Pirate Dan: Part Two ~ Wade

Chapter 3

Following their appearance at the courthouse, there was the public auction of the different homes and businesses. As all of the family had been declared bankrupt they knew that they would serve time for theft and extortion if they could not return what they had stolen. Being exactly like Mabel and still loving his family, Wade purchased the different family homes and most of the businesses, as long as he felt that they could be made profitable with his people looking after them.

The homes he handed over to his property manager. When the bulk of Grandma Susan’s estate was auctioned, Wade purchased the land and property for his family as it held, so many happy memories of times spent on Barrington Hills when he was a child. Thus, he saved Ruxheath Gardens.

In the time leading up to the court case that he brought against the family, the management company approached the family members, offering them lease contracts on the homes at a reasonable monthly rent. The only home he never tried to purchase was his family home, as he could not escape that SMELL when he was in the house. He couldn’t even call it home, as a home is where love is found.

* * * * * * * * * *

A week later they were all back in court. As the family stood before the judge they heard, “This is an unofficial hearing to finalize the will and the effects of the Patterson estate; however as there is a panel hearing this case, we retain the ability to sentence should it be required.”

Once the proceedings started and everything was finalized, all but father and mother provided full recompense and stated that they had been incited to do what they had done by what they called Pirate Dan and they looked at Wade’s father! The judge looked at them and asked how many had been able to rent the homes that they had lived in all their lives. All but father and mother stood.

“My clients have no idea who the landlord is, as they were purchased by a private bidder,” stated their attorney.

Judge Jefferson smiled, “Will the landlord please stand and state why you have done this.”

Wade smiled and stood. Father started shouting him down until the police forcibly made him sit down and shut up. Wade smiled, “This was a necessary move for all of the family as your businesses were all in administration and you were on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. This way the houses have been saved and placed under management to be maintained and maintenance managed for the family. It was Mabel’s wish for you all, but be warned if you fail to pay your rent and accrued charges you will be evicted and taken out off the tenant list of family members.”

Father looked at him, “Why is our home not included.”

“Silence in the court!” Shouted the judge as he banged his gavel.

“No Uncle Zeke, I will answer him. Father, after what you have done that place could never feel like home! Mabel no longer considered either you, Grandma Susan or my mother family. I personally purchased the Barrington Hills home for my own collection. That is not for rental. It will be used, I hope by Terry and his partner when he gets the courage to ask Zeke Jefferson to take the step that they are both ignoring at the moment.”

Terry smiled and looked at the Judge. “Zeke… Barrington Hills?”

“Well, Brian could move into my house and it will be there if we need it.”

Wade smiled, “Barrington Hills will remain family property, therefore in my name according to Mabel’s wishes. To be used by close family members… Peter, Terry, or Myself. My management and maintenance company will take control of it, so if you say yes then you can decorate it as you want. As all leaseholders of the family properties were told the same.”

Judge Jefferson smiled, “Well then we include my property in that portfolio, managed by the same team, but owned by my son and my son to be listed on the list of close family members.”

“What about his partner?”

Terry grunted, “Just his son!”

The judge smiled, “Exactly! I expect a monthly management invoice to be sent to me for the management and maintenance of the property.”

Wade smiled, “Exactly, which will also include the salary bill for any agreed staff.”

“Brian will …”

Peter smiled, “To avoid unpaid bills and a bad reputation, bills are paid by the management company and then invoiced quarterly with a discount for prompt payment.”


Father sneered, “Poofter Central! We never came to court to play happy families. Get on with it! Oh, and since you have a vested interest judge…”

Jefferson looked at him and smiled, “Interest? Judge Hepburn and Judge Huxley, please reveal yourselves.” The two judges’ seats were pushed through the curtained veil, so a bench of three judges were hearing the case before them. “Now as you can see, I am but one of three. Judith Hepburn is the main presiding judge…” He let it sink in, “Judith it’s all yours.”

She smiled, “I have no vested interest Mr. Richardson other than having heard of Mabel Patterson and admiring her from afar for her charitable works. Counsel do you have anything to say?”

Terry stood and glared at Daniel, Wade’s father. “You saved my life once.”

“We can all make mistakes!”

