The Puget Posse

Chapter 57-School Ends

Greetings and welcome back. The school year is almost over.
The disclaimers still apply and will apply until the end.
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<Thursday, June 13>

The excitement among the students over the upcoming last day of school was palpable, and the boys of the Posse were no exception. Tomorrow was the last day, but it would be less than a half day with school being dismissed at 11:30. Book and locker check-ins, yearbook autographing, and saying good-bye to friends for the summer were the major items on the calendar. The eighth graders had their graduation ceremony on Thursday night and were not required to attend the final day.
For the fifth through seventh graders, Thursday was the last day of finals, with only the fourth period test scheduled. For Mr. Jackson’s class, that meant taking their social studies final. The first two periods of the day were set aside for the test.
Mark met with the incoming sixth grade council during lunch on Thursday. The meeting was his idea. Mark expected Alden, the only council member who was not on the Posse, to either complain about the meeting or not even bother to show since it wasn’t an official meeting. The fact that Alden was Jeremiah’s buddy and had taken the compromising picture of Ellis made him a bitter rival. Mark was ready for Alden to be difficult to deal with.
Matthew, Patrick, and Misha all agreed with Mark’s assessment of Alden. All four Posse members were surprised when Alden not only showed up, but was cooperative and participated in the meeting.
The purpose of the meeting was for Mark to give the council some items to work on and think about over the summer for the sixth grade council and senate to deal with. The biggest idea he had was to rewrite the student government constitution. When he broached that subject everybody wanted to be heard at once.
“I told you guys, I don’t want to discuss anything now. I just wanted to give you something to think about. The constitution has so many stupid things in it because of all the changes andsome of the dumb things they put in it that I think we just need to start over. So, come up with some ideas for when we meet in August.” Mark loved being in charge. The fact that three of the other four council members were his best friends made being in charge even more enjoyable. Mark adjourned the meeting, confident that being sixth grade president was going to be fun.
There was one other thing Mark wanted to deal with, but it was Posse business, not student council business. When Alden left the student council chamber, he didn’t fail to notice that the four Posse members stayed behind. Nor did he fail to notice Neville coming down the corridor and entering the room. Let them have their fun, Alden thought. In the end I will do what that stupid lunkhead Jeremiah could not do and bring down the Posse.
The Posse knew what the meeting was about. Patrick had broached the subject, and now they were going to vote on his idea. He had talked to each Posse member individually, and he now presented his idea to the entire group. There was very little comment since the entire Posse liked Patrick’s plan, which would be discussed in full at the twins’ party the next day.
Normally, school nights meant there would be no spending the night with a friend. But the rules were loosened a bit for the last night of the school year. Misha was going to spend the night at Patrick’s and Neville was staying with Ellis. Misha would ride to school on Bus 2 with Patrick, while Neville and Ellis would be driven to school by Ellis’s father.
During the day there were two meetings with eighth graders. The first one was between Ellis and Paul in the main hall on the first floor. Ellis saw Paul as he returned into the building after the class party.
“What are you doing here?” Ellis asked.
“I forgot my school necktie in the student council lounge a couple of days ago. I came to get it from the lost and found since I need it tonight. My big sister’s waiting for me in the parking area. Plus I was hoping maybe to see you.”
“Me? Why?”
“You know, the thing we talked about the other day. I was thinking maybe we can do it at the party, tomorrow,” Paul suggested.
“Maybe,” Ellis agreed, somewhat shyly.
“I still can’t believe you’ve done it.”
“Like I said, I’ve done it lots of times. And I want to do it again, especially with a big kid.”
“Dude, doing it at school would have been so much fun.”
“We can do it at the twins’, I know we can.”
“I’ve wanted to mess around with you ever since the challenge,” Paul said.
“Yeah, you told me.”
“And now I really want to go all the way with you. You’re a really sexy little dude.”
Ellis gave Paul a shy, but pleased grin.
“I gotta get back to my sister before she gets bitchy.” Paul swatted Ellis on his rear and headed for the main door.
