How The Lottery Gave Me A New Life

Chapter 1


I was broke and been unemployed for several months.  I lost all ambition and was depressed most of the time.  I spent my days in my bedroom at my "mother's house."  I hated living there for many reasons.  My days were spent watching TV and exploring boring subjects on the internet.  I would spend my days writing out checklists in case I ever won the lottery jackpot.

Weekends were even more boring since there was little on TV to watch.

On Saturday, I woke up dreading another day.  I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed and made myself my morning instant coffee.

As usual, I checked my lottery ticket with the online numbers.  I always hoped to win.  I sat on the edge of me bed in front of my laptop.  I was stunned and shocked that all 7 numbers that were on the screen matched the ticket I was holding in my hand.  My emotions were all over the place.  At first, I could not believe it.  Then fear came over me.  Then gratitude overwhelmed me.

When my mother went out to get her weekend paper, I began to pack up my laptop and a few things like I used to do when I went out for a day drive.  When she came back, I told her I was going out for coffee with a friend.  I did not want to tell her that I won the jackpot until I actually confirmed the ticket.

My first stop was to get a photocopy of the lottery ticket.  I drove to a small hamlet to confirm the ticket.  I drove there so there would not be a lot of customers around when I had the ticket scanned.  The clerk was as shocked as I was when the lottery terminal confirmed that it was a winning ticket for the lottery's $60 Million Dollar Jackpot.  We both became excited as he handed me the confirmation slip the machine printed out. 

When I saw the printed confirmation slip, that's when reality set in.  That is when I knew that I had just won the jackpot.

I drove down to a motor-home dealership.  I already had picked out the two campers that I wanted to buy if I ever won the lottery.  I pulled into the lot next to some small campers.  I got out of my minivan and began walking around a few of the campers. 

A salesman walked up to me.  He took one look at me in my scruffy beard, long ponytail, sweatshirt and jeans and assumed I could never afford any camper on the lot.  I did not like his condescending attitude, so I asked him if one of the two salesmen I read on the internet website were around.  He went back inside to get the older salesman that I requested.

"Hello there.  I'm Frank.  How can I help you?"  The older gentleman said in a warm and cheerful voice.

"Hi Frank, I'm Paul.  I sure hope you can help me.  I want to buy a couple of campers."

"A couple…?"  He said kind of shocked.

"Ok. Let get something out of the way right from the start.  I just confirmed this lottery ticket to be the single winning ticket for last night's $60 Million Jackpot."  I said as I showed him the ticket and confirmation printout stub.

"Oh my…"  He said in total shock.

"So, as you can see, my looks can be deceiving."  I chuckled.

"Well…I will apologize for thinking along those lines.  So, this is really a winning ticket? He asked still in shock.

"If you want, we can go to a store and you can get a copy of last night's winning numbers to confirm it yourself."

No, no…I believe you.  I've just never imagined meeting a mega lottery winner."  He chuckled.

"Now as I said, I plan on buying a couple of campers that I saw on your website.  I've done my basic homework and picked out two specific ones.  The Class A model that I wanted is unfortunately sold according to your website but assume you can order a brand-new custom one for me."

"Yes, we can do that for you."

"The second smaller Class C model is supposed to be in stock according to your website."  I opened up my laptop to show him the two web pages of the motor-homes I wanted.

"That one is right over here."  He said as we walked across the lot.

He went back into the dealership to get the keys for it.  I saw the first salesman standing in the front door.  I assumed Frank told him of my lottery win as he went to get the keys to the camper.

I was given the grand tour of the camper and was shown all the features.  We took it for a test drive down the highway.  When we came back to the dealership, we went around back to a camping area and he showed me how to hook up all the power and water lines.  We went into the dealership's store and I picked out several dozen items for the camper.

Frank also helped me with customizing the larger 2019 Class A motor-home that he would be ordering on Monday.  He took me to a couple of campers on the lot to show me what the colour schemes would look like in the motor-home I was ordering. He said it should be customized by the end of next week and delivered the following week.

"Well I'm sold on this smaller camper and I also plan on ordering the larger Class A motor-home with all the custom features too.  I will buy both now as long as I can drive this one off the lot with the dealer plate today."

"Oh…Well…I'm not sure about that…I will have to ask the manager."

"Well, get the manager out here.    I plan on paying cash for both of them once I collect my windfall on Monday."

"Hello, Sir, I'm Marcy, the manager.  I understand you would like to drive this unit away with you today."

"Yes, I do."

"Well that is a bit of an unusual request.  We don't normally allow customers to drive away with a camper without some sort of deposit or security left with us."

"I understand that but I'm not a normal customer either."

"This is true."

"Alright, the bottom line is this.  If you want me to wait until I cash in this ticket, I will walk away from the both deals right now.  On Monday, I will drive to another dealership and you will lose both camper sales."

