Out Of The Past

Chapter 30

Kendall was frowning as I quickly muted the microphone on Sammy, to prevent any further outbursts.

"Mrs. DeMarco, please refrain from extraneous commentary not supported by facts." Kendall said, looking at her with displeasure clearly on his face.

"Your honor, I will speak the truth, and if you do not care for it, then that is your problem." Kat replied succinctly, which caused the judge to raise his eyebrow in complete astonishment at being rebuked in such a manner.

"Mrs. DeMarco, I don't know how things work where you are from, but here, this is my courtroom, and I set the rules, do you understand me?" he asked coldly.

Kat looked at him as if he were an insect, before replying, "You can set whatever you like, but I will not be silenced from speaking the truth." 

"Mr. Jennings, I strongly urge you to counsel your witness, before she finds out just how quickly I can and will silence her." Kendall stated, and Jennings visibly gulped before approaching Kat, and covering the microphone. 

We could see him urgently whispering to her, and her countenance getting darker by the moment, as Sammy remarked, "She's a real bitch isn't she dad." 

"She didn't used to be." I said sadly, as I watched the scene play out in front of me.

Finally Jennings backed away and addressed Kat once again.

"Mrs. DeMarco, six years ago your sons were in the care of the defendant, and certain things happened which led to him being charged with criminal counts of sexual abuse of a minor, is that correct?" 

"Yes it is." she replied.

"Could you explain what happened six years ago, please, that brings you here today?" Jennings asked.

"Certainly; six years ago my husband and I began to notice certain things which caused us concern with our sons. You need to understand they were but three and four years old at the time. Anyway, we began to notice certain odd behaviors that were...inappropriate, let us say. They began to take off their clothes, and want to be naked all the time. They also began to touch themselves inappropriately. These things, needless to say, caused us great alarm, as it was not something that was normal for them. We went to a psychologist of our acquaintance, and expressed our concern regarding these events. She felt that the children might be being exposed to, well, that they might be being molested by someone." she said. 

She paused for breath before continuing, "There was only us and Mike that the children were around, and we knew we weren't doing anything of that nature with our children. It was then that we began noticing certain things, when we came by to pick up the children. We finally taped one of those incidents, where the children were being molested." she said, just as Alan called "Objection, facts not in evidence." 

"Your honor we have the tape, if you would like?" Jennings said quickly.

"Objection your honor, the tape, not only has been altered, but is not what they are portraying as factual, we have an FBI produced copy of the tape, and we would have no objection having it entered into evidence." Alan stated.

"Mr. Jennings?" Kendall asked, looking at him.

"Your honor, we have the original tape, and we object to the one they are trying to foist off on the court." Jennings stated, clearly not very happy.

"May I ask if you are questioning the validity of an FBI certified tape?" Kendall asked, with his customary raised eyebrow.

Jennings looked distinctly uncomfortable, as he glanced at Kat, but finally said "Withdrawn." 

"Good, then that's settled, play Mr. Simpson's tape." Kendall ordered, without any fanfare.

We all watched as the scene from six years ago played out in full color. John and Kat walking in, with me sitting on the sofa. The boys, naked from their bath, sitting around me. Me sitting there reading my book, and what followed.

When it was over, Jennings approached Kat again, saying, "Is that an accurate account of what happened six years ago?" 

"Yes." she replied.

"Can you tell us about what we just witnessed?" Jennings asked.

"We had, as I stated, become suspicious of Mike and his actions with our children. We decided to see what was going on by showing up unannounced, and taping it as we entered. We had a key Mike had given to us, and entered his house without knocking to find our children naked with Mike, and engaged in inappropriate conduct, while he just sat there and watched." she said, as Alan called once again, 


"Yes Mr. Simpson," Kendall stated.

"Your honor, that tape clearly shows that my client wasn't watching anything, he was reading a book. What was occurring was a normal and natural expression of sexuality of a child of that age, and my client had nothing to do with its display, as the tape shows."

Kendall looked on for a moment, clearly thinking, before he said,

"Sustained, strike the last comment! The tape clearly shows the children playing normally, although naked, until the acrimony between the adults began, at which time, one of the children began to masturbate. Mr. Reynolds was not watching them nor engaged in any type of inappropriate conduct, as the prosecution attempts to portray, and further, I believe as is normal, that the activity of the child was comfort related, rather than sexual in this case." he finished.

Jennings didn't look happy, and neither did Kat, as he approached her and asked, "You removed your children at that point?" 

"Yes we did, and went to the authorities regarding what had happened, and while some may consider that normal, I don't, and neither did my husband." she said. Looking pointedly at the judge, before returning her gaze to Jennings.

"Can you tell us from there what happened?" Jennings asked her.

"We went to the district attorney in Los Angeles County, and she filed charges against Mike. He hired a high priced lawyer, who got him off, but we got the boys into counseling, where it was proven that they had been molested. The district attorney said we couldn't refile the charges against Mike, since he had been found not guilty, so he got away with abusing my sons." she said.

"Objection, facts not in evidence!" Alan said.

"Sustained." Kendall replied.

"Your honor, we have case files from the psychologist, as well as her written statement, and assessment on the matter. We also can produce her via telephone, if necessary." Jennings replied.

"Objection," Alan called again.

"Yes Mr. Simpson?" 

"Move to exclude, witness is not present." Alan said.

"Motion granted." Kendall summarily replied.

"Your honor, please these reports and her testimony are critical, and she was unable to be here in person, we tried." Jennings almost begged him.

"Mr. Jennings, then you should have had her here anyway; you know the rules of evidence, just as well as I do." Kendall replied.

Jennings looked pissed, as he mumbled, "You don't seem to have a problem with them not being here." clearly meaning us, as Kendall's eyebrow went up again.

"I also don't have a problem with finding you in contempt either, $500.00 Mr. Jennings." Kendall told him.

"You've got to be kidding." Jennings retorted.

Kendall looked at him in disbelief, before getting a small unfriendly smile on his face, "You're right Mr. Jennings, I am. Make it $1000.00, now do you have any further comments?" he asked sweetly, while my boys just laughed.

You could see Jennings jaw working from here, but all he managed to utter was "No your honor."

"Good, motion to exclude is granted, anything from the psychologist is out." he said.

Jennings paced back and forth for a moment before approaching Kat once again, and asking, "Mrs. DeMarco, at any time, once your sons began treatment for being molested, were you told anything about it?" 

Before she could answer Alan once again called, "Objection." 

"Mr. Jennings?" Kendall asked.

"Your honor she was a direct party to being told certain things about her sons, and their treatment. Without the other evidence being allowed in, this is the only link that we have." he said.

"Your honor, she can't testify to medical facts, as she is not an expert." Alan said.

"True Mr. Simpson, but she can testify to what she was told directly, about her sons, and anything she may have witnessed." Kendall said.

Alan sat back in defeat, which was clearly written on his face, as a triumphant look appeared on Jennings.

He walked back over to Kat and said, "Mrs. DeMarco, can you tell me if at any time once your sons began treatment you were told anything about that treatment or witnessed anything of that treatment?"

"Yes, after intensive therapy, I was told that both boys had been molested repeatedly, by Mike at his house. I saw numerous sessions with the boys, where they recounted being...being abused by Mike. The things I heard..." she trailed off, "What that man did to my boys is unforgivable." she finished.

"Objection!" Alan called.

"Sustained, strike the last comment. Mrs. DeMarco, please refrain from editorializing." Kendall said to her.

"I am not editorializing, and I will state what that man did to my sons." she said. "The truth will not be silenced." she added.

"Mrs. DeMarco, I will not warn you again." Kendall said, not kindly.

There was quiet for a moment or two, before Jennings asked, "Mrs. DeMarco, with what you have seen yourself, and heard yourself, you believe that your sons were in fact molested by your brother?" 

"He is not my brother, and I don't believe, I know for a fact, that he did unspeakable things to them." she said. 

