Feeling Comfortable in My Own Skin

Sky Rockets in Flight

When it came time to go home for Christmas, I hated to say good-bye to Aiden, even though I knew I’d be seeing him again in a week or so.  I just couldn’t stand the thought that I was going to be away from him for even a few hours, let alone a few days.  Aiden now consumes my every thought, gives me the strength to take every breath and brightens each day.  It will be difficult for me to survive when he’s not around.

Even though I hated to be away from him, I still managed to have a really great time with my family over the holiday.  I probably enjoyed Christmas more this year than any we’d spent together in the past and I think I can attribute this to the fact that I was able to totally be myself.  The problem was that no matter how much I enjoyed it I was still counting the day until I could see Aiden again. 

Even though I wanted to be with him, I guess I still had some trepidation about meeting his parents and brother.  I mean, my family doesn’t exactly come from the same social class as his and I’m afraid of saying or doing something that will embarrass Aiden and cause his family to dislike me.  I guess I'll just have to be very careful. 

When I got to the airline counter, my ticket was waiting for me, just like Aiden said it would be.  I had never been on a plane before, so I was also a little nervous about doing this too.  I had to summon up all my courage to get on the plane and then forced myself to overcome any concerns I had about flying, because I had to get to Aiden.  Damn!  Does everything I’m doing and all the changes I’m making revolve entirely around him?  Maybe not entirely, but he certainly does seem to be the reason for an enormous percentage of my recent activity. 

The flight to where Aiden lived wasn’t too bad, but we did hit some turbulence that left my heart and stomach up in my throat.  It took me a while before those organs seemed to settle back into their proper places and then I was ok again.  The landing wasn’t bad either, but we did have to wait a few extra minutes before we were able to pull up to the gate.  I heard this had something to do with the plane ahead of us taking a little longer at the gate we were also scheduled to use, but I don’t really understand how it works.  I only know that I was chomping at the bit and getting antsy to see Aiden again. 

When we were finally able to get off of the plane, I followed some of the other passengers, as we made our way to claim our luggage.  I just had a duffle that I’d put a small padlock on to fasten the two zippers together, so it wasn’t anything fancy.  When I saw the other passenger’s suitcases coming around the carousel, I suddenly began to feel a little self-conscious about not having used a better piece of luggage. 

As soon as my duffle came around, I picked it up and headed toward the exit.  That’s when I saw Aiden waving at me.  He had a huge grin plastered across his face, so I guess he was just as happy to see me, as I was to see him.  I didn’t run in his direction, but I did walk as quickly as I could, and he wrapped me up in a tremendous hug as soon as I reached him.  What the hell!  I hugged him back and then we kissed.  No, we didn’t make out, but it was enough of a kiss that even a casual observe would know we were lovers and not merely very good friends. 

Aiden then led me out to the family car that he’d used to pick me up and we hopped inside.  Once the doors were closed, Aiden quickly leaned over and kissed me again, but this time with tongue and all, so we sat there for a few more minutes and enjoyed being reunited.  I was not only in his arms again, but I was also in heaven. 

Eventually, he broke the kiss, started the engine and we were off.  The drive to his house took about twenty minutes and Aiden talked non-stop the entire way.  He told me Gavin had called and asked if I was coming and then made Aiden promise to bring me to his place, so I could spend some time there too. 

Once he’d told me this, Aiden informed me that his parents were eager to meet me as well.  Oh, yeah.  No pressure there.  At least Aiden’s parents had another son who was probably straight and could carry on their family name, so they didn't have as much to lose.  Well, we are planning on doing that too, because we want to have a minimum of two children.  We will each father one and then adopt the other's child as a second parent. 

When we reached his house, I was relieved that it wasn’t real fancy or some big mansion.  It was a large and a very nice place, much nicer than where I lived, but it wasn’t really that much different.  Once I'd disclosed this fact, I started to calm down a little. 

After Aiden parked the car, he took me inside and we found his parents sitting in the living room.  His father immediately stood up when we entered and then walked over and reached out his hand in greeting. 

“Peter, this is my father, and Dad this is Peter, my boyfriend,” Aiden announced. 

“It’s nice to meet you, Peter.  Aiden has told us a great deal about you," his father stated. 

“Thank you, Dr. Perry, and I’m very pleased to meet you as well,” I began.  "Aiden has told me a lot about you too." 

“My pleasure, but let’s end the formality.  Just call me Oliver,” Dr. Perry told me, and then Aiden grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the sofa. 