Paul had told Ellis a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to mess around with him. He’d had a crush on Ellis ever since the younger boy had taken off his clothes at the challenge in the fall. When he found out that Ellis wasn’t a virgin, he let Ellis know he wanted to fuck him. Ellis said he would let Paul have him because he liked doing it with older boys plus he liked Paul. Paul had tried to find a way to fuck Ellis at school, preferably in the student council lounge, but a restroom would do in a pinch. The opportunity never arose. Both boys realized that tomorrow might be their last chance.
Neville walked up to Ellis. “What did Paul want?”
“For real?”
“For real.” The boys headed for the classroom to wait for the dismissal bell. “He wants to fuck me.” Neville was still amazed by how casually the innocent looking little blond was able to talk about sex. Ellis had told him about his sexual history, but Neville didn’t care—he really liked Ellis. If somebody had told him early in the school year that Ellis would become his best friend, he would have told them they were bonkers.
Gordon, Ellis’s father, was waiting for them in the pick-up area. His wife had been dead set against Ellis having Neville over on a school night, but Gordon paved the way for his son. “You obviously do not remember what the last day of school was like,” he had told her. “There will be nothing going on.”
“Hello, Mr. Zwingle,” Neville said as he and Ellis clambered into the back seat. “Thank you for letting Ellis and me spend the night, together.” Neville had his weapon loaded for his parents, his argument being that Evan was spending the night with Dylan. It turned out he didn’t need to fire his bullet as Reggie and Shelley agreed instantly to his request.
“Greetings, Neville. Good to see you,” Gordon answered. “Are you boys ready for the end of school?”
“Yes, but we still have all kinds of things to do tomorrow morning,” Ellis told him.
“I thought everything that needed to be done would be done by now.”
“No, sir,” Neville replied. “We have books to turn in, lockers to be inspected, and other things that Mr. Jackson will invent to keep us busy.”
“But we’ll all be thinking of the party at the twins’ house,” Ellis added
“A skinny dipping party is what their father told us,” Gordon said. “Does being naked like that bother you boys?” Gordon knew it didn’t bother Ellis since he’d asked him about it after talking to Scott.
“Nope,” Ellis said.
“We do not have to be nude if we don’t wish to be,” Neville added without committing himself.
Gordon smiled to himself, remembering the skinny dipping he and his buddies did in the pond on the property of one of his best friends when he was a preteen and young teen.
The boys spent the rest of the afternoon playing outdoors until Reba called them to dinner. After dinner they watched the Sounders soccer game on TV.
“I know you won’t be doing much in school tomorrow,” Reba said as the game ended, “but I want you boys to be in bed on time.” Neville nodded. He didn’t care much for Reba. He couldn’t explain it, but there was something about her that creeped him out.
“I guess that means we go now,” Ellis said. He gave his dad a good-night hug, but not his mom, something Neville didn’t fail to notice. He told both parents good-night and the boys headed up to Ellis’s room.
Ellis stripped down to his white briefs and Neville quickly followed suit, and was soon wearing only his red and white checked boxers.
“Nice undies,” Ellis said. Neville nodded, not carrying a whit whether or not Ellis liked his undies. “What are you wearing tomorrow?”
“Well, even though it is stupid, we do have to wear our uniforms, so what…”
“No, I mean which underpants?”
“What’s with you and underpants?”
“We need to paint your toenails to match your underpants.”
“Paint my toenails? Ellis, that’s bullocks. I am not painting my toes.”
“Why not?”
“We are going swimming tomorrow and everybody will see them, that’s why not.”
“I’m painting mine.”
Neville sighed. “You are crackers. We all know you paint your toenails. I do not paint my toenails.”
“Except for tomorrow” Ellis grinned. “Tell everybody it means you’re free from school.”
“What color underpants are you wearing tomorrow?” Neville pulled a pair of light blue boxers out of his overnight bag. “Dark blue will work,” Ellis mumbled to himself.
Neville never did figure out how, a half-hour later, he ended up with ten dark blue toes. He had no explanation when asked at the party the next day other than to say he spent the night with Ellis, which everybody already knew. What was important to him was that nobody made fun of him, other than to say he and Ellis looked good with matching toenails.
