Ayden's Eyes Book Four

Chapter 117

Chapter 117

 Evan interrupted my plans by coming up to sit with me for a while.

"And you really liked traveling into another dimension bubs?"

"Bloody hell Den, it was amazing. I felt like I was someone else and the boys looked awesome." Umm best he doesn’t go with the boys anymore, I laughed to myself.

 "Well you are one of the Archangels bub, maybe you were in that state there,"


"An Angel bub, I already told you that."

He blew his breath out and finally sat down next to me, he took my hand and said.

"True story? I thought you had been joking when you said that,"

"True story, although I call you my knight you started life as an angel, I think I mucked up the formula because instead of you being one of the creator’s mercenaries you became my knight with a perfect gentle soul."

"Mercenary? angels aren’t killers Den."

I smiled at him sideways and replied.

 "Angels aren’t killer’s bub, but Archangels are, they were created to be able to kill the dark enemies of the creator, they keep the devil at bay in layman’s terms."

"So which one am I?"

"Evangelise I think bubs, but I have always called you Knight. I created you, the creator did the other seven or eight. Oh, there's more than seven but the main ones are you Michaelides and....." I suddenly went numb and my whole body froze, I felt like I had done something really really bad.

 "Oh my god Den, what's happening?" I could hear Evans cries but I couldn't see him. All of a sudden I was bursting with color, my folk eyes came back and I could see in my real colors. Everything was so intense, the porch floor was more defined my table was awesome. I could see Birdy's intricate carvings, every fine cut of his penknife, I felt every thought he had placed in it, every piece of love. I looked at my knight and started weeping, I almost collapsed onto my chair at his beauty. He had changed too and he wasn't my knight anymore, he was the defender Archangel Michael, protector of the fairy folk, the magic baby, and Golden king and all the folk worlds. I know him I have always known him.

 "Dah, oh dah he's back, Pa don't do it, bes quiets!!" I scooped my son up and looked into his azure eyes then I looked at Evans they were both shining and when Evan looked up at the skies his arm shot up and he roared into the clouds with a terrifying screeching sound and he had instantly left our side. His wingspan was enormous, and he had white with golden highlights all over, his hair was liquid gold.

 "Sire quickly we have to contain him, think slowly and gently to bring him back, he can't be let loose because he's not in control of himself yet." I heard Tridents words then started imagining Evan back at the porch with us. I tried to gentle him and I heard his screams as he searched for something that wasn’t there, or was it, and I knew what it was too, he was looking for the black shadow and his cronies, I had seen it once or twice before maybe it was a warning.

 My son and I watched as he slowly descended, the fury on his face so obvious, but he was surrounded by a bright white light that was his protection shield, he landed heavily onto the porch, his wings folded then disappeared. I looked over at Rita who had changed into her folk self and she was helping me contain him.

 "Why have you bought me back my king?"

"Stay here with us never leave this place angel, you are not in control."

"I have too much work to do, release me and I will be on my way. I need to find my nemesis before he destroys us all,"

"You have more chances of winning the lotto than me releasing you, please calm down Angel." I guess he ignored that command.

"I will create chaos on earth if you don't release me, never before has there ever been such destruction on this planet, release me."

"Try me." I didn't know what I was saying but I felt I was more powerful than him, so I crossed my arms and was ready for anything he wanted to throw my way.

He raised his arms and Trident quickly jumped in front of me and Ayden.

 "Don't you dare Archangel, don’t you bloody well dare touch the divine one, have you forgotten he can annihilate you with just a blink of an eye?"

 "Pa me." Ayden reached over and stroked Evans' cheek and he looked at him in shock and confusion. I could feel the defender’s shields breaking down and Evan slowly came back to us as our knight, his long white hair enveloping his body. I took a leaf out of my son's book and did the same. I touched his other cheek and was trying to calm him down slowly.

 "Bubs, everything’s okay again, please calm down." I looked at Trident for guidance, then I had to go and say it.

"Divine one?"

He cleared his handle and spoke.

 "There are many gods sire, the divine one is only one of them, and a minor one at that."

I don’t want to know, but I do want to know what’s happening with my Knight.

 "What just happened Trident?"

"You called him by his real name and the Archangel returned momentarily, but he has brought with him some terrible consequences. We have to work hard to suppress him if the folk have any chance of survival on this earth."

"Was he sent here for a purpose?"

