Ayden's Eyes: Book Two

Chapter 58

Ayden's eyes 58

 Horse’s phone rang while we were having dinner, it was Blue checking in. They had all arrived there safely. He said he would rest tonight then hit the surf tomorrow, to test the water. Of course Ayden had to have a few words with him and god knows what they were talking about. His heats start in three days and I don’t expect anything on the Sky channels, but you never know.

 It was the fourth day of the carnival when they started to televise it live and we were all on the porch glued to the TV. I don't know where the crowd came from, but it was standing room only again. Rita was rushed off her feet and the boys were serving and watching it on the smaller TV in the kitchen. The telecast went on for three hours and we got to see Blue in his element. He was magnificent and Horse couldn’t have been prouder as he sat with Ayden on his lap. He seemed to be laughing as he rode those enormous waves, he ended up leading the field because his runs were all near perfect.

 We were full up and the foreshore was dotted with tents and backpacker vans. Evan’s shop was busy and I spied plenty of lookers going into Tony's. We had phone calls from the boys and we made calls, the phones were running hot. There were photographers too, mainly from surfing magazines and they wanted Blue’s dad and his mates on our beach in most of the shots. I was aware of Ayden and myself being in them but I don’t want people to start a pilgrimage here and ruin our quiet bay.

 Alex told us Blue was the toast of the town and everyone wanted to meet him. They managed to get him on camera and he waved to us all and said hello to us and his dad. He then talked about being stoked to be in such awesome company. His scores were high and we were all confident he could pull it off in the final round.

 "He has to go on the second wave Bubs. I hope he remembers what I told him."

"What are you talking about Den?"

"I think I dreamt about his win, and the message was he has to pick up the second wave."

"Oh so now you are dreaming as well as trancing?"

"I don't know Bubs but it was a real live dream, he's going to win you know. Maybe you should start a book, you know, take bets."

He gave me a quizzical look then answered,

"The odds are against me Den, your dream, Bub's predictions. They will clean me out." I laughed.

 We helped Rita clean up and everything had settled down a bit. Some of the newcomers went surfing while some dined by candlelight and some yahooed over at the foreshore. We searched the internet for a schedule of the next day’s events and the telecast times. There was nothing, but Blue wasn’t surfing tomorrow anyway. It was the next day and the last day’s event we were all geared up for.

 I was up early and wanted to make sure no one sat at our table, and that Rita had enough staff. Spud and Ali and two other guests were helping, then Tush and Bubble turned up. They flipped the eggs and bacon for breakfast while the others cleaned and served.

 Donk was on board and he and Hulk were emptying bins and generally cleaning up the front yard. Donk had parked some more jet skis out the front and by the time the carnival was over two more had sold, Evan did the negotiations and he did look pleased with himself.

"Five gone, three to go."

"You are still going to keep two for the guys aren't you?"

"Yes Den, when the last three go that's it, thank you very much Cynthia."

 Bubs was almost jumping up and down on Horse’s knees when he saw Blue wave to the cameras. The commentator said he almost had it in the bag, that's if there were no mishaps. He got three runs and the first two were perfect. Our crowd went mental and I could see tears in Horse’s eyes as Tony held his hand.

 I kept saying to myself, 'the second swell Blue, the second swell.'

He did just that, he passed on the first and even though the second one didn't look right, it turned out to be the mother of a ballbuster. Blue had an amazing ride. I half expected him to do a back flip he looked so awesome and he ended up with almost a perfect score. The spectators went mental as Nuts, Tiny and Alex and some others carried him out of the water.

I looked over at Horse who couldn’t take that smile off his face. Ayden was trying to hi five him but he wasn’t responding so as Spud passed he did some hand slapping with bubs.

The music was turned up and the beers flowed. Unfortunately, the telecast was cut short so we didn’t even hear the acceptance speeches, but I believe Horse and Surf’s Up were mentioned. One hour later the phone calls started and they didn’t let up until late into the night.

