Picture Perfect

Chapter Two

We had initially made arrangements to stay in our off-campus rental until we found housing in the Granby area, but we were only able to get an extra month out of the landlord, as he had an incoming student who would need the apartment the first week of August, so we had to find something and get out by the last week of July.

We began our search in the three apartment complexes in the town. Only one had anything we might have been interested in, but they had no upcoming openings. We had voiced our concerns to Mr. Sargent-Major, Ken, our new boss (the principal of the school we were going to teach at) and he had told us he'd check around for us. He explained he had an extensive network of family and friends and he was sure someone would come up with something, even if it was only temporary. He called us as we were having breakfast three days after we had signed our employment contracts.

He told us about a good-sized house that had been foreclosed on just a few days before. It was located on a farm road (which we had learned wasn't a public street in town, it was a private road that allowed access to public roadways from usually the rear acreage of some of the large farms in the area). The house was on a ten-acre plot that the farmer had sold off when he was in a money crunch about 8 years ago. The couple who had bought the acreage had built a modern, open floor planned Craftsman style bungalow which had 4 bedrooms and five baths.

The property had been cared for but unfortunately, the couple had fallen on hard times after both had lost their jobs and had fallen too far behind in their mortgage payments for the bank to ignore and they had foreclosed on them and the couple had just packed what they wanted and taken off for Vermont to live with family. Ken's cousin, Arthur, was a vice president at the bank that held the mortgage and he had tried to help the couple hold onto their property, but  they just had given up and decided to move away. Art would let us look at the property today if we were interested, it hadn't been assigned to a Realtor as yet. Jeff was nodding so I asked when we could meet Art there and how did we get there?

Ken explained how to get to the property, which seemed pretty close to the area the high school was located at, and we agreed on 2 PM as a meeting time at the property. We set out for our meeting confident that we had plenty of funds available to purchase if this was what we decided to do. We had checked in with our investment broker at our bank back in Brooklyn and she assured us that we had just over four hundred thousand available in stocks and bonds in our portfolio which could be converted to cash in about 3 days should we need it. She also told us that the bank involved with the foreclosure was another branch of the bank we were with back home, so any transfers of funds would be able to be handled internally.

Confident that financially we could afford a real house to live in, and anxious about what the property would be like, we set off an hour before our meeting to drive to the property. It really wasn't that hard to find, as a matter of fact, it was one farm property behind the high school, about three-quarters of a mile away from the back of the school's fields and tracks, there was even a farm road that connected to the one our proposed property was on. In good weather, we'd be able to run/jog to work at the school.      

The drive into the property was gained from the farm road through two flag stoned pillars, one on each side of the end of the drive. The seven or eight-foot-tall pillars had lantern shaped lights on the tops and built-in receptacles for the newspaper and one also for the mailbox. There was a huge white board gate that could be left open or closed to provide a barrier to the property, today the gate was wide open so we drove in and just about a quarter of a mile in, the drive turned into a large drive around circle in front of the house, which sat at the top of the curve, this big white house with a low front roof that sheltered a deep porch that ran the full width of the house with the big green double front doors right in the middle.

The house sat in a clearing that extended several hundred feet to each side and to the rear with dense evergreen forest creating a panoramic backdrop to the imposing home. We pulled in behind a newer model SUV and from the front doors walked a very handsome man who introduced himself as Art, Ken's cousin. We introduced ourselves and Art invited us to come and view the inside first, as there currently wasn't any electric service to the property and we could see better inside with the bright sun that was shining now.

We were blown away by the space in the house. Other than a few enclosed rooms, the rest of the whole first floor was wide open. The front hall created an air locked vestibule where in the winter blasts of cold air couldn't enter the rest of the house and in the summer the air-conditioned air wouldn't leave out the front door, unless you propped open the big French doors that closed off both ends of the entry hall itself from the rest of the house. There was a big closet there within the entry itself and a console table on one side of the closet and a long bench on the other side.

Once inside the house proper, there was a formal living room to the left and a huge kitchen/family room to the right. Beautiful fireplaces graced both areas. The counter separating the kitchen area from the family room had several stools along it, making it easy to eat at and still keep track of what was going on in both the family room and the kitchen at the same time. The only thing missing as far as major appliances from the kitchen was evident by the gaping hole from the missing fridge, the other appliances appeared to be built in. Behind the kitchen was a large pantry and next to that was a laundry room, devoid of the washer and dryer. There was a large bedroom suite off this hall, stretching out back. There was the big bedroom, a sitting area with another fireplace and a big bathroom and two walk-in closets.

