The Castaway Hotel: Book 3

Chapter 15: A Bit of Relaxation

The O’Haras and I had talked it over and decided that the boys needed a couple of days of quiet time, after the fast-paced, fun-filled week they just gone through. We were going to spend most of the time at their house and maybe do a few other little things with the boys in between. I started off by letting the boys sleep in Saturday morning and it was after 10:00 before the parade of hungry teenagers began to come through my door. I called the O’Haras and told them the boys were up and we planned to meet for brunch. I forgot to mention that Danny and Brandon had spent the night with us, as they were missing spending time with their brothers, but more so their nephews, so they had Nicky and Jordan sleep with them that night.

Our brunch was enjoyable and the boys really packed the food away. Mr. & Mrs. O’Hara just sat, shaking their heads, as they watched mounds of food disappear in minutes. After leaving the restaurant, we went to Brandon’s house, where the boys played out in the backyard, while I chatted with his parents. I took this opportunity to ask them for a huge favor.

Broaching the topic carefully, I explained to them about Nick and how he would be unable to join us for our trip to England, seeing he had no passport. Since I didn’t know what else to do with him, and knowing he’d just run away again if I took him home before I could help him work things out with his parents, I asked if they would mind keeping him here, with them, until we returned. To my great surprise and relief, they never batted an eye or hesitated in responding, saying they would be pleased to have him stay for however long we were gone. I thanked them and then called Nick over, in order to explain the situation to him. After realizing the huge favor they were doing for him, he went over and thanked them personally.

“I know you’re probably doing this more as a favor to Pop, but I just wanted to thank you for letting me stay here while they’re gone. I was beginning to wonder what I was going to do, because I heard the boys talking about their next trip, but I figured Pop would take care of things for me. I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to survive on the streets again. I mean, I could, but it’s so much nicer to be part of a family.”

“None of us would let you go back to living on the street,” Mr. O’Hara assured him. “You’ll always have a home with one of us, if you need it.”

“Yes, dear,” Mrs. O’Hara added, “you’re always welcome in our home, so don’t you ever fret about that.”

Nick smiled, gave the three of us a hug of appreciation, and then he went back out to join the other boys again. We were just discussing plans for the rest of our time together, when Brandon came running in.

“Pop, would you take us all over to the park, so we can play soccer on a real field. There’s not enough room out back.”

“Sure, if that’s what you boys want to do,” I agreed. “Tell the others to go around and get into the van and we’ll meet you out front.”

After that, I took everyone over to the park and the boys talked Uncle Pat and I into joining their game. All the partners were split up, one to each side, but it made for fairly even teams. It was a lot of fun, and even Jordan and Nicky were having a good time. It seemed to be an unspoken rule that when the younger boys had the ball, the older ones would leave them alone. Only the other little ones could play defense on each other and they were given space to do their own thing. I was proud to see the boys were mature enough to figure this out on their own, finding a way to let the little ones play without ruining the fun for any of the rest of them.

Mr. O’Hara and I were becoming totally exhausted from all of this activity, especially since we were both slightly overweight and out of shape. The boys didn’t let this pass unnoticed and did everything they could to add insult to injury. They ragged on us about our being winded, made fun of the way our bellies jiggled up and down when we ran and mocked our lack of soccer skills, that was until I scored a goal on ‘Kevin the Cat.’

That simple act suddenly caused them to play more seriously, so the ribbing stopped briefly. It wasn’t long before Brandon was sending a crossing-pass across the goalmouth, which his father hit with his head, or was it just that the ball hit his father in the head, and went into the corner of the goal. He wasn’t the intended recipient of Brandon’s assist, but both he and his son were beaming about their accomplishment. Mr. O’Hara was the prouder of the two, though, especially since the pass had come from his son. The game ended in a 4-4 tie and we all collapsed on the field. Now the boys were more complimentary about Uncle Pat and my endeavors and we spent some time discussing the good plays everyone had made during the game.

Now that everyone was ready to go back to the house, we loaded up the van and drove the short distance to the O’Haras’ house, but we didn’t stay there for long. Soon, the boys bribed the six youngest to come in and beg me to take them back to the hotel, so they could use the hotel pool. The O’Haras just chuckled and Brenda told her husband and me to take the boys and join them, insinuating we were a little ripe from the earlier workout. She also suggesting she would stay and prepare things for a cookout. We told her she was more than welcome to join us too and then we’d just go out and eat, but she said she had eaten out enough for the time being and would prefer a quiet meal at home. We gave in and thanked her, before going back to the hotel to take a dip.

I spent my time in the shallow end with my grandsons and the non-swimmers. I had discreetly spread the word with the older boys about Carlos and Dion, so no one would do anything that might endanger them. They agreed, without hesitation, and gave me a nod of understanding. During our time in the water, the swimmers made their way to the shallow end in small groups and spent time with the others, enjoying themselves doing activities that wouldn’t endanger those less capable, but still have fun.

