Booker Burns

Booker Burns 15


Booker Burns 15

Mum was at home pottering about the kitchen, and she was so happy to see us all, the kids were happy to see her too. We are a little late getting back because Book needed to see if I was real or not so we did a lot of kissing in the woods. I think he's still working up to another attack on my body because his hand never left my bum on the way back to the farmhouse. The boys by now needed a good change of nappies and a wipe down so I started doing that task while Book put our gear back into the mudroom cupboards.

"Did you have a win, last night mum?"

"Yes, twelve dollars and Jenny one a hundred so it was a profitable night for both of us." She powdered Beetles bum and I did Lucky's.

"Young Doug didn't get in until three he said he had a flat tire." She giggled. I was pleased for him, he might have put his end away and lost his virginity last night, every boy's dream.

I wouldn't worry about Emma she was very much in control and from what aunty had told me on the pill too. She had done that earlier on in the peace before her cousin and brother started in on her, she had smarts that girl.

 "Did she get the job in the car yard?"

"Yes son, she's on a three-month trial and from what Jenny said they are very happy with her already."

"Good, I am going to chase up her father at some stage to see if he had any work for her."

"He's not married Zack, but you hear rumors that he's taking the new school teacher out but its only a small rumor. He's a good looking man. I often wondered why he never married Emma's mum, maybe it was the elders he was frightened of."

"Maybe, one day I will go and talk to him."

"Well, she told Jenny her mum thought he was different like you and Book are." I looked at her and shook my head, so there are more than four gays in the village after all if that's true that is.

 Auntie Jenny and Emma arrived around five just as mum put the roast spuds on, it was Sunday and the traditional roast was sizzling merrily away in the oven, it smelt wonderful and I could never get sick of eating it. Emma went to find Douglas but she didn't take the boys, they wined a bit before Book said.

 "Troops, fall in." They didn't fall in they fell out the back door with Book in tow to go check out the farm animals.

"Book get me some eggs while you are there please," Mum called out. He waved back over his shoulder. I sat and did the beans and aunty did the peas while we talked. She was happy the soup kitchen was doing so good and had found some permanent volunteers. I told her I would be on board this week so I can help, she said she was going to open Thursday and Friday, it will take time to get enough money to run it five days a week, but anything is a good thing in this neck of the woods.

 "What do you know about Emma's father aunty?"

"He owns the sawmill, his father god bless his soul left it to him, and he does very well out of it too."

"I thought I might go see him and tell him Emma's left the compound, he might like to catch up with her one day."

"Well he might Zack, you never know he was pretty young when she was born I know he tried to help her mum out but in the end; it was too hard. The elders interfered and he was banned from going into the compound. He would only be in his mid-thirties now I guess." That shocked me because that would mean he would have only been under twenty when Emma was born. I had the impression he was a lot older.

 "So you knew his father not him?"

"Yes Zack we all went to school together, he had a terrible accident at the mill and never recovered from it. I nearly married him when we were younger, but that bitch Mary Lane got to him first." She and mum both giggled.

 "What's the joke?"

"She married him for his money but there wasn’t any, the mill only started making money when Daniel took it over, and by that time it was all in his name because Mary Lane had gone off with someone from the city when he was young."

"God I don't know how you keep up with it all, and the rumor is he might be gay too?"

"Well that's not confirmed Zack you will have to talk to him to know that."

"How would I know aunty?"

"That sixth sense you gay men have my dear nephew, you can spot another gay a mile away I believe." I was going to argue it out with her but Book came back with four eggs and one scraped knee, which I attended to immediately, poor little Lucky had some gravel rash to kiss better. 

 Ant arrived along with the boys and Emma just as the food was being dished out. He wasn’t a bad looking Italian in fact in his way he was a gorgeous hirsute kind of guy, hairy in laymen’s terms. He was good to aunty and he has been in town all his life his parents came over from Italy in the early fifties. I believe they worked their butts off to buy their first house and restaurant which Ant now runs because the parents are retired now, anyway he does it for aunty at the moment.