"I see, and can you tell the court what was done to your sons?" Jennings asked her, 

"Objection." Alan called out. "Supposition, and facts not in evidence." he said.

"Overruled, if, Mrs. DeMarco keeps it to things she directly witnessed, or was party to." Kendall answered.

Kat took a breath and said, "They related that he touched them inappropriately with both his hands, and his mouth." 

"Can you please be more specific?" Jennings asked of her.

"He masturbated them, and orally stimulated them. He also made them do the same things to him." Kat related, with distaste plainly evident in her voice.

"Do you have direct knowledge of when this began?" Jennings asked her.

"Yes I do. It started when he bathed them. He would wash them just a little too much, if you know what I mean. He would make them get naked, and stay naked and make them touch themselves. It just got worse from then on, as he began...as he did things to them, and forced them to do things back to him...he..." but she stopped, as she broke down in tears crying before brokenly saying, "He hurt my babies."

I just watched, sadly, not knowing if she actually believed this, or was putting on an act for the court. It could be either, but regardless, it was sad to see.

The boys had become very quiet, watching this, and their eyes were glued to the screen, as everything played out in front of them.

As Kat slowly regained her composure, Jennings asked, "With everything that happened, can you tell us why you are here today?" 

"I saw the trial, and when I saw that he had children in his care..." she said, with horror and anger clearly in her voice, as well as her face, "When I saw that I knew I had to do something. He couldn't be allowed to do this again, no matter how much pain bringing this up again will cause my family." she finished.

"Well thank you for your testimony here today Mrs. DeMarco, I can tell how hard bringing this up again has been for you." Jennings said.

"I had to stop him from doing it again; he can't be allowed to keep these children." Kat said to no one in particular.

"Thank you, no further at this time, recall and redirect." Jennings stated, as he went over and took his seat.

"Mr. Simpson," Kendall said to Alan, who slowly stood up and walked over to Kat, stopping in front of her.

"I am curious Mrs. DeMarco; do you know anything factual about child development, or human sexuality, specifically children's sexuality?" Alan asked.

Kat looked rather sour faced, but replied, "Actually I do know a bit, since I have two of them myself. They don't have any 'sexuality' as you put it, for one thing." 

"Mrs. DeMarco, I didn't mean subjective experience, but actual factual knowledge, as you don't seem to have appreciated what you lived through?" Alan responded. 

"I know exactly what you mean, Mr. Simpson, and you can't tell me that what happened to my son's is normal." she snapped at him.

"Oh, but I can. I can show you text after text, if you would like, that clearly states differently." Alan told her.

"You can show me such things, and I can produce texts that show the truth, so what is your point?" she asked.

"My point is that you reacted incorrectly, to what was normal and natural behavior, for children of that age, and all of this is a result of your error, isn't it?" Alan asked her.

"No it is not. Small children are not sexual, and don't want to run around like savages sir." she said angrily.

"Actually they do on both counts, and if you had understood that, my client would not have been put in this situation then, or now." Alan told her.

"Oh yes he would, because I know what happened." she said.

"Good, let's address that shall we?" Alan asked.

"Feel free." she responded nastily.

"You have said you saw your children naked in Mike's house?" 

"Yes I did." she responded.

"Did you ever actually see Mike doing anything inappropriate or sexual with your children?" Alan asked of her.

"Yes." she replied, to Alan's rather amazed expression.

"Really, can you tell us what that might have been?" he asked, clearly not expecting her to answer.

"Certainly, I saw him repeatedly, with them naked." she said.

"And?" he asked.

"Isn't that enough?" she said.

"No, actually it isn't, I asked if you had seen Mike doing anything sexual, or inappropriate, with either of the boys, and you haven't justified your answer." Alan shot back.

"That is inappropriate, and sexual, just for your information." she said. 

"Really, so if I take off my clothes right now, and stand naked here in front of you, then you would be sexually aroused?" Alan shot back.

"Of course not." she snapped angrily, while Jennings yelled, "Objection." 

"Yes Mr. Jennings," Kendall asked.

"Badgering the witness, your honor." he said.

Kendall sat silently for a moment or two, before saying, "Overruled, I would like to see where this is going, but Mr. Simpson, don't take it too far."

"Yes your honor." Alan replied.

"So you are conceding that being naked doesn't equate to being sexual, then?" he asked of her.

"I didn't say that, I said I wouldn't be sexually aroused by you being naked, revolted yes, but aroused no." she said snidely.

"I see, so you admit that it might not be sexual for everyone, then?" 

"I admit nothing, I can't speak for anyone else." she retorted.

"Just yourself?" 


"Alright then, so for you, nudity isn't sexual, but for the rest of the world it is?" 

"I didn't say that." she told him angrily, again.

"Well, I'm getting confused, on exactly what you did say. First you say that being naked is sexual, and inappropriate, then you say it is but not for you, now you are saying it's only you that it's ok for. So please tell me, why it was sexual or inappropriate for the boys to be around Mike, naked?" 

"Because it was, he's a man, and they were just small children. You don't encourage such things in children." she said.

"Really? Tell me, did Mike bathe them all during the previous years of their life?" 

Very reluctantly, she answered, "Yes."

"Ah, so you didn't have a problem with them being naked from birth onward, with him?" 

Kat looked sourly at Alan, and didn't answer, as Alan stood there patiently waiting, until finally he asked, "Would you like the question repeated?" 

"No." she said.

"Then, answer the question, please."

"I didn't know what he was going to do." she said.

"So far I haven't heard that he did anything." Alan retorted.

"He did." she replied.

"Alright then, he bathed them from birth onward, and yet suddenly, when they were three and four, you started having a problem with it?" he asked her, incredulously.

"It was at that point, that they started exhibiting aberrant behavior, and we became concerned." she replied.

"Aberrant behavior, let's see you define that as running around naked, and masturbating?" he asked.

"Yes, I most certainly do." she told him.

"I see. That really takes us back to what is, and is not, normal then, doesn't it?" Alan said.

"Yes, and I don't consider that behavior normal." she said.

"Ah, ok that explains it; you consider normal child development to be aberrant." Alan said, a bit sarcastically.

"Objection, badgering." Jennings cried, as Kendall looked at Alan, "Mr. Simpson, while I understand your frustration, you are getting very close to crossing the line here." he told Alan.

"I'm sorry your honor." Alan told him, as he turned back to Kat.

"Mrs. DeMarco, were you aware that all children of that age tend to take a dislike of clothing, and getting them to wear them is a huge chore, for all parents?" 

"No, I wasn't aware, and don't believe any such thing." she replied.

"Well now you are." Alan retorted.

"Were you aware that children of that age also discover their bodies, and start making use of what they discover, around that age?" he asked.

"No, I was not, and I don't believe that either." she said, with anger in her voice once again.

"Well that solves it then, you don't want to believe it, so therefore it must not be true. Seems there are quite a few things you don't want to believe." Alan said.

"I don't believe that kind of psychobabble that is for certain sir." she said to him, with venom in her voice.

"Ah, but you believe the psychobabble instigated by fanatics, which has been proven to be inaccurate, and harmful to children?" Alan said. 

"I believe in the truth, and you cannot tell me that a child would willingly engage in such sinful, conduct." she said.

"Sinful? Interesting word. Tell me, is that what your entire accusations are based on, a belief in the sinfulness of their behavior, rather than any facts?" Alan asked pointedly.

"I would guess it depends on what you consider to be facts, wouldn't It." she said nastily. 

Alan surprised me by saying rather nicely, "Yes ma'am that is certainly true." then turned and snapped. "Religious dogma though, are not accepted facts."

"To you maybe, but the word of the Lord is inviolate." she said to him, in response. 

"Really, where does it say in the bible, that nudity is sinful, because I seem to recall a certain garden, where God put two people, and they were quite naked? It was only after evil told them that it was bad, that they clothed themselves. Do you follow the devil then?" Alan asked.