Upstairs was where the other four bedrooms were, each with a walk-in closet and its own bathroom, the exception was the biggest bedroom which had two walk-in closets and another fireplace also The big hall had a linen room and a den or study off it and the other door led to a flight of stairs to the insulated attic which was unfinished, and used for storage by the former owners. Back to the first floor I snooped around the back hall and found another door that led to the basement. Art told us he hadn't been down there yet as they hadn't had the electric turned on yet, but I had felt cool air coming out of the air vents in all the rooms we had been in, so I went out to our van and brought in the big flashlight we kept there and went down the cellar stairs with Jeff and Ben following.

Shining the flashlight around I spotted the control panel on an outside wall where the electric box and circuit breakers were, but this panel was more elaborate than what I was expecting and on one of the circuit breaker boxes was a label that said, "WHOLE HOUSE" and I flipped the switch from the OFF position to the ON position. The lights blazed on all over the cellar and we were able to then see that there was a room on this outside wall that held the banks of batteries associated with solar power. The house didn't need an outside source of electricity, the house was basically off the grid and could sustain itself with the use of the storage battery backup system, as the cooling system had been.

We'd have to study the brochures all stacked on a shelf in the battery room, but I guessed that there wasn't any connection to the town's electrical system to this house, it was self-sustaining and totally off the grid. We then went about turning off all the lights and then went upstairs and through the house doing the same, making sure all the lights were turned off. Next, it was time to explore the rest of the property.

Art showed us the pump house for the well-fed water system and then the other outbuildings which included a large barn, a four-car garage and workshop, a small four-room cottage and a more normal sized barn which held a lot of farming equipment, older, but apparently well taken care of. The area from the farm road to where we stood alongside the equipment barn was about an acre and a quarter, the other eight and three-quarter acres were fields and woodland where at the edge of one such field set before the woods was a good-sized pond, just over the size of an Olympic sized pool with another small cabin sitting about 25 feet from the edge of the pond. Every rooftop had solar collectors strategically placed to catch the sunlight from many angles. The wiring for this system must be buried as there were no overhanging wires anywhere to be seen.

As we strolled back to the front drive where our vehicles were parked we discussed with Art how much the bank was looking for in an offer on the property. We were surprised at what was owed on the mortgage and what the bank considered a fair asking price. Jeff and I talked about this as we took one more walk by ourselves, but this time around the back of the house where a fair amount of work had been accomplished in creating a huge patio and an outdoor eating and cooking area off the kitchen of the main house. We sat and decided to make an offer that was just 30 thousand off their asking price and see where that got us. We would ask for occupancy as soon as possible, but no longer than three weeks from now with a “closing” on the property (the exchange of funds for the executed transfer of title and deed) within 10 days of an accepted offer.

We asked Art if he had the proper paperwork with him for us to make a bid for the property and he offered us the formal offer forms to fill out and it took us about 20 minutes to fill out and sign all three pages of that. Jeff wrote out a check for the earnest money (down payment) and we presented all the paperwork and the check to Art. We explained that we were not working with a Realtor on our offer, and that was reflected in our proposed price, but we would of course, hire a lawyer to represent us should our offer be accepted or countered. Before he left he asked if there was a story behind how two guys in their early twenties, just graduated from college, could afford to purchase an estate like this. He wasn't being snide or intrusive, he was just curious and since he and his husband had been really nice to us we told him that we had done some modeling in the summers and we had saved and invested just about everything we had earned, to assure we had a comfortable future. We thought this place, with the great house, the picturesque setting, the privacy it afforded with no overlooking neighbors in any direction,well, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. We again shook his firm hand and he assured us we'd be hearing from him soon, one way or another.

We were going to visit the Grands for the weekend and had just finished packing the car when Jeff's cell rang, and he motioned for me to listen in, it was Art calling about the offer we had presented to him just two days before. He had great news, the bank had accepted our offer for the property and had already set in motion a request for a transfer of funds, all we had to do was contact our lawyer and set a closing date and to notify our financial adviser to have some of our investments converted to transferable funds, could we let him know when we had set a closing date with the lawyer and the mortgage department of his bank? We told him we would have to do all that on Monday, as it now was Friday noon and we were headed off to Brooklyn to visit our grandmothers. He understood, and we told him we'd call on Monday.