 We had a brief chance to talk to Blue and Alex who were heading for bed soon as it had been a big week for them. The television was switched from channel to channel because there were snippets of his win on the news, and we did eventually catch a bit of Blue’s speech, which was nice.

 "God I'm fucked bubs, I’ve got to go to bed." I was knackered and my head was spinning.

"I'll be there in a minute Den; I just want to clean something up."


"Just have to make a phone call, won’t be long." He grinned. I was too tired to go on and headed for bed. After giving my son his last kiss for the day I stripped and crawled under the covers.

Evan bounced on it just as I was about to drift off.

 "Twenty-five grand Den, easy money. When Ayden gets another tip let me know."

"What?" I said through my sleepy haze.

"I won twenty-five on Blue’s win."

"That's good Bubs, and the baby?"

"He gets ten per cent."

"Okay goodnight." I was too fucked to argue over percentages. I will do   that in the morning.

 My phone rang around eight thirty, it was Cynthia.

"I'm waiting on the porch; we have to talk." Then she hung up. I crawled out of bed putting my shorts and top on. I checked Ayden but he wasn’t there. I found him with Horse on the porch having his morning juice. He kissed my cheek then went back to his morning resting position against Horse’s big bare chest.

 She had ordered coffee and I poured myself a cup and asked,

"Now, what's up?"

"I have Birdy's money with me, do I give it to him or Evan?"

"Is that fucking all, I could have had another hour's sleep?"

"It's important Den, what's the answer?"

"I don't know, give it to Birdy, it’s his money."

"But he might not know how to handle it yet Den."

"Then give it to Evan, he's the investment lawyer around here." For god's sake why me? I shook my head.

 "Is he at home Den?"

"No, he left early."

"Good, show me the orb, I need to see it now."

I looked at Horse who snorted and said,

"Well you heard her, show her the orb and while you’re at it, I'll have a look too."

"Who told you Cyn, oh no, let me guess, Tony the wood man?"


 I made them wait. I sipped at my coffee slowly staring out over to the foreshore. I was watching campers pack up their things getting ready to leave. I waited until Cynthia couldn’t stand it anymore and made her move to maybe strangle me.

 "Okay, okay I'm going, come on hurry up."

I showed her the orb and she was speechless, I could literally see the figures going round and round in her head.

"It's not for sale Cyn," I said as Horse blew his breath out through his teeth.

"I understand that Den, you couldn’t sell this one anyway, it's got Evan in the nude in it."

"Where?" I snatched my carving off Horse just before he was about to have another look.

Looking through the hole I couldn’t see Evan at all.

"That’s for making me wait." Then she laughed all the way back to the table.

 "Cyn, I think you should give the money to Birdy, he might get upset if it goes straight to Evan. It will give him something real to have in his pocket. We can get Tony to talk to him about investments."

"Sure Den." She passed over an envelope to me. "You do it."

I took it and put it in Evan’s safe. She also said she had another thirty grand for Mavis but she will do a bank transfer with that one. I was pleased her vases were selling for more than expected, that's going to make Mike’s life a hell of a lot easier when he goes to med school.

Abs arrived with his board and he and Cyn headed for the beach with Horse in tow. It's only a matter of weeks before her house is habitual and I'm surprised she hasn’t moved everything down here by now.

 "Now what do you want to do this morning my son?"

"Pa ride, surf, swim."

"Okay, let's see what nana has for the boys." I walked him down to the cafe where Rita was waiting with the basket of food.

"Did you have a good week honey?"

"Yes Den fantastic, I have to use Evan’s safe, mine is full." She chuckled as she loaded Ayden up with nana kisses, that he duly wiped off his face.

 Down the beach the new men were having their daily meeting so I said my good mornings and walked our son into the surf. The boys started coming up and Evan kidnapped Ayden for a board ride. I went back to the shelter under the trees and put aside two burgers, one for me one for Evan. Everyone was still on a high from yesterday. I sat next to Ali and said,

"What are we going to do with Birdy's money Ali?"

