Out Of The Past

Chapter 24

I stood there with my mouth open, as the detective said "you're under arrest on suspicion of child molestation."

"What?" I asked stupidly.

"I need you to place your hands on top of your head, and interlace your fingers." he told me.

"Umm, I think there has been some mistake here." I said, trying to get my brain to work. 

"Sir, please do not resist." the detective stated to me, in a tone of voice clearly indicating he would like me to do just that.

"Look, detective, I am not resisting, nor am I going to, but there has been a mistake here." I said, once again.

"Well, we can sort that out down at the station, for now you need to comply." he said.

"May I get dressed?" I asked.

"Sorry, you're fine the way you are." he told me.

"Well, I need to secure my weapon, and shield, at least." I told him, getting frustrated.

His eyes got wide, as he said, "you're a cop?"

"County, Reserve." I informed him, as he glanced to the two officers with him.

"They didn't mention that." he said to me.

There wasn't much I could say to that. 

"Alright, why don't you lead the way to where they are." he told me, and I turned, telling him, "down the hall." and proceeded to take them there.

When I got to doorway, I stopped and told him, "Bedside table, in the drawer, holstered with the clip next to it. Shield is there as well, and id is in my pants pocket."

"Alright." he told me, as he moved into the room, and went to the nightstand, where he retrieved the items, clearing the weapon before replacing it.

"Go ahead and get dressed." he told me.

"Thanks." and proceeded to do just that, walking over and grabbing a brush, and trying to make something of my hair.

"What's going on here, Reynolds?" he asked me, while I was doing this.

"A mess. Sister's new beau, has apparently decided to make me some trouble, and this is his way of doing it." I told him.

"Ummfff. Domestics, I hate em." he said.

"You and me both." I replied, as I finished.

"You know, I have to cuff you, right?" he asked me, almost apologetically now.

"Yeah, don't worry about it." I told him. 

Procedure was procedure, and had to be followed.

"Can I make a quick phone call please?" I asked, as he nodded.

I picked up the phone and dialed Bill's cell, waiting until it was answered.

"Hello." Bill said.

"Morning Bill." I replied.

"Hi how's it going?" he asked.

"Well, I have a detective and two officers here in my bedroom, about to take me into custody." I told him cheerily.

"WHAT!?!" he yelled, as I pulled the phone from my ear, to save what was left of my hearing.

"Seems our friend has fired the next shot." I told him.

"Well, I'll fire the one that sinks his damn ship." Bill told me, as he then asked, "Where are they taking you?" 

I found out and relayed it, and he told me he would meet me there.

I hung up, and grabbed my cell before placing my hands behind my back and having the cuffs placed on them.

"Attorney?" the detective asked.

"Yup." I told him.

"Good, these are nasty." he told me, telling me something I already knew.

These types of charges were frequent in child custody battles, and we dealt with them all the time, sadly, with the kids caught in the middle.

The officers did a pat down and we were off, with the detective making sure the house was secured, on the way out.

We got down to the substation, and Bill was waiting, as they took me into an interrogation room, and removed the cuffs.

We sat quietly, waiting, and after about 10 minutes, a different detective came into the room along with the Captain.

I stood up and he looked at me before saying, "Sit." 

I sat.

"This is bad business. I just spoke to your Captain, and as you can guess, you're suspended pending the outcome of the investigation." he told me.

"Yes sir." I responded.

"I will need your badge, and I already have your weapon." he informed me.

"Alright." I said, as I reached behind me and pulled my case out of my back pocket, flipping it open, and laying it on the table so he could see it clearly."

"Hrmmf, this is bad business, your Captain says your one of the good ones, I hope this all works out for you." he told me. As he picked up the case and turned to leave.

"Thank you sir." I said to his retreating back, and just heard him mumble, "Bad business" again, before leaving the room.

"I'm Detective Montoya." the man who came in with him then told me, as I introduced myself, and Bill to him.

"Do you know what you are being charged with?" Montoya asked me.

"Suspicion of child molest, I understand." I told him.

"And L&L on a child under 7" he added.