“Peter, this is my mother, and Mom this is my boyfriend, Peter,” Aiden said. 

“Lovely to meet you, Peter dear, and I’m so happy you could join us,” his mother told me. 

“Thank you, Mrs. Perry, and I’m glad to be here too,” I responded with a smile. 

“As Oliver told you, we don’t stand on formalities in this house, so just call me Jean, dear,” she added, as I gently shook her hand too.  “Aiden, dear.  You didn’t tell me Peter has such lovely manners."

I think I blushed and I heard Aiden snicker.  I wanted to elbow him, but not in front of his parents, especially since I’d made a good first impression. 

Aiden and I then sat down and chatted with his parents for a while.  During this time, we got to know each other a little better and I discovered they were truly nice and very down to earth.  Once I realized this, I began to relax and felt very comfortable around them.  After we’d spent a few minutes doing this, Aiden stood up and turned toward me. 

“Come on, Peter, I’ll take you upstairs and introduce you to the twerp," Aiden announced. 

“Aiden dear, I wish you’d quit referring to your brother in that manner," his mother scolded. 

“Mother, it’s merely a term of affection and endearment, and Blake understands it that way too," Aiden answered. 

It certainly didn’t appear as if his mother was buying his explanation, but she chose not to pursue the topic further at this particular moment.  Besides, she didn’t really have a chance to, because Aiden grabbed me by the arm and pulled me along with him, as he dragged me toward the stairs.  I followed him up the steps and then down the corridor at the top, as he led me to the second doorway on the right side. 

“Peter, this is my little brother, Blake,” Aiden stated, while looking into the room.  "Twerp, this is my boyfriend, Peter." 

Blake shot Aiden a dirty look, so I had a very strong suspicion that he didn't like the nickname his brother used for him either. 

“Hey, nice to meet you, Peter,” Blake said, while standing up.  “I’m not sure how you can be interested in my dorky brother, though." 

Blake then flashed a smug expression at Aiden, which told me Blake felt he had just paid his brother back for the ‘twerp’ comment.  I could tell this was just two siblings ragging on each other though and nothing more serious than that, but it sure was fun to watch. 

Blake looked like a younger version of Aiden and I think Aiden had told me before that his brother was 16 and a sophomore in high school.  I’m sure the girls must be all over him if he’s straight.  Aiden has told me that from all indications Blake is heterosexual and therefore has earned the title of ‘the perfect son,’ as Aiden liked to tease. 

Even though they like to take verbal jabs at each other, I discovered later that they get along really well.  Blake even went with us when we drove over to Gavin's house after lunch. 

Gavin answered the door, gave us each a hug and then invited us in.  He lived in a bi-level home, which means the entrance is halfway between the two floors, so he took us upstairs first and introduced me to his mom and dad.  He also wanted the other two to say hello to his parents, because his mother and father had been anxious to see the brothers again. 

Gavin’s family has a lovely home as well, but nothing too elaborate, and Gavin’s parents are also very nice and greeted us warmly.  After spending some time getting to know them, we then went downstairs and hung out with Gavin in the family room.  It was well furnished and I felt very comfortable there.  They had a foosball, table tennis and air hockey table, along with a large-screen TV and a nice sound system.  We chilled out there for a while and challenged each other on each of the games.  It was always Aiden and me against Gavin and Blake, so I guess this means it will always be the gays against the straights. 

We had a lot of fun and each team won a few games and lost some others.  We weren’t really serious about the scores, although we still took every opportunity to rag on the other team whenever they screwed up.  Blake had a really good sense of humor too, just like his brother, and we really hit it off well.  I discovered he took martial arts classes as well, but he’d only started because his brother was taking them.  However, I quickly learned he really was a jock, because he also played soccer, wrestled and was on the swim team.  I was impressed. 

‘You guys are all coming here for New Year’s Eve, right?” Gavin asked. 

"Of course," Gavin joked.  "Blake, what about you?" 

“I think so,” he responded, “but my girlfriend wants us to go to her friend’s party too.  I’m hoping we can go there first and just stay for a little while and then come over here to finish up." 

“Ok.  I’m counting on you being here then, so don’t disappoint me,” Gavin told him. 

Blake nodded weakly, so I took it to mean his girlfriend was giving him some serious problems about doing this. 