"He's been talking to Evan about that Den, he wants to do what Spud’s doing, investing."

"Okay, then I give the money to Evan, Cyn has just dropped it off."

"No, give it to Birdy then he can pass it on, that will make sure he knows it's real at least." Grinning he passed a roll to Spud who had just joined us. My head was still spinning, I think in future I should tell Cyn to just give it to Birdy and leave me right out of it.

 Tush came down and told us that there were more reporters at the cafe and to stay here for an hour or so. They will deal with them, then send them on their way. I thanked him very much and Evan kissed my neck when he and a very happy boy arrived.


"What's yours Bub?"

"Burga dah."

"No burger for you baby, too rough on your guts."

"Burga dah, nana make burga for Ayden." His lip dropped so I searched the basket and found a small parcel with Ayden's name on it.

"Sorry bub, I couldn't see it, here you are." He snatched it out of my hand while giving me one of his sour looks.

'Dah be silly." He looked at Horse. He unwrapped the small parcel and there was a smaller hamburger and two biscuits. Thanks Rita, always looking out for our boy. I noticed the burger was a vegetable patty, very nice. He ate away with his boys, trying to keep up with their conversation about Blue.

 When they finished they headed to the shore along with my kid. Spud caught him and pulled him along on his skim board. After twenty minutes he fell into my arms exhausted. It's time for our nap, so I did the twine thing and placed his head on my shoulder.

 "How did you go with the reporters Rita?"

"Okay Den, we told them there was no one home, so they took pictures of the cafe and the boys then left." She laughed.

"Did you make sure they had a hamburger?"

"Yes Den, they ate plenty and loved them too."

"So did Ayden, that was so sweet, his own hamburger."

"He requested it Den, he's a big boy now, or so he tells me." She laughed.

"Well it was cute and he looked like one of the boys eating it."

 Her phone rang and it was Alex wanting a talk. He told her that the parties are wearing them down and they couldn’t wait to get home. They have cancelled the idea of going to America, they just want to get home. I think Rita was very happy with that decision, she was missing them.

 I washed Ayden, then he laughed at me.

"What's up bubs?"

"Daaaah Barney." So I put him down in front of his cartoons.

 Back at the porch I noticed two young kids walking up the road who weren't local, and they looked so tired.

The boys looked up then started running towards the porch. I think they have reached their destination so I beckoned them to sit at the table with me.

 "Are you thirsty boys?" I asked the older one who slumped down in one of the chairs.

"Yes mister, and hungry too."

"Well I'll order some shakes and some lunch for you."

They intrigued me, one was about twelve and the other about nine or ten.

"Are you guys on your own?"

"Yes mister, we came all the way from Melbourne."

"It took us ages, maybe two trains and a bus I think, is that right Ian?"

"Yes Flip, I think that's right and we have been walking for ages."

"Why are you here on your own, where are your parents?"

"At home, I left a note for them not to worry, I have Ian with me," Flip said.

Rita noticed the new guests and came up to see what was happening. I introduced them to her then I ordered the food.

 "I have two very weary travellers from the city Rita and they need food. What kind of food do you want guys, there's a menu on the table if you want to look at it?"

"Hamburgers please Mr. Den."

"What? How do you know my name?" I sort of laughed because they had caught me by surprise.

"I read it in a magazine and I had to come and see the magic baby and the fairy folk, they have something to tell me." Flip looked into my eyes and whatever was going on, I believed this kid.

 I looked at Rita who struggled with her emotions then went to get the hamburgers. I really didn't know what to do so I went to get Ayden, he would know. When I carried him out the kids nearly screamed. Ayden struggled to get down, he was adamant I let him go. He then went over to Flip’s chair.

"Up, up, me bubs, want up."

 I helped him onto Flip’s knees and instantly he threw his arms around his neck. The boy started crying and was very upset all of a sudden. Bubs was looking into his eyes and his hand was stroking the boy’s back.

