The Castaway Hotel: Book 3

Chapter 14: A Fun Time in Texas

We would spend the next two days at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, a first-class amusement park in San Antonio, which is operated by the Six Flags group. Patrick and Brenda O’Hara had suggested we go there and the boys were thrilled when we told them our destination. However, we also let them know they didn’t have to try to do everything in one day, since we were going to be there for two days.

We arrived at the park amid a mass of confusion, as the boys tried to form groups according to who was interested in doing what. Seeing they were having difficulty reaching a consensus, I told them the O’Haras and I would take the younger boys with us for the day, which would eliminate some of their problems. I informed them that they could spend time with the little ones tomorrow, if that’s what they wished, but today they should just concentrate on what they wanted to do. Everyone thought it was an acceptable idea, so the older ones took off – once we’d also decided on a meeting place and agreed to the times we would meet there, once before lunch and another before dinner. As the boys ran off to do their thrill seeking, the rest of us headed off with the little ones in tow, to explore that sections of the park geared to them.

Just in case you’re wondering, I did pull Sammy aside and asked him which group he wanted to be with and he chose to stay with Andrew, Nicky and Jordan. He did say he might go with the others the following day, depending on how much fun he had today, and I told him that would be fine. So off we went, to see what the park had to offer.

I spent the morning watching my grandsons and youngest sons as they rode on the School Bus Express, the Rodeo Rider-mini-Scream, Yosemite Sam’s Wacky Wagon, Daffy’s Duckaneer (a kid-sized swinging pirate ship), Foghorn Leghorn’s Backyard Railway, the Rodeo Rider (an up and down kiddy tower ride), Taz’s Tornado Swinging Seats, Mini Teacups, and the four kiddy roller coasters (one of which the O’Haras or I had to accompany them on). We had been on about half of the rides by the time our lunchtime rendezvous approached, so we went to our meeting point and joined up with the rest of our group.

The boys were quite excited and told us about some of their adventures while we’d been apart, after which the younger ones told their older brothers and uncles what they had been up to. After a hasty lunch at one of the facility’s eateries, Brandon and Danny dragged the O’Haras off to join them on the rides. Brandon’s parents didn’t seem too thrilled about this plan, but accompanied their son and future son-in-law and went to meet their fate (so to speak).

Once they’d disappeared, Cole and Graham asked if they could go with us to the kiddy area. Seeing I thought they were both young and small enough to be allowed on those rides, I told them they would be welcome to join us. I was a little surprised they even wanted to go on the children’s rides, but I think it was more that they wished to just spend time with Sammy, Andrew, Nicky and Jordan. Therefore, we set off again, to take on some of the remaining rides.

During our time together, Cole and Graham told me that some of the bigger rides shook them up quite a bit and even hurt them a little. Even though they had grown and filled out since they had been with us, they may never overcome all of the physical deficiencies brought about by poor nutrition during their early development. They would probably always be somewhat frail and suffer from the residual effects of those early parental blunders for many years to come. Having that information, I knew I’d have to find a way to insulate them from such things in the future, but enjoyed watching them interact with this group and having a good time for themselves. Needless to say, I was pleased they didn’t seem the least bit self-conscious about enjoying these rides at their more advanced ages and just focused on having fun.

By dinnertime the boys had ridden on all the various rides, but they had their favorites and wanted to take another spin on those. I told them that would have to wait until after we ate, because it was getting late. Somewhat reluctantly, (can you believe they were unenthused about going to eat?) we met up with the rest of our group to see what everyone was up for. After selecting a different eatery for dinner, the older boys informed me that they wanted to take me on some of the rides with them. The O’Haras quickly volunteered to take charge of the little ones, which I suspect they did so they wouldn’t have to go on any more rides themselves, and Cole and Graham offered to help them. That meant I had nothing stopping me and was free to take up the boys on their offer, although I wasn’t convinced this was the best thing for me. I had my hunches about why the boys were so eager for me to join them, but I reluctantly followed them to their chosen destination, regretting that it had only been a half hour since we’d finished eating.

Danny and Brandon grabbed me first and dragged me over to The Rattler, a wooden roller coaster that plunges down into a quarry, across the canyon, down a cliff and through a tunnel. It was a great old-fashion roller coaster ride, which reminded me of the roller coasters from my childhood, but it also managed to shake up my innards and left my stomach in my throat. After reaching the end of this ride, I wasn’t certain whether it got it’s name from the snake or because the wooden structure rattled and creaked as the cars rode over it.

As I was coming off that ride, Ricky and Jay latched on to me and took me to Scream, a 164’, 20-story ride. We started out by being catapulted up to the top and then dropped in a free-fall, with our feet precariously dangling outside the seats. This pair was having a great deal of amusement at my expense and laughing hysterically at my reaction, as we were first jerked skyward and then plummeted toward the earth. My knees were still a little weak and my legs slightly rubbery as I disembarked, so I had to tell the next set of boys to give me a chance to recover first, before I left for my next mock execution.

