night and I felt a whisper gently flitter past my ear, it stopped for a moment then flew off again. We must have a moth in the bedroom, they are sometimes attracted by Ayden's night light when they get into the house. I pushed back the covers and went to find it, because it will keep me awake all night.

 I looked in on Ayden and was nearly knocked back out into the hallway, there were thousands of butterflies in his room, his arms were reaching out to them. They covered me instantly as I slowly moved over to his bed. I felt my stomach lurch, it was going haywire.

He had the biggest grin on his face and started smiling    directly at me.

"Dah." He opened his hand and showed me a small gold coin which was placed in it.

 I noticed the dome had been taken off his fairy and she had disappeared.

"What the fuck?" I whispered and moved closer to his bed to see if he had her in there with him but I couldn’t find her, she had gone.

 "Go home dah, happies now." I looked at my son, his eyes    shone like blue pools, they were wide open and his smile got bigger, if that was ever possible. I couldn’t believe my eyes and think he had released the fairy from her prison, it was just a feeling, but I asked him anyway.

"Did you make her go home baby?"

"Me butters dah, she happy now, been here long time. Her friend go home too."

"I bet she is happy son, and I'm proud of you for helping her and her friends."

 He lifted himself up and kissed me, then opened his hand again and dropped the tiny coin into my hand. It was just like the others we got from mum but smaller. I suppose that was her big thank you present for him. I will have it enclosed and have a pendant made for him for Christmas. I then stroked his cheeks and he went back to sleep, it must have been exhausting for him. His butters made a quilt to cover him then they slowly faded away as he smiled again.

  When I got back to bed, Evan was sitting up waiting for me.

"Where have you been?" I told him and he blew his breath out, I said I would show him the coin in the morning. As I drifted off I heard that moth again, then I heard beautiful singing in my ear, I think the little fairy was thanking me too. I smiled my way through some pretty awesome dreams.

 After checking my son was okay, I took the coin out to the porch in the morning to show Horse and Evan, and I also had a small story I had to tell them. When I dreamt, the whole of fairy folk land seemed to bow to me. My father said she was very happy she was back with all her sisters at long last. He was in awe when he talked about Ayden, he was the one who had the power to release her and many others from their earthly prisons. The butterflies showed them all the way back to their lands and families. They had been frozen when they tried to go into the human world and he also said it happened during a long war, many hundreds of years ago in our time. At first they were frozen then as time progressed they slowly turned into porcelain. They had no way of getting back because their magic and little bodies were also frozen. I related this to Horse and Evan, Rita was listening in and she had a tear in her eye when I finished. I sat back and smiled at them.

I didn't get the reaction I expected from them either. When I placed the tiny coin on the table they believed me.

 "Let’s go surfing Horse, I’ve got to clear my head." Evan stood up and kissed me then went to give Ayden many, many more. Horse was still sitting there with his mouth agape.

 These wonderful things are happening around us all the time but we don't see them. My father had told me there had been many fairy folk stranded in our world, and it took a wonderful small boy to release them all from their earthly prisons. He also told me Ayden was aware of them and could detect their presence. He was in awe of my son, so much so he has bestowed many honours upon him in his world, and they have partied to celebrate the return of hundreds of fairy folk. I thanked him and will talk to Ayden about it when he wakes.

 He slept in until ten; a first for him, it was a big night. I cuddled and kissed him on his bed, then he wanted up. I pulled back the covers and he was covered in hundreds of tiny gold coins. He laughed as they fell off his body and clinked onto his mattress.

"Frends dah." Each fairy released from our world had left him a small gift of a gold coin. I scooped them all up after Ayden sat on his potty. What the hell do I do with these, he doesn’t need gold, he's got plenty. I placed the stack on the plinth then put the glass dome over them, they can stay there for the time being. Maybe Horse will think of something.

 I wiped him down then he wanted his juice and a hamburger for breakfast. I let him go as he ran up to Rita's, she will talk to me later; after it all sinks in.

 "But Spudley, now we have the shop covered you can relax a little, you know, we can chill out in our room more." Ali grinned. They said good morning to me again and I sat listening to their conversation.