Neville didn’t tell about his being on his knees painting Ellis’s toes and about how he ended up with his face in Ellis’s crotch sucking his friend’s hard two-and-a-half inches while he jerked himself off. He didn’t tell how Ellis shook with a dry orgasm and how he followed him by less than a minute. He didn’t tell how not long after, they were cuddled naked under the covers of Ellis’s bed.
“I am liking this sex stuff,” Neville whispered to Ellis.
“I’ve always liked it,” Ellis gushed, not bothering to mention what he didn’t like about sex, which was being harassed by his mother or being used by his so-called friends. “If we can find a way, would you be mad if Paul fucked me tomorrow?”
Neville gave Ellis a confused look. “Why should I be mad?”
“I thought you might get jealous or something.”
Neville wondered if Ellis thought the two of them were boyfriends or something close. He decided to let the thought die. After all, only poufs had boyfriends, and he certainly wasn’t a pouf. “I won’t be jealous, as long as you won’t be angry if I do something with one of the twins’ sisters.”
“You like girls for real?” Ellis asked.
Ellis said nothing, letting his mind work through the ramifications. If Neville liked girls for real, then the two of them could never be boyfriends, which saddened the little blond. On the other hand, Ellis thought, we can always be best friends and do sex stuff together. That thought perked him back up some, and he gave Neville a quick peck on his lips.
“A boy who kisses another boy is a pouf,” Neville told him.
“Then, I guess I’m a pouf,” Ellis giggled.
The two eleven year olds had a lot to think about as they fell asleep. Puberty was approaching quickly as the two preteens were already wondering about their places in the world.


The other meeting with an eighth grader happened after school let out at the end of the day. It had been a fun day with the fifth grade boys enjoying the class party, which was held out on the sports fields. The highlight, of course, was the barbeque. Vic and his committee had done a great job of planning and everybody appreciated it.  Mark noticed Ellis and Paul discussing something as the fifth graders entered the “castle” after the party. Paul had just turned fourteen, which made him an even bigger boy in the eyes of the Posse members.
Brad, the eighth grader who had harassed the twins on the first day of school, was a big boy. While Mark and Matthew never looked over their shoulders, they sometimes wondered if he was going to avenge his embarrassment when Matthew had cold-cocked him.
“Hello, little girls,” he growled as he stood in the path of Misha, Patrick, and the twins. “I bet you all thought I forgot what happened in September. I’ll tell you that I sure didn’t, and I promised everybody that on my last day at this dump, I’d remember exactly what happened.”      
They boys noticed two bigger kids standing behind Brad. They did not recognize either one as a student at the Academy. “If you do anything to us, they probably won’t let you do the graduation, tonight,” Misha, who was ever the diplomat, told him.
“Only if they find out,” Brad smirked as he grabbed onto Patrick’s arm like he had on those same steps the first day of school. But that was as far as it got as Misha’s knee caught the older boy right in his nuts, causing him to howl. The other two boys closed in, but one of them had the same treatment as Brad received, administered by Matthew, while the third boy caught Mark’s right fist in his gut.
“See you losers later,” Matthew told them as the four Posse members scurried down the steps.
John McClain, the college student who usually supervised detention, was supervising the bus area since there were no detentions on the last full day of school. He had seen what unfolded; it had happened so quickly he didn’t have time to react. Like the four Posse members, he didn’t recognize two of the boys, which had to mean trouble.
“What’s wrong with those guys?” he asked the Posse.
“I think they were hit by falling bricks,” Patrick grinned. “The school is very old, you know.”
“I understand,” John said. “You guys did a nice job dodging the bricks.”
“You know it,” Mark yelled as the four boys headed for Bus 2. 
When Misha and Patrick boarded the bus, Mrs. Deaver gave them both her usual friendly greeting. “Nice to have you on board Bus 2, Misha,” she said with a smile.
“Is it nice having us on board, too?” Mark asked as the two of them boarded after their two friends.
“Only when you fold your hands on your laps and behave politely.”
“Then it must never be nice having us around,” Matthew said.
“No, but it is a lot of fun.”
Matthew and Mark gave the bus driver wide smiles. “Fun is better than nice any time,” Matthew grinned.