"Yes sir, the black King was slowly changing the folk over to the dark side. The almighty creator sent all of his Archangels to defend the earth, you also sent yours ahead of yourself, because only you could control him, and he was, and is the most powerful one of all, a veritable killing machine."

"He's my personal guardian angel then, I created him." It wasn’t a question.

"Yes, sire release him and we are all lost and the war will break out again, he will cause havoc looking for every dark shadow that was left here and in the vast hidden dimensions."

"So what really happened with the Black King and the rapes?"

"There are two universes sire, the good and the ugly, the Yin and Yan, for every good Angel, there is a Dark Angel, he searches for them in his ethereal state he was sent to destroy them but was captured by his dark namesake, his nemeses. The rest you know and I suspect by your timing you have been seeing a dark shadow recently. I will add, you calmed him down when you bonded to him forever, but his real purpose is full of destruction and revenge for those dark shadows. He still seeks out the dark ones and the dark ones still try to control you and the prince, but they can't, it's impossible." I slumped.

 "Are there many dark ones left? my son said they had all gone away."

"We must finish our uploading sire it's now become more than urgent."

"Fucking tell me Trident otherwise I will banish you from my sight forever." I felt him shiver.

 "Sire, your Creators army of Archangels are still here with you, they protect you and your son, they have always been with you. If your knight returns fully, he will awaken them to return with him and the destruction will begin. They are responsible for killing all the dark Angels but one that we know of, Michael's nemesis who I can't name. I suspect he's the one you have been seeing lately. He's trying to come back to kill Evan and the prince then he will have you in his sights." Bloody hell it just keeps getting better and better I thought.

 "For them, this is only a moment in time, for the folk many years, for the humankind, many eons. If the namesake returns he will lead them on a chase to every corner of creation and begin destroying all that is good in his wake, humans and all."

"Who are they and who is Evan?"

"Who is what Sire?" He was ignoring me again.

 "The Angels who are they?" I felt Tridents deep beating thud through the floorboards. Then I watched Rita again she had changed into someone so beautiful, it hurt my eyes to look at her. Her gold and green aura was breathtaking. She was my human equal almost, and was at the ready to do some damage as she took Ayden gently from of my arms. She was also gentling Evan with her other hand. She's protecting them both because when I find out what's really going on, she already knows I can go a little bat crazy nuts. I had already rested my hand on Evans left shoulder that has calmed him into silence for the time being.

 "I will only give you their current names sire, if I mention the real ones they will try to awaken, you mentioned Evans that's why he changed, you made it so, you hid him away so he won't attract the dark ones."

"Who damn it Trident, obey me," I screamed.

Then I felt his inner terror.

 "Horse, Tiny, Donk, Nut's, Tim, Trip, Abs, Kate and Evan" I figured they had something to do with it, but I didn't figure on Kate being in there somewhere, I heard Rita gasp.

 "And Ayden?"

"He's your son, he's liquid love, he is the savior of mankind nothing can touch him, nothing can harm him, he is, in essence, the creator's host at this moment in time" I went numb and started to process what I had heard.

 "Sire we must join, please sire he mustn’t hear all this, I don't know how it will affect him." He begged me.

After leaving Evan and Ayden in Rita's capable hands I transported us to the bedroom where I held his handle and the revelations came through thick and fast.

 The creator made me and had adored me, after all, he had been very lonely on his own. He was so in love he couldn’t tell me because in the meantime I had created Evan to love, so the creator thought he could show me love instead, by helping me to create a son for us. A son I would cherish throughout eternity and that made him very happy because he had placed a lot of himself in my baby boy.

 He had suddenly disappeared after I left for the folklands where I found Evan in so much pain, my son appeared again when we entered the earth. No wonder Ayden has so much magic, and by all accounts, even he doesn't realize it. In Tridents runes I read that when the war is over we all will stay as we are, in our perfect state, never dying never aging never losing our magic. I also got an image of Ayden in his late teens, that was his perfect state, that state he will stay in forever.

 My father featured also, he once told me his father and all the combined fairy magic sent him to earth for a few weeks to find my mother. She had no idea she was earth fairy and she went to her death not knowing if my father was alive or dead. They had bonded, and she hadn't even realized it. I felt so much sadness for her, she must have been terrified in that state. I saw Carol falling, she felt no pain, she was also of the earth fairy, and also didn't know. I was feeling better when I woke, I opened my eyes and the colors were bright but my eyes didn't hurt anymore. I knew they had returned to their old color and everything was back to normal in my world.

 "What do I do about Evan, and who is Evan really?"