"My prince, light of his father's eyes, product of his mother's womb, I have to help queen Rita today, then go down to the beach and paint, I am running out of paintings."

"But Spudley my adorable limp wristed lover, I need to tell you something really important."
"What my loyal slave; and I'm not limp wristed."

"I'm sorry Spudley I slipped up, but if you come to our room I can explain why I did."

"You want me to show you my limp wrist don't you?"

Ali blushed and said yes.

Spud jumped up and they both took off for another round of lovemaking.

 Such is my life now, I'm surrounded by horny teenagers and people I can only see in my dreams. I needed to paint again, and I know what my subject will be, Ayden's fairy.

 I took another large canvas and made sure Ayden was being watched. My pencils swept over the blank canvas and I started with her face. She was breathtakingly beautiful, like no one I have ever seen before, but she had the saddest face in the world. She was a single photo frame locked into one moment of time as she raised her arm suggesting she was about to take flight. Her tiny foot was the only thing linking her to the earth at her feet. Her gauze like wings floated out behind her and they too were frozen. To highlight her plight, I placed a glass dome over her suggesting she was trapped in time, her finger was gently touching the glass. I wept inside when I looked at her, then I tranced.

  I was confused when I became aware of my surroundings and needed something for my dry mouth, but then Ayden climbed onto my lap and snuggled into me. I looked up at the painting and my stomach cramped for her sadness.  A rope had been stretched across the porch and I could see people standing behind it, I noticed there was paint splashed everywhere, it was like I had put a little on my canvas and in a painting frenzy, a lot more all over the walls and floor. Spud came up with a sandwich and water, he again was speechless as he stared at me, his face screwed up with concern.

 The boys were standing behind the crowd and across the outside of the shack, no one was being let near to me. Only Evan was now sitting next to me, he held my hand and rubbed it.

 "Did you finish your business with Ali Spud?" I asked him. "Four hours ago Den, he will want a re-match in a minute or two. Can I ask you something?"

"Yes my friend."

"How on earth did you manage to do that painting, what's happening to you Den?"

"That's two questions baby, and when I know, you will be the first person I will tell." I pulled Ayden closer and cuddled him.

"You okay little mate?"

"Yes dah, she happies now."

"That's good, I think that's very, very good," I quietly said in his ear.

 When I looked at the painting I nearly cried out, she was so beautiful and maybe the saddest fairy in existence. Phone cameras went off constantly and I could hear Cynthia's voice coming from the cafe.

"I have to see it," she cried.

"Not now Cynthia, leave it alone." Tony had her.

 I looked at Evan, his beautiful eyes were red, he smiled and I got lost in his perfect blues. My sandwich was awesome as I was starving and the water went down and soothed my dry throat. My hand hurt and Evan was still rubbing it gently as Ayden started giving me baby kisses, he made me feel wonderful.

The newspapers called it, 'The saddest fairy in the world.' I called it, 'Trapped Beauty.' There was no other name but that one.

Everyone who encountered her image felt her hopeless, desperate struggle and I think I know now what my father was talking about. Ayden's trapped fairy and my imagination gave the world this masterpiece; even I wanted to buy it.

 Eventually the crowd’s feeling of deep sadness for the princess subsided and they started dispersing, to eat and go back to their cars, the shop won’t be opened tonight. I covered her with my light sheet, she had thrown a mournful shadow over our lives. When they had almost gone it gave Cynthia a clear path to the table, along with the others.

 "Did you bring a pie with you Cyn, I'm starving?"

"No Den, it's curry tonight."

"Even better, I'll have a double helping while your there."

"Shut up Den and let me look at her." She slowly took her covering off and her hand went straight to her throat and she made a deep guttural sound. Her tears were instant as she looked at every inch of that beautiful young girl. She took plenty of photos then had to cover her up because her tears needed attending to.

 "Here you go baby, eat this." Evan shoved a bowl of beef curry   and rice under my nose, I looked at everyone else and said,

"So you’re all letting me eat alone tonight?" There was a mad rush to get to the cafe.