 "Emma, how's the new job going?" I asked.

"Good Mr. Zack I had to pull a couple of the guys in line but after they got to know that I'm not that kind of girl they are helping me understand the ins and outs of the job." She smiled at me. I still can't fathom why the young men still think all aborigine women are easy targets. Well, they will get their hands burnt if they try it with Emma I know that for a fact. I giggled to myself as Book loaded up his plate full of the roast. It's not really a plate its a tray, but to his credit, he feeds the boys from it too, they prefer his meal to theirs. It was a very nice friendly family night and as we said goodnight to our very full and tired looking guests we headed for the shower, then our bed.

 "Stroud homes Zack, we forgot to look." He caressed my face as he said this.

"Umm, what are you talking about Book?"

"I was talking to Ant he said that he got a granny flat for his parents from Stroud Homes, he said it was a two-bedroom bungalow with a full-size bathroom a laundry and kitchen lounge room and study nook, he said it was huge and he put solar panels on the roof to save on the electricity bills."

"And you are telling me this why?"

He shuffled over to his side of the bed and dragged me over his body at the same time.

"I thought we would get one for mum instead of doing an addition we could attach it to the house with a small glass walkway."

"A granny flat in other words." I don't think mum would like that. He jumped out of bed and put his dressing gown on then left the room, I was left also wanting to make love to my Book.

 He came back with my laptop then he fired it up and searched for the house he was talking to Ant about.

"Here this one Zachy, it's huge and beautiful she even has a porch to sit on."

I looked at the house and floor plan, he was right it was big, but will it blend in with the farmhouse?

"How much did he pay?"

"Around a hundred and twenty thousand, that's pretty cheap for all this."

He's not going to have his money too long if he keeps up this spending spree.

 "Book it's too dear a small addition won't cost more than thirty grand and we could do some of the work ourselves."

"I want our mum to have something nice Zack, hang the expense. If we just go for a one-bedroom and a smaller porch it will be cheaper."

"Okay, where can we go and look at one?"

"Ant's place Zack he said we could go there anytime his parents are always home."

"Okay if you want to, I am worried that you will run out of money doing all this stuff Book."

"If I do it will be worthwhile, we would have helped a few people on the way and had some fun too." He grinned turning off the computer then placing it on the floor beside the bed.

 "Now how can I help you tonight?' He leered at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and puckered his lips up.

"Oh my god Book, please fuck me." He had me going with just one look and I want the works tonight.

 By the morning I felt more in love with my Booker Burns because he didn’t stop at one he had to have a quickie during the night too.

 "Hey Book where did you say you hid those bonds and gold again?"

"Under the floorboards,  hang on I'll show you." He pushed the dresser sideways then got down on his knees. Then he got his penknife and levered a couple of loose boards up to show me his pirate treasure.

The gold was heavy just three small bars of it and the paperwork was rolled up with an elastic band around them.

 "So your father had money after all baby, where did he get it from and why did he hide it?" I asked.

 "Same reason he abused me, he hated gran and he hated me even more, so he never spent any money he was so mean. When the crops came in he just kept us in food and some clothes, I never thought he had any real money until I stumbled upon it. I knew he had to have something for all those working years. I remembered he used to collect the eggs, no one was allowed to do it except him. So I had an idea that maybe he was hiding something in the chook pen. So I went looking and this and a load of cash was the result. I used the cash to fix the farm up and restock it."

 "Don't you think it should be in the bank baby?"

"No, it's our retirement money Zack, for us and the boys, our pirate treasure."  He grinned, still a boy playing games, and my heart warmed at his childish attitude.

"Book these bond things what are they worth. They look a bit old to me?"

"I don't know Zack, they just say bonds on them so I assumed there's some money in there somewhere."

"I think we should take these to the bank and show Jacob he would know what they are."

"Okay Zack, can you do that today for me and make an appointment for me to go see his investment broker?"

