Pirate Dan: Part One ~ Skye

Chapter 33

 The filming on the new series started immediately after the two weeks that Ronny and Skye spent at the local school getting a feel for the roles that they had to portray. More than once during that time the two of them would actually break into song and sort of rehearse a scene just, so that they could play off the other and get used to how they reacted.

As they were filming James and Skye had to attend the Golden Globe awards and Tony awards as they had both been nominated. James won the best director for the project he completed before the filming of the series started and both James and Skye collected a life time achievement award for Petrov. James broke down and had to be supported by the host as Skye shared how these two wonderful men had made his life bearable. They both physically broke down though when Skye’s honorary Grandma Miss Sarah, was heard singing the duet with Skye from ‘Forever’ as the industry remembered those that they had lost. By the time the song ended there wasn’t a dry eye in the hall.

At the Tony Awards Skye picked up the best actor award for the stage version of the ‘Forever the Nay’ where he reprised the role of Connor. He then had to introduce the song ‘Forever’ as it had been nominated as best original song and they were going to play the scene from the stage show. It was the proudest moment of his life when he walked up to introduce the song that his real father James Travis McElory D’Alzony had composed. The world listened in shock when he told how Travis had been profoundly deaf.

As he went to walk off the stage as the film was about to start, James stood cheering and clapping shouting “We want Forever! We want Forever!” By the time Skye heard it and turned the whole auditorium was standing and cheering for him to sing. “Don’t tempt me, you may just get your wish!”

The host of the evening came on, “Skye we would love for you to sing ‘Forever’, but then could you sing with me the duet you sang with Miss Sarah in ‘Forever’? As we’d like to honor her great career also.” It was Anna Pleveen his co-star from the most recent Disney.

“Anna, I would be proud to remember the woman who became my Grandmother the moment we filmed together and who was there for me through thick and thin. I also know you have a wonderful voice.” He put his hand up to his mouth as if hiding what he was saying and said in a stage whisper, “This lady just starred in the latest Dragon’s Breath with me you know!”

The audience giggled, so she looked at them, “Don’t encourage him!”

“You know Anna, Forever could work as a duet and I just happen to have handed my arrangement to the maestro for tonight. Care to give it a whirl with me?” At that the two sang together as pictures and Miss Sarah and Petrov played on the screen in the background.

It was the proudest moment of his life when he walked up to collect the award for his real father James Travis McElory D’Alzony the composer. As Skye walked up to collect the award for his real father, everyone was on their feet cheering. As he stood at the lectern to talk the cheering just went on.

Skye held his hands up for silence and then said, “I wish Travis had lived to see this day. He was profoundly deaf and yet he could write music like this. While they held him prisoner the one thing, they allowed him to do and the one thing that kept him sane was that they allowed him to continue to write the music that he so loved.

“To my father, I never knew him, but Travis I will love you all of my life. Thank you.” As he had been speaking, he was signing at the same time in honor the man he never knew. As he walked back to his seat the whole place was standing, not for him but to honor of his father. Ronny and Francine were there with him and wept as they had known the real Travis.

Miss Sarah’s son pulled Skye up with him to accept her award for best leading lady in Forever the Nay stage musical that she had starred in with Skye. The whole family appeared together on both nights and Ella and Gemma were Skye’s guests. It was Ella who announced the category of best actor that Skye won.

* * * * * * * * * *

Christmas soon came and Skye was pleased with the pilot episode of Soaring high that they had created for the launch on Christmas Day, the airing was in the prime-time slot and was a week earlier than they had expected.

They had just completed the filming and James was completing the editing when it was time for them to appear at the premier of Dragon’s Breath. The place went wild as Skye stepped out of the limo onto the red carpet. This time he was escorted by Francine and Ronny D’Alzony.

With them was Grandpa Jimmy, considerably older now than when he and Petrov first started the project. Because of the amount of animation most of the work had been completed before Skye was even involved.