There was silence for a moment, I squeezed Tridents handle, he knows I can shatter him at any given moment.

 "He's the Archangel Michaelides sire, one of the most powerful Angel's of all, he can destroy human life in one sweep of the earth, but he can also bring compassion to the ones he loves. A killing machine like no other, the annihilator of worlds and the outer dimensions." He shuddered.

I went into shock because hearing that made me scared for my family and friends. I always knew Evan was an angel of some sorts, I just didn't know he was the godfather of all angels.

 "What do I do about him?" My stomach dropped and I now became desperate.

 "It's been done sire, the mother earth and little prince have put protections in place, he won't remember. Keep in mind he's a killer and he will always be protecting you and the golden prince first and foremost, he can never harm you or your fairy folk, thank god. You must never call him by his real name, you have placed strong bonds on him, but you also created a back door key by using his real name you can call him instantly if there's a major outbreak of war, and only you can command him in that state. It will be painful for you being who you are sometimes, but the good times far outweigh the bad ones." I felt him smile as he changed into his human form. His hand took mine and he bowed then kissed it gently. Oh, hell I’m now getting a stiff.

 "There is also a lot of good things coming your way, it starts today you will remember the spell when you see him, but I will leave it for now. Something wonderful is about to happen because of this day and I think you are going to love doing it. Only one of many miracles to come, your colors have returned and your memory will follow." He kissed my mouth and tweaked my nipple. He was trying to calm me down by changing the subject.

"Feeling better now my sireness?"

"One more question?"

"Yes sire?"

"Where is the dark shadow and why am I seeing him?"

"He scours the outer dimensions of the dark world, as he passes ours you can see his shadow. I don’t know if he saw Evans little outburst but I do know that one day he will return to do battle with the Archangels, we must be vigilant. The little prince will be the first to see him." He again kissed me on the lips.

"I can’t understand why everyone is drawn to you sire, I think you’re a rubbish kisser."

 He left laughing that guttural one I loved so much, I guess his new house is waiting for his return, I will have to go and visit him sometimes.

 I got off the bed and went to the bathroom, my eyes were normal and my colors were seen only with a rainbow aura. I was more confused than ever so I will try and talk to father about it when I can. I walked out to the porch and looked for my guy and son, they were both in Rita's kitchen having hamburgers so I joined them. Nothing was said and Evan seemed normal again. Rita still kept her eye on him just in case then she caught mine and winked.

 "Are you still going to the supply shop Den?"

"Yes when these two pesky rascals are ready, I'm out of canvasses and the images are piling up in my head." I laughed, Evan leaned in and kissed me. My son giggled because, well, because he's just a happy little kid.

 He had to share his doughnuts with his mates today because Rita had run short of them. Evan was being more attentive as we walked past our bedroom to go out the back he wanted to slip into the bedroom. I guessed he would be a little randy but we had our baby with us, so its a no go for now.

 He settled us in the car giving me a rather lovely feel as he did my seat belt up, he then winked and went to get into the driver's side. By the time we hit the freeway turnoff, Ayden had fallen asleep and I had a mouth full of Evan. It was violent and satisfying for him, violent because he tried to open his legs wider and his knee hit the door as his foot went flat to the floor throwing us into overdrive, satisfying because that action made him come buckets. I coughed and spluttered as I tried to cope with the flow and he groaned so loud I thought he might just wake Ayden up.

 "Did you like that one bub?"

"Yes Den, I can't wait for the return trip." He leered at me.

"Oh god, I had better oil up my lips then."

"No Den, I will because you’re driving." He chuckled, it was nice to hear and I will look forward to it.

 "Hi, Michelle did you get my order?"

"Yes Den, it's near the back door, I will get Shan to load your car for you."

"Good he's here then, I need to see him," I remembered something I needed to do.

"Out the back with Tim Den, do you want coffee yet?"

"Yes please lovely this won't take me long." I had no idea what I was doing and why the hell was I being compelled to see Shannon all of a sudden.

 I walked through to the back, Tim was hard at work doing some restoration on a delicate vase he was repairing and Shan was restoring another painting. I walked up to him and his smile was as big as the moon when he saw me and Ayden, I guess he wants to play for a while.

 I have no idea what happened but when I placed the palm of my hand on Shan's forehead I said.

"It's time to come back, my friend." A bright colorful light shot into Shan's head and I undid the bonds that had trapped him, he rocked back and forth and Ayden started his happy squealing. His sounds bought Michelle into the back room and the first words that come out of Shannon's mouth were.