Kat glowered at him, before saying, "No." almost spitting it out.

Alan just looked at her, "I find it fascinating that so many of you religious zealots...." he started to say, but was interrupted by Jennings saying,"Objection." 

Kendall didn't even bother to say anything except, "Sustained, rephrase it." 

"Sorry your honor. I find it fascinating that so many of those who profess to be religious, turn God's word around to suit their own purposes, or create words that God never actually said." Alan replied.

"I find it sad myself." Kendall said.

"Mrs. DeMarco, maybe you could tell me where exactly in the bible, it says being naked is automatically wrong?" Alan asked her.

"I will not debate scripture with such as you." Kat answered. 

"Ah, ok in other words, you don't know." Alan shot back.

"Now, onto this issue of masturbating, I am rather confused as the only portion of the bible I remember remotely addressing it, concerned an individual named Onan. The thing is; God wasn't mad at Onan for masturbating, but for disobeying, and attempting to deceive him. So can you tell me where it says masturbating is wrong? Alan asked.

Kat stared at him, with hate filled eyes, and didn't answer for a moment, before saying, "I will not defend God's word, to the spawn of Satan, who sits here trying to twist divine scripture, to his own purposes."

"I see, no again huh?" Alan snidely retorted.

"Objection!" Jennings called out, half-heartedly, it seemed, as Kendall just raised his eyebrow, and said, "Overruled."

"Mrs. DeMarco, just out of curiosity, would you say that, in general, and specifically according to the bible, that children are innocent, and are examples of God's grace?" Alan asked.

Kat looked very warily at Alan for several moments, before venturing to answer, "Yes." and nothing else.

"Ah excellent, we seem to agree on something then, at least. Tell me, at what age according to your beliefs; are the young susceptible to corruption by evil?" 

Kat looked as if she knew she was walking into a trap, but didn't quite know how to get out of it, as she stared at Alan.

Finally though, she reluctantly answered. "I would say that when a child is old enough to be influenced in his actions, would be the time the devil attempts to corrupt them."

"Ok, then, tell me is that 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, at what age ma'am?" 

"I would say by three or four, at the latest, possibly as young as 2," she replied.

"I see. About the time your son's discovered themselves, then." Alan stated, clearly not expecting nor getting an answer.

"So, a one or two year old is pure and innocent in God's eyes?" Alan asked, mildly.

"Yes, a baby can't be corrupted from the pure light of the Lord, it is only when they are older, and that evil can take root." Kat replied, seemingly happier as she felt on firmer ground now.

"Ah, I see. Excellent, then. We have that established, at least according to your beliefs." Alan said, before walking over to his desk, and pulling a book from it.

"Mrs. DeMarco, are you familiar with a gentleman named Kinsey?" 

"Yes, he was another pervert." she replied coldly.

"Really, most of the world considers him one of the foremost experts in human sexuality, of the twentieth century." Alan replied.

"I am not most of the world, sir." Kat said, haughtily.

"No you most certainly are not." Alan said, while Jennings called, "Objection." 

Kendall just raised his finger wagging it at Alan, and Alan replied, "Sorry your honor," before walking back slowly to the witness stand, paging through the book until he found what he was looking for.

"Mrs. DeMarco, while some may question the methods which brought about this evidence, none question its veracity, so maybe you could read this highlighted passage, please?" Alan said, as he handed the open book to her.

She looked at it, and I watched, as her face became red, and she slammed the two halves of the book closed, saying "I will not read aloud, such filth." 

"I see. Well then, let me read it for you." Alan said, as he opened the book and found the page once again.

'After repeated testing, it was evident that subjects as young as one month in age, are fully capable of achieving an orgasm, just as intense as any adult subject was found to have experienced, although without patient feedback, this was unable to be verified, except by instrument and direct observation of subjects' physiological responses to stimuli, which correspond to that of older, as well as adult subjects undergoing an orgasm'.

"Now, one month, which falls into your timeframe of innocence, does it not?" he asked her as he finished reading the passage.

"You are sick, and I will not answer that." Kat replied.

"That's ok, that is what we have court reporters for." Alan said, before turning and addressing said person, "Could you please read back the question starting with 'So a one or two year old is pure and innocent in God's eyes', and her answer?" Alan asked of the reporter.

"The defense asked 'So, a one or two year old is pure and innocent in God's eyes', the defendant responded ' Yes, a baby can't be corrupted from the pure light of the Lord, it is only when they are older, that evil can take root' and then it goes to the next question." the reporter stated.

"Thank you, I guess that answers that question then, Mrs. DeMarco." Alan said, as he walked back over to the table, placing the book back down, and picking up another, repeating the process he did before, as he walked back to Kat.

"Now, I think I'll read this passage, and see what you think about it, and before you take exception to it, this textbook is one used nationwide, in child development classes, at the college level."

'When discussing human sexuality, and children, it is important to first and foremost remember, that a child is born a fully sexual being. They may not exhibit any form of sexuality for a period, but it is there, as surely as breathing is. Many parents report masturbatory behavior being exhibited by infants, and very young children, in the form of apparent simulated copulation with objects such as teddy bears, and pillows, even their fists. While with that exception, females may discover their erogenous zones at a later time than males, most male children discover their penis, at least on a rudimentary level, by the time they are one year of age. They exhibit erections, obvious arousal, and pleasure, although at that young an age, the activity is not purposefully engaged in, but one of accidental discovery. Most anecdotal evidence suggests the first rudimentary discovery of that part of the male child's body, and the pleasure it can produce, is when being given a bath, the infant reaches out to grasp something floating in the water, and pulls on it, hence causing sexual pleasure. The infant retains no memory of the causal effect of this activity, and it is usually not repeated until similar circumstances once again arise. It is not until the infant reaches approximately 18 months of age, that retention of the causal activity can be seen, and the child begins to purposefully seek out his penis, and the resulting pleasure to be derived from the stimulation of said appendage, usually at diaper changings, and baths. The activity is sporadic, and increases dramatically as the child ages. By the time the child is three years of age; if not sooner, the child will actively seek out self pleasure, and do so, on an increasingly frequent basis'. I am going to skip to one last section here." Alan said, taking a couple of breaths, before continuing,

'By the time a child reaches four years of age, self gratification is extremely entrenched, and often exhibited in situations where it is not appropriate, such as in public. At no other time in the child's life, prior to puberty, will the sexual drive be as strong as that evidenced in this aged child, and research has indicated that it may be as a result of hormones flooding the child's body, accompanying the rapid growth, which occurs at this age, and the time immediately prior to it, as sexual activity markedly decreases by the time a child is five and beyond.' Alan finished looking up at Kat, who was red faced, and not at all happy.

"Now Mrs. DeMarco, that was rather clear, don't you think, by the time a child is a year old? So please tell me if the child is sexual at birth, and masturbates by one year of age, and does it on purpose by two years of age, that would make the child pure, and innocent, according to your criteria, so it must be God's design, and purpose, not only that, but their doing this is the epitome of innocence and the children are after all, supposed to lead, if I remember correctly." Alan finished, with a smile on his face.

"That book." Kat literally spat out, " is perverted and sick, and it's not true. No child...., it's wrong." she said, sputtering in anger, at this turn of events.

"So you must believe that somewhere in the bible, it says that a four year old masturbating, or being naked, is wrong, since it doesn't say it anywhere else?" Alan asked.

"It is wrong." Kat replied.

"I see, can you answer the question." Alan said.

"The bible says it's a sin." Kat finally replied.

"Ah, so it's the bible we are talking about, not facts, not valid child development, not valid human sexuality, but the bible, and God." Alan said, pouncing on her. 

"You can say what you like, Mr. Simpson, but no reputable child development specialist will concur with your opinion." Kat replied.

"Ah, so the only child development specialists, that you consider valid, are those that agree with your religious viewpoint?" Alan asked of her, in triumph.

"The only child development specialists which I consider valid, are those that do not condone obscenity, and indecency." she replied, coldly.