Skye stayed next to Jimmy all evening as he was getting worried about him since Petrov died. He seemed to have lost all interest. As they watched the film, he caught James with tears rolling down his face. As the theatre took a short break for the kids to pee, he took James outside to talk. “Grandpa you’re worrying me, what on earth’s the matter?”

“I’d been with Petrov for over 30 years and it was all a lie. How could he have been having an affair with a woman? Not only that, but it was with a close friend! I feel… betrayed.”

“I thought…”

“I didn’t want to hurt you, but they had been seeing each other for years. He was only with me in the end because she refused to marry him. I loved him, so much… even after thirty years. No matter what, I couldn’t throw him out. He gave me the chance as he refused to sleep with me for the last few months. Before we all went over to London, he told me he was leaving and they were finally moving in together... I’m sorry Skye.”

Skye took his hand in his, “I managed to talk to her son at the Tony Awards.”

Jimmy looked shocked, “Really?”

“Yes, he’s a nice guy, totally not the actor his mother was. He loves the techy side of making films. He told me that they have been having a love affair for years. He’s feeling guilty…”

“Why?” asked Jimmy.

“Because he knows Petrov was his father and he knows why he was going to leave you… It wasn’t to be with his mother, she knew that Petrov would never leave you as he loved you too much.”

He looked at Skye, “What was it then?”

“Tell me and be honest as I think you have found somethings out about Petrov since he died.” Jimmy nodded. “Chirs Armstrong…”

“They named him after…”

“They named him after the man that they both loved. Anyway, he feels as guilty when he looks at you. Love makes us do strange things, but feeling an obligation to support your child that your best friend had after a drunken fumble was an honorable thing to do. Yes, he loved Sarah, but no they were not having an affair. He stayed with Chris when Sarah was away working. He was the dad to Chris that mine never was.”


“So, they were both in a terrible situation and knew that you would be hurt if you knew the truth. You are, so lucky Grandpa. So was Miss Sarah. You loved a man for over thirty years, Miss Sarah was still deeply in love with the man that was killed when they were young and just starting out in this business. The man that died because an obsessed ex-fiancé cut his break lines to get revenge for breaking up. Miss Sarah never got over it and worked to forget, poor Chris hardly knew his mother. I spent more time with her.”

“Christopher Armstrong, nicest stunt man that I have ever worked with.”

“Grandpa, Chris has no one now. I dare say that he’d love to have chance to work for a certain director, he admires you a lot.” James smiled and nodded. “Petrov was leaving as he didn’t want you to see him when his brain tumor got, so bad that he couldn’t cope anymore and the medication destroyed him. He loved you too much for that. He might have been wrong to leave, but he wanted to protect you… Did he love Sarah? In his own way yes, as she was the mother of the little man in his life. No one could ever replace you in his life though.” Skye looked at the man that he loved, “Did you know?”

James nodded. “He never told me, but after he died, I found out he only had months to live.” Skye looked horrified, James nodded, “Apparently it was an inoperable brain tumor.”

“His headaches?”

“He had them for years and we just assumed it was the stress of directing.”

Skye shook his head. “You were not to know!”

“I know. I still miss the big Russian Teddy Bear though.” Grandpa looked at Skye, “Back to filming in three weeks sonny! We have a new script writer and musical team. Obviously, they have all of the music in your father’s catalog and know if they are going to use it then you have to agree the arrangement as you own the copyright to those songs.”

“Do I know them?”

“We’ve been lucky. One of the team is Jason Holmes the conductor. I believe you’ve worked with him in the past. The rewrite you did for the pilot on Christmas day was spectacular and I still have to thank you for it. ‘Soaring High’ is set to be a number one around the world by New Year.”

“So, who’s the new scriptwrriter!”

“Karl McIntosh, born in Scotland, he’s written screenplays for several others projects for me. Most notably the script writer on ‘Fall of Angels’ that was on the BBC a month ago.”

