Pirate Dan: Part One ~ Skye

Chapter 11

They headed to the butler’s pantry and found Nonna, Ryan and Steve watching the surveillance cameras of the room the family were sitting in. “I swear to god Mama if they hurt one hair on that boy’s head, I’ll fucking kill them!”

Skye smiled, “Steve settle down they’ve been trying to kill me for years and no one has been clever enough to do it yet.”

Nonna nodded. “That is all very well sweetheart, but you need to see this.”

Steve stood so that Skye could sit and watch the screen. As expected, his very next words were, “Where the hell did Adam come from?”

Mark nodded, “Etta called him as you were leaving the church with us earlier on. Seems he’s been staying at the house that Rory and Travis used to live at.”

“That’s mine isn’t it?”

Nonna nodded. “Yes, it is. What are you thinking darling … Sorry, I mean Captain?”

“I kind of like being called darling, it’s far better than the little brat everyone else calls me. Can you call our people in the police department and report a squatter, a trespasser? He’s broken into the house and is living there against my wishes. Have him arrested for trespassing.”

Nonna smiled. “I like your way of thinking boss. He knows too many people, but it’ll delay what he can do.” She made a call and moments later smiled, “He’ll be getting a call in the next few minutes. Now I want you to watch this my darling.” Nonna pressed some buttons and Skye nearly collapsed when he heard what they were talking about.

“So that’s what it’s all about. The legacy of the Bluebird? They want to destroy all hope for kids in danger.”

Nonna nodded. “It’s not only that though. They are obsessed with the idea of the gold and the money legend says was on the ship. They will never stop until they get it.”

Skye shook his head, “I sort of agree that they were at the beginning, but things have changed. They’re the Knights of the Golden Light. I’ve heard of them before as they were listed in the ledger where my name was entered as a SLAVE, but what are they?”

Nonna stood shaking in anger. “It’s the shame of the Bluebirds that these people even exist. Sweetheart, centuries ago one member of the crew of the Bluebird was found raping a boy that they’d saved from the slavery his father had been sold into. Some British Lord with debts that had to be paid. He used his youngest son to get out of trouble. It was the last raid of the Singing Bluebird. She was old and the Bluebird was not a young man anymore.

“They managed to take the schooner that had the boy but suffered dearly. When the man was found, the Bluebird court found him guilty and made him walk the plank. Records show that he was saved by a row boat, sent by the ship that they had just sunk.”

Ryan nodded. “We’ve all heard the story Mama. Skye once he was in the boat, he grabbed a pistol and fired on bullet, one final shot. One was enough though as it nearly killed the Captain. Rexford had to retire and as you know he scuppered the Singing Bluebird; the crew vowed to avenge their master according to the Pirate’s Code. No matter where they looked, the man had simply disappeared. At that time though an organization called the Knights of the Golden Light was formed in England and for centuries it stayed like that. That is until the Countess moved over to America.”

Nonna looked at Skye, but Mark continued the story. “The man’s name was Wimpert. A week into the voyage the Bluebirds found where he had been living in England and also that all of the Knights were on the same ship as the Countess. Worse still, their new name was Masterson and the maid of the Countess was Paula Masterson. When they checked the ship details the whole family was on the boat with her.” Mark moved to the window and stopped talking.

Steve took over. “There was one man though that had discovered them in England and had to act quickly so that he could protect Marianna Zuniga. That was Deke Slazenger and he managed to procure the final state room on the boat. His family were South African miners, but he had been in Cambridge studying and was heading to America to meet his family. He was your great Grandfather as she married him on the ship after he saved her live many times over.

“The Wimperts, or the Golden Knights lost many of their number overboard during the cruise as the three Bluebird families on board emigrating took pride in protecting the Bluebird herself.

“With the Bluebird in danger the families emigrated and settled with her in an estate designed and built by Slazenger for his bride who then was the Bluebird. Since those people settled in America they have been preparing for the death of the Bluebird. All plans change and develop though; the Adoption racket was one area that was born from that family and the other is that there’s a rogue and she will do anything to control the treasure to take over…”

“The treasure?” asked Skye.

Nonna shook her head. “No, my darling, she is mad and sees far more than the gold. She sees power gained from having the gold. She sees armies and nations bowing to her. She dwells on power and fear. She wants to use the treasure to rule…” Skye looked at her in shock as she said, “…the world!”

Mark looked at him. “Skye guess who we are talking about.”

He touched the screen and pointed to one person, “The General.”