"Good, now back to one of my original questions, did you ever see Mike engage in any sexual contact, or other inappropriate contact with your son, or sons, besides them being naked around him?" 

"That is more than enough." Kat replied.

"Answer the question." Alan snapped at her, but Kat just looked at him, without saying anything.

"Mrs. DeMarco, you will answer the question." Kendall instructed her.

"You can say what you like, in here, but it won't change the fact of what happened." was all that Kat would say.

"I see, so it's a no, then." Alan said. 

"What he did was wrong, and it was evil, and you can try to twist it any way you like, but you can't change what he did to my sons." Kat said, in a rising voice, as the judge said, "That's enough." 

"No it's not enough, this blasphemer dares to come in and twist the Lord's truth, for his evil ways. I will not stand for it. The Lord's word will not be corrupted, and the sinner shall not prevail, Mike shall rot in hell for his actions, and those innocent children will be rescued from the evil they are being forced to live under." Kat screamed into the courtroom.

"I don't know about rotting in hell, ma'am, but you are going to rot in my jail, bailiff." the judge ordered, clearly furious, as the court officer walked towards Kathleen.

"You shall not prevail against the Lord's warriors, you shall burn in the fires of hell, for corrupting the innocence of the children who are the Lord's own, and you shall....eeek" her ranting turned to a scream, as the bailiff grabbed her and started dragging her off the stand.

The screams began again, coupled with a tirade, "Satan's spawn unhand me, you art a vile and despicable creature, in the eyes of the Lord, release me this instant." as the bailiff finally had had enough of her struggles, and took her down to the ground. Where he placed handcuffs on her, before dragging her upright and towards the door in the side of the courtroom.

This final indignity seemed to silence her, as a shocked and disbelieving look appeared on her face, as she was led away.

Kendall, Alan and even Jennings, had completely shocked looks on their faces, and I knew if I could see my own, I would share that look.

I was completely stunned, at this turn of events. My God, she had lost her mind, utterly and completely, she was insane. God, what did that portend for my nephews living under that kind of mentality?

Just as she approached the door, she suddenly twisted away from the officer, and screamed back into the courtroom, "God's warriors shall avenge me, Satan shall not prevail on Earth, damn you all to the hell which spawned you." as the officer once again grabbed her, and forcibly sent her through the door, as absolute silence reigned in two countries for the moment.

It seemed to last forever, but eventually Kendall said, "Recess, 20 minutes." in a quiet voice, to the stunned courtroom, and before anyone could stand up, he did, and rapidly left the courtroom for his chambers.

I sat back utterly shocked, as I watched Alan and Jennings return to their seats, and sit in just as much shock as I was in.

Even the kids were absolutely silent at what had transpired before them. The sad thing was; I didn't think they really had any concept of what they had just witnessed, beyond a crazy woman screaming in the courtroom. 

"Is she going to get us, daddy?" Peter asked, in a scared voice, and I quickly brought myself back to what I should be paying attention to, which was them, and took him in my arms saying, "No, baby, no. She has some problems, and was trying to scare us, is all" I told him.

"Ok, daddy." he said, as he cuddled into me. 

I got up and headed towards the door, and into the living room, with the others following me, and sat down, only to be surrounded by as many as could fit, obviously seeking comfort from what they didn't understand. 

It was only a few minutes later, that there was a knock on the door, and Vassily came in, followed by an older woman carrying a small child, and a young boy. The children had tentative looks on their faces, until they spotted Yuri, at the same time as Yuri spotted them. 

I watched with a smile, as Yuri screamed, "Alexei, Kolya!" and they screamed "Yuri!" and something else I would bet was Papa, in Russian. 

Then they were running towards each other with the baby wiggling out of the old woman's grasp, with great efficiency, and joining his older brother in meeting Yuri in the middle of the room.

Soon Yuri had an armful of baby, and a younger brother wrapped around him, hugging him as I stood up, followed by the others.

I noticed the old woman looking on, with a look of warmth and obvious fondness at the reunion, and you would think they had been separated for weeks, rather than a day.

I just smiled, as they finally settled down, and watched, as Yuri was telling them something in rapid fire Russian. I knew we were being discussed, as both the younger boys kept surreptitiously stealing looks at us. 

Finally, Yuri turned to us, and brought the obviously shy younger boys forward, saying, "Mike, this is my brother Kolya, and my son Alexei." he said, with obvious pride in his voice, "Alexei, Nikolai, this is Mike, and his family." as he went on to introduce all the boys to his family.

I watched, as they looked at each child in turn, as he was introduced. Alexei was an adorable little thing, with dark blond hair, almost a light brown, with a sheen to it that almost made it glow. I could see the hazel eyes inquisitively taking in everything in the room, and everyone, as he followed the introductions. Most of his baby fat seemed to be gone already, although there was just a hint of it remaining, and his hair was shiny and fell to just below his ears. 

Nikolai was another cute little thing, looking a bit younger than I would have thought, for ten years old. His hair was lighter than Alexei's, but much darker than the light blond of his brother. An almost golden color, like Farrah Fawcet's, and like the other two, it was fairly long, down to his collar and shiny straight. Something that caught my eye though was his eyes, which were a bright green with gold flecks, looking at everything with obvious nervousness. 

I walked forward slightly, and said, "Hi there, I'm glad that you could come to visit." 

"Привет там, я рад, что Вы могли навестить." Yuri said which I assumed was a translation of what I had just said.

Both the boys looked a bit frightened, but it was Sammy who walked up and said hello to Nikolai, and I watched as their eyes seemed to lock, with Alexei watching intently what was going on, not to mention Yuri, who had open astonishment on his face. All of them were frozen, watching each other with Nikolai and Sammy still looking into one another's eyes, as we all watched what played out before us. 

It was remarkable to see the fear slowly begin to dissipate from Nikolai's face, to be replaced by a smile that equaled the welcoming one on SamSam's face. 

As I was watching this scene come to an end, Alexei turned and looked at me, and I was lost in his bright hazel eyes, as they looked into mine. All I could do was smile, as I looked at this little angel being held in his Papa's arms, who slowly got a smile on his face as he looked at me.

Then to everyone's surprise, Alexei stretched out his arms towards me, and I had a three year old, snuggling into my chest, sighing in contentment as Nikolai exclaimed "Мой Бог, Юрий, взгляд на это. Он никогда не делает это! Как Вы заставляли его приезжать к Вам как этот?"

Yuri looked back and forth between us for a moment before saying, "Я не знаю, Колья. Вы правы, что он не любит новых людей вообще, но Майк является особенным, и возможно он знает это. Говорите на английском языке, они не понимают русский язык"

"Да Вы сказали мне, что, но я стил не понимает брата, и этого другого ребенка, Саммай .... он ..., там - кое-что о нем, я чувствую себя привлеченным к нему, это очень странно" Nikolai shot back in Russian, still and I had no idea what they were saying, other than there being a rather surprised tone in their voices.

Both were looking at us and now Alexei raised his head and said something else "Я люблю его"

"Yuri?" I asked

"Ah, I am sorry Mike, Kolya finds it, how do you say, not normal, for Alexei to go to someone he doesn't know." Yuri said, still looking at us, but the look was nothing compared to Nikolai's face, which was still going back and forth between Sammy and me.

"I also find it not normal." he added.

"Just because you have not seen it before my children, does not mean it does not exist." the old woman spoke up, in a voice filled with amusement, as she walked forward. 

"I turned to her and said, "Ma'am, I am Mike Reynolds, and this is my family..." I started to say, but she gently interrupted, "Yes, Mr. Reynolds, I will save you the trouble of repeating it all, as I heard it before," and I could see the amusement in her eyes and voice, as she said it.

I smiled as I said, "Thank you, it has become quite a list lately." which earned me a grin from Sammy and a few others, but she just laughed. "Yes, I can see that, and it would seem that the list may have just became a bit longer," as she looked at the boys again.

