The Castaway Hotel: Book 3

Chapter 37: The times, They Are A Changin'

The next morning, Danny, Brandon and Dustin took care of the breakfast preparation, making scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, but they were also willing to fix bagels for anyone who wanted one. The other boys helped clean up afterward, including Nick, and his parents just shook their heads as they watched him performing these tasks. Now that the meal was finished, they went back to the master bedroom, packed their things and got ready to leave.

The boys carried their luggage out to the car for them and Nick said good-bye to his folks. It was quite an emotional parting, as they hugged and kissed each other, told one another how much they loved them and exchanged assurances that everything would be fine and they’d see each other again at Christmas. In order to shorten that time a bit, I invited them to come back and join us for Thanksgiving, telling them that two more around the table would not be a problem. They objected briefly, but then accepted, happy they’d be together even sooner than they’d originally thought. We all waved at them as they drove off and Nick came over and gave me a big hug.

“Thanks, Pop. I never thought you’d be able to convince them to let me stay,” he told me, beaming.

“I think it was more that you showed them how mature you could really be, so they didn’t have to worry so much about letting you go,” I countered, wanting him to realize it was his actions that got his parents to agree to this. “Even a blind man could see they love you.”

“I know that now, I just wouldn’t have believed it before,” he admitted. “Thanks for making me go back home and letting me come to school here. I promise you I’ll work real hard and make you all real proud of me.”

“And I’ll hold you to that promise,” I assured him, before looking around at everyone still there. “Sammy and Andrew, would you go unload the dishwasher and put things away?”

“Sure, Daddy,” Andrew told me, and then he and Sammy went into the house to do as I’d asked.

“I need to chat with the rest of you later tonight, so after Sammy and Andrew go to bed I’ll meet with the rest of you in the family room. I’ll also be going over a few additional things after that with you, Nick. Is everyone clear?” They all nodded. “The rest of the day is yours then,” I added, so they began to filter away.

“Dad,” Dustin said to me, “will you take us driving now? We missed last night and I thought maybe you’d let us do it a little longer today, to make up for it. Would that be okay?”

“Actually, it sounds like a very good idea,” I agreed. “Kevin and Ricky, you’re in charge while I’m gone. Any problems?” They both shook their heads ‘no’, swelling with pride about their new role.

I went inside and got the car key, while the boys got into the Grand AM. When we reached my school, I went inside, with the boys following, so I could get some large rubber cones out of the PE storage closet. Once I retrieved them, the boys carried them outdoors for me and I placed them to signify where two parked cars would be, with a space large enough to park between them. This was so they could practice parking in lanes, such as in a parking lot at school or the mall, not parallel parking. Once those cones were set, I placed more in the parking spaces in the row behind that, so when the boys backed back out of their parking space, they would have to avoid backing into the vehicles behind them.

Once everything was ready, I told the boys they would be in the car by themselves today, as I would stay outside and watch how they did. They would be required to drive down until they got to the empty parking space, pull into it without bumping any of the cones, and then back out again without knocking over any of the cones in the row behind them. They would each be given three opportunities to do this, before we finished. They nodded their understanding and I watched as each of them took their turns.

In the beginning, the cones got bumped a few times, occasionally getting completely knocked over or crushed, and each time I would make the driver stop, put the car into park and look at what he’d done, while I explained, and then demonstrated, how to avoid making that same mistake again. After each of the boys had their three tries, I allowed them to repeat the process with three more attempts each, but this time they did much better than on their previous efforts. When we finished that rotation, we took everything back inside and put it away, before I got in the driver’s seat and started for home. I went over a few more suggestions with them before we arrived and concluded this had been a valuable and productive session.

Once we were with the rest of the family, my drivers were eager to tell their brothers about each other’s foul-ups, but all in a good-natured way. All the boys had some laughs about the other’s blunders, especially when regaled about those who had driven over and mangled a cone or two, and then it was time for me to do a few more tasks I needed to complete before morning.