After giving me a few minutes, Trey and Dion pulled me toward their favorite ride, the Superman Krypton Coaster. This was a floorless steel roller coaster that loops, corkscrews and simply twists and turns from start to finish. As we flew through this ride, I was jarred and slammed from side to side, while the two boys screamed with delight, seemingly enjoying this far more than I was. In fact, I was now beginning to appreciate why Cole and Graham had come over to spend time with the little ones.

As soon as I walked away from this ride, Nick asked me to join him on the Boomerang. This was another roller coaster, but this one went 20-stories high and traveled both forward and backward, with two loops and a corkscrew in between. I swallowed hard, took a deep breath and got in line with my newest boy. Nick had a grin from ear to ear, since he already knew what I was going to go through, and then put his hand on my shoulder and told me I’d be all right.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I replied in my best childish voice, which caused him to punch my arm, as a repayment for my sarcasm. I must admit, though, it was one wild ride and pushed my endurance to the limit. I didn’t know how much more my old body could take as I staggered away from it, but there was to be no rest for the weary – or the nauseated.

Pat and Carlos came up to me next and requested that I go on the next ride with them. Once I agreed, they dragged me off to the Road Runner Express, which is yet another steel roller coaster, but this one was kind of cute, as we observed Wile E. Coyote as he tried to capture the Road Runner. I was honored to watch Carlos, as he kept his body very close to mine, and realized how important this was to him. We had a nice ride and I think he was a little disappointed when it was over so quickly.

As I made my way from this ride, I thought I had made it through everyone, when Dustin and Kevin appeared and said it was time for me to go with them. They took me over to the Poltergeist, yet another roller coaster, but this one went from 0 – 60 m.p.h. in 3.5 seconds. This was the point were I almost blew chunks and returned my last meal back to the park. Somehow I managed to keep my food down and was extremely grateful I had run out of sons. Maybe this was a sign to limit the size of my family and not let it get any larger.

I was feeling as if I had finally received my reprieve from the governor and was starting to walk back to find the O’Haras, when the boys told me I had to join them for one final ride. We were all going to go on The Joker’s Revenge. It was a funhouse, but you rode on a purple roller coaster (forward and backward) through fog, around a maze, through an upside-down room and into a hall of mirrors. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as it sounded, and after that ride was over, my sentence, and punishment, was complete. This time the warden gave me my release and sent me packing, much to my relief.

The boys went with me as we made our way back to find the others. They were laughing and joking the whole way back, telling me I had been a good sport and they had been secretly betting if I’d make it through all of the rides without getting sick or backing out. I thanked them for their concern (yeah, sure) and told them I’d remember their supreme acts of kindness.

As we crossed the park, all of them acted more like a group of ten to twelve year olds, as they joked and clowned around with each other and me. Even though I wouldn’t admit it to them, not just yet anyway, I did enjoying spending this time with them.

Patrick and Brenda were trying hard to stifle their laughter when they saw how I looked after my time with my sons. They told me they only had to endure a couple of rides with Brandon and Danny, but that was more than enough for them. They said they couldn’t imagine what I had just gone through. I thanked them for their concern and then we made sure we hadn’t lost anyone. After counting noses, we made our way back to the cars and the boys informed me I should dress for the water attractions tomorrow, in addition to some of the other rides that I hadn’t been on yet. The O’Haras had a difficult time concealing how humorous they thought that revelation was and I could hardly contain my excitement either. If you believe that, I’ve got some ocean front property in West Virginia I’d like to sell you.

Danny rode with the O’Haras and spent the night with Brandon again. Which reminds me, I forgot to mention they had told me about their little discussion with Brandon’s parents, while they were waiting to board their rides. Both boys were thrilled that Brandon’s folks understood and accepted them as they were, the same way I had, and then they suggested that I’d had a lot to do with how they handled it. Even though I told them I had talked very little to the O’Haras about them, the boys refused to believe I hadn’t played a big part in influencing their announcement, so I knew I would have to set the record straight, but at a later date. Right now, it was time to just enjoy our trip.

The rest of us returned to the hotel and I checked the schedule for the night. We had another interesting discovery, as Danny and Brandon were scheduled for the ‘sex room’ again tonight, this time with Pat and Carlos. Nick quickly volunteered to take their place and Pat and Carlos agreed. Somewhat concerned about what might take place in there, after hearing some comments about Nick’s earlier exploits, I pulled Nick aside and explained that Carlos wasn’t as experienced as the others, so I didn’t want him to try to force Carlos into things he wasn’t ready for. He assured me he wouldn’t do that and I accepted him at face value.

