Feeling Comfortable in My Own Skin


Aiden’s friend showed up on Friday night and he’s almost as gorgeous as Aiden, and just as friendly.  He greeted me with a hug too, even though we had never met before. 

“Any friend of Aiden’s is a friend and brother of mine!” he exclaimed, as he broke the embrace. 

I began to like him, despite my previous misgivings.  Gavin is a truly amazing guy and I can see why Aiden and he have been best friends.  They really are a lot alike and Gavin was absolutely great to me.  I really appreciated how he made sure I was included in their conversations and everything else they did.  He even explained things to me when they talked about their past or he mentioned how some of their other friends were doing.  It was very special to me that he went out of his way to include me in the conversation and tried to make me feel welcome.

Since we all had fake ID’s, we decide to hit some bars downtown and have a few beers together.  That’s when Gavin told me a story about when Aiden got drunk at his house when he was 15.  Gavin said his parents had left them alone to go to some dinner party, so the two of them decided to raid the liquor cabinet.   I guess this was Aiden’s first time drinking, so he didn’t know he should take it easy and ended up guzzling down his drinks.  Gavin said Aiden got sicker than a dog and turned a nice shade of green.  He also spent the rest of the night bent down in front of the toilet bowl, barfing his guts out.  Gavin insisted it was a good thing his parents’ bedroom was on the other side of the house, because his end spelled like vomit.  Gavin also explained that he kept the exhaust fan on all night long, in an attempt to suck out some of the odor so his parents wouldn’t find out what Aiden and he had done. 

I could tell Aiden was trying to change the subject when he asked Gavin if he had someone special in his life.  Gavin told him he’d met a girl, but didn’t know if she was as perfect for him as I was for Aiden.  I thought that was pretty nice too and his comment made me like Gavin even more. 

After we’d had a few drinks, we went back to our room.  I was wondering what we were going to do for sleeping arrangements, but Aiden said we’d all sleep together and it wasn’t a big deal.  He told me Gavin would just sleep on the bed behind him, because he and I wouldn’t take up much more space than my bed, since we generally slept on our sides.   He said Gavin and he had shared a bed many times before, so this wasn’t anything new.  If it was okay with them, then I guess it was also fine with me. 

As we were stripping down and getting ready for bed, Gavin made an announcement. 

“Okay, Peter, let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way now,” he stated.  “I don’t want you lying in bed all night wondering about how I’m hung.  I had to deal with that same issue with Aiden too, so take a good look."

Gavin then lowered his boxers, so I could see his dick.  I was shocked and I think that’s what Gavin wanted, so it pleased him immensely.  When he noted my surprised reaction, he began to wiggle his hips so his dick flopped wildly about.  I mean it was nice, but I already had the one I wanted.  Aiden, on the other hand, was laughing hysterically at my reaction to what Gavin was doing. 

“I just wanted to get that out of the way early,” Gavin joked, “because I know Aiden tried desperately to get a peek at it for a long time before I finally showed it to him."  Aiden acted as if this news was a total surprise to him. 

“What the hell are you talking about?” Aiden countered.  “We’d been bathing together since we were kids."

“Yeah, but once we both hit puberty, you were dying to see if mine was bigger than yours," Gavin teased, which got Aiden laughing. 

“Okay, so maybe I did have a bad case of insecurity about that,” Aiden admitted.  "It just turned out that I had nothing to worry about." That comment elicited a startled reaction from Gavin. 

“Unless you’ve grown since you graduated, then we’re pretty close to the same size," Gavin stated.  "Unless you want to prove otherwise." 

"You're on," Aiden agreed, and suddenly both of them were dropping their underwear on the floor. 

“Come on, Peter.  You might as well join us,” Aiden urged, but I wasn't so sure about this. 

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Gavin explained.  “I’m only out to embarrass your boyfriend, not you." 

Hearing him say it like that I thought, ‘What the hell,’ and lowered my underwear too. 

Yes, I already knew I wouldn’t compare to either of them, but since Gavin had been so open and understanding about everything, I felt I had to be just as open with him as he and Aiden were with each other.  I’m not even sure Gavin ever glanced over to check me out, because Aiden and he were working to get hard.  Hell, I got hard just staring at them. 

"Peter, would you grab the ruler out of my desk drawer?" Aiden asked. 

"Sure," I agreed without hesitating. 

I then walked over to his desk, and when I returned, Aiden spoke to me again. 

“You measure Gavin’s first, because I don’t trust him,” Aiden said, between giggles. 

Gavin had a hurt expression on his face, as if he was bothered by the fact that Aiden didn’t seem to trust him, but he still managed to willingly shove his hips toward me. 

“Go ahead,” Gavin said.  “It’s your boyfriend’s home court, so we’ll follow his rules."  I stuck the ruler under his dick and measured. 

"Seven and a half inches," I announced, and Gavin looked pleased. 

"Now do me," Aiden urged, so I went over and did the same thing to him. 

"Seven and three-quarters inches," I announced next. 

"Wait!  Let me see that," Gavin challenged, disbelieving the accuracy of my measurement. 

