The Mark and the Mole

Chapter Two: The Twins' Daddy

Both Michael and I thought something bad had happened to one of the boys or Grandmother. We rushed to the living room. Grandmother looked at us, "This young man claims that he has come to take his sons. He doesn't look like he is old enough to have children. He is just a boy himself."

The young man started to shake, "Ma'am I dropped Mark and Jon here last night when we were stranded in the car in front of your house. I was so afraid that something would happen to the boys."

Grandmother frowned, "How did you know that the boys' names were Mark and Jon? Do you have listening devices planted in my house?"

"Ma'am, I have the boys' birth certificates that say their names are Mark Matthew and Jon Paul Harmon."

Michael recovered first. He went to the young man who looked to be fourteen or fifteen, "Hi, I am Michael Long. I would like to introduce you to my friend, Doug Walker, and his Grandmother, Mrs. Henrietta Walker. Why don't you come and sit down so we can discuss what is happening?"

The young man sat down so he could see the two laundry baskets. I looked at the young man, "Who are you, and why should we believe that these two little boys are your sons?"

"Sir, my name is Chad Harman. I have the birth certificates for the two boys. Please, may I just have them? They are all I have in the world."

Grandmother looked at the young man, "How do we know the birth certificates aren't fakes? How do we know you are who you say you are and where is the boys' mother?"

Chad was looking a little rattled, "Mrs. Walker, I wouldn't have any reason to fake two birth certificates since I have no idea how I am going to be able to take care of the boys. Here are the birth certificates, my driver's license and my social security card. The boys' Mother died two days ago and that is why we are on our own."

Grandmother looked at the paperwork and handed it to me. I looked at it and looked at it, "Chad, this says you are only 16. How are you possibly going to take care of the boys?"

"Mr. Walker, I don't know. I just know I need to be with Mark and Jon."

Grandmother wasn't satisfied, "If you are the boys' father, as you say, how do you know which of them is Mark and which is Jon?"

Chad answered, "Mrs. Walker, that's easy. Mark has a birthmark on his stomach that looks like this." Chad stood and pulled up his jacket and shirt and exposed a birthmark. "Jon has a mole on the top of his left foot just behind his little toe just like I have. Do want to see mine?"

Grandmother picked Jon up and looked and sure enough he had a very small mole on his left foot as Chad had said.

Mike looked at Chad, "Chad, when was the last time you ate a decent meal?"

"Mr. Long, I had a McDonald's hamburger for lunch yesterday. I haven't eaten since, because I need what little money I have to take care of the boys."

That set Grandmother off, "Okay, wanna be Daddy, when was the last time you had a shower and put on clean clothes?"

Chad looked like he was going to cry, "Ma'am, the last time I had a shower or put on clean clothes was three nights ago. I spent the night with my wife, Jody, before she died. Her parents blamed me and the boys for her death and threw us out."

We all took a deep breath. Grandmother recovered, "Douglas, take this boy upstairs and have him take a shower and see if you can find some clothes for him to wear. Michael, you see if you can find him some food so he has the strength to explain in minute detail why he left my great grandsons at my doorstep. I'll take care of the boys."

I think Chad was beginning to see that he was going to be losing a battle. I took him to the guest bedroom, "Okay Mr. Harman, get those clothes off so I can put them in the washer. While you are in the shower, I'll see what we might have that you can wear."

Chad stepped out of his clothes and handed them to me. I took his clothes and left. I went to find some clothes that might fit him. I found and old pair sweat pants that had a draw string and old sweat shirt. I put the clothes and a pair of socks on the bed. "Chad, I am afraid that you will need to free ball it until your clothes are dry. Do you suppose that you can keep your sexual organ under control until then?'"

Chad walked into the bedroom. He was drying his hair, "Mr. Walker, exactly what are you asking or saying?"

"Chad, we don't have any briefs or shorts that will fit your skinny body. I just wanted to know if you could control your penis until we get your clothes washed and dried?"

Chad started to laugh. He had a beautiful smile, "Sir, I'll keep my cock under wraps. I certainly wouldn't want to embarrass my sons and their adopted bossy Grandmother."

Chad put on the clothes I had found for him, and I went to him and held him close, "Son, I think you will make it, but I think you may need Michael's and my help. Please let us help you."

I put my arms around Chad and held him and it was like the Hoover Dam opened. He finally relaxed and looked up at me, "Mr. Walker, I wish you could have been my father. My Father would never have held me like that."