"Of course I can, but we will keep the pirate gold our secret hey?"

He giggled then put his finger up to his lips.

"Shush." He said, then giggled again.

 "When you two stop giggling, I have two winey little boys wanting to say good morning to you." Mum sang out from the kitchen. We covered it all up again and I took the bonds and placed them in my backpack.

We each passed the boys around and they got their morning kisses, so did mum and she placed a big plate of poached eggs on the table with some fried up veggies from yesterday. The workers came in and we all dived in while Booker Burns had Lucky in his arms. He was quickly disposed of and Book stared at the now-empty china platter. I thought he was going to blow a gasket until mum put some more on his plate.

"We can't have the boss starving can we now boys?" She grinned, Books evil smile returned.

 After we finished Book went and got the laptop again and showed mum what he had in mind, she protested that although the bungalow was very nice it was too nice for her and too much room. All she wanted was a bedroom and bathroom.

"Why did you say that mum?"

"Say what Book dear?"

"It was too good for you, nothing is too good for our mum, this is the perfect hideaway."

I saw a glistening tear in her eye but she replied.

"It will be too expensive Book, lets whittle it down a bit, but thank you for the offer son but I don't want to be hidden away. I like sitting on our porch with my family and I would rather be nearer to the boy's room so I can hear them." She brushed his hair from his eyes with her hand.

 "That looks really good boss, while you’re at it you should think about upgrading our digs you never know who is going to stay overnight, and it's the first impressions that count don’t they wifey?" Sam looked at me and smiled.

 Book looked defeated as he turned the computer off he knew the bunkhouse was in bad disrepair and I guess he was feeling guilty that the boys, who do most of the work, had to bunk down in it. He said while we were dressing he might go with mum's idea and use some of the money to upgrade the boy's bunkhouse. I agreed with him and said he should start finding a builder that could do it. He reminded me that David Truscott the bank managers grandson was a builder and he and his brothers did that sort of work in our town. I remembered David fondly he was one of our gang and very intelligent too. So we decided that because he was Books friend he will ring him sometime today. I laughed because Book didn't hang with him as much as I did and he would be upset if he knew what we had done.

 I had some work to do at the office today and the after-effects of last night were still lingering as I drove into town. By the time I parked I had to will my stiffie to go down otherwise, I will embarrass myself.

 When I got there, Matt was typing up some notes on his visits and then he will do his roster for the week.

"Have you caught up yet Zack?"

"No, that's why I'm here, today is the day I get it all done, and Matt I'm sorry I have given you another client Mrs. Burns she's in the Leitchville home. She was moved there last week, I don't think she will want anything but maybe go see her, just when you have time okay?"

"Sure thing Zack, is she Books grandmother?" I groaned under my breath.

"Yes she's a handful, but just keep her ranting's and complaints at arm's length will you?"

"Sure mate, I know when to keep my mouth shut, nothing she says will go any further than me."

I was proud of him and I know he wouldn’t share anyone's problems with the town folk.

"Thank you." Then I filled him in on what happened on Friday.

 He left shortly after to go out to a remote farm, the family is doing it tough at the moment, the kids haven't been in school all week I guess their dad is busy with the harvest. We can't do anything about it, but if it goes on for weeks we have to step in. According to our laws, the kids should be in school not working their asses off. I know this particular farmer and his wife they are good people and if the two boys aren't in school it means their dad needs the extra hands for some reason.

 I started typing up a report on Books gran, then I changed to the other ten families that I saw last week, nothing out of the ordinary just some loose ends to tie up. My phone rang around twelve, it was Book and he was skyping me. He's worked out how to use it finally and wanted to have lunch with me. Feeling a little hungry I got my lunch box out and started eating my sandwiches, not much was said during our feast but after he asked me to show him my dick. I shut it down laughing at his eager face, but before I did I gave him a quick flash. I can't be doing that stuff in the office you never know who is going to turn up.