 "Mum, I'm back!"

 My court jester was back and repaired like a fine bone china teacup. Tears arrived on both their faces and Michelle held her son rocking him back and forth.

"Thank you, my king, I believe it has been a long time since we have seen each other." Shannon looked at me.

"All my pleasure Shan, let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you."

"No, I think you got it all, now how about I buy this beautiful lady a coffee, we have a lot to talk about."

"That you do indeed son, where's my stock?"

"Over there Den, give me ten minutes and I will help you." Shan smiled.

 Tim and Evan were stuck to the spot they couldn’t open their mouths, Shannon was back and more than ever a beautiful soul. What could his mum do but cry her eyes out, I felt her cry for his missed years and she also cried because her son had returned. I didn’t know who Shan was in the past but I know he's always been around us and was a very funny young man.

 "My god Den, how did you do that?" Tim asked in awe.

"I don't know how, but I do know it was the right time." I smiled at him then took my stunned knight's hand to go have coffee with Shan and his mum. The laughter coming from Ayden was beautiful as Shan pulled him across to his knees, they cuddled and he thanked the magic baby for everything he had done to help him, he had eased his mind immensely over the past year. Michelle wouldn’t let go of his hand and kept crying and smiling at me.

 "Now will you date Tiny?" I had to go and say.

"Now I can live again, not that bringing up my son was a hardship he's as lovely now as he was an hour ago. But yes I have a thing for Tiny, it's catching him that's the problem he's always working or surfing." She laughed.

"Mum he's perfect for you, I will help." Shan smiled as Mich  finally giggled, now her son is setting her up with a very spunky doctor, my doctor; my god what have I done.

I was in good spirits as my brain was still throwing images at me at a fast pace, more and more while calmly sitting at the table I understood my past.

 "Hey, there's Shan." One little kid yelled to his mates. They came running over to the table and got what they were not expecting.

"Pauly, Will, Sammy, how you guys going?" He slapped their hands. The kids screamed and were struggling to drag chairs over to talk to their new/old mate. Of course, Michelle got on her phone to Cyn tears were felt and screams were heard by me. One kid was on his phone calling in the rest of the gang, I think Shans working day is over. We quietly picked up our excited little boy and slipped out the back to load the car. I couldn’t help myself, I rang Tiny and told him if he wanted to see a miracle in progress he had better get his fine ass over to the art supply shop, then I hung up before the questions arrived.

 For some unknown reason, Ayden fell asleep again on the way home, Evans' hand snaked over to my shorts and it was on for young and old again. We pulled into the back yard and was greeted by Rita, she already knew about Shan and hugged me to death while saying.

 "Well done, well done my boy."

Ayden went with her and Evan pulled me up the back stairs and locked me in the bedroom. We were naked in no time and he was spectacular as usual. In the throes of ecstasy, he told me he had put Ayden to sleep, somehow he knew how to do it all of a sudden.

 I will never know how I did that with Shannon, but in my own way, I knew I had to. Shannon had a powerful spell placed on him by the dark king and no one saw it but me, not even Ayden. Shannon was earth fairy like his mum and aunty Cynthia. The spell was part of the turning process used by the black king, it had been stopped mid-spell so it left Shan confused and lost for a time. My thoughts returned to Evan, and while I lay on the bed with him I began analyzing what I knew, then I heard.

 "Dah shuts up my head hurting too noisy."

"Okay." I shouted back.

Evan looked at me and said.


"Just Ayden complaining about head noise." I laughed.

"You had better try to suppress that Den, he might get the wrong sort of noises from you."

"Oh I didn't think of that, hang on."

I turned my thought volume down a bit, then sung out.

"That better?"

"Yes, dah much betters." I giggled into Evans pubic area, he responded by shoving his dick in my face, missing my gob and stabbing me in the eye.

 Ayden had been playing in his room, he and Birdy had somehow managed to open his big piggy bank and they were counting the coins in it.

"What you doing sons?" I hugged my Birdy he folded back into me.

"Wes going to buy farm dah." Birdy nodded his absolute agreement.

"Oh, how much have you got?"

"Lots dah."

"Why a farm?"

"Cause wes like anumals dah, cows and horses and things."

"And maybe a Camel or two?" I asked.


They giggled, the little trickers. I knew what they were up to.

"The Arabian king might have some you can ride anytime."

"Buts Birdies cants Dah, he's too bigs and the Camels might be tiny."