“Especially when you keep certain eighth graders in their place,” Mrs. Deaver told him, looking in the direction of the three fallen boys. She, too, had not recognized Brad’s buddies. “You certainly saved everybody a lot of unnecessary paperwork.”
“You saw that?” Mark said, panicking momentarily.
“Saw what?” Mrs. Deaver grinned as the twins headed to their seats.
Jeremiah got on the bus just after the four Posse members with Tony following behind him. “This is my last day in this dump,” Jeremiah announced, “so I can do anything I want and you can’t stop me.” He looked directly at Mrs. Deaver.
“Try me,” Mrs. Deaver told him.
Jeremiah flipped her the bird, but she acted as if she was looking the other way.
“I can’t believe Mrs. D ignored that,” Patrick said.
“Hang on,” Mark told him. “I don’t think the Bullfrog has finished yet, and I bet she’s going to be ready for him.”
“Yeah,” Matthew agreed, “she wants him to be a big-time asshole before she makes her move.”
“Who are you calling an asshole, asshole?” Jeremiah screamed as he jumped out of his seat.
“Damn, everybody’s touchy today,” Mark said as he looked away from Jeremiah.
“Jeremiah, sit down.”
“Fuck you bitch. I hate you like I hate those two pecker brains and like I hate this whole school.” Before Jeremiah knew what had happened, John McClain and Mr. Carter, the regular bus stop supervisor, were on the bus leading Jeremiah off of it. Jeremiah couldn’t fail to hear Patrick’s clear, soprano voice quietly singing, “Jeremiah was a bullfrog…”
“Wow, they got here fast,” Patrick said.
“I love the panic button on my phone,” Mrs. Deaver told them.
“I don’t care what everybody says about you, Mrs. D, you’re really very cool,” Mark said.
“Mark, please don’t insult me on my bus, I won’t stand for it.” Even though he knew the bus driver was yanking his chain, Mark still blushed red.  
“I think she would rather be called a bitch than be called cool,” Misha said.
Will boarded the bus right after Jeremiah was removed. “Damn, I missed all of the fun.” He sat next to Tony in the seat Jeremiah would have occupied.
The rest of the trip home was uneventful. When the bus arrived at Patrick’s house, Patrick thanked Mrs. Deaver for taking care of Jeremiah.
“That was not a problem, I do not hold him in the same high regard as you boys.” She grinned at Misha. “It was nice to have you on my bus, and I see that you will be riding with us in the morning.”
“Yes, ma’am,” Misha answered.
Maxine was pleased to get four hugs after the boys charged into the house. “It just makes my day to get hugs from four handsome young men,” she crowed. The noisy boys reminded her of raising her children as well as some of her grandchildren. She saw those as the best times of her life.
“We love making your day, Grannana,” Patrick assured her.
“It keeps me young. And having you here for the night, Master Misha, is especially nice, even if I can’t understand Patrick’s father allowing overnight company on a school night.”
“Grannana, there’s nothing going on at school tomorrow,” Patrick protested for what seemed like the thousandth time. “We don’t need to be awake to check in our books and clean out our lockers and tell knock knock jokes.”
“Well, back in my day…”
Maxine never got a chance to finish as Patrick gave her another hug, this one bigger than the first one. “Back in your day, you didn’t have me loving you and hugging you,” he whispered to the old lady.
“And that is very true,” she grinned as she fought back tears of love. The boys took off for Patrick’s bedroom.
The twins enjoyed watching Misha and Patrick change clothes. “I don’t see why we have to wear uniforms tomorrow,” Mark said.
“At least we can go like today in polo shirts and shorts,” Matthew pointed out.
“And not like the eighth graders, who had to wear ties on their last day of school,” Patrick said. “Now, that really sucks.”
“I like seeing you guys in just your undies,” Mark told Misha and Patrick.
“And I’ll like seeing you in even less, tomorrow,” Matthew added.
“Nice job with that knee today, Misha,” Mark told him. “I thought you were a lover, not a fighter.”
“At the orphanage, you have to not let people push you around, so you learn. Nobody pushed me around,” Misha said.
“Well, I know I won’t push you around,” Matthew said. “I don’t want a knee in my ‘nads.”