"Just so you are aware, the little one said that he liked you." she told me, with that gleam in her eyes.

"Well, tell him thank you for me." I said, smiling at the object of the discussion, which was looking at me with large eyes, wide in curiosity.

"Oh, he can understand you, Mr. Reynolds." she said, chuckling. "They call can." she added, looking at the boys, who I noticed began to blush.

She walked over to Sammy, and looked at him for a moment in frank appraisal, as he returned the favor unabashedly.

After a few moments, she said with a smile, "Nikolai was right child, there is something quite special about you." causing Sammy to blush.

"You may call me Baba, little one, no ma'am, all the little ones do so." she said to Sammy, who looked at her questioningly before she added. "It means 'grandma' roughly, in Russian."

"Thank you Baba." Sammy said, with a smile. 

"You may call me Mike as well." I added, having completely forgotten such a common courtesy, over this captivating lady, who had entered the house. For as much as there was something special about Sammy, I got the same feeling about this woman.

"Why thank you Mikhail, you may call me Natasha, I think." she said, with amusement in her voice, as if she had just decided on the name in the last few moments, which was odd, but I got no sense of threat from her.

"You speak English quite well?" I said to her, eliciting a chuckle from her, as she said, 

"Yes, I...traveled extensively before the collapse, you could say." with mirth in her voice.

"Really?" I replied.

She laughed a deep rich laugh before saying, "Yes, American, really" in the way only a Russian can stretching out the pronunciation so it sounded like 'Aay-mare-e-can'

I found myself laughing along with her rather than taking affront at her response although it did beg the question as to just who she was. It was not common for someone to speak English and travel extensively during those years, as well as being female.

"Well welcome to our home away from home." I told her, including the others in it as well, for the second time.

Sammy walked over and said, "Can I hold you," to Alexei, who caused mouths to drop open for the second time in just a few minutes, as he held out his arms and I lost him to Samuel, who brought him close and held him in a big hug, to the delight of the small boy.

"It is good to see them find something new for a change." she said, with laughter in her voice, as the two older boys gave her dirty looks.

In moments the kids were all off, talking with one another in a corner of the room, as we watched.

"It is good to see such smiles on their faces once again. Thank you for that." she said to me quietly.

"Thank them." I replied.

"Oh, I will, but you also, Mikhail Reynolds, for you have much to do with it at least for Yuri," she said, as I looked at her.

"Oh don't look at me like that, Mikhail; the difference in him is apparent, in just this short time. He has missed Stefan, so much and for some reason," she paused and turned to look at me full on, "For some reason, I think you are much the same as my poor Stefan was." she told me.

I didn't say anything, and she just smiled, before returning her attention to the boys, as we stood there in companionable silence.

All too soon the time was over, and I could hear the phone ringing, as I went to answer it, and found Alan, on the other end, telling me that it was about to start again.

I looked up to find everyone crowded around the doorway, looking at me.

"Well, the fun looks like it's about to start again." I said, and then added, "If you want to stay outside with Nikolai and Alexei, you can." which earned some of those patented, 'yeah right' looks, from them, as they took their seats, producing extra chairs for Natasha and Nikolai.

The conference room was now filled to overflowing, but I was glad they were there. They were my family, only one person was missing, Eric.

We all donned our headsets, and somehow several more materialized, and were donned by the new additions, while Alexei suddenly crawled off of Sammy's lap, and took up residence in mine once again, giving me a sweet smile before burying his head in my chest.

We stood, as the judge once again walked into the room, and sat, as he instructed us to.

"Mr. Jennings, I take it you wish to call Mr. DeMarco, at this time?" he asked. 

"Yes, your honor." Jennings replied.

"Fine, but I will not tolerate anymore of this crap, like was exhibited by Mrs. DeMarco, is that understood?" he asked, looking pointedly at Jennings, who looked nervous, as he replied, "Yes your honor."

"Very well, bring him in." he said.

We all watched, as John entered the courtroom, obviously looking around for Kat, and frowning when he didn't find her, but continuing to the stand, where he took his place, sitting down, and looking out at everyone, until he locked his eyes on the cameras, and gave them a look filled with hate, that I knew was directed at me, and no other. 

"Mr. DeMarco," Kendall addressed him in a no nonsense voice, which John clearly didn't like for one minute, as he said through gritted teeth, "Yes your honor."

"I want to inform you, that your wife is in custody for contempt of court." Kendall said as John said in a loud voice, "What!?!"

"You heard me, sir. Further, I want to caution you that I will not tolerate, ANY religious diatribes, or you shall join her. Is that perfectly clear?" Kendall asked.

"Yes your honor, may I ask what happened?" John said, clearly angry.

"Essentially, your wife's testimony degenerated into a religious rant, rather than factual testimony, and she wouldn't shut up." Kendall said. 

"I see." John said, through gritted teeth.

"Good, I'm glad, because if you go off on that subject with one single word, you'll join her, do you understand?" he asked.

"Yes." he said, clearly enraged, as he didn't even bother to add the customary honorific.

"Mr. Jennings," Kendall said.

I watched as Jennings approached the witness stand cautiously, and said, "Mr. DeMarco, can you relate to us the events of six years ago, as it relates to your sons and Mr. Reynolds?" 

"Yes I can. My son's visits with Mr. Reynolds were causing me increasing concern, as they began to exhibit behavior which my wife and I found troublesome. After repeated discussions with the boys, we went to a counselor of our acquaintance, with our concerns, who told us it was likely that something untoward was occurring with the boys. At that point, we decided to drop by Mr. Reynolds's residence unannounced, and discovered the children in a state of undress, sitting with Mr. Reynolds, in his living room. At that time, one of the boys began exhibiting inappropriate conduct, which didn't seem to bother Mr. Reynolds in the slightest. We removed the boys from that environment, and contacted the authorities with our concerns. The district attorney at the time, felt the boys had been molested, and filed charges. Unfortunately, Mr. Reynolds was able to afford a quite prominent attorney to defend him, and was able to absolve himself from the charges. Since that time, we have had the children in counseling, which has shown that our concerns were indeed justified." John told the court.

"I see, can you tell me what 'justified' exactly means?" Jennings asked.

"That they were in fact molested by Mr. Reynolds, and that was what was causing their behavior." John replied.

"I see, and that is why you are here today?" he asked. 

"Yes, when we heard that he had children, and had been accused once again, of these crimes, we felt we had no choice except to try to protect other children from his depredations." John said.

"Thank you very much, right to recall, and redirect." Jennings said, surprising me, and going back to his seat.

That was remarkably short, but then again, by this time I figured he just wanted to get to the boys, and be done with the adults.

Alan stood up, and began walking towards John, smiling in a friendly way, before he stopped in front of the witness stand.

"Mr. DeMarco, high priced, prominent, or otherwise, wasn't it a fact that Mr. Reynolds was found not guilty?" Alan asked.

"Only because of that attorney, not due to the truth coming out." John replied.

"I see, actually, I thought it was because other than insinuation, and innuendo, there was absolutely no evidence to convict him, of something he didn't do?" Alan said to him.

"Well, you may consider it no evidence, but I thought there was plenty." was the response.

"I am sure you did, but tell me, isn't it true, that there was in fact, no evidence presented, showing that my client molested anyone, much less your children?" Alan asked of him.

"According to the judge at the time, apparently not." John said angrily.

"Well, was there or wasn't there sir?" Alan asked.

"I consider a grown man cavorting around with children naked, to be more than sufficient evidence." 

"But that's just it, he wasn't cavorting naked. He was sitting, reading a book, while they sat quietly, and happened to be naked, isn't that true?" Alan asked.

"He was there with them, while they were naked." John replied.

"Was he sitting there reading a book, or doing something with them?" Alan asked.

"Sitting there." John grudgingly responded.

"I see. I'm curious; can you please tell me exactly what is sexually inappropriate, about that scene?" Alan asked.