He reached out and grabbed Aiden’s dick, along with the ruler, but Aiden never flinched.  Gavin checked it out carefully and finally gave in. 

“I’ll be damned!” he exclaimed, after re-measuring his own penis.  “Aiden IS a bigger dick.   Oh, I mean he HAS a bigger dick,” he corrected, as the two friends began playfully punching each other. 

After a few seconds of doing this, the two of them grabbed me and then shifted their body weight, so we all fell on the bed.  Damn, I’ve never been in bed with TWO naked guys before. 

Surprisingly, none of us got up to put our underwear back on.  Eventually, after we finished laughing, and Gavin and Aiden stopped punching each other and tickling me, we just kind of moved to our spots on the bed.  I’ve only slept naked with Aiden before and now here I was naked with him and his best friend. 

I must admit I slept really well that night.  It was like I was part of this big loving family and Gavin was just another brother.  None of us had anything to hide, but other than his playfulness concerning our bodies, it was obvious Gavin wasn’t sexually aroused.  He was just showing us, in his own way, that he was fine with us being gay and letting us know that he wouldn’t treat us any differently than he would anyone else.  That was a great feeling and very refreshing to know. 

We spent all of Saturday with Gavin too and he filled us in about his college and the courses he was taking.  While we were discussing this, Aiden asked Gavin if he’d been keeping up with his karate and Gavin admitted he was trying to, whenever he could find the time to practice.  Aiden then suggested he come with us to the small training gym we’d been using and Gavin agreed.  We all changed into shorts and a t-shirt, before walking over there. 

We started off loosening up and going through some of the routines on our own first, and then Aiden announced he had something else he wanted to try.  Since I’d only been able to practice the moves Aiden had taught me against him, he thought this would be a good chance for me to try them with someone else.  Since Gavin was a little bigger than Aiden, well – in most ways, I knew this was going to be a challenge. 

After Gavin agreed to be the guinea pig, Aiden whispered into his ear what he wanted him to do and then Gavin would do it.  This meant I would have to spontaneously react to whatever he did, because I had no way of knowing what was coming.  I thought I was doing fairly well, but that might have been because they were taking it easy on me. 

"How long has Peter been doing this?" Gavin asked, looking at me oddly. 

"Just a few weeks," Aiden answered.  "What do you think?"

"Not bad for such a short time," Gavin replied, now giving me a nod of approval. 

Hearing him say this made me feel pretty good and I gained a little more confidence in both my ability and myself. 

“That’s what I thought too,” Aiden confirmed, “but I just wanted to know if you agreed. 

“I do and if he keeps going at this rate, Peter should be able to take us on by the end of the school year," Gavin added. 

“Uh, I don’t think I’ll be able to do that,” I interjected, “or are you guys just teasing me?

“No, I’m totally serious about this.  Either you’ve got a great instructor, which I doubt,” Gavin replied, while smiling at Aiden, “or you just catch on quickly to these types of things."

“Not usually,” I confessed.  “I’m generally more of a klutz when it comes to doing physical crap."

“Then you must have discovered some secret motivation,” Gavin countered, while winked at me, "because you're doing just fine."

I was really pleased when Gavin told me this.  I’d been worried that I wasn’t making very much progress, so he made me feel a whole lot better about how much I'd accomplished so far. 

After we finished working out, we went back and showered.  It was as if we were all old buddies and no one cared a thing about who else was in the bathroom with us.  We just talked, goofed around and cleaned up, before returning to our room.  Later, Aiden wanted to do something special. 

“Since we don’t get together very often, I’m taking you both out to dinner,” Aiden announced, “and Daddy’s just going to have to eat the tab." 

We then walked down to the same restaurant Aiden had taken me to on our first date, although I didn’t know it was a date at the time.  Aiden filled Gavin in about that evening and then Gavin began to tease me. 

“So my bro picked you out the very first week of school and then set out to wine and dine you, huh?” he joked.  “Aiden always had a good eye for choosing the right friends, although you might be the first he’s been this serious about." 

I was stunned.  Did Gavin just say what I thought he did?  He must have noticed my expression. 

“Don’t get me wrong,” Gavin explained,  “Aiden was never a prude and always dated other guys.  I’ve just never seen him so moon-eyed over anyone like this before now."  I glanced over at Aiden and saw he was blushing. 

“Great!  Give away all my secrets,” Aiden quipped, while throwing his napkin across the table at Gavin.  Gavin caught it in the air and tossed it back. 

“Hey.  He might as well know the score, little bro,” Gavin stated.  "Even I can tell you think this one is a keeper."  Aiden groaned.

“Okay, so you can read me like a book,” Aiden confessed.  “Yes.  I’ll admit I’ve fallen hard for Peter.  I think he stole my heart the first night we ate here.  I’m willing to admit that I might have only felt sorry for him at first, but then the attraction just kept growing stronger and stronger.  Now, I know he makes my life complete and I just wouldn’t wish to live without him. 

God!  Hearing Adam say that made me start to cry. 

“Oh, that’s so sweet and I wish I could find someone that made me feel that way too,” Gavin admitted, while staring at me, “but don’t start crying around me in public.  I’ve got this macho image thing to uphold, you know. 

