Bricking It

Bricking It

Bricking It



Leggo of my legos or I ain't gonna let you play wiv 'em nevermore!”


I really lost my temper that day and I still remember it now years later – and those exact words.


There we were in his bedroom, me and my best friend Davey. We'd been friends like forever and ever. I suppose both being born within a couple of weeks of each other and living next door it was sort of inevitable. Our parents referred to us as 'the twins' although we looked nothing like each other. He had golden blond hair in little curls while mine was dark and straggly. We both had blue/grey eyes and we were about the same height and weight at eight years old. They called us twins though because we were always together – or so it seemed. Either I was in Davey's house of garden or he was in mine. Well, that had been the case before school got in the way, but even when it did once school was over for the day we'd be together. Even better was when school was out for the holidays as then we could be together all day from early morning to as late at night as we could stretch our bedtime. Mind you, even bedtime didn't always stop us being together as more often than not we'd be sleeping in the same bed.


Even school didn't stop us being together. The very first day we went there the teacher decided to sit the class alphabetically. Because my surname was Bailey and his was Ward that meant we were going to be sitting far apart from each other. I was going to be in the front row and Davey would be at the back. Now you might have thought the teacher would have guessed about our relationship when we walked into the classroom holding hands, but Mrs Staff didn't. So when she was going through the class list and got to my name she told me where to sit and Davey came to sit next to me.


Oh no, you can't sit there little boy. What's your name anyway.”


Davey Ward” he replied.


Well, Davey you're going to have to sit somewhere else as your name doesn't come after Bailey.”


But I wanna sit next to Johnny. He' my bestest friend in the whole world.”


I don't care about that Davey. You're at school now and you can't just sit where you like. You have to sit where I tell you to.”


So you ain't gonna let Davey sit next to me?” I asked.


No, Johnny. I'm not.”


Come on, Davey. We ain't staying here. We'll find another school that's nicer than this one.”


I got up and walked towards the classroom door with Davey right behind me.


Where do you two think you are going?” said Mrs Staff loudly.


Somewhere nicer than this.” I said.


But before we could get the door open she'd grabbed both of us by our necks and marched us off to the Principal's office. It was to prove to be the first of many times that we went there.


He tried to explain to us that we couldn't sit where we wanted and we told him that we wouldn't stay unless we could. We sorta tossed this back and forth a few times and I could see he was getting tired of the discussion. Then he reached in his drawer and pulled out this wooden ruler.


This isn't the way I want to start your first day at school, but you two are leaving me with no alternative. If you want to sit together today there'll be a price to pay. You'll each hold out both your hands, palm upwards, and I'm going to hit each hand once with this ruler. That's the price. What do you say?”


Davey and I looked at each other. He sorta nodded.


So if we pay the price each day we can always sit together?” I asked.


He sorta spluttered as if he'd not been expecting me to say anything like that. I think he expected that we'd both just say we'd go back to class and sit where Mrs Staff told us to.


If that is what you want – yes.”


So we both held out our hands as instructed and he cracked his ruler down on mine first and then Davey's. Boy it sure hurt. We both had tears in our eyes as he told Mrs Staff to take us back to the classroom.


When we got outside for morning break I asked Davey what he wanted to do tomorrow. He said he hadn't decided, although his hands had stopped hurting now. By lunch break though he told me he'd decided and we'd face the ruler again so we could sit together. And that was what we did the next day, and the next, and the next until the end of the week.


Someone from the school must have told our parents what was happening as they had a discussion with us over the weekend to find out all about it. On Monday both our moms came to the school to have a meeting with the Principal. By then we'd already had our own meeting with him and got our hands whacked. That evening our moms told us we were both being stubborn and stupid so I guessed they hadn't been able to get the Principal to change his mind. So we went on getting our hands whacked every morning that week.


But on Monday morning of the third week when we went to see the Principal he told us just to go to class and that he didn't want to see us again over this stupid little matter. We'd won! As we walked back to class Davey and I high fived each other with hands that for once weren't stinging and painful.