"Can you see them Flip?" Ian asked.

"No, but I can feel them, oh Ian, they are so beautiful." He stifled a sob.

"Thank you, magic baby, thank you. I feel a little better now too." He couldn't help himself and sobbed into Ayden's neck. My butterflies erupted so I had to rub my stomach to try and calm them down. Something’s happening but I don’t feel the need to paint.

 "What's this all about boys?" Rita had come to the rescue, she sat opposite them at the table and had taken Ian's hand.

Ayden had found a comfortable spot and kept looking up at Flip.

 "Flip saw the magic baby’s fairy folk when he was in hospital and he said the baby would help him. We saw a write up in a painting magazine about the bay and you Mr. Den, and we saw Flip’s fairies. We thought if we came here the magic baby might be here and will fix him. I hope he can Mister because he's my very best friend." Poor Ian was now crying. Rita put her arm around him and rubbed his back.

 "It's all right my boy, everything’s going to be all right," she whispered.

"What is wrong with Flip, why was he in hospital?" I asked. His tear streaked face looked at me and he replied,

"He was very sick in hospital Mr. Den, he nearly died. I went to see him twice a day and sat with him while the doctors made him all better." He looked at Flip who was still having a moment with Ayden, and probably his fairies as well.

"Yes Ian, but why was he in hospital?"

"He had his kidney removed, there was a growth on it and he got allergic to the medications and went into a coma. He seems all right now but he said we had to come and see the magic baby to make sure he's good. He said the baby had a message for him."

 I looked at Ayden who was talking to Flip in baby talk, then after a few minutes he struggled down from his lap and took his hand. He led him into his bedroom and we heard Flip scream, "WOW!!" I left them to it while I made Ian another milkshake.

 "What the hell do we do now Den?" Rita was behind me.

"Let the baby talk to him, I have no idea what's going on but if Ayden can help, then so be it."

"What about their parents, they must be frantic."

"I will try and get a phone number off Ian and maybe they can pick them up, or we can drop them off." I didn't have a clue what to do. I certainly didn't want to call the police and frighten the poor fellas. Maybe Evan can help with his contacts?

 I went to the bedroom to see if everything was okay and they were both cuddled up on Ayden's bed holding each other. They were talking to the Ayden’s eyes painting but I couldn't understand a word they were saying.

Ian wouldn’t give me phone numbers, not until he knew his mate was going to be all right. So I sat with him for the next hour.

 Ayden finally came out with a beaming Flip following him.

"It's okay Ian, I'm all fixed and they promised me I would be happy and healthy, they said they will look after me." He hugged Ian and his tears arrived again. Rita reached for the tissues and handed me one.

 Horse and Evan came up and sat with us. I introduced the boys to them and Horse took Ayden in his arms. Evan started talking to Ian and eventually got a phone number, and while he went off to ring I could see a ton weight lift off both their shoulders. Then I leant over and whispered to them,

 "You guys are going to be so happy when you both move in together." Fucked if I know why I said it, but they looked at each other and hugged again. I got the feeling that if not now, maybe later on, love will be in the air for those two.

 Evan said Flip’s mum would be down to collect them, she was going to bring them down sometime on the weekend but they got in early. She knew what it was all about and told Evan that the doctors were quite confident he would live a long healthy life without any problems. He was wanting a second opinion from the magic baby, that's all. They played with Ayden in his bedroom for quite awhile and then I had to call them for dinner. Rita had made salad rolls and pea and ham soup with crusty bread, but just as we all sat down a car pulled into the driveway.

 Flip ran out to hug his mum and was telling her that he's okay now, and she shouldn’t be worried about him. He walked her up to the table and introduced us to her. A very loving, pleasant young mum she was too. She sat and had dinner with us and played with Ayden.

"I was okay mum, I had Ian with me. He got us here safe." I think Flip was trying to convince her, or maybe himself.