Nonna moved behind him as it was clear he was shaking now, with the fear of what he had just found out. “She’s a monster, but we will protect you at all costs my darling. All of us would gladly die to protect you.”

He put his hand on hers and smiled. “We fly as planned. Nothing changes or so they think. Do not contact anyone except our people so that they’re prepared. When we arrive at the airport, we’ll know to be careful, especially if there is a welcoming committee.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Moments later Mark, Steve and Skye walked into the living room and noticed that Adam was no longer there. “Nanna call Adam out now, we know he’s here.”

“Adam? We have no idea what you’re talking about.” Etta stated.

“Mark get the boys and let the dogs out. As they have no idea what I’m talking about, let them loose as I think we have a trespasser on the site. If Adam isn’t here, the dogs won’t find anything,” he looked at Etta, “…will they?”

Etta glared at him. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Let the dogs loose with his scent. The command is to kill any trespasser! Being the owner of this site, I have the right to have security on this estate. All trespassers will be killed. Kill first, ask questions later. We are protecting our property.”

“What has happened to you?” asked Etta.

“Etta you have no reason to be here anymore and yet I let you out of the memory of a loving Nanna that was there for years. Now I realize it was all a fucking act.”

Martha smiled, “It wasn’t dear. We’re all just so used to having to do it all a certain way because of how Marcy and Rory were. Since you got your independence and your own…”

“Staff, Grams the word is staff. They are people you know.”

Martha nodded, “Yes these people you insist in mixing with. Well things have changed, and we need to learn how to change with them.”

“So, bring out Adam or the dogs are let loose! I would suggest if they are that you do not move either as you will all have his scent on you since he was in her talking to you.” Mark smiled as Skye said the words knowing that it would grind on them. Etta left the room and when she returned and a naked Adam wrapped in just a towel walked in with her.

Skye looked at him. “Why are you here?”

Adam glared at him. “This is…”

“My mansion, my property and since you were never invited you are trespassing. You are also trespassing by staying at my other property in the town. Bluebirds are entering it at the moment and sweeping it to remove everything that belongs to you. As you are trespassing, they will destroy anything that they find, unless it is more adoption ledgers like the one Marcy was keeping.”

“Oh, fucking hell!” Adam looked at him and then ran for the door. Skye shouted, “Shut it on your way out, but leave the towel, it belongs to us!” Mary grabbed the towel as he ran passed her.

She was laughing even though he glared at her and said, “I’ll get you for this!”

Skye was suddenly there, “You do and the curse of the Bluebird himself will be on you! You will regret that you were ever born!”

Heading back into the living room he said, “Get the Bluebirds out to that property. I want a full sweep since it used to be where Rory lived. God only knows what we’ll find.”

“Already happening boss.” He sat on the love seat facing everyone and leaned back. “Did you all get my text?”

Travis looked at him for several moments and said, “Yes, Shane has already packed. We thought since he was George’s relation it would be a good mix.”

Skye was shouting by now, “Shut the fuck up! I’m considering if George is right for me never mind Shane! Today was my day and yet you all treated me like a prized pig being bartered for and sold to the highest bidder. How could you change the church into a place of business? In all my years with the others the church was my place, my sanctuary!” He looked at them, stood and started to pace. Then he glared at his Nanna. “You of all people know what the church means to me! Fuck. you were there most of the time with me.”

“It was simply business dear. Now Rory and Marcy have gone, we need to get you established again,” Martha stated.

Steve looked at her. “What I’m hearing when you say that Martha is, ‘Fuck off, we need to get you working, working, working… You have to earn the money that we need to live and live to the standard that you have kept us all of our lives’. Have any of you ever worked in your life?” Complete and utter silence. “I thought so.”

Martha looked at him, “But Skye is our life and he owes us.”

“Why?” Skye asked his Grams.

“Why, what dear?”

“Why do I owe you grams?”

“Because we … well …eh… Jerry?”

Jerry looked at her, “Well… Well …Oh, I don’t know. I am sorry Skye. You were just an easy way out for all of us. We no longer had to try to get work when all your earnings were going into that account.”

“Exactly what I thought.” He sighed and sat down, “Rory and Marcy were something else. They might have taken everything from me, but they never took my faith and religion away. That was always my strength and because of that I worked all the harder for them. What do you think your actions today will cause?” He shook his head totally defeated.

“They never took that away from me! Today, I hated the whole experience. It was obvious even the Father was in on it and he lied through his teeth to make me believe he knew the Countess. It will be some time before I go to that church. I’ll attend with the guys, but hell will freeze over before I go there with any of you ever again!”