“I guess you did because you gave me a life away from your control which you’ve consistently exerted over the family members and which Wade has tried to put right. Your son is an incredible man and you’ve tried over and over to control or kill him! He was always stronger than you and one step ahead. You brought this case, knowing Mabel warned you and built in a proviso to her will.”

“You wouldn’t!”

Judge Hepburn smiled, “No he wouldn’t because he has always loved you; however, I would as it was Mabel’s wish. That is what wills and their clauses are for. The four million dollars left to you and Connie by Mabel Patterson is now revoked and will not be paid, as per the wishes stated in the will. I have before me photographs taken in the hospital ward of Sandy Pallister, mother of Bertie Pallister Patterson that clearly shows you injecting a lethal cocktail into her right arm seconds before the fatal convulsions and seizures started… I also have a recorded conversation between you and Mabel Patterson where you clearly admit to killing the girl and trying to kill Bertie, who you acknowledge as your son! As a result, since we have your own confession you are sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of early release. You will serve a minimum of 25 years for each instance meaning 50 years in total if you can’t add up.

“As for your confession on the tape that you and your wife systematically swindled Mabel Patterson out of millions and encouraged other family members to do the same, because as you say she was addled headed you are sentenced to 15 years to run consecutively with the other sentences. I make that 65 years without chance of probation or parole.”

She looked at Wade’s mother, “As for you Connie Richardson you will also serve those fifteen years without the possibility of parole. In addition, for trying to pervert the course of justice you and your lover will serve a further 10 years. I make that 25 years without chance of probation or parole since I am doing the math for you all. I would say that I’m sorry, but now I really hope that Bubba and his mates get a hold of all three of you at night.” She looked at Detective Watson, “I said all three because you were willingly involved in this deception. As you are police, I pity you when you reach prison and Bubba finds out.”

* * * * * * * * * * 

That was it, it was over and Wade returned to his tour. It was exactly a year since they had postponed the original tour. Zeke and Terry set about creating a life together and finalizing everything that the court had recovered. Wade felt no guilt, when they took his parents away, knowing that he would never see them again. 

* * * * * * * * * * 

They’d always lived in the Chicago area and most of the family property was in and around that city. Aunt Mabel’s home, Patterson Mansions was just off a large park and Wade loved it. It had been built originally for her by Bertie as they tried to move on with life after her father had died. Barrington Hills home was the one that had been her original home when mother was alive, but Mabel sold it to the original Pirate Dan’s father.

Patterson Mansion spoke old fashioned elegance with marble and oak everywhere you looked. It had two master bedrooms come suites. The main one, as Bertie was older when it was built was on the ground floor. Its identical twin on the first floor was where Mabel had her personal rooms. Mabel’s suite even had its own covered sleeping terrace, whilst Bertie’s suite also had two smaller bedrooms which were for the medical staff that had to stay with him through the night.

In total, the mansion had fifteen bedrooms in the main building, but there were another three over the pool house and a butler’s apartment over the garages. At the gate, there was a gatehouse for the security staff with three more bedrooms in the guest house on the grounds. To Wade most of all, this property said family and that was what was most important to him.

The day after the court case was finalized Wade and Peter headed out on the book signing tour with Margaret and little Bertie. The sales of the book during the time of the court case had gone through the roof and he was now number one bestseller in all of the book charts, with Hollywood film producers clamoring for the film rights. The book had also been nominated for an award.

Peter worked hard to try to keep everyone happy and scheduled extra signings and accepted the major talk show invitations. The day before Wade was to attend the Ella show he called her and asked her if she and Gemma would like to join them by attending the Gala Evening for the Trenshaw and Patterson Foundations. She was over the moon, especially when they gave her approval to film the evening and produce the CD and DVD for sale for the charities.

They arrived in the same limo and swapped partners as they walked the red carpet. Wade walked with Ella laughing and joking and Peter walked with Gemma, Margaret walked in with Bertie who was the real star that everyone wanted to have pictures of. The little boy loved the attention.

After the evening meal had been cleared and the entertainment started. Wade stood up and walked up to the stage as the music started. He just looked at everyone with tears in his eyes, “This one is for my wonderful son Bertie who is almost three and my husband Peter.”

