Societal Commentaries

A Note To Readers and Authors, From TSL

I never thought that it would be necessary to write something like this, however, it is necessary.

It has been brought to my attention that some readers and possibly authors are under the false impression in order to be hosted on any of the Fort Family of Sites that an author has to be LGBT, and that their stories must be of the LGBT persuasion.

That is a completely false assertion, let me make it perfectly clear there never has been or never will be a requirement that either an author or a story has to be of the LGBT persuasion.

I know personally that several authors on our sites are of the Heterosexual persuasion and several stories are just well-written stories. I was just reminded that there is an author on one of our sites that is writing two versions of his story; One LBGT version, and one Heterosexual version. Several of my stories are just that stories! While they do have and feature characters that are gay, they are still just life stories. Those characters are not the end all be all of their stories. 

The Fort Family of Sites are open to all authors that have well-written stories, PERIOD!

If you would like to check out the Hosting Guidelines yourself just click on the name of each site below:

The Story Lover's Home, AC's Corner Café, Jeff's Fort, F.R.E.D., Brynmor's Annex, and True's Fandom.

Author's Notes:

I posted this in Societal Commentaries so that it will always be available and not as a News Post that will disappear from view in just a few days.

As always comments, criticisms, and even praise are always welcome The Story Lover