“Look son.” Travis stood and walked over to the fireplace that was at the center of the room. “They all know you and they wanted you involved with their projects. Isn’t that a good thing?”

Skye shook his head even though he said, “Yes. Yes, it is. However, you should have handed my card with Georges details to them and then insisted that they contact him or Mark during business hours.”

“But you were performing!” George insisted.

Skye looked devastated, Nonna raced from the doorway to her boy and just enveloped him in a hug. “Are you all blind?” She shouted as she looked around before she said anything else…. “He was not performing! He was singing to his God in thanks for being there for him.”

They could all see the genuine tears streaming down Skye’s face as he looked up and said slowly. “I wasn’t performing!” he sobbed on Nonna’s shoulder.

As he went to speak again his voice gave out and Mary said, “Steve get the boss a drink now!” Suddenly Skye seemed to sink into himself. As he did so he blackout completely and collapsed in to his beloved Nonna’s arm. “Mark get his EpiPen. He’s having an attack.”

As he collapsed and started to fit the family were heard to whisper, “Yes!”

“What do you mean?” Pleaded Mark as tears rolled down his face.

By now Nonna had Skye laying down and was trying to give him CPR and get him to respond. “Mark darling, he is having a fit! It must be an allergic reaction to the food we ate at lunch.”

Mark shook his head. “No! He’s only allergic to certain nuts and they knew not to serve anything with nuts in.”

Ryan looked on and stated, “Mama he said he thought the food tasted off when he ate the dessert.”

Mark looked shocked, “We all had the same, though they did have a new waiter who was always the one that insisted on serving the boss.”

Nonna looked at the people in the room. “What have you done?” Silence. “By god everyone in this room will be dead if you do not tell me and tell me now! What the hell have you done!”

Travis was laughing. “It’s too late! It will have him dead within the next few minutes, just let it happen.”

Mark pulled his gun. “What the fuck have you done?”

“Nut powdered down and sprinkled onto his food. He’ll be dead before you get a new EpiPen.”

Skye laughed. “Wrong! I knew something was wrong with the waiter and Bluebird Security have a way with them when they think I’m in danger. You know, I don’t know why but thus fella didn’t like having to eat his own food, seems he had a nut allergy as well. Just for your information, I am allergic to nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G, I never have been! I let you all believe it to see what would happen and you hung yourselves.”

“You bastard that was my cousin’s boy!” Martha exclaimed.

Skye smiled. “I know. His family will be evicted from the property which is owned by Countess Properties, oh yes that’s me! He though survived, he will serve time for attempted murder. Your lover Travis, was watching from the kitchen; that means he could not have packed and moved out as you said he had! He has been arrested as an accomplice to attempted murder, seems the two of them have been lovers for some time, but then you knew that as you were fucking them both. The people that run the restaurant are being questioned by security as they allowed it to happen. As I own the property, unless I’m satisfied, they too will be put out of business.”

Steve came back with the diet coke laughing. “Boss I wanted to give you CPR!”

Skye smiled when Nonna said, “Maybe in private later sweety.”

“Mama!” Exclaimed Steve blushing.

“Hush now boy we all know and there is nothing wrong with it!”

Skye blushed long and hard as he took a long, cold, slow swig from the can. He nodded his thanks to Steve who continued to blush. Skye spoke again. “My singing is a gift from God! I was worshipping him in everything I did… It’s the only thing you lot ever allowed me to have that was mine and that I could give as a gift to my lord and savior. The only thing you lot have ever allowed me to do. I wasn’t performing. How could you think that?”

Nonna hugged him tighter as Mark stepped closer to them and started to rub his boy’s back. Skye let it all sink in, “I talked to Gramps this afternoon and even though he is retired he has agreed to be my personal assistant as I trust him. I no longer trust any of you. I was going to make that permanent but since he seems to be involved with all of you and Adam earlier it will be on a trial basis with him reporting back to Mark in all things.”

Gramps looked shocked. “Now you see here…”

“No, you see here… I need people that I can rely on if I am going to be doing Disney and then the series straight after it. This is temporary as I need to know you have a fix on everything. Travis you will agree the fee and you will pay him like you were Shane…” He saw the look that went from his father to George. “Oh, I get it now, Shane wasn’t here for me, was he? He was here for you… as your lover, your twink to fuck! I went to his room last night to talk and get to know him, it was empty. Now I know why.”