Bertie was jumping up and down on Ella’s lap shouting, “I wuv dada!”

Sondheim started and the place went silent as Wade sang to Bertie, “Nothing’s going to harm you…” from Sweeny Todd. He had never sung in public before, but he had also never been in Los Angeles at a Gala evening for the Patterson Trenshaw Foundations before. He loved singing and had always sung in the church, this wasn’t that different. It was just bigger. A lot bigger! He closed his eyes and sang.

As the music stopped Bertie was on his feet and running to the stage to be with his daddy. The place went wild. As Wade picked him up, he looked at all of the stars gathered in the audience, “You know it’s for little ones like this one that we’re here tonight. Sure, I’m his daddy but Bertie can you tell everyone what we are.”

The almost-three-year-old looked at the people and held the microphone to himself. “He’s my brother! Daddy bad man… mummy dead. Nanna over there. Look, nanna!” Margaret was crying and laughing with Ella and Gemma sat next to her. “Look nanna I’s waving you.”

Wade smiled and as he hugged Bertie he spoke again. “His real father wanted to lose him in the system. He’s my brother, I would die for him if I had to! Right another song, papa Peter come up and get our son… Ladies and Gentlemen my husband Peter… Give daddy a kiss… Good boy now go with Papa while daddy sings.”

He waited while Peter sat down and then continued, “You know there once was an old lady that loved to tell stories and my family for generations grew up being told stories about Pirate Dan by this weird old lady who babysat for us. Hell, we even used to have food fights on the floor; battles with this wonderful Grand Dame… My beloved Great Aunt Mabel.

“Well I put her stories down in writing and kids have been reading about him for a few years now. Well, folks, this is news to even my husband, Disney is about to make a musical film about him and 50% of all profits will be donated to the foundations. Here’s the title song. ‘The Pirate’s Anthem’ followed by ‘Dan’s Lament’. I hope you like them.”

As the music started the place was on its feet cheering, screaming and chanting ‘Pirate Dan!’ and then the stamping their feet started. They were new songs, but Wade loved them and he loved what Disney had done to the book and the story. Wade had even helped write the script for the film. He ran off stage and moments later came back on as Pirate Dan with a crew of men all dressed the same as the pirates in the book. As Wade came back on stage before he said anything, the place heard, “My daddy’s Pirate Dan! Nanna, he’s Pirate Dan! I love Dan!”

The place was laughing at the antics of Bertie as he jumped up and down with Peter. Suddenly Wade heard the audience shout, “We love Dan… We love Dan…” Over and over in almost a rhythm. Wade giggled and above the din shouted, “I forgot we’ll also be creating a Broadway Musical if the film’s a success. The show will open in this theater before transferring to Broadway and the West End.” He stood there with the pirates and just bowed waiting for the place to go silent. Suddenly he was singing with all of his heart and soul. As he was singing the place remained silent, in awe at the music.

The place went wild as the music ended with people crying for more as the Pirates ran off stage. Wade came back on in a fresh evening suit, but this time with a long burgundy frock coat, with midnight blue waistcoat and trousers.

“Before the others come back on, I just wanted to sing a couple more that mean a lot to me. The first musical I ever saw was Jesus Christ Super Star. This really hit me and to be honest, it always makes me cry.” It was ‘I only want to say’. Wade had tears rolling down his face as he started to sing and the place was hushed, in awe at the singing and the voice they were hearing.

“For this last song, I need someone who can play the guitar…” The conductor came forward and pointed to a man that was facing away. “He can play for me, can he? Okay if you say so.” He looked at the audience and spoke as he took off his jacket and put on an army camouflage jacket. “Maestro, can you get the guitarist a jacket like this one?”

“People the foundations look after our throw away boys and girls, but there are also some boys and girls fighting to keep this country free. Before I go to sit down this is my gift to them.” Wade started to sing ‘God Bless the USA’. As he did, members of the forces stepped forward onto the stage. Screams from the audience were heard as they recognized family members. As the choir took over Wade looked at the families, “Come on up folks and be with your boys.”