"That will not be necessary, Sir.  I'm sure we can accommodate your requests.  All we would need is for you to sign some paperwork and photocopy your driver's license."

"I will gladly sign all the paperwork you need me to.  You can even photocopy the ticket and confirmation printout if you want.  I will also leave my minivan here too as a security deposit." I offered.

"If you follow me into the office, we can start on the paperwork."

"How long does it take to have the satellite dome installed on this camper?"

"I'm not sure.  I think it would only take a couple of hours if they have the parts in stock."

"Would it be possible to have it installed while we fill in the paperwork?"

"I think that is possible if you would like it done today."

"I would."

"I'll go tell the mechanics to install it while Frank gets you start on the paperwork."

The camper was ready by the time I was finished with the paperwork.  The gas tank was full as well as the water and propane tanks.  I unloaded all the stuff from my minivan into the camper.

Instead of driving back to mother's house, I decided to head up north to talk with a real estate couple about buying 4 properties that they were listing.

I was greeted by a friendly receptionist in the real estate office. 

"Hello.  I'm Shirley. How can I help you?"

"Hello Shirley.  I'm Paul.  I'm looking for John and Marj."

"Oh, I'm sorry; they are not in right now.  I can take down your name and have them call you or I can get another agent for you."

"Well I was kind of hoping to talk with them.  Do you know when they will be back?"

"I'm not sure.  Would you like to leave them a message?"

"I'm interested in 4 of their properties they have listed on their website."  I showed her the 4 properties from my laptop."

"Oh my…those two are every expensive.  Do you have a preference on either one of them?"

"Can you keep a secret?"

"Yes.  Why?"

"I just won last night's $60 Million lottery jackpot and I want to buy all 4 of those properties."  I whispered as I showed her the lottery ticket and confirmation printout.

"Oh My God…"  She gasped as she looked at the ticket and printout.

"Do you think you would be able to track down John and Marj and see if they could possibly meet me?"

"I can call Marj on her cell phone right away."


"Marj…its Shirley.  You have to come to the office right away.  There is a gentleman here that has just won last night's lottery jackpot…No, I'm serious…He just showed me the ticket and confirmation printout…He wants to buy 4 properties you and John have listed…No! Not one of 4 properties…ALL 4 PROPERTIES...I'm serious…2 of the properties are your most expensive properties…Alright I'll tell him…She will be here in about 15 minutes."


"Marj, this is Paul."  Shirley said.

"Hello Paul.  I hear you had some good luck."

"Yes, you could say that."  I chuckled as I showed her the ticket.

"Oh MY…So you want to buy 4 properties that John and I have listed."  She gasped.

"That's correct."

"I can take you out to view 2 of the properties right now.  They are vacant.  I can arrange to view the other 2 properties tomorrow if you like."

"Well, I've looked at the properties online for a very long time, so I feel that I'm very familiar with them already.  I've also snuck out to the 'Retreat' property a couple of years back."

"Alright…do you want to go out and see the other vacant cottage right now?"

"I would like to get the paperwork started first since we are already in the office."

"This is the first time I've started paperwork without showing the properties."  She chuckled.

"I'm willing to pay the full asking prices on all 4 properties as long as all 4 properties can be transferred in my name by next Friday."

"Oh…Well…the 'retreat' property and the cottage across the lake from it can be done by Friday.  They are not occupied right now.  I'm not sure about the other two properties.  The owners are still living in them."

"Since money is not a problem, I'm also willing to pay all the commissions, taxes, land transfer fees and even the owners moving expenses if I can have ownership of their properties by Friday."

"That is very generous of you."

"Not really.  I just hate waiting for things."  I chuckled.

"I can see that."  She giggled.

"I'm also willing to pay for a hotel room for each of the 2 owners for 1 or 2 weeks if they need a place to live until they purchase their new homes."

"Well, that is a first.  You must really want the properties."

"I do and now that I won the lottery, I can afford to pay for what I want."



I knew the retreat property and the cottage across the lake from it was being sold with all the furniture in it.  We went through the photos of the other two properties and picked out the things I wanted to be included in the sale of those properties.

"I'll contact the 2 owners right now and see if they will agree to your requests."



"Paul, both owners have agreed to your terms and said that they could leave both of them fully furnished for you.  They will be out this evening if you want to view the properties."

"I guess I should view the properties before I buy them."

"Yes, you should.  We can go view the cottage across from the retreat now.  After supper, we can meet at the first property around 7:00 pm and head over to the second property for around 8:00 pm."

"That sounds good to me.  I'll pick out what I want to be left behind in each property during our tour."

"May I ask why you want all 4 of these properties?"

"Well, I like the rustic privacy of the retreat property.  The cottage across from it makes it nice for me to get to the retreat by boat rather than the back cow path."  I chuckled.

"Oh, you know about the back road to that property."  She chuckled.