"Terrific" I mumbled.

"Would you care to comment?" he asked me.

"Sure, didn't happen." I told him.

"The children's parents say their children have been increasingly sexualized in recent months, and that they walked into your house last night, to find them naked, and engaged in sexual activity with you watching." Montoya said.

I laughed.

"Detective, the children are three and four years of age. They detest clothing at that age, and yes they were sitting naked on my floor, in the living room, watching TV last night. They had just gotten out of the bath, and were only a few minutes from being put into bed. We reached a compromise, a while back, that they can be naked from the end of bath time, to bedtime, at which point they put on their pajamas. They are still on the bed in their room last time I knew." I told him.

He looked at me for a moment, before saying, "and the activity that was occurring?" 

"I'm not sure frankly. I was reading and hadn't noticed them playing. The parents walked in and I was turned facing them, speaking with them when John asked what David was doing. When I turned around he was touching himself. Personally, I think it was because John makes the kid nervous."

"You don't seem bothered by that." Montoya said.

"Don't answer that" Bill interjected, as I opened my mouth.

"Why not counselor?" Montoya asked.

"Because, I have seen how these type of cases work. Mike, if you were to answer with anything indicating it didn't bother you, it would be used against you later." he told us.

I didn't answer.

"Ok, for the record then you are denying that any inappropriate contact occurred at anytime, correct?" Montoya asked. 

"That is correct, nothing inappropriate or of a sexual nature ever occurred." I stated firmly.

"That concludes the interview, we'll have to process you and you should be able to get bail within a couple of hours" Montoya told me, as he stood to leave.

"Off the record, Mike, I have a 3 year old, and she never wants to wear clothes either." he said, smiling as he turned and walked away.

"Mike, I have someone taking care of posting bail, as we speak, and I'll be waiting until they release you right here." Bill told me, as another officer came into the room, to take me to be booked.

"Thanks Bill, I appreciate this." I told him, as the officer began leading me away to what would be 3 months of hell. 

I was bailed out finally, and headed to a hotel, since I had been advised the media was camped out on my doorstep. 

That hotel was where I stayed for the entire time, and all under the name of someone at Bill's firm.

That first night, I had sneaked home, about 3 in the morning to avoid reporters, and gathered several suitcases worth of clothes, before returning to my hotel, where I was hiding out.

The next day Bill had called to inform me, that John had apparently videotaped the encounter, which I thought was good but Bill told me wasn't all that good. 

It clearly showed me sitting there with naked children one of whom was masturbating, and they would twist it to suit their purposes.


It got better, as Bill informed me the next day, that Kat had filed for and obtained a restraining order, barring me from any form of contact with her, or the children, and it likely, considering the circumstances, would be made permanent. 

Just lovely.

I had lost the most precious things in my life.

I had asked and been told to forget any idea of getting forced visitation with them, regardless of the outcome of the trial, so my hopes had been completely dashed.

So I sat and stewed, in the hotel room, as crap flew back and forth between my attorneys and the DA, who Bill informed me, was trying to build a case on circumstantial evidence, and not much else, which I already knew.

Nothing had happened to be found out.

The DA had been insisting on a meeting for some time, and after several weeks of stonewalling, I agreed to meet with her at her office.

Bill had not been forthcoming with my location, which further infuriated the woman, so I was not surprised to find her not exactly friendly that day, when I did arrive.

The meeting went from bad to worse, in short order and finally concluded when I got up and walked out, finally tired of her bull.

Bill quickly followed me, telling me that this was going to infuriate her even more, but by that time I didn't care, about that, or about much of anything, for that matter.

I went back to my hotel, and just sat there staring at the walls, wondering what I was going to do now. 

All I had was my family, and that had been taken from me, most likely forever.

To say I was depressed was an understatement, depressed and increasingly angry, and looking for an outlet.

I finally took to going out late at night, and walking around for no particular reason other than, I think, trying to find something to take my anger out on.

I did, walking around Los Angeles at night, in rather run down areas attracted the type of attention most people didn't want, me I welcomed it.

