Booker Burns

Booker Burns 25

Booker Burns 25

 We took our time saying goodbye and then we started our half hour trek into the hills. When we were well-hidden Book lost his shorts and had a new white jock strap on, I nearly fainted at the sight of his awesome body something I don't see enough of it in daylight. I did the same and I had the same idea as he did; white jocks for our pre-wedding night. Book had to check out every crevice and he stopped me and licked most of them too. I was trying to do the same but the boys got antsy, they wanted to swim. It was a hot day so the water will be perfect for them. Book insisted I go on ahead and I knew why; he wanted to perve on my buns.

 We made the tent up and I set the fire for tonight then we got the kids nude and swished them about in the water. This is what its all about, their laughter was wonderful to listen to in this quiet secluded place. They settled down as my husband to be sat on the big rock and tried everything to get me to have my way with him. The kids were bushed but we had a job to do and will get it out of the way before sundown. I dried the babies off, one wanted a pee the other was okay for now.

 We finally settled the boys between us, I think they knew something was up as Book looked at me and blushed all over. He reached for his shorts and took a large sheet of paper out and unfolded it.

"Do you want to go first?" He smiled.

"I don’t know Book, yours is bigger than mine."

"We know that Zachy, but I meant do you want to read first?"

 I took out my tiny piece of paper I had written on, and he stared at it, I don’t know whether he was disappointed but he didn’t show it.

I unfolded it and read the three words I had written on it.

"I love you." I then kissed him gently on the lips.

"That's it?"

"That's all I needed to write down Book, the rest is in my head. I love you covers why I want to marry you and be with you for the rest of my life. Zack Tierney has loved you forever and a day and nothing you do will shift that love. You can cheat on me abuse me and make me live in poverty for the rest of my life, and I will still love you. Our sons love you, our friends love you, there is nothing about you that they don’t love. So if you upset me, of course, I will be upset but that will never shift the love I have for you inside of me. I am your best friend, your lover and your children’s father and I know you would never do those things to upset us. I find it hard to even say those words because I know they aren’t true I just wanted to let you know that if any of those things happened its okay with me because; I will still love you."

 I rattled on for the next half hour, and then I was done, there is only so many ways I can say it, but I think I got my message out, those three little words meant so much to me, to us.

I looked down at our boys they didn't know what was happening but their big eyes never left me as I rattled on.

The big deep kissing happened after I finished and my hands swept over his naked body automatically and rested on his big thighs.

 He glassed over and held up his speech, then he grinned.

"Mines the same Zachy, I love you."

Then he rolled it up and put it aside.

"Come on Book there must be more?"

"Nup, I did write more but your vows are so much better, and in a roundabout way say it all. you said everything I wanted to say and more."

He shut me up by kissing me again. Then he fell back and lifted his legs.
"Now for the fun part." He giggled his head off. He chickened out reading his vows, but I will get to read them later on but for now, I think my husband to be is wanting a little of Zack inside him.

 I told him to hold that thought and I placed the boys in the tent to have a nap. I can't have an audience not this time because we were out in the open.

"You didn't want to say any vows did you Book?"

"No Zachy, I wanted to make love to you instead, it's the only way I can show you how much I adore you." He blushed again.

"Same here Book, doing is better than reading." I giggled as I slipped my man a hard one.

 We washed in the pond then put our jocks back on, the kids were awake by now and I was hungry. I lit the fire and Book put some mosquito repellent on the kids then lit a couple of buzz off candles. Our steaks were wonderful and I did have two this time as our boys had some fish fingers to chew on, their warm milk will arrive before bedtime and by the looks of them that will be sooner rather than later.

Book laid on the rug and started pointing out the stars as their little hands pointed to the heavens agreeing with him.

Beetle couldn’t stop kissing Books cheeks he was in love with his daddy I think.

 At bedtime, we tucked them in and decided the first thing we do as a married couple is to buy a bigger tent, one with maybe two rooms. I didn’t mind the smaller one it bought us all closer together, as I gently listened to my sons quiet snoring Book was doing all sorts of wonderful things to my ass. He made sure I was fixed up nicely before kissing me goodnight.