Chad and I walked down the stairs. I could tell that he didn't feel threatened by me. He looked at me, "Mr. Walker, will your Grandmother and Mr. Long accept me like you have?"

That shook my mind, "Chad, Mrs. Walker is my Grandmother and I suggest that you call her Grandmother. That would make her day. Also Mr. Long is my life partner, if you know what I am saying."

Chad looked at me with his puppy brown eyes, "Mr. Walker, did you just tell me that you and Mr. Long are gay?"

"Yes Chad, we have been partners for 13 years now."

Chad looked confused, "You mean your Grandmother doesn't have a problem with that?"

"Chad, Grandmother loves Michael like he was her own grandson. Sometimes I think she loves him more than she does me."

Chad fell against me, "Dad Douglas, me thinks that you do exaggerate."

"Chad, me thinks we better get your butt into the kitchen before Grandmother and Michael and your sons think we have been playing games."

We walked into the kitchen and Grandmother started, "Okay, what took so long? Doug did you have to peel the want a be father's clothes off him or what?"

"Grandmother, it took so long to find the adhesive tape so I could keep his penis from flapping in his sweats because we didn't want you and Michael to hyperventilate."

Mike stopped any further frivolity, "Chad, here is a snack for you."

Michael placed two roast beef sandwiches and a dish au jus in front of Chad with a twice baked potato and some green beans and some fruit. Chad was like a vacuum and ate everything in sight. Mike looked at Chad, "Would you like anything else?"

I thought Mike and Grandmother were going to lose their teeth when Chad answered, "No thank you Dad Mike. Grandma, let's take these younguns and get them ready for bed. I think that Dad D. and Dad M. need to talk."

We reassembled in the living room and Grandmother started, "Chad, we want to know the entire story about what happened, and we want to know it now. If you try to buffalo us, we will be able to tell, and your bottom will be out of here faster than the fuel coming from a gasoline pump."

Chad started his story. "As I said earlier, my name is Chad David Harman. I was born on the first of January. I am the oldest of seven children and my parents are very religious. They are devout Catholics."

"Last March, I went to a church camp and Jody was there. I knew Jody from school, but we had never talked very much. It was Saturday afternoon and the weather was warm for the end of March. Jody and I went for a walk. We sat down on the grass in a clearing and well, we let our hormones take control. The result of what we did is here in the room with us."

"Jody and I had both been virgins before that fateful Saturday afternoon.

When Jody found out she was pregnant, putting it literally, all hell broke loose. My parents threw me out and disowned me. Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Jody's parents, were very upset. Jody was their only child and they had big plans for her."

"They were more understanding than my parents and we all sat down and talked. Jody and I were married in a civil ceremony and we were to live at the Davis's house. I had to quit school as did Jody. I had to go to work for her father. Jody had a relatively easy pregnancy and the twins were born without any complications. We were just getting ready to leave the hospital when Jody had a seizure."

"She was rushed to the emergency room and they operated for a tumor on her brain. Mr. and Mrs. Davis started blaming me and the boys for the tumor. The doctors tried to tell them that the tumor was not caused by the pregnancy. The hospital was very good about accommodating me and the twins and I spent the last night with Jody. She died just before dawn three nights ago."

"Mr. and Mrs. Davis informed me that they never wanted to see me or the boys again. The forbid me to ever enter their house again. The hospital staff was very gracious and they dressed the children and gave me the large laundry basket to carry the boys."

"I went to the bank and got what little money that we had. The first night I went to a cheap motel where we spent the night. I soon realized that I would need to be very frugal if we were to be able to survive. Last night, I went to a small church and took the boys inside with me. I prayed for a miracle to happen so that my sons would have a wonderful life. When I was leaving the church carrying the boys, there was a bright star crossing the sky."

"When I started the car, it was like I had put it on automatic cruise control and it was driving itself. It stopped in front of your house. It would not start. It was starting to get cold and I was afraid for the boys so that is when I dropped them at your door last night. I walked to the nearest gas station that was open and got a can of gas. The car started and I left and spent the night in a parking lot at the park. I slept in the car."

Grandmother put up her hands, "Time out. Michael, you had better call your parents and tell them that we will be bringing three additional people tomorrow. Tell them that only one of them will be eating a lot."

She turned back to Chad, "Okay Daddy Chad, where is your car?"

Chad looked at her, "Grandma, the car is still parked in front of the house."