“I saw it! It was on while I was over there. The novel was a little questionable and was slated by the critics, but they turned it around and the whole thing took on a persona the novel failed to deliver. The work was spectacular.” 

James smiled, “Good. I’m glad you like his work as you’re an assistant scriptwriter in case of emergencies. His exact words were… If the kid hates my words then he helps me bloody well sort them out!”

“Sounds like him. He worked on the series I just completed.”

James smiled, “You seem to have an ability to instinctively know what kids would say, so step in if you feel that it’s wrong. He is expecting it!”

The work was hard, but when filming started after the New Year it only took a few prompts and glitches before the new team was working like clockwork.

* * * * * * * * * *

When people sat around the TV to watch the long-awaited Soaring High, they were not let down as the show was an instant hit. It was Christmas and Skye finally celebrated his birthday on the real day that he had been born, Christmas day. The family gathered to watch the show with the main cast and production team in the entertainment room at Skye’s mansion. With them was the new musical team.

Ronny looked over and Skye was in tears, “Hey baby boy? What’s wrong?”

“This is the first birthday I’ve not been alone or locked in a room by myself.”

“Birthday?” The whole room went silent, “How old are you Skye?”

“I can’t prove it as there’s no birth certificate, but I’m sixteen today… I think.”

Suddenly the show was announced and the music started. They stayed glued to the screen as they watched the life of Coyote Hawkes unravel. A boy who moves to Hollywood with his father after the loss of his mother to cancer. The show starts with Ronny, as his father Lenny, and Coyote duetting as they sing ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ at the Coyote’s mother’s funeral. While they sing it moves to the letter about the new job arriving, packing up and moving across the world. The song ended with Coyote breaking his heart as he held the picture of his mother.

To say the effect was stunning would be no exaggeration as the whole room was in tears and Mary was holding Skye’s hand as tears rolled down her face. The new start goes well for the father, but Coyote struggles to come to terms with life without his mum and then move and losing everything he had ever known. ‘Soaring High’ is used as the school song the teachers sing to greet the kids on the first day back, but nothing is made of it until the end of the show.

The music is mostly original and for Ronny, Skye had even reworked one of the tunes, ‘Just help yourself’. The tune was the same, but the words became an inspirational talk for the school at the first assembly. As the headmaster, teachers and students stand in a huge ensemble piece, Skye was seen to be sitting there in tears alone and Ronny looking down on him. It can be seen that the class like him and are supporting him as is his tutor.

The show depicts an emotional burn out of the boy who seems, so distant and then he sees a sign for Drama Club. For the first time he comes alive as he tells his dad he wants to sing. At his audition, he sings ‘Help!’ by the Beatles and as he’s singing, he suddenly changes and the real Coyote is seen for the first time.

The drama teacher has spoken to the headmaster, and Ronny is in the shadows as Skye sings. Skye then hears, “Well that shows you can sing son, but I want to see the full extent of your voice. I want to see emotion. Two more pieces. If you don’t have one, I can give you one.”

The full orchestra space is visible, but remains empty as a band of classmates step up wishing Skye the best of luck, as you watch, it becomes clear the band is the Bluebirds. Once they’re in place Skye nods and the music starts. The people sitting in the auditorium are shocked as they hear the music for Les Misérables ‘Bring Him Home’. The music is pure and it’s the first time you see the school friends backing Skye.

It can be seen as he sings that the drama teacher is, so shocked that he looks to Ronny for guidance. As the music stops the place is silent, students looking to the teachers for the same guidance. This does not include the classmates that had attended the audition to show their support, they were up on their feet cheering and screaming for more as was his form tutor who had his fingers in his mouth whistling for more.

For the second song, he looked at the Drama teacher and said “This is for the headmaster and if he has the balls to come out of the shadows and join me up here, we might have some fun.” The music started and it was ‘I’m On My Way’ by the Proclaimers, seconds later Ronny walks on stage and the two of them sing and dance encouraging all of the kids to join them as they have fun.