"We could build a small cabin?"

"What?" I was nearly asleep.

"A cabin Zachy, we can build a cabin with a loft and solar panels and a wood heater. That would be awesome."

I turned over and his arm went under my neck and while I gently kissed his neck, I willed myself to go to sleep.

 The morning came too soon, I woke up feeling wonderful and when I opened my eyes I was met by two bright blue ones; Beetle was checking if I was awake. I kissed his nose he giggled, then I told him to have ten minutes more sleep. He did what he was told, I really couldn’t move so I looked at his perfect skin while Book slipped me a few of his good morning inches, by the time he was comfortable my eyes had rolled back and he was gently moving back and forth kissing the back of my neck as he enjoyed his ride.  The I love yous arrived when his sperm hit my insides, it lasted forever and so did the kissing. We lay there not saying anything and Book was moving back and forth, in his head he was still inside me for some time.

"That was a quick one Book."

"I know, I had to be quick otherwise you might have noticed I was fucking you and maybe put a stop to it." He muffled a giggle.

"Never going to happen, my new husband, never." I leaned back with my arm and pulled him in for some morning kisses.

 "I was randy Zack."

"I know Book, anytime you want it, it's all yours." I kissed him deeply again as he slid back and forth.

"Do you think we need a cabin Book?"

"Well it was a good idea, don’t you think?"

"I don't know, it's nice just being in the tent with you. If we do a small cabin it would be just like being at home don't you think?"

"Maybe, but the boys aren’t getting any younger baby, somewhere along the line they will start to notice their daddies in all sorts of funny positions." He giggled. I told him we should think about it and yes, it was a good idea I just didn’t think we could justify the cost of building one.

"Maybe we should go look at a prefabricated one then, after the wedding."

"Maybe." he smiled.

 I threw some more wood on the fire and couldn't help but feel the butterflies building up in my tummy. This is the day we get married for real, Booker Burns will be all mine forever and a day. I looked over at him bathing the kids and he was looking at me, he winked and I almost fainted with sheer expectation as to what this day will bring into our lives. I cooked his bacon and eggs and watched him feed his children, they knew something was up because they were being very quiet again.

 We had our last swim as friends and lovers, and around noon reluctantly we started packing up to go get this day over and done with. The kids weren’t too fussed as they were carried on our backs towards home. We kissed many times and our hands caressed each others body parts. We didn't make love again because we wanted to save it up for our honeymoon night, and my thoughts were full of, how the hell am I going to survive this day.

 Sam and Ava met us halfway home and he gave the kids a box cart ride back to the house, Book made me lean on a fence while his hands caressed me some more. We took that moment just to reflect on our lives and to reaffirm that this day was the second most beautiful day we have had together. The first being at the lake, not so long ago.

 "Hurry up boys, shower and get ready we will be late." mum was fussing around the house trying to find something to do.

"Mum we have four hours to go yet, it's only a five-minute drive to the lake," I yelled, my kids turned away from the TV and stared at me, they were chewing on some toast and vegemite, it looks like they need another wash.

 "Well you can't be too over cautious son, anything can happen in four hours. Have you laid your suits out yet, do your shirts need refreshing, Booker Burns did you polish your shoes?"

"Yes mum, settle down will you, your making me more nervous." Book made us a coffee and took them to the front porch so we could sit and relax, the boys waddled out to sit with us because there will be biscuits. He whispered to me that he had better go clean his shoes, I laughed.

 Mum was excited to get the show on the road, if we work at her pace we will be at the lake before any of the guests arrive.

Aunty and Emma were coming down the farm road, she is here to have her photo taken with us all dressed up. Andy and Luke will be next and David and Gino will follow; I'm guessing. It will be a family affair at the farm and the photographer will be here at three, so we are all expected to be dressed by then. I think he wants us to dress on camera. I wondered if Book and I could shock him and wear some sexy underwear under our hipsters.

 Aunt Jenny opened a bottle of champagne and we all toasted each other, Emma looked divine in her dress and Douglas rushed off to put his new suit on. The photographer arrived early and hurried us all to go get ready, so we all headed for the showers.

 Book and I took our time because his hands were getting in the way. I had to adjust his laces, but before I did I had to soften his dick and of course, he had to do mine. we stood in front of the mirror and languished at our images.

 "Did you ever dream we would end up here Book?"

"All the time Zachy, I dreamed a lot back then, and you were always in them."

"Same here." I ran my hand through his curly hair then kissed him deeply.

 Photos were taken and our friends were getting excited. Sam and Doug looked awesome, Mr. Rory had done a good job on them. Dexter got extra special photo shoot access, I guess our photographer didn’t expect a celebrity to be at our wedding. He looked immaculate as usual, and If I didn’t know my husband better Dex got a few sly looks from him too. He said later he was only comparing himself to Dex, I told him it was a no contest.

 Our little boys looked so gorgeous in their semi suits, they pranced around dancing like little peacocks. A family photo was the first one, Book myself mum Jenny and the boys. I couldn’t wait to see it sitting in a silver frame by our bed. David and Gino also looked very special as with Daniel he had his hair quite short now and it suited him beautifully, I think his daughter had a lot to do with his makeover, and Luke and Andy blew me away, Luke's suit was painted on his tight body I bet Mr. Rory had a ball fitting that one.

 One person was taking a video as the other took photos they gathered up guests and grooms for a few different shots around the farmyard. Old Bessie the cow got her head in a few times and by the way she was mooing she was just as excited as us.

Our Michael looked so grown up in his dinner suit, and Cook and Stan were showing him off, and he was lapping up the attention. I couldn’t resist and placed my arms around him to give him a big hug, he giggled a lot when I kissed his cheeks.

 It was four-thirty by the time we finished and the fourth bottle of champagne was empty. Because Sam didn’t drink he was to be their driver and Ava in her pretty pink dress was placed in the back seat with Doug and Emma. Hildy propped her lovely self in the passenger seat with Sam, more photos were taken and my friends looked stunning, that new haircut Hildy got suited her, but I couldn’t help having a slight giggle at her lady muck attitude.

 Book wasn’t going to drink at all, he wanted a clear head, so he drove us with the kids and mum. Dex Cook and his troops used my car to get there and the film crew was last to leave, although they did pass us on the way to get to the lake first. The convoy had left, and the butterflies in my tummy were going ape shit.

I held onto Books shaking hand all the way and I feared he was about to bail out on me, but one smile from him said that would never happen

 It was a madhouse when we got there, many many phones were shoved in our faces as we parked and alighted in the allotted spot. Heaps of our town folk and friends were there, mostly familiar faces and some unfamiliar ones congratulated us. The ladies sparkled and the men looked uncomfortable in ties and jackets. Luke estimated about seven hundred attendances. I spied Millie over with Maree and the kids, they waved and she looked like a pixie fairy in her green outfit it was so lovely. My professor and Cameron hugged us and I couldn’t believe my eyes, they both looked ten years younger and very much in control. I promised I would catch up with them after the ceremony they understood we were busy and moved to talk to Hildy and Ava.

 Adoni and nan were sitting on a seat at a table with Margaret and her family. Everywhere I looked I saw familiar faces it was very exciting. The clapping and back-slapping started as Book and I with the boys walked around and tried to welcome everyone. Jacob and Maree Truscott our bank manager and his wife, were dressed to the nines and I made sure I made a fuss over her outfit, it was nice, and she looked like she had spent the morning in the beauty salon. She promised me a dance later on in the night.

 We checked out the stacks of cupcakes and baskets of sweet gifts. The bar was busy handing out champagne and while we were there we had a Coke each. When we looked up at the big screen hanging from the tree we could see the camera panning around the guests, I wanted some photos of us and our Aborigine friends so we made our way over to their tables.

 "Come on, everyone up, Millie Adam Nan Margaret Maree and kids we need a family photo." Millie was placed in front of me and she put her biggest smile on as I whispered to her.

"You look like a white lady in that gorgeous frock Millie." I heard her laugh. The next thing I saw was her kids looking at her and smiling, their eyes filled with love.

 We wished them all to have a wonderful night, then we moved over to have some more done with Aunty and Ant who were manning the food tables

"You’re a guest Ant get someone else to do this." I heard Book say.

"No Book, I want it all to be perfect for you and Zack. I'm in the best place to make that happen for you both." He grinned at Book then gave him a man hug.

 So many familiar faces and so many photos, we had gone with the photographer’s suggestion and placed some disposable cameras onto each table so our guests could take some pictures of their families. There was a big basket to drop the filled cameras in so we can get them developed.

 The sun was going down and a magnificent orange glow lit up the lake, we hardly ever get to see the sunset here, but I think we will come later in the day from now on, it was amazing. Book pulled me away from the crowd and we found a tree to have a quick kiss and cuddle behind it, but I did hear some cameras going off I think our photographer is a pervert.

 Janice had set up her table under an arbor that was covered in white Lilies Roses and daisy's, and someone had placed a long red carpet on the ground that ran up to it.

 "Let's get this show on the road Zachy." Book smiled at me. I pause to pin our rings on the boy's t-shirts, then we each picked one up, it's easier to do it that way in case they decide to maybe runoff. I took mums arm and Book took Sam’s, but he let it go when he realized it was better just to walk beside him, you know more blokey. We heard the band strike up and play a very lovely slow operatic type tune aunty had picked out.

 We all walked together to the beginning of the carpet and Book kissed me and Beetle then left with Sam and Lucky to go stand by the table with Douglas. Aunt Jenny Hildy and Cook were standing on my side, I had included Cook because he was a big part of my city days and taught me so much about life and loving eyes. We played paper scissors rock to see who would walk the aisle and who would stand at the altar, Book won, or did he lose?

 I felt like throwing up and was so nervous as I walked mum and Beetle to meet my closest friends, husband, and our other son. Janice welcomed everyone and the cameraman was live-streaming the service to the big screen hanging from the tree. I looked at Aunty she had her tissues out and was passing one over to Emma who by now had her dad holding her shoulders and Douglas holding her hand.

 Book nudged me and giggled when we got to the end, when I looked around at him he deeply kissed me again, the crowd roared and clapped. Janice had other plans she had a wedding to perform, I guess she’s hanging out for a drink, so she got the show on the road.

"When you are ready boys." She smiled.

 She said some heartfelt welcome words, and Aunty, Cook, and Nan read some very lovely religious passages, nans was in her native tongue and although I didn't understand it Millie assured me later it was very beautiful, and all about us dreaming together, and talking with her ancestors from long ago. I have no recollection as to what Janice was saying because I was in my little world with my man and sons. At one stage I wanted to lean over and lick Books cheek, but I resisted. He had done a beautiful job with his vows and I once again will read them later on.

"Your turn Zachy." Book grinned and the crowd clapped.

 I looked into Books eyes and tried to find some extra courage to get through them, how do I tell this wonderful man how much I love him? I held Beetle still and Book held Lucky, our rings sparkled, they matched the ones that were in Books glistening eyes.

 As I placed my hand into my inside pocket to pull out my vows, a flash of light and a loud bang caught my lateral vision and ears, when I turned to see what it was I heard Books voice and my babies scream with fright.

 "Zack, take Lucky." He bent over and Lucky fell into my free arm then his hand brushed my suit as he fell with a loud thump. The gun had done its job and my Book lay flat on his side in the grass.

 I froze as I could hear people screaming and running all around me, my babies were now more than terrified, and I needed to protect them; and I needed to get to Book. I looked around and mum had knelt to see if she could help him, along with Douglas and Luke who was on his walkie talkie. Aunt Jenny and Sam took my babies and I knelt and tried to hold my Book.

 "He's okay Zack, someone please get me a t-shirt or a towel," Luke screamed into the panicked crowd.

 I quickly threw my jacket off and pulled the white t-shirt over my head. Luke took it and pulled Books jacket up there was blood everywhere as he pressed the shirt to the wound. Book didn't move his eyes away from me, they were half open he was staring straight at me and I bent in and kissed him telling him everything was going to be okay. I heard him say that he loved me then he closed his eyes. I could hear people scuffling in the distance and a man screaming obscenities. I figured whoever bought a gun to my wedding was being arrested, and roughed up a bit.

 "Make way, make way." Luke's offsider was yelling orders as the ambos bought a gurney through, thank god they had attended the wedding as a precaution. David and Gino pulled me up on my feet and moved me back so they could get to Book. All the while inside I felt nothing, emptiness had invaded my emotions and I felt like I had just completed a marathon run. I was completely numb all over and the buzzing in my head was loud. Then I heard Lucky's screams.

 "Nooooo!! Lucky, Lucky tells nanna what's wrong." I heard him screaming in pain, he was terrified. When I looked over she had him on the ground undressing him. She was shaking with horror as she saw the blood seeping out of his little body, a medico immediately started checking the bullet wound. I screamed and screamed until there wasn’t anymore, only blackness as I passed out.

 I found out later that Cook and Ant had worked on me and when I came around in a complete daze I was then lifted and placed into the second ambulance. I looked back and saw sheer helplessness in Andy and Michaels eyes, I could still hear Lucky's painful screams in my head.

 "Papa dada." He was in the ambulance with me so I shook my head and lunged over to hold him.

"It's okay my brave one daddies here." The ambo had stopped his bleeding and was quick to say.

"He's okay for now Zack, its a clean looking wound, hopefully, I've got him pain-free. Just cuddle him to settle him down. The doctor may want to make him sleep the poor little guys terrified." Somewhere around us I could hear Beetle screaming 'Dad Dah' and I hoped to god he was going to be all right, I had no idea who had a hold of him.

I rocked my little boy back and forth kissing his head and trying not to panic which will make him worse, so I was taking in deep breaths all the while thinking about Book and Beetle.

 "Book, how is Book?" I looked at him, his face went blank.

"Zack it's too early to tell, he's losing a lot of blood, it may have ruptured an artery, he's in the best of hands Zack. From what I saw he got him in the lower side and went straight through and hit Lucky's leg." I rocked back and forth some more until I heard the radio call that the doctors were waiting and the operating theatres were at the ready. One to check Books damage out and one to remove a bullet from my son’s leg.

I froze with the realization I could lose both of them within a few hours, I didn't have to ask the next question but I did anyway just to confirm my suspicions.


"Who what Zack?"

"Who did this to my family?"

"That fucking priest, he escaped from the asylum apparently, or where ever they were treating him and got his hands on a gun."

"Where is he."

"Luke's men have him Zack, please try to calm down mate, take some deep breaths, please for Lucky's sake."

 "He's not the only one that can get his hands on a gun," I said to myself. I held Lucky tightly and as I looked into his eyes. I told him how much his daddies loved him, then I started talking about his farm animals. I couldn’t think of anything else and underneath I prayed for my Book in a desperate attempt to be with him mentally.

 "One brave little boy, and one distraught father, and we will need Luke to meet us." I heard him say over the radio as we turned into the hospital grounds. The back door suddenly opened and Lucky screamed again the noise had frightened him, his little arms held my neck so tightly, there was nothing else I could do but hold him.

 "Zack, we need to get him to the operating theatre, I'm going to have to give him a small sedative do I have your permission?" Doctor Mitchell said.

"Yes." I looked out at a throng of medical staff and wished to god I could see my Booker.

 He did something to my son and I could immediately feel him relax, then he was gently taken off me. I hauled myself out, my head was pounding again as I looked around for Book to help me, it was a madhouse outside the hospital, townspeople were pulling up everywhere in the car park. He was nowhere in sight then mum arrived and hugged me, she wasn’t any better as she shook in my arms involuntary.

 "Where did they take him, mum?"

"Straight to the operating theatre son."

"Lucky's so terrified, we have to go with him where's Beetle?"

"Inside with Jenny, he needs you too."

"Come on." I stood up straight then I rocked back and forth steeling myself for the bad news. I looked at Doctor Mitchell and said.

"Look after my son and husband please."

"We will do everything that possibly can be done Zack, we have to go now give Lucky a hug." I did that but he wouldn’t know I did because he was now sleeping peacefully, then he was wheeled off into emergency.

 We walked into the emergency department. I was immediately stunned because people were running everywhere, and the first thing I saw was my Beetle with tears running down his cheeks and his arms held out.

 "Dah dah, Poppy Lucky dah dah" I took him from Jenny and held him securely in my arms. Kissing his face, I softly said.

"I know son, they will be okay they are just sleeping at the moment, we will see them later on okay? Dad’s going to leave for a while, will you be a brave boy and stay with nanna and aunty. Can you do that for me?" He started crying again his arms were like a vice around my neck, and then I felt a hand on my shoulder.

 "Zack, I need the combination to Books gun cabinet?" He whispered in my ear.

I looked at Luke twice and its none of his business what I'm about to do next.

 "Son please tell him, for Books sake and the boys, please don't do this to us all." Mums tears were flowing down her face and I relented a little bit. I dropped my head and I forced myself to give Luke the number, then I turned to look at every one.

 "Thank you all for coming, you are all so very bloody special to us, keep praying please." I had no idea why I said it may be out of shock, maybe because they were all as worried as I was; then I crashed again.

 I woke up in a hospital bed without a worry in the world for two seconds, then it hit me again. I smelt that familiar baby smell and opened my eyes, my number one son was asleep next to me and the side rails were in place so he wouldn’t fall out. I looked at his angelic face and decided I would die if I couldn’t see them both grow up. I couldn’t go to jail for murdering the priest, I would just die a lonely slow death in there.

 "Zack, thank God you’re awake" I heard mum whisper.

"Oh God mum, Lucky, Book, have you heard anything?"

She kissed my head.

 "Look to the left" I did, and there was Book in the next bed, asleep and looking a lot better than he did a few hours ago.

"What the hell happened and where’s Lucky?" I felt my throat constrict as tears started pouring down my face. She took a deep breath and started telling me to calm down.

  "Book has a clean, straight through the wound, no vitals were injured just a damaged artery, he has lost a lot of blood and they are monitoring him half-hourly, he's hooked up to a drip and blood pack Zack, Lucky is still in intensive care."

I started crying for real then, I looked at Books monitors which I couldn’t read anyway I felt so frightened and useless.

"I have to go to him mum, where is the unit?"

 "They removed the bullet son, he has damage to his thigh muscle. He's going to be all right; we are all going to be alright, son. Luck is just being monitored and the doctor wants him to sleep for as long as possible. He will be very stressed so we have to be brave for him, he's in no danger son." Her tears arrived full-on and so did the tissues. She was coming down from an awful fright and she needs a rest too, and to get a big cuddle from me.

 "Mum put this rail down will you?"

 She did that as gently as she could without waking Beetle, then I moved my legs over the side of the bed and stepped over to her side. I took her in my arms and started slow dancing with her while she calmed down. As I said before dancing with my mum solves everything. When her sobbing abated I moved over to Books side. I pulled a chair in and rested my head on his bare shoulder and whispered.

 "I'm sorry I wasn't with you Book, but I had to look after our son."

"Well don't ever feel sorry about looking after our sons Zachy, but if you want you may kiss me better now?" Book smiled in his apparent sleep. I leaned over and kissed his lips my arm went around his awesome chest.

 "I guess we did have the wedding of the year after all" I started crying into his neck, my exhaustion was catching up fast.

"Yes Zachy, but we aren’t married yet, she didn’t say the words and I’m still waiting to hear your vows."

I fished around in what was left of my filthy suit pants but couldn’t find them, so I improvised.

 I whispered some of them into his ear as he slowly shut his eyes and went back to sleep.

"Mum did they say I could be with Lucky?".

"Yes son, they are probably waiting for you; I will come too." She picked up her handbag and I noticed her dress was dirty from kneeling when she was helping Book.

"We will have to buy you a new one mum."

"It's okay son, we will get to that later." She smiled.

Outside the room, Jenny was with Ant in a small waiting area. I hugged her and asked her to sit with Beetle while we went to see Lucky. She tried her best to put a smile on her face but I saw in her eyes she was also still terrified. I hugged and kissed her then I hugged Ant and mum showed me the way to intensive care.