We had gotten the property for two hundred and fifty thousand, less than half its appraised value.

Our weekend with our grandmothers didn't go exactly as planned. Apparently, my mother had been to see my grandmother during the week and they had had a big row about how my mother had neglected me for the last several years and hadn't even known I had graduated, with honors no less, from college. The resulting confrontation had left my grandmother quite shaken and unsteady, but Mrs. Porter, Jeff's grandmother, had been staying with her for the last couple of days. She's the one who told us that she just seemed to have deflated after the confrontation with my mother. We spent as much time with them as possible and we tried to cheer them both up with our news about the house we were going to purchase. Each of them offered to give us money toward the purchase, but we told them we had it covered from our summer work savings and we'd like for them to both come and stay with us as soon as we got settled.

We also had a couple of nice visits with Sam and Joe and they offered to keep an eye on the grands for us, and we thanked them in our favorite way, by having great sex on their living room floor in front of them, but not just our usual 69, we cranked it up for them and they got to see us each fuck the other in front of them. Afterward, we let them wipe us both down with clean towels that they swore they would sleep with for the rest of their lives.

We made sure there was plenty of food in the house for the two grands and they both assured us they would call if anything changed. With Sam and Joe checking on them frequently we felt safe in returning to Granby and finalizing our purchase of the house. We used a lawyer from Amherst for the closing and once we had signed everything put in front of us we were presented with a big bunch of keys for the property, it was now ours. We had driven to the lawyer's office in our loaded van and we went immediately to the house to determine just what we needed to purchase right off the bat, and what could wait a while.

We had fun trying out the keys for the front door, but eventually, we got the right one, and then found it's duplicate. We each put one on our own key rings. We started by looking around at the house and the stuff left behind by the previous owners. There were, of course, the several stools at the counter between the kitchen and the family room, and a refrigerator was the first thing on our list. We measured the space left by the previous one then jotted those measurements down and started looking through the rest of the house for useable furniture. We found several bookcases which we gathered in the upstairs den/study, an old partners desk that also went in there on an older American made oriental. There were two good beds and we chose one we both liked and chose the more unused looking mattress and box spring and set those up in the master bedroom. It was a queen-sized set, so we were good as far as sheets went. There was one really long dresser in one of the other bedrooms and we cleaned it up and put that in the master also.

From the attic, we took several side tables that looked good cleaned up so two went into use as bedside tables in our bedroom and the other four we took downstairs for use in the living room and family room. There were some older but still solid wingback chairs in the living room which we moved into the family room to go with the one sofa we had found there. All we needed for these were some slipcovers and they would be quite serviceable. With the exception of some table lamps that needed new shades that was it as far as we could tell so we unloaded our possessions from the van and then went shopping.

We hit the nearest Sears and purchased a fridge, one of the new ones with a big freezer drawer on the bottom and two doors to the fridge on top. We picked out a washer and dryer for the laundry room and set up the soonest delivery possible which would be in a day and a half, so we bought one of those dorm sized cube shaped fridges we could use in the kitchen and then move up to our study when the new fridge was delivered. We also found slipcovers there and a few other things we thought we could use, like a big screen TV and a Roku system that would provide us with some TV shows and access to Netflix. We knew we had Wi-Fi in the house because we had tested our smartphones there while we were looking around and once we found the router we were able to find the password on the bottom of it. Eventually we found the neighbor whose signal we were using and paid a portion of their bill for them letting us use it.

We took everything home that wasn't being delivered and by the time everything was set in place the house was starting to feel lived in. We had stopped and picked up dinner and a few things for the morning. With everything in its proper place, we settled in for some home christening fun and we started with our bedroom. After every inch of our bodies had been licked, sucked or caressed we agreed that we enjoyed making love, fucking was the best of the lot, everything else was foreplay.

The next morning, we spent going over all the brochures and instruction manuals for the solar system, and a booklet on the septic system that had been installed when the house had been built about 7 years ago. We knew that we had a lot to absorb so we took notes as we independently went through the material and then we went through our notes together, using the printed material to answer any questions that arose. That afternoon we explored the big barn first and found there was some tack for riding still in the tack room, saddles, bridles, leads, even some pairs of chaps were stored in there and to our untrained eyes, it appeared in good shape.