We stayed at Gavin’s for quite a while, before we went back to Aiden’s house.  Once we got there, we had dinner with his parents and they asked me a whole bunch of questions concerning my family, and about me in particular, while we ate.  I answered their queries honestly and nothing I said seemed to bother them at all. 

After dinner, Aiden took me to hang out with him in his room, which means we made out for a while.  I was a little uneasy at first, since there was one of those ‘Jack and Jill’ bathrooms in between his and Blake’s rooms, which they shared.  Each of them had a door into the bathroom, but neither of them seemed to ever close their door.  It was just left wide open.  However, after a while I didn’t think about it further, since Blake seemed to be cool with us being a couple. 

Aiden and I listened to music as we kissed and then just held each other.  We actually did this for quite a while, but a little later I had to get up and go to the toilet.  I headed for the bathroom, but when I walked in Blake was standing naked at the sink brushing his teeth.  I take it he was getting ready to either go out or head to bed. 

“Oops, sorry,” I said, as I quickly turned to leave.  “Didn’t know anyone was in here." 

“Hey, no need to go,” Blake told me, “Aiden and I are used to this, so it’s not a problem.   I shower with guys after sports all the time and don’t have a problem with it.  If you’re going to be my brother now too, then come on in, unless you're shy." 

“Uh, I’m not any more, at least not since your brother got me used to being naked in the communal bathroom in our residence hall,” I admitted and Blake snickered. 

“Yeah, Aiden’s good at that,” Blake replied.  “All of our friends pretty much do the same thing when they stay over too, so we’re all pretty cool with it.  It doesn't matter that you're gay." 

Having said that, Blake turned toward me, as he got ready to go back to his room.  This gave me a good look at his package and he certainly had plenty to be proud of as well.  Man, these guys definitely have a lot of self-confidence. 

I was having a blast spending time with Aiden, but I also managed to find plenty of opportunities to get to know both Blake and Gavin much better too.  I really liked each of them a lot, and even though they’re both straight, they are also really cool about Aiden and I being boyfriends.  They’ve never treated us any differently than they do anyone else and I really appreciate that about them. 

When New Year’s Eve day arrived, Aiden was busy filling me in about Gavin’s parties and explaining what they were like.  I guess Gavin’s parents are going out for the evening, as they normally do on New Year’s Eve, and I’ve learned it is also customary for them to stay at a hotel that evening.  Doing this allows each of them to be able to have a few drinks and enjoy themselves while they’re out, without having to worry about diving home afterward.  Although they rarely ever drink to the point where they would be considered intoxicated, they prefer not to take any risks, especially on this particular night.  You have to admire them for that, and besides it isn’t only YOUR driving you have to worry about.  You also have to be concerned about any others that might be on the highway driving drunk on New Year's Eve as well. 

Since they weren’t going to be coming home, it left Gavin free to have an unsupervised party.  I soon came to understand he had done this for the past few New Year’s Eves as well, but he takes precautions too, just like his parents.  Basically, he makes sure that everyone who drives to the party turns in his keys upon arrival, so they all have to stay over until the next day.  Gavin is smart enough to know that he doesn’t want to get caught up in any drunk driving issues later or end up having to explain about holding a party with underage drinking. 

Of course, with no supervision the partygoers can also make out and do things they might not be able to do with adults around, so Gavin’s parties usually attract quite a crowd of his friends.  Gavin does try to limit how much everyone drinks, because he also doesn’t want them barfing all over the place or staggering around and breaking things, if they happen to bump into something and knock it over.  He also makes sure all of his friends know about these rules and are willing to follow them, because if they do get carried away and break any of them, it will be the last invitation they’ll ever receive for one of his bashes. 

Aiden and I arrived at Gavin’s house early, because Aiden wanted to help him get everything set up.  Since he was planning to do this, I offered to come along and help too.  Gavin and Aiden started out by downloading a bunch of music they wanted to play first, but they did ask me for my opinion about each of the songs they added.  After they finished doing that, I helped them get all kinds of snacks ready, which will later be placed throughout the house.  Once this was completed, we made sure we had everything that would be needed for the party, which included plenty of ice to keep the beer cold and enough plastic cups, paper plates and napkins to accommodate the number of people he expected to show up.  Everything he was offering was finger-food, so no utensils of any type would be needed. 

After we went over every detail and made sure everything was taken care of, I went with them when they picked up the two kegs of beer.  We also picked up a large stack of pizzas we’d ordered and then we ate one of them around 7:00, but put the others away for later.  We would heat them up in the oven as needed, but we’d wait until the party was well under way before we did that. 