"What do you think Cyn?" I asked her between stuffing the spicy gravy laden meat and rice into my mouth.

"What do you want to hear Den, because I only have human words to describe her, and they aren’t nearly enough, they don't even come close?"

She was texting on her phone, probably sending Spencer a photo, and if I'm correct he will call her soon, he might even fly over to see it.

 I wanted to eat some more so I dived in with the rest of the men and had a second helping, Ayden had some fried chicken wings and Evan couldn’t stop grinning at me. He knows that after I trance nowadays, I get pretty bloody randy.

"Can I put it on my site?"


"Just to get the buyer’s reactions, not for sale, I want to know what it’s worth to someone."

"You can do that Cyn, but it’s not for sale on it's own. I am going to do the, 'Happiness,' the sister painting to this one, then we can maybe talk."

"What?" I could see dollar signs in her eyes.

"Maybe, that's if Ayden doesn't want it of course." I laughed because I knew my baby would want his fairy in his room.

"You’re fucked in the head you know Den; no one can paint like this." Poor Cyn, she was doing a Tony.


"What Rita?"

"Keep your potty mouth shut, baby in the house." I think Tony almost fell over everyone to get Rita's biggest ladle from the kitchen.

"Thank you Tony." Rita took it and tapped it on the table so Tony grinned and said,

"My pleasure darls." He looked at Cyn.

 Horse was sitting with Rita, Ali and Spud and every now and then Spud would look at me and shake his head, they were talking in whispers. I was eyeing off my boyfriend who was looking very tasty tonight. Our son had been put to bed and the painting was stored in the spare room for now. My hand slowly slipped into the leg opening of Evan’s shorts and I flicked my finger back and forth on the underwear that covered his ball sac. He cleared his throat and excused himself, I was two seconds behind him. I pushed him on the bed and ripped his tank top off then bit him gently all over with my teeth. He shook like a frightened deer as I took my time, he wasn’t sure where this was going. I assure you he felt every one of those hundreds of nips. He also felt my thrusts as I slammed into him still nipping at his chest and lips, it was as if his whole body had come alive.

 I woke feeling really happy with myself, I had managed to give Evan three orgasms, one after the other, no breathers, no interval. He was still in bed with me, he must have forgone his surf this morning. He stirred and lifted himself up on one arm and was pink all over, I guess it got a little out of hand with my nipping. I remembered I even did his love button.

"Good morning baby." He kissed me and his hand gently went behind my neck as I turned to him.

"Good morning, did you sleep well?"

"Yes Den, like a log." His other hand started to move to my crotch area. It felt good as I spread my legs apart.

"Give me a good morning head job bub?"

"Okay." He slid to where his hand was and I received the biggest, deepest blowjob thank you for the fuck last night.

He had been waiting for me to wake up so he could watch me in the throes of ecstasy, I held his hair and forced his mouth to swallow deeper; I think he loved it.

 "Good morning baby, did you sleep okay?"

"Yep dah, morn Pa." He jumped up on our bed and started the kissing process. The light grey circles had disappeared from around his eyes and his baby blues were clear and flawless again.

 We lay there for a long time after he ran out to find his nanny. Evan was just sniffing my underarms then licking them, he then moved onto my chest, he started licking the hair and was making them soggy in the process. I told him I had to pee then shower and heard a groan when I left the bed, but I wasn't only interested in a shower. He nearly screamed the house down when his cheek and long blonde hair hit the tiles as I slammed another one into him against the bathroom wall. I really hadn't finished and needed to offload some extra juices.

 I was chuckling to myself afterwards, he wasn't prepared for that attack, but he got into the moment very quickly. I washed his beautiful body and my member was starting to rise but he was too quick, he put a stop sign up, so I had to go have my coffee instead. He joined me not long after in his wetsuit cut offs, his legs were on display and I know I will have them over my shoulders tonight. I rubbed my crotch and groaned, he moaned this time.