More than one tough guy suffered broken bones, and various other bruises and such, from my little strolls around town, but oddly enough it didn't make me feel any better, and after a week or so, I stopped them and just brooded in my room.

I then found myself walking around in the daytime, or taking cabs to various places around town, where I would wander aimlessly for hours before returning to the hotel to once again to sit and stare at nothing, while trying to stop the hemorrhage from the hole in my chest that had been my heart.

I finally decided I had nothing left to live for, with the loss of my family, and made a fateful decision to at least save my boys from that asshole.

I had gone to my house late at night, and taken what I needed, returning to the hotel where I got everything ready for the next night, which was to be his last as well as mine, before going to bed to rest.

Strangely, this night was the first in all these weeks, that I actually slept soundly through the night, which led me to believe I had accepted my fate, and was at peace with it, but I was soon to find out that fate had a different plan.

The next day, I got up and went into town as usual, walking around, just looking at nothing, just being. 

I somehow ended up at a little park, which was strange, as I had tried to avoid any places during this time, where I knew I would encounter children, but suddenly I was tired, and walked over to a bench, and sat down to rest for a while.

I don't know how long I sat in that empty park, just spacing out, not really paying attention to anything.

It was an odd time, almost surreal as the world seemed to disappear around me, until the next thing I knew I heard a small voice say shyly, "Hello," and I looked up to find an angel standing in front of me.

He was about four years old, and had strawberry blond hair, and a million and one freckles dotting his smiling face.

The sun was bouncing off his head, creating almost a halo around it, that made him even more beautiful.

"Well, hello there little one." I said softly, in what was almost a magical moment, as I looked into the most beautiful and intense green eyes imaginable.

He giggled the sweetest giggle, and then surprised me by crawling into my lap, and I quickly found my arms full of little boy, as I began to glance around nervously, for momma.

Under the circumstances, this was not the best thing to have happened, or the ideal position to be found in, right now.

He was almost purring, as I stroked his back, and I asked him "where did you come from little guy?" 

All I got was a shrug of his shoulders. 

"Where's you're mommy?" I asked, and didn't receive any type of reply.

I looked around once again, and didn't see anyone, so asked, "Are you lost?" 

"Uh uh" was his response, as he shook his head no, which perplexed me, as parents didn't let four year old boys wander around unescorted.

I hadn't realized just how much I missed this, as I inhaled his sweet boy scent, and held him in my arms and the realization just struck home even more, just how much I had lost as I fought back the tears.

He pulled back and looked at me, in the eyes, and locked his gaze with mine, smiling a small sweet smile, as he brought his hand up to my face, and gently caressed my cheek.

I couldn't explain it, but the most wondrous feeling of love and peace, descended upon me, at that moment and filled me completely.

It eased the ache which had been present, and healed something at least partly as the smile increased.

I don't know how to say what happened, but I just knew that the plans I had were no more, none of them. 

I would go on somehow, and I knew I would be alright again, at least someday.

This little angel had given me that, somehow, someway, and I just continued to stare into those eyes, as I bent forward and kissed his forehead saying to him,

"I don't know how, but thank you little one." 

He giggled again and just as quickly as he had come, he slid off my lap, and took off running towards the trees, as I sat there bemused with what had happened.

Then it was like a fog lifted, as I realized I hadn't even gotten his name.

"Wait, what's your name?" I yelled as I turned and saw him almost in the trees. And heard him scream something that sounded like "Jack" but was indistinct from this far away.

"Come back." I called but he had entered the trees, and for a moment, I thought I saw two of him standing there, and I shook my head rapidly, before looking again, but only to find no one there now.

Two of them, even one, I didn't know, and wondered if I was hallucinating or something, but then from out of nowhere and everywhere, I heard those same sweet giggles again, for a few seconds, before they faded away, and I was left sitting on the bench smiling and at peace.

Whatever it was, it was something very special, and it had changed something in me for the better, as I stood up and looked over to the trees, and my last sight of my little angel. 