The other guests started arriving around 9:00 and over time the crowd began to build up, so that everything was in full swing by 10:00.  At first, Gavin’s friends just wandered around the house and talked with the other guests while the music played.  However, after they got some beer into them they began to loosen up and started dancing too.  Of course, some of the guests were also playing table tennis, foosball and air hockey in the family room, but most were merely moving about and chatting with everyone else who had showed up. 

Aiden was busy taking me around and introducing me to all of his friends, but the best part about this was that he was introducing me as his boyfriend.  It was great that he felt he could do this and I thought it was fantastic to be with a group of people who accepted Aiden and me for who we were.  I even felt comfortable enough to make out with Aiden in the open, as we moved about. 

Around 11:00, Blake and his girlfriend finally arrived.  Blake didn’t look very happy when they first came in, so Aiden and I went over to see if we could discover what was bothering him.  While his girlfriend was talking to some other people, Blake told us he was upset because he thought the party his girlfriend had taken him to was really lame, but she didn’t want to leave there.  Not only were the girl’s parents and another set of parents lurking about, but there also wasn’t anything to do besides dance and talk.  They also didn’t have much in the way of snacks and only had punch and soda to drink.  Blake said he still danced with her, even though the music they were playing sucked.  Anyways, he was happy to finally be here, so he began to unwind and have some fun. 

Shortly after Blake arrived, Aiden grabbed my hand and told me it was time for us to split off from the others.  He then led me to an area where we were completely alone, but I didn’t understand why he felt he had to do this.  I was ok with kissing in front of everyone else, but I soon found out that Aiden wanted us to be alone so he could do more than just kiss.  He soon was not only busy kissing me, but he was also running his hands all over my body.  I was so focused on the pleasurable feelings Aiden was giving me that we didn’t hear Blake enter the room and come up to us. 

“Aw, isn’t this cute,” Blake stated, playfully, when he saw what we were up to.  Aiden looked up when he heard Blake's voice. 

"Ok, twerp.  What do you want?" Aiden asked. 

“I just came to get my big bro and his boyfriend, because there’s only a few minutes left until midnight,” Blake answered.  “I thought you might want to be there when Gavin sets off the fireworks." 

“Oh, yeah,” Aiden agreed as he realized what his brother had just done.  "Thanks, twerp, I owe you one." 

“Then pay me back by not calling we twerp any more,” Blake replied, sarcastically.  Aiden flashed him a mischievous grin before he responded. 

“Ok.  Thanks, Blake,” Aiden repeated, honoring his brother’s request.  “I’ll try to stop using my pet name for you, but you know that's going to be tough."  Blake merely nodded and smiled, since he realized Aiden meant what he'd said. 

"Fireworks?" I asked, showing my surprise. 

“Yes!  Gavin always has fireworks, both at New Year’s and on the Fourth of July,” Aiden acknowledged.  “I think his neighbors even look forward to seeing them go off now." 

"Aren't they illegal?" I followed, showing some concern. 

“Only if the cops show up, and they kind of turn a blind eye to it, if you only do it on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July,” Aiden answered.  “Well, unless someone gets hurt setting them off or they cause any damage, and then they kind of have to charge you for having them." 

Aiden then grabbed my hand and led me out to Gavin’s backyard, where a crowd of people waited expectantly.  We had only been there a couple of minutes when we heard Gavin shout out the countdown. 

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one… Happy New Year everyone."

Having said that, Gavin started lighting the fuses of various aerial rockets.  Seconds later, there were loud ‘booms’ and the air was fill with colorful streamers of light.  Once those had all exploded, Gavin lit the next set of fuses, which sent the next series of rockets skyward.  Once those had also exploded and lit up the nighttime sky, the show was over and everyone moved back inside.  It didn’t last very long, but it certainly was impressive. 

As soon as we got back in the house, Aiden grabbed my hand and guided me to a spare bedroom.  Once we were inside the room, he closed and locked the door behind us. 

“I think it’s time you experience some fireworks of your own,” Aiden announced, which surprised me. 

Aiden knew I’d never done anything before, other than having performed mutual masturbation on each other back in our dorm room.  He was very sweet and gentle with me and we made out for a long time first, before he began to slowly remove my clothing and expose my bare flesh.  Once I was completely naked, he started paying attention to nearly every part of my body.  He was right.  In the end he did make me see fireworks. 