 I went back to my computer and started typing up my next Dexter Walsh segment, it was about family sacrifices and the man on the land. There have been a lot of Farmers committing suicide because they can't seem to get ahead of the droughts and government interference mainly taxing them until breaking point. I won't go into the ins and outs of how the Government wants the farmers off their lands to appease the greens. No, I'm not getting political not on Dexter's show. I typed for the next two hours then I sat with the sun streaming through the window and read it. Good, another lesson in human nature in the can. I will tape it tonight when I look a little tidier. Now off to the bank then the hairdressers. I only ever get a trim Book won't like me with short hair he likes it to my shoulders.

 "Is it possible to see Mr. Truscott Nancy, I'll only take a minute or two."

"Sure Zack, I'll let him know your waiting, when are the invitations going out?" Oh god, not another one. I blushed and said in a few weeks or months maybe, no date has been set yet.

"Well don’t leave it too long Zack, there are plenty of single women in this town that will take him off your hands in a heartbeat." Meaning she had the hots for Book, so I laughed a little then posed by the counter.

"Do you think your man enough Nancy?" I was joking with her.

"I can do strap on Zack." She was joking with me.

"Well, your invitation is in the mail then." She always was a funny bugger at school I couldn't believe she didn't have a man in her life.

 "He will see you now Zack, good luck." She smiled because Mr. Truscott had a reputation of being mean with his bank loans, but she didn’t know I wasn’t here for one.

"Hi Zack, any news on the wedding?"

"No sir, no firm date yet."

"Too bad I love a good knee's up, what can I do for you today my boy?"

I took the rolled-up bonds out of my backpack and handed them to him.

"Are these things any good nowadays, Book found them hidden away at the farm, and I thought they may be valuable."

He unrolled the first one if he was shocked he didn’t show it but he tapped away on his computer then raised his eyebrows and stared at me like I was a piece of steak or something because he licked his lips.

 "Where did he get these again?"

"They were hidden away in Books fathers wooden box in the chook house at the farm, some gold bars and cash were in it too. Book used the cash to restock the farm and he has kept the gold hidden because he thinks its pirate gold." I laughed.

 "Well he inherited everything from his dad so I guess these are part of his inheritance. Zack when you have time, there will be a stamp on the gold bars can you see what ounces they are and ring me. I will value them for Book?"

"Of course sir, I will do that tonight."

"Now these bonds, they are currently standing at a hundred grand each and Book has what?" He started counting them and I went into shock.

"Fifteen of them Zack, you had better get Book to come in and see me at his earliest convenience, in the meantime, I will store these in our vault." He was very business-like but I could tell he was as excited as me.

"Are you all right son?"

"Yes, but I don't think Book will be when I tell him. I'll make that appointment with Nancy on the way out, he wants to talk to your investment guy too."

"Good, a very sensible idea Zack, and Zack get married as soon as possible will you, my wife is driving me crazy. She has a new dress that needs to be taken out." He laughed.

 I shook his hand and then made an appointment for Book, how do I tell him this? I drove in a daze to Tony's hairdresser's shop. His son Gino was an old schoolmate also, they weren't busy so I was offered the big comfy chair today and Gino began on my long locks.

 "Not too much off Gino, you know how Book gets."

"Yes I know Zack, when's the wedding?"

"Soon as we set a date, you won't be left off the list don't worry."

"Good, I always knew you and Book would get together how's that man sex thing working for you, is it all that they say it is?"

"What the fuck Gino, just do my hair and leave my sex life out of it will you."

"Okay but I was thinking of trying it sometime, so I want to be prepared."

 I shut up, he giggled into his scissors I know he knew Nancy at the bank and wondered why they hadn't been dating they are so well suited. But I also knew Gino had a reputation as a man-slut at school his Italian looks afforded him to screw any girl he wanted at school, he was so beautiful.


As per usual he did a great job on my hair, Book may not notice anyway and Gino told me he would do my hair for the wedding day, I paid him and walked out laughing to myself, he has no shame that man.