That night, after they’d said their goodnights and gone under the covers of Patrick’s bed, Misha and Patrick talked. And after they talked, they kissed and after they kissed they kissed even more and humped, and after they humped and had their dry orgasms, they talked again.
“So, we’re going to give each other blow jobs again really soon, right?” Patrick asked.
“It is not up to me. It is for both of us to decide this. But after tomorrow we will be sixth graders, which I think is very grown up.”
“Grown up enough to suck each other, or to do more?”
“Just thinking about, you know, the butt thing. But, yeah, that’s for later. I just want to suck you again, and you keep putting it off.”
“I am sorry if I treated you badly,” Misha said, a bit chagrined because that is exactly what he’d done. He’d treated Patrick like a little boy who needed to be protected instead of treating him like his best friend.
“You never treated me badly. We’re best friends and more, and we’re gonna know when it’s time to do it.”
“You mean butt stuff?” Misha was having trouble figuring out exactly what it was Patrick wanted.
“And sucking. But, we’ve sucked before. I mean doing something new.”
“I agree.” Misha kissed Patrick on the lips, and after rolling around the bed with their lips locked, the two preteens finally came up for air, their bare cocks hard once again.
“I know we will know the perfect day to do it,” Patrick said.
“Doing anything with you would make any day perfect,” Misha said with surprising romantic maturity. That led to a sweet cooing sound from Patrick, another long kiss, and the two boys side-by-side on the bed, the covers thrown off, their lips once again locked, fighting for breath as their almost interlocking young boy erections rubbed together until they couldn’t take it any longer and shook with simultaneous orgasms.
After they recovered Misha told Patrick he had two things to say before they slept. Patrick loved how Misha, who was often so quiet in school, never seemed to run out of things to talk about when the two of them were together.
“Tomorrow, there might be much sex,” Misha started.
“Yeah, I think the whole Posse being naked will be really sexy,” Patrick agreed.
“Would you be okay if we messed around with some of the other boys?”
“We aren’t married yet, Misha. Let’s go have fun.”
“You think we shall be married soon?”
Patrick thought for a moment about what he’d just said and then giggled. The two of them giggled together and then clutched at each other, their smooth naked bodies intertwined as sleep finally caught up with them.


“Do those Things and all their dorky little friends really have to swim naked?” Michelle asked during the Kirkwood family dinner. Michelle and her sister had planned on staying with a friend after school the next day, but their friend got put on a long-term restriction the night before and they couldn’t come up with an alternative plan.
“We are Bobcats, not Things,” Mark pointed out haughtily. “And we already made our plans, so there.”
“Okay kids,” Scott said, “let’s calm down and enjoy our dinner.”
“A pleasant meal is good for the digestion,” Kristy added.
“Well, we are not going to hang around the pool,” Megan added. “Who wants to see a bunch of little ten and eleven-year-old boys naked? It’s bad enough we keep having to see those two in the nude. And there is no way we want them to see us naked.” She pointed at Mark and Matthew and stuck out her tongue.
“You are not hanging around the pool naked,” Kristy reproved.
“Like we were planning on it,” Michelle said.
“We’ll be in our rooms, no matter how nice the weather is. I mean who wants to sit in the sun and get a tan?” Megan asked sarcastically.
“That’s why we think everybody should wear swimming suits tomorrow,” Michelle added. “Then we could be outside.”
“Not everybody will be our age,” Mark pointed out. “Curt and Paul just finished eighth grade. I know Paul just turned fourteen and I think Curt is fourteen, too.”
“And they’re both good athletes,” Matthew added mischievously.
Megan and Michelle looked at their brothers, their eyes big and their mouths open. “You never told us that,” Michelle whined.
“Mom, can we go naked with the boys tomorrow?” Megan pleaded.
“No,” Scott and Kristy said together.
“Just a few moments ago you didn’t even want to be around the pool,” Scott pointed out.
“We changed our minds,” Michelle said.
“Yeah, because you want the studly eighth graders to see you,” Mark smirked.
“I am not changing my mind,” Kristy scowled.
“How about if we take just our bras off,” Megan offered.