"The children's nudity, with a grown man." John told him, in a tone that indicated it should be self-evident.

"Ah, I see, so it doesn't really matter the circumstances surrounding it, the simple fact that the children were naked is what you find trouble with." Alan stated.

"That should be more than enough, for any decent human being." John replied, emphasizing the word decent.

"Ah, so you subscribe to the 'nudity equals sex ideology'?" Alan asked.

"With children, certainly." John responded.

"Well, I suppose I could reintroduce all the same evidence I have already, but I'll spare the court listening to it again. Suffice it to say, sir, that you're beliefs are wrong, and there is plenty of evidence to show it. I have nothing further for this witness, at this time, right to recall." Alan finished walking back to his table, and taking a seat next to Eric.

"You're dismissed Mr. DeMarco, you may return to the lobby, or remain in the courtroom sir, but if you remain, I want to caution you that you will remain silent, during the children's testimony, do you understand?" Kendall asked, as John stood up.

"I will remain in the courtroom, for my children, since their mother is not able to." John said the last, a bit snottily, as he walked down from the stand, and out to the gallery, where he found a seat.

"Kendall just looked at him before saying, Mr. Jennings, Mr. Simpson, in the interest of time, and to protect the children, I think I will hold their testimony in closed session, in my chambers."

Strangely, considering the way the trial had gone, up until this point, both Alan and Jennings cried, "Objection" at the same time, both coming to their feet, then glancing sheepishly at each other, before returning their gaze back to the judge.

Kendall had a small smile on his face, as he quipped, "This is a new one, and one I didn't think I'd ever see, the two of you actually agreeing on something. Objections noted, and overruled, my chambers now." was all he said, as both prosecutor and defense looked rather stunned, and the bailiff headed out of the courtroom to get the boys.

John looked decidedly unhappy about it, but surprisingly kept his mouth shut, even though I thought he was about to jump up at one point.

"Alan?" I said into my microphone.

"There's nothing I can do Mike." was the reply I received, as I watched the judge get up and head towards his chambers.

Then my eyes were riveted to the screen, as two small boys were brought into the courtroom. 

"Oh my God." was all I could say, as I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 

I could feel the tears begin to fall, as I looked on what could only be my nephews, although if someone had introduced them to me, on the street, I would never have known them.

They were so totally different than they were when they were younger. Their hair had lightened somewhat, until David's was now a rich honey colored, cut very short, and with the same hairstyle, only a lighter brown than before, Jimmy followed him.

Both looked very nervous and uncomfortable, and as if they would bolt at the slightest thing. I just hope nobody whispered boo, or they would probably pee themselves.

Gone were the bright eyed, friendly children, from my memory, to be replaced by shadows, caricatures of my memory. 

I watched intently, as they walked slowly, clearly afraid, up the aisle, led by the officer.

They both wore black slacks and white shirts with the requisite tie attached. There were shadows under their eyes, and I imagined I could see the pain in them from here.

What must their life have been like, in the last six years, to change them so utterly, from such happy and free children, to this pale semblance of what they had once been?

Seeing them disappear through the door to the judges chambers, made me realize that I should have taken them from that situation, regardless of any possible consequences, but instead I had left them in it. 

I was to blame for how they were now, I thought sadly, as now I wondered if it was too late to try and save them.

I realized then, that Sammy was standing next to me, and looked up to find him looking at me with love and pity, etched on his face.

"It's not your fault, Dad." he said, but I could only mutter, "Yes, it is." 

"Yes, it is."

The boys were led into the judges' chambers, to find Kendall seated, awaiting them. 

Soon the court reporter, followed by Jennings and Alan, walked into the room.

"Please sit down." Kendall said, gesturing to the two chairs next to his desk, for the boys, and with a warm welcoming smile on his face, as he spoke.

The boys were terrified, as was evidenced by the expressions on their faces, as they glanced furtively around the judges' chambers, while they tentatively took their seats. 

"David, Jimmy, I want you to relax, you are not in any trouble, and no one is going to hurt you." Kendall kindly told them.

Sadly, it didn't seem to have any effect, as the boys took their seats, but sat on the edge of them, looking ready to bolt at any second, if they had had any place to bolt to.

Kendall looked at the boys sadly, wishing there was some way to ease their fears, but knew from what he had seen up until now, that nothing was likely to have any effect.

With that in mind, he spoke softly to them, "We are going to be asking you some questions today, and I want you to tell the truth. You are not going to get in any trouble, no matter what, do you understand? 

Quick nervous nods of their heads, were all that he received in reply.

"Do you know why you're here today?" the judge asked of them.

"To tell what Uncle Mike did to us." was the timid reply, from the oldest.

"Yes, and we all will be asking you questions about that. If at anytime, it gets too hard for you, let me know, and we can take a break, ok?" he asked them.

Again, he received quick nods of their heads.

Kendall didn't like this, these boys were terrified, and nothing he was doing was calming them at all. 

"Boys, can you tell me what has you so frightened?" Kendall tried again, and got no response, other than a furtive look back towards the door, which made Kendall wonder just what was going on here.

"I want you to listen to me, please. Are you afraid someone is going to hurt you, someone out there?" he asked.

Both boys glanced at him for a second, before dropping their gaze once again, and it confirmed his suspicions, something was very wrong here, very wrong.

"I will not allow anyone to harm you that I promise you" he said to them.

It didn't seem to have any effect whatsoever.

"Alright then, Mr. Jennings, you may begin, but tread softly, very softy." he said, giving Jennings a warning glance.

"David, I think I'll start with you, is that alright?" Jennings asked, but only received a shrug of shoulders for a reply.

"David, Jimmy, we need you to answer out loud any questions asked of you." Kendall said kindly.

"Okay." both boys mumbled, barely audible.

"Are you ready to start?" Kendall asked of them.

"I'm scared; you won't get mad at us, will you?" Jimmy asked.

"No honey, we won't. Nothing you can tell us will make us mad at you, and no one else will get mad at you either." Kendall told them, getting more concerned, as he saw the glance towards the door once again. 

The father, they must be terrified of their father. That was the only thing that made any sense unless....

"Boys, are you afraid that your Uncle Mike is going to be mad at you?" he asked them.

They both shrugged their shoulders, and David replied, "He's not here."

Okay, then it was the father, or the uncle wasn't the biggest threat to them.

He just looked at them for a minute or two, but they wouldn't meet his gaze now, anymore than they had before.

Then as he watched, they seemed to gasp, and their eyes got big around, before they slumped back, sitting in the chair fully, with a vacant look about them, which really scared him, as he asked, "Are you okay?" 

"Yes, we're okay" came from both mouths, but they seemed to be somewhere else, as they said it in a detached voice. It was decidedly odd.

Kendall looked at Alan and Jennings, who both had perplexed looks on their faces, at what they had just witnessed.

"Alright, if you're sure, then we will begin." Kendall said to the boys.

"Yes, we're sure." they replied in unison.

"Mr. Jennings?" Kendall said.

"Thank you, David, could you tell us a bit about your Uncle Mike?" 

"He used to take care of us." the boy responded, woodenly.

"Yes, I understand that he did." Jennings said, looking at the judge, before proceeding, but was interrupted by Jimmy.

"He loved us." in just as wooden a voice, causing Jennings to look sharply at the judge, who was watching the boys intently.

"Alright, I'm sure he did, but can you tell us what he used to do with you?" Jennings asked of them.

"He loved us" David said, causing a look of consternation to appear on his face, which he quickly lost, with one look at the judge. 

"Well, can you tell us what else he did with you?" Jennings tried again.

"He played with us." Jimmy said, as Jennings got a smile on his face.

"He did?" 

"Yes." David responded, which caused a frown to take its place momentarily.

"How did he 'play' with you?" Jennings asked.

"He'd play hide and seek," David said, as Jimmy added, "He'd play tag too."

Jennings frown came back full force, as he said, "And what else would he do with you?" 