It wasn’t surprising that the rest of the day flew by, including dinner, and before I realized it, the boys were getting ready for bed. After I sent Sammy and Andrew up to their room, the rest of my crew joined me in the family room. I looked at them, as they sat staring back at me, wondering what I wanted to talk to them about. When I thought they were ready, I began.

“Fellas, there are some things we need to discuss. I know I have been pretty liberal with you boys about fooling around together, but things are going to have to change now.” They looked at me with expressions of horror etched on their faces, thinking I was stopping their sexual encounters.

“Some of you are starting to get girlfriends and Nick is new to the family, which means the situation is changing enough that I feel we need to do things differently from this point forward. From now on, I’m going to have to insist that you start using a condom if you’re going to have any type of intercourse. I’m worried about you boys picking up diseases, such as syphilis, gonorrhea or even AIDS, because, as you probably already know, those diseases can be serious and even potentially fatal. Not only that, but I’m also worried that the boys who are planning on having girlfriends might get careless and find themselves a father before they’re ready for such a responsibility. Getting a girl pregnant could put a definite kink in whatever dreams and plans you have for your future and not only harm the two of you, but also the child you produce.

“However, before I continue, I also want to make sure that you boys understand that nothing is one hundred-percent foolproof. Defects in condoms can happen and allow viruses, such as the AIDS virus, to penetrate these flaws and irregularities. Not only that, but when keeping condoms in wallets or glove compartments in the car, the latex can be adversely effected by body heat, environmental temperatures or even such things as friction – rubbing around in a wallet for example. These factors can also increase the risk of the materials failing. In addition to those problems, condoms have also been known to rupture or leak during sex, especially if they were improperly applied in the first place. For those reasons I have put a supply of condoms in the upstairs bathroom, so you will have access to them when you need one. I will also take a few minutes to show you how to properly put one on.”

They all looked at each other, trying not to laugh. “Do you need a model to put one on, Dad?” Ricky wanted to know. “You can use me, if you want, but you’ll have to make it worth my while.” All the boys cracked up at that.

“No, smart ass, I have something better.” With that I opened the end table drawer and pulled out a banana and a condom. The boys started laughing again.

“You may think it’s funny now,” I warned them, “but I hope you take this discussion seriously.” With that, I opened the condom package and showed them how to put it on, using the banana. I demonstrated how to take it, just as it came out of the packet, and blow on the center of it, to inflate the reservoir slightly. Then I showed them how to roll it on, explaining to the uncircumcised boys that they needed to pull back their foreskin first, holding it that way until the condom was completely in place. I told them how to place the condom over the helmet and unroll all the way down to the base, making sure to leave a reservoir at the end to collect the semen once it was ejaculated. I told the uncut boys to then push the skin on their shaft upwards at that point, so their foreskin would again cover their glans.

After that, I emphasized the importance of unrolling the condom all the way down, almost to the base of their penis, to prevent the condom from slipping off during intercourse. I also emphasized the need for the reservoir, so the condom didn’t burst, once the ejaculate was released. I went over this a couple of times, constantly emphasizing what I wanted them to remember, and then I told them they could practice on themselves or a friend later, however they saw fit.

Before they left, I also told them to make sure they used a lubricant that was safe to use on latex, as this would prevent the latex condom from disintegrating and would make the sex more comfortable for them and their partners. I reviewed the problems that improper use could cause and what the various diseases might do to them, if they contracted one. I also told the straight and bi boys what kind of pressure they might endure if they got a girl pregnant, while also making sure they understood what problems this could create for any child who was born to parents who weren’t ready to be parents. They all got my implications, since some of them felt part of their problems stemmed from their parents not being ready for the responsibility either, so I knew I had made my point. I told them all to head to bed now, but kept Nick for a little extra talk.

“Why did you just keep me? I was listening,” he informed me, while thinking he’d been unjustly singled out.