Soon the whole school were singing and dancing the popular song led by Coyote. The song sounded like it had never sounded before and by the end of the Christmas holidays the song was heading to the top of the charts and on every radio station in Australia, England, Chrysland and America. As they finished the drama tutor looked at Skye, “I think I need to tell the headmaster to schedule Drama classes on your timetable.”

The show finished with Ronny looking at Coyote saying “Welcome home Coyote, welcome home!” As the credits roll Skye could be seen walking to stand in front of the Bluebirds, the music started again and this time he sang the school song ‘Soaring High’, but this time it was sung how Travis meant it to be sung when he wrote it. The overall effect was stunning.

As the show came to an end the room was silent. Ronny turned the TV was turned off as Skye looked at Francine, “Well Mamma?”

She had tears rolling down her face. “Stunning. Simply stunning. A star is born and he’s my boy!”

Skye looked at her, “Oh, so only Ronny then?”

“Fool, I meant you, but sure Ronny wasn’t bad either.” Suddenly everyone was answering their mobile phones and the whole place generally agreed the show would run forever, or if not then for a long time.

Ronny looked at Skye, “Oh I forgot to tell you a little man with a red suit left this for you. I told him it was a birthday present and he shouldn’t be doing it as it was his busy time of the year, but he handed me these at the same time.”

Francine smiled, “Actually he couldn’t carry it all. Follow me.” As they walked back upstairs the Christmas tree was surrounded by presents both birthday and Christmas for everyone. “We have been investigating your birth for some time as you had to be born in a hospital. We finally struck payload and … well here take a look.” She handed him an envelope.

Skye looked at the document in the envelope and tears started to fall. “Paula Masters, 23:59 delivered a baby boy 24th December. I wasn’t born on Christmas day?”

Francine smiled, “The file is the medical file of Skye T McElory. You’re a lot older than sixteen my darling… Yekel has confirmed that Paula is listed as dead three years after you were born. The family discovered there were certain medical centers the adoption ring used. I couldn’t say anything sooner as I didn’t have the proof until this morning. Now we do, I can state that all of the doctors supporting the ring are in prison.”

Skye was thoughtful, “Everyone said I looked older than others my age, but mother laughed at them saying it was my genes. I now feel as if I’ve had time stolen from me. When I wasn’t working, they locked me in the house by myself with no TV or when I did have one it only had news channels. The only videos and DVDS were of shows that I was appearing in, so that I could study them or DVDs and CDs the tutor left for me.”

He went silent and then continued, “I knew everyone celebrated something, but it wasn’t until ‘Forever the Nay’ that I was working over Christmas and spent the week with James and Petrov in Paris. Then it was back to Ireland to complete the filming. I’ve never told anyone before, but in all of my… what was it eighteen years? In all of my eighteen years this is only my second Christmas.”

He sat there reading the file and smiled as he touched the birth mark no one knew he had. Francine smiled, “Is it really where they say it is?”

“Yes.” He unbuttoned his shirt and opened it down to just between his pecs.

She gasped as all of the Bluebirds present sank to their knees to honor their captain, “The mark of the Bluebird himself, so it is true.”

Skye looked confused, “What’s true?”

Mary smiled, “Every person born who is descended from the Bluebird is born with that same birthmark and in the same place. If you look at the shape, it’s a bird. It means great responsibility and the fact that there’s purple in the color means reincarnation, if you believe it all.” She smiled. “I understand now. That’s why there’s, so much excitement with these people. That mark is what verified you as the descendant of the Bluebird himself. The grandson of Lord Dalbreeth, Captain Rexford T McElory. Every one related to the Bluebird has that mark and it was clearly visible on that final shot in Forever the Nay when you were seen getting out of the water.”

Francine looked at him, “The second file is the file the doctor kept on you regarding repeated visits. You saw the same doctor for twelve years and then something happened that made him retire. As he was a member of the ring they never bothered with his records. We have everything now. Read the first file darling.”