There were no surprises in there and we went on to the smaller equipment barn where we were really out of our comfort zones, but we knew what a riding mower was and there were two of those that looked like they had been serviced in the spring(duh, tags from a service company were still attached), and we knew what the weed whackers were and the snow blowers were, so we really weren't that out of our depths, this property was just so much bigger than what we were both used to, but knowing what this equipment was and what it was used for made us both feel more comfortable. Our thoughts were, would we have enough time to use these tools properly when they were needed and still get to school on time (well, in the winter months). With those thoughts, we decided to keep a snow blower up by the house, inside the garage, during the winter months.

The little cottage was in pretty good condition and appeared to be self-contained. The appliances in the kitchen area were older apartment sized units, but everything was clean and in working condition. There wasn't any furniture or really anything in there, all the cupboards were bare. We talked about maybe renting it out and since we figured that it was about the same size as the apartment we had just spent three years living in we decided to look for a single or a couple we would feel comfortable living so close to.

We strolled hand in hand to the pond and while there we stripped off and "tested the waters" by wading in to check the depth of the pond and realized it wasn't that deep, only about ten feet in the center, but the water was crystal clear and a lot cooler than the warm summer air. We really got frisky there and we ended up having late morning sex on the grassy bank of the pond in the dappled sunlight of an old tree between the pond and the cottage.

After drying in the sun, we again dressed and made our way to the pump house and found more instruction manuals there and we took them with us as we made our way with our big ring of keys and let ourselves into the garage. There we saw the workbench along the back had a big vise attached to the end and several boxes under the long bench held several hand tools. The pegboard over the bench had obviously held others, but they had been removed by the former owners. We had in the boxes a couple of hammers, several different screwdrivers, a few pry bars, some sanding blocks, and even two plungers. We had the basics, and should the need arise we could add to the collection of tools, buying what we needed as we needed them.

We spent the afternoon going through what we had moved into the house and determining what our next purchases would have to be, but really, we had enough to live with as everything stood now. We did think we should have at least two guest rooms furnished just in case the grands wanted to visit, or Sam and Joe wanted to come up. They wouldn't have to drive, they could take a bus or train up. We explored the basement and we were surprised that it was such a dry basement. We decided to create a home gym down there and we even found some indoor/outdoor carpeting in an area that we thought might have been used as a rec room and set up our weights and the weight bench on it in a well-lighted corner of the cavernous space. Just setting that all up had us sweating and we played around down there and ended up christening the basement workout area for the first time.

After a week of getting to know all about our new residence and the systems needed to run it, we made another trip to visit the grands. We had talked to them every other day, but we felt they were holding back on us about their conditions. We arrived on Friday, late in the morning, and found them still in their bed clothes, still staying together in my Grandmother's home. My grandmother was not doing well at all and a phone call to her doctor didn't relieve my anxiety at all. I was told she had given up and that a nurse did check in on her and also Mrs. Porter at least once a day, but the two elderly ladies were failing and there wasn't anything anyone could do about it. Sam and Joe were also making daily trips to visit with them and they too were saddened by their decline.

We consulted with the doctor again and we took their recommendation and hired a housekeeper/nurse to stay with both grandmothers, moving in actually and giving them round the clock care. It wasn't a good visit home, but we felt better that there was now someone there to make sure they were at least eating right and were well cared for. Two weeks later we got the call, just as we were leaving to visit them, that both women, our grands, had passed away, without any trauma, during the night, one right after the other.

It took us a while to get over that and all the legal ramifications from their passing. We grandsons were left everything, our thoughtless parents had been virtually cut out of any inheritance. Jeff decided to sell his grandmother's house and so did I, but one of us had to return home to Granby as there were meetings we both should be attending at our new school, so he went back home to do that and I stayed in Brooklyn to deal with my grandmother's estate and getting the pieces of furniture from both houses sold or moved up to us in Massachusetts. I also had to deal with the accountants about the apartment block which I had inherited and set up everything in my name (and Jeff's). I went out to dinner with Sam and Joe one night, just before going home to Jeff when as we were leaving the gay club/restaurant and walking home I smelt the familiar odor of lighter fluid and the acrid smoke it produced. I told Sam and Joe to call the fire department and ran into the now smoking tenement on the corner we had been passing. It was about 10:30 PM and as I entered there were no emergency lights or fire alarms going off. I pounded on each apartment door yelling fire several times at each one and soon I had covered all three floors with the aid of another man who had exited his apartment when I was still pounding on doors and yelling on the second floor. We all made it out and sure enough the building started to collapse as soon as we all made it outside. A policeman had questioned me and Sam and Joe walked me home and saw I was safely inside my grand's house, offering to stay with me, but I assured them I was alright and shooed them home to their own bed.