“I know you were, but I think there are some other things we need to discuss, because you’re new here,” I explained, which cause him to nod slightly, letting me know he wasn’t going to argue the point. “Mr. O’Hara told me he thought you had multiple partners while you stayed with him. Is that true?”

“It sure is. I bet I can get into almost any guy’s pants,” he bragged.

“And you heard the risks I talked about earlier, so I hope you realize that every time you have sex with someone, you’re actually sleeping with every person that he has slept with before you,” I cautioned him. “That’s how one person can infect so many.”

“Yes, I heard you,” he assured me. “I didn’t realize that before, but I promise I’ll use rubbers from now on.”

“Well, there are other things I want you to know too,” I added, which made Nick flash me a puzzled look. “I’m sure you can find enough willing partners in the house, so you won’t have to go looking elsewhere. Some of the boys are already concerned that some of the other students are beginning to think they’re all gay and it wouldn’t help if you started going around school trying to get in every other guy’s shorts.”

“I don’t care if people know I’m gay,” he confessed.

“You might not, but some of the other boys ARE concerned about this, especially the straight and bi boys,” I explained. “I think they’re worried about being labeled, because of what the rest of you do. You know, guilt by association, which would hinder their chances of hooking up with certain girls. If you don’t understand what I mean, they’re worried they will be considered gay because others in the house are flaunting it.”

“What are they afraid of?” he shot back, getting a little testy in the process.

“They’re afraid people will react differently to them, either avoiding them completely or not wanting to get too close, because they might be suspected of being gay as well. Not only that, but gays have been attacked by people who are so homophobic they don’t think gays have the right to live. It’s sick, but such things happen. Look at what happened to Matthew Sheppard. He was killed and the guys said it was because he’d made a pass at them. I’m not sure that is true, but if you’re making advances to all different types of guys, you have to keep that thought in the back of your mind. It’s always a possibility.

“Nick, what I’m asking from you is that you stick to partners from this family, at least until you know the area and the school better. Once you’ve been here for a while, then you might be better able to determine whom you can approach without causing problems for all of the others. Would you do that for me?”

“Sure, Pop,” he added more quickly than I expected. In fact, I was ready for him to argue this point with me. Instead, he added some more. “Some of these guys are really good looking, so I can live with that… for now, at least.”

“Good! Thank you, Nick. I’m glad you’re willing to consider the others before doing things,” I told him, sincerely.

“Hey, you guys all helped me out before,” he replied, “so it would be kind of rude of me not to try to do the same thing for you. Don’t worry, Pop, I understand.” He paused before he spoke again. “I hope you don’t mind me calling you Pop, like Brandon and Jay do?”

“No, Nick. I don’t mind at all,” I quickly informed him. “In fact I was going to mention it to you, if you continued to call me Mr. Currie. That only happens when I’m at school. At all other times, Pop will be fine.”

“Thanks again, Pop. I know I’m really going to like it here,” he added, before going upstairs to chat with Pat for a while.

Pat told me later that they gave each other a hand-job that night and Nick was really pretty cool when they talked about the group meeting and then his private discussion with me later. Pat informed me that Nick wants this to work out, even if it is just to prove to his parents that they had been wrong about him in the past. I told Pat I was glad to hear that and I counted on him to help Nick adjust to the family, as they were now roommates. He said he would do his best, so I thanked him once more.

This might turn out to be a very interesting school year and I was going to need everyone’s help in making it a good one. I knew before it started that it would be a year of transition and new experiences, but hopefully they would all be positive. I went to bed that night thinking about all of the various things we might still have to face, but I was fairly certain the boys would pull together to get through it.