It was as if a light went on, “It was a fucking setup… No choir in such a large church and yet a trained pianist and organist, both playing MY songs. You organized it with the priest so the music would be my music and I knew there was no singer. You put me on a fucking pedestal, so all the people would see me, and a bidding war would erupt.”

Grams looked at Travis, “You and the priest went to school together Travis. How could you?”

“Oh, shut up woman! You were involved as well.”

“Never talk to me like that Jerry! I was involved to try to protect Skye and get them away from him and so was Etta.”

Travis sighed, “He has to be seen for the work to keep coming! Etta agrees.”

“Yes, but there are ways of doing it.” Insisted Etta.

Grams back handed her own son. “Rubbish! He was the most famous person there other than Sarah Armstrong! You did this for you.”

Gramps looked at him, “Why did you never tell the boy about his Oscar and the other awards?”

“Pops don’t go there,” Travis snapped.

Gramps stood and opened a locked cupboard and pulled two Oscars out. “Why did you never give it to him? Then there’s these… a Tony award, two Olivier awards, several Golden Globe awards, even a Bafta. Why don’t you have them in a cabinet on display? Look in there, there are other awards that he has won over the years as well.”

Grams walked over to the cabinet, “Awards for his film, stage and TV work not only in America but England and other countries as well. Best Actor for his role in the new musical about Lord Aquamaine that he appeared in. Where was that Jerry? Oh yes, London… A fifteen-year-old with just his tutor to look after him.”

“I hated being over there by myself… Six months, Mr. Leith was kind but…” He paused and then, “I only knew about the one award and I only knew that because Grandpa Jimmy knew and told me about it.” Skye stated.

“Oh, he knew about the others, but had to stay silent as Marcy told him if he did not then they would kill you. He kept silent to protect you.” Travis looked as lost. “He never knew because he would stop trying if he knew he’d made it. We couldn’t risk him losing his edge.”

Skye looked devastated, but Nonna gasped as she said, “We couldn’t? We? Oh my god, you were in on it with them. You used…”

Skye stopped her and just starred at Travis. “… Are you even my father?... Well no, we know you can’t be.”

Travis looked shocked and defeated, but snapped “Yes, I’m your father.”

“How can you be if you never knew about my real mother?”

“Well… they told me I am.”

“How can you be? Who the hell am I?”

“Look, don’t ask too many questions. Today I got carried away with it all.” Travis pleaded.

Skye looked at George. “What about you?”

“I… I…”

Nanna saw the look on the man’s face, “Tell the boy…”

“I was in it with them, at least I knew what was happening and made sure you got the breaks they wanted. Travis pays me well to keep quiet.”

“No, I don’t. The studio, the production companies and the agency are all owned by Skye. It was all purchased with his money. He pays your wages,” stated a very defeated Travis.

Skye looked at her, “Nonna can you call Uncle Cormack and Uncle Colm if he thinks he’ll be needed. I need Cormack as soon as he can get here. Charles, until he arrives keep these two locked up somewhere.”

Etta looked at the two men. “They are both here my love. They’re at my lodge house. Cormack never felt right about something, so he came out to be with you and he brought Uncle Colm with him until it’s all settled. Adam was with them, though I am not sure why he came. Mark, just call them over, will you?”

“The gate also reported that they let Miss Sarah in at the same time as Cormack arrived. She was quite worried about you at church, so she went straight to your Nonna after she had spoken to you.” Mark stated.

“I feel more alone and betrayed than I ever have. These were men I trusted and have worked with for years in George’s case.”

Travis laughed, “Well don’t worry, it was not by choice! You were so popular we had to work with you.”

Gramps looked at him, “I don’t know you anymore.”

“You never did old man. Travis got sick back at university and since I always looked like him, we paid for a little nip and tuck here and there and suddenly I became your loving son. Travis died when he was twenty-three, though I think Marcy killed him. By then he had completed so much music I would always have a backlog to call on as new compositions. He won my Oscar, not me.”

Skye looked at him as Miss Sarah walked in followed by Cormack and Colm. Skye looked at Travis, “So my real father is actually dead and you, Rory and Marcy were just playing god with other people’s lives. Mind you are not the only ones, I guess! I think that includes Adam, who seems to be more involved in all of this that any of us realized. In reality you’re just an impostor, incapable of having a normal life of his own, so you had a face-lift and took someone else’s life, money and fame! You’re just an impostor that had a face lift to con his way through life, for what?” 

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