I thought I should go, and try to find where they went, but almost as soon as I had the thought, I got a sense I couldn't explain that not only would I find nothing, but that the child was perfectly safe.

So with that feeling still permeating my being, I said to no one and someone, "Thank you child." and began walking away, only to once again hear his sweet giggles, floating in the air around me, for the briefest of moments.

I headed back to a more well traveled area, and soon found a taxi, which I took back to my hotel. 

I won't say the next weeks were particularly easy on me, but I did get through them; and in a better frame of mind than the weeks previous.

Finally two months and one week, after my arrest, the trial started.

I had come to several conclusions during this time, and one of them was that if I was free at the end of this nightmare, I wasn't going to stay here any longer. 

LA held three things for me, and none of them were going to be allowed to be a part of my life any longer, which meant I didn't want to stay with the memories of what I had lost. 

With that in mind, I had custom ordered a motor coach which was to be delivered in a month's time, as well as a Suburban to be towed behind it. 

The rep had flown out to meet with me, and we spent a week discussing various options, and capabilities of the thing, before I was satisfied with the results, and he told me it could be done. 

When it was delivered, I would have a complete home on wheels, spacious and fairly well self contained, for extended periods, not to mention all the state of the art toys available, as well as specific things I wanted, in terms of layout and such.

I also had a contract that would update the thing yearly, and, at my discretion, replace it every two years, which I was assured I would probably want to do.

The sales representative was not thrilled, but I insisted on that being at my discretion, and not automatic, which caused me to pay a bit more than I otherwise would have most likely, but less then buying a new one definitely, if I didn't need it. 

I also wanted to sell the house, and property, but Bill had talked me out of it, very bluntly telling me that it was a great investment, and that I could make a small fortune renting it out discreetly, so that is what I agreed to do.

I would have to make a trip to the house, and clean out everything I wanted, that I could take with me, and put what else I might want in storage, but I would be gone for good at the end of this, one way or the other. 

Somehow, I just couldn't believe I would go to jail, although I couldn't explain why. 

I knew Bill thought I was crazy, for ordering the motor coach and maybe it was that encounter with the angel, as I had taken to calling him, but whatever the case may be, I just knew I would be free at the end of this.

In the meantime, I had hired security to sit at the house, night and day, and also had the locks changed, to prevent anyone like John and Kat from entering for whatever reason.

So, with all that, the trial began on this sunny Monday, and I was sitting there with my team of lawyers, from Bill's firm and Bill, right there as well, while the prosecutor tried her damnedest to crucify me.

Kat acted like she had lived with a different set of kids, than I had known, telling everyone during her testimony how they seemed to become sexualized, when they had never been before, and how they often wanted to be naked, rather than dressed which she also claimed was unusual. 

She went on to say she had been wondering why all that had happened, and then John had told her how children that were being molested, often started acting in a manner that was contrary to the natural innocence of a child, such as being sexual or exhibiting themselves, such as David and Jimmy had begun doing of late. 

Kat then told the court how she and John, both suspicious, had planned on seeing if I was doing something to her children, by showing up unannounced and seeing what was going on if anything.

She then recounted entering the house, to find the infamous scene of her children on the floor.

To hear her recount it was so different than what had actually happened, the way she told the story that I could scarcely believe it to be the same event. 

My attorneys took her apart on the stand, but it didn't change the fact that if I had molested them, then that would account for their behavior, as much as normal childhood development would.

Then John took the stand, and recounted his version which matched hers, only he put more emotions of shock and dismay, at finding such things actually going on, with his soon to be sons.

They introduced the video, and I knew from seeing the whole thing, that this was edited to slant it as much as possible to support their accusations. 

Once again my guys countered the testimony, but John was pretty steadfast on not admitting to any other possibility existing to explain their behavior. 

We would just have to wait for our turn to counter this crap.

The prosecution brought expert witness after expert witness to the stand, who basically said that three and four year old children couldn't and wouldn't behave in that way, and my attorneys fought back breaking even, at least, if not scoring points, in my opinion.

After a week of that, it was our turn, and I took the stand and testified, followed by the full video, as I explained each part in detail.