 I brought the fairy painting out to let it dry properly but turned it around to face the driveway. I didn't want a crowd of people staring at her. I will sell it, I don’t want Ayden to feel her sadness and I didn’t want her on my walls as beautiful as she was, she was sadness personified so I will let Cyn auction her off. Maybe I will do the sister painting and hang her on my wall all happy and free. Rita brought the coffee down and said as she placed it on the table,

"Are you all right Den?" She had that concerned look on her face.

"Yes baby, all's good, she's beautiful don't you think?"

"Yes Den, but so sad looking, is that the fairy Ayden released?"

"Yes my friend, but she's very happy now."

"Good, I can see a little of Kate in her too." She poured our coffees.

I thought about her comment and she's right, Kate has been trapped in her own little world for a long time now. I definitely will do the happy fairy, maybe it will help Kate to find her self esteem again.

 "Golden pa, golden, nanny come." He was pulling on Rita's dress, he wanted her and Evan to follow him.

"He wants you to see his thankyou gold, each fairy left a small gold coin as they were released, it’s all beside his bed." I smiled. They followed him and when they got back they just couldn’t believe it; this was some more hard evidence that it all happened.

"I will put it with the rest Den."

"Give it some time bub, he loves looking at it at the moment."

"We can’t just leave it there Den it will get pinched, it must be worth a fortune."

"I don't think anyone will take it bub, it’s fairy gold, it has magic." I stared at him.

"Okay if you say so." He wasn’t too sure. I knew if anyone tried to take it there would be a horrible curse placed on them, well that's what I think anyway. It looked nice where it was, like mum’s shells, they sort of fit the space, and of course Ayden hasn't finished his big talk with them yet.

 The sightseers and customers arrived in cars and mini buses. Rita brought the newspaper down the following day and the front page spread featured a photo of what they called, 'The saddest fairy in the world.' There was also a photo of me and the shack. Thank god Ayden wasn’t mentioned, but because of the prominent write up the crowd swelled. They were all here to see the painting which I had reluctantly displayed behind Evan’s counter. The customers also bought up big when they realised Evan had my clothing range.

 "Bubs, Ayden's fairy painting and this one would add more magic to your stock, so why don't you get Cody to design more? But wait until I do the happy fairy," I suggested.

"Den, it would be wonderful but I don't think the shop could cope with any more designs, it's bursting at the seams now. The stock needs replenishing and I just haven’t got time to do it." I got onto it as soon as I finished signing yet another autograph.

 I worked the morning away just stacking shelves. I opened the container and pulled the last of the cartons out, and with Spud’s help we managed to get it all unpacked and stacked in our lounge room. We placed them in sizes so Evan could come out and grab what he needed. No surfing today but he did go to the safe several times whenever there was a lull. He will have to buy a bigger safe soon because his old one was bursting with stacks of notes.

 Spud had to get back but before he did he hugged me.

"Just amazing Den, what a fucking star." He grinned.

"Well it's a fantastic painting that's for sure."

"How you did it is beyond me, and you tranced again. I thought that was all behind you."

"No Spud, I still have a lot of grey areas I can't remember. I guess I will always trance." I smiled then hugged him.

"Good, I did miss the drama." He giggled as he ran off.

 For the next five days we hardly saw Cyn and Tony, they were flat chat in their respective shops and Mike was telling us Jack hasn't been fishing at all this week, he's been too busy.

 The craziest weeks were the last two before Christmas so thank god Aisha and Arras turned up with two extra helpers. We had no time to formally give them nicknames, and when Aisha saw the mess we were all in, she quickly ran to Ali's and changed her outfit then started serving in our shop. She completely took over and sent one guy into the kitchen to help Bubble and Tush, the other she tied an apron around his waist and he started clearing tables. He did have a sort of mortified look on his face because his queen had rolled her sleeves up and was now a working girl.

 Arras disappeared, he had gone to see if he could help Abs or Hulk, but I did on occasion see him and Horse carry furniture into the shop from Tony's workshop. Their muscles glistened as they had taken their tops off because it was hot.

I had been deep in thought watching them when I heard,

"Den, stop it and come here."

"Yes Evan?" I felt I had been sprung once again.

"Den can you take that painting in the back, it's causing a riot in here and may get damaged. Put a big sign out the front to let people think it’s been shipped to England or something."