Mind you, we did continue to visit the Principal quite often because of other things we'd done wrong. And it was always both of us that went – we could never get in trouble on our own.


But I guess I'd better get back to the start of the story before y'all get bored with reading about Davey and me when we started schooling.


We'd both been real lucky that Christmas as not only did Father Christmas know what we wanted, so did our parents, and we got lots of lego, as well as other things of course, but lego was what we really wanted. A couple of days after Christmas we decided that we was going to build this great big castle. It was going to have towers and turrets and a keep. On top of the highest tower we was going to put a pole and fly a flag from it.


We got together in Davey's bedroom, started building it and all was going well until he asked me to let him have some of my bricks for this turret he was constructing.


Bricks?” I said handing him a box full. “You mean you want some of my legos?”


No, I want some of your bricks you dumbass.”


Who you calling a dumbass?”


You. My pa said anyone who don't know they ain't called legos but should be called bricks is a dumbass. An' that's what you just did, so you're a dumbass.”


Well, I just lost it.


I ain't no dumbass. You're a jackass and so's your pa!”


You take that back Johnny!”


No, I ain't taking it back. Now leggo of my legos or I ain't letting you play wiv 'em nevermore.”


Well, he let go of 'em alright and threw the box full right at me. I'd had enough and stormed off back home. Of course when I got home my mom wanted to know what was wrong but I wouldn't tell her and just ran up to my bedroom. She must either have phoned Davey's mom or gone to see her because a little while later she came up to my room and told me I needed to go round and apologize to Davey for what I'd said. I told her I wasn't going to and he needed to apologize to me. She said if I didn't go and apologize I'd to stay in my room until my pa came home and then he'd deal with me.


Oh boy! I sorta got this feeling. I remembered my older brother Mark – he's fifteen now - telling me one evening a coupla years ago, that he was bricking it. I asked him what he meant and he told me he knew he was gonna feel pa's belt for the first time because of something he'd done and it meant he was scared. I didn't think pa was going to give me the belt 'cos he only started giving it to Mark after he turned thirteen, but I did wonder if I was gonna get my first ever big boy spanking and the thought of that scared me.


When pa came home mom explained everything to him I guess and then he came up to my room. He told me I'd been very rude calling both Davey and especially his pa that name and he was going to give me a spanking, after which I had to go next door and apologize to both Davey and his pa.


I was sniffling even when pa came and sat on the bed and told me to come and stand in front of him. When I was there he pushed my shorts down to my ankles and those were quickly joined by my little white briefs before he positioned me over his legs. I was doing more than sniffling by then and it was real crying when his hand first smacked down on my bum. That spanking seemed to last forever, but it couldn't have been for more than a minute or so. When he'd finished he stood me back on my feet and I did a little dance while trying to rub the sting out of my bum with one hand and the tears off my face with the other.


After I'd calmed down a bit pa gave me a hug and told me I was forgiven just as long as I went next door and apologized. So I got dressed and washed my face to clean the snot and tears, before going to see Davey and his pa. I apologized to his pa who was downstairs in the family room. He thanked me, told me it was now forgotten and to go up and see Davey who was in his room.


As usual I just walked into his room. Davey was on his bed lying face down with his shorts and briefs down at his ankles while showing me a reddy pink bum!


I walked over to him.


What happened, Davey?”


I got spanked.”


Wow! Why? So did I.”


You did too – why?”


For what I called you and your pa. I've already apologized to him and now I've come to apologize to you. But why did you get spanked?”


For throwing that box of legos at you,” he said with the semblance of a smile.


Oh, them bricks you mean.”


Yeah, them – whatever. Hey, you've seen my bum I wanna see yours. We gotta see who's pa spanks the hardest!”


And so I pushed down my shorts and briefs and showed him my bum. Once he'd inspected it we both lay face down on the bed with our arms around each other and our bums on display.


It was to be the first of many times we'd show one another our bums after a spanking.