As he started singing the man playing the guitar turned around and you just heard “Oh God MY daddy! My daddy!” At that, a little five-year-old boy raced up to the stage and the Captain just knelt and buried his face in his boy’s shoulder.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Captain Curt Bowers who carried three of his squad to safety and the final time he went back for his commanding officer the man he was carrying escaped uninjured while the captain had an incendiary device go off right where he was standing. The captain was not as lucky as his men…” There was silence as they watched the man and his boy. “President Whitmore in honor for the Captain’s bravery awarded the Medal of Honor to the captain with grateful thanks and as a result of being injured during the act of saving his men, he was awarded the Purple Heart by the President himself, when he visited the hospital soon after his memory returned.

“While Captain Bowers was in a coma his wife died of breast cancer. That was two years ago leaving little Bobby Bowers who was just over two years old by himself. To Bobby, he lost his mummy and since his Daddy wasn’t there... Well, he lost his daddy as well. Not this little boy. He never stopped believing in his hero, believing his dad would come home. He never stopped believing in the man, that to him could move mountains. The power of faith was strong enough and I believe that is what made the memory of this man come back.

“You see the Captain was missing in action. This soldier who received the honors from the President was missing presumed dead. Bobby had a visit with President Baden-McRoy when he visited Trenshaw and he even went to the White House just before McRoy stepped down as President. Suddenly there was a turnaround in the Captain’s treatment and he got his memory back about two weeks ago crying out Bobby’s name. Finding out what had happened he got in touch with the Trenshaw Foundation desperate to try to get home and trace his family.

“Well, my people got involved and found that at the death of Cindy Bowers, Bobby Bowers was placed in the care of the Trenshaw in New York with the foundation managing his estate. In reality, my partner Peter is an investment whizz and he has looked after the estate for Bobby.

“This little boy never once lost his belief that his father was alive. That he was in a hospital somewhere and that one day would see the light and come home. Never once did this little boy lose his determination. Never once did he lose hope and every night, he was on his knees pleading with God to bring his daddy home. Welcome, home Captain. Miracles do happen, sometimes you just have to shout real loud though. Ladies and Gentlemen the boys and girls fighting for our freedom!”

As the families slowly made their way back to the tables, Peter and Ella came up and helped the Captain and Bobby back to their table to sit with them. There was a gasp of realization as the audience realized that the Captain had been lost his leg and though he could walk was still unsure on his feet.

While this was happening, Wade sang, ‘God Bless America’ and as he did the choirs of the different armed forces joined him on stage. By the time the song came to an end it had been repeated twice and the whole audience was standing singing. There was not a dry eye in the hall. At that, Wade walked off stage and joined his family. As he went to sit the whole place was on its feet cheering and cheering.

The Captain stood, “Ladies and Gentlemen, what this young man doesn’t tell you is that he used his own family fortune to search for Bobby’s daddy as this little boy of mine touched his heart, so much. Luckily, they found me. I truly believe they would still be hunting if they had not.

“He has offered me a position in his businesses working with the legal team headed by his partner Peter’s father. Luckily, I am a trained attorney and have passed the bar exam for most states. Strange really as this was my first tour of duty and it claimed my mobility, for a long time my sight was also taken. That’s just returned after many operations but…” (he lifted his left trouser leg and there was a prosthetic which he tapped) “… somethings cannot return, though I was lucky compared to many. I still have my life.

“One more time, please dig into your pockets for these wonderful foundations. Next onto the stage is a close friend of mine that came out to the hospital I was in over in London. He spent a whole afternoon with me and the boys in the ward. I was able to play with him and sing which was a great honor. Ladies and Gentlemen straight from appearing at the ‘Grand Ole Opry’, my friend Mister Tempest Whitmore.”

As Tempest came on stage Bobby looked at him, “He came to visit me, daddy with Unca Wade. He told me to believe and you’d be home. I believed daddy, I did… I believed.” Ella and Gemma were just looking on in tears as the wonderful family was reunited.

Tempest smiled, “Hey Bobby what song did you like me singing to you when you saw me at your preschool?”

“American Soldier, coz my daddy’s a soldier Mr. Tempest.”

“Well you sit there with your daddy and this is for you Bobby. Captain, it’s an honor to know you.” As Tempest sang American Soldier the choirs of the armed forces joined him on stage and the place went wild as he followed it with ‘Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue’.

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