"He'd read us stories." David said.

"He'd let us watch Barney." Jimmy told them.

"But what else?" Jennings asked, letting his frustration show through, as Kendall said, "Counselor", warningly.

"He'd give us baths." Jimmy told him.

"Good, and what happened in the baths?" Jennings asked, obviously thinking he was going to get somewhere, this time.

"He washed us." David said.

"Well that's good, but what else did he do, in the baths?" Jennings asked.

"Nothing." David said.

"Nothing?" Jennings asked, looking up at the judge.

"No, he just washed us." Jimmy replied, this time.

"Did he ever touch your private parts?" Jennings asked of them.

"Yes." David and Jimmy both said.

"And can you tell us what happened when he touched them?" Jennings asked of them, triumphantly.

"He washed them." David said.

"How did he wash your private parts?" Jennings asked, trying to get some response he could use against Mike.

"With soap." David replied. 

"Did your private parts do anything when he washed them?" Jennings asked now,

"It tickled." Jimmy said.

"It tickled?" Jennings asked.

"Yes." David said.

"And can you tell me what happened when it tickled?" Jennings asked.

"It just did." Jimmy said.

Jennings was getting unhappy, as was clearly evident in his expression and voice, as he asked, "And did anything happen to your private part, when he tickled it?" 

"He didn't tickle it; it just tickled when he washed it." David replied.

"Okay then, did your private parts get hard when he 'washed' them?" he now asked.

"Yes." Jimmy replied.

"Good, and did he wash them really, really good, when they got hard?" 

"He washed them." David replied, before adding, "I guess he washed them good." 

"So he played with your private parts, and made them feel good?" Jennings more stated than asked.

"No, he wouldn't do that" Jimmy said.

"What do you mean he wouldn't do that, you just said he did?" Jennings snapped, causing Kendall to say "Counselor" in a clear warning tone.

"No, I said he washed them." David replied, this time.

"But you said he made them hard?" Jennings said, clearly still frustrated.

"They got hard when he washed them, but he wouldn't never play with them." Jimmy said.

"He always told us, we could wash them some more if we wanted to, but he wouldn't." David added.

Jennings looked shocked, but asked, "Did he wash your butt?" 

"Yes." David replied.

"When he washed your butt, did he rub your butthole with his finger?" Jennings asked now.

"No, he used a washcloth like everyone else would." David said, with some emotion in his voice, most closely resembling scorn.

"Is that a stiffy you're getting from asking us all those questions?" Jimmy asked the prosecutor, who turned red faced, as Kendall said, "I would be interested in the answer to that question as well." 

Jennings sputtered for a few moments, before saying, "Certainly not!" and the anger in his voice was extremely pronounced, as David said, "Sure looks like one."

"Why you little..." Jennings started to say, but Kendall quickly said, "That's enough!" in a loud voice, and then looked startled when the boys who were so scared just a short time ago didn't twitch. 

"No, you're little." Jimmy replied.

Jennings took a step towards the boys, and Kendall quickly said, "Counselor, get a hold of yourself, now!" very concerned with the rage he saw in the prosecutor's face. 

Jennings froze, and stood there a second or two, before retreating slightly, still clearly angry, as he said. 

"You seem to know a lot about it?" 

"I know small from big." David replied, with a smirk on his face.

Jennings turned to the judge. "Your honor; I believe someone has hypnotized these youth ..."

Alan could not resist the temptation, as he interrupted. "Why would anyone hypnotize a kid to make them testify prosecutors have small dicks? That is public knowledge."

"Objection!" Jennings yelled.

Kendall tried for a moment or two to not laugh, but quickly lost the battle, as he broke out in unrestrained laughter for several minutes, until finally Kendall wiped the tears from his eyes from laughing so hard, and said, "Overruled Jennings; he gave you the benefit of the doubt, by saying you had one. Continue, or take your seat."

Both boys were giggling at this, as Jennings shot them, and Alan a nasty look.

Kendall said, "Mr. Jennings, that has to be one of the most asinine things, if not the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Why on Earth would you think something like that?" 

"Because their answers are completely different than what they have said previously, to their psychologist, and their parents." Jennings said, through gritted teeth.

"I see, well, I can't speak as to what they may have said before, but boys," he said, looking at them, "Can you explain it to us?" 

"We only said what they wanted to hear, that, and what HE beat into us." David replied.

"What?" Jennings almost shouted.

"They said they would beat us some more, if we didn't tell you what they said." Jimmy said to the judge.

"Are you trying to tell me that everything you ever said about your uncle is a lie?" Jennings said, clearly furious, and with his face turning a bright red.

"It was all lies?" he added advancing towards them.

"We didn't have a choice, but our Uncle Mike never did anything to us like that." David said. 

"He wouldn't," Jimmy added.

"So you're telling me you were never sexually abused, that you've ruined my whole case, with your lies?" Jennings was screaming now, as Kendall said, "Jennings take your seat, right now!"

"No one but our stepfather," Jimmy said. 

"Your stepfather, your stepfather." Jennings continued to scream, "You're telling me your stepfather molested you now." 

"Yeah, he's the one who did all those things that got you so hard, you want to hear all about it, that way you can get hard again?" David asked.

"Why you little son of a bitch, I'll kill you for that." Jennings screamed, as he started forward, at the same time as Kendall and Alan both started to get up from their seats. The boys cowered back in fear, while Kendall was yelling, "Jennings stop." 

There was no way they could intercept him, before he got to at least one of the boys.

Then from out of the shadows, two bright red beams struck the prosecutor in the back, knocking him to the floor, where he lay unmoving while Alan and the judge stood frozen, in complete shock.

The boys as well as the others, looked into the shadows, from where the beams emerged, as two small figures cloaked in brown robes, appeared, slowly walking forward, until they reached the desk where Kendall had fallen back into his seat.

"What, who....?" Kendall asked, in a dazed voice, still stunned with the events which had just transpired.

As they reached the judge's desk, the figure's brought their hands up, pushing back the cowls from their heads, revealing themselves to be two young boys, with strawberry blond hair, hanging down to their collars, as they reached inside their cloaks, and brought something out, which they laid on the judge's desk. These proved to be identifications, as one of the boys said, "Jacob and Jamie Stewart, Clan Short of Vulcan, Intelligence division." Then, turning to the court reporter, he addressed her, "Reporter, log only vocal evidence, do not log anything you may see, or any comments regarding what you, or anyone else present, may see."

The court reporter looked at the judge, who simply nodded his head, still too stunned to speak for the moment.

"As of now, these boys are under Clan protection, and in our custody." One of the boys said, as he turned his piercing green eyes back on the judge.

"Everything that has taken place in here is sealed as of this moment, and not to be revealed, is that understood?" the other boy said, clearly not asking for permission, as his gaze raked everyone in the room briefly, with command clear in his gaze.

There was something eerie about the boys, as they had done all this, said all this with absolutely no emotion in their voices, as if they were robots or something.

"Yes it is understood, I am Jamie Kendall," the judge said, as one of the boys said simply "We know."

"I have heard of your Clan, but I never expected to actually meet any of them." he told them.

They didn't reply, just continued to look at him.

It was David and Jimmy who broke their gaze, as Kendall noticed they had begun crying, and looked quickly at the boys, before going to them, and taking them in his arms, hugging them to him.

"It's okay now." he said. "Everything is going to be okay." he told them.

"No, it's not; he's going to kill us." David said, as Kendall kept trying to reassure them.

"He shall not harm you further; he will be subject to Clan justice now. You will never have to fear him again." one of the twins said to the boys. 

"He...he..." Jimmy said, but one of the boys knelt down, and for the first time since making their presence known, said with emotion in his voice, while looking at them "We know." 

They looked at one another for a moment, which seemed to stretch into infinity, until the other boy repeated, "We know, and you're safe now, you're safe."