No, we didn’t circle the bases or anything like that, but he did show me how one guy can bring all kinds of pleasure to another.  His mouth was all over me, after it broke contact with mine, as he sweetly kissed, licked and sucked his way from my head to my toes. 

He started on my ears, which I didn’t realize could elicit such wonderful feelings.  Then, he moved down to my neck and produced similar results there and my entire body began to shudder.  After he’d done this for a while, he moved even lower and made his way to my chest, where he began running his tongue around one of my nipples.  I didn’t even know guys could get so much pleasure from having this done to them, but the tiny nub in the center quickly became erect from the stimulation.  When Aiden saw this happen, he began to suck on it, as if he was a nursing infant suckling on its mother's breast, but he also nipped at it as well. 

After paying equal attention to the other side, Aiden began working his way down the center of my chest, until he reached my navel.  After running his tongue around the rim, he then let it dart in and out of that small depression, before he continued to move even lower. 

I expected him to start working on my groin next, but he bypassed that area completely.  This move was puzzling to me, but I didn’t say anything as he worked his way down my right leg, until he reached my foot.  Once there, he sucked on my toes for a while, before switching over to the other foot, and then he began to work his way up the other leg. 

This time when he reached my midsection, he moved directly to my testicles and began licking and tugging on the fleshy pouch with his teeth.  He didn’t bite down on it, but he did grasp it firmly enough so he could stretch the skin in various directions.  Then, he took one of my testicles into his mouth and carefully rolled it around on his tongue, as he gently sucked on it.  When he’d done this for a while, he then released that watery orb and moved over to the other one.  He then proceeded to do the same thing to that one too, until he released it and moved on to his eventual target. 

My penis was standing tall and proud when he finally got to it and it was throbbing with every beat of my heart.  I didn’t realize how totally awesome this would feel, but my body was trembling and involuntarily jerking about from the overwhelming rush of sensations.  Very slowly, Aiden used his tongue to work his way up the length of my prized possession, until he reached the spongy tip.  He then ran his oral muscle over and around my exposed helmet and flicked it at the tiny slit in the center.  His effort had me seeing stars and I thought it couldn’t get any better than this, but I soon discovered the best was yet to come. 

I nearly passed out from the extreme pleasure I felt when Aiden brought his mouth over the tip of my dick and lowered his head downward, until he had it completely engulfed within his warm lips.  I’d never felt such pleasure or anticipation before, as he began to nod up and down on the rigid shaft and filled me with a sensation of bliss I'd never thought possible. 

I nearly passed out from the extreme pleasure I felt when Aiden brought his mouth over the tip of my dick and lowered his head downward, until he had it completely engulfed within his warm lips.  I’d never felt such pleasure or anticipation before, as he began to nod up and down on the rigid shaft and filled me with a sensation the shaft and explode in an overpowering release. 

I was totally drained by the all consuming orgasm Aiden’s efforts had produced, so it took quite a while before I was willing to move or acknowledge what he’d done.  When I finally came to my senses again, I grabbed Aiden and wrapped him up in a tremendous embrace. 

“Oh, my God!  That was so fantastic,” I gushed.  “I’ve never felt anything so incredible before.  Yeah, what we’ve done has always felt good and been lots of fun, but this was a hundred times better than any of that.  I can't thank you enough for doing this for me." 

Aiden merely smiled and then he hugged and kissed me some more.  He didn’t respond to me verbally, but he had taken me places I have never gone to before.  During that time, he made me feel as if I was floating amongst the clouds and soaring with the eagles.  It was a truly magical night and one I’ll always remember.  What a fantastic way to start the New Year. 

Once I’d regained my wits about me, I tried to return the favor, but I know my amateur and feeble attempt fell far short of the electrifying stimulation he had provided me.  Aiden still told me I’d done a great job when I finished, but I felt he was just being nice, rather than honest.  I truly hoped he’d received at least half as much pleasure as he’d given me, but I doubt that happened.  I guess this is just something else I'm going to have to practice until I get it right. 

Aiden and I stayed in the bedroom and slept there for the remainder of the night.  I don’t think I’ve ever slept so peacefully and secure in all my life.  Even though Aiden is chronologically the same age I am, in every other way he is far wiser, more worldly and mature than I am.  He has taught me so much and given me a sense of confidence that I never thought possible.  Aiden has become my life.  He’s all I want, all I need and all I dream about.  Aiden is definitely my Mr. Everything.