"I loved the first cottage because of the privacy and land all around the cove.  The second larger cottage I love for the open space and room inside it.  I plan on entertaining friends at the second property and living in the first property.  I plan on escaping to the retreat when I need total privacy and to get back to nature."

"It sounds like you have been planning it out for quite a while."

"Actually, I have planned this out for a long time.  I had been unemployed for several months.  I would write out lists and makeup stories on how a lottery win would play out if I won the jackpot."

Marj drove out in her car while I followed in my camper.

I could hardly believe that I was actually viewing one of the properties that I had been dreaming about for several months.  I just stood beside the camper for a couple of seconds and stared at the little cottage.

"Is there something wrong, Paul?"  Marj asked after a couple of minutes.

"It's just hard to believe that I'm actually here."

"I guess it will take a little while for you to get used to being a multimillionaire."  She chuckled.

"I've dreamed about it for such a long time.  It still feels like I'm dreaming."

"Would you like me to pinch you to see if you wake up?"  She teased.

Marj guided me through all the rooms.  I must have looked like I was in shock as she gently prodded me into each room.

"So, what do you think?"  She asked as we came back into the living room.

"I love it."

"Do you plan on making any changes after you buy it?"

"Well, I do want to get all the properties off the hydro grid by installing solar power in them."

"I can contact a solar contractor for you."

"I also would like a metal roof on the other 2 cottages as well as the Bunkie building on the property across the lake."

"John knows a roofer."

"Are they local contractors?"

"Yes, they are."

"That's good because I want to shop locally as much as possible."

"I'm sure all the merchants in the area will appreciate that."



Just before we got back in our vehicles, a truck pulled up behind us.

"Oh Paul, this is my husband, John."

"Hello.  Shirley told me you were out here."  He said as he shook my hand.

"Hi…"  That's all I could say as I shook his hand.

"Paul is still trying to get used to being a lottery winner,"  Marj said.

"Well, I'm sure reality will kick in once we hand you the keys to your properties.  Is it true that you want to buy 4 properties that we have listed?"


"I already contacted the other two cottage owners.  They will be out this evening so we can view the properties around 7 pm."  Marj Said.

"Well, that gives us a couple of hours to kill.  What would you like to do, Paul?"

"Well…I was planning on having supper at the restaurant in the village that I enjoy when I used to come up here.  I figure I could meet back up with you after that."

"That sounds great, but I insist that we join you and pay for the meals.  We could make it a business dinner."

"You just want to write it off on your income tax."  Marj teased.

"Hey, I will need a lot of deductions after Paul buys those 4 properties."  John chuckled.

During dinner, John was very curious as to my plans for my life.  I told him and Marj a brief history of my life and the dreams I had made.  He suggested a few businesses that were for sale in the village.  He said that the rental income from them would pay for the taxes so there would be no out-of-pocket money for me.

I inquired about the local little movie theatre.  Marj said that it was owned by the same people that own the retreat property.  She said that the income just was not there anymore to run the theatre.  I asked if it was possible to buy it.  She said that she would ask the owners on Monday.

By the end of the dinner, I had agreed to look at 4 business properties after I collected my windfall.

First, we drove out to the cottage that I planned on living in.  I was even more shocked and stunned that I was actually standing on the property that I have dreamed about.

"Are you coming, Paul?"  Marj teased as she saw me just staring at the cottage.

The cottage has a warm glow as we walked inside.  The owners had built a fire in each of the fireplaces to add to the atmosphere.  There were also candles lit around the cottage.  Marj had to gently prod me along to each room.  She reminded me that the owner was willing to leave it completely furnished.  I decided that whatever I did not want I could donate it to a shelter or charity.  Eventually, I would furnish each place that was best for me.  The tour lasted about an hour.

It only took us about 20 minutes to drive to the other cottage.  By contrast to the first one, the owners had it brightly lit inside and out.  They had a fire in the main fireplace and the master bedroom fireplace.  The cottage was huge by comparison to the last one.  It was definitely a 'Millionaire Cottage.'

I wanted all the properties before I won the lottery.  Now, after seeing them, I wanted them even more.  John and Marj said they would have all the paperwork ready on Monday after I collected my windfall. 

Marj asked me what my plans were for the rest of the weekend.  I joked with them that I was basically broke so I was planning on sleeping in the camper tonight and Sunday night.  She offered me the keys to the first cottage we looked at.  She did not think the owners would might if I stayed there since I was going to buy it.  John took out whatever money he had in his wallet and insisted that I take it.  He said that I at least needed to eat over the next 24 hours.  I thanked them for their genuine kindness and generosity.

It felt surreal driving up to the tiny cottage again.  I started a fire in the wood-stove to take the chill out of the air.  It had been an exhausting day, and I had not even collected my lottery win yet.  I became nervous as I thought about walking into the lottery centre in the city.  I fell asleep on the couch in the living room.

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