My attorneys made a point of pointing out the book in my hand, and such as that, throughout the video, and also that David hadn't begun his activity until he noticed John there, and accompanied by his fearful look, backed up my claim that he feared John, and was doing it out of nervousness, and seeking comfort.

It was hard to say I was instigating some kind of sex show, in my home, with Barney playing and me obviously reading and not watching them. 

Their attorneys tried to counter, but I thought we did pretty well.

What followed was a week of our expert witnesses, explaining everything with our viewpoint, which needless to say was nothing like the prosecution's. 

Finally, it was over, and the judge had it for deliberation. 

I had elected to have no jury, as with the McCallister trial, from several years back, people often were under the impression that something happened regardless of the facts. 

That trial was a nightmare that ruined a good family with the most insane accusations imaginable, which sadly were believed to this day by many. 

When a four year old claims to have knives and forks forcibly inserted in all sorts of places but has no damage done, that should have told investigators right then and there, that something was decidedly wrong, not to mention the trips to outer space and such, that the children swore took place at the urging of the shrinks. 

It was a very sad case, begun with a mentally disturbed person claiming their son had been molested at the preschool. 

This mother had made claims before of the same thing, covering various people, including the boy's father, and famous people such as politicians and actors, but this time the police had taken her complaint seriously, for some reason.

They then sent a letter home, telling parents that they believed more children were molested at the preschool, and asked if their children ever wet the bed at night, had nightmares, or trouble sleeping, threw tantrums, or were being sexual, needless to say they got back a lot of yeses. 

With the help of a local reporter, sleeping with the head of an organization who advocated that children were not sexual, and couldn't be sexual, along with the overzealous belief that huge amounts of children were being molested and wanting to make a name for themselves, the police turned these children over to that group where intense interrogation tactics were used, until the counselors were able to get the statements they wanted out of the children. 

Keep in mind these were 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 year old children, who were grilled for hours on end, over and over again, and not one of them said anything at all to indicate anything had ever occurred, until deep into these sessions. Often many, many hours and even days into the sessions.

The tactics used, were reprehensible from not allowing the children to go home, or see a parent, to outright lying to them and calling them liars for not telling the counselors what they wanted to hear.

One such notable instance that was repeated many times was after days of interrogating a child, the counselor finally told him that all of the other kids had told her that it had happened to them, so why was the child lying. She knew it happened and he needed to tell her what the others had even though no child had said any such thing, at that point. 

Finally this 4 or 5 year did say "ok I guess" and it just got worse from there.

Before it was over, these kids believed and still do to this day, and testified in court that they would be dropped off at the school at 9 in the morning, and taken to an airport where they would take a plane ride to the desert, and be raped by multiple men, in hooded robes, then flown back to the school in time for their parents to pick them up at 11, and the parents never noticed anything, not to mention that their were no injuries from all this activity. 

A little hint, 10 adult males taking turns raping three and four year old children, cause damage, a lot of damage.

Satanic rituals, animal sacrifice, babies being killed, oral, vaginal and anal rape, by objects as well as organs, multiple mysterious assailants, pictures and movies, trips to outer space, and much more, all because of a bunch of fruitcakes.

No evidence was ever found to substantiate even one of the allegations and there was absolutely no physical evidence of injury, trauma, or molestation to any child ever found. 

But that made no difference to the prosecution. 

The primary suspect among those charged was over six feet tall, and described as extremely well endowed, below the waist. How this man managed to repeatedly rape three and four year old boys, and girls without ever causing any damage, has never been explained other than 'he did it'

Sadly though, that one trial spawned a witch hunt nation wide, that we were still experiencing to this day, and a completely changed attitude regarding sex, and sexuality especially involving children, not one for the better.

So with that in mind, I didn't want a jury to hear this for it may well have spelled my doom. 

Three days later, we were informed that the verdict was ready, and with a great deal of trepidation, we returned nervously to the courtroom, to find out my fate.

"All rise." the bailiff intoned, as we stood, watching the judge enter and take his seat.

"Be seated." he said, causing us to sit.