I knew Monday was going to be a hectic day, at least for me. I had a full day at school, even though the students wouldn’t be attending classes until Tuesday. In the morning, I had a faculty and staff meeting, and then in the afternoon the teachers would get their classrooms set, while I double-checked class lists, enrolled transfers into the district and made sure all of the supplies and new textbooks had been delivered. I would also have to pick my athletes up at lunchtime and bring them down for their practices, since none of them had their licenses yet and I didn’t want them to have to walk down to the high school. The non-athletes had already informed me they were just going to stay home on Monday and take advantage of the opportunity to just lounge around on their last day before classes.

I woke up early that morning, so I could get ready and have a decent breakfast before I left. When I got to school, I gathered my things together and lugged it all down to the cafeteria. We held our meeting there, since the faculty and staff combined was too large to use most of the other rooms, and the auditorium just wouldn’t be practical for this type of a gathering. I started the meeting off with a sort of pep talk, to hopefully get everyone psyched for their first day with the students, and then I addressed the staff, outlining my concerns and reminding them of the faith I had in them as a group. After that, I let some of the staff leave, knowing they had quite a few things left to do before the day ended.

My secretary went back to cover the office and take care of the calls and anyone who walked in off the street. During the meeting, we had left the front doors locked and the phones were handled by the answering service. At the same time, the custodial staff went back to making sure the final touches were completed before the doors opened in the morning, such as painting touch-ups and a final buffing of the freshly waxed floors. They would rejoin us at noon, as we were having a catered luncheon together, then we would all do our own thing for the remainder of the day.

At home, the boys were just starting to get up and fix their own breakfast. After they ate, they did whatever appealed to them. Some of them watched television, while others were on the computers or just puttered around the house or outdoors. After a little bit, Nick went over and approached Cole. “Hey, Cole. Would you be interested in heading up to my room for a little fun?”

Cole looked up at Nick and smiled. “I guess that depends on what you have in mind.”

“Just helping each other get off. Nothing too serious,” Nick suggested.

“Okay, that sounds like fun,” Cole agreed.

The two boys headed up to Nick’s room and shut and locked the door behind them. They were already naked, as both of them slept that way, so Nick moved over and bent down to kiss Cole, letting one of his hands reach down and fondle his goodies as their lips met. Cole moaned as they came into contact and it didn’t take long for him to become hard. Suddenly coming back to his senses, he reached out and began to fondle Nick as well, as they slowly made their way across the room and over to the bed. It wasn’t long before they were lying side-by-side on the mattress.

That’s when Nick made his move, working his way down Cole’s chest and heading for his favorite target, so before long he was licking up and down Cole’s rigid pole. Cole was enjoying Nick’s experienced tongue, that was until he felt Nick’s experienced mouth wrap around his cock completely. Cole knew he was in heaven when Nick began to bob up and down on him, while letting his tongue wander all around his most sensitive areas and allowing the warm flesh of his mouth to add to this pleasure, as he also increased the amount of suction he was employing. Cole’s hips were literally bouncing up and down on the mattress, as he strained to mirror Nick’s movements, and he couldn’t think of ever experiencing such a wild ride before. It was due to this expert stimulation that it wasn’t long before Cole felt the tingling sensations building in his loins, as he got ready to explode. With a force he’d never before encountered, his gonads began filling Nick’s mouth with his sweet young cream, while causing him to see stars. Nick took it all down and he continued to suck until Cole’s dick went limp in his mouth.

It took Cole a few minutes to recover from that massive orgasm and he eagerly thanked Nick for doing such a great job. After that, Cole set about to return the favor, while hoping he could do as good a job for his benefactor. Cole worked his way over and around Nick’s nipples, down his chest, into his navel and finally to his rigid mast. He tried to duplicate Nick’s expert technique, but wasn’t sure if he’d really be able to. Even though Cole had done this many times, Nick had created an art form out of it, and Nick had far more experience at gay sex than Cole ever would. Cole did his best, working up and down on Nick’s member, stimulating his organ with his mouth, and then taking his full load and swallowing it. Afterward, the two boys thanked each other again and then went on their way, doing whatever it was that they had planned earlier.