When I woke in the morning it was to the front doorbell ringing and when I looked out the front window I saw the media circus on the front porch and out into the street. I quickly ran back to the bedroom and dressed, turning on the TV as I did. The morning news was filled with the story of the young man who had roused the tenants of the burning building, saving all their lives in the process. I knew that if I stuck around I would never get out of there, so I gathered up my stuff and made my escape through the tunnel to the basement of the apartment building across the street. From there I took my overnight bag and made my way to the car I was using and drove over to Sam and Joe's. There I explained that the media had gotten my address from the police report and they were camped out at the house and then I called Jeff at home and told him what was going on.

He told me there really wasn't much hurry to come home, but that he sure missed me, and he thought if I called the police station and told them about the reporters and news crews out front they might send an officer over to tell them that I was out of town. That way they might disperse and the moving crew we had hired could get in and load up the items we had from both grandparent's houses we wanted to keep and then the realtor could take over and get a crew in to get the two houses ready to sell. I did what he had suggested and within 45 minutes there was a squad car there telling the crowd to move on, and I then set the movers in motion. During this time, I had coffee with one of my grand's longest tenants and I told her that the apartments were not being sold and everything would remain the same for the existing tenants. I explained that Jeff and I were going to hold on to them as an investment and that the connecting tunnel would be sealed off. She was very appreciative, and I told her the same management company would still be taking care of the place and to continue to make her rent payments to the accountant's office as they had been doing for the last five years or so.

I called the accountant's office and asked them to notify in writing all the tenants of this and they said that was a good idea and they were going to do that right away. I met with the movers and they had everything in hand and would have everything delivered by the next afternoon, so I asked them to lock up when they were leaving, and I stopped at Sam and Joe's to say goodbye and then at the Realtor's to sign some documents and then drove home to Jeff.

The next day everything from our grand's houses we wanted was delivered and we now had all the bedrooms furnished and we used his grand's living room furniture in our formal living room and my grand's dining room table and chairs at the end of the family room nearest the kitchen. There were several nice rugs which we used in the family room, under the dining table, one big one in the living room, and the rest in the bedrooms and the office. The paintings and prints we brought here were placed around until we thought we had found their new home and then I hammered in hangers and they were in place. A few kitchen items, and we knew which room those went in, and collections of photographs and albums we stowed in the attic. Books, and we had plenty of those, were placed in the bookcases lining the study's walls

The next day we both attended the pre-school meeting for that day. We were assigned our classrooms that day and we were getting excited about starting to teach in about 2 ½ weeks. We spent that afternoon getting our rooms set up and our desks stocked, making lists of what we might need to get that the school didn't supply.

We felt we were ready for some company, so we asked our principal, Ken and his spouse Phil, the printing company president, over for a Saturday afternoon barbecue, and told them to bring their swimsuits, since we had a swimming pond. We stocked the small cabin by the pond with towels and sunblock, and put some refreshments in the kitchen there, and then had to go out and get some patio furniture since we hadn't thought about the patio when we had been to Sears for other things.

We were a bit hesitant about inviting these two older guys over, but we reasoned that their cousin had dealt us a good hand during the house buying process and Ken was going to be our boss and mentor at work, so we just tried to be as casual about our afternoon with them as we could. It turned out to be a really hot afternoon and we were dying to go to the swimming hole by the time the guys arrived. We let them wander through the house and we were surprised when Ben asked if we had any of our modeling pictures they could see. We assured them we didn't, but there were several magazines in a box in our study if they were serious, so Jeff ran up and got them and we flipped through copies of GQ, TOWN & Country, U, S, Male, Undergear, International Jock, and about a dozen other magazines and catalogs we had done shoots for, both swimwear and underwear as well as clothing. They had a good look at them all and then we asked if they were ready for swim time before we ate.

At the pond we offered them the use of the cabin and anything they might need from in there, including the snacks and beverages while we began to strip off our T's and shorts, revealing our swimsuits under. They went in to get us all towels, but returned and stripped off in front of us, not having anything to be ashamed of themselves, in fact, they were just as fit as we were, and explained they had been members of the gym and swim club in their neighborhood, as all the members of their family had, since their teens.