“How about if everybody wears their swimming suits,” Kristy said.
“Mom, you promised,” Mark wailed.
“Yeah, everybody is expecting to skinny dip,” Matthew added. “We’ve been talking about it forever.”
“He has a point,” Scott said, much to Kristy’s chagrin.
After more bantering back and forth, it was decided that none of the boys had anything the girls hadn’t seen before and the girls would be allowed in the pool area. However, they would have to wear their bikini bottoms, but could have their tops off unless they entered the pool. Donning their tops would be to prevent a boy from “accidently” copping a feel.
Kristy reluctantly agreed, although she did argue that none of the boys’ parents expected the pool area to be co-ed. She was going to call each of the parents to tell them her dilemma, hoping that maybe one of the parents would offer to babysit the girls for the afternoon. While that didn’t happen, none of the parents had a problem with the girls being in the pool area as long as it was closely supervised. Somehow, Kristy had conveniently forgotten to tell them of the possibility that the girls might be topless while they sunbathed. She was hoping that when push came to shove, the girls would be embarrassed about revealing their breasts to ten boys, even if the boys were naked.
Mark and Matthew slept together, as usual. They were excited about the swimming party, but upset that their sisters would be there. Mark expressed their feeling best when he said, “Almost everybody is going to pay more attention to them than they are to us.”
“Yeah, especially Paul and Curt,” Matthew said.
“I thought Paul was gay.”
“He won’t be when he sees M&M’s boobs,” Matthew snickered.

<Friday, June 14>

The last day of school went smoothly. On the bus ride to school, the twins, Misha, Patrick, and Will babbled on about the party. Will was the only one excited that the twelve-year-old girls would be there and might even be topless. None of them were upset that Jeremiah wasn’t on the bus. They took him at his word that he was changing schools and figured that other than in sports, they had seen the last of him.
The Posse learned that not coming to school the last day wasn’t entirely Jeremiah’s decision—he’d been suspended for the day after his antics on the bus the day before. They also learned that while Brad had been allowed to participate in the graduation ceremonies the night before, it was contingent on his putting in two weeks’ worth of service hours at the school for bringing unauthorized visitors onto the campus and for harassing students. Misha and the twins were prepared to be called on the carpet for what they had done to Brad and his friends, but nothing was ever said to them.
“It’s amazing that nobody seemed to have seen anything happen,” Will observed.
“Did you see anything?” Mark asked.
“Oh yeah. Misha and you guys rocked.”
There were hugs and good-byes as the half-day moved to a close. Mr. Jackson received his share of hugs, and he also received something else—something he knew was coming.
“Knock knock,” Mark said after the dismissal bell rang.
“I guess I asked for this,” Mr. Jackson replied. “Who’s there?”
“Owls who?”
“You’re smart Mr. J, that’s exactly what owls do.”
The teacher thought for a moment, then grinned. “Okay, good one, you got me there.” It was almost like the joke was anticlimactic. He had expected more.
“I get one, too,” Patrick chimed in.
“No, this was between me and the twins.”
“Remember, Mr. Vargas let me be the backup, just in case.”
“Ah, but a backup wasn’t needed.”
“Let me tell you anyway, so my joke doesn’t go to waste.” Patrick gave Mr. Jackson a pleading puppy-dog look. The teacher loved the young student, whose grades were not only number one in the class, but who had shown spunk, leadership, and talent, all topped by the greatest smile in the fifth grade. Being cute didn’t hurt, either.
“Okay, let me have it. I have the summer to recover.”
“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
Mr. Jackson suddenly saw himself slipping into a dark hole, especially when he saw the mischievous grins on the faces of the twins, Will, Ellis, and Vic, who were all waiting for the finale to unfold.
“Ducks who?”
“No, Mr. Jackson,” Patrick said sternly, “ducks quack. Owls who.”
The twins broke out into gales of laughter, Patrick flashed his winning smile, and the gaggle of boys raced out of the door, their laughter echoing down the hall. The Posse had become favorites of his. He was going to miss their cheekiness, laughter, and yes, their hard work. He knew that if they continued to be a force in their remaining years at the Puget Academy, the place would never be the same.
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