"Okay bub, doing it now." I grinned.

 I took the big canvas off the wall while being careful not to scrape it, and walked it out to Ayden's room then locked his door. I then made a big sign and placed it on my easel, which I in turn placed at the top of the stairs. If the crowd decreased I didn’t notice because he had me pushing buttons and gift wrapping clothing for hours.

 So much for, ‘you paint I run the shop.’ I didn’t care, I was having fun and we were all caught up in the moment.

"I think I'm going to put on a couple of more helpers Den, you need to paint, not to be stuck in here." He smiled at me and I think he's back to his mindreading again.

"Yes bub, I paint, you surf. Whatever happened to that deal?"

"I don’t know Den; it was forgotten last Christmas I think." He chuckled. I don't need to paint relentlessly like before, but I would like to do the happy fairy while she's fresh in my mind.

 The shop was clearing and when I managed to get a cup of coffee I also noticed the street was now void of any cars. Tiny said he had gotten his brother in law to block the street off, it’s too dangerous to have that much traffic out front with kids running over to Rita's and the games room all the time. He put a barrier up at the end of the street and there's plenty of parking down there. I just saw walkers and kids running so the toxins in the air will clear too. Some days we had Trip and Mel and we always had Nuts because he had closed his warehouse for Christmas. Donk, our original shop boy was flat out with helping Jack and Kate so we didn’t always have him. I don’t think Evan even knew who was doing what in the street, everyone just naturally pitched in wherever they thought they were needed. If Arras was in our shop talking to Aisha, he would serve at the same time and vice versa. It all sort of worked out in the end.

 With Anne working at Cyn’s, Mavis would arrive with her and little Emma and would help when Ems was asleep, which was most of the time. Cyn sat on her computer and the girls and Abs served customers, it worked for her because most of her business was done online. Occasionally Michelle would turn up with Shannon in tow so then it was Ayden's turn to keep him occupied playing pirates or cowboys in the back. Every time I saw him he seemed calmer and more focussed, Michelle was laughing a lot and was extremely happy.

 "Are you going to sit here all day Den? There's work to be done filling shelves, come on don't dilly dally," it was Aisha talking to me, she has taken over running everybody and everything.

Mid afternoon Evan had the chance to put his, ‘gone surfing,’ sign on his door as he finally locked up. We were all mentally exhausted and I had no way of telling how Evan was feeling but he did flop into his chair then rubbed his tummy. We were all hungry and Rita and her boys were as usual, on top of it.

 "Good god, you all look like you have done ten rounds with Mohamed Ali, eat up kids, you will need your strength for the late shoppers." Rita was on her high again and giggled as she looked at Aisha then told her her top was on inside out. Poor Aisha couldn’t stop laughing and it was good to hear. She went into Rita's home and turned it back the right way, then gave the kitchen staff some instructions. I saw the two guys who came with her run into Ali's and she said they would get the house settled then come back.

 The biggest pot of stew arrived and it was welcomed by everyone as we hadn’t eaten all day. Mel dived in, she was starving the most, I think. I saw Birdy running up the street full throttle.

"I think he heard his new mum is in town." He ran up the porch but instead of lying face down he dived at the floor and skidded up to us. Aisha helped him up and gave him the best welcome kiss he could ever imagine from his queen. She sat him on her knee and talked about how tall he had grown, and the school report she had received was amazing, she was so proud of her youngest son. Birdy lapped it up like a greedy gossip columnist.

 I started eating while Shannon and Ayden joined us and had some, Evan diced it up for him. Shannon had a few big spoonsful of mashed potato, that’s all he wanted.

Bubs sat on my knees and fed himself, he was talking to Evan about going for a surf later.

"Not today bubs, we are too busy for that." Again he was confused and looked around the porch.

"Who?" He opened his hands.

"Bub, why don’t you all go surfing and re-open at dinner time, we don't have to keep to normal shop times."

"True Den."