Cole and Graham begged for me to let them be with Sammy, Andrew, Jordan and Nicky again, as they’d had such a great time together the evening before. Since they had been so well behaved the previous night, I gave them permission to stay together again, which made them all very giddy. Jay quickly told Ricky that he wanted them to spend the night with me, so Dustin and Kevin happily teamed up with Trey and Dion.

When they got to the ‘sex room’, Nick took the initiative again and announced to Pat and Carlos that he’d be happy to give each of them a blowjob. Carlos was a little reluctant, until Nick informed him that he wouldn’t have to do anything in return. After hearing that, Carlos’ eyes began to flash and a smile began to spread across his face. It was then that he admitted he wanted to have it done to him, but wasn’t ready to do it to someone else. He didn’t mind giving hand-jobs, but he wasn’t ready to do more.

Seeing this was Carlos’ big chance at a new experience, Pat let him go first. Nick wanted to try what Danny did to him, with all the kissing and licking, but he could tell Carlos was already far too excited to hold out that long. With that in mind, he only played with Carlos’ foreskin briefly, but he was still fascinated by the extra piece of flesh that he no longer had. Finally, he skinned it back, so he could lick on his cock-head and get down to business.

Before long, Nick was bobbing up and down on Carlos’ boyhood and Carlos was just overwhelmed with the sensations. His pudgy body was jerking, twitching, and jumping off of the bed, as Nick nursed on his dong. Soon the need for his release overtook him and he spewed his hot boy cream into Nick’s mouth. Nick slurped it up eagerly, quickly swallowing everything he was given, and it wasn’t long before Carlos’ penis was wilting between his lips. Carlos was thrilled with what had happened and thanked Nick emphatically, before leaning forward to give him a big kiss. Nick hugged Carlos in return and they stayed that way for a little while longer, just enjoying the closeness.

Now, it was Pat’s turn, so Nick asked him if he wanted a blowjob or if he wanted to fuck him instead. Pat didn’t flinch and immediately answered that he’d rather fuck Nick, if he didn’t mind, so Nick asked him if he had any lube. Pat quickly threw on his shorts and ran over to borrow a tube from Dustin and Kevin. He was back in a flash and his shorts were unceremoniously tossed across the room. Within seconds, he was greasing up Nick’s backside, getting him ready for some action.

After he had lubed Nick up and stretched out his hole, he slicked up his own fat cock and got into position. He was pushing into his willing partner and his stubby dick was stretching Nick a little wider as he was doing so. Nick never complained and accepted it without any problems, but now he was encouraging his partner to start his pumping. Pat began his rocking motion, pushing his meat back and forth in Nick’s satiny lining and pumping Nick’s own rod with his right hand. Nick was enjoying the ride, while Pat was enjoying the workout and the great feelings that were pulsing through his joystick. Within a few more minutes, Nick’s cock erupted, spewing his jizm all over the place, and it wasn’t much longer before Pat was whitewashing Nick’s intestinal tract and depositing his load within Nick’s bowels. Soon they collapsed on the bed, spent from the ‘sexercise’.

Once they had recovered, Carlos urged them to join him on the clean bed, so the boys cleaned up the mess on their bodies before they all cuddled together on the other bed. They slept very well that night, and they all wore little grins the next morning at breakfast.

When we got to our room, Jay reminded me of all of those fun nights we had had together on our first vacation and told me that he had been wanting for the two of them to sleep with me again. I readily agreed and the boys raced off to take their shower, so we could spend the rest of the evening alone. I was watching a movie when they came back out, so they wandered over and joined me. They snuggled up on either side of me, content as two bugs in a rug, and I hugged them tightly to me. When the movie was over, we went to bed and the boys sandwiched me between them for the entire night, which was a very nice place to be. When I finally rolled onto my side, Ricky spooned back into me, as he had done on that first vacation, and Jay scooted up tightly to my rear. I could feel his blood-filled tool pressing firmly against my brief covered crack, but pretended I didn’t notice it, as we all fell asleep.

Friday we had a quick breakfast and then went back to spend our second day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I made the boys start out slowly today and we all took the little ones on some rides in the main park. We rode on the Whistle Stop train, before all of us got on the Carousel at the same time. After that, we watched as the six smallest went at each other in the Kinder Wagen (kiddie bumper cars), which they did several times in a row, and then we followed them as they took a ride on the Little Castaway Adventure (which of course I felt was properly named). When that part of the day was over, Mr. and Mrs. O’Hara stayed with the six boys on the kiddy rides, while the older boys dragged me back for another round of living death.

Immediately, they insisted we had to go on the Screamin’ Skycoaster-Body Swing first, followed by The Wipeout Spinning Joyride, before finally ending up on the Frisbee, a circular-spinning swing ride. All of these rides spun around rapidly in the air, making me slightly airsick and dizzy, so it took me a few minutes to get my head to stop spinning after we made our final ‘landing’. The boys were patient and gave me a chance to get my land legs again, before tugging me toward a new set of tortures.