There was a glimmer of desperate hope, that lit their eyes for a moment, but as everyone watched, it faded, to be replaced by despair.

"He'll get us, you're just kids like us, you can't do nothing to stop him." David said, with all hope gone from his voice. 

"You don't know what he can do; he has friends who will get us, if he don't." Jimmy said, with the same hopelessness in his voice. 

"You're wrong about that. He will never hurt anyone again, he will be tried, and sentenced to a prison planet, for the rest of his life, and don't you worry none about his friends, they can join him, just as easily." one of the twins said.

"How can you do this?" David asked.

"It's a long story bro, but let's just say we ain't ordinary kids." the other twin said, with a grin.

"Which one of you is which?" David asked.

"How can we tell you apart?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah, you look alike." David said.

"Well yeah that's because we're twins." one of them said, giggling while the other one said, "Well there is one way." which caused the other to turn red and say, "Jacob!"

The boys were looking back and forth between them, before Jimmy asked, "How?" 

"Never mind." Jamie said, with his blush quickly returning, as he glared at his brother, who just giggled.

Then it was like a different person took over Jacob's body, as he turned to the judge and said, "I require the person of John DeMarco, to be brought to this location immediately."

The judge, who had had a smile on his face, quickly lost it, seeing the expression on the twins' faces, and rapidly picked up the phone on his desk, instructing the person on the other end to send Mr. Demarco in, immediately. 

They waited in silence, as he was brought and moments later the door opened to admit the man in question, who walked into the room and towards the boys, stopping several feet away, only then noticing Jennings lying on the floor, as he turned to the judge in shock.

Surprisingly to him, it wasn't the judge who addressed him, but the twins.

"John Demarco, I am Jacob Stewart, and this is Jamie Stewart, of Clan Short of Vulcan, Intelligence Division, and you are under arrest, for the physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse, of your former stepsons." Jacob said.

John just looked at them, and then burst out laughing. "Who the hell do you think you are, you can't arrest me, and where did you get such ideas." he asked, as David and Jimmy looked on, with frightened expressions on their faces.

"We are fully aware of what you have made your stepsons incur, and as such, we find you guilty, and sentence you to life on a Federation prison planet." Jamie told him.

"I don't know who you are, but you can go fuck yourselves, you're just a bunch of snot nosed kids, just like these two." he said.

"We are far more than that, Mr. DeMarco, we are a recognized Clan of the planet Vulcan, and we take precedence over terrestrial courts, and even over Federation courts. Our authority is given to us by Article 200, of The Federation Safe Haven Act. And it has been determined with total certainty, that you have violated many Interplanetary Laws." Jamie said.

"What have these little shits been saying in here anyway?" he snarled, as he glared at the now cowering boys.

"You no longer will be allowed to cause them any harm. We have determined that your false allegations against Mike Reynolds were simply to cover up your own rape, and molestation of the boys. Not only that, but..." Jacob was saying, when DeMarco screamed.

"You little fucks, I'll kill you for that." and before Jamie or Jacob could do more than begin to reach for their phasers, DeMarco reached behind him, bringing up a gun he had concealed under his suit coat, and bringing it around towards the boys.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion, as the boys began to scream in terror, watching as the man's arm came around, then a brilliant blue white ball of energy seemed to appear from out of nowhere, striking DeMarco squarely in his back, as his arm reached firing position, pointing directly at the boys. 

With a scream, his body took on a bright glow, and when it faded so had DeMarco, leaving everyone temporarily blinded, and stunned.

When they could see again, it was to see a new addition to those in the room, another young boy, with blond hair, wearing a black and gray jumpsuit, bearing a strange emblem on the right shoulder. 

He had a panicked look on his face, as he stopped alongside the twins. "I killed him." the boy said, in a stunned voice, as he stared at the place where the man had so recently been standing.

"You did what you had to do son," Alan said, as Kendall added ,"You saved their lives." but the boy was still staring straight ahead at the same spot, as he repeated, "I have taken someone's life." in a strangled voice. 

"Dmitry, you had no choice." Jacob said, looking worriedly at the boy, while Kendall had taken David and Jimmy into his arms, and was trying to comfort them.

"This is Dmitry Odolen, Clan Short of Vulcan Security." Jamie added, while obviously sharing his brother's concern for the boy because, while he said it to everyone, his gaze was focused on the boy in question. 

That boy was still staring at the spot where the man had been vaporized.

"We need to get him back to the compound." Jamie said to his brother.

"Yeah and soon." Jacob replied, as Jamie walked over and pulled the new child to him, in a hug and all could see sobs begin to escape from him, as he was just held and quietly reassured by the twin.

About that time, the man on the floor started to stir, causing both boys to pull their phasers back out, and train them on the prostrate form before them. 

"Do not move, or you will be stunned again." Jacob said to him.

"Fu..." got out of his mouth, before a red beam shot out and struck him once again, causing Jamie to turn quickly and look at Jacob; as the man slumped back to the floor, unconscious.

"Well, I told him not to move, and his mouth did." Jacob said, by way of explaining, which got a small giggle from Jamie at that comment. 

Jamie pulled his communicator from his waist, flipping it open and speaking rapidly into it.

"Jamie Stewart, Clan Short Intelligence to Lafayette." 

"USS Lafayette, Lt. Kaplan here," the voice replied.

"I have one unconscious male, to be beamed aboard. Place him in a security holding cell, pending Federation sentencing. Additionally, stand by to transport five to Clan Headquarters CIC." Jamie instructed, as the judge and Alan's mouths dropped open.

That these boys had that kind of authority was something they had not known. 

"Understood, transporting the one subject now, and awaiting word on the second party, Lafayette standing by." the Lt. Said, as Jamie closed his communicator and turned towards the judge.

"As I said, this is sealed, do not discuss with anyone, what has transpired here." Jamie said to them.

"That includes your client." Jacob said to Alan.

"Oh he's going to love this." Alan muttered.

"It doesn't really matter, whether he likes it or not, but our involvement must remain unmentioned." Jamie replied.

"Don't worry, just get them to where they can get the help they need, we'll figure out something." Kendall said to them, as they both simultaneously nodded their heads in response. 

"This is a sealed record of the telepathic examination, conducted on the DeMarco children. It also includes the report of the telepathic scan, performed on the stepfather. All this is to be entered into the evidence file, for this case. It will be used in the prosecution of the mother, as well. I strongly suggest you take a look at it." Jacob told the judge, back in emotionless mode again. 

The judge said, "Okay, I understand." before turning to the kids in his arms, who were trembling now. 

"Boys, you need to go with Jamie and Jacob, they can help you." Kendall said to the two boys in his arms, but they just clung closer to him.

"They will protect you now, and take care of you. Don't worry none, no one will ever hurt you again, if half of what I have heard is accurate about them." Kendall told the boys.

Very reluctantly they disengaged themselves from Kendall's embrace, with a bit of help from him, and stood up.

"Come on guys, stand over here by us." Jamie said, as they slowly walked over to them, fear plainly evident on their faces.

"It's gonna be alright guys, trust us." Jamie said, smiling at them.

"Lafayette five to beam to CIC, stand down from Red Alert." Jamie said, as he flipped his communicator open again.

"Lafayette here, ready to transport." the Lt. Replied.

"Energize." Jamie said into the unit, as a shimmering grew to envelope the five boys, leaving nothing when it faded but two stunned adults, and an almost catatonic court reporter in their wake. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, they didn't know that this was a frequent occurrence for those with whom the Clan interacted.

Alan looked at the judge for a moment, before saying, "Who wants to be the one to tell Mike, what little we can?" he asked of the judge.

"Oh no, he's your client, so you get the honor of that." Kendall replied, smiling as Alan muttered, "Gee, thanks." 

"Just remember, he can't get to you." the judge said, chuckling as he reached over and picked up the padd the boys had left on his desk, and sat back to read it's contents. 

Alan just muttered, "Not at the moment, he can't."

To Be Continued ... 

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