 It's always a good pick me up going to the hairdressers he sure does make me smile, and its cheap therapy for me. He wants to try it out one day, yeah right he's tried everything else I hear.

That was me done for the day, now all I have to do is confront Book about his extra inheritance and do Dexter's video, tick tick off the list.

 I pulled up in front of the house and there they all were waiting for me, my big boy and my little ones and mum. Book kissed me and I hugged mum then I picked up my excited dancing boys for kisses and hugs. The coffee was most welcomed and I told Book he had an appointment at the bank on Wednesday at ten in the morning, and If he wanted I could come with him.

 He thanked me and said that David and his brothers will be out tomorrow to quote for the two jobs. He is going to leave it up to them to decide what he wants. Mum and the boys will have to choose flooring, paint, and fixtures like bathroom tiles, but there is time for that.

"How were the bonds, were they useless like my dad?" Here we go.

"They are altogether worth about a mill and a half Book you have to talk to Jacob about them too."

"Good I thought they may be worth a few hundred, but that's good your hair smells nice Zachy did you have it done?"

"Yes Book and we have to talk about the wedding, people are starting to hound me."

He went quiet for a moment then he said.
"What did you say about the bonds?"

"One and a half million dollars worth Book and he wants to value the pirate gold too."

His coffee went everywhere lucky mum had taken the boys off me because I copped the most of it.

 "What?" his face was priceless.

I started laughing along with mum, he hasn't got a single clue how to cope with good news.

I made more coffee for him then kissed him to settle him down, he looked into my eyes and grinned he had dimples for miles on his face.

 "That old bastard, he did have money after all that dirty old mongrel, I got him Zack, I got him after all." He ran into the car park at the front of the house and screamed.

 "I got you, you old bastard I got you. Booker Burns wins he wins again he wins." Then the sobbing happened while we just watched him go through all his emotions in one hit. He jumped up on the porch and pulled me up the coffee went everywhere again and I think we just lost a piece of our best china.

 "I win Zachy I win. My god you don't know how happy I'm feeling at this moment I won Zachy." He cried into my shoulder as he hung on tight. The little boys were starting to get upset because they thought something was wrong so mum took them into where the TV sat quietly, then she turned it on.

 "Zack, oh Zack Zack Zack." He kissed me and held me tight.

"I love you so much let's get married as soon as possible please, this will be the party to end all parties just you wait and see." He kissed me endlessly and I was so happy for him, he did win in the end but he paid a high price for that win; we both did.

 Mum was still smiling when we all sat down for dinner, she had cooked a stack of steak and veggies, as I said it was Books favorite meal. His eyes bugged out as he picked the biggest piece of meat then dumped a load of mashed potato in his plate.

 Dinner was a happy fare and he kept promising me the world, he didn’t know that I already had it and more, as I looked at my family at the table. The boys were bathed and put to bed but Book wanted to party and party we did. I did take down the weight of the gold bars for Book to take with him Wednesday and I didn’t do Dexter’s video. Tuesday is my day off and I was looking forward to seeing David and his brothers again. Mum and the men had written down what they required in their additions I thought they were being careful not to make them too expensive so I will talk to David.

 Breakfast was nearly as exciting as dinner last night and Book had got up early to help the boys do the feeds and freshwater, they will muck out the horse's stalls later in the morning then I think Book is going to do a list of what the farm needs, machinery wise. He runs four hundred head of cattle, nothing like the big stations but its enough for us all to exist comfortably on.

 After breakfast, I did my hair and put a shirt and tie on to sit in front of the computer to record my next show. I am well ahead of the TV show, my first one will be aired this week. It didn't take me long because I had settled down and knew my subject well, so I breezed through the two-minute clip. My Book was talking to a strapping young man who spotted me then walked over to shake my hand and give me a buddy hug, he made it a lingering one too.

 "Zack it's been ages since we caught up, how have you been?"

"Good Davo, you are looking so well this building lark must agree with you." I could see Book was about to claim his territory and I nearly laughed at his red face. He came over and stood next to me then gestured David and us go up to the porch and talk about renovations, after all that why he's here.