"Well I for one could do with a decent shower and a change of clothes," Mel said. We said our goodbyes to her and Trip and we made double sure she would come back later. Aisha gave Birdy another letter and his eyes lit up, he couldn't wait to hear what was in it. Although he reads English perfectly now, he can't read a lot of Arabic and the master writes in that language. Aisha asked him if she could read it to him, he nodded yes so she said she needed a shower too and would be back in an hour. She then took his hand and walked him into Ali and Spud’s house where she will read his precious letter to him.

 Evan and the boys who were still here whooped it up down to the beach. Shannon went back to Cyn’s for a nap and Ayden and I cleaned up the shop and I noticed Evan must have cleared the cash register yet again before he left. After we filled the blank spots we had a lie down and Bub and I were off to sleep instantly. I was dreaming of him in his wings flying across the beach looking for his sad fairy.

 When Evan came back he looked refreshed and ready to do it all over again. He was counting a stack of cash in the bedroom when his phone rang, it was Cody Mitchell. He told Evan he's shooting him another big order and an even bigger one for his European stores. They talked and Evan said he would send what he had to spare tomorrow. When he opened his laptop there was a container load needed for his Paris, London and the Milan stores plus one for Australia. He wasn’t looking too refreshed now, I thought he was going to have a heart attack.

 I was worried Aisha would complain because she wanted it exclusively, but when we explained about Cody's involvement with the range she started laughing.

"You both look so guilty, of course I know about Cody’s involvement and I don’t mind in the least, just no one else in the Asian countries is all I ask."  She smiled and went on,

"The range is the hottest, ‘must have,’ item in the world today. And I cannot wait for my stores to start stocking it."

"You will miss the Christmas rush Aisha," I said.

"Doesn’t matter Den, it's Christmas every day in my stores, Evan get onto your agent, I need a delivery date." She again giggled.

 "Now we have ten minutes so I want to see the painting and I believe some fairy gold."

I showed her both as Evan opened the shop and she agreed with Rita, the fairy looked slightly like Kate. Thank god it wasn’t busy tonight, just a trickle of shoppers. Mal took one look and decided she would go home after she had caught up with the queen's gossip. Horse and Arras dicked around like they always do while Rita actually sat with us and had a small meal. She was happy and said she's done more business now than last year; she was looking at expanding, maybe.

 I kissed our boy goodnight, he was tired but excited the men had taken him for an evening surf. They were all pumped when they got back because a pod of dolphins appeared out of nowhere and swam by and I believe a couple said hello to Ayden as they passed; well that’s what he told me.

 I made sure later on that he wasn’t dreaming, he looked like an angel and I was pleased my father was looking after him. I went back to a very confused Evan, I had left him with his stretch hipster boardies halfway down his crack and his legs in the air. I like a little suspense in the bedroom.

 The knocking in the morning woke me and I could see Horse’s gorgeous face peering through the window, the most unfortunate part was I hadn't put any underwear on last night and I was exposed to the elements. I turned over to give him a show of my perfect ass then I got a slap on the leg.

"Stop it, you will give Horse another heart attack."

"Okay bubs, do you want to make sure he goes with a grin on his face and give me a good morning blow job?"

"No Den, and stop it again, I’ve got to get up and I've got a horn now thanks to you."

He pulled the bedding off before he went to the bathroom, so I grabbed a pillow and followed him and were giggling as he slipped his wet suit on. I had a piss and kissed him goodbye then went to see if my son was up yet. No he wasn't, so I went searching for coffee.

I can't count the times one of the guys has seen us sleeping in the nude, it didn't bother me all that much except for Horse and Blue, the rest were all straight. I do think Horse gets a giggle out of it though, one day I will invite him in, a threesome with Evan would be awesome.

 My dick wouldn’t go down so I stuffed it in a tight pair of underpants then covered that with my baggiest shorts.Aisha and Arras were having early morning coffee and I was finally introduced to the new boys, they had good English and were a couple. They will look after their household and pitch in at Rita's when required. They weren't up to Tush and Bubbles’ standard but close and I could see potential, that's if they had some tight shorts on.

 Rita sat with us and asked if Ayden was having a sleep in so I told her he had been sleeping very well, then I brought the king and queen up to date with what was happening.