 I touched Birdies shoulder, he minimized he looked like a gorgeous woodland elf. I heard his laughter as Ayden joined him and they went in search of the Camels hand in hand. That tiny gift I was more than happy to do for my second son.

We didn’t see them until dinner time and they giggled their way through some burgers with their mates, Birdy hasn't quite got it under control yet he kept blinking back and forth, I hope it's contained before he goes back to school.

 When everything’s going well there’s always something that stuffs my day up and I think it's about to arrive. My father came by just to see if everything is okay, he really wanted to know what's going on for the third time today. I won't tell him but I did ask if he knew my mum was earth fairy.

 "How did you find out?"

"I just knew she was; why didn't you tell her?"

"Because she wouldn't have believed me, she actually grew up without fairy folk in her life so there was no one to tell her who she really was, and it seemed safer to let her think she was human."

 "You could have helped," I replied.

"No son, I couldn’t, there was a very limited supply of magic around at that time, we had to bring you back for the Golden prince to be born again."

"So it was all planned then?"

"Yes son, we knew you would be my son this time around so it had to happen." He dropped his head and added.

 "But I did love her son, more than I thought in the end."

"I know you did." I could feel his pain and sadness.

"Do you think she will be reborn down here?"

"Yes son, but I don’t know when, maybe she's already been born, maybe she's been hidden from me."

"I will help." I felt I could help in some way.

"You can't help it's up to the gods."

I gave him a wicked smile then said.

"Leave it to me daddy, coffee?"

 He didn't get the answers he wanted but I got mine and if my mum has been reborn already she would be amongst the earth fairy, I will ask Rita when I get some time. My lovely friend is being pulled into my world by me and Ayden, she was often found down by the bushes practicing her minimizing and her changing colors. She's a fast learner and she's also a queen.

 "Did you find the Camels son"

"Yes poppa they were there in the Arabian kingdom; we rode them for ages. They said they will come and watch me play footy sometimes." Birdy looked at me his eyes widened.

"Poppa, can I ask you something?"

"Yes, son anything."

"Do you think I will get more magic soon?"

"I don't see why not; it might be a bit slow for you but you will get there."

"Good because I want to be just like you when I grow up." I tickled him he giggled.

"Be patient son, it will come, and while we are on the subject why don't you think about going to Ayden's school next year, you will have a lot of fun there."

"I will think about it poppa, but I will miss my mates at my school a lot."

"Okay you have a really good think about it, I will go with what you decide, but don't forget you can't use your magic there."

"No problem poppa, Ayden already tells me stuff I can do."

 He could hear the folk children in at Rita's so he gave me one more cuddle then flew up the porch to see them, popping in and out with excitement, his excited giggling filled me with love.

 "Of all the rotten things to do to me Den this has to be the last straw." A furious Tony came knocking the next day.

"What's the matter, Tony?"

"What's the matter, what's the matter. I'll tell you what's the matter, when am I going to get some magic, you cured Shannon you turned Birdie almost folk, what about me. When can I expect some of that extra magic you seem to be parting with at random nowadays?"

"Tony you already have magic, you use it on your tables and designs. You’re always using it."

"But I can't minimize or go into other dimensions as the guys can. I think your bullshitting me Den, I don't have any magic at all, period."

I chuckled inside, Tony doesn't need any magic but I had given him a little because he's Evans sort of ex-boyfriend.

 "Tony, you are earth fairy and have magic, not a great lot but you do have it, talk to your queen?"

"What!! I have a queen?"

"Yes my friend you have a queen, and anyway you talk to the princess every day, ask her for some."

"Don't tease me Den, I'm not in the mood, who are these people, and how do I know them?"

"Tony, your queen is Rita your princess is Cynthia, go talk to them."

He exploded in a tirade of expletives, and I saw Rita with that ladle coming up the porch. She tapped his shoulder and told him to zip it pronto.

 "Give me more magic Rita, I don’t have enough."

She burst out laughing then placed her hand on his shoulder, she was reading him.

 "Tony you have plenty already but you don't know how to use it. The earth fairy draw it from the ground and all that is earthen. You have been drawing it ever since you made your first table, you have plenty."

"Then why can't I do things?"

"Because your too mule-headed, relax and let it flow through your body, then you will recognize it." Wise old Rita, my friend, and partner in all that funny business.

He was confused and I loved him all the same. I placed my hand on his shoulder and yes he has plenty of magic, so I gave him the tools to make better tables, to be able to minimize and to travel with Trident. His eyes lit up and I pulled him up and said.