"Chad, give Doug the keys so he can pull it into the driveway. Otherwise it will be towed away during the night."

Chad got the keys and gave them to me. I went to the car and it is a wonder that it even started. It had to be twenty five years old.

When I got back inside, Grandma and Chad were feeding the twins and Mike was folding Chad's clothes which had dried. I went to talk to Mike.

"Michael, what did your parents say?"

Mike started to laugh, "I talked to Mother and all she said was the more the merrier. It sounds like Kevin and Kendra will have someone to keep them occupied. Maybe they won't complain about being bored."

I pulled Mike close and hugged him. "Michael, I think we should see about being Chad's guardians and that way his sons could be our grandsons."

Any further discussion was interrupted by the doorbell.

Mike and I went into the living room and Grandmother was standing there talking to my parents. Chad was holding the twins on his lap talking to them. Grandmother brought my parents into the living room and motioned for everyone to sit down. Mike and I sat close to Chad and the boys.

Grandmother looked at my parents, "I am surprised to see you so soon. I haven't seen you since Thanksgiving and here you are for the second time today. This must be very important."

My mother started, "Mrs. Walker, you were very unfair to Marcie and Dick. You practically told them that they should get out of your life. What in the world did they do?"

"Oh Anna, you are so naïve, to start with Marcie volunteered to have Thanksgiving at their house and what does she do. She arranges for us to go the fanciest restaurant in the area. She and Dicky boy invited his parents and two other couples. Did you not realize that the two couples included Dick and Marcie's playmates? I have known for several years that Dick is a closeted gay and that Marcie is in a relationship with another woman."

Grandmother wasn't finished, "What really got me upset was that Marcie directed the waiter to give me the bill for the over priced food that tasted like cardboard."

Dad spoke for the first time, "But Marcie told us that you insisted that you wanted to pay for the dinners."

Grandmother was shaking her head, "Bryce, you are even more stupid than I thought. Do you realize that the only person in this family who doesn't owe me any money is Douglas? He has paid back every cent that he borrowed to pay for his education which you should have provided."

Chad stood, "Grandmother, I would like to be excused. I'll take the boys to my bedroom. I don't think we need to be involved in this conversation. "

Grandmother shook her head, "Chad, sit down. Bryce and Anna will be leaving shortly and we can hear the rest of your story."

Grandmother turned to my parents, "Bryce, you have never even tried to pay back the down payment for your over priced house that you borrowed. Anna has never given me a cent on the money she borrowed so she could have her cosmetic surgery and both Marcie and Dick have come to me for money on several occasions. I am telling you all that there will be no more. I have already changed my will and none of you are included. So now you may go and heaven help you. I don't know where I went wrong."

My father was shaking and my mother was seething, "Come on Bryce, it is easy to see that your mother is demented. We will seek legal help to get her committed. By the way who is this Chad boy? Is he your plaything Douglas?"

My Grandmother stood and went to my Mother and slapped her face. "Bitch, your mind is just as filthy as Marcie's. You need psychiatric help."

My parents left and Grandmother just stood and shook her head, "Guys, I'm sorry that you had to hear all of this, but it has been building for some time. Let's go to bed. Things will look better in the morning. I need kisses from my three men and then I'll kiss my two great grandsons."

Michael and I took the twins with us. We thought Chad needed to get some sleep.

We had just gotten in bed. We had decided to wear briefs in case the boys needed to be taken care of. I was lying with my head on Michael's chest playing with his nipples. There was a quiet knock on the door. Mike told the visitor to come in.

Chad was standing there crying. "Mr. Long and Mr. Walker, I think I should leave. It seems like I am tearing this family apart. It's like everyone I get close to has something bad happen to them. I am going to get dressed and take the boys and leave."

I jumped out of bed and dragged Chad to bed and pushed him down. "You are going nowhere, my son. You heard what Grandmother said. She said this situation has been building for some time. The events of the last two days have just caused the situation to explode. It has nothing to do with you and the twins. Now, just go to sleep. I promise neither Michael nor I will ever try to do anything sexual with you. We might kiss you goodnight and hug you and tell you we love you, but that is all. Goodnight, Son."

Editor's Notes:

Well, this is a wonderful story. I wonder why Grandmother reminds me of Mrs. Tillison? She is adorable, and I just hope that she has someone who will make sure that she doesn't get declared incompetent. There seems to be something familiar in that situation. Are these people living in Fremont? I know just who to call if they are.

Great story and I can hardly wait for the next chapter.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher