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More will come, but one of our readers gave me the idea to create this image and short little scene. He is a long time reader of Douglas DD... We thought you would enjoy the laugh, so we added this page.

If you have any humorous thoughts about the story, and would like to share them, we may add your comments to this page.

FTL Flight

"Kyle, take us into FTL flight."

"Okay, Captain, but you know, when those tighty-whiteys wrap around the ship, I can't see where we are going."

"I just hope they don’t take us to Uranus again… That was kinda crappy."

"Hey, I wipe!"


Four Doors

Hal was leading an away team when they were knocked out. They awake to see they are in a room with four doors numbered six to nine. A voice spoke, "Here are four doors. Two are fake, but if you attempt to open them, all of you will surely die. One door has a terrible creature behind it and the other leads to safety."

The crew checked; none of them had any weapons or comms. Kyle stated, "Door nine has to be fake because seven ate nine." Suddenly, door nine disappeared.

Aiden thought for a bit before declaring, "Well six, seven ate, so six must be fake, too." Door six disappeared.

"We have two doors left, which one do we go through?" Hal asked.

"Seven has to have the creature,” Dr. Tom declared, “after all, it cannibalized its mates." Door eight opened to a meadow where their shuttle had been waiting.

The Anatomy Lesson

Ali was teaching anatomy and got to the part describing circumcision. "Now, if you check your own penis, you can tell... KOJI, I didn't mean to check it NOW!"

Animated Bar 

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Santa Trek

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Walking Dead


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