 "Let's go for a walk in the folk's city." He stared at me and I could see tears, he could feel his magic and it was overwhelming him. I minimized us both and resettled us outside my father's palace.

"Shall we go inside for a visit my friend?"

He didn't answer because we had attracted a crowd of townspeople, they were very excited to have Tony amongst them and me of course, they bowed and scraped to me, naturally.

 "Isn't he clever, isn't he wonderful. Our king has one of his tables, I wonder if he's married." That one got him laughing again because it was a very cute looking Elf man that said it.

"This is amazing Den, let's go inside." We walked through the big ancient oak and iron doors and was greeted by my father.

 "Oh Tony, at long last, can you please come and look at my bed head it's feeling a little ill at the moment." He smiled at me.

"Of course my king." As we walked through the very large halls of the palace Tony was stopping at every piece of furniture to run his fingers over them.

"That's Queen Victoria's writing desk, my friend."

"What the fuck?"

"Yes true, the one at the palace is a copy." Poor Tony he's about to get an education.

 "What's that over there?" He pointed and then walked over to an oversized wardrobe cupboard type thing. It was standing majestically under a carved lintel. I knew where that had come from.

"That's Joe's finest work Tony, please don't tell him it exists he may want it back." He got fathers sad eyes.


"Yes. he carved it around about one thousand BC, he was very famous at that time, we have some more that he and Birdy did somewhere I will find them one day and show you."

 Tony was speechless and we walked on through many big rooms that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

My father winked at me as Tony once again smoothed his hands over a huge table that had a single light shining over it.

"I can't remember where I got this from, sorry Tony."

He winked at me and I knew it was one of Tony's creations from eons ago.

 "I know this table; I know it from somewhere Den." He stared at me then went back to look at the awesome item.

He kept looking back at it as we walked into a large bedroom, my father showed him his bed head, it did look quite sick, but very elegant. It was covered in fairy folk carvings and I knew who had done this one.

"Birdy?" Tony looked at my father.

"He has always been near us my friend; he is what we call talent personified, he was the fairy folk's royal carver, no one, not even Joe was quite his equal."

 "So why has the wood split, it looks like oak but not any kind of  oak that I have seen."

"It is oak son, earth fairy wood created by their queen and I don't know how to repair it." He again winked behind Tony's back.

"Touch it Tony try to repair it in your head slowly now." He stared at me then placed his hand on the shabby wood. Within seconds it gathered up its splintering wood and shone like it was brand new. Tony gasped and whispered.

 "I am fairy folk Den, I know I am."

"You had better believe it my friend. I smiled at him, he suddenly turned then ran out the door, we found him draped on his table almost sobbing.

 "I did this I did this table an eon ago, it's my work." He looked up his tear stained cheeks were pink. I patted his shoulder and my father hugged him and whispered in his ear.

"You can't have it back either, what's given freely can't be taken away."

"I built this for you."

"Yes, a thank you gift for saving your life in the great war."

"I don't feel well Den, can we go home now?"

"I waved my hand and Tony was sent back to his bedroom to ponder the amazing things he had seen. I know it won't be the last time he will visit my father, and I also knew Tony's tables have just doubled in price.

 "Thank you father, he might be more manageable now."

"Do you really believe that son?"

"No." I giggled as he walked me out to his front porch.

"He and Cynthia have always been at war, they were a spike in Rita's sides for eons, but they also love each other forever son."

"Good, he almost married Evan you know."

"Yes I know, that's why we interfered with their date."


"We made Evan talk non stop about you sire, it drove Tony nuts." He bellowed with laughter.

"But I thought you didn’t have much magic dad."

"We did have a little, but we had help from a certain magic baby also he wanted Evan for his pa, not Tony." He left me standing there, I guess he has important work to do. I strolled around the village for a few minutes but the folk had started following me so I waved my hands and was back in my bedroom quick smart. I loved walking around the various kingdoms especially when I have my baby with me, but sometimes it gets old. The folk can’t get enough of us, it's a big thing for us to be back in their lands.

 "Is Tony all sorted out now Den?"

"Yes my lovely, he's probably trying to learn how to make gold as we speak." I smiled as I placed another blank canvas on the easel, then we heard it loud and clear.

 "Den Curtis how dare you give Tony magic without consulting me first." It was Cyn running up the stairs, I looked at Rita and said quickly.

"Join me for coffee at Susan's?"

"Of course Den." She laughed.

We both minimized and flew out her kitchen window chuckling to each other.