"It's okay son, just don’t do it again please. Dad’s so worried about you both but he couldn’t come with me because he’s got a business meeting. If I give you my phone could you give him a call please, just so he can hear that you are okay?"

 Flip took the phone and she took Ian's hand and thanked him. She then looked at me.

"He's been going on about the fairies and the magic baby for weeks now, and he is going to be all right, I know that. They got everything that was nasty out when he was operated on. It was caught very early."

"That's good, I hate hearing about sick kids, and I'm pleased he has a good friend like Ian." I smiled at the kids.

"I am too Den, very, very pleased." She smiled knowingly. I suppose Evan’s arm over my shoulders gave us away.

When all was said and done, and the food was eaten, we waved goodbye to our new friends. We were all exhausted and I headed for bed just after Ayden hit the sack. He was dead to the world when I gave him his last kiss, no need for a story tonight.

 I showered then crawled in beside Evan, he was playing possum but that didn't distract my hands from running over his silky skin. He lifted his right leg and passed me the lube. I slowly punched through his tightness and then it was a slow ride until he wanted me to go faster.

He ended up lying back to front on me, riding my manhood and gasping for breath as he gripped his dick. He moaned, I blew and in the throes of another perfect orgasm, his ass gripped me as he shot a very big load into the air.

 We all discussed at our morning coffees what had happened yesterday. Horse was the most interested and mentioned that if the kids could find this place, others also will be able to. I didn't like that idea, young kids leaving home to seek Ayden out. And what of the effect on Ayden, could his little body cope with all the sadness? I decided to let it go for the moment, it doesn’t seem to have affected him up to now. But if we get a whole bunch of people here en masse we will have to do something about it. I helped Evan put his wet suit on this morning, it didn't take long and he was a bit sexed up so I kissed and hugged him for ages.

Going back to the porch with a new canvas, I spotted the mail on the table.

 I also noticed a rather large padded envelope which had a Cody Mitchell return address on it. It was probably a new price list for his stock so I just took my mail which wasn't much and left the rest for Evan.

I painted away as Ayden amused himself in the café and at one stage Spud took him over to the games parlour. That will amuse him for an hour or two. Not long after, I heard a large truck with a container on board coming up the street but instead of turning into Tony's, it turned into Cynthia's driveway. I suppose today’s the day she starts moving to the bay. I watched it manoeuvre itself down to her backyard then it's crane lifted the iron box gently onto the ground.

 I went back to my painting and immersed myself in it. Another beach scene with the guys in it pushing Birdy on the skim board. My fairies surrounded him and Ayden was out on the ski having a ball with his pop.

A twitch went up the back of my neck as I felt someone sit at the table with me. I put my brush down and turned.

"Good morning Den." It was Susan.

"Good morning my lovely, when did you sneak in?"

"A few moments ago, I didn't want to disturb you. How are you feeling?"

"Great Sue, is Patrick here?"

"Yes Den, he's gone to surf with the boys. Where's our lad?"

"In with Spud at the games parlour, they shouldn't be long, it’s nearly time for his mid morning rest." I chuckled.

 "Rita said you wanted to talk to me about home schooling him, do you think that's wise?"

"Well at first I thought he should have school mates to interact with but then I realised he's already got the local kids that know him. Of course the holiday folk all talk to him too so I thought we would go with the home schooling thing."

"It’s actually a good idea Den. I don't think you could even get him to go through a school door, let alone sit there all day. He would be wishing he was with his adult mates on the beach." She laughed.

"Well do you know where I start?"

"Sure Den, you have to register for it in your home state, which is Victoria. But Den he probably won’t start it until he's five or six, and it spans until he's seventeen," she explained.

"I'm pretty sure he's going to be a wave chaser and we do have aspirations for him Sue, so I think it’s going to be hard to push him into any daytime job, let alone a suit."