From there we went to the S.S. Overboard, a swinging boat. As we swayed to and fro on that ride, my legs started to give way again, since my body was balking at doing such crazy things so early in the day. As we left that ride, I informed the boys we needed to do something that didn’t spin or leave the ground, so they took me over to the adult Bumper Cars. Of course I was the focal point of all of their collisions, but at least I wasn’t twirling or spinning. Instead, I was being used as the crash-test dummy. We did that three or four times before they finally became bored with the activity and dragged me off to something more stimulating.

Fortunately, as we walked away from that area, I looked at my watch and noticed it was lunchtime. Having discovered my own reprieve, I led the boys to our meeting spot, to hook up with the others, and then we ate. Nick spotted an eatery that served pizza, and since this was the favorite food for most of the boys, everyone agreed it was the place they wanted to go.

After lunch, I was ‘informed’ I would be going on the water rides next. It seemed as if I didn’t have a choice in the matter, but it was suggested that the little ones would enjoy them too, so this time we all went together. As we made our way there, I was thinking, ‘these rides can’t be that bad, if the boys are telling me the little ones would enjoy them too,’ so I was looking forward to our next activities.

We started off on the Texas Tumble, one of the raft rides, and then we rode on The Gully Washer. That ride took us down a winding river, complete with white-water rapids, waterfalls and rock embankments. You never knew what was going to be around the next corner, and overall, the boys enjoyed the outing.

Once we were done with that, we went over to The Six Chuter, a six-person raft ride. We split the six little ones up into pairs and sent them off with an older group to watch over them. I ended up with Andrew and Nicky, Nick, and Dustin and Kevin in my group. It actually was a fun ride and we enjoyed our time together.

Brandon and Danny took Brandon’s parents, Sammy, and Jordan with them, and I could see how delighted the O’Haras were with the ride. When they heard what the boys planned to do next, Brandon’s parents quickly volunteered to take the little ones to see some of the shows that were being performed in different parts of the park, leaving me to the mercy of the teenagers (a definite oxymoron).

Soon I was being pulled for a spin on the Crow’s Nest Ferris wheel, the first time wedged between Danny and Brandon and the second time tucked in between Ricky and Jay. From there they took me to the Wagon Wheel, a high-flying merry-go-round, and after that we went for another go around on the bumper cars, where I was able to exact some revenge for their earlier abuse.

After we left the bumper cars, I let the boys try The Triple Dipper (an inner tube flume slide), The Blow Out (an enclosed tunnel flume), The Mine Shaft (a body flume) and The Pipeline (a circular flume). They had been having a good time, but now decided it was time to torture me some more, so they dragged me off for another ride with them.

The boys led me over to The Gusher, a high-speed water slide that you navigate in a round raft/boat type contraption. It wasn’t too bad and I made it through in one piece, but as we were leaving it, I noticed it was now time for dinner. I quickly informed the boys of this fact, which interrupted their plans to torture me some more, so we all ambled over to our assembly point to hook up with the others.

We had another hasty meal, during which I discussed with the boys about what they wanted to do after we finished eating. The older boys wanted to try out the Cosmos Fun Center, the arcade and game house, and the little ones wanted to take a few more turns on the kiddy rides. I gave the older boys some cash and then went with the O’Haras and our mighty midgets to the kiddy area. Before we knew it, it was time to leave, but all the boys were satisfied with their two days at Six Flags Fiesta.

That night, Dustin and Kevin were scheduled to share the ‘sex room’ with Cole and Graham. The later pair told the others about their last encounter with Nick, and about watching him and Danny doing ‘the nasty.’ Since that had happened, they had thought about it a lot and now wanted Dustin and Kevin to help them find out what it would feel like to have something up their butt. The older boys decided to finger fuck the pair, letting them experience what it felt like and stimulating their prostates without injuring them by sticking their bigger cocks in their behinds. Dustin might rip either one of them apart if he tried to do them with his thick member.

Dustin and Kevin performed oral sex on the younger ones first, while sliding their slippery fingers in and out of their rectums. Although it took Cole and Graham a while to get used to have something enter their ‘out chute,’ they gradually began to enjoy the action and understood why Nick seemed to enjoy having it done to him. It did feel good having that area stroked and massaged, but it got even better when their prostate was stimulate in the same manner.

Before long, both boys were blowing their loads into their partner’s mouth, and both managed to fall asleep, as they were coming down from their sexual high. Seeing their plight, Dustin and Kevin tucked them into their bed, before jumping into a quick ‘69’ and getting their own release. After spewing their own loads, they too started cutting z’s.

There would be some interesting conversations going on in that room the next morning, while the boys dressed for breakfast, as they discussed their reactions to the previous night’s activity.