Jeff and I were anticipating a relaxing afternoon cooling off in the water, and that is certainly how our afternoon started, but soon both Ken and Phil got a lot more touchy-feely in the water with each other and we realized that this might have been the first time in days that they had been so naked and close to each other and we offered them the use of the bedroom in the cabin. They were of course embarrassed, but told us they hadn't had such stimulating company in a while and if it didn't offend us, they just might lose their trunks and skinny dip and see if they could rekindle some excitement in their relationship by having us just be near them, since they both found us extremely attractive, but they had an agreement that they only played with each other. Jeff spoke right up and told them that was just how he and I felt and then it was a race to see who got out of their trunks soonest.

Jeff and I were swapping spit, standing in the shallows as we frotted against each other when we heard Ken letting out some low grunts and Phil said not to worry, Ken had a hair trigger and always let off the first load and then built himself up so they could come together later. I have to admit, both Jeff and I were just as turned on by them as they appeared to be by us. I was on top of Jeff, laying on the grass on a towel, making sweet love to him, buried to the pubes and nursing on his big nipples for my first ejaculation of the day into his sweet hole for the first of our orgasms, but after a short rest he turned the tables on me and soon I was feeling his girth making itself at home in my ass, his fingers teasing my nipples as he pounded his cream into me.

As we caught our breaths, we noticed Phil and Ken on their towel just finishing themselves. We all dozed n the shade of the big tree and 20 minutes later we were again in the water, rinsing off, thanking each other for the "inspiration".

Our late lunch, or slightly early dinner was a success, the ribs were done to perfection and the side dishes we had bought at a deli, and then added our own touches to, had our guests asking or our recipes. We were exchanging compliments when Phil told us that one of their sons would love the chocolate cake we served for dessert. I guess I raised an eyebrow at that comment and the guys went on to explain a bit about how they were raised, and their own family. Jeff and I sat enthralled listening to them and in wonder of their entire family, including 'Aunt Helen' who had helped all those couples become families, and their two dads who had started it all off.

After saying our goodbyes, later Jeff and I were cuddled on the family room sofa, not really watching intently, but viewing an episode of Midsomer Murders we had seen a few times already. We both made comment about Phil and Ken being fathers, and at the same time and we discussed what we were really thinking, were we father material? We hashed out what our biggest stumbling blocks were and there were a couple. One was, would we revert to the cold unfeeling asses our parents had been, but I told Jeff that I certainly couldn't have said that about my own father, who had been loving and caring 'til the day he died. Another qualm, was did we have enough love to share? We knew we loved each other implicitly, but would even the love for a child diminish that at all? Or would it only enhance the love we felt for each other? We had certainly begun to think about it, but in the next two weeks we both became engrossed in making out our lesson plans and getting ready for our first day as high school teachers, and starting our first online courses for our Master's Degrees. During the school year, we would take one on campus, a lab course once a month, but a lot of that too could be done online too.

The week before the start of classes we went out and we each bought a 4-wheel drive sedan to go back and forth to school and the University's campus, anticipating a snowy winter. They were not brand new, but two-year-old commercial lease return with low mileage on both and a new warranty thrown in. We were pleased with our purchases and Ken was kind enough to drive us to the dealership to pick them up after they were registered and inspected for us. We thought we were all prepared for the winter semester now and we relaxed a bit.

That breathing space of about 4 days was a welcomed one and on the second day of our rest, Jeff received a call that there had been a very good offer placed on his grandmother's house, now his. The offer was for twenty-five thousand over the list price, because two buyers got into a bidding war on it and after he accepted that offer the Realtor asked if she could speak with me, as the losing couple had made an offer on my inherited house and they were offering full asking price. I accepted that offer and she said she would fax us both a copy of the offers and we had to sign them and return fax them to her, and one signed copy of each to our lawyer there in Brooklyn and his office would handle the closings for us. The grands had just earned us the money we had spent to purchase our present home, and what we had both spent on our used vehicles, plus some.

Our first week as teachers was a hectic one, but by week two we were much more settled and began to put faces to names, attitudes to names, voices to names, and that was just the other teachers! It took another few weeks to get the students down pat, but we did. Since we shared almost all our students we often discussed them at home, but only when there was an issue we felt the other should be aware of, or something we were curious to see if the other had noticed also. One such young man was Billy Berger.

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