"He might surprise you Den, he may want to go on to college, but wait and see. I can help with it, I have experience and it won’t take up a big chunk of the day. It's important to note he should be learning his ABC's and numbers now so he will be ready."

"He can hardly string a sentence together Sue."

"He can so, you’re just not listening Den." She chuckled, I pursed my lips.

 "It won’t be long before he's driving you crazy and talking non stop."

"So you say it’s no biggie if we want to home school him." I was looking for reassurance from her.

"Not at all, but keeping him focused on it is going to be a bigger job." She patted my shoulder and helped Rita unload her tray.

 "We can all help Den, he already knows right from wrong and his toilet training has been a breeze. So I don't see why we can't start loading his head up with numbers and letters, I can help Susan." Rita was being very positive. Me thinks she's excited about the prospect. Later when I had a moment to myself, I fired up Evan’s laptop and learnt that thousands of kids were being home schooled in our state.

 The ladies started talking about food and money, things they had in common. Susan was saying they had paid Patrick’s dad back with interest and they were thinking about buying land for their retirement fund. No talk about having any babies though.

 "When are your babies coming Susan?" I poked my nose in.

"When I'm ready, I need Ayden to be at least six or seven when they start so he can mentor them as a big bother." She started laughing again, it was music to my ears. I was thinking about all the times she sat with me at the hospital telling me the mundane everyday things that went on in Ayden's life. I remembered that it was she who cut my hair and sometimes shaved me. She did all my washing and made sure Ayden was safe while I wasn’t at home with him. I also remembered that I was drawn to her as a woman, but Evan’s pull was stronger.

 The boys started coming up for lunch and traipsed wet footprints through the shop. Horse looked at Susan's empty arms then he went up to the cafe.

"He's in next door with Spud," I shouted.


 He sat down heavily and started talking to Susan about some small job Patrick wanted him to do, he told her he would send Donk over to look at it. Horse told her to pay Donk a couple of hundred dollars in hand for the job and he would reimburse them, but by the look on Susan’s face it would be their pleasure to pay him the cash. Donk was making better money than he was at the tea rooms, he had told me just recently he regretted leaving Kate on her own there and said he was a stupid prick for doing that. It was her sheer work ethic that got them through the winter, and he so regretted he had never even tried to help.

 I quite often wondered if we were sent down here to mend people’s lives. Horse has Tony now, and a whole family to love with Ayden, Blue and Alex, while Trip now has his Mel, and they are sunning themselves on a Hawaiian beach somewhere. Hopefully Donk and Kate get back together, all the signs are there. I think Tiny and Nuts are doing it easy, they didn't seem to have a care in the world. Just then I felt light kisses on my neck and Evan lifted the sheet off my new painting, he gasped and said,

 "Who’s the boy in the green shorts Den?" I turned around and scanned my work. There he was, a boy of about fourteen skimming along the shore with Spud and Ali following. I didn't know the boy but I reassured Evan he's coming into our lives soon. He shrugged his shoulders and sat down then took my hand.

"Where's Ayden?"

"In with Spud playing games." I kissed his sweet lips.

Pies were ordered today so Rita organized with Tush to get them delivered to us boys and girls.

 Evan toyed with the big envelope then put it aside as he opened his other mail. He put some aside to throw out and kept the official looking ones. He looked a little excited. Our lunch was delivered and as he chewed on his chicken pie he opened the parcel and started to look through the pages.

Suddenly he let out a loud noise.

"What the fuck!"

"What's up Bubs?"

"Well I had an idea a couple of weeks ago that I thought might make you a lot of money, that envelope is from Rory and Cody Mitchell the designers. There’s a note attached to it that I think you should read."

 He passed it over and I started reading, at the bottom Rory had written,

"We just had to do it Den and Evan, we are clever like that."

"So what am I looking at?"

"Licensed products, look what they did. I only wanted suggestions for your side of the shop, they have designed a whole new clothing range." He passed over a hand drawn catalogue and Horse was chomping at the bit to have a look too.