I looked up, because I wasn’t sure if he was being serious.  However, after looking at the expression on his face, I could tell that he was only teasing me, so I broke out laughing. 

"Ok, Mr. Macho Man, just for you," I taunted.

“Hey, he learns fast,” Gavin quipped.  “Did he come that way or did you have to train him?"  I knew he was just trying to get to me, so I gave him the finger. 

“Hey, this is a respectable establishment,” Gavin shot back.  “Confine those barroom antics for those cheaper and less classy hangouts."  Damn, he zinged me again. 

We had a lovely dinner, but the mood got slightly more serious after our previous exchange.  Gavin is truly an amazing guy and I’m glad he came for a visit and I got to meet him.  In fact, he told me if I didn’t have any other plans I should come home with Aiden for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we could all hang out together.  He said they’ll be having meals at both places anyway and one more belly to feed certainly isn't going to cause anyone else to go hungry.

I thanked him for his offer, but explained that my parents are expecting me home for both holidays, so he advised me to keep his invitation in mind, just in case my situation changed.  His offer really touched me and showed, once again, that he’s going to accept me the same way he's accepted Aiden. 

After dinner, Gavin offered to take us all out to a movie.  Since we had nothing else planned, we agreed and Aiden led us over to the cinema complex.  After looking the board over, we agreed on what we wanted to see and bought our tickets.  Gavin also sprung for drinks and popcorn for each of us before going in to find seats. 

“It’s just not right to watch a flick without a soda and some snacks,” he stated, as he added some candy to his purchase. 

I thought Gavin would sit next to Aiden, but he sat on the other side of me.  When I looked at him quizzically, he made an announcement. 

“I already know him, so this way I’ll get a chance to know you better too."  I thought that was sweet of him as well. 

We chatted through the coming attractions, but quieted down when the film began.  It was a decent flick, but my mind wasn’t really on the movie.  It was on the fact that Gavin is just so accepting and nice, and Aiden is so loving.  How am I lucky enough to end up with all of this?  A lover AND a new second-best friend!

After the movie we went back to our room.  Gavin and Aiden made me sleep in the middle this time, but tonight we all kept our underwear on.  Damn.  I didn’t know I could feel this comfortable around a straight guy.  My whole world has been turned completely upside down. 

I slept sandwiched between them the entire night.  It only became a problem when I had to get up to pee, but I managed to crawl over Aiden and make it in time.  Gavin didn’t cuddle with me, or anything like that, but our bodies did touch from time to time.  Whenever that happened, he never tried to pull away.  It was obvious he was also ok with this situation and his masculinity wasn’t threatened by hanging out with a couple of gays.  Why can’t the rest of the world be more like him? 

We spent Sunday morning with Gavin and went to breakfast together.  It was nothing fancy, but it was nice, and then Gavin announced he had to leave.  He said he had to get back and do some studying tonight, so he'd be ready for his classes the next day. 

“I’m sure glad to have met you, Peter,” Gavin told me, before giving me a big, powerful hug.  “Just remember my offer.  I’d like to see you again over the holidays and have you meet my folks.  Hell, you might as well meet your in-laws too,” he teased, as he punched me lightly in the shoulder. 

“Thanks, Gavin, and I won’t forget,” I told him.  “I’m really glad to have met you too and I hope we see a lot more of you in the future." 

“Hey, you’ve already seen me naked,” he joked.  “What more is there to see?"  He laughed after saying this, because I blushed at his little innuendo. 

“Okay, I’ll rephrase my last statement,” I offered.  “I hope to see you more OFTEN in the future." 

“Oh, you can’t get enough of my fantastic body and want to see it again and again," he teased next. 

“Okay, I surrender and won’t try to rephrase it again,” I laughed.  “See you around, big boy,” I joked back, as Gavin turned to say good-bye to Aiden. 

Watching them say good-bye was like watching two brothers go their separate ways.  It was tender, yet they teased each other too, and then they wrapped each other up in tremendous bear hugs, before finally letting the other go.  They were true friends in every sense of the word. 

Aiden and I watched as Gavin drove off and then we went back to our room.  Before we cracked open the books though, Aiden wanted me to give him my opinion of Gavin. 

“Well, he must be a bit nuts to like you as much as he does,” I joked, “but other than that he’s a really great guy.  I can see why he was your best friend in high school and I now feel as if he’s my best friend too." 

“I knew you’d like him and I’m glad you were able to deal with that so well,” Aiden admitted.  “When I first told you about him, I thought this was going to be a big problem, but you did really well.  I can tell Gavin likes you too or he wouldn’t have offered you that invitation.  He doesn’t invite everyone to his place, just the people he considers true friends."

“Yes, I thought that was pretty special too,” I confessed.  “Not only that, but you, and now Gavin, have made me a lot more accepting about being gay.  I suspect that might have been my problem from the start.  I guess it’s hard for others to accept you, when you’re not willing to accept yourself."

“Wow, I think the psychology classes are beginning to sink in and pay off," Aiden added as a jest. 

“Nah.  It’s the tutor I have that finally got through to me,” I confessed, before I hugged and kissed him.  Then, we sat down and began studying.