Carlos and Dion eventually caught on to what the others were doing and thanked them for being so understanding and for not making fun of them. It was a very important moment for those two, as they began to realize how much they all meant to one another, even though sometimes they might be hesitant to admit it.

After we finished our time in the water, we dried off, went to our rooms and put on clean clothes, before we made our way back to the O’Haras’ for dinner. Mrs. O’Hara had marinated some chicken and chunks of beef and was ready for them to be put on the grill when we arrived. Mr. O’Hara and I went out to cook the meat, while his wife finished off some salads. It was a very relaxing meal, as we all sat around their yard, while the boys filled Brandon’s mom in about their day. It was nice to not be out in public for a change and have a home-cooked meal. Once we finished our meal, Mrs. O’Hara suggested we should go see a movie and the boys agreed with her idea. They took a quick look through the newspaper and selected a movie they thought everyone would enjoy, and we were off once again.

At the theater, Brandon and Danny sat on one side of Brandon’s parents, while Sammy and Andrew sat on the other side. The latter pair had grown very fond of Uncle Pat and Aunt Brenda while spending time with them at Six Flags and the O’Haras had taken to them as well. It was cute when Andrew crawled up into Brenda’s lap and Sammy leaned against her arm, enjoying that closeness with her.

During the movie, I had Jordan and Nicky sitting next to me, although during part of the movie they were on my lap, while the rest of the boys took seats scattered around us. It proved to be an enjoyable and relaxing time, which I think everyone benefited from.

After the movie, I took most of my clan and headed back to our rooms. Danny and Brandon decided to spend the night with the O’Haras and asked us adults, in private, if they could have Sammy and Andrew join them. We agreed and Sammy and Andrew were thrilled when their older brothers asked them to stay with them, so the four boys rode back with the O’Haras, while I took everyone else.

When we reached the hotel, Nick wanted to know who was in the ‘sex room’ tonight, so I looked in my book and discovered that the first rotation was complete and I hadn’t yet made up a new rotation that included Nick. I was in a quandary about what to do, until Nick asked if he could share the room tonight with Trey and Dion. I told him that would be fine with me, if the other pair agreed, and I would just make that the first pairing on the new schedule.

Nick ran off to find the other two, and soon the three of them were coming into my room. Trey and Dion agreed with the plan, although Trey didn’t seem overly fond of the idea, but I gave them the go ahead. Soon the boys were switching rooms and everyone was paired up for the evening. Cole and Graham had asked to spend time with me, so Dustin and Kevin asked Jordan and Nicky to spend the night with them. That left Jay and Ricky to pair up with Pat and Carlos and everyone was soon in their rooms for the evening.

The minute the door was shut and locked behind them, Nick turned to Trey and Dion and began to speak. “I know you two would rather be alone in here tonight, but I just wanted to get to know you guys better and have some fun with you. If you don’t want to, that will be okay too and I’ll understand. I’ll just take the other bed by myself and leave you two alone.”

Dion and Trey looked at each other and Trey had a twinge of conscience. “No, Nick, that’s okay. We don’t mind including you for tonight,” Trey told him. “It’s true that we prefer, or at least I do, when we are alone, but we do need to get to know each other better as well. I don’t think either of us will mind a slight change tonight.”

“Great!” Nick nearly shouted. “I was hoping we could get closer to each other and have some fun at the same time. What do you guys want to do?”

“Let’s just get undressed and we’ll see what happens,” Trey suggested.

The boys quickly undressed and then they stood, checking each other out. “Damn,” Nick uttered, “another uncut cock.”

“You don’t like it?” Trey asked, somewhat dejected by the comment.

“No, I do. It’s just that I’d never had a chance to play with one, before I joined up with you guys,” he confessed. “Do you mind?” Nick asked, as his hand reached out toward Trey’s penis.

A smile broke out across Trey’s face and he told Nick to enjoy himself. Nick did, not wasting a second, and was quickly exploring all the new delights associated with that extra flap of skin. Suddenly, Nick thought about Dion and reached his other hand to grasp his boy-meat. As the two dicks started to stiffen from the attention, Nick looked at Dion and spoke.

“Damn, how old are you? That thing’s as long as Danny’s, although not as thick.”

“I know,” Dion replied, beaming with pride. “I’m twelve, but I’ll turn thirteen in November.

“You’re only twelve and you’ve already got a big hog like this!” Nick exclaimed. “No wonder Trey doesn’t want to share you with anyone else.” Nick started laughing and Trey began to blush. Dion just looked at the two of them, giddy from the praise he was receiving about his equipment.

“What if I let both of you screw me, would that make you happy?” Nick asked them.