Skye looked at her and went back to the file about his birth. He looked up in tears. “Twins?” He never took that much notice of the year listed that he was born in.

“The next document states John, who was the youngest, only lasted a matter of hours,” Francine stated.

Skye gasped, “Suffocation…? They killed him! He would have survived! They only wanted one, so he was murdered… How could they? He was my brother mama!” Suddenly an inhuman wail came out of his mouth that no one had ever heard. He was literally been torn apart inside, “He was my brother god damn it!” He hurt for his twin who never had a chance. “What am I? Fifteen and an actor who can sing or a lost little boy aged whatever?”

Ronny was at his side on a moment, “Oh baby you are, so much more! No one can answer any of the questions we have. Once we found the hospitals the Angels and the family stepped in, all of the doctors have been arrested and one was found dead when they opened the cell in Texas. He can’t hurt you anymore sweetheart! I think the men in prison didn’t like knowing that it was him that had done all of this to you.”

Skye sat in Ronny’s arms and enjoyed a cuddle, a cuddle that during all of his years had been missing in his life. “I don’t know if I want to continue anymore papa. I want to have a normal life and to be allowed to live.”

James sat with them, “No one would blame you either Baby boy, but there are kids out there who have found out they are not who they had always thought they were… Now they look to you as the boy who has been through it and survived. Skye, hundreds of kids across the world look to you… Are you going to let them down now?”

Skye looked at him and stood straightening his clothes. “No … This should be the end of it. I know everything now and at least we can all look the world in the eyes and take it by the bollocks and move forward. To hell with them. I am going to be me!”

Yekel looked at him, “Do you think you’re up to appearing on the evening news? I think James and I can botch an announcement together and I think the world needs to know you.”

“Ronny, can you call ZMTV? We own it. I want Moira Epstein here tonight; she was one of the children. I want them to cover the news and to encourage everyone at this time of year to keep going. I’ll send the plane if she needs to travel and the overtime of course will be triple. Her and Lenny Monteith, they’re both children affected by this; they can set up in the morning room or the library. I’ll do it.”

 * * * * * * * * * * 

They moved to the dining room where the staff had Christmas dinner ready for them. Skye decided presents would be opened after the meal and after the news announcement had been organized. Just as they were about to start Miles the butler that Charles had hired for Skye entered the dining room. “Excuse me Master Skye, but Moira Epstein’s returning your call.”

Skye smiled, “Thank you, I’ll take it in the library.” He looked around, “Please continue I won’t be long.”

James smiled, “I’ll join you anyway.”

As they reached the library Skye put the call on speaker phone. “This is Skye D’Alzony you were calling me Moira?”

“Skye, thank you for the call and happy Christmas boss.”

“Happy Christmas to you too, now are you and Lenny on the news this evening?”

“Yes, we are and to be honest the news is pretty flat today. What is it you want to run?”

“What prompted it was that I received my medical file from the hospital that delivered me today. I was a twin.”

“Do you know…”

“Against the information of John, it simply says ‘Suffocated’. My brother was killed because he wasn’t what they wanted. It got me thinking that there are thousands of us out there that need to know that we’re not alone and that we’re more than an entry in a ledger. I’d like to give a message of inspiration to these kids. The Queen gives a Christmas message over in England, so let Skye’s Children receive a message from Skye at Christmas.”

Tears rolled down Moira’s face. “I think it’s a cracking idea boss. Lenny is with me as otherwise he has no one at Christmas, so mum and dad look after him. We’re already in West Corvina as the news is coming from your production studio tonight. Would we be able to set up in your home? In total, it’s a fifteen-minute broadcast and we could do the interview with you and then pan to a different area of the house for the rest of the news.”

“No, I think my slot is fine, but then link back to the studio for Lenny’s comments. Somehow that’s more believable.” They discussed the content of the interview and what time they would be arriving and then they hung up to get their dinner. The others had waited and following dinner they opened presents. Not long after that Moira arrived. 

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