 We showed him the notes made by mum and the boys, told him what it was all about and then showed him the bungalow on the net. He made notes then he wanted to measure up some things and see the sites. We chatted along as old buddies do and yes he asked when the wedding will be. Book mumbled the sooner the better he was getting a little testy.

 I put him out of his misery by placing my arm around his shoulders and pulling him in. If Davo was embarrassed, he certainly didn’t show it. Books arm went around my waist and he squeezed hard.

"What do you think Dave, is it all possible?" Book asked after all he is the man of the house.

"Of course Book, it all depends on which way you want to go, the bunkhouse should be used for firewood it's so old and rundown. A suggestion Book."

"Shoot." My Booker sounded business-like as we walked back to the porch.

 "Well we can do a two-bedroom bungalow type building with a large shared bedroom for any future workers or guests, then just do a kitchen and two bathrooms, a big family room and porch. It can be added to the barn because the water is already hooked up to it in the existing shower room. And your mum only wants a bathroom but we can add a medium living room and bedroom and if you want a nice kitchenette with big windows so she can see the mountains."

"Sounds good to me David, how much do you think it will all cost, oh and add a triple carport to that too up the other side of the house."

"Done." He made notes and I could see numbers were involved.

"Until I get the plans made up this is only an estimation Book it may be dearer or cheaper, I won't know until I can quote properly. I recon around a hundred and ten thousand dollars."

"Each?" I asked.

"No for all." Book nearly fell off his seat, but I could tell he was very happy with the quote.

"Sounds too cheap to me," I said.

"No it's not Zack, we are going to do it pretty much for wholesale, granted we might make a couple of grand each but we are old mates and business is slow at the moment. We want to help you as you helped me at school, you did so well getting my grades up to where I could even think about doing this sort of job."

 I was taken aback, and very grateful for David's comments being friends at school has paid off. I used to tutor him after school I won't tell Book but we used to pull each other off sometimes. Of course, that's all over now but it was exciting when it happened.

 Mum made us coffee and she passed around the cakes, David played with Beetle and Lucky he was a little pensive as he stroked their perfect skin. Book went to find more cakes and mum took the boys back inside.

 "No girlfriend yet Davo?" I asked as Book returned with his fist full of biscuits, then he sat and listened in.

"No Zack, still looking I know there’s someone out there for me somewhere."

"Try Nancy at the bank she's still single, or if you prefer the other Gino said he was ready to try jumping the fence."

He stared at me, I didn’t know whether he was bordering on anger or he was about to laugh. He laughed when I did, I think he thought I was serious.

 After we all settled down he leaned over and said to me.

"I would have preferred you Zack," he looked at Book and said sorry to him. "Nancy's humor would drive me crazy and Gino is Gino, you know what he's like. I want what you and Book have Zack, I have kind of loved Gino for years but its never going to happen with him is it?"

"Well, anything is possible David." He sort of shocked me but I again told him what Gino had said in the barbershop. He hung onto every word, then said.

 "He was only joking with you about jumping the fence, he never mentions it to me and we meet for a drink at least once every week."

"Well I suppose your right, but anything could happen around here, look at Book and me." Book beamed.

"Book and you were destined to be together we all worried about him so much, and so wanted you to return to our town where you belonged. We even took bets on you both getting together after that party at Andy's, Gino won he guessed about two weeks." He grinned, I blushed.

 "Well it took us a while David, but we are happy now." I reached over and took Books hand.

"What's the secret of preparing for anal sex Zack?" David grinned at us.

"What? no, no way Davo go do your research on the internet, leave us alone." I laughed.

"I'll have those quotes by Friday Book, and I will deliver them."

"Thank's David, we will see you then." Book was still laughing at my shocked face.

We watched him drive off down the road and turn onto the highway.

"You, in the barn, now." Was the order, he ran I walked I wanted the foreplay to last a little longer.