“Only if both of you will do the same to me,” Trey answered, looking a little embarrassed at his own boldness in saying that.

“Yeah, sure. That sounds great to me,” Nick told him. He went to ask Dion if that was all right with him, but he could tell by the huge grin that Dion was sporting that he loved the idea. “So, who’s going to go first?”

“You can do Trey first,” Dion told Nick, “and then I’ll do you. Is that okay with both of you?” The others nodded their heads in agreement and soon Dion was handing Nick the tube of KY.

Trey was already on the bed and assuming the position; as Nick bent down to get him ready. Dion was whispering into Nick’s ear, telling him the things Trey liked to have done to him. Nick just grinned and nodded his understanding, before doing a few of the things Dion had suggested. Once the preparation was completed, Nick moved between Trey’s legs.

As Nick began to push his thick six-incher into Trey, he leaned forward and began to kiss Trey’s face, eventually working his way to Trey’s lips. Trey was somewhat startled by this at first, thinking it would just be one of those wham-bam thank-you-Sam kind of encounters, but he quickly put two and two together and realized this was one of the things Dion had told him to do. Soon they were kissing passionately, as Nick began to establish his rhythm.

Nick was also using his hand to rub and pinch Trey’s nipples, something else Dion must have told him, and Trey was enjoying all of Nick’s attention. Trey had been a little reluctant to agree to this, at first, but now he was glad he had. Nick was pounding into him quite aggressively now, as he neared his first orgasm of the night, and Trey was feeling all warm and tingly, as Nick’s plump sausage massaged his chute and kept brushing against his prostate. With one final groan, Nick pushed deep into Trey’s hole, arched his back, and released his seed. Trey felt that thick, creamy blast splatter inside of him and threw his arms around Nick’s back, hugging him to his own body in appreciation. After a minute or so of lingering in the throes of this wonderful moment, Nick rolled off and lay beside Trey. That’s when Trey leaned into him and gave him a kiss of appreciation.

Dion was so excited from watching the other two that he could hardly wait for Nick to recover. As soon as he did, Dion was greasing him up and was quickly sliding his long, slender cock deep inside of Nick. Nick opened his eyes only long enough to see the fire in Dion’s visual orbs and sensed the urgency Dion was bringing to this coupling. Dion fought off the urge to hurry through it, though, and leaned down to kiss Nick, as soon as he was fully inside of him. This gave him time to let his own juices simmer down, before he began.

When he thought he had calmed down enough, Dion began to pump into Nick’s backdoor. Nick was kind of amazed at not only how well this twelve-year-old was hung, but also with how accomplished he was at using that gift. Even though he knew that Trey and Dion were intimate, he didn’t expect the kid to be this talented. Now, he just let all thoughts drift from his mind, and merely lay back to enjoy the ride. After a couple more minutes of this steady rhythm, Dion reached the edge of the cliff and increased his pace. With his final thrust, Dion buried his pole deep inside of Nick and popped his nut into the other boy. As soon as he could speak, Nick thanked Dion for his effort, before also kissing him, to seal his verbal praise.

Dion quickly suggested that Trey should do Nick next, and then he would do Trey after he had recovered. No one objected to the plan, so a few moments later, Nick was pulling his legs back again, as Trey lined up with Nick’s well-used channel.

Trey slid in easily, feeling not only the warmth of Nick’s lining, but also the collection of spunk that Dion had just deposited there. Knowing it was his lover’s juices inside of his new partner, Trey became even more aroused and hotter than before, as he began assaulting Nick’s willing boy-pussy. This mental excitement soon also affected his body, and Trey began unloading another hot load of semen into Nick’s bowels. They kissed and hugged, as they came down from their high, and there was a slightly wet ‘plopping’ sound, as Trey withdrew from Nick’s cavern.

Dion barely gave Trey any time to recover, before he was excitedly pushing his lover into position and guiding his lengthy tool into Trey’s slippery love-cavern. Dion enthusiastically slid his ramrod in and out of Trey, using long, smooth strokes, as he tried to fulfill his ‘urge to surge’. He was riding his lover, like a ship riding the waves during a storm, as they worked their way into a frenzy. Both boys were enjoying this immensely, not just because of the sexual pleasure, but also because of the mental satisfaction that it was their lover they were doing this with.

After a few more minutes of this hectic, yet satisfying activity, Dion was making his final lunge and began filling Trey’s bilge tank with his sweet nectar. The two embraced, kissed passionately upon reaching their climax and eagerly ran their hands over each other’s body for a few minutes more, before deciding it was time to pull apart and get some sleep.

The three boys shared the same bed that evening, with Nick wedged in between them. They were more than satisfied with the sex, had learned more about each other and grown just that much closer, and none of them made another move until morning.