"I have reviewed the facts in this case, and reached a decision, but first of all, am denying the defense's motion for dismissal." the judge stated, which caused me to suck in my breath.

Bill's team had asked for dismissal, based on insufficient evidence, and we hoped it would be granted, but it looked like this was not to be the case.

"This case troubles me greatly, and it took me a while to take the unusual step, which I have decided to take here today." he paused, looking at both parties.

"I have grandchildren, not to mention having raised children myself, so to see something like this come before me, troubles me greatly, because frankly, Mrs. DeSilva under your idea of what constitutes inappropriate conduct, not only would my wife and I be in Mr. Reynolds shoes, so would my children." he said, while there were gasps from some including the prosecutor.

"I can tell you from raising my children, Mrs. DeSilva, that at this age, they definitely have discovered what is between their legs, on their own, and they have no problem making use of that discovery. I can also tell you, that they don't like clothes either. I also have several grandchildren, that are the same ages, and they run around my house without clothes more than with them." he paused once again, before continuing.

I sincerely hope, for those children's sake, the parents receive counseling on what is and isn't appropriate behavior, for their ages, because it is quite apparent that they as well as you, are in dire need of it. I am greatly concerned for the children's welfare at this point, considering the statements and views expressed here, in this trial." he told them.

"I also can't order this, but I strongly urge you, Mrs. Reynolds, to continue to allow your children to have contact with a person who they consider as a father, the harm would be incalculable to them to remove Mr. Reynolds from their life." he told Kat who was scowling.

"What I can do, is to order Mrs. Reynolds and her future husband, to undergo parenting classes, and counseling by a court appointed and chosen counselor, and training center and that is what I am going to do." he said.

John had stood up, and Kat was furiously pulling on him trying to get him to sit back down, as the judge said, "do you have something you would like to say?" 

John glared at him for a moment, and finally mumbled "no your honor." before taking his seat once again.

"I am also ordering that social services monitor the children's welfare, and make monthly reports to me, for a period of not less than one year." he told them.

"Understand that failure to comply with any of these orders will result in the immediate removal of these children, and I will gladly place them with Mr. Reynolds, on a permanent basis." He told John and Kat, who had furious looks on their faces.

"I know you don't like this. But frankly, neither do I. I am sorely tempted to do so now, but my fears are not justification enough, sadly, to remove them at this time." he told them. 

"Now, onto the verdict. I haven't dismissed this case, not because the request for dismissal is out of line, because it isn't. There is no evidence to justify bringing these charges and there never was. I am returning a not guilty verdict, so that there is absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind, as to Mr. Reynolds innocence." he stated. 

There was an uproar in the gallery, as the verdict was announced, but he quickly silenced it.

"These types of charges are so horrible; they will stain a good man's name for the rest of his life, even with this verdict being returned. I decided to find a verdict of not-guilty instead of dismissing the case, to try to ameliorate the damage as much as possible." he told the court.

"Mrs. DeSilva, I am going to send a strong recommendation to the district attorney's office, that they review your cases and that you be counseled in this matter, because this case never should have been brought to trial." he told her. 

"Mr. Reynolds, I am truly sorry this happened to you, and apologize for the state, that it did, it never should have. It is my opinion after reviewing all facts in this case, that the soon to be step father, along with the mother, concocted this scheme, in order to prevent you from continued contact with your nephews, after you expressed justified concern, over his treatment of them, and your desire, against his wishes, to remain a part of their lives. I am sorry to say that I don't think that will happen now, but I have no doubt as to where these allegations came from. I am going to recommend that the DA look into possible criminal conspiracy charges amongst others being filed against the both of them." he told me.

"Mr. Reynolds, you are a free man, I find you not-guilty, on all charges, and wish it was in my power to compensate you in some way, for the harm that has been caused to you, but I can't do that, although I would strongly suggest your attorneys take appropriate action." he said, followed by

"Court is in recess, good day." while the prosecutor looked stunned, and I began breathing again, and the gallery erupted in stunned conversation.

I was a free man.

Thank you my little angel.